Dear Senator Ted Cruz, You’re a Grade A Hypocrite. Love, A Pissed Off New Yorker.

senatorcruzDear Senator Ted Cruz,

Maybe I am a little late on sending you this letter, considering it was now 4 days ago that you requested federal aid for West, Texas following a fertilizer plant explosion. But, I feel there are a few things I need to say to you in regards to this matter. I am not a constituent of yours, I am not a Republican, and honestly even if I lived in Texas I would never have voted for you. However, with that being said, I am not going to beat around the bush with how I feel about you. For starters I think you are a real piece of work (and that is putting it lightly), but the biggest problem I have with you isn’t that I disagree with 99.9% of your policy positions. The biggest problem I have with you is that you are a world class, grade A, hypocrite.

See, I was born and raised in a small town on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Four and a half months ago my hometown was devastated by a natural disaster known as Hurricane Sandy. Many of my friends and neighbors lost their homes and all of their possessions. My mother, who had 5 feet of salt water eroding everything in her basement, was one of the lucky ones that did not lose everything. In fact a handful of people I grew up with are still displaced and have been told it will be months before their homes are rebuilt and they can return. In addition, many, if not most, of the small businesses in my small town were damaged beyond repair. Only recently have those businesses started to return to normalcy.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘What does this have to do with me?’ Well, I will tell you. Four and a half months ago you voted no on the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. A spending bill that would have helped my family, friends, and neighbors recover from a devastating natural disaster. You claimed that the government could not afford it. Then, 4 days ago, you requested federal assistance and funds for your home state following an explosion at a privately owned fertilizer plant. A plant that probably would not have exploded, but for the fact the plant owners lied about the amount of chemicals onsite to avoid federal inspection, and the fact that Texas law does not mandate state inspections. But I digress. The point is, how is it that you can deny residents of New York and New Jersey federal aid after a natural disaster but then turn around and request aid for your fellow Texans following a man made one? You sir sure have some chutzpah, as we say up here. Apparently, what is good for the goose, is not good for the gander. In your mind, “socialism” is okay so long as it’s the losses that are socialized. It appears your philosophy is all about privatizing the profits, and socializing the losses, by forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill when a private company screws up. I mean you are the one asking taxpayers to pay for cleaning up a mess caused by private industry. 

Now, I don’t want to sound harsh. If the residents of West, Texas need aid, they should get it. I am not cold-hearted like you, and I care about all of my fellow Americans despite the fact I may despise their choice of elected official. However, there is just no good reason that the taxpayers should be paying for this, especially since we are still in a sequester, and this was not a natural disaster. I propose that as a condition of your state receiving this aid, the company must pay back the money in full to the taxpayers. It bears repeating, this was not a natural disaster, it was willful negligence by a private company. Even if we (the taxpayers) lay out the money, the company needs to pay to fix this mess, not us.

In sum, you voted no on the Sandy relief bill that my area desperately needed. You did not care about my friends or family, so why am I supposed to care about your constituents? The only reason I do is because unlike you, I care about all of my fellow citizens. Moreover, private companies, like this one, must be held accountable. If it was up to me, not a single penny of federal funds would be released to anyone besides the workers and residents injured by this disaster. Furthermore, taxpayer money would only be released if the company guaranteed that the money would be paid back. Mr. Cruz, I implore you to stop being a hypocrite. If you want to claim that the government cannot afford a disaster bill for residents who’s lives, homes, and businesses were upended by a hurricane, you are not allowed to turn around a few months later and request federal funds for a man-made disaster in your state. It’s wrong, it’s hypocritical, and it’s damn near un-American.


A Pissed Off New Yorker

PS. You’re an ass.


Correction: April 24, 2013:

An earlier version of this article incorrectly asserted that the state “kicked out federal regulators.” This statement has been removed. 

Ilyssa Fuchs

Ilyssa Fuchs is an attorney, freelance writer, and activist from New York City, who holds both a juris doctor and a political science degree. She is the founder of the popular Facebook page Politically Preposterous and a blog of the same name. Follow Ilyssa on Twitter @IlyssaFuchs, and be sure to check out her archives on Forward Progressives as well!


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  • I couldn’t have said it better! Kudos to you!

  • JR

    Right back at you – ass!

    • Because…. why, JR?

    • LadyeCatte

      Lenna S. Hanna-O’Neil asked a legitimate question: WHY is the writer an ass?

  • K m

    Very well said…

  • Joe Laszar

    you did a great job telling that jerk off,but it wont make a bit of difference to that low life.

    • Michael Schleifer

      Calling Ted Cruz a low life is insulting to low lifes.

  • Chattymom

    I have nothing against giving help to them but help should not have been denied to others! Well said!

    • It wasn’t denied to others. NY and NJ got bailed out.

  • amanda

    ‘They’ will argue that there were “other spending” issues with that bill. I argue that if you had seen the condition of my home town first hand, it would have been much harder to say no based on some money going toward an Alaskan fishery. This country has to get renovated, if the people who care have to “sneak” it in, so be it. Lord knows they sneak stuff in whenever it benefits their pockets. We needed that money, and this man is nothing but greedy and selfish, just like all the other members of his party – an even more pissed off New Yorker.

    • You are advocating more waste, at the expense of everyone else with your comment “if the people who care have to “sneak” it in, so be it. Lord knows they sneak stuff in whenever it benefits their pockets.” Keep in mind, its that kind of attitude that gets you “progressives” pissed when GM doesn’t pay taxes because Charlie Rangle looks the other way because GM donated millions to his district. Not to single out a D, because we all know Rs do it as well. But I digress,

      Let me ask you a few questions,

      How is wealth created, what is government, how does government acquire money to spend it?

      • Guest

        Wealth is created by the most efficient use of resources. So I will go with fraud, slavery, and stealing as capitalisms best friend! So I am guessing this is the answer you are looking for based on not having any waste!

      • James M. Martin

        The GOP wants to turn the middle class into serfs. This asswipe has turned his back on his race. He is what Hispanics call a “bolillo.” You know those little French bread rolls made in Mexican and Mexican-American bakeries: brown on the outside; white on the inside. He thinks that having a Harvard education allows him to say anything and look intelligent. George W. Bush had an ivy league education, too. And he was as dumb as a post.

      • Actually no, fraud is theft. You can’t steal something that doesn’t exist it needs to be created and put to use first. Wealth comes from capital investment. Slavery is robbing someone of their labor, against their will or through coercion. If I create a widget and you grow food, and you have an abundance of food and I have an abundance of widgets, and we mutually agree to trade some, we are both better off and are both wealthier. You tended the land and created something from your labor and resources more valuable than if they were left idly, and I did the same with mechanically creating a widget.

        What you don’t understand about waste is that government cannot adequately distribute scarce resources efficiently or “fairly” as prices are subjective to the individual. You may think that $600 for a phone is a bargain I may choose not to buy it because i have other priorities and don’t value the phone for $600. If a price is too high, less people buy. If something can’t be brought to market and return a profit it won’t be created and the resources going into that product will be put into something else that the market values more.

      • A more important point is when all that wealth was lost, it was ok for tax payers to keep Wall St afloat yet they strenuously object to higher taxes to take care of the deficit that Conservatives are so concerned about. Wealth is of course created when consumers purchase goods and services. If you starve out the consumers, (majority of them less then the top 8%) What good will your obscene tax cuts do? How much “Wealth” will be created?

      • piss off…stop taking us around in circles…this is very simple…no aid for NY/NJ …give me…give me…give me …now it’s Texas…give me give me give me….

      • Spot on post! I am a Texas transplant . . . an embarassed one.

      • Right, so with the way Congress works to spend other people’s money why not dry up the funds in the first place and have people voluntarily donate and contribute rather than by the threat of force via government taxation.

    • tobyspeeks

      That’s a bunch of BS!!! If you read the bill there’s only about 100 words in its entirety and all are for Sandy relief only.

      • Nope that was the revised bill. But a liberal never lets facts get in the way of the discussion.

      • tobyspeeks

        LOL, facts. Like you know anything about facts. So what if it was the revised bill, it was the bill that was voted on and voted no by this hypocrite. You’re the last person besides Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Bachmann, Gomert, etc., etc, who should talk about letting facts get in the way. Who was it last election cycle who said, and I paraphrase, we will not let fact checkers get in our way? I’m sure you’re still ‘sore’ over last November, but it doesn’t negate the fact that you and your ilk are the ones who never let facts get in the way of anything.

    • The “other spending” issues are commonly known as PORK!

  • I AM from Texas and could not agree more…especially the P.S. part! And may I add, he’s a douche bag like most of his other greedy cronies!

    • rebecca hall

      From another Texan, I concur…

      • papabear3

        . . .I didn’t know the politicians were warehousing their BS in a factory at West

      • That was Ricko “The Dicko’s” idea.

    • James M. Martin

      You got that right, Gina!!! He is a major embarrassment and would not be in D.C. except for the Tea Party and DeLay’s gerrymandering of the state to water down the minority vote in the urban areas with the conservatives in rural areas, farmers, ranchers, and oil men.

      • pop_sav

        Gerrymandering has little or no affect on U.S. Senate races…

      • Old White Guy

        You’re right, pop_sav. But, they sure do in House races… Just look at who controls the Senate and who controls the House. Austin (The Liberal Boil on the Backside of Texas… which I’m Proud to say…) is Geremandered into 5 (five) seperate congressional districts to water down our influence. It’ll work for a while… but not for much longer… especially with the Right being so opposed to Birth Control, Abortion, and Women’s Reproductive Right the Brown People they so despise will soon be a majority in my state and they’ll be out.

  • I’m still waiting on Congress and the rest of D.C. to take a pay cut to help this country out.

    • A bunch of Democrats have done so. I haven’t heard of a single Republican who has even “offered” to do it.

      • Names and verification…bet you can’t.

  • Ditto, i couldn’t have said it better.

  • “Carnival” Cruz IS a disaster!

  • Gangham Singh

    All these Dbags Repugs – especially from Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Florida – beat the “Govt is the problem and Big Govt is a bigger problem drum” yet when it comes to a disaster in their own State they are the first to start begging.

    • When the system invites that kind of behavior, what else do you expect from a centralized government forcing people to pay tribute or pay the penalty, jail or asset seizure?

      The way I see is, the government already stole the money from each district and it is the job of each Congress person to get a piece of the stolen pie back to their own district. I don’t agree with the system or the means to the ends, but i do feel that Lysander Spooner was correct when he said all taxation is theft.

      • My response to this Randian nonsense is that not paying your fair share of taxes is stealing. We all benefit from public roads and highways, fire and police departments and the other elements of our justice system, education–elementary and secondary and university, plus we are protected by our peerless military services and the availability of safe food and drugs, There is a long, long list of services local, state, and the national government provides which collectively make our society infinitely better than the anarchy that would result from no taxes–a lack of government.

        But let’s be completely honest rather than ideological–governments can indeed be corrupt just as can business interests which have bought our government so that it will function to their benefit. What we need is good government that serves the people rather than special interests and requires businesses to operation safely and adhere to fair market principles. Unfortunately keeping government honest and serving the public is a complex, difficult on-going process. Simply hating government and thus all taxes or, to the other extreme, not respecting what good businesses contribute to our society are silly, weak, and simplistic positions intellectually.

      • The nonsense here is that you don’t see the flaws in using government force to fund these things. You realize we had roads before the gas tax, education before an income tax, and public safy services right? The govenment couldn’t build the things they claim monopoly privelege over if people didn’t create something to be taxable in the first place. The problem this model of government forcing taxation over voluntarily paying for something is that the price and subjective value of things are not accounted for when government declares monopoly power. If a road is going to be beneficial to a community or business, there will be capital investment in such a commodity. I can point to James J. Hill vs the government subsidized Union and Central Pacific railroad boondoggles. Hill funded his line privately and made a profit while the government subsidized lines were failures, poorly built, and were put into congressional districts with more clout rather than practicality and use. Similar instance was when Vanderbilt competed with a US subsidized steam boat line and Britain and was still profitable and offered a better service.

        Spooner set up American Letter Company, also more efficient and practical than the USPS, so much so that the USPS brought suit and eventually shut Spooner down with a Constitutional legal battle because USPS couldn’t compete. So they used the monopoly government to put ALC out of business.

        The point is after all of your claims that government must do something because we all benefit is out right denying factual evidence of successes without government claiming monopoly privilege in a market economy. By supporting government forced taxation you are supporting crony capitalism that leads to bailouts, privileges and subsidies that only the politically connected get access to.

        Roads are so complex and benefit so may that only government can create them! That is absurdly untrue historically and economically it is a boondoggle, notice the congestion, amount of fatalities every year on your government roads? Gas taxes are antiquated considering electric cars and bio diesel as well as cars using less gas but using more road space, yes the person with less MPG pays more in gas taxes to use the same amount of road.

        Think about it economically before you declare government must do something because its the only way you have every even known a service or good to be provided.

    • Oh, and Ny and NJ didn’t do any begging or whining because Democrats don’t do that? Gawd I hate stupid people.

  • I agree whole heartedly. There are to many jerks in office that don’t care about the people they represent. Very well said POd NYer.

  • Liberals care about their fellow man. Republicans do not.

  • katherine norton malek

    AMEN!!! I am NOT as benevolent as you my friend. I think the folks who voted this grade A first class douche bag should live with the consequences of their decision to vote him into office. If we bail them out with our taxes, he’ll look like a local hero and get re-elected. THEY voted him into office & WE’RE stuck with him. THEY allowed their elected officials to give the Texas boot to Federal Regulators whose decisions might have prevented this. Let them live with their decision. It’s like raising good children – negative consequences for negative behavior. You don’t reward bad behavior. And Texans displayed bad behavior voting this creep in & allowing regulators to be given the Texas boot. Oh well …

    • I agree, he got voted in by the people of texas, but not this Texan. But this Texan can honestly admit that I DID NOT vote for this idiot.

      • James M. Martin

        Me, neither. But until the Dems put up a viable, charismatic candidate to run for senate — Cornyn is next up — we will do no better.

  • gailillly

    Well that was a great letter and he said it all and what he said is the dam truth. Cruz and Perry are both two of the biggest HYPOCRITES on the planet. They didn’t want to help NY or NJ but now they want help and the wrost part is that it was a privately owned business. Are they not responsbile??? Why should the taxpayers have to pay when this co allowed themselves to be put into danger???

    • Consequences need to apply to the GOP agenda. A class action lawsuit is in order. Manmade disasters brought on by their malfeasance is more than a little repugnant. BP disaster too.

      • Good luck finding a judge in Texas that will certify a class.

      • Rob

        It wouldn’t matter if the judge declared a class, punitive damages on loss of life, injuries, etc. are capped at 250 grand per individual in Texas. We can thank Governor George Bush for that. The company, or what is left of it, isn’t legally liable for a fraction of what occurred here. The state of Texas knows this, that is why they want taxpayers from other states to ‘pitch in’ to help out. As a resident of Texas, I hope that the federal government says NO to cleaning up what private enterprise has destroyed and makes state lawmakers rethink the legislation they passed that gives a free pass to corporations that engage in this kind of illegal behavior.

      • Hey , you morons do realize that the FED runs the EPA and the Obozo is in charge of that, and on his second term? Dipsticks.

    • john Goult

      But you want me to BUY you a Phone? There was more Crap in the First SANDY Bill for thing’s in other STATES that would have went to NY/NJ! You also knew that the STORM was Coming for what? How many DAY”S! And there IS nothing the same between the TWO of these!

  • The snarky one

    Totally agreed. Unfortunately the GOP’s could give a shit what anyone says.

  • you were much calmer and more pleasant that i could have been.

  • Well said, from a embarrassed Texan

  • I hope you penned a letter to the Dick, oh I mean Rick Perry too?

  • Licentia

    Welcome to Texas, where deregulation doesn’t kill jobs….just people.

    • James M. Martin

      The West, Texas ammonium hydrate explosion can be laid at the feet of Gov. Rick Perry. He loves to kick the EPA and OSHA in the tail and boasts that Texas is business friendly. Wonder if the Adairs, who owned the plant that blew up, are campaign contributors to the Worst Governor in America.

      • LAGBFN

        I would argue for the Worst Governor in America to be Scott Walker from WI.

      • But as a Texan, I think our deserves a Douche bag Honorable mention….

      • Nope that would be NY.

      • So a factory accident is the Governors fault? No wonder they call you people the looney left!

      • martin0641

        In this case the “they” is you calling them that, you are that person who is trying to paint a large group of people with a label to delegitimize their position. Yes, when someone nerfs the regulatory arm that is intended to safeguard people from mistakes and accidents, they can be seen as culpable for the inevitable ensuing disaster, just like BP, Exxon, this blown up factory, and every other case where lax or unenforced regulation can reasonably be considered a contributing factor.

        It’s not that oversight bodies can stop ALL accidents, but people get kind of mad when this crap happens and we’ll never know if this particular disaster could have been avoided if only the rules had been followed, which might add some cost to the business as years click by SAFELY but is less expensive than a massive explosion which might just have happened because someone was trying to skimp on safety and cut corners, until finally people DIED because of it.

        We would feel much better about it if it had been in compliance with the rules and regulations, because then we could reexamine said rules and regulations and try, at minimum, to make sure an accident like this never happens again. Now we don’t have that ability, because some asshats weren’t following the rules. Theres nothing loony about this, it should be obvious to a 10 year old and yet somehow it is escaping a large number of “adults”.

  • Jo

    They say everything is bigger in Texassss!

    • Licentia

      Including the stupidity.

  • LadyeCatte

    This is wonderful! If only we knew who to thank for poking a stick in the eye of Texas’ two-faced Republicans.

    • Danceintherain

      It is interesting that of the 30 previous posts, only one expressed a negative comment towards pissed off New Yorker. Two replies to jr remain unanswered, hmmm. Methinks jr might lack cojones….just sayin. I agree wholeheartedly with p/o NYer, and hope IF aid is provided to Texas, it should be not only a loan that has to be paid back by the company, but interest should be included on the loan. In all reality, Texas should foot the bill if the company needs money, after all, it WAS willful negligence, in part because it was decided that federal regulation wasn’t needed.

  • Ilyssa Fuchs you are far too kind to these charlatans. Politics and the law profession suffer horribly from good old boy monkeys abuse both. Stick a fork in me I am DONE with the tyranny of THIS particular minority in America.

  • I am a bit more hard hearted, as I think the company should be forced to cover the damage, and the means the people behind the company too. All I heard from most of Texas was going right along with the people they voted in, snubbing the rest of us. Until now.

    • You heard? where did you hear? No we did NOT go along with the decision that Perry and Cruz made in saying no to helping those poor people out from hurricane Sandy, Here in the Southern area where we get hit yearly by these storms know all to well the damage and devastation that hurricanes can cause. I personally am ashamed of them. And for the record as of today the first lawsuits have been filed in regard to that plant explosion, I agree, the plant should be held accountable.

  • all i can say is DITTO! And wouldn’t it be great if 90% of voters want something done, it could actually be acknowledged? What a concept

  • JamieHaman

    Brilliantly done!

  • J L

    There should be a way to fund disasters without allowing politicians to attach special interest bills to them. At that point it becomes about politics and not about suffering people. Right after the disaster, people from all over the country came to help clean up and rebuild and were not allowed to because they were not union workers. There were not enough union workers to do the job but the unions were not thinking about the suffering people only the interest of the unions..

    • Sartasia

      I have friends that came in with the Red Cross and other volunteer groups that were there for weeks helping out. None of them were union. Not sure what you are talking about.

      • In NJ many utility workers from the south were turned away from working on downed power lines, gas leaks etc because they weren’t union. Fact.

  • I say no tax money until they get rid of both these dirtbags

  • Donna

    GREAT POST, He truly is a jerk. A low life for sure. I am so glad you told him straight out. He needs to be put in his place. Republican idiot!!!!!

  • So helping a major metropolitan area after a natural disaster to survive is wrong but federally funding a private business is okay? Why don’t we pay for your self-voted pay raise too- oh, right.
    A pissed-off Jersy-ite

  • I’m sorry but FEMA should be gone. Soo many people abuse it. Get insurance.

    • Can you provide statistics and percentages of this alleged “abuse”?

    • TJ

      Even if PRIVATE insurance companies had insured ever home owner in the disaster areas (Sandy or now Texas) that would still leave businesses. Republicans already complain about any expense that any business has to cover. So what happens when these Republican minded businesses close because they were unwilling to pay for that insurance. Just like republicans tell them is SO unfair to require them to do.Why they close and stop paying taxes, people loss jobs and stop paying taxes and Republicans scream about all the lazy people who are not working. SMH. Wonderful plan.

  • Tom

    What a bunch of liberal dolts! There was plenty wrong with that bill but of course the facts would just get in the way. Go ahead and keep bowing down to your godobama. You must be getting scared of Ted Cruz already by knowing he is the best candidate for President at this time and you are getting started early on trying to demagogue him. Typical liberal pablum.

    • What does this have to do with liberal or conservative? It is basic logic and reason. Tom you are a troll.

    • TJ

      Tom … Not even your fellow republicans would vote for Toddie Crude. If he is the Best you have to offer then be ready for another Democrat in the White House. Since the republicans control the House I would think they would vote a Relief bill through without Riders. Ahh yes but sadly I bet most of the Add on Pork had a Republican stamp of approval. So don’t blame anyone but your fun loving Republicans for the Pork or the suffering in NY and NJ after Sandy. Im sorry for the people in Texas and hope the company that CAUSED the disaster end up having to pay for their carelessness.

    • Really Tom? That’s all you took from this letter to Cruz? Wow! You are exceptional sir, and I bow to your superior stupidity. *cringe* These people walk amongst us, drive, and VOTE! No wonder we have such a screwed up world. The facts are there were people in New York and New Jersey who were homeless, out of business, in the winter where it’s damned cold. Typical conservative pablum – love the corporations, hate the people.

    • “Liberal Dolts” “Liberal Pablum” Really? This isn’t intended for Tom but rather for those who value data to support claims rather than making them up on the fly. Here’s what one study determined about what kind of politics appeal to the brightest people who are by profession trained to make data-based decisions.

      “A July 2009 Pew Research Center survey found that the partisan leaning of scientists was 55 percent Democratic, 32 percent independent and 6 percent Republican, compared to 35 Democratic, 34 independent and 23 Republican among the general public. Ideologically, 52 percent of scientists polled by Pew described themselves as liberal, 35 percent as moderate and 9 percent as conservative, compared to 20 liberal, 38 moderate and 37 conservative among all voters.”

    • CissyRenee

      Scared of ted cruz? Seriously? His own party thinks he is a punk so I don’t think so.

    • You do realize that Ted Cruz can never be President, thank God. He was not born in America, he was born in Canada.

  • Can this please be mailed to Ted “Hypocrite Ass” Cruz and also shared with the local and national news media? Please Pretty Please?

  • Mullinob

    I AM from Texas, and I could not agree with these comments more. Ted Cruz is an idiot and an ass; an embarrassment to Texas and an embarrassment to the entire country. God help the American People.

  • You were completely on point but sadly, people like Ted Cruz cannot comprehend the concept of shame so this will fall on deaf ears. I posted this on his Facebook page, as did others I saw, but let’s not hold our breath on any change from this asshat.

  • phukk rightwing trash

    he will join alan west as an unemployed tea party fox ”news” analyst…. and don’t forget MR ” CHRISTIAN VALUES” JOE ” no child support” WALSH

  • Tina Komers

    Does Cruz rhyme with scuz? Just checking.

  • You are awesome. Thank you.

  • Tina Komers

    P.S. Secede, asshole.

  • Southern Republicans, as with many in the South, have a big chip on their shoulder when it comes to “the North”… They hate the fact they lost the war…

    • trenah

      oh please. lol

      • I am in the Deep South, from NJ,… I can feel the attitude, that many down here have towards “Yankees”, see Confederate flags all over the place, hear how they speak of Southern Pride in the same breath as talking about wacko California or crazy liberal NY…

  • Shouldnt there be insurance that covers this?

  • Carol

    So….will Rick (Come to TX, where regulation is a dirty word) Perry use that $$ to balance his next budget??

  • Mitch Stokely

    I thought your party was for less government Ted?

  • Selfishness and cruelty wrapped in shameless hypocrisy.

    “Four and a half months ago you voted no on the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. A spending bill that would have helped my family, friends, and neighbors recover from a devastating natural disaster. You claimed that the government could not afford it. Then, 4 days ago, you requested federal assistance and funds for your home state following an explosion at a privately owned fertilizer plant. A plant that probably would not have exploded, but for the fact your state kicked out the federal regulators that monitor things like how much dangerous chemical material is kept in the facility.”

  • I’ve heard from many people in Texas that “we take care of ourselves. “We have a Rainy Day fund of 7 billion.” Good! It’s gonna take about 7 billion to clean up this mess. Have fun!

  • DesertSun59

    Being a hypocrite is the very definition of being a Teatard. There’s not a single one of them who doesn’t have that word as their middle name. Not one.

    You’ll note that he’s still in power. He doesn’t regret or withdraw a single word of his argument for West, TX. He is still TOTALLY supported by his constituents. He will be re-elected.

    That’s the power of being a hypocrite. And HE KNOWS IT.

  • Excellent letter – well said. For those of you in Texas, please vote this tool out at the very next election you have the opportunity to do so.

  • “Privatizing the profits and socializing the losses.” This seems to me like it’s been the foundation of American capitalism and the GOP’s motivations for a very long time. When you look at it like this socialism really is a dirty word.

  • DowneastDiva

    TFB that’s a private company, hope they had insurance. We don’t pay for your deregulation, lack of inspections, and asking for federal money when you mock federal regulation that blew up in your face, literally, is quite ironic.

  • I so TOTALLY agree. Furthermore, I hope the corporate owners will be INVESTIGATED AND PROSECUTED for wrongdoing and criminal conduct!!!

  • Another Texan here, I agree, both Perry and Cruz are a disgrace to the state of Texas.

  • Michael Schleifer

    When will Texas stop threatening to secede and just do it?

  • CW

    Right on!

  • It isn’t just Cruz and his hypocrisy….it is all of the parasitic states that get back way more from the government than they pay into the treasury, and yet THEY are the ones who are constantly demanding that they government get out of their lives. It would be greatly appreciated by the residents of CT, NJ, MN and other states who get back a fraction of what they pay in if these people would just take their hypocrisy and secede. But let them take with them the share of the federal debt that was created by the Republicans that they voted into office.

  • Well stated! The only thing I would take issue on is that BOTH disasters were man made!

  • Calaba

    I am not from Texas…but from i totally understand your point.. and really.. as much as i hate to say this..if they don’t get help.. oh well. They should have thought about that before electing a flaming butt munch.

  • This why the Republican Party needs to be on the endangered species list. If smart the Democrats will highly publicize what has been said here and this guy will loose his job. But then we’re talking a part of Texas, where men are men and constituents are bull-hokey buyers.

  • radsenior

    Dear pissed off New Yorker – We here in Texas are absolutely ashamed of this piece of expletive not written! Cruz is a total discredit to his ethnicity, the state of Texas and human beings! Sadly Texas has been taken over by radical fringe elements who have oppressed and short changed Texans since Ann Richards was Governor. Truly Texas has lost all kinds of credibility and stature across the world since then and every effort will used to change Texas blue. Once that is done Virginia and Florida will not matter. How much more abuse from the political hacks are you willing to take? Last I heard, politicos are supposed to do the bidding of the people not the special interests. If a small segment of radical fringe extremes who have bastardized our political system can rise to power, then Americans must make drastic changes locally, at the state level and nationally. If you allow TEA-types to take over the state houses and boards and impose their narrow-minded issues, you allow the few to govern the masses. The TEA party learned this and with the help of big money they have moved into control of state money and infrastructure. If you are tired of the stalemate and radical extremes blocking key legislation at the state level and nationally, get involved and inform yourselves, get registered and V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberances)

    • CissyRenee

      I am NOT a Texan, but I live here in gop Valhalla and am often belittled for my lean forward political views. This is the place that just 2 weeks ago had an ‘impeach Obama’ booth set up on city property at the city tax office, 10 feet from the entrance accosting everyone who tried to enter that government property. Illegal much? The Perry party DOES NOT CARE about anybody who is non-white, low income or socially marginalized in any way – they make that very clear with every word they spew and Teddyboy is their bitch. Everyday I hear people talk about ‘succeeding from the union’ and NONE of them realize that the only ones who want TX to succeed more than Texans is the whole rest of the nation. They’re so full of ‘texas pride’ they don’t even see they’re politicians have made them an American joke and even if they did see it, they would wear it like a badge of honor.

      • radsenior

        Keep on leaning forward, as it proves them wrong on a daily basis and it irks them that you are much better than they. Kudos to your increased mental status and foresight. Texas pride is the kind who gave their lives at the Alamo and these non-conforming misfits do not fit that mold. keep the faith and bring others into your fold. Keep on keeping on!

  • unimpressed

    Do you have the same sentiments about the government bailing out GM? Why did we foot that bill? That company was publicly held in terms of it’s investment structure, but that’s it. It was an otherwise private, free market venture. Why then, did the government bail it out and why is it OK that the taxpayers have not been fully reimbursed?

  • unimpressed

    Cruz wasn’t a senator when Sandy happened. How is it that he voted on a bill that was voted on in December, but he didn’t take office till January? I did notice though, that democrats were cool with rejecting an amendment to the Sandy relief bill that was meant to prevent funds going to “tax cheats, deceased individuals and fisheries that are outside the affected area.” Why would democrats be OK with those entities receiving Sandy relief money? Are you OK with that?

    • Ilyssa

      You are incorrect the Sandy bill was not voted on until the end of January. Not only did he vote no he released a statement about doing so claiming he felt there was too much pork in the bill. I clearly wouldn’t have written this if he didn’t vote on the bill. The vote was taken after he became a sworn Senator. Also, yes I was against the bailout

    • Ilyssa

      I am also against “pork” being put into bills in the first place but whether or not extra spending provisions should or should not be allowed to be added to relief bills is a separate issue.

  • ‘hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law’ – republican slogan made famous on ‘orgasmatron’ by motor

  • Olga

    Great article…BRAVO! I am a Texan and live in Texas. This private company did not have the safety restrictions placed on it as it should have. It had been years since this type of unchecked lunacy was inspected, thanks to Gov. Perry (Republican), who is now in Illinois touting Texas for being a great state to do business. Of course, NO REGULATIONS IN TEXAS IS PRO BUSINESS!
    Who cares if it kills citizens along the way.

    Yes, gerrymandering, championed by Tom DeLay, who is now in jail, hurt Texas. He is now a REPUBLICAN FELON.

    Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to Texas and will continue for 5 more years. I can hardly wait to get this thing out of the U.S. Senate!

    His representative voice is championing the TEA PARTY of idiots and he is happy to do that. To hell with the rest of us!

    Put them all in jail,


  • Yankeluh

    There are many of us Texans that did not vote for this POS. Just not enough. The man is an ignorant fool. The teabaggers got him in office and I am afraid there are enough stupid Texans to keep him there. From those of us that are disgusted with him and what the Texas Republican Party is doing to the country, I apologize.

  • Gari in Texas

    I find it curious that she didn’t even mention why Cruz objected to the bill. Maybe I can illuminate her intellectual dishonesty. It states very clearly on his senate web page that he disagreed with the billions in pork that others packed in the bill. This included money for NASA and over one billion that would not be spent until 2021. How is that “emergency relief?”. I assume that you are equally outraged by the politicians who jeopardized the bills passage and wrote letters to them as well. We will need to wait and see if Cruz is in fact a hypercrite and allows any pork into the bill he sponsors for Emergency Relief.

    • Ilyssa

      I did in fact mention that he objected to the bill for spending reasons and I have addressed the issue of “pork” in the comments numerous times. While I am against “pork” being put into bills in the first place, whether or not extra spending provisions should or should not be allowed to be added to relief bills is a separate issue. As far as I am concerned, bills should not be objected to when they are necessary because they contain “pork” they just shouldn’t have it in the first place (a topic for another article and another day). Moreover, Sen. Cruz called is quoted in several news sources as claiming that more than 70% of the bill was “pork” which is not only untrue (if you look at the bill) but is basically implying that the relief bill itself was “wasteful pork.” This is not “intellectual dishonesty” as you refer to it. It is my opinion and my interpretation of what Sen. Cruz did.

      • Gari in Texas

        “Spending reasons” hardly covers his objections to the bill. Here is the statement from his senate web page…


        Hurricane Sandy inflicted devastating damage on the East Coast, and Congress appropriately responded with hurricane relief. Unfortunately, cynical politicians in Washington could not resist loading up this relief bill with billions in new spending utterly unrelated to Sandy.

        Emergency relief for the families who are suffering from this natural disaster should not be used as a Christmas tree for billions in unrelated spending, including projects such as Smithsonian repairs, upgrades to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration airplanes, and more funding for Head Start.

        Two thirds of this spending is not remotely “emergency”; the Congressional Budget Office estimates that only 30% of the authorized funds would be spent in the next 20 months, and over a billion dollars will be spent as late as 2021.

        This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington – an addiction to spending money we do not have. The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt.


        The man ran and was elected as a Tea Party conservative and you expect him to toss his principles and vote yes? It seems logical and reasonable to be in favor of a bill and vote no because it has been polluted. DC would be a better place if more politicians acted in this manner.

        I agree that these bills should not have the pork. I’ll ask again if you wrote a letter to the senators who added the pork? Did you feed that red meat to your readers?

        I disagree with your statement that Cruz implies the bill is wasteful pork. He stated in his press release that “Congress appropriately responded with hurricane relief.” That implies that he believes congress was acting as it should. This quote is also what negates your “hypocrite” tag and compelled me to question you honesty. You, as a juris doctor holding a political science degree, must have researched his no vote and read his press release.

      • Ilyssa

        1) No, I don’t expect him to toss his principles but I expect him to stick with them. If he is a Tea Party, small government, conservative then he shouldn’t be running to the feds asking for money after a private disaster. He should hit up the TX slush fund or go after the plant’s insurance company. You want small government, you get small government. You cannot privatize profits and socialize losses while screaming socialism.

        2) Yes, I wrote personal letters to Senators who added pork (it was before this website was up and running so you won’t see them printed anywhere).

        3) I did research his no vote and read his press release several times but I did not (and do not generally) take his press release (or any other politicians for that matter) at face value. In addition to his own press release, there is much info out there (from so called legitimate news sources) to suggest that despite what he said in his press release he would not have voted for the bill. If that info (which portrays the Senator as calling the bill pork) is incorrect than that goes back to the original news organizations that published it. I am merely a freelance opinion writer who reads the news and formulates an opinion. Moreover, if we both agree and even he agrees that there should not have been pork in the bill than that negates the statement “Congress appropriately responded…” because it proves that Congress did not appropriately respond. An appropriate response would have been a no nonsense, no pork bill that everyone could have supported. Despite all of this, I still find Sen. Cruz to be a hypocrite for seeking small government solutions and then looking for big government to solve problems when things go south.

        Anyways, I have to run. Nice debating/chatting with you. Always up for the intellectual exchange. Cheers!

      • Gari in Texas

        As you can see I also enjoy a healthy respectful debate.

        I agree with you that, in the long run, the insurance
        company and the business itself will need to pay. But this is “emergency” relief and something that Texas or the federal government needs to lead (however inept they both
        are). I assume that governments go after the responsible parties (after the smoke has settled) and get their money back.

        Are all gay men shirtless leather chaps wearing bath house attendees? Are all females hormonal basket cases? Are all white men rapists and pedophiles on the hunt? It’s easy to dismiss small government people when all you see on the news is the crazy or ignorant. Generally speaking, we, as a group, are neither. It’s not inconsistent to desire
        smaller government (especially while borrowing thirty three cents of every dollar we spend) and recognize that there are many things only the state/federal government can accomplish. His small government does not translate to no-government anarchy any more than a regular Democrat’s bigger government translates to socialism.

        When Cruz stated that “Congress appropriately responded with hurricane relief” he was referring to the original agreement for the bill. Darrell Issa had this to say about the Sandy relief bill:

        “Your two senators packed this with pork. They had the
        opportunity to have a $27 to $30 billion dollar legit relief packages, packed it with pork, then dared us not to vote for it.”

        Issa was referring to New York Senators Kristen Gillibrand
        and Chuck Schumer.

        I generally take people (and what they say) at face value
        until they prove otherwise. Too often
        someone else’s opinion is not accurate.

        Good luck

  • Brilliant!

  • J. Ryan

    It is too bad when some get elected to office they forget that they are just people
    like the rest of us. If you really want to hear what some of them are able to say, sit in a stall next to one them in a stall in a rest room, those noises you hear about as intelligent as they can get!!

  • I call Bullshit. The bill that was rejected by Cruz, was bloated pork barrel POS. A lot of it, over half if I remember correctly didn’t even get targeted to go to NJ, and NY. Some of it was for inland fish habitat restoration in Florida for God’s sake. We need to write bills that are reasonable instead of writing them so poorly that they don’t resemble the original purpose they were created to resolve.

  • Noel Hopper

    uhmmm… please quit referring to it as “fertilizer plant” … it is a shit factory

  • ticked off iberal

    If they need aid get it from the company that CAUSED the disaster not the taxpayers since thins was not a natural disaster by any means.

  • I gave money and voted for Sadler, but the national Republican cash machine was running in top gear and at full speed. This whiney voiced snot nosed foreign born punk is now the U.S. Senator from my state. Unbelievable, but unfortunately true.

  • Karma…Gets it’s revenge

  • I would have to say you’re wrong in calling him a hypocrite. Since the explosion in Texas is NOT a natural occurrence, it will most likely only happen once. A call for help to assist with an unknown, terrorizing occurrence is a
    one time payment to support the plant and its economical benefits. A hurricane is a natural repeating occurrence that happens completely out of our control. Hurricane relief is infinitely more expensive. Don’t be so dense and selfish. If you don’t like what the hurricane did to your home, complain to God.. Not Mr. Cruz… Your care for others is hilariously non-existent and this letter proves you to be a bigger hypocrite than Ted Cruz.

    P.S. Insults remove 100% of your credibility.

  • The Righties use “there was too much Pork in the bill” as an excuse. Pathetic! I just heard on MSNBC today that West Fertilizer Company only had $1 million in insurance. The rebuilding of the city is predicted to be $100 million. Thank goodness Texas has that $7 BILLION “Rainy Day Fund”!!! What state in this day and age has a $7 BILLION dollar savings account??? Freedom does have it’s price Senator Cruz……a steep one.

  • Bonnie

    The states like OK and MO which got hit horribly by tornadoes have not been begging for help from the government. The midwest has learned to help each other. Missiouri actually got some money from the govt but had it paid back within a year. Instead of crying about your elected officials, why not trying to help each other. It is how America got started in the first place. The pioneers came out to the Midwest and helped each other against the elements. Govt help was not an option back then and it shouldn’t be expected now. Grow up whiners!!!!!