Debate Goes off the Rails as GOP Analyst Clashes with Trump Supporter Over North Korea (Video)

Once again proving that supporters of Donald Trump will defend him no matter what he says or does, they’ve been out in full force trying make excuses for the “fire and fury” threat he made against North Korea on Tuesday. Some have dismissed talk that he was referring to nuclear weapons (even though he bragged about the nuclear capabilities of the United States on Wednesday), while others have said that diplomacy has failed and it’s time for the United States to take a tougher approach to North Korea.

No matter how Trump and his supporters might try to spin all of this, it’s not a joke. When the “President” of the United States makes a statement where he seems to be threatening to use nuclear weapons, that’s a huge deal that puts the entire planet on edge. Especially when the current “president” is an incompetent, mentally unstable buffoon who many feel could very well start WWIII just to prove something.

Well, on Thursday, during a debate on CNN, GOP strategist (and staunch Trump critic) Rick Wilson wasn’t putting up with conservative radio talk show host and Trump supporter Ben Ferguson’s b.s. excuse for Trump’s dangerous and highly-inflammatory rhetoric.

After Ferguson insisted that Trump’s statement was the signal of a “new day” for the United States after years of failed diplomacy, Wilson ripped into his ignorance about nuclear weapons.

“Ben’s answer to you betrays a level of naivete about nuclear weapons and about the Korean peninsula in specific that is utterly staggering,” Wilson said to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

He went on to call Ferguson’s defense of Trump “weapons grade stupidity,” pointing out the conservative radio host was completely ignorant about how the “deterrence model” actually works.

“The deterrence model is this: You say to another country, if you hit me with nuclear weapons, I will respond. Therefore, neither country does it. You don’t say, if you talk bad about me, if you threaten me, I could respond with fire and fury,” Wilson stated.

The back and forth went on for nearly ten minutes with Ferguson desperately trying to downplay the significance of Trump’s threat, while Wilson continued to hammer the lackadaisical and naive way in which the conservative radio host spoke about the possibility of nuclear war and his ignorant understanding of the Korean peninsula.

“You are unbelievably irresponsible and ignorant of the Korean peninsula, it’s just astounding,” Wilson said as the segment wrapped up.

While I know it’s ten minutes long, I would highly suggest watching the exchange between these two. When I say this thing went “off the rails,” I mean it. The disgust Wilson clearly had for Ferguson’s pathetic defense of Trump’s incompetence was undeniable. This was a perfect example of watching an adult who understands the seriousness of this situation debating someone who, like millions of others, seem so desperate to keep defending Trump that they’d rather see him start a nuclear war than simply admit that they were wrong and that he’s completely unfit and unqualified to be “President” of the United States.

Watch the debate below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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