Dear Vladimir Putin, With Much Love and Respect, Your Republican Admirers

putin-5Dear Vladimir Putin:

First let us apologize for the fact that publicly the Republican party must condemn your actions.  We cannot openly and brazenly seem to admire your leadership – though we think our feelings are quite clear.

How could we, the Republican party, not admire someone who shares so many of our values?

A man who shows absolutely no respect to President Obama.  That is a man after our own hearts.  And while we might pretend to be appalled by your invasion of Crimea, who the heck are we kidding?  We love a man who takes it upon himself to invade another country based on lies.

We did, after all, elect George W. Bush.  And just as many people have accused you of rigging the election which made you President of Russia, Bush was also first “elected” by rather unethical means.  You two do really have a lot in common.

And we believe it’s perfectly acceptable that you want strict control over what your media says and does.  We too want the same thing.  We have the network in Fox News to do that very thing and we’ve successfully convinced tens of millions of people it is the only beacon of truth.  Though it’s nothing more than a vessel we use to peddle our propaganda.

Then the way you wonder around the wilderness, shirtless, hunting wild game to prove you’re a man.  Bush, too, made sure he was photographed and filmed doing “manly” things such as chopping wood and clearing brush.  Nothing says “manly” like a good old fashion photo-op pretending to do “manly” things.

Oh, and the way you hate gays is heroic.  If only we had someone here, in the United States, who would stand up against these gay rights bullies constantly trying to infringe on our religious freedoms.

Your strength, leadership, hatred of gays, love of using military force, manly wilderness exploits and disdain for President Obama show that you are truly a man among boys.  Someone who every Republican can look up to and admire.

So, with much love and admiration we Republicans just wanted to thank you for being you – a true conservative icon.  It’s just unfortunate that you’re the Russian President instead of our own.


The Republican party and conservatives everywhere

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • shutdafrtdoor

    Maybe we can talk them into building that “Palin” bridge so they can immigrate to Russia!

  • strayaway

    Love and respect can be separated. One of Col. Custer’s fatal flaws was that he didn’t have enough respect for his enemy.

  • Eddie Krebbs

    Why is it that the repubs heaping love on Putin are the ones publically condemning Obama for being weak ? That is, unless they are intentionally trying to undermine the president (which has guided a lot of their actions for the last 4 years).

  • terry63

    I have no problem with Putin going into Ukraine. Ukraine was falling into chaos. 100 protesters were shot dead. Brawls with police in the streets.setting people on fire. This was not getting any better. Putin secured his assets. No Russian leader would ever allow Ukraine to fall into such confusion. Its just not goin to happen. However here is what I would do in responce to ensure that Putin does not get over confident. Sanctions are a worthless endeavor. A limp wristed reaction to a strong man. Today we should be sending Stealth Bombers to Romania. An F-16 strike force should be arriving in Greece. A U.S. Carrier task force should be in route. These thing would not be a threat to Putin.Just insurance. You must meet aggression with strenght. Sanction’s will be laughed off as they are today. Take action now! While you have the chance to do so. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Conservative Independent. A Reaganite and a JFK Democrat. Putin is laughing at you. No, you wont find many Repubs who dont understand why Putin did what he did. We must now ensure that he does not do it again.

    • David Shaw Jr

      Because poking a hornet’s nest is always a good idea.

      • terry63

        The world turned its head when Hitler invaded Austria He annexed it. This only emboldened him to go further. He signed a non aggression pact with Russia as well as Great Britain. He would never live up to that.
        Putin, is no Hitler as Hillary thinks of him. He has done what he must do to secure Ukraine from Utter disaster and to secure his Southern border from trouble makers and terrorist that would surely arise from such Chaos.I dont look for Putin to expand. Will he take the Whole of Ukraine? I dont know. I hope not.
        But America, Via the Obama administration has already stepped in it, yet again. Better to insure that Putin does not go on a rampage causing anoter world war. Than to stand back hands in pocket and watch as a bystander. The objective is not to threaten but to Show undoubtable resolve in the Balkins. Doing nothing is a bad idea. Putin has “0” respect for Obama. Its time we earned some respect. In Iran If Putin follows through with his threat there. Then we put missiles in Israel to deal with it. Hard core, no joke long range missiles.

      • terry63

        Thats how the game is played. If not then look for Putin, to walk all over Obama. Repubs dont Love Putin. But I for one fully understand why he did what he did. America, has for years allowed Drug Cartels to operate on its Southern border. There are some places in U.S. Territory off limits to U.S. personell. We will pay for this.America should have done this long ago, instead of loosing military grade weapons south of the border in some complex operation that totally failed.

  • santijose

    Russian’s Trojans Horse – For the GOP