Debunking Almost Every Republican Lie Against President Obama

I’ve read thousands upon thousands of comments by Republicans since President Obama was elected.  Usually what they say doesn’t bother me, because often it’s just ridiculous.  The thing that does drive me nuts is that about 95% of what they say is completely inaccurate.

Let me shred some of their Fox News fed rhetoric:

Obama has been the biggest spending President in history!  FALSE.  Year to year spending increases have been less than 1%.  They’ve also been at their lowest rate of year to year increases since Eisenhower.

Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history!  FALSE. On January 20, 2009 our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $19.2 trillion, for a just over $8 trillion increase.  For the mathematically challenged, $8 trillion is less than $10.6 trillion.  This also doesn’t factor in the money spent in 2009, which gets tagged to President Obama, was actually passed by Bush.

*This also doesn’t take into account much of the cost of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars had not been put on our books by the Bush administration.

Obama is a Muslim!  FALSE. You’re an idiot and I’m not even going to explain why.

Obama isn’t an American!  FALSE.  See above.

Obama is the reason why our troops were pulled out of Iraq! FALSE.  Actually we pulled our troops out of Iraq because of a SOFA agreement that was signed by George W. Bush.

Obama has ruled like a dictator with his use of executive orders! FALSE.  He’s actually on pace to issue fewer executive orders than both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Illegal immigration has been out of control under Obama! FALSE.  Actually, illegal immigration was much worse under Ronald Reagan and has been zero over the last few years.

Obama is a Communist/Socialist/Fascist!  FALSE.  They’re all different — it’s impossible to be all 3.  Then with stocks setting new records during his presidency and increasing by more than 100% since their lows in 2009 – he would be the worst Communist, Socialist or Fascist that has ever existed.

Obama is always on vacation!  FALSE.  President Obama has averaged around 32 vacation days per year since taking office.  That puts him on pace for 256 days during 8 years in the White House.  By contrast Bush took 879 days or around 110 per year (including a 5-week vacation. the longest by any President in nearly 4 decades), while Reagan took 390 days.  Once again for the mathematically challenged, Obama is on pace to take fewer vacations than both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

The economy has gotten worse under Obama!  FALSE.  Are you insane, have selective memory or both?  In February 2009, we lost  651K jobs.  In February 2016, we added 242k jobs.  Again, for the mathematically challenged, that’s a positive shift of 893K jobs from our losses in February 2009 to our gains in February 2016.  We’ve also created over 14 million private sector jobs for 75 consecutive months of private sector job growth.

I’ve seen the rebuttal to these numbers, so I’ll squash it right now before moving on:

Those jobs numbers are a lie!  No, they’re from the same source which Republicans have used to saddle Obama’s job losses (from his first year in office… and only his first year).  So you can’t use a source to support your argument, then ignore that very same source when it no longer supports what you want to believe.

Unemployment is at record highs!  FALSE.  Unemployment hit a high during November 2009 of 10%, it’s now hovers around 5%.

I can already hear the Republican rebuttal to this one as well, “But that doesn’t include the people who have stopped looking for work!”  I hate to burst your bubble, but the unemployment rate never includes those who have given up looking for work.  This isn’t a shift in what defines our unemployment rate, this is how it has been calculated for quite some time.

Fun history lesson:  When Reagan took office, unemployment was at 7.5%.  Within his first 18 months in office unemployment shot all the way up to 10.8%.

Obamacare is unconstitutional!  FALSE.  The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress, signed by the President and the Supreme Court ruled that it was in fact Constitutional.

Obama has been terrible for business!  FALSE.  Corporate profits are up since President Obama took office and are at their highest levels, relative to the size of economic growth, since 1947.

Obama has waged a war on the rich! FALSE.  We’ve set a new record for number of millionaires in the United States at 9.6 million.

Obama is out to take away our Second Amendment rights!  FALSE.  Well, not anymore than Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush wanted to.  He wants to put back in place the assault weapons ban that was supported by Reagan and Bush that expired in 2004.  He also wants to limit magazine size to 10 rounds and require universal background checks for all gun purchases–something that is overwhelmingly supported by most Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

I’ll stop there.  I could have continued, but I’d risk going into fringe stories such as microchips and FEMA concentration camps that really don’t deserve anyone’s attention.

The point is, these statements comprise the vast majority of comments I read from Republicans, and they’re completely inaccurate.

This is why political debate goes absolutely nowhere these days.  It’s hard to have rational discussion with people who are starting their argument based on complete lies.  Not only do they base their argument on these lies, they want these lies to be true.  Even when you present them with indisputable factual data that contradicts their beliefs, it makes absolutely no difference.

And therein lies the problem.  They’re suffering from cognitive dissonance.  Simply put, it’s where the brain creates it’s own reality when faced with two conflicting beliefs.  You see this often in abusive relationships.  One partner is abused, but wants to believe their partner loves them–because that’s what they’re told.  They then equate abuse to love and convince themselves that it’s okay, because they want to believe that the person abusing them actually does love them.  Their brain can’t comprehend the conflicting realities, so they create some alternate form of reality which justifies these conflicts.

That’s where we’re at with Republicans.  They want to believe the lies they’ve been fed, even though reality doesn’t support them.  With this conflict they’ve created an alternate reality where facts don’t matter, science doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, history doesn’t matter and math doesn’t matter…

And that’s very dangerous.

*Some changes have been made to this article to reflect updated numbers and events since the article was first published. Last edit on August 10th, 2014.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim

    I have many CONservative friends that I used to think were intelligent until I heard some of the absolute BS that they were spewing as”fact” and a LOT of them still beLIEve. And the “best part” is that just because I’m not a RepubliCan’t they automatically call me a Democrat which I am NOT. I’m an Independent, if you MUST categorize/pigeon hole me, but more so I am an American Citizen, and I act like it! 🙂

    • Patrick

      I’m with you in sentiment but the cutesy verbiage leaves me cold and doesn’t contribute to the conversation or make you look smart
      Reason begins with REASONableness

    • P D Trent

      That’s the way it is where I live.

  • Ben Nunez

    I enjoy your blog Allen.

  • Gary Davis

    thank you so very much for making your point as being the truth . I agree because president Obama is the best thing we have going for us in a long time . many people I know also do not want to hear the truth . its pathetic . they would rather cut their own throat as to not believe the truth , I will be forwarding your article to many people I know . thank you again for speaking out with the truth

  • Bill Wilson

    I tried to defend the President every chance I got. By winking at the Southern leg of Keystone and not yet saying NO to KeystoneXL I am wondering how meaningless and perhaps even harmful it is to not address the key issues and let the right wing lies and talk hosts intimidation remain unchecked. When the right wing falsely claimes Solyndra was a huge mistake when the facts seem to indicated it was just bad fortune that nobody could have seen coming for the President not clear the record seems to be playing into their real concern and agenda. The key one being they were not voted for largely because of the DRILL BABY DRILL THAT SEEMS ALMOST SIMILAR BY THE ALL OF THE ABOVE. I feel the President is betraying America and our chidren by not standing up for the terrible harms of TarSands from Canada starting with the increased cancers and destruction of the third largest water shed in Canada. Instead of the lies and even the idea it will not dramatically add to global warming is hand fed to Sate and seems the President. Wether it is the warnings from our key scientists, or many doctors or groups like the Cornell University study it seems the industry is all that counts and they have proven to be wrong and the lies massive. Not to say No to KeystoneXL will in my opinion be considered by history as a crime against humanity and begin yet more unnecessary domestic strife.

    • Chris martin

      He hasn’t signed off on keystone . People do have a tendency to over react don’t they?

  • Susan

    With 6 corporations in control of 90% of the already mindless media in the country, it’s no wonder that people can’t think for themselves. It’s too bad that most either aren’t willing to search for the truth or are too closed minded to listen.

  • One shot and you could get them all, lined up like little ducks waiting for thier time. Now I don’t believe in taking anyones life. Hell I have trouble when one of my dogs or ctas gets kill on the road.
    So, I just figure it has be an REpub that has killed all the animals they ccould . It is ust noe that people realize how bad we were lied to fromt tthe very beginning. If they will lie to kill spomeone who may not had been a sane man, just to punissh that jerk for threating his Father, that is really SICK.

  • Denice

    Really? Solyndra wasn’t a huge $$$$ mistake? Didn’t they go bankrupt shortly after getting a bailout?

    • bjorn

      Solyndra didn’t get a bailout. It applied for a government loan in something like, 2005 or 2006. The bush office delayed the loan and it wasn’t approved until President Obama. Unfortunately the silicon market was flooded by china and it dropped the cost of solar panels far below what Solyndra could put to market, which caused them to go bankrupt.

      Solyndra was a tiny amount of money compared to the mistakes that are the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    • Yoga Girl

      Bush started the whole funding for Solyndra. Even so, it was the private investors that lost their shirts, more than twice what the taxpayers contributed. The mistakes Bush made were WAY more costly than anything Obama ever did (or will ever do).

      • Jack

        Uhhh Yoga Girl the Bush administration turned down Solyndra. It was Barry and his crowd that approved this and many other loans all of which turned belly up. You? You sit there and say who cares that the taxpayers took a bath? Well if you paid taxes you might care. You keep flashing those pom poms for the worse President in the history of the Republic, Barack Obama, you are just making a fool of yourself.

      • “… for the worse President in the history of the Republic… “

        How did James Buchanan get into this?

        While there are partisans who make that claim for either Mr. Bush or Mr. Obama, no civil war has broken out as a result of either one’s actions. Mr. Buchanan set a very high bar that way.

    • Alf

      and she drags out the tired old Solyndra crap again…another hopeless case of Fox News Tourette’s.

    • Peter Principle

      1. The Solyandra deal was initiated by the BUSH administration. Really.

      2. The Solyandra deal, a tiny drop in the fiscal bucket, was but one of HUNDREDS of deals in a green energy portfolio, the vast majority of which turned out pretty darn well. Really.

      3. The portfolio as a whole has easily outperformed Wall Street, even though Wall Street is currently at a record high. Really.

      But hey, other than being completely and utterly WRONG, great point!

      Thank you for providing such an invaluable object lesson in how listening to the Wingnutosphere makes people STUPID. Really stupid.

      Welcome to reality. Enjoy your visit, no matter how brief. Slower thinkers keep right.

      • Jack

        Little Pete President Bush did not initiate any deal or loan with Solyndra. Solyndra approached they were studied and rejected. The risk was too high. Then again the Solyndra boys got smart and gave huge campaign contributions to BO. I gather you forgot that part of the narrative. How much did they contribute? In the neighborhood of around $2.5 million with bundling and everything else. Then like Manna from Heaven he gets elected and the approval for the check came through. Did you forget that the Treasury Department, the IG from Energy and everyone else wanted this studied further and the Secretary of Energy said “pay it now”. The famous email I am sure that just slipped your mind. Pete you are not being honest.

    • gary baker

      she didn’t say solyndra wasn’t a mistake denice. When looking to the future chances are taken to try to find ways to improve our energy supplies yes it was a bad investment all things considered but to remain solely dependent on fossil fuel is a much bigger mistake. Also as has been pointed out the bush admin had started the process of approving solyndra funding so get off it. It is such a small thing compared to the wars and wmds bs.

    • Rick Murph

      Solyndra received a loan at the urging of the Department of Energy under the Obama Administration and ultimately defaulted costing taxpayers $535 million dollars and Obama is the Anti-Christ. The Savings and Loan Industry went belly-up after deregulation by the Reagan Administration ultimately costing the American taxpayers $262 BILLION in bailouts in 2013 dollars and Reagan is touted as the greatest American President. Selective amnesia by Republicans is the reason we got into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and continuing denial by their leadership, rank and file and the Tea Party is why we are in Congressional gridlock and having such a difficult time finding our way out.

    • John Cepelak

      There are numerous solar companies and as is often the case in business some succeed, some maintain and some fail. Solyndra happened to fail, as has been pointed out partly because of cheap solar panel dumping by Chinese competitors, but Solyndra’s failure is used by the Republicans, backed by big oil and other elemnts of that kind to try and convince the public that solar is inherently a losing proposition and that the best this to do is to keep using traditional energy sources such as gas an oil, nuclear power and other establishe and commercially entrenched sources of energy.
      Since Obama visibly backed this company the Republicans have attempted to convince the public that, since that company failed, Obama’s judgement in business is bad and he is therefore not to be trusted. Of course that doesn’t follow at all.

    • John Seitz

      …and Solyndra was just one company that received start up money as an investment in alternative energy. The overwhelming majority of these companies are doing fine.

      • Jack

        John check your figures they are not doing fine. Of those corporations that needed over $5 million over 80% have failed. That is not good. Remember they gave out loans for many things from incorporating expenses to tools to instruments, but the major loans went poof.

  • Amy

    This is great, but it would be even better if it was something I could share with Conservative friends & family & not have them be insulted. The facts speak for themselves.

  • Dustin Dawind

    Welcome to politics, where everything’s made up and the facts don’t matter.

  • Derek Tyler

    Why do you not think the FEMA concentration camps–and the fact that FEMA purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammo, much of it buckshot and hollow point–don’t deserve attention? That is enough bullets to kill everyone in China and India and they are not the military or the police. Who are they planning to shoot at that will take 2 billion rounds of ammo and who are those camps built for? I think they do deserve attention and we ignore them at our own peril.

    • Mangini In A Bottle

      2 billion rounds? False. FEMA? False.


      Bullet Baloney:

      The email cites a “drastic spike” in the Department of Homeland Security’s bullet purchases and asks: “What is the US federal government preparing for?” The email also claims that “federal management agencies are looking more and more like a military army every day.”

      DHS has indeed ordered hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition. But there is less here than meets the eye. And that’s according to the National Rifle Association and the office of Republican Congressman Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia.

      The Department of Homeland Security recently contracted to buy up to 450 million rounds over the next five years. But DHS was making a first-time bulk order for all of its law enforcement agencies to save money. Those agencies include the Secret Service, the Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement, among many others.

      The NRA describes the assertion as “incendiary.” It says the suggestion that the Obama administration is “preparing for a war with the American people” displays “a lack of understanding of the law enforcement functions carried about by officers in small federal agencies.” The NRA, which is no fan of the Democratic president, concludes that “there is no need to invent additional threats to our rights.”

    • Petey

      FEMA did not buy all that ammo — Homeland Security (FEMA’s parent agency) did. And it works out to just under 1,400 rounds per agent per year. Not much, considering they have mandatory firearm training 4x per year.
      Instead of sending you press releases from the actual agencies, perhaps you’d like to see the NRA’s version of what really is happening with federal ammo purchases:

    • Shawn Palmer

      Derek Tyler- here’s a quote from Rep. Lynn Westmoreland’s office.

      After receiving numerous questions from his constituents regarding the contract, pro-Second Amendment U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) and his staff set out in search of the truth. In a press release, Rep. Westmoreland’s office explains:

      “If you take the number of agencies that will be using this ammunition – CBP, Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), ICE, the U.S. Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, the DHS police force, and all the guards that protect the various buildings these agencies are housed in, and spread that out over 5 years, you start to see that 450 million rounds really isn’t that large of an order. Especially considering it is used for training purposes like firing range and live fire exercises, on-the-job use (though that is very limited), and to shore up their supplies. In fact, there are 65,000 – 70,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS who would be covered under this … ammunition contract. If DHS were to purchase all 450 million rounds over 5 years, then that would equate to only about 1,384 rounds of ammo per year per law enforcement [officer] … assuming the lower estimate of only 65,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS. Considering those agents go through training exercises several times per year, that is not a lot of ammunition.”

      Read. It’s pretty simple. You can find the answers to a lot of questions if you are willing to look around. If you aren’t buying it, that’s your prerogative too. As for the “concentration camps,” well, I’ll leave that to the other conspiracy theorists. Or you can do a little research.

    • Badum Tisst

      I think the only possible rejoinder is “What FEMA concentration camps? What ammo purchase? Please cite your references.”

    • Haddie Nuff

      Derek, the first time I heard of the FEMA concentration camps was in April of 2006, long before Obama because president (although you don’t attach this to Obama). Here’s a link to a video. Please note the date it was uploaded.

      The 2 billion rounds of ammunition figure is a new one of me, although the huge number of bullets purchased by Social Security, Homeland Security and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have all been accused of these purchases in the email chain letter realms. Snopes has an article on it.

    • Peter Principle

      Some paranoid stupid bleephole nut scralwed in crayon: “Why do you not think the FEMA concentration camps–and the fact that FEMA purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammo, much of it buckshot and hollow point–don’t deserve attention?”

      Um, other than the FACT it’s an absurd LIE that only paranoid wingnut incredible ignorant imbeciles believe? Gosh, you got me.

      Mucking foron…

      • Jack

        OK time for sanity I guess, but not sure how many will grasp it. FEMA has legal right to set up concentration camps. They do it quite often. Concentration camps have been used since the time of the British in South Africa. They have been used in every national emergency created by storms or other catastrophes. The use of gymnasiums, tent cities, and all of the rest are known as concentration camps. The NAZIs used the term so as to say everything is OK here. Just camps set up to protect the Jews and others. However, the term became reprehensible when the truth was known. You are taking an innocent concept and projecting things upon it from another time and another place.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      Oh, so now it’s 2 billion?

      First off, it’s DHS, not FEMA and the rounds are to be purchased over a period of five years at the current low market rate. And the rounds are primarily for quarterly gun range qualifying required of all agents, and the majority of other rounds are for use by ICE (that’s immigration control), which I’m sure you would be all-in on supporting.

      And please, Please, PLEASE show me a link or two that gives you any reason to believe there is such a thing as FEMA camps…

      • Jerry Dunaway

        And I forgot to mention it is UP TO 1.6 billion over those five years, most likely nowhere near that many — again just locking in the current rates…

      • Rodney Cockeram

        Current rates are higher now than they have ever been, pull the head out and look at another source for your info.

    • Bill Nichols

      We really thought Dubya’s intentional violations of international law (deliberate violation of Article I of the UN Charter re invasion of sovereign member nations for the purpose of regime change) & irresponsible usurpation of UN authority “deserved attention” & were “perilous” if ignored. I don’t recall any of the conspiracy theorists saying they thought those were worth demanding answers to. 😉

    • Steven Wager

      So, are all the white people in these concentration camps like Glenn Beck said they would be several years ago? Can’t Fox news get in there and get pictures to expose these horrific camps enslaving all those poor souls? And now you’re saying they’re being shot at? Oh my. I can’t imagine why you’d be sitting here on the interwebs letting that go on. Go rescue them. Now!! Hurry up.

    • Fred Morefield
    • Tracie

      ~Derek~ maybe you should do a little research and stop believing what you hear on fox news.

    • Tazzle

      @Derek, No, you nimrod! FEMA never purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammo! It’s parent company, the Department of Homeland Security purchased the rounds as part of their dispersal to agencies under their department such as the US Coast Guard, the Secret Service, the Domestic Emergency Support Teams, Federal Protective Service, Border Patrol and other services under it’s umbrella. Most of them being for training, but a whole lot for use by agents of those offices. But, the usual conspiracists on the right, with their wild ideas of concentration camps and billions of rounds of ammo, think that the government is getting ready to round up teabaggers. Psst. Derek. Let me let you in on something I found out when I was snooping in the deepest bowels of the White House. It’s not a war with teabaggers the government’s stocking all that ammo for. It’s the Zombocalypse. Remember: double tap and don’t forget your cardio.

    • Bill Thon

      Derek you are getting your “news” from right wing extremist sites no wonder you are sounding paranoid…chill Bro

    • John Cepelak

      Where was this story made up? In Hollywood?

  • makalove

    I really appreciate this. Living in one of the reddest states there is (Oklahoma), I hear this garbage (including the microchip & FEMA camps crap) almost daily. Having links to all of this source material in one easy-to-find article is fabulous! Bookmarked and printed!

  • Mike Harrison

    One thing that puzzles me to no end is how the wind tunnel known as Sarah Palin can chide President Obama for his reliance on a teleprompter when she not only had scribbled cheat notes on her hand, but was stupid enough to allow a TV camera to see it. And, of course, the President’s predecessor – even with a teleprompter – rarely was able to complete a coherent sentence.

    Since the campaigning for the last election began, every Facebook ‘discussion’ in which I’d participated and in which Republicans spewed blatant untruths about both President Obama and Governor Romney, I would ask the respective spewers to “please provide links to the facts that support your comments” (as I would when refuting their statements). On every single occasion (and there were many), those doing the spewing either quickly changed the subject or disappeared altogether.

    It appears that facts and the truth have the same effect on most Republicans as the light of day has on vampires.

  • Jon Nardo

    Very disappointed you didn’t take on the FOX piece on how Obama engineered the Russian asteroid just to scare people about climate change. I would have enjoyed your take.
    Beautiful work expressing the enormous frustration so many of us are experiencing.

  • Thank Fox News & the lack of critical thinking skills/excessive gullibility of many Americans who no longer seem able to distinguish facts from opinions. Fox pundits spread their hateful propaganda throughout the day serving to reinforce ridiculous claims as facts. Too bad the FCC allows it. Oh wait, wealthy conservatives are buying up media outlets. In other words, so-called news will be spoon-fed to us at some point.
    Sadly, most of us won’t even notice-much less object. When the people do not stand up and demand facts, it’s just a matter of time before we no longer have the choice to do so. Many won’t even notice individual rights disappearing until it’s too late.
    IMO we need to act on these two points:
    1. Only qualified journalists can disseminate news. Entertainment/false news must be labeled as such. For example, Comedy Central’s Daily Show is introduced as fake news even though it is often closer to truth than stories on FOX News.
    2. Job description and benefits for Congress need to be restructured. For example, Senators and Representative should have term limits. Then they won’t have so many years to acquire wealth from rich lobbyists who buy their votes. They might be more apt to do their job rather than play political games if they are held accountable. Their benefits require revamping. According to their (Congress) own words, we all need to cut back and do our share rather than expect entitlements from the government. Cut off the gov’t entitlements to Congress. Instead of handing them free health insurance, they should shop in the private market like everyone else. No wonder they are out of touch with the needs of average citizens. They think they are entitled to sponge our money even when they are not doing their job.
    No more corrupt politicians who work as lobbyists when they leave gov’t service. No more life-time politicians who seem to concentrate on their ability to lie professionally representing special interests instead of their constituents.
    I’ll end my rant before it’s even more off topic. But, really the middle class needs to get organized before our nation ends up with only two classes. The wealthy and those who serve them.

  • Darlene Walden

    I agree with Derek Tyler Just who is in the FEMA camps or who are they going to put in them? I really get sick of listening to everyone running down the President. People will believe lies faster than they believe the truth. They just need to shut up , listen and learn.

  • Gale

    Very good job Allen, I wish that it was in Republican DNA to comprehend any of it!!!

  • Scott Devore

    This is without a doubt the worst president of all time (or since TR, Wilson at least) What puzzles me is why people think he actually has a clue? Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, Obamacare is killing small business, going around telling bold faced lies about the Sequester. (Main stream media reported this), spending only 6 trillion, what a guy. The stimulus payback to the unions is possibly the worst piece of legislation in history. 236K jobs created, that is his biggest number of all time and barely keeps up with spending growth. Implementing a Keynesian model which has never worked in the history of the world by the way is just not solid economic acumen, plain and simple. Please don’t quote FDR who actually created a double dip in 1937. Yikes, wake up people the right jumped off the Bush bandwagon early and seem to be open to critical comments regardless of party affiliation if they are hurting this country. Time to write this guy off and look forward to Hillary who would be a much better president (how can you be worse though). Of course Rubio would be the most sane choice of all.

    • Chris martin

      Lol. Did you even READ ARTICLE? Unbelievable . You are the poster child !

  • AH

    Really people, I can refute everything you’ve said is false! Progressives my ass…. moving forward…..dream on!

    • AH, why don’t you start with refuting something, instead of simply making a comment saying you can. Or have you watched the Seinfeld episode one too many times where Jerry refuses to run, but claims he’s faster than another man, with the excuse “I refuse to run”.

  • AH

    Nothing dumber than a dumbocrat!

    • Jerry Dunaway

      Really? Is that the best you can do is call names? How about if you give us some hard facts so we can be oh so wise like you?

  • Peter Principle

    Nice post. Thanks for putting it so succinctly. Lower Wingnuttia is a place where up is down, hot is cold and stubborn ignorance is wisdom.

  • Denise Ferguson

    I would also like to hear the answer toDerek Tyler’s questions..Seem no one has been able or willing to try and explain why the goverment is stock piling caskets,guns and ammo. Just what do they intend to do with these things ? There have been several letters written to Senators and Congressmen reguarding these things with no reply.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      Oh, and now it’s caskets, too? I thought they would just save money by burning the bodies or using mass graves. Of course, burning would hide the evidence better. (And in case you couldn’t tell, that was SARCASM)

      Look at Derek’s Post, and you’ll see that it was answered a number of times…

  • John Mccloud

    Really? FEMA concentration camps. Here is why they don’t deserve attention – they are so laughably out there and untrue that any attention paid to them is attention paid to the flat earth, the Loch Ness monster, and the beating preserved heart of Adolph Hitler in Argentina. Here’s a link: Try not to believe everything that you want to be true.

  • It’s quite interesting that any detractors to this article don’t dispute the evidence in the article, they just decide to pull something that wasn’t listed out of their ass.

    • Drew

      I don’t take this seriously entirely because trying to compare Democrats to Republicans is like comparing a quarter from 1987 to 1997. The value is the same, they stand for the same thing.

      That’s my problem with anyone who “Defends” any specific person because of their political affiliation. What you are literally pointing out, which is ironic in a way, is that Obama isn’t doing anything worst than Bush or other republican leaders. Yet later in the article, you claim that it is the Republican partisanship that is holding us back. Where is the logic? Zero. Republicans are literally working hand in hand, the media just portrays it differently to sensationalize anything that Republicans do as bad, and everything that Democrats do as good. Or the opposite with media outlets that have Republican Bias.

      My question is that if Obama is basically doing what Bush did, which is what’s happening (Expanding the territory of drone strikes, spending on warfare, and be honest, employment being a stagnant statistic), how can you claim that it’s the republicans of this nation that are keeping progress from being made?

      It is those who choose to rally behind an ignorant position that are the problem. It’s become Red vs Blue, and the only ones who can lose are the American people.

      Don’t you remember when CNN and NBC were freaking out over the deficit hitting $10 Trillion? Yet, here we are, not even 6 years later, trivializing $16 trillion like it’s no big deal.

    • brad


  • Drew

    This is absurd and fantastical. Literally, opinionated, sensationalist journalism all across the board.
    Let’s take out your extreme bias against what you say is “Republican,” and then maybe you can have some credibility. Considering you’re only looking at this from one side of partisanship, I’m going to have to conclude that whatever you really think is dumbed down by extreme political bias.
    You know what’s cool? Rights, are cool.
    Just because the corporations are experiencing record high profits, does not mean that the majority of America’s economy is swelling. Just because the fat cats are making all the money, does not mean that we’re better off with Obama. Your opinions will not change anything.
    Welcome to America, where you can follow your dream, get hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt by going to college just so you can not get a job in the field you went to college for.

    I for one do not believe a good president is someone who only increases spending by 1% each year, but someone who finds a way to reduce spending to set us on a course to no longer have massive debt. Maybe I’m wrong in that.
    Apparently the Democrats have everything figured out, and the key to fixing anything is throwing imaginary money at problems.

    Let’s overlook the constitution free zone, AKA the boarder zone. I’m sure we’ve stopped a lot of terrorists by illegally seizing electronics with no probable cause or reports. Oh, and Obama’s never abused his power, right?
    Or do i need to remind you that he tried to sign into legislation the assault WEAPON(afterall, assault rifles are still illegal) Ban through executive order, which is against the law. I mean, Jesus Christ. That’s not bad at all. Forget checks and balances, the president is where all the power is. Heavens forbid we have a congress that does any part of their job. (4 years of no budget, no legal war since 1941)

    Maybe a few of you should look up Cscope, and try to explain to me that that’s indoctrination.

    Everything is fine, guys. Allan Clifton says the president its doing just wonderful. There’s nothing to be worried about. Grow up. I wish I could have experienced the days when people didn’t just gobble up every ounce of information the government feeds them. When people used to think for themselves.

    Unfortunately for me, this is 2013. Luckily, there are some scientists in Mexico that may have a cure for type 1 diabetes, and there may be a real cure for HIV in the next ten years. All good things.

  • Pee Wee Herman

    Does anyone think Boehner looks like Pee Wee Herman?

  • P D Trent

    Family and friends believe this stuff because they want it to be true. One told me that he didn’t care that it was lies. I find myself in the same situation as Jim, above.

  • brad

    It just goes to show how you can so called prove a point with about anything these days….because I could prove you wrong on the majority of points you just tried to prove someone like me wrong on…..but every single issue….ok…Colmes….that only happens when one uses biased thinking….i lean right to libertarian….i seek truth not agenda or party….so that’s why nothing ever gets accomplished… a mirror pal….it seems to work better looking at it from the left….LOL….peace

  • bill davis

    Agreed Allen. That’s what the GOP has been doing for 4 years…

  • brad

    LOOK UP…….WHAT ARE THOSE JETS SPRAYING ? …’s called……GEO ENGINEERING ……and I just have to Google it….watch the ski…..and it will all make sense ?….YEP….IT’S THAT EASY…..HELP STOP THE SPRAYING OF OUR SKIES…….THANK YOU

  • It’s not often I read an article I wish I’d written. Well done.

  • John

    Finally an article written in the language that I wish I could use every day!!!

    I’m a talk radio producer in Southern California, and needless to say every single one of my hosts in conservative. As fas as I can tell, I’m the only open democrat or progressive working in this field in my region. This crap I hear on a daily basis is amazing. It’s almost like you listened to my (last thank god) tea party show and rebutted the entire thing.
    Thank you, this made my day, and keep up the good work.

    • Betty Chavez

      This made my day, too. You are not alone. I have felt the same way on everything. I have posted more opinions this past year than ever in my life. This past year or so the Republicans almost make you embarrassed to be an American. However, the fact is MOST AMERICANS AGREE, THE REPUBLICANS JUST DON’T LISTEN.

  • Vince H

    I’m calling BS on this…”thousands upon thousands” of comments by Republicans “95percent” of which are about Obama and false. I just combed about 100 of the posts on the facebook page you mention. A “republican” comment is EXTREMELY rare, and I did not see even ONE about Obama. Why people have to lie to make a point is beyond me. Sad, really sad.

    • Vince. Some fun facts: Many Republican trolls are banned, therefore their comments get hidden from public view. Also, trolls tend to avoid that which they can not dispute. Being that this article is purposely filled with links supporting every counter to a Republican lie, it’s not a surprise the lack of Republican response to the content of this article is sparse.

    • Tara

      Agree with every word!

  • John Pacheco

    I have read the above article with interest as we in India have our own share of hype and point-counterpoint from both ends and all shades of the spectrum. But those percentage and million/billion/trillion dollar figures always bug me and get my goose, after all how can a lay reader verify them? One thing I can gauge is the actual prevelant situation in the market and life standards and this is surely not something to write home about.

  • Trish Doran

    Will you marry me? Grin – what a wonderful blog you write. I bow to your greatness. I will share it, but sadly, no Republican I know will believe these numbers, it’s all Democratic bs as far as they are concerned. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Barry Sotero is the new Jesus

    Wow. I love a good fiction.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      Oh, so you love those typical Republican claims, huh?

      If you are trying to say this article is fiction, please give us some links so we can see the error of our ways…

  • Richard Fitzwell

    Not so fast. Before you take any more sips of the Obama koolaid, come down to reality and accept the truth that he is not the second coming. Also, before you start comparing apples to oranges or the thumb in your mouth to the one in your butt – you need to understand that geopolitics is a complete huge facade. To have playground semantics about this administration screwing up or that this other administration did this you need to stay focused on one thing. And that is this: While we are out here on recess arguing dodgeball rules – the teachers and the principal are already inside planning the next semester.
    So stop being distracted at all these shadows and start looking behind the curtain. Follow the money and you can find the wizard. Beyond party lines, etc.. Otherwise, its just dodge ball and that’s all it is.

    No i’m not high. Why do you ask? =)

    • Mark Crummett

      Richard- 1) rebutting the overt and obvious lies about the president is not “sipping the Obama koolaid.” I’m a progressive and I think he’s done some shit that I have a real problem with. It’s more like trying to get everyone to agree on the same reality. And 2) what the hell are you talking about?

    • Me

      Actually Richard I though that was a great analogy!

    • Chris martin

      Boom. There ya go. The truth. It’s total dodgeball . Most don’t even know their playing it. Now I LOVE. Dodgeball . I have fun playing the game. But I KNOW I AM PLAYING! 🙂

  • linda

    Still wonder about Benghazi, where was he that night? they say he wasn’t heard from after 5 o’clock meeting, Then next day he flew off to Vegas like nothing happened, He spend the last year doing nothing but campaigning. why is barry using a CT SS number? among a couple of more. Birth certificate,? why is he giving money and weapons to muslims, why does he cancel Christian holidays at wh and entertain the muslims? I still think his heart is with the muslims. Perhaps bush took more days but he was at his ranch, obama’s take much more expensive vacations. What about the private army and weapons and ammo? and fema camps, whole counties voted for obama? What about the military votes? They didn’t get to vote. Why did obama disarm the Marines for parades? All the items you discuss in your article are not really the ones i’m concerned with. He’s anti Israel, I do not think he has the experience. I also do not get the feeling he’s really for America. His mother was certainly no lover of the country. The 1st 10 years of his life he was a muslim in muslim land. Then an expensive private school in Hawaii which had just because a state and were not really all that happy about it. And BTW I do not watch Fox News. I think you are blind to what he is doing to our country. He’s dividing the country. And the situation with the illegals is our of control, he’s pushing to legalize about 12 million law breakers, who have already broken the law. muslims checking people at the airlines? like leaving the fox to guard the chickens. We have black mobs attacking whites and very little being said about it. There are to many things going on since barry got into office. Drones? why’d he ask military personnel if they’d shoot American citizens? I would love to be wrong. But my feelings are, he’s out to bury us.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      OK, first off… Paragraphs are your friend. They help break all your words into separate related topics so people can at least try to make sense out of what you are saying, or trying to say…

      • Benghazi — again, what is the story here? Was he complicit? Was he supposed to go wipe out the entire city because four of our people were killed?
      • the last year doing nothing but campaigning —
      • using a CT SS number? The Social Security number assigned to Obama (042-68-4425) was different from Jean Paul Ludwig’s number (045-26-8722). ZIP code in the area of Honolulu where Barack Obama lived at the time he applied for his Social
      Security number in 1977 is 96814, while the ZIP code for Danbury, Connecticut, is 06814 — ever heard the term, “Clerical Error?”
      • Birth certificate … ok, Orly… On April 25, 2011, The Hawaii State Health Department complied with a request by
      President Barack Obama for certified copies of his original Certificate of Live Birth, which is sometimes referred to in the media as a “long form” birth certificate. Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy personally witnessed the copying of the original Certificate of Live Birth and attested to the authenticity of the two copies. Dr. Alvin Onaka, the State
      Registrar, certified the copies.
      • Giving money and weapons to muslims — no, they gave aid to the Egyptian military. We’ve been providing military assistance to Egypt since the days of the Camp David Accords. Second, the money isn’t even going to Egypt, it’s going to U.S. defense contractors who have ongoing contracts to supply the Egyptian military.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      • Cancel Christian holidays at wh and entertain the muslims? Umm, what Christian Holidays did he cancel at the White House? And if I’m not mistaken, I believe George W Bush entertained a number of muslims, was even once seen holding hands with one of them…
      • Obama’s take much more expensive vacations… ok, so once your group’s yelling about HOW MANY DAYS he took gets shot down, you just sidestep to IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE… Bush’s trips were to his home in Texas, Obama’s trips have been to his past homes in Chicago and Hawaii…
      • Private army and weapons and ammo? and fema camps, whole counties voted for obama? I think your foil hat is slipping a bit here…
      • What about the military votes? They didn’t get to vote. No, in Ohio Republicans tried to change early voting laws which originally allowed early voting up to the Monday before Election Day, to stop at the Friday before, but keeping the Military allowance to vote until Monday. There was no attempt by Obama to Suppress military boater, but rather to NOT suppress everyone else’s votes and reestablish the ability to vote until that Monday for EVERYBODY
      • Why did obama disarm the Marines for parades? it is not customary for weapons to be loaded during a parade. Under normal circumstances, the firing pins are removed from weapons, and even when they perform a 21-gun salute, it is with blanks…
      • He’s anti Israel — sure looked that way when he just visited there, didn’t it?
      • I do not think he has the experience — what do you call SERVING THE LAST FOUR YEARS AS PRESIDENT???

  • Lance Webster

    Thank you. An intelligent point-by-point rebuttal is an extremely valuable thing to have on hand for quick reference. The problem is, even when you present these people with facts, show them reality, they bluster on, refusing to belief, or espouse nonsensical drivel. By the way, no Progressive or Liberal I know thinks President Obama is the ‘Second Coming.’ Like all Presidents, he has his flaws. I have lived with 13 Presidents. This is one of the better ones. I am impressed by his intelligence, his focus, his willingness to compromise (although sometimes too far), and the fact that he doesn’t get distracted by the absurdities spewed out by his opponents. Again, Allen, Thank you.

  • Alex

    Republicans are the reason I vote libertarian. Republicans aren’t even conservative anymore, they spend way to much on the military and have not made any free market reforms. They try to lower taxes for the rich but do nothing with regulation. People need to make a true conservative party to replace the GOP. Republicans are giving true conservatives a bad image. The only reason I vote libertarian is because the GOP is doing a turrible job. The only republican I like is Rand Paul. He’s a good conservative.

  • Brian

    You forgot to mention the lie about him having a congressional super majority, and the lie about Obama never presenting a budget.

  • Gavin

    I may be Singaporean, but guess what. Practically everyone here in Singapore think he is a Great President. He is diplomatic and intelligent and not like some cowboy presidents from the wild west. Anyway the Republicans well everyone can see what losers they are.

  • Joe

    Obama has executed at least three American citizens without trial. TRUE.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      And your sources for that are… (links, please)

    • Jerry Dunaway

      And this is based on what source? Can you provide one or more links to prove this?

  • PAul

    So are the repubs mistaken that the Federal debt has grown by 16% every year that Obama has been in office? What about the GDP? Are they telling lies when they point out how dismal the GDP has been under Obama? Republicans in Congress are being blamed for nothing getting done so should they get credit for the the fact that spending has been curtailed under Obama? Who really thinks that Obama is a spendthrift? What about the fact that there hasnt been a budget for so long?

    • Chris martin

      Obamas budgets have all been filibustered buddy boy.

  • Peace To All

    There is not much you or I can do about what is going on in the world, U.S.A, state we live in….. we can probably help our community in many different ways….. lead by example….. maybe it eventually helps our state…. we can take care of our families…. go to church….or at the very least pray for our neighbors, for our troops, for their families, for our leaders, for our planet….. figure out ways to live smarter….. It is what it is…. pick peace & serenity……afterall, who is really doing the driving?

  • Paul

    Why oh why cannot people learn to thin for themselves, and research facts for themselves, instea of this constant neener neener neener, my facts trump yours bullshit. Cmon folks, lets fix the problems instead of assigning blame….PLEASE!!

  • Anthony

    This is the biggest load of CRAP website I have ever seen. Was Rachael Maddow behind this site? Do some FACT checking.

    The stock market is setting records… why is that? Because the government is printing money and pumping it into the stock market fool. Do some of your own research.

    No one has claimed that Obama has spent more money than ALL presidents combined. But he 100% has spent more than any single president in history, a FACT that can’t be argued. Oh, and just to finish up on that point the national debt is projected to be right around 20 trillion when he finally leaves… Doubling the debt by 10 trillion in 8 years… impressive.

    LASTLY with that asinine comment on job growth… When Obama took office, there were 160 million JOBS in this country when Obama took office. There are now 140 million… FACTS look it up.

    • chris martin

      lol. you sir are EXACTLY what the author is talking about! how funny! please site your sources. that’s how we do it right? reasonable request i do believe.

    • Jim

      LOL again. You must be watching Fox News (or as it’s known in the real world, Feaux News) constantly. You sound just like all the other cornies of that show. Are you proud of Sarah Palin or are you led by Michele Bachman? Nuff said.

    • bleedingheartliberalscum

      Ummmm, huh? lmao….smdh!!! Is this for real or are we all getting punked?

      The government is printing money and pumping it into the stock market? WOW…WTF is the matter with you? I can’t even say this is worthy of a a response but against my better judgement I will. Although, clearly you have absolutely no idea how the united states treasury and/or the stock market work. This is about businesses being confident enough to invest and gaining returns on those investments. This isn’t the Bush administration wallstreet void of regulations gambling with money that isnt there. The entire administration should be in jail for this and sending us to war on a bold faced lie. You…well, nevermind. You seem so far gone anyway….lol.

      Read the article again. It never said combined. So I don’t even know what you are talking about. Stop making up your own facts. He has not spent more money than any single president in history. Try reading or something before you comment. Lose the Fox News narrative because it is demagoguery…kind of like your comments.

      What fact are you referring to about jobs? If this is a fact, why do the jobs report say we are gaining jobs every month? Yes, the same report used by everyone else all the time for all the other presidents….lol.

      Listen carefully to what I have to say because this is very important. This is why the republicans lost to Obama twice. It is why the country is going in another direction completely. Here it goes. We have the internet now. There is cable T.V. now. There are social media sites like this and blogs etc. Nobody is buying what republicans are selling anymore. We see there were no WMD’s and the Bush administration sent our children to war to die on a lie and to avenge his dads embarassment. We see what the greed of wallstreet has done and how all the hard workin people had their jobs shipped overseas. Then those same people were referred to as takers when they needed help. We see how the party gave up on General Motors, Women, any immigrant or people of color, and poor/middle class white people. We see how the banks indulged themselves in predatory lending practices. We can check out the facts. We aren’t listening anymore until we have checked out the facts for ourselves….and when I say we I mean we the people.

      • Colleen VanOcker

        Amen. I have never seen more disrespect for a POTOS in my life. He was handed a plate of huge debt and humongous problems and all the R’s can do is stand in the way instead of help. And also try to push their anti women stance and try to jam THEIR right wing religious beliefs on all of us.

    • Watching the rightwing circus

      If the republican are a party of the people why are they voting for a budget that they know will hurt the poor and middle class. Why do they follow people like false news and rush lumbaugh? these two elements and a few more like them are the true heads of the party

    • Steve

      percentage wise you would be wrong George W Bush took office with a debt of 4.65 trillion and left office at 10.82 and that does not include the budget that ran from oct 1, 2008 to sept 30, 2009 that’s only a 132% increase, and before W took office the CBO projected a 2 trillion surplus if the tax rates were just maintained. But I am sure you can find a reason to blame Obama. Also the stock market is setting records due to the low interest offered by the fed not quantitative easing

  • Alan F

    I love how the right-wing skeptics always say “look it up”. In this internet age there is not way to “look it up” to get facts that will convince them. If I say “I looked it up”, they’ll say my source lied, unless I look it up on a source they like and it agrees with them. How can any non-professional actually “look it up” and be assured the source is 100% neutral? And if they could, and the source disagreed with the right, they’d still stay the source was biased.

    • bleedingheartliberalscum

      Not to mention they have never looked up anything in their lives….

  • jAIME…

    My respects to Obama…he has to deal everyday with those…STUBBORN, DISCRIMINATIVE, AMBITIOUS, FASCIST REPUBLICANS.

  • Paul

    everybody lies, and in Elections, it is the best liar that wins….. do the math….

  • Silence Dogood

    If you believe one side is better than the other, you are living a pipe dream. The are both corrupt and both use statistics to their advantage…and both parties are running this country into the ground.
    Why? Because most are career politicians that have never held a real job, but “know” what we go through everyday and know what we need to live our lives…

    Nice democratic talking points though…this is the drivel that will keep everyone divided. Jim Jones has nothing on today’s political parties

    • NotARepub

      Both sides are not equal. It’s a false equivalence. Yes, the Dems have not been without their problems. But the G-NO-P is without equal when damaging the middle class and giving it all away to their Oligarch masters… [Don’t know what Oligarch means? Look it up.] Obama has tried to do the right thing for the middle class, what has the G-NO-P folks done? I can’t think of anything either……

  • Rick

    actually the fed has kept rates to the lowest levels in recent history that is true but see there lies the rub
    the fed itself has created more millionaires in the past 5 years then the previous 30 combined
    through this and other means
    lets remember what the obama administration wants to do
    protect natural resources”water,air ,clean energy”
    force the ones that make the most to pay the most instead of the ryan plan that would place far more of the tax issues on the backs of the poor
    hold business to the standard that they should already be at where one answers for their crimes instead of denials.
    repair and strengthen infrastructure as that is the best way for job growth.
    and have the poor make a bit more because the economy runs with us not with the rich

  • wolfpath

    Obama works for the UN – He is a Globalist acting as CEO of the United States (Corporation) Ref: SEC.GOV

    Did you hear him suggest to audit the FED. Ah, No.

    He hired Banking Lobbyists, the guys who helped create the crash were hired to solve the problem by orchestrating the Globalists text-book play on Problem-Reaction-Solution.
    Sec. Paulson got a 200mil bonus for engineering the bailout, paid for by the American People.

    Obama broke almost every, every, every single promise he made to the American People.

    He is a compulsive liar and a grossly inept leader for the economy. He never re-introduced Glass-Stegall. He can’t, he won’t, otherwise how can the Banksters write down all that fake debt onto the American People – 2 quadrillion pile of shit derivatives.

    Americans wake up and arrest the Bankers like they did in Iceland. Fire their asses. Fire the FED.
    Let Congress coin the money and credit without debt like it saya in the Constitution.

    Obama made sure to give General Motors 20 Billion to move its plants to China – The Americans didn’t need those jobs they’ve got service jobs like MacDonalds and Wendys and TSA jobs. Wow good job Obama. Bright move. Got to keep the people who got you in office real happy. For sure.

    The People will all ways have the kind of Tyranny they are willing to put up with. Obama is a like-able guy but he is unfortunately saddled with a Judas role betraying the People for his pieces of gold as the Globalists crucify America with their brand of designed economic terrorism.

    This is all designed to bring America to its knees so she can wake up, and when the sleeping giant awakens it will strike back at the Globalists, it will strike beyond revolution into a new era for the people by the people into a new renaissance of liberty and freedom for all.

    America is the greatest experiment in declaring freedom now the only thing that needs to happen is for the dream to become real for all of us all over the world.

  • wolfpath

    It should read President Obama Lied to the American People. He betrayed them. He betrayed his country for a Globalist agenda funded by the People without their permission. And he is making a state of union address stepping up with courage as a man to ask the people’s forgiveness and he wants to know what should he do to make it right?

    Its not ” Republican Lies” its the fact that he lied to his people. The veneer of truth is not truth. Then again maybe your in good company with Pres. Clinton; “depends on what the definition of is is.”

  • Sasha

    1) Strawman 2) Strawman 3) Strawman 4) etc.

    Hey, guess what? Republicans are lying dirtbags. They produced George Bush. Glad you figured that out.

    Great work knocking down all the GOP’s stupid strawmen arguments. In so doing, you help perpetuate the corrupt and broken two-party system that only presents two solutions to choose between, and keeps the population hypnotized by their inane so-called battle..while behind closed doors, they come together to sell the country up the river.

    Unfortunately, this piece comes far from actually DEFENDING Obama’s record, much of which is horrid because he has been too near to Bush, not too far from him.

  • Zandra

    I don’t believe the Extreme Liberal Media.

    • Ray

      …exists. You forgot to finish that sentence. I don’t believe an extreme liberal media exists.

  • Tyler Terrell

    I agree with you on all of these except this one (and I’m not saying he has spent more, but that your math is off-base here):

    “Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history! FALSE. On January 20, 2009 our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $16.7 trillion—for a $6.1 trillion increase. For the mathematically challenged, $6.1 trillion is less than $10.6 trillion. This also doesn’t factor in the money spent in 2009, which gets tagged to President Obama, was actually passed by Bush.”

    You’re missing the distinction between national debt and national deficit. You’re comparing the amount the debt has increased since 2009 (which is the total deficit for those four years) to the total debt. So this math isn’t valid, although the statement it is written against probably is in fact false. It means the average deficit under Obama has been about $1.525 trillion a year. I’m not sure if that is higher than past deficits or not, but I just wanted to point that out. Otherwise, great article and completely agree. 🙂

    • Patryk

      You are correct. Obama has run, on average, deficits of 1-1.5 trillion deficit each of his four years whereas Bush an defitis on average of 200 million each year.

  • Balder

    “This is all designed to bring America to its knees so she can wake up, and when the sleeping giant awakens it will strike back at the Globalists, it will strike beyond revolution into a new era for the people by the people into a new renaissance of liberty and freedom for all.

    America is the greatest experiment in declaring freedom now the only thing that needs to happen is for the dream to become real for all of us all over the world.”

    The United States of America is a joke, you are run by your own ego’s; you blame the people you put in power for everything that goes wrong. Most of you actually think that the rest of the world looks to you for leadership, the fact is that we do, just like we want the Greek to manage our finance. You spend billions on war and war machines while your people starve, you kidnap and murder anyone that stands in your way and then blame the country you do it in for “helping” you do so.

    You vote for the person you think look the part of a leader, you allow electoral fraud and do nothing. You have allowed yourself to become a banana republic. The words “Made In the USA” means to the rest of the world more expensive then “Made in China” but less reliable.

    We watch the American elections in fear every four years, just to see what sort manic depressive psychotic you now feel should go to war on your behalf at any whim he fancies without any responsibility or repercussions what so ever.

    Your discussing bouncy as your ship is sinking.

    • Sam

      It’s true, Balder. We love to blame our politicians when things go wrong in the United States, but the real problem is that we’re culturally bankrupt and incapable of putting aside our petty personal desires or squabbles to work toward the greater good. In a nation where leaders are elected by democratic or republican processes (I am not referring to the political parties, but rather the systems of government. I’m not going to take the time to explain them to people who don’t understand how they work) there is absolutely no excuse for people who try to lay blame for anything at the feet of government officials.

      When you vote to elect people into government, you have chosen them to lead you. Crying and whining like babies when they do a poor job, or don’t follow through on what you expected them to do, is just fucking ridiculous. We vote in this country. The leaders are chosen by the people, and therefore the people have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to complain like babies when said leaders don’t do things exactly the way they want. If you don’t like how it works change it. Vote for someone else, run yourself, fight to reform the system. Anyone can do any of those things in the United States, but the crux of the matter is that we’re all too fucking lazy and stupid to lift a hand to better our nation.

      People work hard to better their own lives, but we have lost the conception in the United States, of why society exists in the first place, it seems like. We’re a nation where it’s every man for himself, if you can’t lift yourself up by your bootstraps then I guess it just sucks to be you. We’ve forgotten the reason that homo sapiens gathered into groups, rather than living in solitary family units, because a group provides benefits and protections that an individual could never solely provide for themselves.

      People think it’s so cool to hate the government in the United States, mostly because they have no idea what the government actually does. This is putting aside the fact that there has literally been no successful human civilization in the history of this planet that didn’t operate under a functioning government of some kind. It goes much deeper than that, Americans literally are blind to the fact that the government contributes positively to nearly every aspect of our lives. Of course there are negatives, there always will be, but if you have ever used a road or a bridge or a tunnel to ship a product, or hired an employee who had been educated in a public school or received such an education themselves, or lived in a rent-stabilized apartment, or had the money in their bank account FDIC insured, or eaten food that they knew was healthy and safe, or used public transportation, called the police, or the fire department, or EMTs, or known anyone who has ever done any of those things, how can you possibly say that you are so awesome that you’ve raised yourself to your high position without the help of anyone or anything, and all in spite of your evil government oppressor?

      Americans need to start reforming the basic ways we view the world unless we want the United States to just be another footnote of history. We are so freaked out and riled up over our rights, and what is inalienable, and all these bullshit arguments about fetuses and gay marriage and immigration, that we (willfully, I think) neglect to remember that rights inherently bring responsibilities with them and Americans have not been bearing them properly. We’re a country of children that is going to tear itself apart in the next fifty to sixty years if something doesn’t change.

  • Teri

    You’re watching Fox…shame on you.

  • PCarman

    Another thing that progressives need to debunk is this false equivalency. Most issues do not fall under this talking point. When the right wants to muddy the waters that use the false equivalency argument.

  • Patryk

    Sorry guy, all of your “debunkings” are quite easily taken apart and debunked with little effort. I would be happy to go point by point if you like.

    • Jerry DUnaway

      Well, don’t let us hold you back, feel free to go point by point…

  • NotARepub

    Wow! Reading the responses on this comments section only goes to show how dysfunctional we are as a county. If it’s left up to everyone on this thread to fix the problem, we’re doomed……

  • b

    Reminds me of the Ad for state farm..’where do you read that ? The internet! Can’t believe everything they say on the internet! Where did you hear the ? The internet”
    I don’t believe anything unless I write it myself:-)

  • paul quinn

    Now we need one for all the lies, un truths spread by the liberal & media on australia’s PM julia gillard

  • mike miller

    You can’t believe everything you hear on the internet, or the EIB (Excellence in Bullsh¡t) network, or what you hear on the ARAB OWNED FAUX NEWS. You can however be stupid enough to think that one party has all the solutions, but again that is walking around with blinders on.

  • mike miller

    You can’t believe everything you hear on the internet, or the EIB (Excellence in Bullsh¡t) network, or what you hear on the ARAB OWNED FAUX NEWS. You can however be stupid enough to think that one party has all the solutions, but again that is walking around with blinders on.

  • Mike

    So how did the national debt increase by 57% in 4 years if spending only went up less than 1% each year? Hmmm? Did the government stop collecting taxes, or start spending more? Explain that one math genius.

    • Chris

      > Explain that one math genius.

      It’s called a recession, during one there is less tax revenue, always.

      You can’t possibly be unaware of that right?

      • Casen

        Explained in quite fantastic form.

      • Yea

        No, it’s because Bush spent a lot his last year, so there was no increase in spending for Obama. That doesn’t mean he’s not fiscally irresponsible.

    • Chris

      They don’t dem maths, where ur from?

    • BigHen

      Did you hear the hold story, the wars that Bush started wasn’t on the books. President Obama had to put them there.

    • JimD

      Seriously? You REALLY cant figure that out?

      OK..we start 10.7 trillion in the hole (national debt overall), with an annual deficit of 1.6 trillion.

      That means with ZERO growth in spending, the debt will increase to 12.3 trillion in one year. Then 13.9 in 2 years, 15,5 in 3 years and 17,1 in 4 years.

      That, with NO growth in spending at all. (The above numbers are not intended to be the actual numbers, merely representative of how little dipshit up there understands about simple math.)

    • Donald Cook

      I don’t really want to get into all this, but reluctantly I am compelled (and I hope I don’t burn my hashbrowns). There is an article by Cox & Archer from the Wall Street Journal, Nov 26 ’12 which makes a case for a bipartisan view of our dilemma. I’m 63 and probably not due for much more time on this planet; but for those left behind, someone better start trying to DO right than BE right. And I know it’s a hard task no matter one’s position; but Holy crap!
      It brings to mind a phrase from the Bible…”I’ll put hooks in your jaws” and that pretty much fits our current situation…no matter what we do or think or explain or blame, we’re screwed.

  • audrey beasley

    i have no numbers and liked what i read i dont want to prove a point but the search for facts and TRUTH above all is essential i think that rebublicans only want to prove THEIR point and truth for them is what they THINK if the way they SEE life is thinking obviously im a democrat but im not a lean on obama i think is a good president sometimes lacking in ‘THIS ACCDEPTED THIS NOT ACCEPTED’ for lack of the proper word but he is a man of peace a conciliator and he tries very hard also think he is a good american who looks at everyone it is only mathematics that the more you have the more you give taxes this is not sacrifice it is common sense america was based on lne for all and all for one but missed the boat along time ago a very intolerant country based on FEAR(see the movie industry we dont even have a law that racial prejudice is a crime (in brazil for more that 20 years racial prejudice is a crime) reps need to think better and act more in defense of their country´s ideals get back to basics hope to hear from you in the future by email an american living in brazil USA mhas alot to learn

    • Donald Cook

      Ever hear of Jon Stewart? Liberal comedian? Even HE said recently that the taxes on the rich are way out of proportion. I am poor, yet until I retired ALWAYS paid MY fair share. But there’s a crapload of people who not only DON’T pay but get refunds (REFUNDS!)…aka free money from the wealthier, but not necessarily rich folks.
      So my advice to you is work on your grammar and spelling; THEN work on your facts.

      • Jerry Dunaway

        When did Jon say this? And are you sure he wasn’t being sarcastic? He has been known to use sarcasm on rare occasions….

  • Alina Perz

    I support President Obama and am a staunch Democrat. However, regardless of my political affiliation, the whole Presidential vacation days thing really sticks in my craw. I don’t see how it is expedient to point out that President Obama has *only* taken 131 vacation days in his first four years with a projected 262 over an eight year term. I had a *generous* vacation package with 10 vacation days, 5 sick days and a personal day, which means that over those same four years I had 64 total paid days off with at projected 128 “vacation” days over eight years. For those who are mathematically challenged, 128 is less than 262. I get that the President’s job is stressful, but to make the case that 262 vacation days suggests our President is not getting any vacation time to a public who on average sees FAR fewer vacation days doesn’t make me feel better about the “work” our representatives are doing.

    • Becky

      There are an awful lot of conservatives out there who want to believe that Obama takes MORE vacation than any of his predecessors. I think the point was that this is just not true. These are no doubt the same people who want to believe that the Obamas are doing all kinds of things on the taxpayers’ dime that no one who came before him has done. I saw a story the other day complaining that the taxpayers are paying for someone to walk the Obama’s dog. The head groundskeeper at the White House walks their dog–as he has the dogs of all other presidents. He does it because he likes dogs.

      • Donald Cook

        I don’t know if he likes the dogs or the money more. My ‘dime’ is on the money! LOL!

    • K- Hammer

      To those who are offended by 128 vacation days over 4 years, compared to their 64 or fewer vacation days, let’s all please remember that the POTUS does not have a 5-day work week or an 8-hour day. He’s on call 24/7, and a typical White House work day is 10-12 hours at minimum.

      • Brandon

        ever hear of a line cook? how about a regular restaurant or business owner. Something tells me the amount of work and both physical and mental outweigh Obama, especially since he has a huge staff on call for him. Those are my dollars! I wanna go on vacation!

    • Frank

      You most likely work five days a week. Probably get some holidays off as well. The Presidents vacation days ARE his days off. He has a 24/7/365 job.

    • Ben

      That blows that you got a crappy benefits package with your job, but I don’t think it makes Obama’s vacation time unfair. When you divide it out (262 days / 8 years; 32.75 days per year / 12 months) you end up with just over two days off per month over his entire term.

      Compare that to Bush’s 1,020 days (1,020 / 8 years; 127.5 days per year / 12 months) and you get over 10 days off per month. That’s more than a third of his term spent on vacation (irrelevant to my point, but it was worth mentioning. Back to it…)

      Where I work I earn just under 8 hours of paid time off for every 80 hours I work, or about two days per month (this is true for most everyone who works on an Earned Benefit Time system). I don’t think you’ll find many folks working 40 hours a week who complain of having too much time off.

    • Eric

      I get 24 days a year, which means he gets 8 more than I do. And is job is much more stressful than mine.

    • lou

      Does anyone really think that a president “on vacation” has no daily presidential ‘chores’, and that he is not ‘on call’? Do you think he’s not keeping abreast of important happenings in the world? Would he hear the phone ring, check ‘caller I’d, see that it was some works leader calling and just let them leave a message on the answering machine? C’mon, folks…presidents are never on vacation!

    • Let’s start with this – the whole tallying days of vacation is non-sense. Anyone who has ever had even a semi-important job can attest to the fact that work gets done even when on vacation. Email, cell phones, skype, hello?!? What year do you think it is? This whole argument might have made sense pre-1975 but is a complete waste of people’s time in today’s point in history. And anyone (sorry Eric) who sits here complaining that “hey look how much vacation I got, I work harder than the president!” must have a learning disability. If you for one second think the President (repub or democrat) isn’t putting nearly every waking hour into either working or contemplating issues regarding work, you’re kidding yourselves.


      People who work full time for the federal government earn 2.5 days a month which equal to 30 days a year, and this is based on 40 hour work week. If you put in over time, your earned leave is greater. So, taking the 30 days earned leave for vacation, in 4 years that is 120 days… Now your sick leave is base on 1.5 days per 40 hour work week, which is separated from paid vacation days.


      People who work full time for the federal government earn 2.5 days a month which equal to 30 days a year, and this is based on 40 hour work week. If you put in over time, your earned leave is greater. So, taking the 30 days earned leave for vacation, in 4 years that is 120 days… Now your sick leave is base on 1.5 days per 40 hour work week, which is separated from paid vacation days.

  • NDA

    A quick note on this:

    The economy has gotten worse under Obama! FALSE. Are you insane, have selective memory or both? In February 2009, we lost 651K jobs. In February 2013, we added 236K jobs. Again, for the mathematically challenged, that’s a positive shift of 887K jobs from our losses in February 2009 to our gains in February 2013.

    I don’t think this follows. I do absolutely agree that we’ve been gaining jobs, but job numbers aren’t based around an absolute base. If we’d lost 651k jobs in February 2009 and then added 236k jobs in March 2009, that wouldn’t mean an increase of 887k jobs in March, it would mean a net loss of 415k jobs since the end of January.

    In fact, you’re doing your argument a further disservice by doing the wrong math, because you’re wildly under-representing the job gains! Looking at the raw numbers (data at, at the end of February 2009 there were 132,936,000 non-farm seasonally-adjusted jobs in the United States; at the end of December 2012 there were 134,668,000, and January and February have brought that up to 135,023,000, for a total of just over two million jobs added since President Obama took office.

    • Jake

      The author did not say that 887k jobs were added ..The author used the proper term of “positive shift” to indicate that on top of the jobs that were created, 651k jobs were not going away. Those people still had jobs and on top of it 236k more people started working. The math actual does help to support and strengthen the argument when kept in context and proper labels.

  • leo

    Very well exposed.

  • Bob

    Another brainwashed idiot ladies and gentleman . Your post makes no sense against fact

    • Burzghash

      “Durp durp no ur wrong!”

      Try again kiddo. This time with some facts, sources, numbers, etc.

  • booker

    I stopped reading at “Obama has been the biggest spending President in history! FALSE. Year to year spending increases have been less than 1%.” How does “year to year increases” say anything about “how much was spent,” which was the claim? Also, are the dollars being adjusted for inflation? Are we counting actual executed dollars or bills that will be incurred in future years?

    The root of the issue is a poorly educated public and a media that will take shreds of information or completely uncorrelated trends and claim direct and strong causation. Uneducated people take this information that looks like science or statistical fact as gospel and never question the source, the data collection methods, the assumptions that were made, or any other factors that might bias the conclusion, including the author’s own agenda.

    One of my favorites is that Obama has used Executive Order more times than any other POTUS. For one, he hasn’t, by the raw numbers. For two, the raw number doesn’t matter, EO is an important power of the POTUS, the far more important issue is what do those EOs do? For three, most people who claim this false fact have never read one of Obama’s EOs, which are readily available on various .gov websites. For example, who would argue against the EOs Obama has signed that ensure healthcare and equal opportunity for veterans and other disabled individuals? Or the Obama EO that re-affirms protections and revitalization for the Chesapeake Bay? On the other hand, there are several EOs that there is debate over. Point is, raw number of EOs is a meaningless metric, it is the substance of those EOs that matters.

    Going one step further, we as THE PEOPLE need to stop the Republican-Democrat in-fighting. This is exactly what our career politicians want. They thrive on a divided people, a polarized population. For those who remember saying the Pledge of Allegance in the mornings at school, and for those who never did, the phrase is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” The people, the citizens, of the United States need to unite and with respect for each others’ individual rights and freedoms, start doing the hard task of improving our education system, promoting healthy industrial and economic growth, protecting the environment and continuing to reduce violent crime. Band together and stop feeding the political/media machine that wants nothing more than to divide and conquer.

    • Adam

      Amen booker! Couldn’t have said it better.

    • Donald Cook

      Good job! I’m a ’68 grad of our public school system; and after Viet Nam it seemed they were educating us TOO much. Not so now, kids don’t have a clue who Ralph Waldo Emerson is, for example. It’s like the ‘system’ doesn’t WANT kids to learn too much…it’s DANGEROUS!.

      • Mantha

        Good post Booker. I’d like to add that my goodness citizens! Don’t you see the incredible opportunity we have right now? I see Obama up there practically begging the citizens to get involved, to take back our country, and to take advantage of a system that’s supposed to be “for the people, by the people”. What do many do? Spread lies or continue this hatred for him for things that are meaningless or have little to do with the truth. The country has been through a lot but it’s our country and we have the power – or used to – change things. We used to march, boycott, and it used to have an impact. We can’t have that same impact sitting on our couches watching Fox News and getting mad at the television over unsubstantiated fluff. The political landscape that works to tell its citizens what to believe and how to behave… that’s not what “for the people, by the people” should look like. When the government ignores the majority of what people want…. that’s the failing of people who are supposed to represent us. They work for us. Remember that. And I sense Obama represents the people for the most part. He’s not perfect. But his life has been about helping. Look at who his heroes are. Now get off your duff and make this world a better place and don’t ever expect other people to do it for you. It starts with us. We need to BE THE CHANGE.

  • Grandpa Fritz

    All presidents take “working Vacations” with advisers, aides etc. Also Alina Perz neglects to count weekends not working as vacation days in the private sector. The president is always on duty 24/7/52 weeks of the the year.

    • lou

      Does anyone really think that a president “on vacation” has no daily presidential ‘chores’, and that he is not ‘on call’? Do you think he’s not keeping abreast of important happenings in the world? Would he hear the phone ring, check ‘caller I’d, see that it was some world leader calling and just let them leave a message on the answering machine? C’mon, folks…presidents are never on vacation!

  • Jason

    You say that Obama being the biggest spender in history is false then site the 1% increase in spending as evidence of his frugality. However the question is spending, not rate of spending increase. Obama has spent more than any other President. End of story.

  • Not left VS right Us vs them

    I am glad the article brings Bush up so much because this president adopted all of his failed policies.
    Still at War
    Gitmo still open and in fact expanded
    he supports rendition and torture
    posse comitatus suspended
    habius corpus is suspended with NDAA and Patriot Act
    He resigned the Patriot Act twice.
    He outlawed free speech when Secret Service present with HR347
    He also gave an executive order that allows him to enact marshall law with the National Defense Preparedness Executive Order.
    Still doing backroom deals with big corp
    still rushing legislation without review.

    No change and no hope with him or a republican as president.

    • chris

      In regards to HR347. You are being misleading.

    • Travis

      “Still at War”. Starting a war with a country that was unrelated to the attack we claimed to be responding to, then switching the reason to intel that never existed, then switching the reason to “he’s a dictator”, has not been done by Obama. In fact, the war was ended in 2011, by Obama. The only similarity is that they both have policy that involves war. Congrats on figuring that out: you must have been an ace in school.

      “He outlawed free speech when Secret Service present with HR347”- This is a flat-out lie. You either didn’t read it (most likely), read it and couldn’t understand it (decently likely), or read it and understood it, but still lie about it to try to rally people for a fake cause (sadly, not unlikely). None of it involved speech in the first place, and it was AMENDED to specify that restricted grounds includes the White House and VP’s house. The rest of it is unchanged from what it was long before Obama (70’s I think?), and pertains to knowingly infiltrating restricted buildings.

      The resigning of the Patriot Act is a real reason for concern, but the only similar action between the two presidents on this list. Have you actually read up on any of these topics, or are you just copying & pasting 3rd hand information from a freelance pundit’s blog?

  • rick

    Don’t forget the national debt is money already spent not money we intend to spend job Stewart and bill Maher are comedians u can’t take them serious

    • christopher martin

      why not? where is the rule book that states that funny can’t be taken serious? because they speak the truth in humorous ways does that mean they don’t speak it? and because fox news delivers bullshit in a serious ‘newsy” way they are to be taken serious? c’mon man. that is something you’ve been TAUGHT by who knows who. the national debt isn’t even the ISSUE of the day. the right makes it so. but it isn’t. the right are the ones RESPONSIBLE for the debt. they just know that if they keep lying about the source that there are suckers with blinders on who will believe it. and they know there’s a lot of em. loud doesn’t mean right. or smart. they have not done ONE THING FOR YOU and you still believe their bullshit. but i digress. please tell me how the right wing has benefited you recently? what have they done to benefit the USA in the last 10 years. name just one thing. please.

      • John Seitz

        Even more importantly, the right doesn’t even care about the national debt. They merely use it as an excuse to cut spending for the poor, destroy the middle class, and redistribute more money to the obscenely wealthy.

        For some strange reason, people who support republicans believe it is a good idea to give all their money to the wealthy. I have never been able to figure this out.

      • Shirley Williams

        Their rhetoric pits the middle class against the poor and elderly while the politicians for the very rich and big corporations have successfully redistributed the wealth to the top. Help for the poor in this country is disgustingly meager compared with the $ we give in way of subsidies and tax cuts for people like Romney. They have turned a war on poverty into hate for the poor. Greed and power have replaced decency and compassion on our moral compass

      • Pam

        How fun, the libs are defending themselves and their savior. Keep at it! Fantasies are fun!!

  • Jerry Dunaway

    OK, so now it’s caskets, too? LOL. Go back and read Derek’s posts and the number of answers (with citation/links) to it.

  • John Tamarri

    Repuglicans cannot do anything without a debunk involved….i.e. Michelle Bachman/Sarah Palin. They are full of themselves and I sure do not know why…they will lose again in 2016 and may lose the house in 2014…hoping so.

  • Jimbo

    Reagan had an assault weapons ban???

    “””Corporate profits are up 171% since President Obama took office and are at their highest levels, relative to the size of economic growth, since 1947.”””

    Uh-huh….What has Bernanke been doing to the value of the dollar? That must be why a gallon of gasoline is so high, but then again, obama thinks high gas prices are a good thing.

    And for the record – GW Bush was a liberal (R), and all liberals suk.

    • Tony

      The Brady bill was supported by Regan

    • Eric

      “What has Bernanke been doing to the value of the dollar? That must be why a gallon of gasoline is so high, but then again, obama thinks high gas prices are a good thing.”

      Where to begin with THIS? You obviously don’t understand basic economics and are just regurgitating what right-wing economists spew out of their blabber-holes, so here’s a lesson:

      1. The value of the dollar is not necessarily a sign of economic growth or loss and its value is measured in more than one way. In fact by looking at Treasury notes, the dollar was actually in historically high demand in 2012. When the value of the dollar is lower, American-made goods become more competitive and the economy grows. And, really, the value of a single dollar is constantly getting smaller because of inflation. The “weaker dollar” argument is one that alarmists have used, falsely, many times before to mislead simpletons. Instead of being worried about the value of an individual dollar, people should be waking up to the fact that their wages aren’t growing and are barely keeping pace with (historically low) inflation. It’s called economic inequality, and President Obama has been fighting it for four years despite the draconic policies pushed by the Right.
      2. Bernanke and the Fed are concerned (rightly) about deflation and are keeping interest rates low to get money flowing into the economy. There are arguments to be made against the Fed’s post-crisis policy, but simply bleating that they are crashing the dollar is not even close to a credible one.
      3. Oil and gas prices rising are not caused by any “falling value” of the dollar. This is a lie pushed by the ultimate voodoo economists who think we need to go back on the gold standard- which would be the equivalent of using Robert E. Lee’s war strategies in Afghanistan today. Oil and gas prices are overwhelmingly a result of supply vs. demand, as well as speculation. And even IF Obama thinks high gas and energy prices are good (he doesn’t because he’s not as insane as his opposition), the fact remains that we will one day be out of fossil fuels, as they are a finite resource that takes millenia to replenish. And all that natural gas neocons love to love? Most of it is being sold overseas, so Americans aren’t experiencing the benefits. One day fossil fuels will be either entirely gone, or the supply that is left will be non-retrievable. What would you propose we do then, since the Right loves to talk about the debts we’re leaving our children?

      • DJ

        Wow I am dumbfounded. Obama says we can not be number one any more and that we must bow to other countries so they will not feel bad. What an appeaser. As for the dollar, when you print billions of dollars a week and buy your own debt. Wow sounds like inflation Bernyankme. Obama says he will tax coal and oil out of existence. Have you not heard his speaches . I can not believe he even won the job of a President in what is suppose to be a free Country. But you get what you vote for. I think it is time to vote in some real Freedom thinking people to save America. Instead of voting in people that will rob one group of people and giving it to another group of people as and calling it Progress.

    • Michael Lett

      With a name like “Jimbo”, do you really think anyone cares what you think?

  • Kevin

    I love that someone isn’t afraid of the truth. Keep telling the world the lies the right are pushing.

  • Tom

    First off, you can make points in either directions. I tent to listen to the man himself. When Obama was addressing the Muslim counrty leaders he said I was born in Kenya and Raise as a Muslim there.” How much proof do you need to believe he is a Muslim or not an American than that from his own mouth. He is a lier just like all the others in office stealing our money and making themselfs rich.

    • kevin

      You aren’t that bright if you believe anything that you wrote. If Obama was a Muslim would it matter, maybe to you but not to me. There is suppose to be a separation between church and state. All of the arguments that the rights uses, is just a form a bigotry.

    • Komiko

      LOL, so you fell for that doctored video

    • Todd

      A person can be raised as anything. It does not mean that they are, or ever were that religion. I was raised Presbeterian. I’m not one today nor do I ever have considered myself a Presbeterian. A personc could be raised on a farm… this does not make them a farmer. I’m just nto sure how simple this is to understand. Bottom line, he is a practicing Christian. In that he understands the Muslim religion should be nothing but a plus.

    • John Seitz

      Tom stated…..

      First off, you can make points in either directions. I tent to listen to the man himself. When Obama was addressing the Muslim counrty leaders he said I was born in Kenya and Raise as a Muslim there.” How much proof do you need to believe he is a Muslim or not an American than that from his own mouth. He is a lier just like all the others in office stealing our money and making themselfs rich.

      First of all, he is not Muslim. Anyone who believes he was born in Kenya and raised there as a Muslim, is a Supreme idiot of the highest order.

      Second……… even if he were Muslim, so what? Does that mean that you would then have two reasons for your racist little pea brain to hate him.

      There are just far too many worthless piece of garbage racists in the world today.

    • Lois Keel

      Where can I find a copy of that video? Unless you can give me a legitimate news link to this I tend , not TENT as you put, to believe maybe your hearing is either very bad or you just heard this from one of your GOP friends and kept repeating it until you believed it.

  • Margaret

    This just felt so good to read.

  • Brandon

    Allen, you yourself are obviously pro obama. All of these numbers can go either way and inflation isn’t even factored in. and you think that those things like FEMA and our invasion of privacy don’t deserve attention? you are clearly biased, and to blame all of the speculation of obama on republicans is also foolish, i think republicans and democrats can see through his facade and your propoganda article.

    • kevin

      Numbers do not lie, and they can’t be swung one way or the other. The truths is the truth, but because it comes from black man you have a problem. All Bush did was lie while in office but I didn’t and don’t hear any complaints from the right. So grow some balls and read a book, and stop watching fox news.

    • John Seitz

      Seriously? FEMA and invasion of our privacy?

      That’s your issues with President Obama? You believe FEMA was less of a problem during Katrina? As the invasion of our privacy. The Patriot Act was passed under Bush. President Obama’s use of the Patriot Act has been greatly less than the abuses under the prior administration.

      You don’t like the Patriot Act? Neither do I. May I suggest you write your congressman and ask them to repeal parts of it.

      • Eric

        Idiots like this only know how to word-vomit what they read on Drudge and hear on talk radio. They think that mentioning key phrases like “FEMA” will scare people enough to listen. Their echo chamber is getting smaller, and the smaller it gets, the angrier and dumber they get. Best to let them self-destruct.

  • Bob Starr

    Well, now I’ve read it all. I am getting so freaking sick of the he said, he did, he wants crap. Why don’t we do this….hire a moderate to do the audit on the entire situation. Instead of blaming Bush for everything, why not take a whole look at the entire picture since Reagan, regardless of the party affiliate and do an audit that way. Take a look at what Bush was left when the Clintons left office. It seems that no balls Billy was the reason for a lot of things, but Bush caught the brunt. So, after those attacks back in 2001, what would you propose to do. Sit alone and say, “oh, they are just misunderstood”. What you screaming liberals lack is a set of balls to stand up and fight. Our forefathers would have rolled over in their graves if we let that attack pass. If we did, then their efforts meant nothing to America. What I would say, get someone to audit it all, keep the freaking media out of this and then make a report to the public. At that time, we know we would get the truth….nothing would be twisted. Maybe then, some balls will drop on some people……

    • John Seitz

      Unlike you, I don’t need to “audit the whole thing.” I already know what happened. I know where blame lies for both democrats and republicans.

      The problem doesn’t lie with who happened to be president. The problem lies with uninformed voters, who are giving the entire country to the wealthiest few. I would suggest that you do a little more research so you can also understand what is going on.

      If you don’t know the impact of the Citizen’s United ruling by the Supreme Court on our economy and political structure, you need to.

      If you don’t know what ALEC is, you need to. Get to work.

      As for letting that attack pass in 2001. I certainly would not have. I also would not have diverted attention from the people who caused the attack, by invading Iraq. Personally, I would not have had a problem with incinerating every square inch of Afghanistan.

    • John Seitz

      And furthermore Bob Starr ……….. say what you will about Bill Clinton, but he did in fact go on fox news and in an interview with Mike Wallace, he accepted the blame for not taking a shot at Bin Laden after the Cole attack. He also gave his reasons why. Right or wrong, he didn’t dodge it.

      The right seems to want to have it both ways. They like to argue both sides of the issue, depending on how it suits their agenda. They want us to go after terrorist, then they go after Obama’s drone attacks on terrorism.

      They more than a dozen attacks on our embassies under Bush, and then they want heads to roll over Benghazi.

      When we were investigating the womds fiasco surrounding Iraq, McCain came out and stated that it served no purpose to investigate it. It was in the past and was time to move on. Thousands of American soldiers, and more than 100k Iraqi civilians died in this meaningless war, and McCain doesn’t think it’s worthy of investigation. Then he turns around a screams bloody murder over Benghazi?

      It’s really not that difficult to see what the republican party is all about. Their whole philosophy is to instill enough fear into people so they can manipulate it for political gain. If you believe the republican party wants to make a better world for you, you are delusional.

  • nick

    half of this is just bullshit…. the rest is just rediculous

    • John

      Not sure we should highly regard your opinion of what is “rediculous” since you don’t know how to spell ridiculous.

  • Pat

    I am reading a book called “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, winner of the nobel peace prize in economics. This books talks about how people prefer lazy thinking and how if something is repeated enough times, people tend to believe it as the truth even if it was a lie from the start. They are using classic marketing strategy: If you say it loud enough and long enough it becomes the truth. The Republicans are often doing the very things they accuse the President of the United States of doing. They want smaller government, but want to interfere in the rights of women to take care of their own bodies, and they want to interfere with the rights of gays to marry. They want smaller government as long as they can have bigger government to support their own beliefs (or maybe not even their own beliefs, but what they think their supporters believe).

  • nick

    i just love the way you guys entire argument is based on fox news…. when are you guys gonna start using facts

  • Steve Tait

    “Obama has been the biggest spending President in history! FALSE. Year to year spending increases have been less than 1%. They’re also at their lowest rate of year to year increases since Eisenhower.”

    This shows the author doesn’t know the difference between spending and increases in spending. If you spend $100 and someone else 1 percent more, they spent $101 or more money, The rate of increase is low because the war in Iraq is over, Katrina cost more than twice as much as Sandy, and 9/11/2001 has not recurred.
    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan showed up in the National debt at the time. So “*This also doesn’t take into account much of the cost of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars had not been put on our books by the Bush administration.” is FALSE.

    • John Seitz

      Steve Tait……. a large part of the expense for Iraq and Afghanistan was borrowed from social security. It was not added to the debt until after Bush left office.

      As for spending, the President has zero authority to spend money that hasn’t already been allocated by congress. He also has zero authority to cut previously allocated spending………… but you go ahead and keep believing that President Obama is spending all the country’s money.

      If we want to cut spending, then congress and the senate need to come to an agreement on how that is to be done. So far, every time the republican congress comes up with a bill to cut spending, they include so much pork and tax cuts for the wealthy, that the only way it will have an impact on the deficit, is if we increase taxes on the middle class. There is a reason why the republican congress has about a 10% approval rating.

      We borrowed a ton of money from social security to finance the wars. Every single plan offered by the republican congress to reduce the deficit is based on not paying that money back. So far Paul Ryan has spent more than a million dollars in tax payer money, coming up with budget bills that even he knows aren’t going to pass. Why does he keep doing this? Since he knows they aren’t going to pass, it certainly isn’t an attempt to help the country.

      His sole purpose in continuing to do this, is to use taxpayer money to campaign. As long as he keeps wasting time and resources with useless legislation, he knows there is a large group of idiots that will continue to believe he is some kind of savior.

      The republican congress continues to introduce idiotic legislation like Ryan’s budgets, bills that define a fetus as a person, repealing Obamacare. Why is that all idiotic legislation? Because none of it will ever get through the senate, and they know it.

      Republicans need to stop using congress as a way to campaign, and start doing their freaking jobs, by presenting reasonable legislation that can actually be passed

      • Martin

        John Seitz, you said “a large part of the expense for Iraq and Afghanistan was borrowed from social security. It was not added to the debt until after Bush left office. ”

        Correct yourself. Funds are borrowed from the Social Security trust fund whenever currency is needed by the government to pay a bill. The borrowing is not attached to any particular purpose, like warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once the funds are borrowed, the transaction is reported as a debt right away by the Treasury; the debt is not delayed until political niceties are achieved.

        In general, as you said, the President has zero authority to spend money that has not been appropriated by law, but sometimes that law is decades old (like the Social Security Act) and went into effect long before current president was elected. These are called permanent appropriations. Contrary to your other assertion, the President has authority to cut spending; why else would Congress have proposed the Impoundment Control Act in 1973; the Act placed certain limits on what a president can do with appropriations he/she doesn’t wish to spend. Grant this: if a president impounded huge amounts of money for a popular program, the Congress probably would force him to spend it (they can do that with a simple concurrent resolution that must past both House and Senate but does not have to be signed by the president). Etc.

  • John Seitz

    Having a political discussion with conservatives is like arguing whether or not we really walked on the moon, with an insane conspiracy theorist.

    Their beliefs are based on ideology that doesn’t respond to facts.

    We did really walk on the moon, and republicans do really want to destroy the middle class, neglect the poor and hand all the money over to the wealthy.

    Of course the democrats also have their issues with kowtowing to corporate greed. The difference between the two parties is that the republicans will harm the middle class and let you die, once you are poor. The democrats will harm the middle class and at least make an attempt to keep you from dying once they have stolen all your money.

    We get anally raped either way, but at least the democrats will give us a reach around.

    • DJ

      Maybe it is time to vote for someone that will let you live your live as you want. As long as you do not hurt others. Oh wait that’s the way America is suppose to be. You take care of yourself and your family. Not by stealing from others through government or any other theft but by hard work, honor and integrity. Do you know any one today like that.

  • The real question regarding the debt is not who accumulated it but who is going to lead on doing something about it now?

  • Kyle

    Listen to the way you people are talking to each other with opposing viewpoints…no wonder Washington can’t get anything done. Shame on you…

    • George Greene

      You’re an idiot and I will take just 2 sentences to explain why.
      It DOES NOT MATTER “how you talk to people with opposing viewpoints”
      They are matters of FACT! You’re AN IDIOT because YOU CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE.
      TOMORROW’s weather is a matter of opinion.
      YESTERDAY’s weather is a matter OF FACT — you either KNOW or you DON’T.
      There are NOT 2 sides to the question! There is not EVEN ANY *question*!
      It just factually WAS the way it WAS!

    • BytraWatches

      You people from both sides are such fools because you have allowed yourselves to be divided!!! I have read through the comments and find that this is nothing more than blame the other side. Don’t you idiots realize that the republicans are as bad as the democrats??? Bush was the worse president up to his time, implements policies that liberals condemned but now that Obama is president they are silent when those same policies are still in place. Then you have writers such as the one publishing this article to re-enforce the concept that “They” are the bad ones. We are all Americans you fools and both sides of the isle are screwing the people since they are both following the same agenda with their highest priority being keep the people devided. Remember, no politician ever leaves office poorer than when he/she went in. Career politicians were not what our forefathers wanted and warned us about. Yet that is what we have. And the career politicians have given us the best government for sale!!! Yes, our government sells to the highest bidder and we, the masses pay the price. Time to pull our collective heads out of our arses before this 16 trillion debt turns to 20 trillion and we have our bank accounts taxed at 40% like the citizens of Cyprus. Find and vote for independent candidates that are not part of the political establishment before it is too late. And quite blaming the other side since they are both at fault; blame yourselves for allowing yourselves to be divided. Demand that your news is accurate and hold the media accountable like we also need to hold our politicians. When was the last time your politician actually kept the promises he campaigned on? Think about that as you ponder my words of warning.

      • seanED

        BRILLIANT my friend, well put. It is nice to know that I and a few of my friends are not the only ones who have awakened. WAKE UP AMERICA, stop being double penetrated by your two party system.

  • DJ

    This guy does not know that Reagan had Democratic controlled Congress and Senate that are playing the same games that the Progressive Liberals are playing today. “We will give you spending cuts if you give us our tax breaks today”. The the Progressive Liberals will either take the tax hikes and not give the spending cuts. Or they will start crying over the cuts when they take place. Just like a kid in a candy store. Olympia Snow did that with Reagan. Now today Dirty Harry Reid and Obama are doing the crying over cuts today with the Republicans. This whole page is full of Progressive talking points with no facts.

    • Susan

      DJ, your facts are not correct. For the first six years of the Reagan presidency, Republicans controlled the Senate, and the Democrats controlled the House.

      From 1973 to 2011, worker productivity grew 80%, while median hourly compensation, after inflation, grew by 1/8 that amount. Since 2000, productivity has risen 23% while pay has stagnated. Workers did not benefit from that increased productivity, rather corporations and the top 1% benefited and did not share. The top 1% garnered 65% of all the nation’s income growth from 2002 to 2007. Furthermore, while working Americans pay their taxes, G. E. and other large corporations are avoiding U.S. taxes altogether by using tax loopholes like stashing their money in offshore accounts.

      Meanwhile, corporate welfare continues at somewhere between $100 billion and $170 billion. Folks like Warren Buffet pay an effective tax rate of 17.4%, while people who worked in his office made much less but paid higher effective tax rates of between 33% and 41% percent. “Progressive Liberals” are asking for the wealthy to pay their fair share. Let me add, I’m not in the 1%, but I’m probably in the top 20% of earners, and I believe strongly in taking care of people in need and paying my fair share.

    • Mark

      So they were Democrats under Reagan but they are Progressive Liberals today. This sounds like more of the same type of propagandizing that has been going on to try to polarize the populace. It least the Democrats now are not regressive like you guys are!

  • Roger

    Your math skills, regarding jobs lost and gained, SUCK. If you lose 651k jobs in 2010, then add 236k jobs in 2013, that isn’t a 857k jobs. It is still 415k jobs less than you had prior to the Obama presidency. Here it is in an equation X – 651+236 = X – 415.

    • Froggy

      Roger, this is the problem.

      His math is correct. Yours isn’t.

      651 thousand jobs lost.
      To get to the net value of no jobs lost or gained, you remove the 651,000 jobs lost.

      Add the 236,000 jobs.

      That’s a net DIFFERENCE of over 800,000 jobs.

      Math good.

      • MMadden (@mikemadden59)

        Seriously tools The Job numbers announced monthly are not cumulative for the term of the President. The 236 was a ONE MONTH total. And even the 651 number was a ONE MONTH DEAL. Reality we lost 7 million jobs from the beginning of the crisis (under Bush) until the rate flattened out at 10 Percent after the stimulus. So either way you are wrong and misguided by your love for a politician. Try again dude your are not even close with this childish blog.

    • seanED

      The real question about the jobs…. is whether they were GOVT or private sector….the numbers need to be DEFINED. Sort of like GM selling a bunch of cars to the GOVT. Does not help the economy at all.

    • seanED

      The real question about the jobs…. is whether they were GOVT or private sector….the numbers need to be DEFINED. Sort of like GM selling a bunch of cars to the GOVT, Does not help the economy at all.

      • MMadden (@mikemadden59)

        Sean those numbers are outlined at the BLS.Gov website. Great real data there

    • seanED

      The real question about the jobs…. is whether they were GOVT or private sector….the numbers need to be DEFINED. Sort of like GM selling a bunch of cars to the GOVT, Does not help the economy at all.

  • Steve

    I wouldn’t worry to much about republicans. They will be extinct by 2025. Their ideology of greed and trickle down economics as well as their social and religious intolerance is running out of old angry white bigots ( their base)

    • Jack

      Stevie have you and the other liberal midgets ever reconciled that small fact that the KKK is a dimocrat institution. It was founded by dimocrats, run by dimocrats, and used by dimocrats to keep their power grips on over 23 States. Stevie how does it feel to look in the mirror in the morning and ponder that age old question, “are you an idiot or just a racist bigot?”

      • Mark

        Looks like Steve hooked one right away!

      • Lcaps

        Well Mark, it wasn’t a very big one, but yes, one bit right away.

      • Lcaps

        Well Mark, it wasn’t a very big one, but yes, one bit right away.

      • Josh

        I believe your spelling is incorrect and you are one crazy bastard to think that the Democratic party would use such a group to control people. Actually we use the federal government which is controlled by the people through the people we elect. We have these decisions and if you lack the gray matter in that skull of yours to understand how MODERN GOVERNMENT works than you should go to a high school American Government class and learn how the United States work Jack.

      • Dylan

        The problem is Dems/Liberals think that the Gubmint knows whats best for me, not bc they do but bc they are the gubmint. The correct answer is that only I know what is best for me, and the gubmint can keep their grimy hands out of MY pockets.

  • Ajm

    “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts…for support rather than illumination.”
    Andrew Lang (1844-1912) Scottish poet, novelist and literary critic

    Let’s ignore our illegal drone war abroad, indefinite detention, the federal reserve’s inflationary assault on our currency, and politicians pandering to the likes of Monsanto.
    I’d much rather compare worthless numbers with those of a long dead president.
    By this logic, as long as Obama puts us 10.5 trillion in debt he is still better than Bush. But our children are still 20 trillion in debt.

    • Mark

      As we were 1 Trillion in debt under Reagan!

      • Lcaps

        Mark! That’s suppose to be forgotten. He was white!

  • Ajm

    “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts…for support rather than illumination.”
    Andrew Lang (1844-1912) Scottish poet, novelist and literary critic

    Let’s ignore our illegal drone war abroad, indefinite detention, the federal reserve’s inflationary assault on our currency, and politicians pandering to the likes of Monsanto.
    I’d much rather compare worthless numbers with those of a long dead president.
    By this logic, as long as Obama puts us 10.5 trillion in debt he is still better than Bush. But our children are still 20 trillion in debt.

  • jacklordGOD

    What is telling that the point here are incorrect is in right in the second point we have the glaring mistake that somehow 2009 spending is all attributable to Bush.

    “This also doesn’t factor in the money spent in 2009, which gets tagged to President Obama, was actually passed by Bush.”

    This is an inane point that anyone with a brain knows is untrue. Obama was inaugurated Jan. 2009. By what leap does all spending in a presidents first year count as the preceding presidents spending?

    Are we supposed to believe Bush somehow passed the Stimulus while out of office? Are we supposed to believe Bush put in SCHIP expansion from retirement in Crawford?

    The answer is, no, Bush did not spend this money, Obama did. So no, Bush didn’t somehow reach out from Crawford TX retirement and somehow command spending for the first year of Obama’s term.

    Hard to put much credibility into a rant where the person writing it trys to get a “gimme” for Obamas first year.

    • Rokenford

      You obviously don’t know when the governments fiscal year starts, which is in October. Fiscal year 2009 started in October 2008 and ended September 2009. I don’t think I need to tell you that Obama wasn’t even elected for another month after the fiscal year began.

      It is true that the bailout of the auto industry in 2009 was signed by Obama, but the much bigger part, the bailout of the banks was signed by GWB. Almost all of the spending of 2009 was passed through congress in June 2008.

      • Jack

        Rokenford the money to the Banks was mostly paid back. Liberals keep trotting out that mistaken mantra that was a debt which was absorbed as a loss it was not. Also if you knew anything about spending in D.C. spending resolutions are going on all the time. That is why no one really knows how much is spent or owed. There is no requirement to not spend beyond the budget. Even if there were no liberal would ever follow it.

    • Rokenford

      You obviously don’t know when the governments fiscal year starts, which is in October. Fiscal year 2009 started in October 2008 and ended September 2009. I don’t think I need to tell you that Obama wasn’t even elected for another month after the fiscal year began.

      It is true that the bailout of the auto industry in 2009 was signed by Obama, but the much bigger part, the bailout of the banks was signed by GWB. Almost all of the spending of 2009 was passed through congress in June 2008.

    • JDL

      JacklordGOD, I would say “how soon you forget” in a condescending tone, but maybe you honestly didn’t know this information. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

    • Mark

      It always does because the previous president makes the next years budget the year earlier and the new president has a hard time canceling any of it.

  • Boys, boys, boys. Didn’t mother tell you not to feed the trolls?

  • Welcome to the club. Long before I ever supported the president, even before his first election, the GOP lie machine was churning full time. Every time I opened up an e-mail or entered a Usenet newsgroup, there was a new e-mail coming around about how the president was this or that. I pissed off a lot of people because I didn’t fall for their lies, and tore apart every one of their arguments with a little Googling. To this day, the internet trolls have me as a marked man.

    • Mark

      Ooooo, now were scared! LMAO

  • Neil

    I live in Alaska. We get NBC news and Fox. I watch only NBC but I still get nothing but B.S. for news. I get what they want to put out. I have asked my friend Teresa, to try to help keep me informed but being Democrat these day is a full time job and she cant or wont. I have to form my opinions from the news I get. Good/bad/indiferent as it might be. This makes my friend upset with me and I have lost her friendship over uninformed politics. Maybe after Obama leaves office I will get her friendship back. As strange as it sounds I value her opinion when I get it even if I have become more Republican than Democrat since living here.

  • jon jeffer

    Now why don’t you review criticisms of Obama from the left? As flaccid as the conservative critiques are. He has not been good on rule of law or civil rights. He continues to hold men slated for release now for years in Guantanamo. His just ice department goes after whistle blowers using the espionage act, and still has not had a single meaningful criminal prosecution of a single banker, even the ones who laundered drug money. He supports indefinite detention, extraordinary rendition and domestic surveillance without a warrant. Economic inequality continues to expand under Obama, and he has been entirely silent on worker’s rights. Healthcare was largely a giveaway to the insurance industry and drug companies with no public option. He not only fails to lead on climate change – he supports the Keystone Pipeline and the development of Tar Sands oil. I could go on. Why don’t you have a look at the criticisms on the left and see who they hold up. I think you will find that most are well supported. Conservatives could reasonably take up these criticisms too but in their current role as our American populist fascist party they agree with most of this.

  • Norbert

    Neither the republicans or you progressives have proven to be wiae with the tax pyers money. The national debt did not happen overnight. 6 trillion dollars more in national debt is 6 trillion too much. I did not like it when Bush racked up the debt either. One thing you forgot to mention was the fact that your fellow democrats were and are just as responsible for these debt figures as the republicans. Also the more accurate unemployent figures are the U6 figures not the U3. The figures that the Obama administration uses are the U3. you can make figures lie no matter what your political party is. And both have. As far as Obama’s problem with his birth records and social security card we will see what the Supreme Court says. Personally I believe he is an American Citizen however why is he hiding his college records. Also why were the Obamas disbarred?

  • AmericanBoro

    First, insults to people for an opposing view is juvenile and harms your cause more than helps.
    Secondly, you really don’t prove the items as false. Some of the same arguments you use to dispute statistics, you ignore when pointing the finger at republicans.
    I could go through your list and provide facts to contradict most of your statements however I realize it would do no good as your mind is already made up and closed to other views.

  • The thing that this author does that so many people on both sides tend to do is to look at facts or incidents in isolation. There is a larger picture at work here and a failure to put the pieces of the together ,to see isolated facts in a larger context means that you don’t get the full picture or fully understand the significance of the facts that you dispute. When placed in the context of a larger picture the factual meaning and significance take on a whole new meaning. Some might call it conspiracy however, this accusation fails to see how most things in life are not things that exist in isolation but are part of a larger narrative. Until you begin to see the larger picture then a debate over the meaning of a single occurrence or fact is for the most part a waste of time. One example. The writer attempts to dispel the conservative view of Obama as a Socialist/Facist/Communist. He says this is not true because each is different and then he points to the success on Wall Street as proof that Obama is non of the above. The fact of the matter is that conservatives are not saying that Obama is all three. We acknowledge that his actions spill over to each of these descriptions and that we are undecided which one he is. What we know though is that logic says he is not a capitalist and the record shows it. For example, it is difficult to conclude that he is a capitlaist when facts show that his life is full of people, his own statements and actions that are inconsistent with capitalism. His comment that it is a good thing to redistribute wealth is a good starting point. No one disputes the fact that a main tenet of socialism is wealth redistribution. But couple this statement with other facts makes the case against Obama being a capitalist. Facts like: his mother was a communist or socialist having attended schools that taught socialist/communist concepts. His father was a socialist hoping to bring socialism by his own words,to Kenya. His childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis who became his mentor at his grandfather’s request, was a card carrying communist. His grandparents were socialist or certainly sympathized with socialist tenets for putting Barack’s mother in the” little red school house” and who later introduced him to his grandfather’s good friend, Davis. Obama said that he specifically sought out people like communist/marxist professors while at Columbia. He definitely attended socialist organization meetings while at Columbia. But these associations did not end after leaving Columbia. He joined the New Party (socialist party in Chicago) when he started his political career. In his adult life he continued to migrate to radicals like socialist/communist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorne. He appointed people with communist/socialist sympathies after becoming president for example: Green Czar Van Jones was a communist who never really verbally denounced his beliefs in communism. Carole Browner another Obama associate was/is a member of socialist organizations. During both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections the Communist Party USA endorsed Obama and why would they do this if he did not espouse ideas and policies that were consistent with their beliefs..I could go on but you get my drift. While liberals would dismiss all of these associations and statements as coincidence, conservatives see a trend that logic says in all probability, anyone with such an extensive background and number and length of associations were in fact affected, probably to the degree that if a different belief existed it would surface in some way. This has not occurred with Obama. But go ahead and call us conspiracy theorist. As for the Wall Street thing offered as proof that Obama is not a Marxist etc. that is a Cloward and Pivin thing set for discussion at a later date.

  • Sathington Willoughby

    Lies, backed up by idiots. Fake facts don’t make truths. Just think…. all of the people that believe this and stroke each other while this festers.

  • Silly profs

    Progressives are so silly sometimes. They know things that are just not true. They live on a fantasy world.

    Let me give a perfect example.

    Spending did go up under Obama. It is not a matter of opinion but something called a fact. Obama simply spends an incredible amount every year.
    More importantly, even though Bush loved to spend as much as Democrats he wasn’t spending enough for the insane Democrats. The Democrats actually put off passing a budget until Obama became President and THEN Obama signed the 2009 budget. Yes normally Bush would have signed the 2009 budget but these are not normal Democrats…they are progressives.

    Obama signing 2009’s budget is a fact. Democrats don’t like that fact so they lie. Most of these others debunkings contain lots of similar desceptions because facts have a conservative bias.

    • Susan

      Conservatives are so silly sometimes. “All of the yearly changes under Obama are well below the 7 percent average annual increase under Bush prior to fiscal 2009. And in that year — for which we assign most of the increase to Bush — the rise amounted to a staggering 17.9 percent.”
      “Fiscal 2009 began Oct. 1, 2008. That was before Obama was elected, and nearly four months before he took office on Jan. 20, 2009.
      President Bush signed the massive spending bill under which the government was operating when Obama took office. That was Sept. 30, 2008.”

      • Jerry Dunaway

        There you go again, trying to confuse them with facts that they will never read, or if they do read won’t comprehend or believe…

      • Jack

        Ahhh Susan I see you rascally liberals are playing fast and loose with numbers again. You see little girl you believe that entitlements are geared into the budget, but they are not. You also believe that revenues are geared into the budget, but little girl they are not. It is an old trick that dims have used for ages to excuse their out of their minds spending, but only a liberal can look and say under President Bush the budget rose at a rate of around 1.4 trillion under your beloved Barack Obama it is sitting at over 2.6 trillion. Then you gear up your favorite Nancy Pelosi botox look and say spending is not the problem. Be honest please it makes you a better person.

      • Susan

        Jack, when you stop calling me “little girl”, cease making derogatory statements about others, stop putting words into my mouth, and back up anything you claim with facts, I’ll consider entering into a dialogue.

        For the record, I’m not even close to being a “little girl”. I’m a very well-educated, well-read, well-paid women in management at one of the most highly regarded institutions in the world.I believe in helping those in need and paying my fair share.

        It also appears from your name-calling that you don’t have much respect for women.

      • Jack

        Susan, Susan, Susan show me a woman and I shall show them respect. Your name calling craziness does not muster. You want everyone to back up their numbers yet you don’t? You spout off with statistics that inaccurate and nonfactual. I am glad you removed the veil of your success, that affirmative action helped you out didn’t it? You deserve no respect, you get none. Simple equation even if you stop and think about long enough little girl you shall figure it out also, I think, I hope.

      • Susan

        Dear Jack,

        I hate to burst your bubble, but I am Caucasian and am where I am due to my hard work and education. I was a straight-A student in graduate school. If you don’t respect me for being a human being and for having the right to my opinion and beliefs, you don’t respect yourself or anyone else. End of conversation.

      • Jack

        Sigh…Susan, Susan, Susan I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but affirmative action also covers incompetent women not just race, or creed.

      • veronica

        Way to go Susan. they always have to go for name calling because its all they have!

      • Susan

        You’re so right. He’s nothing more than a schoolyard bully. When bullies pick on someone else, it makes them feel big and powerful.

      • Jack

        ROFLMAO you have to love how insane liberals are. You kick their ass. You dismantle their arguments and hold a mirror up to them and they just scream you are name calling. I know it is not right to pick on liberals because they are so disadvantaged and hopeless, but it is so much fun. They will always retreat to the “he is a bully”. You guys are too funny way too funny to ever be taken seriously. Keep control of the media because when the light of day hits you , your ideas, and your arguments not even vampires have such a bad reaction as you tools. You guys are truly useless. LOL

      • Susan what is a fair share to pay to the government? I really dislike all the Cheerleading for the Politicians. I think that their are many things wrong with our government and we cannot change America by popular agenda. Do we really have to write out the American Standard and everyone hold to that set of rules? Why does every issue have to be a political sandstorm? The courts decide these things and they decide these things with or with out the protests. What is a Progressive? Are my kids bad if the want to believe in conservative values? Is the demonizing of me make progressives feel better? I care about the budget but instead of making one all I hear are speeches of how I can’t cut this or that. Then the President travels to the Mideast and tosses money around. The Taliban is more powerful than ever and our brave men and women are fighting a political war. Guess we forgot about Vietnam. The problem with republicans is we care. We care about getting answers and finding paths to make things fair. You do not have to believe me just read any good history book. We get labeled a lot of things we are not but that is alright. I know the truth and eventually truth will prevail.

      • Susan

        Randall, I apologize for not responding, as I only saw this today. You ask what is a fair share to pay to the government? I can’t give you an exact figure, but I can tell you that U.S. corporate taxes that were actually paid (the effective rate) fell to a 40 year low of 12.1% in FY 2011. Furthermore, the top 1% owns more than 35% of all of the nation’s wealth while the bottom 60% owns only 2.3 percent of the wealth. In spite of increased productivity in the workplace, that money hasn’t been shared with workers. The minimum wage should have reached $21.72 an hour in 2012 if it kept up with increases in worker productivity,

        “I really dislike all the Cheerleading for the Politicians.” This country was built on Free Speech, people can say what they want. I personally think that Rush Limbaugh is disgusting and disagree with every word he speaks, but he has the right to say what he pleases.

        ” I think that their are many things wrong with our government and we cannot change America by popular agenda.” I agree that there are many things wrong with our government, but I disagree that we can’t change America by popular agenda. Times change, and laws need to change with the times.

        “What is a Progressive? To me it means “we” versus “me”, and fairness and equal rights for all.

        ” I care about the budget but instead of making one all I hear are speeches of how I can’t cut this or that. ” Progressives care too, but do corporations really need $100 – $170 billion per year in handouts? Why not cut those and ask the very wealthy to kick in more before going after programs for the poor, sick and elderly?

        “Then the President travels to the Mideast and tosses money around. ” All presidents do that, and they should be mindful of the budget.

        “The problem with republicans is we care. We care about getting answers and finding paths to make things fair.” Wow, that is where you and I disagree. I feel it is just the opposite. I believe that the Democrats care about everyone, and Republicans only care about the wealthy and not about the greater good.

        “You do not have to believe me just read any good history book. We get labeled a lot of things we are not but that is alright.” Randall, I can show you thousands of places where “Liberals” are labeled even more “things”. I’ve read a lot of history, and I read both sides. I’ve actually been both a Republican and a Democrat, and I’ve been an elected official and have run political campaigns for both sides. I’m probably more educated on politics than many people.

      • Scott

        Can you look up how many people have given up looking for work and run out of unemployment benefits? What is the misery index? How is our GDP doing versus debt? If we are doing so well has there been a reduction of people on food stamps?

      • Susan


        I understand completely. I’ve been bailing out my friends who are in need.

        Who said anything about people doing so well?? Corporations and the 1% are doing well, while they are busily shifting their money offshore and taking corporate welfare. Income inequality has grown over the last 30 years driven by rising inequality of labor income (wages and compensation), rising inequality of capital income, and an increasing share of income going to capital income rather than labor income. The top 1% have secured 59.9% of the gains from 1979–2007, while the top 0.1 percent has taken an even more disproportionate share: 36%. In comparison, only 8.6% of income gains have gone to the bottom 90 percent (Mishel and Bivens 2011). I’m on your side!

  • Our Fore Fathers were History buffs. That is why they made the beginning laws, and counter laws the way they did. They knew if later down the road~ the Freedom~ in which they fought for and many others that would follow, is a very fragile thing. History repeats it’s self. Even in the beginning men with the grandisonian personalities, saw normal humans were followers…thus, they took control, naming gods and goddess for everything and having family members become priests to take the offerings of the people, to please the gods and goddess. Some of these men did good, more did it for themsleves to become richer, more land and control the people of the countries they took over. They handed down their nations to their first born, or a child that had the same personality as they…this knowing what they have gained would not end….unless another king or lord would come in and killed them. Thus, warfare was the way. The freedoms come from repeated mishaps. Religion is the first—mainly–of History if you didn’t believe or worship you could be killed. I am not going back to each but books are full of wars in the name of God was fought on each side of the coin. Each would run into battle screaming for God’s help to win. If you didn’t do what the priests, decans, head of church, thought you should, you could be kill or ran off from your home. The Fore Father’s sat down and made it one of the first so any American’s can worship the way they wanted and the Freedom of Speech was also was made so you can say what you want, when you wanted, where you wanted, with out being killed. But some people over use and abuse it causing others to suffer. The Freedom to bear arms, this was done mainly because the British wanted to take the weapons from the subjects. There was talk of rebellion. The thing the British forgot…they taught them to fight and Karma came back and bit them. What I can’t understand is why Congress doesn’t have timed terms as the President & Vice. The old men keep coming back and never change anything. The young men that is taking over has no wit or wisdom. How come everyone signed a pledge to Mr. Norquest, who isn’t elected? How can they do that and put their hand on a Bible and pledge to this United States and flag, and not help this Nation out of it’s trouble….isn’t this treason? TREASON–BETRAYING OF THE GOVERNMENT OR AN ATTEMPT TO OVERTHROW IT; DISLOYALTY. HIGH TREASON–TREASON AGAINST THE SOVEREIGN, OR THE STATE, THE HIGHTEST CIVIL OFFENCE. Sure in 1770s people rose up to a King…a King who didn’t care. We can now VOTE out who we don’t like and the people has a say if it is wrong we have laws that counter act. Be happy our For Fathers’ fought for this and don’t let it go. But be reasonible time keeps changing the guns we have now, our Fore Fathers’ would have thought on it a little long if some would get into mens’ hands that has treason in their thoughts.

  • If you cannot spell, lack even basic grammatical skills, and feel compelled to create nonsensical words (grandisonian?!?), your opinions are not worthy of consideration.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      I can’t find the post to which you are replying, but as with the facts, a quick google search will find that grandsonian is a word… Again, not finding the original post I don’t know if it was used in proper context, but according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, grandsonian means “of, relating to, or befitting a model gentleman of the 18th century…”

    • dayooper

      No wonder you can’t find it. Your looking for a post you should be looking for a senseless rant:-)

    • Jack

      Ginger I want to congratulate you on graduating from your secretarial school. I do love these typists who sit here all day with their prodigious talents in typing and actually believe that grants them an advanced standing on this earth. You go girl.

  • David

    This is kind of a lazy argument. The majority of conservatives do not seriously believe any one of those arguments. It looks like you just copy and pasted those arguments from a radical message board. Hence, all the exclamations at the end. You can’t criticize people for doing the EXACT same that you are doing just from a different viewpoint. Both liberals and conservatives skew the numbers to fit their arguments and people will see what they want to see.

  • mharward

    “Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history! FALSE. On January 20, 2009 our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $16.7 trillion—for a $6.1 trillion increase. For the mathematically challenged, $6.1 trillion is less than $10.6 trillion. This also doesn’t factor in the money spent in 2009, which gets tagged to President Obama, was actually passed by Bush.”

    This is embarrassing. To disprove that Obama spent more than all the other presidents in history the author compares what was added to the debt? You can be this ignorant and condescending at the same time? AND you are proud or at least it’s not a bit deal that this president increased the debt by 60%? We are all eventually going to pay for this. Keep an eye on what is happening in Cyprus. The rich will be fine. The poor and middle class will be squashed.

  • Rodney Cockeram

    And here lays the problem democrats stand for big spending and big government and everything that I just read is a lie, liberalizes have mental disorder how can you stand with a president who would allow four Americans to die and stand by and not raise a finger to help them and on top of that lie to the very people he swore to protect. obama is sucking the life out of this country and if you want to live in a country like that,move get the hell out and stop trying to run every persons life.we have a constitution for a reason and that is to protect us from our government. obama is no better that Hitler and when the time comes you will call on us consecutive to protect you from the very government that wants to destroy you.mark my word

    • Amy

      I just discovered this site and saw this comment. Rodney, your English is so bad and very hard to take seriously. I’m sorry, as I try hard not to be cruel.

      Why is that you label and lump everyone together? I am a liberal, and I definitely don’t love Obama, but I considered him to be the lesser of two evils in the 2012 election. Not all liberals love Obama and agree with everything he does!

      I can’t pretend to know what happened in Benghazi, but if the four individuals could have been protected, they should have been. I also don’t support drone strikes. On the other hand, I don’t believe that “Obama is sucking the life out of this country”. I believe that the corrosive effects of money and corporate influence have destroyed our political system and are taking our country down with them. It worries me, and I hope that people will soon stand up and say enough is enough.

      The comparison of Obama to Hitler comes right out of Rush Limbaugh and other right wing pundits, and followers just repeat the nonsense with no thought whatsoever! In case you haven’t seen this blog, you and Hitler have a thing or two in common!
      “You own a dog? Hitler owned a dog…you’re Hitler!
      Like classical music? You snob. Hitler! Oh…fan of Wagner? Then, you’re REALLY Hitler.
      Smoker? You’re in luck. NOT Hitler. Light up boys and girls, if you don’t want to be Hitler.
      Hitler promoted good health. All you working-out, granola-eating, dieters…HITLER! Get out of the gym and sit your ass down if you don’t want to be Hitler. You don’t want to be Hitler, do you?
      Hitler was a baby. You were a baby. HITLER!
      Hitler was married. If you’re married, then you’re Hitler. Hitler also waited right before he offed himself to get married, so all you people who are not married are all potential Hitlers.
      Hitler wore clothes. All non-nudists….Hitler.
      Hitler had hair. Bring out the razor or risk being Hitler. Looks like skinheads are the only people who are not Hitler.
      Hitler had a mother. You have a mother. You’re Hitler.
      Hitler was a human. Looks like no matter what you do…you’re HITLER!”

      • Zach

        Thank you Amy. Apparently Rodney has forgotten that Obama does not have complete control of everything that happens in this country. If people want to blast anyone they need to talk about Congress, who have come to the point where they will solely vote on partisan lines (much like most of the U.S. population). That being said for anyone who compares Obama to Hitler is insane and obviously does not truly check fact anything they’re saying. Obama can not be a dictator; He can only serve a limited time. He is not trying to take our weapons; only safen the process of gaining ownership. For anyone that cares to know what the President is trying to do with gun regulations has already been done but expired in 2004. Yet when a liberal is in favor they are labeled a communist/socialist. And one more thing, Obama has passed fewer gun restrictions than George W. Bush. What people say is poison and what’s sad is that it comes from popular figures and is just passed along from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Michelle Bachman. Three people who are well known for purposely, and gleeful slandering the president and liberals in high ranking office. It’s disgusting how little people choose to actually inform themselves before speaking on such a subject

      • Norbert

        Conservatives are not as stupid as you think. This whole gun thing goes much farther and deeper than you know or care. I agree Obama is not Hitler. However he is trying to destroy all opposition to his agenda which includes the republican party esp. conservatves. Everybody in this country has a right to their beliefs, religion and the free exercise and voicing of their beliefs. I believe actions speak louder than words. I follow and react to actions not words. Remember Benghazi. Where are the survivors? Why have they not been allowed to be interviewed? Why was the Ambassador meeting with the Turkish Consul the night he was killed. Are you asking these questions or are you giving a pass to the President, his cabinet and the news media? When ths crap finally hits the fan on this fiasco will you give a get out of jail free card to those responsible?

      • The Other Bob

        “Trying to destroy all opposition”?? As opposed to other presidents who invited the opposition party over for S’mores? Obama has been more conciliatory towards his opponents than they deserve, what with all the crap they’ve been dishing out. Does the statement, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president” ring a bell? So put on a new tin-foil hat and go back to drinking your tea with Rodney Cockeram. The two of epitomize what’s wrong with the Republican party.

    • GirlWithTheShamrockTattoo

      Rodney, were you asleep from 2002 to 2008?
      Losing 4 Americans in a terrorist attack is horrible and senseless. Were you an outspoken critic of the terrorists attacks that happened between 2002-2008 under GWB’s watch? Did you call your senator and demand committee hearings during this time?

      2002 – June 14, Karachi, Pakistan: bomb explodes outside American consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing 12. Linked to al-Qaeda.

      2003 – May 12, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: suicide bombers kill 34, including 8 Americans, at housing compounds for Westerners. Al-Qaeda suspected.

      2004 – May 29–31, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: terrorists attack the offices of a Saudi oil company in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, take foreign oil workers hostage in a nearby residential compound, leaving 22 people dead including 1 American.

      June 11–19, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: terrorists kidnap and execute Paul Johnson Jr., an American, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 2 other Americans and BBC cameraman killed by gun attacks.

      Dec. 6, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: terrorists storm the U.S. consulate, killing 5 consulate employees. 4 terrorists were killed by Saudi security.

      2005 – Nov. 9, Amman, Jordan: suicide bombers hit 3 American hotels, Radisson, Grand Hyatt, and Days Inn, in Amman, Jordan, killing 57. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility.

      2006 – Sept. 13, Damascus, Syria: an attack by four gunman on the American embassy is foiled.

      2007 – Jan. 12, Athens, Greece: the U.S. embassy is fired on by an anti-tank missile causing damage but no injuries.

      Dec. 11, Algeria: more than 60 people are killed, including 11 United Nations staff members, when Al Qaeda terrorists detonate two car bombs near Algeria’s Constitutional Council and the United Nations offices.

      2008 – May 26, Iraq: a suicide bomber on a motorcycle kills six U.S. soldiers and wounds 18 others in Tarmiya.

      June 24, Iraq: a suicide bomber kills at least 20 people, including three U.S. Marines, at a meeting between sheiks and Americans in Karmah, a town west of Baghdad.

      June 12, Afghanistan: four American servicemen are killed when a roadside bomb explodes near a U.S. military vehicle in Farah Province.

      July 13, Afghanistan: nine U.S.soldiers and at least 15 NATO troops die when Taliban militants boldly attack an American base in Kunar Province, which borders Pakistan. It’s the most deadly against U.S. troops in three years.

      Aug. 18 and 19, Afghanistan: as many as 15 suicide bombers backed by about 30 militants attack a U.S. military base, Camp Salerno, in Bamiyan. Fighting between U.S. troops and members of the Taliban rages overnight. No U.S. troops are killed.

      Sept. 16, Yemen: a car bomb and a rocket strike the U.S. embassy in Yemen as staff arrived to work, killing 16 people, including 4 civilians. At least 25 suspected al-Qaeda militants are arrested for the attack.

      Nov. 26, India: in a series of attacks on several of Mumbai’s landmarks and commercial hubs that are popular with Americans and other foreign tourists, including at least two five-star hotels, a hospital, a train station, and a cinema. About 300 people are wounded and nearly 190 people die, including at least 5 Americans

      • Jack

        Wow I love the way the far left liberal loons will sit there spouting off their hatred. In the 1990s the do nothing Presidency of Bill Clinton sat with a foreign policy staff that was terrified to do anything and when Al Qaeda under Usama Bin Laden declared a fatwa against the United States (declaration of war) and Clinton’s State Department laughed about it. Clinton did nothing in his 8 years while President to do anything to prepare the US for attack. When the USS Cole was attacked, nothing. The attack on the Khobar Towers they did nothing. The attacks on the two US Embassies in Africa, nothing. President Bush was dealt a terrible hand by Clinton. The blood of those 3,000 people still glows bright red on the hands of Bill Clinton. We were at war. Bush fought them. Now comes Barack Obama and the idiot liberals attempting to support them. He declares that Al Qaeda is finished. They are just a pale shadow of what they were.On 9-11-2012 four Americans died because of the rank incompetence of this President. Not since the 1970s has an American Consulate been seized and its ambassador murdered. Now the liberals vainly try to say it was just another terrorist attack. I am sure they feel it was caused by watching that video.

      • GirlWithShamrockTattoo

        I was a teen when the Marine barracks were attacked in Beirut during the Reagan administration and was no serious response by the administration. So what now? No death should go unnoticed ever but we can’t forget how much more deaths occurred during the GWB administration.

      • Jack

        Little girl lets try this one more time undoubtedly your obsession is blocking your thinking capacity. They declared war upon us. Do you get that? The Arab world made up Al Qaeda and other like minded civic organizations declared war upon us. Should I repeat this more then once? Are you getting this? THEY DECLARED WAR ON US. Bill Clinton’s response was to laugh about it. Still there? Are you putting some thoughts together? The liberals rolled over and played dead. They scoffed at massive bombing in Africa and the attack on the USS Cole. They said it was a criminal affair. Call out the FBI they will get them and set things right., Then when President Bush came into office all of their plans finally came to fruition. The money lines were secure. The pilots had been trained. The volunteers to provide muscle were found. Finally everything was in place. Still following because when the CIA had UBL in its cross hairs three times Bill Clinton told them to back off. Boom….the ultimate act of a war the successful destruction and murder of mass civilians. Your boy not Bush. This had nothing to do with Reagan. It had nothing to do with the first Bush it had everything to do with a terrible man who believed getting a blow job in the oval office was of greater importance then a group of fanatics who had but one desire to harm American and its Americans.

    • Socialmedic

      What unadulterated pure intellectual slobbery.

  • Bruce

    I will only address the first 2 paragraphs.
    ” Year to year spending increases have been less than 1%.”
    “On January 20, 2009 our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $16.7 trillion—for a $6.1 trillion increase.”
    So in the 4 years of less than 1% increase(4×1%) somehow equals about 60%.
    Explain please.

    • Susan

      Hi Bruce,
      It’s important understand the national debt. It is not merely a reflection of spending, rather revenues versus expenditures. In the short-run, tax revenues have declined significantly due to a severe recession and tax policy choices, while expenditures have expanded for wars, unemployment insurance and other safety net spending. Spending has increased by by 1.4%/year under Obama, while the debt increased by 14.6%/year. The reason is that federal revenues haven’t been keeping up with spending, due to the struggling national economy (which has held back tax revenues) and a continuation of tax cuts. For each year that there is a deficit, the national debt grows.

  • Blaine Dukart

    Where were all of these so called new jobs that were created besides the oil fields of North Dakota?
    Who created these jobs ? Sure as I’m alive it was not the President or his Democratic Cabinet!!!!!
    At the same time how many more jobs were lost the all of the near bankrupt states?
    If there is anything here positive and connected to the President or his cabinet please let all of us Ignorant Republicans know! By the way besides me as a small business owner who else has had to pay higher job service rates than ever before to pay for the 2 year extension on job insurance- is it really because most of the people I hired from labor companies were at the end of there 2 years and no job because their response when asked what they have been doing to find a job was “why look so hard I had 2 years of Benefits”

    • Zach

      Funny how you’re so quick to take away credit from the president yet as soon as something negative happens that’s the first place you go to out the blame

  • Rick

    lets hot forget subsidizing fast food over charging on healthier food and DR.s being for profit so bad that their offices look like nascar lol we are in very bad shape

  • Kon

    Yesterday I posted suggesting that the author look at some of the criticisms of Obama coming from the left, and I listed them out. This morning my post sis gone without a trace…. What is with the cult of personality? Is the leader beyond real reproach? Or is the problem that those criticisms are not nearly as easily debunked?

  • melissa

    I resent anyone telling me what I have to read. Waaawaa…

  • dom

    As a dedicated Libertarian let me just start by saying Conservatives and Liberals are all completely insane. Let me finish by saying you all need help. I wish Rand would filibuster your all’s stupidity. 😉

  • Martin

    Friends, do you wonder what the other half of Jack’s name is?

    • Susan


  • Martin

    Does everybody here wonder what the other half of Jack’s name is?

  • jjh

    Stop comparing apples and oranges. For instance job creation, loss of good jobs is not offset by increase of McJobs. Middle class income is down and many Middle class families have slipped below the proverty line. As far as the spending name me another president who has increased the deficit by 7 Trillion and counting. As far as him being a Communist/Socialist/Fascist, perhaps people see him as advocating their worst qualities of each. His gun control proposals would not have saved anyone from Newtown, Colorado, or West Virginia shootings. Guns are an easy target for Obama, securing our schools and public buildings from mentally unbalanced individuals is hard.

    • Karen

      “His gun control proposals would not have saved anyone from Newtown, Colorado, or West Virginia shootings.” It has been determined that if the magazine/clip was smaller less people would have been shot- President Obama’s gun control proposals would have saved some from Newtown. There would have been a different scenario if he had needed to re-load more often then he did. Period

      • jjh

        It has been widely reported that as a avid video gamer, the shooter changed his clips before they were empty. Also, he had additional weapons on his person fully loaded which he could have used instead of rapidly changing one clip for another. Sorry try again.

      • KiTA

        Wrong. 11 kids escaped when he was in the act of reloading. If he had to reload more often, more would have escaped.

        I do thank you for proving the point of the article, however.

      • jjh

        Your “facts” are incorrect. Six students not eleven escaped, when the rifle either jammed or was reloaded or the gunman merely paused as quoted below:
        “Based on initial statements from surviving children and the fact that unfired bullets from Lanza’s rifle were found on the ground, detectives suspect that some students were able to run to safety when Lanza stopped firing, probably for a short period of time, the officials said.

        It is possible that Lanza, who reloaded the rifle frequently, mishandled or dropped a magazine and unfired bullets fell to the floor, they said.

        But it also is possible, they said, that the mechanism that fed bullets into the rifle jammed, causing Lanza to remove the magazine and clear the weapon. Unfired bullets could have fallen to the classroom floor during that process as well, law enforcement officials said.

        The six children who escaped Lanza’s rampage ran to a home a short distance from the school. Upon reaching the home, one of the boys told the owner that “we obeyed the rules, we stayed on the sidewalk,” one of the officials said.”

        You will note there was unspent bullets on the ground, “possibly” caused by a jam or improperly loaded magazine. Your conclude it was a reload but the investigators only say it was a possiblity. He also had multiple handguns he could have used, had he chosen to. Obviously you know more than the investigators do.
        You have not “proved” you point, smaller capacity magazines do not jam as often as the larger capacity ones, so it is possible that the 30 clip saved lives due to a jam. Either way this horrific tragedy was enabled by Lanza’s mothers bad judgement and his mental condition, how would the proposals have stopped that? CT just passed a new law today that does nothing to address that. I mentioned in a reply to Don that current gun laws are not enforced and he said so what. My response why will new laws be any different? The new CT law would not have deprived Lanza of one weapon or even one bullet does that make you feel safer?

    • Don

      I always get such a kick about the 2A discuss! It was always one bullit to each gun as the founding fathers could not have in there wildest dream thought any other way. After all, one bullet to each gun was the leading edge technology of the time. It was nearly 100 years before the second bullet was introduced, the 1836 patent by Mr. Colt intruducing the 6 shooter and that was the start of murder above and beyond any other country in the world! Obama was not by my choice but he is my President. Just seems a whole lot of people hate him for any reason on earth!

      • jjh


        I disagree with Obama on many issues, and disagree with you as well. Now please tell me where disagreeing = hate. Am I to assume you hate me because we disagree? As far as your single bullet vs. multi bullet weapons has already been challenged all the way to the Supreme Court and the court disagrees with you. So until the Constitution is amended you are wrong. Have you seen the video of the New Orleans prisoner with a hand gun in jail? It is already illegal for him to have one, do we need yet another law to confirm that? My point was that the new laws would not have stopped the Newtown tragedy. You do not prove me wrong by shifting the discussion to hating Obama.

        What other rights are you willing to give up because of other people who abuse them?

      • Don

        You have immediately turned this to me saying you are the hater. If you have not noticed the last fifty years as I have is that the hate rhetoric has been way stepped up on this president, then you do not have the ability to judge. I said nothing about hating because of disagreement yet you infer that I did. I say the one gun one bullet is what the framers knew what was available, nothing more. The 2A does not need amended it just needs followed. I don’t care if you have one hundred guns each having one bullet, when you carry 26 of them out to murder 26 people, I and many others will stop you because you cannot kill so fast. You would be stopped and you would be killed by a righteous person.
        Now if you served your country and had been trained by someone with honor then to me that is a special circumstance and you should have a right to carry a weapon of war. I am over 50, white, never served in the armed forces but come from a family of Navy men. I own guns with abilities above the 2A and I have fired weapons exactly in nature to the AR-15. The power you have and the feeling one gets with it in your hand cannot be matched by many. Humans cannot handle that kind of power without being in the armed forces.
        If you are going to quote the Supreme Court, you need to read exactly what the original argument was. Because your argument was not what the argument was about.
        Blaming that the laws are not being followed is like pissing in the wind, stupid and a dumb thing to do.

      • jjh

        I believe you introduced the word “hate” into the discussion not I. I merely called you on it.

        So it will be ok with you if we don’t enforce the new laws as well.

        The Supreme Court upheld the use of multi-bullet weapons for use by private citizens not just a private militia.

    • Susan

      “For instance job creation, loss of good jobs is not offset by increase of McJobs. Middle class income is down and many Middle class families have slipped below the proverty line.” Yes, thank you Reaganomics, the trickle-down theory that doesn’t.

      “As far as the spending name me another president who has increased the deficit by 7 Trillion and counting.” Have you analyzed the deficit? I’m no Obama lover, but if President Bush had reduced budget deficits rather than enlarging them through tax cuts and spending increases for wars, pork-barrel projects and a new entitlement program (Medicare Part D), the federal government would have had more fiscal ammunition available to fight the recession that President Obama inherited from President Bush.

      “As far as him being a Communist/Socialist/Fascist…” I can’t even respond, because this is so ridiculous.

      • jjh

        Yes, please go back and look at the Bush deficits and truly compare them to Obama’s, unless you believe Bush is responsible for all the evils in the world. The so called Bush tax cuts, passed by Democrats and Republicans did not cause this deficit, spending did. Please also look at the Obama Medicare cuts that will take effect in 2014. I did not call him a C, S, or F either. I have yet to see any reduction in Pork-barrel spending by either party during Obama’s 4 plus years.

        Please explain how Obama’s McJob plan failed or should I say succeeded because of Reganomics? Typical lib shift. Perhaps I should blame FDR for the problems with Social Security too.

      • Susan

        I have a book to recommend to you, “Winner-Take-All Politics”, which outlines all of the causes of where we are today economically. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides. However, it is clear that you have no facts and have merely “decided” where the deficit came from. It is NOT all from spending but is also from reduction in revenue. You seem to think that the two Bush wars, the financial crisis (which Obama had to address), the Bush tax cuts (which were passed with reconciliation–12 Dems in 2001, and two Dems in 2003), and Medicare Part D costs magically ended when Obama became President, and that he simply needed to sit back, do nothing to stimulate the economy, and hope that the crisis passed.

        I can’t even begin to address jobs by the name you are calling it. With no facts from your end, there is no debate to be had.

      • jjh

        It is interesting that Obama wanted an extension of the “Bush” tax cuts with the exception of the top earners. He got almost all of what he wanted except the earnings cut off, so obviously those tax cuts are not the problem or he wouldn’t want them to continue would he? Now add up the amount of increased revenue he will collect from the wealthy over the next ten years and compare that revenue to the deficit. The only real way to control the deficit is through spending cuts, increasing taxes will only slow the economy. There are many pork-barrel projects that would make a starting point but no one in D. C. will take that on.

        I think you lack the facts. There are many economists that have differing opinions, and I don’t necessarily agree with many of them. You can cherry pick the one’s you like and I will do the same with the one’s I like.

        As far as lower middle class income just do a search, I am sure you can even find stories from CNN or MSNBC that cover that point. You haven’t quoted any facts either just voiced your opinion which is ok. McJob’s is a descriptive term which most Americans can comprehend, many people who have lost jobs have replaced them with much lower paying jobs or multiple jobs.

        No reason to debate? Yet here you are.

      • Susan

        “It is interesting that Obama wanted an extension of the “Bush” tax cuts with the exception of the top earners. He got almost all of what he wanted except the earnings cut off, so obviously those tax cuts are not the problem or he wouldn’t want them to continue would he? Now add up the amount of increased revenue he will collect from the wealthy over the next ten years and compare that revenue to the deficit. The only real way to control the deficit is through spending cuts, increasing taxes will only slow the economy. There are many pork-barrel projects that would make a starting point but no one in D. C. will take that on.”

        We have been dealing with the recovery from a recession, hence continuing the tax cuts. In addition, since the middle class is already declining, adding a tax increase doesn’t make sense at this time for them. In 2010, as the US continued to recover from the recession, 93% percent of the additional income created in the country that year went to the top 1% of taxpayers, which was an average pay increase of 11.6% per household. A FACT.

        I think you lack the facts. Deficit reduction has to be done by both raising revenue and cutting spending. Cutting spending alone will not solve the deficit problem. Conservatives only want to cut entitlements that go overwhelmingly to middle-class and poor families. But they want no deficit reduction to come from the most wasteful and inefficient of entitlements — those embedded in the tax code. I think YOU lack the facts.

        Finally, how is it Obama’s fault that lost jobs have been replaced with lower paying jobs? Corporations are doing extremely well, and government programs (which are also jobs) are being cut. Free trade has had a huge impact on jobs and the trade deficit. The U.S. manufacturing sector has suffered greatly from NAFTA, alone accounting for 60.8 percent — 415,000 total — of the jobs lost to the agreement. Furthermore, according to CNN Money, the U.S. economy lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008 due to the economic crisis. Blaming everything on Obama is ridiculous.

      • jjh

        So now deficits are good for you now? Reducing spending to a level below that of incoming revenue would fix the deficit. Plain and simple, agreeing on spending cuts is difficult.

        Obama is taking credit for reducing unemployment, while largely ignoring the quality of the jobs that have been added. I refer to the original post.
        “The economy has gotten worse under Obama! FALSE. Are you insane, have selective memory or both? In February 2009, we lost 651K jobs. In February 2013, we added 236K jobs. Again, for the mathematically challenged, that’s a positive shift of 887K jobs from our losses in February 2009 to our gains in February 2013.”

        Notice he only compared the number of jobs not the quality of them and he asserted that Obama was responsible for the job growth.

      • Jack

        Susan you really are a blight on humanity. The two Bush wars you scream at us? Are you insane? Do you remember the 3,000 dead on the streets of America? You madam are too ignorant or stupid to really continue to make posts. Tell me great weak kneed yellow stain after September 11, 2001, and we were up to our knees because of Bill Clinton and his inept administration tell me great sage what should have been done? You are sitting in the White House the World Trade Center has been demolished. The Pentagon is in flame. Tell me you idiot what would you have done? I know just call up the FBI and say you boys go and round up those people. What a terrible joke you are.

    • alan

      actually one of the proposals is mental heath history reported in the new in depth background check. holmes and cho would not have been able to purchase guns and nj police would have been aware of the arsenal in lanzas house

      • Jack

        The ACLU, the NRA, the AMA, and many other institutions are threatening to file suit against those provisions. You see there is this small thing called Doctor patient privileged and it is sacrosanct in American jurisprudence. Name me the first mental institution of Doctor who says surrendering patient IDs is good? You guys keep looking for magic. There is none. Get off your dead, lazy, butts and amend the Constitution. That is your only viable choice.

      • jjh

        “actually one of the proposals is mental heath history reported in the new in depth background check. holmes and cho would not have been able to purchase guns and nj police would have been aware of the arsenal in lanzas house”

        Lanza’s house was in CT not NJ and they were not his guns but his mother’s guns.”What does being aware of” actually mean? Would they have removed the legally owned guns belonging to the mother simply because her son had some mental health issues? If not, awareness does not what good is it? If yes, then what level of mental health issues of her son would require her to give up he weapons? Would they merely require her to lock them up? Which they were? Lanza did not live with his father, would his father ((if he has/had them) have to give up his weapons too? Many if not most criminals obtain guns illegally now, how will a new law change that? The new CT law would not have removed one gun, or bullet from his mother’s home.
        While registration of weapons might seem a no-brainer for some there are some pitfalls such as misusing the Freedom of Information ACT to publish names and addresses of gun owners. This has the potential of making the home a target for people looking to steal guns. It is also another excuse for goverments, local, state and federal to tax the gun owners.
        It is hard to say that new laws with more burdens on the state to collect and evaluate information would increase public safety when there are many laws already on the books that are either not enforced or under enforced, for example background checks are very often months behind.
        The rush to just do something is understandable but does not hold up to examination. If someone merely see’s a mental health professional is he/she prohibited from purchasing or owning a firearm? Do they have to give up their medical privacy? Is medical history self-reporting or will the government have the power to examine all of your medical records? Will they put in enough safeguards to protect people’s privacy? If their condition needs to be measured and quantified who will proform that task, a medical professional or a government employee? Will they hire enough trained people to handle the amount of work in order to handle the many permits that have/will be generated? Do you trust the people who came up with the idea of “Fast and Furious” to do what is right?
        I am sure I have merely touched the surface of the issues. Chicago, CT, DC. all have strict gun laws in place before Newtown, did they save anyone? For instance in Chicago most murders that use a firearm use a pistol, how will an assault weapon ban stop them?

        If you are not convinced ask yourself what other rights are you willing to give up because there are many people would will abuse them. The atitude of I don’t own guns so I don’ care if the govenment takes away that right is shortsighted, Maybe the next “right” will mean something to you and the rest of us are ok with it going away.

  • TheDaleks

    No matter what conservatives actually say, their real complaint is that Barack Obama is a black guy in the White House. But they know they can’t say that in public, anymore, so they invent all this nonsense. They also know they can’t call him the n-word, which is why they resort to calling him a marxist, etc. These are code words, and everyone knows it.

    This is NOT my opinion. This is a matter of public record. The late Lee Atwater, founder of today’s Republican messaging machine (creator of the Willie Horton ad, and dirty-trickster mentor of Karl Rove) explicitly instructed Republicans to do this. I’ll let Atwater speak for himself (contains NSFW language):

  • Dwain

    Kool-Aid-drinking moron!

  • Bill Peters

    Ok some of the political Discourse for the Right is a bit out there, but you also have to understand that we also feel that we are being told Expansion of Indvidual Liberty can’t be the solution to everything yet A Majority of the Constitution is about Indvidual Liberty, a Majority of the Amendments are about Extending Indvidual Liberty to Woman and Minorities, Civil Rights Act was about Extending Indvidual Liberty, Even ADA was about Extending Indvidual Liberty, yet ACA treats us first and For most not as Individuals but a Collective saying the only way to cover the people who need Healthcare is to treat Indvidual at first not as 1 person but as 1 of Millions of Americans who need Heathcare but that is saying the State knows better then WE the people.

    We are being told that Freedom sometimes means obeying orders form the state even when it those orders seem to violate my Individuality a Citizen that is protected by the Consutiton, that at times Collective must Trump Indvidual Liberty that Ividuality is Great when I am buying or Renting a house or apartment, that it is great in the Free Market, when I choose who I marry and where my kids go to school and what I wacth on TV or who I asscoate with Day to day is fine, but these Ideals for Heathcare reform to work have to placed aside even for a bit and understand that Forced Assocotion will lead to more freedom even if is limiting a Freedom that all Ready exist and is protected, What did I do to have to buy Heathcare? I exist yet Exisitnace isn’t enough of Reason to Violate my Indviduality. Our founders asked time and again and Lincon after the civil war that the rights of the Minority be Respected and Protected by the Majority yet ACA and several other Obama Ideas seem to be that the Majoirty rules and there is no way to Accomadate the Minority view. Americans like helping each other but most belive in Voluntary Collective action not Goverment Impsoed Collective Action cause as Thomas Jefferson once said “Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”
    Thomas Jefferson, letter to Isaac H. Tiffany (4 April 1819).

  • Bill Peters

    What would have Jefferson said about the HHS Mandate, telling people who have Moral Belifs agnist something that they have to buy it cause it is Healthcare? Here is the answer: “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.”

    —Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson on Freedom: I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it.
    Thomas Jefferson
    Letter to Archibald Stuart Philadelphia (23 December 1791).

    JFK on Indvidual Liberty:This Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.- John F Kennedy

    Jefferson on Progress of liberty when goverment grows:
    The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground. Thomas Jefferson in a letter
    Letter to Edward Carrington, Paris, (27 May 1788)

    “It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free Country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective Constitutional Spheres; avoiding in the exercise of the Powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power and proneness to abuse it which predominates in the human heart is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position. The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power; by dividing and distributing it into different depositories, and constituting each the Guardian of the Public Weal against invasions by the others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern; some of them in our country and under our own eyes.”

    – George Washington, Farewell Address, September 17, 1796; originally published in American Daily Advertiser on September 19, 1796; Fitzpatrick 35:228

    “The jurisdiction of the general government is confined to a few enumerated objects, which concern the common welfare of all the states. The state governments have a full superintendence and control over the immense mass of local interests of their respective states, which connect themselves with the feelings, the affections, the municipal institutions, and the internal arrangements of the whole population. They possess, too, the immediate administration of justice in all cases, civil and criminal, which concern the property, personal rights, and peaceful pursuits of their own citizens. They must of course possess a large share of influence; and being independent of each other, will have many opportunities to interpose checks, as well as to combine a common resistance, to any undue exercise of power by the general government, independent of direct force.”

    – Justice Joseph Story, “Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States,” Volume I Book III Chapter VI: The Preamble, Section 509, (1833) p. 882

    “[T]he people are the only legitimate fountain of power, and it is from them that the constitutional charter, under which the several branches of government hold their power, is derived, it seems strictly consonant to the republican theory, to recur to the same original authority, not only whenever it may be necessary to enlarge, diminish, or new-model the powers of the government, but also whenever any one of the departments may commit encroachments on the chartered authorities of the others.”

    – James Madison, Federalist No. 49, “Method of Guarding Against the Encroachments of Any One Department of Government by Appealing to the People Through a Convention,” Independent Journal, February 2, 1788; Rossiter pp. 310-311

    “We owe every other sacrifice to ourselves, to our federal brethren, and to the world at large, to pursue with temper and perseverance the great experiment which shall prove that man is capable of living in society, governing itself by laws selfimposed, and securing to its members the enjoyment of life, liberty, property, and peace; and further to show, that even when the government of its choice shall manifest a tendency to degeneracy, we are not at once to despair but that the will and the watchfulness of its sounder parts will reform its aberrations, recall it to original and legitimate principles, and restrain it within the rightful limits of self-government.”

    – Thomas Jefferson, “The solemn Declaration and Protest of the Commonwealth of Virginia, on the Principles of the Constitution of the United States of America, and on the Violations of them,” 1825; ME 17:446

    Our founders sets limits as to what the State could do to Maximize Freedom of the Individual and WE have Maximized it we have Expanded Indvidual Liberty though Amendments, Civil Rights laws, even Americans with Disabilities Act but it seems we are being told that at times Collective Liberty must Replace Expanding Indvidual Liberty.

  • Becky

    I had to quit reading about 1/3 of the way down. This was too ridiculous to go further. Regarding the spending….I don’t know too many Repubs who were thrilled with GWBush’s spending, yet every article from the Left says we were, and that is their argument on why Obama is better. Huh? I, for one, wasn’t happy with the deficit under Bush, and I’m REALLY not happy with it under Obama. Why do Dems always point fingers and blame everything on Bush? Yes, he and many of his cronies started alot of this mess. If Obama wants to change my mind from Right to Left, then fix it! Hasn’t Obama had over 4 years to start making headway with the budget, and yet it continues to get worse and worse? Where is the press on that? Why doesn’t this writer address that? Because he is too busy telling us why Obama is better, just for the sake of saying it over and over. As far as vacations, I think it is ridiculous for ANY President to take as many days as they (all of them) do. We are in a financial crisis, we are looking at one of the worst economies ever in the history of our country, and he’s continuing to go play golf and take a vacation a month? Who does that? Use the weekends like a normal employee would. Be a role model for once! Obama is so smug and arrogant that he doesn’t care that the press blasts it for the world to see how many vacations he takes, ALLLL on the US people’s dime. Has it ever occurred to anyone that he actually has the power to say “Do NOT publish or air ANY stories about my future vacations.”, yet he doesn’t. He wants us to know how wasteful and arrogant he and his family are. Obama has admitted he is Muslim. I do not know why Dems always say he’s not, when he’s admitted it time and time again himself. AND, Obama isn’t an American. Why he hasn’t been kicked out of office over that fake birth certificate, I’ll never know, except that oops – He’s the President. I guess he can fake any documents he wants to. He’s the Commander-In-Thief. If you’ve read his books (I have) then you’ve read it in black and white. Furthermore, if he was an American…he would love this country like a true American. He would know what it’s like to have a grandfather, great-grandfather, and great great-grandfathers serve in every world war and the Civil War. (I do.) He would know his history of this country. He would know how many states we have. He would love the flag, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, like I do. (He doesn’t…he’s constantly trying to amend our Constitution). Regarding unemployment numbers, is this guy kidding me? I have a friend who worked as a contract employee for the Postal Service. She was good at her job and continued to get raises and better positions…3 times to be exact she was promoted. Everytime this happened, she had to QUIT her job and then “reapply” on paper, only to have it announced that she had a NEW job. She asked what was going on and was told that her 3 promotions looked like 3 NEW jobs on Unemployment paperwork, and it would help the unemployment numbers for Obama. This is falsification of government papers, as far as I’m concerned. What a racket!!! And, in the article, the guy said they do not count those who are no longer looking for a job. Duh. They have now fallen completely off the books because they were on Unemployment for SO long, that they no longer qualify – it finally ran out! NOW, they had to go to welfare, food stamps, and free cell-phones. They are now in the “system” and have found it’s more profitable NOT to work than to keep plugging along looking for a job in a 10-20% unemployment world. Again, this is just bad writing, reporting, whatever you want to call it. I call it BS….and that was just the part I read. I do not understand why the Left can’t see the forest for the trees. THIS administration, just like many others before it, is trying to undermine the American people. They are trying to divide us by race relations, gay/straight relations, and the have with the have-nots. If we would ALLLL band together, we could overthrow these Harvard educated IDIOTS and create a true country of “WE THE PEOPLE”. These people currently in office do not have our best interest at heart. It is about MONEY and POWER. When everyone wakes up to see that, we can win this war within our own country. If we keep fighting each other, THEY WIN! The powers that be in this country want to divide us into the extremely wealthy (the ones in power) and those who rely upon Government for their jobs, homes, food, and utilities (they are in control). Wake up and smell the real world. It should not be Dems vs. Repubs….it needs to be Good Ol’ Americans vs. the Power-Hungry US Govt. But, with so many working for the government and on government aide, they will not vote against the hand that feeds them.

    • Julie

      Haha! Becky, do you realize that this article is about uniformed people like you? I like that you admit that you only read 1/3 of the article before dumping the same myths that were debunked without stating any proof otherwise. That makes you completely convincing and credible! (sarcasm) Your comment is really hard to read in the giant block form but I will try to find the ridiculousness. In the future consider using a return button and dividing your comments into paragraphs.

      Vacation days: 131/4 = 32.75 days per year,

      That is inline with other with collar jobs in America and not over the top. The point in the article is that Obama isn’t taking as many as previous presidents, citing these nifty things called facts about Reagan and W. Bush. Do you expect a person to go 4 years without a day off? I’m sure you take days off. You go even further claiming that he has the power to stop the press reporting about vacations but he flaunts it? What? He flaunts taking about a month off total per year? Presidents have to work overtime and weekends. If you have a demanding job you are never truly off work.

      Obama has stated that he is Muslim?

      No, He is Christian. He attending Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for years. Like Bush, he has not picked on D.C. church to attend regularly. <– easy google
      Where did he ever state that he was Muslim? Oh, because he isn't, he didn't. You are one of the suckers fooled by Glenn Beck and company.

      Obama is not American?

      Yes, he is. His mother was from Kansas and went to college in Hawaii where she met Obama's father. He was born in Hawaii. Let's pretend that his mother decided to have him overseas. He would still be an American citizen! Why? His mother was an American citizen (she passed or it would be is). That is a ridiculous lie with no basis. Obama looks like his mother and has shown his bc to satisfy the critics (google it).

      Obama is changing our constitution and he fakes documents? <– Like what? You have nothing. Saying "Unicorns exist", is just as factual. He has not pushed for anything more than previous presidents.

      The economy is worse?

      In opposite land, you are right! Companies are doing better, unemployment is down, the number of millionaires is up (read above). You must be very pessimistic. Your friend's job transitions did not tilt the scale in the millions. It took many more than one to improve the numbers. The rest of your argument was disbatched in the article.

      Then you ramble and use random caps. FREEDOM, goberment, POWER, 'merica, constitution (but only your rights, not others) rah, rah rah, hard to see points because you are vague. I wasted my time here because your ignorance is destined to become more intense rather than thinking for yourself outside of Glenn Beck/Fox/Limhead lie box. You have brought regurgitation and nothing new to the table. Congrats!

      • Jack

        Wow the odd little dimocrat girls just keep on coming with their weird facts and statements. Julie first of all the definitions of vacations in regards to the President are not the same as anyone in private practice. The President can declare by law if his trips are vacations or they are just constituent services. Now find out how many days he participated in constituent services. Also check on the days on the job. BO has been away from the White House and worked fewer hours when he is there then any President since the data was taken.
        If you are born outside of the US you cannot run for President. Senator Cruz from Texas was born in Canada to a naturalized American Citizen, his father, and his American born mother. He knows as does everyone else he can never run for President. The only exception is if you are born on American territory over seas. John McCain was born in Panama on an American military base. That is the only exception granted.
        The economy is great? The economy is really humming? Listen well the stock market is soaring because the entire planet is printing funny money led by the US and Japan. They are printing money in the hundreds of billions to get their economies started. Our federal reserve is printing money to the tune of $40 billion a month. The money has no value and is tied into the debt of the USA. Savings and bonds no longer have any value. When you can keep pouring money into the stock market and get possibly 45% returns versus savings accounts which are averaging less then 1% and bond accounts which are less then 3%. Julie when all of this crashes the inflation alone will tear the American economy. This is being kept up because like with BO’s budget there are no cuts of any sort until 2017 when he is gone. This nation right now has been set up by the dimocrats to fail. They know it, they are only afraid they might be in town when this happens. They want to leave town saying we provided free abortions and bankrupted the nation. It is coming of that every economists alive either US or foreign has said that. That is why the corporations are doing so well financially. They are stocking money to ride out this massive hit when it arrives. Corporations are not doing well that are adverse to hiring. They are just being good for their stock holders. You know those millionaires you were screaming about, those guys. If you think I am wrong answer this question since the final bailouts in Europe and Japan are being done why are the largest investors in Wall Street foreign money? hmmm?

      • jjh


        “Obama has stated that he is Muslim?

        No, He is Christian. He attending Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for years. Like Bush, he has not picked on D.C. church to attend regularly. <– easy google
        Where did he ever state that he was Muslim? Oh, because he isn't, he didn't. You are one of the suckers fooled by Glenn Beck and company

        I do not care if he was/is a Muslim, but as to being a Christian? Considering that he claims he didn't hear is preacher's racist rants during his so called sermons. Obama asserts he never heard them. I wonder if the preacher warned him ahead of time, like hey Barry, I have a real hot sermon coming up Sunday, you better bring earplugs or stay home, I wouldn't want you to have to lie about it after. Or Maybe Obama merely sat on the pew and fell asleep, either way not much of a Christian.
        As far as you claims to a better economy, I am sure you can google stories from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc that detail the middle class crunch. Not every negative story comes from Fox News, With so many people who have given up looking for work, it is hard to claim unemployment is down, but even ignoring them (much like the president), unemployment was at 7.9% when Obama took office it took him four years to get it below that level, much later than he promised. Of course both he and you blame Bush, but if he won't take responsibility for his failures, why does he try to claim success for any piece of good news? At what point will he take responsibity for the economy, when the next president is running for reelection?

        As far as your rant about rights, which rights are you willing to give up? Maybe we can make a deal. Look back through history and see how oppressive governments erode the rights of their people. As long as the right in question doesn't negatively affect you and is for the "greater good" it is ok with you. But by the time they get to the rights you worry about it's too late. We have a Constitution to protect us from this. If you don't like guns change the consititution.

        Fox news, etc. are not the only outlets for bad news, they just highlight it when other outlets bury them. Like when the monthly unemployment report is on page one in the paper when unemployment is reported to be lower and on page 4 when it revised higher a month later. I watch more Chris Mathews (spitting accross the table) on TV than listen to Rush on the radio. Then I check multiple sources including CNN, MSNBC and others to verify what they are asserting. Most of the time they are wrong or making incorrect comparisons. Whether or not Obama is a Christain or born somewhere else, I don't really care but by his own promises he is a failure.

    • Alex


      • Bill Peters

        Do you understand that most Republicans don’t like the fact that we are being told things that seem Contradictory by Obama, that Indvidual Liberty is great except for In heathcaare and in Labor then in those instances Collective Liberty is what we need, that the only way to help our fellow man is though the Tax man, Private charity must be secondary, that John Locke’s Trieste of Goverment is great in many things but in a few things Goverment must Ingore the Trieste for betterment of All Americans.

        Ignore Jefferson saying:
        “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.”

        —Thomas Jefferson

        or this saying

        ”Our rulers can have no authority over such natural rights only as we have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted.” Thomas Jefferson

        or this from Washington: I assure you very explicitly that in my opinion the conscientious scruples of all men should be treated with great delicacy and tenderness; and it is my wish and desire that the laws may always be as extensively accommodated to them as a due regard to the protection and essential interests of the nation may justify and permit.
        George Washington To the Religious Society called Quakers, at their Yearly Meeting for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the Western Part of Maryland and Virginia. October, 1789.

        or from Madison: Conscience is the most sacred of all property; other property depending in part on positive law, the exercise of that being a natural and unalienable right. To guard a man’s house as his castle, to pay public and enforce private debts with the most exact faith, can give no title to invade a man’s conscience, which is more sacred than his castle, or to withhold from it that debt of protection for which the public faith is pledged by the very nature and original conditions of the social pact.
        James Madison
        “Property” in The National Gazette (29 March 1792)

        Yet Obama says we must pay for the pill even if your Conscience Objects why cause Healthcare must be a place where Tyranny of the Majority is all there is.

  • Susan

    Ron and Jack, you are truly hateful, disgusting, brainless people, who have no clue about people in need. I’m ashamed to be a fellow human being. You are what is wrong in this world and in this country.

    • Ron S

      My dear Susan,
      I have BEEN “the needy and poor” when I got laid off from my job in the early 80’s. I dug red worms and caught night crawlers for money to feed my family of 3. Get over you pompous little self and get a brain. Seems you what yours out a long time ago.
      Ron S

      Give it up, there’s no fixing stupid.

      Ron S

      • Jack

        Ron you are absolutely correct. The first time Susan posted something I responded to begin a discussion. However, for some reason known only to Susan she decided to not only discuss it, but to double down on stupid. The days when you had the political and intellectual giants of liberalism who would sit and talk with conservatives lucidly and with dignity as both sides did or over. There is no Daniel Patrick Moynihan or John Kennedy in the ranks of these affirmative action liberals who in their 30s still live at home with their parents. If you confront them they immediately begin with name calling and willingness to show a total lack of maturity. Read the post that began all of this. One long name calling diatribe generated by a 30 something who probably still has his mommy cutting the edges off of his toast so he can dunk it easier in his milk at breakfast.

      • Susan

        Look in the mirror.

    • Jack

      Susan here is a quarter go call someone that gives a crap what you think. I asked you some very basic questions that anyone who has ever spent a moment dealing with the homeless would know the answers. You did not. You continue to talk but nothing worth a tinker’s dam ever comes out of you. Your intellectual dishonesty is scary.

      • Bill Peters

        Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression. In our Governments, the real power lies in the majority of the Community, and the invasion of private rights is chiefly to be apprehended, not from the acts of Government contrary to the sense of its constituents, but from acts in which the Government is the mere instrument of the major number of the constituents.James Madison Letter to Thomas Jefferson (1788-10-17).

        But several of Obama’s Acts seem to be about just what Madison is Warning Jefferson about where Goverment has become the Mere Instrument of Majority number of the Constituents without a fail safe to protect the Minority that doesn’t agree.

        If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the general welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one subject to particular exceptions. It is to be remarked that the phrase out of which this doctrine is elaborated, is copied from the old articles of Confederation, where it was always understood as nothing more than a general caption to the specified powers, and it is a fact that it was preferred in the new instrument for that very reason as less liable than any other to misconstruction.
        James Madison
        Letter to w:Edmund Pendleton (1792-01-21)

      • Susan

        Look in the mirror. Your personal beliefs so completely interfere with the pursuit of truth, that you can’t see that you are talking about yourself. You do not scare or intimidate me in any way. Nice try.

      • Jack

        Wow the little girl Susan puff out her John Wayne chest and declares in her anonymity that she is not afraid to speak her mind. Do you have any clue how many eyes were rolling over that nuttiness and breaking out in laughter. You and your sidekick Sancho Panza known here as Amy are just weird. Do you guys take medication? Is there a Doctor we should call in case you totally flip out posting your (I am not crazy the other 7 billion are though) messages? You need help little girl and so does Sancho. I hope you find it.

  • Amy

    Susan, I am sorry that Ron & Jack are so filled with hate that they feel that personal attacks are the only response. It only means that they don’t have anything meaningful to say. I have not spent much time on blogs and now I know why. The hate and viciousness is pitiful. Good for you for not letting either of them get to you. I am now waiting for my Jack attack!

  • Aaron

    I love how all the angry republican comments don’t address any of the points made in the article. Again, they choose to believe what they want and ignore the facts. They start insulting people and because there is more than one of them they just feed off each other, just like in their fox news/right wing blog echo chambers. If you don’t laugh you cry.

    • jjh

      Wow, what a generalization, talk about bias. Try applying that statement to religion, race or creed and see what responses you get. I have an idea don’t respond to those who are not discussing the issues.

  • Rita Wittwer

    Spot on. What’s even more dangerous is the number of people, who used to have brains, that believe this drivel. It is truly scary.

  • CindyP1616

    It’s insanity, isn’t it? I mean, literally INSANITY! Like delusional, make-believe, fantasy, fiction! But whatever…. call it what you will. It absolutely amazes me that FOX news can broadcast this nonsense (and again, I mean NON SENSE in it’s most literal form) and it’s blind followers swallow it whole. The other thing that amazes me is the number of people that I previously thought were intelligent who are falling for this crap…People in my life who’ve suddenly been brainwashed: Doctors that I used to respect, Law Enforcement Officials that I used to believe were rational thinkers, Veterans that I used to admire. It’s sad for me personally and even more so for our country as a whole.

    • I don’t think as many people are buying the BS as once was the case. Fox is steadily losing viewers, by double-digits in some cases. Then there’s the 2012 election which gave some hope for the future. I really do think the public is changing direction.
      BTW, speaking of the 2012 election, remember the outcry of ‘the polls are all biased’, ‘Romney is actually going to win.’ Remember the stunned reactions to the outcome? Took days to settle in that the GOP really didn’t win.

      • Yeah, those pics they showed of the sad-sack GOPers reactions were priceless! I laughed pretty hard!

      • Jim Hubbard

        That’s my main argument when someone claims something is true then goes on to use a Fox News talking point. I ask them if we just inaugurated President Romney, since Fox News went to great lengths to sell the perception that Romney was guaranteed to win in a landslide, even “unskewing” polls because “some people say” that polling groups–even Rasmussen–were in the pocket of Team Obama.

        Their silence lasted from November 7th until Christmas, then tap-tap-tap the Benghaziers started banging that drum again and the Republican Party simply pretended like November 7th never happened.

      • Marty Holden

        They are out there trying to ‘prove’ it was rigged.

      • jdripper

        mary “sigh” so you say that FOX is no longer the powerhouse of news on the Television or radio? mary if that is true then why did the latest Nielsen’s say FOX was third amongst all cable networks from Discovery, to National Geographic, to ESPN, to the NFL network FOX came in THIRD. Whereas CNN finished 26th and MSNBC finished 52nd? Mary please get your facts straight in the future you are looking very silly with your wont to talk first and never think afterwards.

      • Atticus Bleak

        FOX is a cable station with comedy, drama, and sitcom shows. They have such popular shows as Futurama and Family Guy. CNN and MSNBC are news stations, that almost exclusively show the news. You are determining the value of a single program by the entire channel’s rating. It just so happens that in addition to providing the news, FOX also has very popular prime time shows. You can’t judge the popularity of one program based on the ratings for the channel.

      • jdriper

        Atticus you are nuts or something. OK atticus we shall make this simple. FOX News, FOX Business Channel, FOX Classic Films are all cable channels. FOX Channel is an over the air broadcast that has Funny Guy, Baseball, and Football. You got that little fellow? Did that come across for you? By the way the head of MSNBC declared in an interviews that MSNBC is not a News Channel. They don’t ever consider it themselves. Typical dimocrat talk first take medication later.

      • kubush

        It’s Family Guy, not Funny Guy, idiot. And comparing Fox channel with sitcoms, to news channels such as CNN is not a fair comparison at all. The comparison should be made between Fox NEWS channel and CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    • The brainwashing has been insidious, of amazingly long duration, and sometimes almost voluntary…

    • fischekin

      i agree, when it;s about money and maintaining the status quot , white on top society, we have a long row to hoe, and hours before the sun drops.

    • What baffles me is that Fox News CONTINUES to not check its facts, no matter how many times they end up with egg on their face over some misinformation they have delivered. They just don’t seem to get embarrassed by their overt lack of any research.

      • well they have developed an avoidance of using actual facts.

      • jdripper

        bambi have you heard the other media people especially CBS and the Washington Post saying point blank that FOX was correct on Benghazi, the IRS, the DOJ, the selling of almost 3,000 assault weapons to the Mexican drug lords. They were right and all of the people like you were wrong. Does that not make you feel foolish after all of your ranting and gnashing of teeth they were right and honest whereas you are not.

      • kubush

        Except they weren’t right on Benghazi. The irs and fast and furious had nothing to do with Obama.

      • jdriper

        kibush there were correct on Benghazi as your inability to cit anything
        that says they are not. Then you are a dimocrat whatever the party
        tells you then you obediently and robotically do. kibush no leader, no
        manager, no grand poobah, has ever stood in their position and not know
        who was responsible and in charge. If he had survived the war you would
        be one of those delirious people who would have stood and screamed he
        fired no bullet, he flew no planes, his signature does not appear on any
        document declaring the “final solution” so that fellow Hitler has to be
        freed. He no pull the trigger then he is innocent. You see kibush all
        of the great leaders, Julius Caesar, Octavius, Napoleon, Wellington,
        Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Lee, Macarthur, Patton, Kennedy, Reagan all
        knew that they were responsible for everything that their people did
        under them. You sit there in a fever pitch attempting to declare BO
        innocent of anything and not even the press backs you anymore. The FBI
        began their investigation only 2 weeks ago into the IRS. Fast and
        Furious began with his AG setting up an operation that the previous
        administration had said in writing not to do this. The Ambassador to
        Belguim has been caught purchasing underage prostitutes for parties he
        hosted at the Embassy and hotels. The NSA has gone far beyond any laws
        or mandates that it was supposed to do. Yet there sits kibush as the other libreals here no facts, no citations, nothing just blind, ugly loyalty.

      • Jerry Stephen

        You seriously need to get back on your meds.
        Benghazi has been debunked, the email ‘proof’ was doctored by the Republicans. The IRS “scandal” has been debunked — even Mitch McConnell says there is no ‘there’ there.
        Your whole rant into ‘Hitler’-land is nonsensical and a little bit disturbing. Finally, calling people names does not advance your cause; it cheapens it instead…

      • jjh

        The IRS scandal that Obama himself outed, is not debunked, the head of the IRS was fired, another official took the fifth and refused to resign when asked. The administration’s timeline on what they knew and when they knew it is under constant revision. As far as Benghazi, there is much more than so-called doctored emails. But if you won’t admit that Obama was right that the IRS was targeting conservative groups, nothing will convince you on Benghazi.

      • kubush

        The point being is that the Obama administration was not involved in the IRS targeting certain groups such as tea party groups. And were you aware that they also targeted liberal groups such as Occupy as well? Or did Fox News not mention that?

      • jdriper

        jerry you are either deluded or else someone snuck a laptop into your room in the Sanitarium. There was no email proof doctored by the Republicans. That is so stupid that only someone like you would believe it. Show us jerry, come baby show us your complete proof. While you are it please give up the names and locations of the 27 State Department people who are now hidden and remain hidden by the State Department. All of them dealing with Benghazi.
        The IRS scandal is debunked? I guess Lois Lerner never got that message before taking the fifth? She was just being cute? What? I guess the head of the IRS who is no longer the head of the IRS retired on his established schedule? DEMOCRATS if you wish to continue these lies to support Barack Obama at least get some people good at it. jerry, bambi, kubush, marty and rest are liars but they are not good liars. The next idiot who comes in and says these scandals are over you are lying. If they are over then why does the FBI have full blown prosecutors.and investigators investigating these and they are declaring that the there, there is deep, dark, and criminal.

      • Jerry Stephen

        I know how much it must pain you to be wrong… *again* First you back the wrong candidate for POTUS, then your ‘scandals’ become jokes…
        It took the Democratic Senator to release the detailed emails re: the IRS ‘scandal’, and even Mitch McConnell says there is *nothing* tying the White House to the IRS investigations of the POLITICAL Teabagger organizations requesting tax-exempt status to launder money.
        The Benghazi thing is so over, only moronic Teabaggers still believe that there was a ‘cover up’. More people died at embassy attacks under BUSH than under Obama… Where was your outrage then? Why no screaming conspiracy then?
        You need to step away from Glen Beck and the whole far right wingnut conspiracy crowd and come back to the real world.
        That, and start taking your meds…

      • jdriper

        jerry, jerry, jerry you are the typical fool liberal once you get it wrong you stand defiant on your plastic boat going down the drain in your bathtub.

        I love the way you keep saying tea bagger, your homophobia is showing and I can see why you dress like lower IQ “bag boy”. First of all stupid bag boy no ambassador died under President Bush. You are so stupid that you don’t get it. An ambassador is the physical representative of the United States. Why is Barack Obama such a failure? Because his followers don’t understand what the position, importance and power of an ambassador is. That is why he is dead because of people such as you were supposed to be protecting him. How does that yellow stain down your back look? Does it match Obama’s? Ambassador Stevens is dead and good old cowardly big mouth Barack Obama who said we will bring them to justice who committed this act can’t even tell you who was involved. How does it feel that Iceland, tiny Iceland hates him so much that are wiling to take Snowden? Why even bother talking with an idiot such as you, a coward. What is BO’s approval ratings by the way big mouth? Christ Matthews not told you yet today?

      • Pixie Stix

        A leader is responsible for everything that happens on his watch? So I guess that you have no problem with saying that President Obama killed Bin Laden.
        I’ve noticed that that seems to be the point at which the leader is no longer personally responsible for the actions of his subordinates. Funny that.

      • jdriper

        little demented pixie did you see anyone talking bout Bin Laden. Typical small minded liberal keep changing every discussion till maybe, just maybe they get something, anything correct. You are funny pixie you are hysterical. Now please try a coherent, correct thought. The world awaits.

      • Pixie Stix

        Well, you are good at name calling, and being patronizing, I’ll give you that. You say that Bin Laden is an inappropriate topic at this juncture. Very well. Let’s go back to the people that died while the President was in power. You mentioned that an ambassador, “the physical representative of the United States” was killed on President Obama’s watch. Frankly, I think you are splitting hairs there. It wasn’t one person, it was four. The other people matter as well. Dear President Bush lost just under 3,000 people, depending on which statistics you look at. That makes it just a smidge worse than Perl Harbor and therefore the worst terrorist action on American soil. Tell me, did you speak of Bush in these terms also? When you found out that he had been warned ahead of time, did you call hm a coward, and all the rest?

      • jdriper

        pixie you just in your foolish rant just affirmed what all of America knows. dimocrats are clueless to foreign affairs and defense. Poor little pixie for some reason like all dims you refuse to acknowledge that Bill Clinton said not to kill Bin Laden. Four times we had him in our cross hairs, and four times he said no. The little dims like you though wish to blame President Bush. What a joke you are making of yourself.

      • kubush

        Talk about being clueless. SMH.

      • Bruce Molyneux

        2 wrongs make right

      • republicanssuck

        Hey jdriper. Stop insulting other people or this Viet Nam Vet liberal hippie will hunt you down and make you my bitch.

      • jdriper

        little, tiny, insignificant, baby RS, talk is cheap, action speaks volumes. You will never speak volumes cowards never do and you are a coward.

      • Bruce Molyneux

        what a derp

      • Bruce Molyneux

        bullshit he knew about fnf that’s been proven hell it’s on video when they first announced the program at news conference,i can give you the link.and i suppose eric holder was never found guilty of contempt either.

    • jjh

      Maybe it’s not them but you, If you don’t believe a Fox News story check to see if it’s reported by other outlets, even the NY Times gets it right once in awhile. Too many libs dismiss “facts” by citing it’s only Fox News mantra without ever checking to see if it is also reported by other outlets. Many times I have quoted articles from Reuters, NY Times, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, only to have some Lib say it must be from Fox News and therefore incorrect.

      • Earthskimmer

        Keep a tally for one week, Cindy. You’ll be surprised at FOX’s lead in disseminating blatant untruth. Not that the others are much better–but I’d exclude PBS. It doesn’t fit the “news for dollar-value” corporate model.

      • jabberwocky

        But doesn’t NBC and Huff Post do the same thing from the other side?

      • jabberwocky

        jjh, I know what you mean. If it does fit the lib/progressive agenda it must be from FOX and therefore false. Sad.

      • sueatt

        that’s because they usually are false. sad about that too.

      • Marty Holden

        JJh, hey we DO, that’s why you’re having so much trouble selling your puss filled bubbles of fantasy.

      • jjh

        Marty, you must be really bummed out about Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, and spying on the press. Oh wait those are your bubbles of fantasy.

      • Marty Holden

        Since though have ALL turned out to nothing more than fishing Expedtions, not at all. the FISA warrants were all legal and it was for records only, No recordings were made and complied with the FISA warrant, F/F was also legal, AND instituted by Bush, you missed there too. THe IRS thing, though disturbing, was not only legal but it has been found oout to be applied equally to BOTH conservative AND liberal (in fact the only denied was a liberal organization), you lose that one on principle and likely the whole thing, andas for Benghazi- so what -your whistleblower wasn’t, you have no proof of wrong doing by the executive branch or State – but you do have evidence your side leaked ALTERED talking point memos to a conservatively bent reporter. THen the reporter made it sound as if he saw hard copies. Not looking good for your bubbles TROLL.

      • jdripper

        marty you are very divorced from the ability to tell the truth. First of all President Bush’s administration shut down Fast and Furious. They even had several senior personnel write for the record that this was a very bad idea and should never be tried again. They attempted to sell 200 guns which were traceable and had the full knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican police in doing this.

        Your boy BO came along ignored all warnings and sold over 2,700 guns none of them traceable and the Mexican police had no idea this was going on and at a minimum over 200 people have died under BO but none under Bush.

        In regards to the IRS I guess the fact that Loris Lerner was forced onto administrative leave. That the Head of the IRS was dismissed, nah according to crazy marty nothing here, keep on moving. What a ditz. Oh by the way marty it is illegal for political purposes to detain or harass any taxpayers or groups in which they belong. People in the IRS will be going to prison as soon as this corrupt President is gone so honest investigations will be conducted.

        Also marty understand this; it is easy to sit there and say show me proof when the White House continues to withhold evidence and proof. Get your White House to grow a backbone of steel and release the documents.

        If nothing improper or illegal was done then why hold the documents?Yeah, yeah we have heard over and over again “we released over 25,000 documents” they were heavily redacted where over 15,000 pages of them had only one word on them.

        It is so easy to destroy your arguments, but not enough time or space to do it.

      • jjh

        Marty, Since the acting head of the IRS resigned at the presidents request and a another took the fifth, and the administration has to keep revising what they knew and when they knew it, I think you are wrong. Holding up applications for up to 18 months is worse, you can’t appeal a non-decision. There are more sources of the talking point emails and memos that show the changes.

        What other deaths and embassy attacks do you refer? The ones under Clinton perhaps? If no hearings took place then your side should have called for them. Bush blamed the attacks on terrorists that actually carried them out and did not invent a story to shift the blame. You are the one fishing without a hook, TROLL.

      • wildclover

        And a lot of the reports get retracted after the responsible networks realize they’ve been had.
        Here’s the way it works- morning talk and commentary on FOX has some pundit speculate about something, a PM show has a host who mentions that “a news personality stated that..”, then the evening news reports that several sources report whatever. The AP picks up the rumor, and they run with a line about it, which gets picked up by all the other outlets. Now everyone is reporting the nonsense spouted first on FOX (or Drudge, or Breitbart). Meanwhile, the FOX bot says “Look! CBS and CNN are reporting the same thing FOX is, it must be true!”. Someone fact checks, and find out it isn’t anything, and a correction gets made on page 8 of the papers, and in a line at the bottom of the articles on-line, which no one ever sees who watches FOX, because they are on to the next bit of fantasy.
        This is why people _still_ believe Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 and we found WMDs in Iraq. Be first and loudest with bad info, drum it into people’s heads, and when it is debunked, no one seems to remember. Our brains work that way unless you have time, energy, and the capacity for critical thinking. A week of screaming headlines trumps all the debunks in the world saying that now that the facts are in, those headlines were not true after all.

      • jjh

        That is quite the scenario you have concocted. Basically you are saying all the other news outlets are sitting around waiting for Fox News to report something, then steal it without giving proper accreditation. So when CNN reported possible CIA involvement in Benghazi, it was Fox’s fault, no wait CNN said it first.
        Please supply some valid examples, Saddam isn’t.
        You do comprehend that you have insulted nearly every liberal who has posted on this page by creating this fantasy. They believe everything that MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and AP says. You better run for cover.

    • jabberwocky

      The problem is we have no objective reporting in the US. None. It’s all slanted one way or the other.

    • alj momma

      It’s sad that you would not like people that you’ve had relationships with in the past just because they don’t agree with you. we can not pass judgement on others because they don’t agree with our own beliefs. It seems like progressives do this louder than conservatives. It sounds so hypocritical to call people bad because you do not think they have open minds to your way of thinking. This country is divided and we need to come together and stop hating each other for their God given and constitutional right to their own opinion. We are so fortunate to be able to disagree but the spirit of it needs to change or we will not get anywhere.

      • CindyP1616

        I never said that i did not like anyone. My relationships are very much in present, not in the past as you insinuate. I never called my friends or colleagues who are conservatives “bad”. And most important, I DO NOT HATE! You have an uncanny knack for twisting my words and I really wish you wouldn’t.

      • We especially need to start hating the democrats because something like 90% of their policies would have fit in to Bush’s worldview.

        That’s why it feels dangerous. What’s going to happen when the GOP reclaims the presidency? Are all these thousands of people smearing Obama over war, torture, drones, civil liberties, the burgeoning police state, etc going to continue to stay vigilant? I have no doubt that a healthy percentage will, but I think the drop off will be palpable and maybe even dramatic. Suddenly they’ll be accusing the democratic opposition of sympathizing with terrorists and trying to keep the government from doing its job again. The protesters will suddenly become traitors for “giving aid and comfort to the enemy during wartime” – a popular position when Bush was in office that got flip flopped the second Obama took the reigns.

        The democrats are mostly scum as well, and they’ll likely start to care about civil liberties and being the anti-war party again after years of blatant hawkery. But that time hasn’t come yet so I can only focus on what’s happening now

      • Victoria Lamb

        “reins,” not “reigns”

      • notbob

        I might agree if our government (the Right more than the Left) wasn’t bought and paid for. I say the Right more than the Left because it is primarily for-profit corporations that sponsor the Right. Those corporations have a lot of money (profits) at stake. By manipulating government policies regarding taxes and regulations, corporations can make higher profits. All this comes at the expense of “the working class” and the needy. That said, I am against ANY money in our political system. It’s a blatant conflict of interests. It forbids rational dialog to address issues which affect the masses since we can’t know the agenda isn’t based on selfish interests.

    • Mrs D

      I know what you mean – my own brother, who got a generous share of the family intelligence, was raised by the same wonderful mother who never had a harsh word for anyone, professes to love and care about his 3 sisters, 4 stepsisters, 2 nieces, 7 great-nieces and his wife; yet can’t hear me tell him how he is voting to suppress each and every one of us! Too busy complaining about how “Obummer” has ruined our country and repeating lies that no intelligent person would swallow for a second. Such a staunch supporter of the military, yet has no qualms calling his Commander in Chief every foul name in the book. I avoid having any political discussion with him and communicate mostly through FB, where he is on very thin ice due to his postings on my page that go against everything I hold dear. His ignorance is of his own choice, which is inexcusable and a slap to our mother who raised him to use common sense and reason. So sad.

  • Kelly Scaletta

    More and more I’m starting to think that the Republicans have a strategy of arguing that is hard to put a word on. Sophistry is just far too short. It’s the equivalent of using arguments like, “If smoking kills, why are so many smokers still alive.”

    It’s to use an argument so fundamentally flawed, and wrong, and fallacious and factually wrong, that your brain literally overloads in response. The sheer VOLUME of refutations floods the brain, so you have to take a moment to think about which on the 2,000 angles to approach it from, knowing that whichever one you chose, they’ll try an use another one.

    Their basic foundational “grasp” of anything remotely logical or factual is so nonexistent that you can’t have an actual discussion with them.


      You hit on a great point and I’ll take it one step further. They’ve succeeded in actually using refutations as PROOF that they are right. Isn’t that what the mainstream/lamestream media cry is all about? They’ve created a Teflon shield around themselves.

      “Patriotism” falls under that spell too. How better to drive more money to the war profiteers than by labeling any dissenters as “unpatriotic?” Goering was the master and Rove the disciple. Now, with the advent of digital media, it’s taken on a life of it’s own.

      Good post.

      • Smack on target, TeeJayz. But, didn’t you mean Joseph Geobbels? the Head of the Ministry of Propaganda? Goering was the head of the Luftwaffe.

      • TEEJAYZ

        You are correct Stephen and I should have been more clear. I was referring to the quote by Goering about walking people in to war.

        “All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked,and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

      • LL11

        I used that quote when I was called unpatriotic in 2003 after denouncing the invasion of Iraq. They of course walked away or told me I “didn’t understand”.

      • Bert Sierra

        If it makes you feel any better, I feel that Hermann Göring quote definitely applied to how we were coaxed and scared into the 2003 war with Iraq. That you would be denounced as unpatriotic instead of simply a pacifist is exactly what Göring was referring to way back in 1945.

      • Mrs. Lee

        Did you denounce the invasion of Libya? How about the war in Syria we created? I see this was posted 3 years ago. Just wondering if you support obummer still? I voted for him twice and I deeply regret it. Byt hey, at least I FINALLY opened my eyes! Better late than never!

      • white trash religious scum

        you voted for obama is as true as Im a 7 ft tall martian lightning bolt

        you are a white trash GOP apologist- bereft of any facts; adding NOTHING to any discussion

      • lessthantolerant

        don’t confuse the boy with facts, he is a liberal and truth or facts mean nothing.

    • Your words take me back to my question about the emotional underpinnings of their methods of thinking – what are they trying to protect in their world view?

      • Their view of the world. Not really any religion, philosophy, or race. Just their view of themselves as RIGHT. Watch them, even on small things, when presented with even a FACT (incontrovertible) that they don’t like. “Well, all I know is *insert cheap shot, unrelated to discussion*. ANYTHING to avoid admitting they are wrong. I have no idea why- we’re ALL wrong sometimes, they just can’t deal with it.

      • Thvwandool Yusef Moring

        Every democrat I know does that too. So tell me if Obama is for peace why did he expand the war on terror to 4 new nations, Lie for war in Syria, Allow “enhanced interrogation” and the Bush admin banned it, refuse Russia info for disarming our Nukes as per the treat that HE (Obama) signed and increased the nuclear investment on weapons to the largest in history (600mil to 11.6 bill) ? Let’s start there.

        Insert Bush deflection below. While you are doing that take good note that I AM NOT REPUBLICAN.

      • gemma liar

        war in Syria? I mustve been fucking my gal and missed that very short conflict

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Then you did miss their need to save the Syrians from the government by sending cruise missiles into their neighborhoods like the nutty-yahoo(s) wants so desperately done to everyone they hate. We shut that war down before they waged it completely.

      • gemma liar

        hey fuckface—- no bombs dropped; no soldiers sent on any soil. WE shut down WHAT war? IF U are a FOX “news” watcher then U will be nodding like a muppet that USSR caused the non proliferation of hostility. they closer fact is Obama behind closed doors chatted enough with Russia to let THEM know that we indeed were going 2 percolate the Syrians with cute little bombs. Russia relented and had its “ally” Syria realize that Russia couldn’t stop america from martian-landscaping their soil. Ergo- peace. again— what FUCKING WAR did I miss U uninformed white trash regressive???

      • jdripper

        LOL gemma is a liar, gemma is a liar….LOL For a 12 year old you really hold up well.

      • gemma liar

        shouldn’t U be saying ” nanni nanni boo boo….stick ur head in the doo doo”? Gemma Marie Vozza is some Italian CHRISTIAN big chested female I was involved with 12 yrs ago– I Broke it off after 16 months; stayed in touch ( enjoying sex with her christian ass as she was in a nice CHRISTIAN marriage to Garry Davidson,,,,, a few moths ago I caught her dual persona in a series of lies so I 86’d her and “honor ” her with this moniker.; Now shouldn’t U be eating your frozen pizza and getting ready for your nightly onanistic playing with internet porn?

      • jdripper

        Let me get this straight you named your right hand gemma? You look at it every night and smile wistfully and say gemma I love you and then go to work on your “pecker”? gemma the great liar anyone who would have sex with you is too lazy to masturbate.

      • gemma liar

        6’2 210 ,,,,basketball; weights and surfing ( live in FT.L year round). if I was able to send U photos of the woman I am with now and/or the ones I have been with in my life for DECADES U would simply say that I stole the pics. I luv when a micropenile toad such as thee transposes HIS lifestyle upon others …… keep up the great work small fella—— keep crying

      • fester0420

        go troll some where else.

      • white trash religious scum

        ^^^^^ no fact^^^^; just TROLLDOM

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Have you ever taken the wrong meaning from what I’ve said. WE -SHUT -DOWN the LIARS that wanted to wage war,,, “to save them from state bombs (recall the chemical bomb blast they claimed was from official Syrian state reps?) we will kill them with our bombs’ lies.

        Whew are the LIARS I refer to? They are in occupation of Palestine and the USSA at the moment. These foreign “rebels” (rebel is a local turned against the state, except in Syria, they are foreign contractors working for the scumbags of the planet) are not Syrian, so whew are they rebelling against in Syria? No one if they are foreigners, am I right or not?

      • gemma liar

        hey spongehead—please read ( re read) your post in question: U said ” we shut down the war” ,,,,,not the liars,,,,U said WAR. Now- I will quote joe pesci in “my cousin vinny”…..”THE DEFENSE RESTS”

      • fester0420

        not even close

      • fester0420

        and wtf is the USSA

      • fester0420

        moron there were no cruise missiles

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        The uninformed should refrain from leaving their opinions fester. They (obummer and insane ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb Iraq’ McCain) wanted to bomb the Syrians to save them from the non-existent state chemical weapons. Where the hell have you idiots been.

      • drdarke

        Neither is Bill O’Reilly, @thvwandoolyusefmoring:disqus – what does that prove?

        I would like to ask, as @gemmaliar:disqus did – What war in Syria? And in what universe did The War Criminal Bush Regime ban “enhanced interrogation” – unless you believe, to paraphrase Koko in THE MIKADO, “If Bush said a thing was to be done, it would be done – indeed, it was as good AS done, so why not say so?”

        No, you’re not a “Republican”, you’re worse – you’re a Right Wing War Criminal Bush-Sucking Troll.

      • Bruce

        Care to provide links to your Rant, I didn’t think so, but I’ll wait… just not long.

      • janinec

        Facts? I think you have it backwards. I have found that most people on the left do not accept facts. They will instead manipulate and take things out of context to create false impressions in order to “prove” they are right. For example, REAL unemployment is higher than 7.4%, That is a fact, but the administration will not count those people who have given up looking for work. By changing how they define unemployment numbers, people are manipulated into thinking it is better than it is.

      • cassafrass

        That’s a stupid argument @janinec:disqus because that’s the same formula all administrations (Bush, Obama, etc) have used for years. So by your logic, Bush’s unemployment numbers would be reported too low as well.

      • What the…

        True.. almost…but the administration will not count those people who have given up looking for work because they never have … no not with any president … ever …No one has changed how they define unemployment numbers….

      • regressive white trash reli

        rightwing regressives change it when a democrat is in power,,,,,,,,,,

      • Bruce

        Again “real Unemployment”, that TROPE and Canard…

        “Unemployment is at record highs! FALSE. Unemployment hit a high during November 2009 of 10%, it’s now at 6.2%. I can already hear the Republican rebuttal to this one as well, “But that doesn’t include the people who have stopped looking for work!” I hate to burst your bubble, but the unemployment rate never includes those who have given up looking for work. This isn’t a shift in what defines our unemployment rate, this is how it has been calculated for quite some time.”

        Read more at:

      • that is the actual definition of conservative, where they wish to maintain the status quo. one’s world view is the essential status quo, and conservatives need to defend that. now look up Dunning-Kruger and see why so many of them cannot be reasoned with, beyond their aggressive defense of their own world view.

      • jdripper

        heather are you still defending Obamacare? Still attempting to reason with people who tell you that you are full of shit when you say that Obamacare is a magic law that will heal all wounds and cost nothing. Poor little girl.

      • gemma liar

        he calls her a poor little girl ’cause heeee donn’ get no female company

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Little girl isn’t a turn-on.

      • Lindsey

        Their power. Pure and simple, by praying on the weak-minded.

      • i love FOX

        EXACTLY!!!! How do you think Osama got elected? By praying on the weak minded. They are the only ones who would vote for him.

      • Annie

        LOL ^^ i love FOX^^

        I love it when someone voluntarily elects to be the shining example of precisely displaying GOP logic. And I am sure they are totally unaware that they just did that. Its just proof of their shallow logic.

      • Emeraldeyes

        ^ ^ TROLL alert!
        * *

      • Bruce Israel

        I love the demonstration of this. And not to be a spelling/grammar nazi, but if you confuse Osama/Obama or even praying/preying, you will stay confused.

        Regarding the article, it pointed out many factual errors in the flood of anti-Obama screeds, and how did you reply to that? Well, you didn’t show how any of those were wrong; instead you decided to label any supporters of Obama as being “weak minded”. Rather than being weak minded, let me offer you an alternate explanation (one which you will no doubt ignore anyway), and that is that we actually like to make our decisions based on reality, so we look at the facts as we can get them, NOT what we would like to believe or are just told. Try that sometime; when you want to make an argument (on any side), do some research and see if it can be supported, or if there is actual evidence out there that might disprove your argument. After all, if you can find evidence against your claims, be very sure that people who don’t start out agreeing with you certainly can.

      • jdripper

        brucie if you continue to confuse reality with fantasy land we shall call you a paranoid schizophrenic. I guess your reading skills are not that deep. Every point that the writer of this site posted have in numerous posts here have with real facts, not just the ones you cherry pick to believe, that he is full of crap.

        brucie your hero Obama under his tutelage now has the nations in the Middle East saying that the US cannot be trusted. That Obama is not honest or has ethics. His buffoonery in the Middle East and in other foreign places is a disgrace to this nation.

        brucie your hero Obama under his tutelage has fueled the largest outcropping of part time jobs since the 1930s. No one is making money, no one is advancing and the costs of health care is exploding. Don’t believe me then take your fight to the labor unions they will tell you where to take your blind loyalty and shove it. I know a lot of union members right now who would deck you for your insanity and shall we say unabashed ignorance.

      • hmmm

        And by doing what you cite, what does that do for corporate profits….hmmm….let’s see…..less full time employees, means less health care benefits they have to pay (heck less benefits in general). As for the unions, less full time employees, less peopel able to pay dues, which means less money. Unions have been useless and outdated for years. Forcing many small businesses out of the market, that were union shops, because they can’t afford to compete against non-union shops. The bottom line to businesses is to make money, and they will find a way to get there regardless of costs to employees.

      • Bruce Israel

        Talk about lack of reading skills! Outside of an offhand reference to include me as a supporter of Obama, I said nothing about cherry-picking data or about Obama being my hero. I addressed most of your points in more detail in another message (which for some reason needs moderation), so I won’t repeat it here. I will point out that you seem so locked into your anti-Obama attitude, coupled with the unnecessary ad-hominem and insult-laden attacks (demonstrated both here and in your interchanges with backell), that I don’t expect any real evidence could change your mind in any case.

      • jdripper

        brucie he is the worse President in the history of the Republic and only the most blinded member of the sheep would refuse to accept that. brucie you and becky are the same too weak and too much the ideologues to have any merit.

      • Bruce Israel

        The worst president in the history of the republic? Damn!!!! Another conservative who thinks the country is only five years old! He’s not even the worst president in the current century! Look, my training is as a scientist, so I like observable and objective data when possible. To evaluate a president, I ask a simple question; are the people better or worse off after his term than before? So far Obama is on track to be a pretty good president in my view. When you look at Bush though, he takes the prize as the worst. I think in terms of people’s safety, that people did no feel as safe when Bush left office as when he was inaugurated. And in terms of financial security, I think people are worse off too. When he came in, there was a budget surplus and the economy was booming. When Bush left, there was rampant unemployment, the economy was in the midst of the worst recession we’ve had in decades (what I’ve heard would have been called a depression if the economists used the term any more), and the federal budget was at almost $1.5 Trillion dollars. Since then unemployment has improved a bit, the budget is down a lot, the stock market has set records, and the economy, while still anemic, is not the molasses growth of earlier. You may not like him, but if you look at the actual data without letting it be colored by your immense dislike of the man, you will see that things are better. They’d be a lot better if those fools in congress would actually try to improve things for the country rather than spending their efforts trying to make Obama look bad and sabotaging his own efforts. I think you have proven who is a “blinded member of sheep” happens to be, since my claims are all objective and verifiable. That’s ok; you are not the first right-winger that I’ve found who says “I know what I know; don’t try to confuse me with reality” and you are likely not the last one.

      • jdripper

        brucie, brucie, a scientist who can not tell the truth. Why do liberals such as you lie? Bush was given a robust economy? You are delusional. Silicon Valley lost over 1,000,000 jobs from the early Spring of 2000 till December of 2001. Get that stupid? The recession was in full force. Clinton was doing nothing to stop it. His best and brightest were gone they must have had you there then.

        Bush orchestrated a major tax cut and the economy began to grow. By August of 2001 the economy was firing on all cylinder due to it. Then 9/11 happened I am sure such a great mind of yours heard about this thing that your Bozo President Clinton left us. In other words brainless, in 96 hours from start to finish the American Economy lost over $1 trillion.

        That nation took a hit like no other ever has and hopefully no other shall. Yet by 2003 the economy was beginning to perk. In 56 consecutive months there was growth in the jobs in the private sector. Are you still following great scientist mind? Those were full time jobs witless wonder.

        In over 52 months using the definitions of Bill Clinton, George Bush had full employment. That was 3 out of the four Presidents who in their terms had full time employment the majority they were in office. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George Bush were the real presidents. Not like you and Barack Obama attempting to pass yourselves off as actual viable creatures.

        Numbers you love numbers, Mr. Scientist? Then lets try these more people now say the economy and the nation are in worse shape then did under Bush. More people now trust President Bush more then they do BO. The economy is in tatters with more people working part time then have done so since the 1930s.

        America is being laughed at around the globe. The Chinese look upon as a market and openly stated in their politburo that the US under BO is not to be feared. Travel the Middle East everywhere there is graffiti mocking America and specifically this waste of skin in the Oval Office BO.

        In other words Mr. Thrill Kill everything that you have written today is a lie. You are a liar. Wherever you work as a scientist you should be fired.

      • Bruce Israel

        Your biased evaluation of the facts comes through loud and clear. I grant that 9/11 did a large amount of the damage to the US economy. But the Bush tax cuts did not get the economy revving again. All they did was lower federal revenues. And then add to that the expenses of a war in Afghanistan (which duplicitously was not put on the budget), necessary though it was, you end up with a big hit to the federal costs. And then this is the part that I blame Bush for (not for Afghanistan), but then he cherry picks unreliable data to come up with a pretext to invade Iraq, a war that seemed unnecessary to me even when he was trying to make the case for it. If I could barely afford my house on my salary, and then decided to take a pay cut (the Bush tax cuts) and also buy an expensive second house (the war in Iraq), I’d be considered extremely irresponsible. Well, that’s what Bush did, so you can’t tell me that you consider him a responsible steward of our economy. The numbers that I mentioned before all demonstrate the falsity of that conclusion.

        Regarding the opinion of BO overseas; this was in my other message but I will synopsize. Google for the data; you will find that the opinion of the US has decreased a decent amount over the past two years. BUT, when you compare global opinion vs 2008 during Bush’s last year, they still have a higher opinion and more respect now than they did then.

        I definitely think the economy is pretty anemic now; so tell me why congress hasn’t seen fit to bring any jobs bills up for discussion? Obama can only do so much, and cannot pass laws at all. There is some improvement; much in the corporate profits (which puts the lie to the whole concept of trickle-down) but not as much making it to the middle class, which the republicans care not a whit about. Stop paying attention only to Fox News and look at all the data, including that which may disprove your pet theories; you may learn something.

      • Bruce Israel

        I think I’m going to drop this, since arguing with someone who is opposed to looking at reality is not very fruitful. But I would point out the silliness of you continuing to insult me and to call me a liar. I haven’t done that to you because I understand that with the limited view you take, you actually believe what you are spewing. You may not interpret the data I offer, but it’s all true data, so calling me a liar is a demonstration of some inherent paranoia I think, since for me to be a liar, I would have to believe that what you are saying is all true and I am just trying to intentionally mislead you.

      • jdripper

        brucie, brucie, brucie if all had was fake data I would turn tale and run away also. You are really a disgusting little boy. Get this brucie against the monolith of Obamacare there is nothing the GOP can do. Since you only skew data to enlighten your lies try this. Why the dims, your patron saints, to date never passed a budget in the Senate? You speak about the GOP, but your dimocrat Senators refuse to do anything.

        Oh that is right you give the dims a pass on that. When the GOP held the Congress and the White House no disasters like we face now existed. You speak of polling from around the world. Please show me the polls that said we are more respected now then when President Bush was in office. No we were not liked as with all dims though you fail to tell the whole story the key is to be respected. As Churchill and so many other leaders have said fear is better in foreign policy then love.

        Brucie you never offer data. You just say I was reading a poll, what poll, when was it taken, how was it taken? I read economic data from where, who wrote it, when was it published? The numbers bear me out, what numbers, when were they published. You are one of the fools who come here, drone on forever, offer nothing, then say weren’t you reading?

        Please do go away brucie there are too many liberals with arguments and rationale to debate and who will debate unlike the liars such as you and beckie.

      • Roy Blankenship

        Your attempts at being condescending are doing more damage to your lame arguments than the arguments themselves. KMA.

      • jdripper

        roy blankenship moi? condescending? You should hear my comments about the most terrible legislation passed in history, Obamacare. I see the loony left is back here again. What? You guys have all of this free time since watching your hour glass spin round and round while attempting to show the world the vaunted Obamacare website can’t even do address ranges.

      • gemma liar

        jd was sleeping during bush presidency,,,give him a well-deserved break

      • Bruce

        Ignore the TROLL, nothing here, move along, move along.

      • gemma liar

        data: Reagan 189% increase in our debt. 1st bush 55% increase in debt,,,Clinton POSITIVE 37% decrease in our debt. GWbush 115% increase in DEBT- Obama 16% DECREASE : source ? US TREASURY…… Reagan NO MINIMUM WAGE increase; IRAN CONRTA scandal which gave our weapons to terrorists. BUSH: 2 wars (unpaid) and tax DECREASES for those who didn’t need it. Housing bubble burst; near depression and surplus turned into 10Plus trillion deficit. huge gap widening in who has money( middle class further deteriorate) medicare D which allowed big medical insurance and medical device makers MORE profit. the beginning of the end for postal service,,,,,, OK- YOUR TURN with FACTS

      • jdripper

        gemma, gemma, gamma have you ever opened your mouth or typed on a keyboard without lying? little boy are you aware of the difference in deficits and debts? You seem very confused and befuddld by these two terms. First of you of no brain and lying demeanor BO is the President not Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, or either Bush this entire thread was about BO. I guess that was too complex for your thinking. You wish to talk about everything else (by using lies) instead. First of all little boy the two tax cuts that Bush passed were for everyone. Even someone as stupid as you benefited from them. They were the greatest tax cuts in history and they worked. Clinton took money that was supposed to be held for SS and spent that to pay on the debt. He never paid on the debt he paid on the deficit which is why the debt has gone crazy. OH yes little boy of very small brain Reagan did not sale weapons to the Iranians. The Iranians bought F-4 Phantoms from the US. Paid for them with cash. Following along so far? In the contracts they also paid for small parts and parts that would wear out. Now here is the catch stupid boy they paid for these also. We kept the money and would not give them the parts. Under Iran Contra they resold warranties, more replacement parts and installation of these parts. That money funded the Contra revolutions in Latin America. We also for you, the stupid, moronic child, we got our hostages back. I guess in your BO is God world you would have left them. Oh yeah boy not one of those planes ever flew in combat. Why? By the time they were outfitted the F-4s were two generations behind every other air force in that region. gemma you are a liar that much is not in dispute and little boy everyone knows now that you twist facts and distort history to attempt to give yourself credence or knowledge that you totally lack and never will have or deserve. Your percentage numbers are all incorrect because you are well, you are, you.

      • gemma liar

        2nd bush–worst job creation on RECORD,,,,,, iran is an enemy- so I don’t care if they paid with yoo hoo drinks and Michael Jordan jerseys. DEBT is what Reagan started to sell en mass to asia— deficits are what we outlay( spend ) VS what we take in,,,,,,debt is what is owed. (A) public debt– held by American and NON American ( see: asia) investors. (B) held by governmental or “intra” governmental securities (treasury) which are due to social security,,ETC ( how’m I doin’ so far??) U are a delightfully regressive rightwing crybaby—-( please learn how to spell so we small brained underlings can fathom thy ‘greatness’) GREATEST TAX CUTS IN HISTORY– now THERE I will agree at least phonetically- “greatest” as size and COST as they now(then) weren’t added to us treasury; ergo added to DEFICIT. They worked? yep- if U are a billionaire. Our economy didn’t PROSPER: it REBOUNDED from the 9/11 which happened on his watch. U don’t like my twisted lies/fabrications in my “facts”??? Go to the us treasury and cry some more– I quote them from the site. ( another liberal commie plot in your incredibly lucid “thinking”) Its punks as you I would love to meet,,,preferably in an octagon

      • jdripper

        gemma, gemma, gemma little chicken gemma, you are a hoot. I knew you would respond as with all of the rest of your responses try this little man. Jimmy Carter sold them the F-4s. Second worse job creation in history would depend on how you choose to count the numbers. The single worse was FDR in 1937. The single worse per capita was under Theodore Roosevelt. President Busy pushed the economy to zero growth got that stupid? It was at zero unemployment as defined by Bill Clinton and his TS Rubin. In other words you lying coward you are wrong again. You would never meet me people who are as tough as you are attempting to say are cowards through and through. People who have no fears never talk about it. They just know so why be so stupid and immature as to talk about it. You are not 6’2″, you are not intelligent, you are not an adult but you are a liar and a coward. You have no entertainment value left to you. None…you are a racist and a fool go scream to a crowd that will just laugh at you as everyone on this is doing.

      • gemma liar

        actually 6’2 1/2….211 as of last nights weight, 151 IQ which was measured when I was 9. I like how I hit U with knowledge of a diff twixt deficit and debt and You cried again,,,,,come to south florida: specifically PINK PONY pompano ( adult strip club) as I am—and have been– an independent contractor who acquires and runs adult strip clubs in broward/ north dade counties in florida since 1989 ( also tiffany’s Memphis 1997-98) and as a self employed CHEF my CASH income is not easily verified here; ergo U can cry some more lambasting strip clubs and me ” flipping burgers” for a living ( NOTE: own 3 PAID FOR properties here in south florida- 2 rental/ one commercial) and 3 PAID for vehicles. If U do happen to come up with the $$$ needed to come here to see exactly how short/fat/bald I am be reminded: im not violent and certainly do NOT start; but in your case my verbal provocation towards your crybaby self would easily have you either cry more or be brilliant enough to toss some of your bony flesh in my direction— which I will confess I would welcome readily. the bottom line is small dicked crybabies such as u all-too-often pollute and hide behind intenet blogs ALSO– as U seeeeem so interested: Im -within 3 months- acquiring the other 2 clubs owned by galardi enterprises here in south FLA: Pink Pony in Doral (UGGH) and king Of Diamonds in N Miami. I set them up- put my “slaves” (SEE: employees) in there and simply take the profit once a week ,,,,100% cash-OLA!! OK! that’s enough 4 me- as I went surfing ( body surfing ) today,,,now im oughta here off to shower & play the KNEEEEGROES in Bball tonight at LA fitness ( ne 38 st& US1) and as I am eagerly awaiting thy crybaby reply please call ( if U can afford to) the pink pony clubs here and ask if chef Victor is the fat bald ugly( and SHORT) guy who runs the kitchens autonomously. I will NOT at this writing get into the anatomical correctness of the nubile but very insane “dancers” I have ejaculated into over the past 25 yrs. hey–its the internet!! I cant prove it!

      • jdripper

        ROFLMAO I read the first few words and I realized I am dealing with the biggest moron on the Internet. I sent your response around people can’t stop from laughing. LOL…Does homeland security know that you are walking around FL threatening to kill anyone who disagrees with you? Do the cops know this? Does your mommy know it? LMAO I have not read any of your whining diatribes all the way. They are so stupid and hilarious why bother? You are a loser. This small little child who probably was toilet trained at gunpoint. Boy you are a hoot.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        no threat– I would simply laugh at you and buy U a well-needed drink. If U feel “threatened” get the FBI involved and see them laugh at u(they wont buy U the well -needed libation) BYTHEWAY– when such above facts are whisked in cretins such as you(re) direction,,,,,, the outcome in print is easy to predict.. enjoy your quotidian crying: enjoy Hillary for 8 yrs and keep up the great work

      • Bruce

        That’s some twisted lying, not one fact is real, not one and the condesending insualts only show infantile mind and character.


      • Bruce

        “Offer data”… really, a Feckless Troll spouting, but no data do we see from the TROLL, not even a Study, or link to Actaul and Factual Data, no proof, or evidence of what you spou and spew.

        Just long winded Cognitive Dissonance on steriods… Pathetic and a lot putrid. and childish

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Warring in Afghanistan was necessary??? In whews minds eye was that necessary? OH! Yew must be under the impression that the liars were telling yew the truth about 9/11.

        I quote yew just in case yew re-edit that out. “war in Afghanistan (which duplicitously was not put on the budget), necessary though it was” Only a tea-bagging moron and internet-less others, thinks UBL had a thing to do with 9/11, except for lending his name to his pallies in DC and Texas. (ed-corrected typos)

      • gemma liar

        A- correct as we were in a MINI recession when Clinton left,,,,(B) bush has WORST job creation on record. and that silly lil war in IRAQ feathered the pockets of defense contractors and haliburton,,,,,but no one else ( except grave diggers for American soldiers. Please note bush added over 10 trillion to our debt and crybaby white trash regressives CRY about obamas 6.72 trillion which much was BUSHs 1st stimulus. wanna try for a silver medal here U fucking imbecile?

      • jdripper

        gemma liar such a perfect name for you. You are such a liar. You see stupid under Bush he took us to full employment. By Bill Clinton’s own definition Bush drove the economy to full employment. So I guess he was lying also. No just you.

      • gemma liar

        check with CBO and US treasury dept stats. PLEEEEEZ check job creation/debt /deficit. now- should I be a turd and mention that silly housing bubble/ near depression/ castration of postal service/ medicare D? ( NOTE: as im pretty sure U do NOT know about medicare D,,,please lookit up B4 U get back with your infantile tirade)

      • jdripper

        gemma is a liar, gemma is a liar. gemma your mother should be investigated for allowing her 12 year old boy up this late to spew out his entire vocabulary which is not very deep. Come gemma show us more profanity and stupidity.

      • regressive white trash reli

        ^^^^^^ brilliant reply^^^^^ above^^^^^^

      • gemma liar

        hey kreskin– GW bush? lowest JOB CREATION on RECORD. what ELSE ya’ got??

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Whenever I have visited another country, people have shamed me for voting Bush. He made us look like fools. I have to explain that he barely won and I didn’t vote for him but still tried to respect our president. I didn’t agree with him but still didn’t wish evil on him like some of the right-wingers do on Obama. I’m still embarrassed about our world view from W.

      • Bruce

        TROPES and Lies, not a Link aor a Fact among anything saud in the rant above, just Lie, lie, lie… A long winded Troll.

        COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is all he’s got.

      • gemma liar

        I luv and also share these facts with regressive white trash rightwing loons,,,,,,sadly: they are as able to assimilate these as my pet TEGU is

      • jdripper

        gemma is a liar, gemma is a liar.

      • gemma liar

        jdripper is not a liar,,,,he is banal; a farrago; a raconteur; tautological and ostensibly lachrymose. he is NOT however a liar.

      • fester0420

        when he know he is beat, he just yells liar. how bout you try Benghazi like you teabaggers. Or bette3r yet get back to fu%king your sister.

      • jdripper

        fester boy then the liberal community must know how beaten their asses are because they are even calling BO a liar. Damn his one ally is Harry Reid and he won’t make a public statement about BO’s honesty. Even the dims know they have been caught lying. Keep your head buried in the sand little boy until you are willing to admit BO lying your voice is just a fool’s talk.

      • Bruce

        Again more COGNITIVE DISSONANT Post.

      • Typical level of response from the hate-America, brain-dead, lemming, ObamaZombies. Not too many of you left in the open after the pos, liar-in-chief, parasite, hateful, dictator, murderer you support has been outed and ostracized even by most libtards; most of you have crawled back under your rocks never to infect our great country again.

      • regressive white trash reli

        dennis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,will that be pampers or huggies for you?

      • Bruce

        COGNITIVE DISSONANCE on display.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        It is time to change your record as it has gone on repeat or is this conversation with a parrot? Kawk, kawk.

      • white trash religious scum

        ^^^^THATS^^^ONE^^^^BRILLIANT reply^^^^

      • white trash religious scum

        ^^^ sings ^^^^ beautifully^^^^; eh?

      • drdarke

        @bruceisrael:disqus – never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig….

        Sorry, man – but he’s just a patronizing little Right Wing Fucktard, and not worth your time or trouble.

      • Bruce

        He’s Drone lemming Troll hater, leave him alone… treat him like a dog treats FIRE HYDRANT…

      • StuntManMike

        what budget?

      • Bruce Israel

        Oh, and BTW, given that you don’t know me, why is your purpose in calling me by such a diminutive name? Do you think it demonstrates your powers of reasoning and argumentation in any way? Or is a hold-over from how you would win arguments in high school lunch rooms? Let me put it this way; if Obama referred to Mitt Romney as Mittie during the presidential debates, would he have been taken more seriously by the audience, or less?

      • gemma liar

        so by extrapolation your repub trash of GW bush and Herbert hoover ( nading incredible financial messes to dems) are better? Hmmmmm,,,,,, ST REAGAN increased deficit 189 %,,,,1st bush 55%,,,,GW bush 115 %……Clinton a POSITIVE 37%,,,obama POSITIVE 16% ( source : aug 2013 US TREASURY DEPT– go argue with THAT U fucking regressive white trash hillbilly)– and hows that GW bush LOWEST job creation on RECORD doing 4 ya? or Reagan escalating our selling of DEBT to asia or REAGANS initiating( basically) the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to asia???? HE WAS A GREAT PRESIDENT– no minimum wage increase: trying that religious crap in our country politics,,,,tell em again WHOS the worst?

      • Dave Brown

        jdripper; In your world what color is the sky?

      • jdripper

        davie, davie did you take a break from sitting and watching the hourglass go round and round to come and tell us you are a liberal and and idiot all rolled into one. From Merkel to Putin, to the Saudi royal hierarchy and even Nethanyahu now openly condemn your by BO. Oh wait the Iranians and the dictator of Syria all say nice things about him. You, BO, the list of losers in the liberal ranks grows and grows.

      • LittleD

        JDRIPPER – Why the need to call everyone names? Everyone is a liar that
        does not agree with you? Hardly seems like sound reasoning to me.

      • jdripper

        very little d you need to carry your bizarre message to your buddies. For some reason the lame and the halt such as you get upset when conservatives fight back, but you sit there with your thumb up your ass and never say boo to the liberals. You are a hypocrite and a fool thank you for stopping bye make sure and leave generous tip for the service staff when you leave. What a putz.

      • LittleD

        I only asked you a simple question (which by the way, you did not answer), and you just continue to spout crap out of that hole in your face. Guess you’re are a bigger putz than you accuse me of being. Moron.

      • gemma liar

        clear- as in nothing

      • fester0420

        LOLOOLLOLOLOLOLLOL, I guess you slept thorough the BUSH presidency. Lets see OBAMA put this country back on track. And bush, oh yeah, he single-handedly put us in a recession.Obama will go down as one of the best presidents ever.

      • regressive white trash reli

        yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GW BUSH was the best,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yeah,,,,,,,,,,yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • white trash religious scum

        fecal bag Jdripper was slumbering when reagan started destruction on our middle class; and bush drove us over the edge with tax cuts for billionaires

      • gemma liar

        yeah,,,UUUU BEEEE RIGHT! lest bring back those time-tested policies of GW bush– surplus to 10trillion PLUD deficit; lowest JOB creation on record,,,,, and that silly little war in IRAQ which was SOOOOO beneficial ( SEE: defense contractors an haliburton) to America as it killed OVER 4400 soldiers and maimed thousands more ( BENGHAZI 4 DEAD,,,crybaby FOX “news”),,,,, bring back ol georgie boY!!!

      • dbresler

        drippy – you are on crack. Talk about choosing to believe what you want to believe and cherry picking – did you just crawl out from under a rock and figure out that this nation has a “jobs” and an “exploding health care cost” problem? Honey, President Obama did not cause’em. You, darlin’ can take your “unabashed ignorance” and “shove it”

      • gemma liar

        as a self employed chef living and working in the broward ( and some N dade) counties in south FLA I have been averaging 88K per year CLEAR ( My business 100% cash) with no debt so whatever crap U are spewing about no one making money I haven’t seen any disruption. I have seen a disruption in the bloated defense contractors incomes as well as funeral directors since we scaled back the regressive rightwing wars. Haliburton and dick cheney also have been squeezed. Luckily bloviating scumbag FOX “news” protagonists such as Hannity and o’reilly and skanks such as michelle “no tits& hating life because of it” malkin are also making gobs of $$$$ upon the backs of imbeciles who cry about our communist /martian/muslim/ radical Christian/Kenyan president

      • jdripper

        All you clear is $88,000 a year? gemma you are a liar and a business failure all rolled into one.

      • gemma liar

        yep….. and loving it. can U teach me how to make ur hourly income of 238887.75 ? I will give U the YOO HOOs in my fridge

      • jdripper

        little liar you are paid by the hour? Such a loser. By the way aren’t you glad that the Yoo Hoos are manufactured in union free shops?

      • gemma liar

        allow me to edify thy oligophrenial micropenile self: and TRY 2 stay with me on this as it actually IS quite simple. READY? OK! I but the food ( restaurant depot in pompano bch or medley FL( Hialeah) depending on which “store” I am provisioning. R U with me so far? good! ( I wanna YOO HOO) I pay my employees ( see: slaves) 11 per hour. they get tips– sometimes up to 65 a night depending on how many girls( will explain shortly). I pay NO rent,,,NO electric,,,NO gas( natural) ,,,NO garbage,,,NO water– confused yet? I have made the menus ( I pay the KINKOs printing) and if I need grills /ovens/fryers/freezers ET AL I buy them. Still with me? OK— here is the great part! I do something I doubt your infantile crybaby ass will ever coma across again: I CONTRACT ( lease/subcontract et hoc genus omne) kitchens in ADULT STRIP CLUBS in the south Florida area- doing it since 1989. reason(s)?? A– cash 100% ( yeah I know; my near 90K BRING HOME per year for well over a decade is pittance for the meglomaniacal prince of pennies such as YOU) and when U consider I have NO DEBT and all my vehicles –and HOME –is PAID for I do pretty all right ( daughter grown) and add to the fact I spent waaaay 2 much on learning trading stocks/options/ futures) that now a pretty successful trader ( that’s where US TREASURY gets my taxes-) second- over trhe decades I have had the dubious “pleasure ” of blowing my load in more strippers than I can remember,,,haven’t done THAT since 1999 ( Indira Felix at “goldfingers” in sunrise) as they idiotic females are about 8-% on my income there so playing where the money is made isn’t a brilliant work acumen. Now I KNOW you can walk on stormy water; UN scramble eggs as well as put all the toothpaste back in2 the tube– however: normal well-adjusted MEN such as little ( 6/2 210) me has to “get by” with my net worth; killer climate,,,slim big chested natural girlfriend( Kathy Hale) as well as playing basketball and surfing ( season here!!) and lifting weights. I don’t get paid hourly: I pay my nigga’s b4 I get paid ( they love that) and then I simply go and play!! ( cace of YOO HOOs 10.65 today),,,,,,, the BEST part of my diatribe here 2 UUUUUUU is knowing your pathetic billionaire ass will endeavor to mock what I have just educated you with: but who cares? U are anatomically incorrect; probably overweight and balding—– and live in some boorish part of my great country and now must brace for that OHSO LOVELY winter weather!! OK!!! send me your small dicked–and smaller brained- response so U can tell the planet how GRRRRRREAT ( tony the tiger) you ARE!!!

      • jdripper

        gemmie, gemmie, gemmie you are one very sick and disturbed little boy. Do you still live at home where your mommy can take care of her little boy. You are sick, and as I said earlier you need help. Big time help, going through life fat, stupid and as a liberal just won’t make it. little boy $88,000 ROFL

      • gemma liar

        6’2 210 well proportioned lbs,,,,surfing/ weight training( not machines; WEIGHTS) and basketball has me a fat little liberal living one block from beach in sunny south FLA,,,, mommy is dead- as is your small dicked life with a crappy physique/ no pussy and a state which freezes in October. roll on the floor laughing as Hillary is in charge thru 2024. don’t forget your handi wipes for your lachrymose tears

      • Julie Wickstrom

        You are most likely poor. Most conservatives are. Very few have money unless they are 1 percenters. Those people do displace the stats of income from the people only earning less than $20,000 that make up most of the republican party.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        jdripper is poor and jealous. As if you are even close to a 1 percenter, jd. You vote for the wrong party. If you look at stats, gemma liar is well within the norm of dems with earning middle class income or higher (except for the super rich 1%, which rightfully lean republican because it is in their best interest for taxes).

      • fester0420

        I gotta say there buddy. You are a little out numbered here.

      • gemma liar

        FOX “news” evidence is the opinions of Hannity/malkin/Limbaugh/Tcruz/karl rove. PLease give “credit” where due

      • gemma liar

        I love FOX “news” as they continually remind me that the centrist liberal path I am on is 100% correct

      • doyIII

        Your screen name gives you away. haha

      • gemma liar

        hey skankbag— first: its spelled PREYING—- second the weak willed are the regressive white trash rightwing CHRISTIANS who don’t think….they WATCH FOX “news” and then chitter chatter at work about the truths on Hannity and o’reilly and ETC

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Did you really mean praying? Of course you did, you’re an idjit.

      • white trash religious scum


        weak-minded spell “praying” when its correctly spelled ( by a 3rd grader) PREYING

        Hows your benghazi Tshirt fitting today?

    • I had a friend that read so much stuff about how many people smoking kills each year that he gave up reading.

      • Mrs. Lee


    • Straw men. It is a never-ending barrage and avalanche of straw men, and the administration doesn’t have the raw manpower to knock them down daily. Articles like this help, but we need articles like this in every media venue the straw men appear in. It’s a massive undertaking.

      • Jim Hubbard

        Too bad the media is not liberal, unlike the “some people say” propaganda of the Fox News set. If we actually had a media that was interested in the truth instead of straight profit, the truth would not be so hard to find.

      • and there you have it

      • gemma liar

        some media is liberal…. some (ONE) is FOX “news”——————– as I have seen in my 6 yrs of following MSNBC,,,CNN,,,,FOX “news” I have seen that the denounced MSNBC and somewhat denounced CNN ( both disparaged by the ‘fair&balanced’ FOX “gnu’s” is that overwhelmingly FOX “news” deals with OPINIONS,,,,and MSNBC and CNN far more with ( solidly backed up) FACTS.

      • jdripper

        gemma what a perfect name for you…LIAR…you say it all in your name.

      • gemma liar

        hey needledick,,,,, GEMMA VOZZA is an Italian CHRISTIAN woman I was involved with 12 yrs ago– I broke it off w her and stayed in touch to the tune of screwing her whilst she was in her 2nd “christian” marriage with garry D– recently I had caught her dual persona ass in a few tasteless lies and 86’d her— ergo my supportive moniker ‘honoring’ her. anything else your regressive crybaby ass needs clarified?

      • jdripper

        gemma needs an editor, and a brain. gemma is a liar.

      • gemma liar

        she has a brain,,,also a breast reduction,,,, and we do agree she is a liar. since U will reply in an oligophrenial pedantic way to this edification allow me to congratulate u on being onanistic ( evidence indisputable)

      • janinec

        More proof that people around here don’t pay attention. I got what you said about Gemma the liar. Too bad the other attention deficit folks didn’t.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        they don’t see as they don’t WANT 2 see……………

      • froggy57

        The ability to go to the dictionary for five dollar words does not make you right. Just pathetic.

      • white trash religious scum

        hey LOSER– when U memorize such elucidating books as ” the superior persons book of words ” ( P Bowler) and ” the highly selective dictionary for the extraordinarily literate” ( E Ehrlich) you MIGHT see that I do NOT need any dictionary ( usually; so many words to assimilate!!) to antagonize such offal as thee…… did U get your “BENGHAZI” Tshirt from FOX “news” yet?

      • Backgammon

        That would explain your continued support of Obama!

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hows ur regressive candidates doing? cruz? palin? jeb bush???? rand paul????? pleeeeez run them in 2016—–PLEEEEZ!

      • janinec

        “Progressive” is the misnomer… that ideology is really the regressive one. If you really understood what Progressivism was, you wouldn’t support it unless you are really evil. If you do… How are the eugenics coming along?

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        wow— that’s so jejune!!
        shall we compare the POLICIES of REGRESSIVE white trash republicans on a federal level over the past 25 yrs VS the policies of LIBERAL progressives and those policies effects upon ALL americans???
        no? geee,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ya might be a crybaby religious micropenile republican troll on this thread!
        hows that Benghazi thing doin’ 4 ya? ACA anyone?? “spending”???? maybe KENYA????

      • Mrs. Lee

        Lol funny this was 3 years ago. TRUMP was a big, refreshing, surprise! After voting democrat for the past 21 years, I’ll never vote democrat again! EVER!

      • white trash religious scum

        not very bright; are you? Cruz….Bush and rand paul all ran for president this time b4 being beat by white trash DRUMPF.

        ,,,,and If u think I believe U voted democrat; im a martian

      • white trash religious scum

        and conversely; it explains your nugatory support of white trash GOP legends suchas T Cruz and santorum and scott walker and mike pence,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh; and the patriot mike huck(ster) abee

      • ziggyman911

        I hope your politics are not as demented as your preception of what a Christian should be. It sounds like to me you were dating a hoe and you are hoe hopper. Which is to say that you we’re no different than her. I’m not sure you’re much worse A finger pointing whining liberal awaiting a food stamp. Sounds like to me you have a ego problem much like every other liberal. Obama is a thief everything he has done is act against decent families. The world is a dangerous place all because of President Bush who is a liberal and Obama who is a coward between the two America will not climb out of this gutter of spineless men 4 a long time to come. Both Obama and President Bush have raped the American public. And I pray for the judgment of God on America to wake us up.

      • white trash religious scum

        hey squalid cretin: JEEEE$U$ never historically existed ( facts back that up) an “god” ——- if a “god” exists– doesnt care about you or me

        stay stupid my friend

      • ziggyman911

        Unbelievable first of all you’re not my friend. What you know is very little what I know from personal experience you’re completely wrong. I’m not going to get into proof Jesus existed or didn’t exist according to what you and you’re atheist friends think. Your delusion is based off Humanities lawlessness and their inability to behave themselves is a free will choice. And we come to the conclusion there’s no God simply by the identity of the world. When man comes to the conclusion he cannot have peace he would rather choose War because he has chosen he’s better without God. So take a look around and look what man has done. But I see a brighter future and a God who cares how many decides we’ve had enough time to have repented and turn from evil he will put a stop two man and his delusional ways. Be a god Seeker and you will find the beauty of what you been looking for. Rather than sitting back complaining how bad you have it because of the foolishness of politicians and religious tyranny. Jesus is the answer not till then will you ever know what a friend is.

      • white trash religious scum

        JEEEE$U$ never existed ,,,so answer me this: why doesnt JEEE$U$ or prayer ever cure an amputee??? “god seeker” …NOTE: when I became AGNOSTIC–not atheist— I achieved the peace which was lacking in try2 find “god”…………..

        stay stupid; my friend

      • ziggyman911

        You live in a world of doubt and fear. If I told you what I have seen with my own eyes would you believe it? Answer no you would not you’re a person that must see with your own eyes I have no doubt that he has done that very thing. I have witnessed those that have been raised from the dead. The beauty that is behind that cannot be proven to everyone but those that were there. I’m going to believe that Jesus Christ will prove himself to whomever will believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. He is God and he can do whatever he so chooses. You have chosen the way of least resistance I have chosen a greater path you stay your course and I will stay mine. I hope you have a good Journey

      • white trash religious scum

        ^^^^^^hahahahahahahahaha!!!! of COURSE >”YOU”< have seen it! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! you ( alone of course) have witnessed those who have been raised from the dead—– but no one else ? hahahahahahahahahha!!!! Gotta LOVE losers ( you) who have witnesses that which no proof exists! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey me too! I have witnessed a live dinosaur; seen SATAN printing bibles; UFO's/aliens buying cocaine ( and some killer weed) and Im THIS CLOSE to seeing "JE$U$" fully cure and heal an amputee!!

        BYtheWAY– do U also vote GOP?

        let us all know how someone who NEVER EXISTED is "coming back"
        ( Funny how YOUR "god" is— of course—-the REAL "god"; eh?)

      • ziggyman911

        Can you put that in a song. Surely you are not a racist are you? , yes I have and I will continue to see true miracles every single day. But here’s we have ignorance on such a high level. Everybody’s a liar except the atheist. Your words describe a fool. Not everyone is after money or filthy lucre. Not everyone is being brainwashed like you. Do you know the difference between a miracle and healing. I seriously doubt it. If someone gave you proof you would be to blind to understand any truth. You sound just like the rich man in hell he lifted his eyes being in flames and torment begging and pleading for someone to go warn his family by a miracle of raising the Dead if you don’t believe the living you would not believe the dead and they came back to life. You live in a world of no hope and no value. And definitely no love.

      • white trash religious scum

        hey tesla—- (a) im agnostic; NOT atheist- so U fall hard here (b) ive had “miracles ” in my life–no doubt- but the way they are constructed is easy 2 call coincidence; so again- U fall hard here (c) I like how U transpose YOUR inability to see beyond YOUR myopia; but thats the way the stultified remain: willfully ignorant (d) racsist???? helllll yes! I hate everyone equally. Best part? Im white ( german/french/ british lineage) and grew up in a catholic home. —so when I see white trash “christians” here in the USA fucking over the equal rights of women ( subjugated by YOUR bible) and gays ( hated in YOUR bible) and minorities ( bible condones slavery); well– all I can do is laugh at droogies suchas YOU………………………………… HELL???? HELL??? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha,,,,stop it! hahahahahahahaha!!!! another man made creation –for droogs such as you– with ZERO evidence !! hahahahahahahahahahah!!! I love U man!!! hahahahahahahaha!!! Feel free to give me any tangible irrefutable PROOF ( see: evidence/ objective; NOT subjective) of heaven,,,hell,,,,JEEE$U$ ever living– and note: BIBLE bullshit is NOT a valid entry; nor the ersatz ” feeling it in my heart”….give me proof ( dont fret; none exists) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tell me more as2 how im a lying atheist; and why JEEE$U$ & prayer cannot cure an amputee; or for that matter: shall we discuss “gods love” juxtaposed with stalin/hitler/king leopold/ pot pot et hoc genus omne? ,……. hahahahahahahahaha! you really should do comedy!!! Slap my ignorant lying “atheist” ass with some facts———————–

      • ziggyman911

        You’re not agnostic you are an atheist you’re too dumb to know it. Haha hehe sound like a little 2 year old child. You call me a white piece of trash and tell me you’re not racist tell me you’re not an atheist why don’t you just be a man and learn how to talk. This is a direct influence abhow your mom and dad raised a son of ignorance. But try not to continue to walk in the ignorance it makes you look really stupid. Your words alone or just completely ignorant and you got angry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I don’t really care what you are it’s your choice. But I can see they don’t make you no smarter.

      • white trash religious scum

        Im still awaiting your ( !!!!!) “proof” of god/JEEE$U$/ heaven/hell ET HOC GENUS OMNE…….

        awwwwww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, did U faw’ down an’ go BOOM again??

        oh; BYtheWAY—

        your final ‘sentence’ show the crushing intellect you possess:

        ” but I can see they dont make you no smarter”

        see: mom & dad raised a son of ignorance

        ( I really hope U have not sired any offspring)

      • ziggyman911

        Quit your belly aching. Your mom and dad did raise a very immature boy. They can only hope that one day you become a better man. You are a very disrespectful child throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old toddler in Walmart being told he cannot have a toy. So you just keep living your atheistic life and I believe that you will get all the proof you need. However it might come at too great of a price. I have no problem giving someone respect that is ignorant however you have no desire for truth. So stay in your world that hinges up at the site of the eye. Yes the world just went Bang and blew everything in perfect order. That is more harder to believe van any miracle.

      • white trash religious scum

        again: Im agnostic ( which U very possibly do not comprehend )
        ……..TRUTH? Im really OK w the TRUTH
        my girlfriends dad -here in SE Florida– is a well known and successful attorney. To he and those of his ‘craft’; TRUTH is embodied by FACTS; substantiated by evidence.
        FACTS– that I have beseeched you for;
        ………………yet as2 this writing U have failed to produce any

        you must do very well in litigations!!!
        ( in appeals anyway)

      • ziggyman911

        You say you’re okay with truth but it has to be your truth. It has to be your opinion. It doesn’t matter if you’re atheist you’re agnostic you are an unbeliever. Someone that wants truth searches for it and that is the lawyer’s job the counselor who seeks for the truth or the nice little bit of doubt to clear his client. The proof of the Bible is all around artifacts that link the Bible write down hare’s breath. Miracles signs and wonders continue to go on whether you like it or not whether you believe it or not. You made your choice I made mine.

      • white trash religious scum

        no proof exists of JE$U$ ever living; and miracles????


        ,,,,lets see your “FAITH” and “PRAYERS” and ” miracles” cure an amputee
        you can have an INFINITE amount of FAITH;

        ,,,,,,,, yet it still is the collective equivalent of NOTHING

      • ziggyman911

        I watch the ignorant Bill Maher laughing a conservative female Republican I mention no names. And they left her to scorn over her telling them Donald Trump will be the next president hahaha they laughed but now they are crying with a new slogan we’re still here but they can’t laugh they can only cry. That will be you in the near future you laugh now but I can’t believe how ignorant you really are no proof. Then there’s no proof of any history. mommy and daddy paid for your school are you got it off of the backs of the working class and a little Buzz brain Professor told you there was no God you believed him. Because your belief you’re thinking has been debunked time and time again. Here will be your new song Who’s Crying Now. You need to learn how to sing that song because you’re going to be crying and not laughing in the very near future. Miracles do exist God is alive and I know you’re a liar. And that’s something you really should not do you should not be proud of being a liar.

      • Victor Amoroso

        Trump won. That would give your yourself who posted this a heart attack. Hello!

      • ziggyman911

        I should have taken a closer look I might have known you would be the weaker vessel.

      • white trash religious scum

        PAUCITY of facts == (equate to) flapdoodle……

        your surrender now complete

        “heaven” “hell” “JE$U$” & “god” all delusions of those who abhor reality.
        ……………………………………………………………………….. !

      • ziggyman911

        Who’s crying now the new Democratic song

      • ziggyman911

        The Tower of Babel had a better chance being built than when it comes to you making Goodcents.

      • white trash religious scum

        ^^^^^now THATS ^^^^^^ some serious facts!
        love how U fail ( see: fail) to provide any evidence for your JEEEE$U$/ “god” / Miracles!!!! ( or heaven,,,or hell,,,,or—)

        now– about that silly amputee ” miracle” thingy,,,,,,

      • ziggyman911

        Now you’re someone it’s not racist are you. Grow up

      • Mrs. Lee

        English please!

      • white trash religious scum

        again; you arent very bright. Those ‘lexiphanic’ words are all english.
        then again; you ar a DRUMPF voter; so its understandable that your oligophrenia is so pronounced

      • Mrs. Lee

        The media is not liberal?!? What media are YOU watching?

      • white trash religious scum

        FOX “news”; the ( supposed) MOST watched cable “news” metwork.

        I guess You “think” PBS and the BBC is liberal?

      • mrgreenhair

        Completely agree with you. Unfortunately the ones who need to read this never will.

    • Catherine

      I believe that is called intellectual violence.

    • JefferyHaas

      “It’s to use an argument so fundamentally flawed, and wrong, and fallacious and factually wrong, that your brain literally overloads in response.”

      Google “fractal wrongness”.
      You’ll have a good belly laugh and it will make your day.

      • zihuarob

        My new favorite phrase. Gracias for that!

    • The Masked Alien

      Do you consider yourself bigoted? Because, according to the article, and despite what the title says, this is a response to anonymous internet comments. Left or Right, 90% of those are crap. So, if you dismiss crank comments from the Left, and take crank comments from the Right as proof that “that’s what all those people are like”, then you’re not too different from the Democrat of 1860, who used similar reasoning to prove that all black people were bad. All it proves is that it’s possible to fudge the data to get any answer you want.
      If you’re seriously trying to tell me that anonymous internet comments are always good when written from a liberal perspective and always bad when written from a conservative one, then you’ve revealed more about yourself than you meant to. It just means that you’re incapable of logically judging the merits of an argument that you’re sympathetic to.

      • backell

        So you’re response is to actuallly argue with a straw man. I can’t emphasize the irony enough here.

        Did I say all people are like that? No. Did I say no liberals are like that? No. But I will say this. The Republicnan PARTY has actually adopted troll rehtoric as its platform.

      • Bruce Molyneux

        and so have the dems,the whole thing is a farce to divide and distract while the main course continues on in the same direction.enjoy the growing debt and decaying future

      • backell

        Actually, that isn’t true.

        The whole thing is not a farce to divide and distract and the Dems dont’ do it.

        THAT is actually part of the steady stream of sophistry delivered by the Libertarian/Tea Party windbags.

        It’s easy to just sit around and yell at he world and feel superior.

      • Bruce Molyneux


      • backell

        So do cows, but they don’t brag about it.

      • jdripper

        backell you are dishonest and really make some of the most lame, unintelligent response on this. You are going to sit there like the moron on the block and contend that charging people of being racists, of being murderers without any proof is all about dividing and conquering. backell you are a legend in your own mind and that is a small and vacant space in which to become lost.

      • backell

        I’m being dishonest?

        I guess we have a difference of opinion about what being a racist and a murderer is. See, I’m under the impression that killing someone in “self defense” because they’re black in the wrong neighborhood is actually a racist thing and it’s murder.

        Now you can try all the ad homimen attacks in the world but none of that is going to change reality, which is apparently something even “the moron on the block” can accept and you can’t.

        Now, having said that let’s also address this. A. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the official Democratic platform. B. This has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that was posted in the article or in any of my comments. C. You’re the one that raised the whole Zimmerman issue.

        THIS is EXACTLY what i mean though. This is how Republicans argue. They flail about desperately looking for something, ANYTHING to swing.

        So what they end up with is something like this tom foolery. In a response to an article that addresses the kind of sophistry like “Obama is a Muslim” they end up saying, “Well you guys go around accusing people who kill people because they’re black of being racist murderers!”

        Whatever son. I’d rather be the moron on the block than the Republican, because the floating stool in my toilet still has a better grasp on reality than the Chairman of the RNC.

      • jdripper

        backell I knew you were too stupid not to see that no where did I mention George Zimmerman. You have bee sitting there wetting your pants because you know more then the jury that found Zimmerman not guilty. So on top of stupidity we must add hubris and egomania.

        The dims like you were saying that the GOP was racist because how dare they stand up to your God Obama unless they were racists. They have to be racists. No other way to explain it. I guess you were in too much of a drunken stupor to catch the speeches at the dimocrat convention in Charlotte, NC. Every speaker, every last one of them said or alluded to the fact that the GOP was racist.

        Murderer oh my I wish you knew how to read a newspaper. Sandra Fluke before Congress saying that the GOP with their legislation was going to kill mothers who wanted abortions. Remember that one? How about your little State Senator in Texas who said on dimocrats could save live? There are many more examples. The TV ads that Planned Parenthood ran against Mitt Romney.

        I never said the words George Zimmerman as well as being a moron, a liar, and a coward we may now add that you are delusional.

        That turd doing the backstroke in the toilet is you.

      • backell

        So then what were you referring to if not Zimmerman? You make an obvious insinuation (that you admittedly intended for me to pick up on) and then you backtrack from it? And that makes me a “moron, a liar and a coward?”

        You don’t even have the courage to stand behind what you just said. Who is the one doing the backstroke?

        For someone so full of stupid, you use that word a lot.

        Where did I say that Obama was my “God?”

        Where did I say that “standing up to him” makes you a racist?

        In fact, who was the one who injected race into this conversation at all?

        How is saying that women dying of botched abortions not a factual thing?

        See, you’re only proving what I said. Republicans have so little substance that they have to turn every conversation into something so far beyond rational that THEY can’t even keep track of their sophistry.

      • jdripper

        beckall, beckall, let us add now that you are illiterate to your rising list of acclaim. Do I need to explain that to you?

        beckall I know when people are as dumb as you they lose their memory process. OK if you wish I will stop using big words and speak very slowly just for you.

        You said that the GOP was divisive. I said (am I typing too fast for you) that the dimocrats as in they are dim like you have been attempting to divide the nation by use the racist card extensively. Of course you are a liberal dim and of course you forgot your original train of thought (your mom must be so embarrassed that you are using her PC to show the world she gave birth to an idiot). So I figured I would toss one more in and never using the George Zimmerman example although your comments about it show you to be an even bigger moron.

        Your response back was appalling. You and Senator Wendy the cheerleaders for Kermit Gosnell. The GOP is attempting to stop the Kermit Gosnells of this planet, but you sit there proclaiming that should kill them all.

        backell Gosnell got life in Prison plus 239 years. Why? The loyal dimocrat, who murdered a woman under his care in regards to giving a quick snip and click abortion. So now backell we know that you consider Gosnell to be your hero as well as Obama.

      • backell

        You can’t even spell the name that you’re responding to and I’m illiterate?

        The “dimocrats” (note how the Republican, who is talking about how divisive the Democrats are is using hate speech and insulting language while doing so) are not dividing America. It’s people like you who are doing that.

        And then you go to another extreme. Another strawman. Because with your ilk all there is are extremes. You can’t conduct a civil conversation couched in reality in fact. You have to assign your opponent views because to actually discuss their real views would mean you might have to consider your own more carefully.

        So can I ask, if you’re so smart and insightful, why are you getting owned by a moron with his mom’s PC?

        Does it hurt your feelings to be owned by a “Dimocrat?”

        Or do you just hide behind trolling because to do otherwise might require NOT being divisive and ACTUALLY being informed about what you’re talking about.

        How about you set aside your BLAZE reading for the day and LEARN something instead?

      • jdripper

        bickell once again too stupid to be taken out in public. You see if you had any brains you would understand that you are so insignificant that remembering how you spell your name is not worth the effort it.

        Damn you really are a moron. You keep coming back with your 6th grade social studies lesson book attempting to look like you made it past 8th grade.

        You are totally delusional saying I was talking about George Zimmerman. You are totally delusional saying that the GOP causes divisive actions in the face of the DNC accuses anyone who disagrees with Obama as being racist. Here I will attempt to help. Do you believe, yes or no (in other words this is a yes or no question not an essay question) that accusing people who disagree with Obama and believe he is the worse President in the history of the Republic to ever sit in the Oval Office is not being racist. Here is the rubber meets the road becky yes or no time to show you are a man. Come on becky what is the answer?

      • backell

        So you were talking about Zimmerman, but then you weren’t until you were called on it, and now you are again, but I’m not allowed to say that you were talking about him, even though you were?

        Let me ask you a question. Do you know what a loaded question is?

        Again, you prove yourself incapable of debating without the use of fallacy.

        You have used ad hominem attacks, strawmen, red herrings, lies and loaded questions. What you have NOT done is try and make a substantive argument.

        All of this in response to my initial comment that your ilk is incapable of having an intellectually honest discussion.

      • jdripper

        ROFL becky you are hilarious. What total waste you are. You bring up George Zimmerman even though I never mentioned him or anything regarding that trial and now you say some gibberish which sounds like you are coming off of a 10 day LSD trip.

        I ask a simple question to resolve your crazy comments that only the GOP is using divisive comments and you show either an intellectual vacuum or just insanity in responding to it. One simple yes or no question and you roll up like a window shade. Such total cowardice you exhibit. You make accusations but cannot or just will not back them up with anything.

        You really are a pathetic creature. Cowardice is your calling card, stupidity is your claim to fame. Read your postings no facts, nothing but endless and frequently misused insults and attacks that read like someone that never made it past the 8th grade would use.

        So as to calm you before you suffer a stroke with your insane rants here it goes. Answer the question (which by the way it is not a loaded question asking don’t you agree the democrats divide the nation when screaming about racism is a load question as always read it again), show some courage, answer the question. Because little fellow your entertainment value no matter how little it was has vanished.

        Show that you are a man, becky, answer the question. Rise above your fanatical following of the dimocrat talking points and just say yes or no to the question. Come on becky I have faith in you.

      • backell

        So now you’re backing away from Zimmerman again? You really can’t make up your mind can you?

        Of course that is because you don’t actually have any substance.

        Let me give your next response for you.

        First, you’ll change course on Zimmerman for the 7th time.

        Then you’ll insult my intelligence again.

        Then you’ll deny while insulting me you’ll accuse me of dividing America by acknowledging that racism exists.

        Then you’ll insult me some more.

        Then you’ll ask me another loaded question.

        But I will make this statement. ACKNOWLEDGING racism exists and that the existence of it divides America (kind of by definition) is not dividing America with it.

        This would require actual thought on your end, so I doubt you’ll grasp the subtle distinction between a THING ACTUALLY EXISTING or NOT EXISTING, and the EXISTENCE OF IT NOT BEING PARTISAN so I’ll not expand beyond that.

        Do you REALLY believe there is no racism in this country? Or do you believe that it does exist and we should ignore it? Or do you believe that acknowledging that it is there is what causes it to exist?

        The reason your question is loaded it is that it is a couched as “yes or no” question to which NEITHER yes nor no is the correct answer.

        So put all this foolish trolling aside. Put aside all the insults. Put aside all the rhetoric and YOU try to be a “man” instead of a child by having an honest conversation. I doubt you’re able to do that though.

      • jdripper

        becky your mother must hate you. First of all little boy you have to have intelligence before it can be insulted. You have none so there you go.

        Answer the question little boy. Stop being a coward. Answer the question or else everyone knows that you are useless. Unless you can answer the question there talking to you is a waste of time. Probably why your mommy keeps the PC in the basement. Answer the question..

      • backell

        Answer the question or everyone knows I’m useless? OK. I guess everyone will “know” I’m useless then.

        You’ve proven my point far better than I ever could brainless troll.

      • jdripper

        becky they knew you were useless a long time ago they just wanted you to understand it. Answer the question little boy for the first time ever in your life be a man.

      • backell

        WAAAH WAAAAH WAAAH!!! Answer my trollish and fallacious loaded question!!!! I don’t know how to an intellectually honest conversation and I don’t know what to say if you don’t do it!!!

      • jdripper

        becky crying and whining seems to be a natural state for you. Go ahead
        little girl cry your eyes out it might help you, but why you are crying
        answer the question. Stop being a coward grow up your filibustering as
        you can see is getting you nothing. Now put your big girl panties on and answer the question.

      • backell

        Well it’s pretty clear to me your too big of a coward to engage in an intelligent discussion. What’s the matter? Afraid you might be proven wrong?

      • jdripper

        becky answer the question yes or no. Sigh everyone knows that you are a coward. Everyone knows that intellectually you are one eighth of an inch deep and about a foot wide. Answer the question prove us wrong even those that once liked you that you are not just a broken record caught in an endless loop saying the same thing over and over. Just simply answer the question becky.

      • johnl,102

        its not a yes or no question..and backell is right , when you open your comment with insults, most people dont even read the rest of your post .stop trying to be the cool quarterback in high school..or are you still in high school . grow up already!

      • jdripper

        Ahhh little johnny boy coming to the aid of becky. It was my terms stupid do you get that? Can you figure that out? You wanted to be a cool QB in high school. You wanted to be cool. No one would take you so you became a liberal dimocrat. The lowest life form on the planet. Thank you for living up to the mantra of liberalism. What a putz.

      • notbob

        You seem to be “pro-life,” near as anyone who doesn’t know you might be able to tell. Just wondering…are you anti-welfare?

      • jdripper

        notbob you are pro-welfare? You are on welfare? Sorry you can’t find a job. There are charities that can help you. Would you like there numbers?

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Like the “gay marriage leads to bestiality” arguments they come off with. (I am against ALL marriage as a law ‘respecting an establishment of religion’ and as an example of just one of the infinite number of laws they could come up with that violates the first thought of our first amendment)

    • buricco

      If you can’t baffle ’em with brilliance, befuddle ’em with bull…

    • FREE SPEECH Patriṓtēs Freedman

      NAZIonalized Obamacare = NOTHING but EXTORTION of EVERY Tax Payer of EVERY Income Level to stuff the pockets of corporate BIG PHARMA

      P.S. not much different than printing money for BIG BANKS … or using the TAX BASE to build up clean energy

      • backell

        So you’re comparing providing public health insurance with genocide, extortion, and printing money for “big banks.”

        There’s nothing wrong being a total moron, but if you’re going to be one, you don’t have to brag about it.

    • adcbeast

      @backell:disqus .. the word you are looking for is TREASONOUS …

      Republicans have become traitors … especially the teatard crowd

  • Elisabeth Jondahl

    It’s also dangerous because these beliefs are affecting policy decisions. We have brainwashed politians – just look at Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz.

    I grew up with these kinds of people. Christian conservatives who skew facts around them to conform to their ideologies. Sheep who never learned skills in critical thinking. They just believe what they’re told in their churches and on the news. They never question and they never fact check.

    • As I posted before: The brainwashing has been insidious, of amazingly long duration, and sometimes almost voluntary…

      • Which brings me back to my question about WHY they think this way. I know some smart people (in every other regard) who swear by everything they hear on Fox. So I am wondering what the EMOTIONAL reasons are for why they swallow the nonsense whole, and refuse to review facts – as if facts are a leftist, elitist reconfiguring of information… What is at stake for them that they fear losing so much? White control? In that case, I think their fear will make them behave even crazier in upcoming decades….

      • They’re not thinking of it that way. They are programmed to believe an ideology. It starts in the church. They are also wired differently than us. They react to everything from an emotional place, instead of an analytical place like I think most progressies do. They did a study recently that found that precise fact. They *feel* things are true so they believe them. Facts are just falsehoods made up by a literally evil media empire so they can’t trust them unless they come from sources like Fox News who pander to their “emotional truths”.

        But like I said, it all starts in the church. These people are brainwashed and I don’t use that word lightly. I was brainwashed as a child. It turns out, as my luck would have it, I was born with a natural skepticism and questioning spirit (both me and my brother) so we were trying to have intellectual debates in Jr High sunday school. Everything we were being taught just became less and less credible as we got older. By the skin of my teeth, I escaped. I still marvel at that.

        So, I know what it’s like to be brainwashed. I just don’t know what it’s like to be an adult and believe so blindly. I was a kid/teen when I was like that, and it just felt like living in a fog. I also didn’t have any intellectual knowledge of the political aspect, only the religion. But I suspect the two are tightly intertwined.

      • I hear THAT! I’ve long said that teaching little children about flying reindeer and tooth fairies and people walking on water and coming back from the dead cripples them for life. The logical-thinking filter is disabled. With that accomplished, they become ready vessels for whatever swill Fox or televangelists or Jim Joneses want to pour into them.

      • Holly

        I don’t know,,,,,,I went to church and synagogue and believed in flying reindeer, and I’m perfectly capable of critical thinking. I don’t get these crazy people,,,,,,,,,,,,,weird.

      • me too. conservatives are wired differently, and programmed differently

      • AuntInAZ

        I believed in Santa Claus as a child. I also believed in the tooth fairy, and I went to church. A lot of us did, and many of us do NOT think the way these RWNJ types think. I certainly don’t. If it didn’t ‘cripple’ me and millions of others, why did it with some people? It obviously is NOT only religion.

      • fanofall

        Because of my faith I would like to think that my discernment of the truth is greatly enhanced. so I agree on the former not the latter. And part of what you’re doing is falling right into the trap of trying separate. “Only republicans believe in creation and democrats believe in science. Personally I believe in both. It is God’s will. It is a fallacy to equate someone else’s ideology wit my spirituality. No disrespect intended. May you be Blessed in whatever you believe.

      • jjh

        I think the left has a problem differentiating between facts and conclusions, for example.

        Obama stated that the IRS was targeting Conservative groups. – fact

        But it wasn’t politically motivated. – conclusion, not supported by additional facts.

      • Consdumb

        Except for the problem that the IRS was targeting Liberal groups as well. Well, and truly, any groups requesting tax except status. Shocker, right?

      • jjh

        Were they asking the same invasive questions? Did they delay approvals for more than 18 months? Do we know everything that the IRS was doing? Why did two officials take the fifth? Why are Liberals afraid to let the investigation and hearings go forward? The head of the IRS is waiting for the IG to finish why can’t you?

      • wildclover

        Rep Issa asked for the investigative report, and specifically told them to ignore everyone but conservatives, then cried about the “scandal” of the IRS doing due diligence and being invasive and taking their time to grant final approval. Meanwhile, during the approval process, the groups operated as if they were already approved. All the conservative groups were finally approved. Then, it came to light-in case FOX forgot to report on it for you- that 1) more non-conservative groups than conservative ones were subject to the same scrutiny and delay 2) 3 (at least) liberal groups were denied tax exempt status, one at least had zero political activities (from what they say-I have no way to check up on them). The actual scandal? For half a century, the IRS has granted tax exempt status to groups who don’t have a majority of their activities being political, when the law, as passed by Congress, demands zero political engagement. So that is the actual scandal, and that is why you stopped hearing the republicans pushing for investigation of Obama and the IRS- The gravy train of tax free status will dry up for conservative 501-c groups if the law is actually enforced as written. The actual folks accountable are either long dead or retired, the present folks in the iRS are simply following the rules they’ve followed since the 1960s.

      • Jessica Neubauer

        Give it up, here you are, arguing with someone who will NOT look clearly at the facts. That since the birth of the PAC and super PAC the IRS has been targeting ALL groups applying for tax exempt status will mean nothing to this person. (S)he literally can NOT see the proof in facts. The sad truth is that insanity is sometimes caused by a traumatic event. For the right wing, this trauma was seeing a black man elected not once but twice to lead the executive branch of the government. It isn’t even about racism at this point, it’s the inability to admit that they were wrong coupled with the insecurity they feel now that the country has rejected the “other” card that they have always regarded as an infallible weapon.
        With Michael Dukakis, Joe Lieberman, Geraldine Ferraro, the mere threat of “other” was enough to rally support to their side. They’ve had to watch the paradigm shift and it’s metaphorically taken the ground out from under their feet. The one thing they thought they could count on has been taken away from their arsenal and they’re feeling lost and frightened. So they lash out with increasingly desperate and irrational claims. As I said, this is no longer even based in personal racism, they’re just stunned that everyone is no longer listening to the same dog whistle messages they’ve always sent, which means they’re losing their place at the top of the tree. This scares them, and makes them very dangerous.

      • lessthantolerant

        so you think 99 to 1 was the same?

      • KMC528

        I think you’re right. The people I know who parrot whatever Fox, Rush & Co. tell them *do* tend to be more emotional in all parts of their lives.

      • Why? It’s simple. Anyone can see that things are seriously messed up in the world right now. Humans ALWAYS want someone to blame, so they don’t have to shoulder the burden themselves. The people on the Right are simply doing their best to give the masses a target; someone to focus the attention of the masses on, so none of us notice that they are responsible for a significant portion of what’s wrong. They’re trying to turn Barack Obama into Emmanuel Goldstein. All these blatant lies and misdirections are their own personal Two Minute Hates.

      • mike953

        “as if facts are a leftist, elitist reconfiguring of information… ”
        Bambi, I love this!

      • jdripper

        Well bambi what is the terror in liberals such as you that they believe the dishonest (read lies) such as editing video and audio material as NBC, CNN, MSNBC, HLN, and ABC have done in the George Zimmerman trial? Why do liberals peddle in lies and stupidity on such a scale as you do? Explain why pollsters from the liberal PEW and PPP to the moderate Gallup to the Conservative Rasmussen all show the same numbers that Americans trust FOX more then they do with CNN, MSNBC or the rest of the ultra liberal media? Why has the New York Times crashed from 3 million readers to less then 800,000 over the past decade while the Wall Street Journal has increased by over 1.6 million readers. Bambi a legitimate person after a while would take inventory and say maybe I am the one in the wrong. Do you have any legitimacy left to do this?

      • redhead7254

        as quoted from Mediaite web page: For the first time since PPP has been conducting their news poll, more Americans said they do not trust the news broadcast by Fox News Channel than say they do: with 46 percent saying they do not trust FNC’s product compared to 41 percent who said they do. This ranks far behind the partially publicly-funded PBS, for example. 52 percent of respondents said they trust the news PBS broadcasts compared to 29 percent who said they do not trust it. The webpage then said that when it broke down the 800 people who answered the poll by saying that 34% trusted Fox, while the remainder of the group were divided citing PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc. to make up the other 66%. I suggest when talking about how much the public likes Fox News you make sure you HAVE ALL the facts. Seems to me it almost split between the big news networks and Fox. I like the idea that “liberals” and independents can move around with their choice of news networks, whereas Fox Fiends seem to stick together. I wonder why? Like minded conservatives don’t like to hear what others have to say and only want to hear what they want to hear? Or its just too easy for someone to go with the channel on the tube and not bother moving on? People who want to quote facts need to be sure they quote the entire portion, not the small amount that goes along with their agenda. I’m sick of both sides using only the information that works for their agendas or twists the facts to work with their beliefs…give me ALL the facts and let me figure it out myself…I am not stupid. Stop treating anyone who wants to learn or is a liberal as stupid. I could say the same about you. But I won’t.

      • jdripper

        So redehead let me get this straight. I point out the lies and slander being pushed by the liberal media and you say what to it? Nothing, just silence. I say that FOX is trusted more then any other network and you say that FOX is trusted by 34% which means the other networks have what an average of 6% trust according to your odd version of math. Redhead your response is silly at best and dumb at worse. Try again and I hope you get it correct this time.

      • Mike Gomiller Sr.

        You really have an odd way of using math.I don’t think it works that way. Regardless, the reason redhead7254 probably didn’t answer that is because to all but you and your kind, calling them “liberal media” is a joke. First off, slander and lies essentially are based on untruths and falsified facts. With very little research at all, most of the drivel Faux Noise produces is easily dismissed. Faux Noise is the source of lies and slander. Take off the blinders, bub.

      • jdripper

        mikey, mikey, PEW research, Quinnipac, Gallup, even PPP all of their research shows that FOX is the most trusted of all of the news media. Most of America does not believe you or redhead. You two are outliers and mikey, two people not to be believed or trusted at any time according to the vast majority of Americans. How does it feel to not be trusted.

      • Sartasia

        Actually the funny point to all of this is that only 55% of Americans get their news from TV to begin with. The pie you are arguing over is not as big as you think.

      • jdripper

        Ahhh little small sartasia PPP is a big time dimocrat polling firm whose numbers are often called in to question and then discovered to be false. FOX News reaches an audience do you understand this? They receive more viewers then your beloved MSNBC, CNN, HLN, and CNBC combined. They destroy their opposition. Then again you only watch MSNBC the most distrusted TV Network on cable. You see little fellow Pew is the survey that most people turn for this, not PPP. They say unequivocally that FOX amongst the 19 to 45 crowd that FOX is the most trusted with CNN second. Why do you lie little man? Why do liberals always have to lie? The number one in viewers is FOX got that? The most trusted is FOX, got that? Run, scream, post fake numbers that is the truth of the matter and you suck for lying.

      • jabberwocky

        And on both sides.

      • Bruce Molyneux

        and it’s been done to both parties,how can anyone not see the hypocrisy and deceit.

    • arosenb4

      Definitely agree that we have brainwashed people in politics. I had a friend that interned at McCain’s office. When the Supreme Court came down with its decision upholding the health care bill, she said that people in the office were crying.

      • alj momma

        Have you read the healthcare bill? After you actually read it,you will understand why they were crying. Until then you can not say anything either way because you don’t have all the information. You can read it online and do not need the media to tell you how screwed up it is.

      • Lara Croft

        have you read the healthcare bill?

      • Marty Holden

        Yes, well the summary, but yes I read it , and I have a background in health insurance, equities and real estate. Do you? Do you understand it, or are you misinterpreting it. You appear to be drawing doubt without pointing to anything. So it is it a purposeful fallacy your are wishing to invoke, or do you have something specific to address?

      • jdripper

        Just curious as to where you got your background in “health insurance”. See Marty Health insurance is a misnomer there is no discipline regulated by government called health insurance. You can be a provider, a carrier or many types of health devices but insurance is not legally one of them. Back to the book again Marty and this time actually read them and don’t just color in the pictures.

      • Obviously YOU are the one who has not read it.
        I have friends who are over one million dollars in debt for surgery for the wife’s cancer. The same treatment in Europe would have costed less for the initial surgery ad would have been performed sooner, resulting in lower costs for the rest of the treatment.
        If people were crying about the ACA it’s because they wanted the left to lose, not because it was a bad bill.
        House Republicans are now proposing single pay- that is ACTUAL socialism. It’s not about right and wrong, it’s about winning.

      • jdripper

        jessica my wife perished from cancer. After a lengthy stay in Sloan Kettering and other research centers such as John Hopkins she was gone. The total billings were not $1,000,000 and I know of no one who has ever been billed that high. Please name these people. Also jessica please answer this why at every hospital Mary Imogene Bassett, Sloan-Kettering, Johns Hopkins, and Mass General at least half the patients were from Europe. I asked them and they all said the same the waiting lists were too long and the service was terrible versus what the US used to have. Why were they here and not there. Tell me jessica name the Americans that you know who went to the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, German, France or wherever in Europe to have cancer treatment instead of staying here? I do believe you are factually and truth challenged jessica.

      • Pixie Stix

        So in your opinion, it is better to have people die because they can’t afford healthcare, rather than have you wait in lengthy lines.
        Really? That’s your value system? How Christian of you.

      • jdriper

        pixie go tell your mommy that you went poo all over yourself again. pixie take a deep breath and try to figure this out. When you or anyone has an aggressive virus that is killing and transforming your cells and cellular structure by the second then your “wait in lengthy lines” is a death sentence. Got that? Huh pixie do you need further help understanding this. You ugly, mean spirited whore, my wife was 6′ tall and weighed in at 145 pounds and had led her age class for 12 years in tennis. She was the picture of health. Withing 9 months she weighed 64 pounds and could not walk or talk. The miserable pixie believes that good medicine would be practiced if we put everyone on lengthy wait lines.

      • Pixie Stix

        The miserable pixie belives that everyone should have equal access to healthcare, regardless of their station in life or accomplishments. Before Obamacare, health care consisted of getting treated in the ER for those who couldn’t afford it. Follow up visits are not conducted in an ER, so if your cancer cells come back, sucks to be you.

        You are essencially saying that since that system works just fine for you, that’s the way it should stay.
        Do I think that lengthy waitlines are good? No. And I never said so. Have to admit, it’s the first time I’ve been called a “ugly, mean spirited whore.” Guess there’s a first time for everything. My point is, that while this law isn’t perfect (never said it was), what we had before was far more cruel. Ask anybody who got dumped by their insurance company once they received a terminal diagnosis.

        I’m sorry about your wife. I’m going to base your response as an indicaiton of the love you felt for her rather than a general statement about your personality. However, what about someone else’s wife – the one without the health insurance? Does she deserve to die because you don’t want to wait in long lines?

      • jdriper

        Little pixie do you realize that the CBO is now estimating that over 33,000,000 people will not have health coverage with your beloved Obamacare? They are estimating as of now that on January 1, the costs will rise to over 83% of the first projections on individual and corporate costs. There is no prediction made about your wonder plan that is coming true as was announced during the debates. Even the dimocrats are running from this. The labor unions are condemning since it will cost them members. All of the initial supporters and endorsers are bailing except for the insurance providers and they will make a killing on this. You have no clue what you are talking about yet for some reason you just go on and on and on and on.

        By the way explain that 60% of bankruptcies crap you are spouting. Tell us your source. You are saying that 60% of corporations that go bankrupt due to health costs. I want to see that.

      • Pixie Stix

        I included a link in my comment, evidently that is a no-no. At any rate, I said nothing about corporations and don’t know where you got that idea. Corporations are not people and it is people that I have been speaking of.

      • jdriper

        pixie all means all, get it? You said all bankruptcies and now you are attempting to weasel your way out of your bold statement. You do know that under bankruptcy courts saying because of health concerns is the fastest way to expedite your case. You really do fall under the mental midget classification don’t you?

      • jillscherb7

        Arguments using attacks and name-calling are an indicator of ad hominem mental midgitry.

      • Consdumb

        You do realize 83% is less than 100%?

      • jjh

        Wow, three people actually agree with your bad math skills. Do you even know what an 83% increase is? It’s not 1 x .83% =.83, it’s 1 + (1 x 83%) = 1.83. Another modern math failure. Sad, very sad.

      • KMC528

        At this point, the first real numbers are coming out and both California and New York, the price through the exchanges is significantly lower than originally predicted. Sorry to burst your bubble with facts.

      • jdripper

        The prices of policies based on individual holders in other words KMC, family policies, corporate policies, and policies transferred have accelerated faster and greater then what was first known. These policies you and the dimocrats are screaming around the pin head over constitute less then 3% of the total policies in those two states. The 97% are rising faster and higher then I first noted. Wow KMC how does if feel to have your bubble and your integrity trashed in just a few words? Speak the truth next time little girl.

      • jjh

        Hold on, this is the headline from a Forbes article “Rate Shock: In California, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 64-146%”. If you want to read the truth search on that title.
        I hope it helps you understand.

      • Gary Smith

        That’s 60% of personal bankruptcies. Duh.

      • KMC528

        6 feet tall and 145 pounds is NOT “the picture of health” — it’s anorexic. Minimum acceptable weight for someone 6 feet tall is around 160, so 145 is dangerously underweight.

        I lived for years under an HMO that had long waits for treatment — in order to maximize profits, they took on way too many patients and had way too few doctors. Finally there had to be a law saying that patients have to be seen within a few days (not 6-10 weeks) of calling for an appointment.

        That was years before Obamacare was even thought of — it was all about the bottom line and the heck with the patients’ well-being. So don’t fool yourself that there are no waits in the US.

      • jdripper

        KMC where do you practice medicine? Are you telling me in your hysteria that the doctors at Mary Imogene Bassett and Sloan Kettering and we should all bow to your immense knowledge? Where do you practice medicine? What medical college did you attend? To make a statement that stupid is just breathtaking.
        Also KMC try this the way Obamacare is being set up is based on a bottom line approach. You are screaming about the very law that is being used? KMC for the first time in your life please get your facts straight and attempt to be honest and not just a lens that only passes through dimocrat talking points.

      • Gary Smith

        My coworker Maria DeGortari — a translator in the petrochem industry — contracted leukemia, was treated for it at Methodist Cancer Center here in Houston (one of the premier cancer centers in the world). It went into remission and she was able to come back to work after nearly a year being out. Then, just 8 months later, it returned.

        She has been undergoing the treatment and suffering the excruciating side effects of that treatment (extreme susceptibility to infections, a myriad of terrible physical effects brought about by the chemo, etc). She was eventually let go by the company and is still undergoing treatment and suffering the side effects.

        We have good insurance, but her part of her medical bills (not including what was paid by the insurance company), exceeded $1million months ago.

      • jdripper

        Gary Smith I hate to say this to anyone but you are either lying or just have no clue what you are talking about. Do you know who and what Sloan-Kettering is? Do you know where it is located? It is and has been rated as the finest cancer hospital on the planet for over 45 years. It is located in NYC. Yet here you come saying that this lady even with her health insurance her portion of the payments is over $1,000,000. Tell me old wise one what part of her treatment is costing the most? Why is she the only person in the nation paying over $1,000,000. What is causing this? Smith you describe “chemo therapy” from when it was first used. Chem has changed drastically over the years. You need to get your facts straight.

      • What’s in the bill isn’t the screwed up part. The screwed up part is that Obamacare is even more capitalism friendly than Romneycare and shares most of its DNA.

        It’s a purely political posturing thing. These staffers would have applauded its passing if McCain or Romney happened to be the one enacting it, as they would have viewed it through a totally different lens.

        Ugh so annoying. And yes. Democrats would have attacked it as being a terrible idea if Romney was the one passing it too its certainly a two way street of hypocrisy.

      • pshad

        Democrats did not attack Romneycare (virtually identical to Obamacare). Democrats in Massachusetts PASSED the law.

      • they love to do that “both sides do it” thingy, even when the proof is that both sides didn’t or don’t do it. good response.

      • Marty Holden

        Case in point Nich

      • Marty Holden

        You don’t know that do you? You are the type of person ther above article addresses aren’t you? It seems the person postruring is you. We know were we stand, and you too.

      • Pixie Stix

        I am getting so tired of the “two parties are the same” argument. Because it’s not true, and it’s lazy reasoning by someone who really doesn’t want to think about the issues.
        Tell me, how many Democrats have filibustered their own legislation? How many times have Democrats attempted to repeal Romneycare in Romney’s home state? How many pieces of jobs legislation have the Republicans in Congress attempted to pass?

        I don’t know if you lack intellectual honesty or functioning brain cells, but something is missing.

      • Bruce Molyneux

        this is quite the back slapping cheer leading party page.raw raw raw pelosi yea.our teams best we have no corruption,no scandals,we are always right,if we could have all the power everything would be fine.what a bunch of idiots the 2 teams built this dept and NEITHER will change,or do anything to improve,the decline will continue,they will still get raises,contracts,inside info,more control,and you will gradually get less of everything but your share of the debt

      • Leigha7

        Which part is worth crying over, the fact that young adults are covered on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26, the fact that you can no longer be turned down for preexisting conditions, the fact that insurance has to be available for everyone, or the fact that we will no longer have to foot the bill for all the ER visits by uninsured people who can’t afford to pay for it themselves?

        The only part I can think that’s potentially worth being upset over is the fact that insurance is a requirement. But car insurance has been required for years. The reason car insurance is required is so you don’t have to be liable if an uninsured person hits you. This doesn’t immediately seem relevant with health insurance, but as previously mentioned, it currently falls to everyone else to cover the ER costs of uninsured people if they can’t pay for it themselves. Mandated insurance changes that. Maybe there should still be a way to opt out, but it does have a purpose.

      • DonJuan the 5th

        Obviously You did not actually read that Bill or you would not be spouting that Media led crap it has so much more to it,,, and those Points are there, but they make just a very small part of what was actually added to law and by the way one of your points is invalid Being the Recipient at one time in my life of Un-insured help in an ER For Pneumonia that nearly killed me,,,8 days in ICU and 12 days total in the hospital and having a 73.000 $ bill to pay for the rest of my life means no one else got billed that money..It is unconstitutional for any government to force you to pay for services you do not recieve and that is a part of this bill….. Idiot

      • Pixie Stix

        “…or you would not be spouting that Media led crap it has so much more to it…”

        But then you fail to mention any of the stuff that the ACA contains that you object to (other than the fact it’s mandatory). That’s the part that always gets me. “It’s bad legislation, terrible even, but I’m not going to tell you why.” As for your personal experience, let me remind you that 60% of all bankruptcies in this country are related to healthcare costs. More than half. Imagine if you had had to be in the hospital for a full month. You would be one of THOSE statistics.

      • wildclover

        It means you’re making payments-if you only make a $10 payment a month, the hospital has to accept it. Meanwhile, all those folks who treated you needed to get paid at the time, not 20 years from now, so yes, your bill is getting paid for by higher costs for everyone else to cover the upfront costs. Your payments are helping cover the next guy with a $73,000 bill. If you’d had insurance, would you have even been in the ER for pneumonia, or would you have gone to your own doctor before you got so sick as to need the ER? If you’d done that, your total bill would have been more like $200 tops, assuming expensive antibiotics and a pricy doctor. Think of all the economic power that 73 grand represents that you now don’t have- And if you die tomorrow, whatever you haven’t paid off yet probably never will be. There are a lot of bills that never get paid, and never will.
        Please cite the provision in the Constitution which says the government can’t charge you for services you don’t receive? If I walk out and get hit by a truck tomorrow, my SS will never be collected, except maybe a pittance by my husband, and certainly none of my Medicaid. I pay for veteran’s benefits but I don’t receive them. I pay for the TSA to look at naked body scans every day, but I haven’t flown in years. John Adams signed into law a health care plan for sailors- Sailors were forced to pay into the system, captains/owners were forced to collect the money under penalty of hefty fines, but most sailors I would assume never used the system. If someone who was around when the ink was still wet on the Constitution cold do this, I’d assume it is a power of government.

      • lessthantolerant

        More parasitic thinking.

      • JohnAbramson

        Yea, alj momma, please point out the screwed up parts, because I could really use affordable healthcare, and if Obama care is so screwed up, I want to know why so I can just go commit suicide because I have NO HEALTHCARE!!!!! What would you propose as an alternative? Please, let me know!

      • Consdumb

        The people crying won’t even read the 4 page long consitution, you honestly trying to tell me they are going to read a complex health bill?

    • and they love to call us the sheeple.

    • notbob

      It’s not brainwashing. It’s money. Follow the money.

      • Bruce Molyneux

        and the democrats do the same,all for the money

      • notbob

        No doubt, and Americans as a whole should be focused on removing money from our political process, as that is our number one problem in America.

        That said, regarding Republican VS Democrat, Democrats aren’t using religion as a political tool. For those at the top, religion is being used as nothing more than a political wedge. Divide and conquer. In addition, consider where political funding primarily comes from. Republican’s primary source of money comes from for-profit corporations, interested only in making money. Democrats primary source of funding comes from grass roots fundraising and non-profit corporations which include unions, environmental groups, human rights groups, etc., all groups which represent millions of people.

        As far as I’m concerned, no entity should have the ability to influence legislation based on the depth of its pockets. It’s bribery plain and simple, and when our government is bribed, it can’t represent the interests of the masses. Our system represents only the wealthiest members of our society and our politicians are beating down doors to get at their money. The American political system is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy.

  • Mark1234

    You forgot another classic – Obama’s cooking the employment numbers! FALSE: the only president in living memory to literally cook the numbers was Ronald Reagan. Before Reagan, those in the military were not included on either side of the scale in the employment rate. In late 1982/early 1983, Reagan said “Let’s drop all the military on the plus side to magically knock a couple of points off the unemployment rate without actually changing anything.!”

    Not to say those in the military are not gainfully employed, but Reagan’s motivation was purely to cook the books for PR purposes.

    • Don’t forget the three million plus federal jobs Reagan added.

      • . . . and don’t forget that, when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, we were the largest CREDITOR country in the world. When he left office, we were the largest DEBTOR country in the world.

      • Haha for sure,

        The graphs showing the numbers of public/private sector jobs created seem to point out GWB as a massive socialist and Obama as ignoring the public sector too.

        Oh the republican Internet number cooking massive is the worst!

  • truthisanillusion

    The only thing that separates a lie from the truth in politics is if
    people believe it and with the right backing any lie can become truth.

    • jabberwocky

      Well said. Both sides are wrong.

  • Karl

    Oh, Yeah, and never talk to them about Bill Maher, then they really lose it. But what can you expact when Rush is their Media Darling.

  • All correct. That’s not to say I approve of everything he’s doing, but Romney would have been ten times worse.

    I have to say, right now though, if he succeeds in getting Fast Track authority for this Trans-Pacific Partnership — NAFTA on steroids — your Congress and your state legislatures will find themselves relegated as badly as are the city councils of Benton Harbor, Flint and Detroit. In fact, laws you passed a hundred years ago, like the creation of the Bank of North Dakota, will be effectively overturned by a three-judge panel — the judges being corporate lawyers — inasmuch as they can sue the state or nation for hundreds of millions of dollars for infringing on “expected profits” of foreign banks, &c.

    Truly, this is the greatest threat we’ve ever faced as a democratic republic.

    See more here at CITIZENS TRADE CAMPAIGN

  • jeff cox

    I think the real story isn’t the fact that so many people are living in cognitive dissonance.

    The real story lies in identifying who it is that’s fostering this insanity and why.

    This is a very, very frustrating time to live in … especially if you’re capable of rational thought. I’m close to giving up, packing it in, and moving to an island somewhere in the Caribbean. I think I’d rather deal with the nutjobs that believe in voodoo than the nutjobs that believe the stuff this article goes about debunking.

    • I would say follow the money trail to see who is at the heart of whipping up these kinds of ideas and philosophies….

  • Moogoogourami

    Get to the root of the problem~ a segment of our population has been brain-washed. That’s the ONLY explanation that makes sense.

  • Bill U.

    I could debunk this whole article using FACTS. While the blind would swallow this fully without doing any research, the truth is the author uses a mix of wordplay, omission of fact (not all but many), and the concept that emotionally-driven blind faith in the Democratic (now Socialist really) will further the liberal rhetoric.

    And based on the comments below, the author seems to have accomplished what was set out to do.

    • KR

      Well, lets see/hear those facts. The author of this at least provided statistics to support his arguments. You disputed them, yet provide no evidence or facts to support your claim.

      • America……Freedom

        Well, lets take the amount of the Deficit. Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. If you take the amount that “Each” individual President had racked up, you would see that Obama spent more than “ANY single President”. Now that is for the “mathematically challenged” as he puts it in this article. It was written to trick the mind into believing that he spent less than what was being talked about by the Republicans……Taking words out of context……Just like the Democrats always seem to do, to justify their ideology way of thinking….the author gave his resources but did you “Actually watch and listen to Fox news???” I really do not believe you did or you would have known about this falsehood this man is feeding to people…..I could go on if you would like.

      • America……Freedom

        “Obama has been the biggest spending President in history! FALSE.”~~~~ See above.
        “The economy has gotten worse under Obama! FALSE. Are you insane, have selective memory or both? In February 2009, we lost 651K jobs. In February 2013, we added 236K jobs. Again, for the mathematically challenged, that’s a positive shift of 887K jobs from our losses in February 2009 to our gains in February 2013.”~~~~ if that is how math is figured I must have been taught wrong. if you start with a negative(-) 651k jobs and add(+) 236k jobs. That would equal(=) a negative(-) 415k jobs. Now if he can show where they added(not “saved”) 887k. Now make sure that “Those Jobs” that are added are not government jobs. Government jobs are being paid for by the taxes we pay in which is taking away from the money coming in. Those jobs should be in the Private sector which will add to the amount of money coming into the government. Maybe that is a contributing factor that they(government) are borrowing $.40 to every dollar spent……

      • When President Obama took office the deficit was around $1.3 trillion. It is now around $800 billion i.e. less spending by a lot. Some economist contribute half of the debt on the two most recent wars..another $3 trillion are past war debt (Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm..and numerous military actions). The debt was around $800 billion under Carter..By the time Bush Sr. left office it was $4.5 trillion. I believe I read the WWII war debt was paid off under Clinton but he added to the debt as well. The big spender of them all was Bush Jr..starting with a $250 billion surplus, blew through that, blew through the $1.2 trillion surplus in Social Security…Bush waged two wars simultaneously, both close to a decade, a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Act passed and two tax cuts never done while waging war…let alone two wars. The tax cuts have been estimated to equal around $3 trillion…funds that were needed if our government was worried about the deficit and debt. They cared not one whit until 2009. Then used it to dumb down the masses to win votes.

      • America……Freedom

        “Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history! FALSE. On January 20, 2009 our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $16.7 trillion—for a $6.1 trillion increase. For the mathematically challenged, $6.1 trillion is less than $10.6 trillion.”

        I was simply stating a fact that he has spent more than “any ” prior president. I am assuming that you are talking about a year by year budget deficit? ($1.3 trillion and now $800 billion) During the Bush Jr. presidency, the National Deficit increased by $5 trillion in an 8 year term. So far under President Obama’s term, it has increased $6.1 trillion and still going for he has another 3 years of his term left. That is how he has spent more than “any” other president. The way that it is going, I am sure there will be another president that will spend more than the current.

      • rozlee

        80% of our national debt comes from Reagan, Bush and Bush II, according to the Congressional Budget Office. They are the ones that ran sky high deficits and took surpluses and turned them into deficits.They’re the ones that are responsible for our debt to countries like Japan, China, Russia and our treasury securities. Yes, we owe money to damn Russia and China, our Cold War enemies. So far, Obama has been lowering the deficit created by his Republican predecessor. Clinton gave us a surplus. Our last three Republican presidents exploded our national debt with their deficit spending.

      • America……Freedom

        That 80% comes out to $13.36 trillion while the deficit was $10.6 trillion when President Obama took office………what is it with people and math these days. Take a calculator and multiply 16.7 trillion(16,700,000,000,000) times .80 which is 80% and you will get the answer 13,360,000,000,000. I am merely stating the fact that Obama is spending more. It is irrelevant that the last 3 “Republican” Presidents jacked up our deficit. The relevant information is that a “Democratic” President Obama is spending more than them. Meaning Obama spent more than Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. when comparing them one on one.

      • rozlee

        Obama is spending more on what? The interest on the debt incurred by his predecessors? Your getting your deficit confused with your national debt. The deficit has to do with the budget that we work with that is the one that runs the daily business of the country, i.e. pays the military, Medicare, Veteran’s Administration, sends out block grants for firefighters, cops, institutions like state colleges, state hospitals, city water treatment plants, schools and highway construction, etc. The national debt is what we owe other countries and ourselves for borrowing to pay for those services because of the deficits we’ve run up. Clinton had a surplus in 2000, but we still owed money on the national debt to countries like Japan, Belgium and to raiding the Social Security Trust under Reagan. Bush started borrowing from China again in 2005 while the interest on Reagan’s and his father’s borrowing continued to rise on the debt. Today, we have no choice but to continue that deficit spending and borrowing since we have a deficit, that Obama is lowering. But, the national debt does not indicate spending. It indicates borrowing and interest on the debt. Which again, goes back to Republican programs like the unpaid wars and entitlements like Medicare Part D, which was more a boon for Big Pharma, and not seniors, and Republican presidents. Your figures don’t prove Obama is spending more money since you’re computations are about the national debt, which includes interest on the entire debt itself and borrowing that caused that debt. We’re discussing the deficit. Ironically, according to the Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Manangment and Budget, if Clinton’s budget policies had remained in effect, and Bush had never passed his 1.3 trillion dollar tax break for the mega rich, plus found a way to pay for his wars and his Medicare Part D, we’d have wiped out the national debt by 2014. Wars have always been paid for since the Revolutionary War, either by raising taxes on commodities, saving bonds or some other method. M4s, F-15s,and my military pay ain’t cheap and there’s no War Fairy that waves a wand and conjures it all up. Republicans, who tout themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility, added trillions of dollars to our debt and wiped out a healthy surplus.

      • Rick Rick

        What Budget?

      • rozlee

        The one that we pass every fiscal year, nimrod.

      • jjh

        Hey rozlee,
        No budget was passed during the first four years of Obama’s presidency. That’s why we have all of the fights on the continuing spending resolutions.

      • rozlee

        Get real. If no budget had been passed, the military wouldn’t have gotten paid for four years, I wouldn’t have been able to get seen at the VA Hospital, cops and firefighters would have all been laid off four years ago and, LOL, Congress wouldn’t have gotten paid either in all that time. Like that’s going to happen. Bastards have been passing budgets and you can tell because they’ve been giving themselves pay raises. The budget fights have been on items of the budget, not on the budgets themselves, which have to be passed in order for the government to run. Those defense contractors that give big bucks to the campaigns of politicians are going to get paid no matter what.

      • jjh


        Obviously you don’t understand the process, the President in
        this case Obama proposes a budget, then it is voted on by Congress. When a budget is not in place the Congress can vote on continuing spending resolutions to keep the government going. This mechanism was for cases when the vote was delayed in order to work out differences. Now it is Obama’s normal operating procedure.

        In the interest of your education, I have include a section of Wiki’s entry on the US Budget. (not from Fox News).

        “The Budget of the United States Government often begins as the President’s proposal to the U.S. Congress which recommends funding levels for the next fiscal year, beginning October 1. However, Congress is the body required by law to pass a budget annually and to submit the budget passed by both houses to the President for signature. Congressional decisions are governed by rules and legislation regarding the federal budget process. Budget committees set spending limits for the House and Senate committees and for Appropriations subcommittees, which then approve individual appropriations bills to allocate funding to various federal programs.

        If Congress fails to pass an annual budget (as has been the case since 2009), a series of Appropriations bills must be passed as “stop gap” measures. After Congress approves an appropriations bill, it is sent to the President, who may sign it into law, or may veto it (as he would a budget when passed by the Congress). A vetoed bill is sent back to Congress, which can pass it into law with a two-thirds majority in each chamber. Congress may also combine all or some appropriations bills into an omnibus reconciliation bill. In addition, the president may request and the Congress may pass supplemental appropriations bills or emergency supplemental appropriations bills.”

        BTW having no “budget” is a violation of US law.

      • rozlee

        Obama has proposed budgets for every year he’s been in office. They have been shot down over and over by Republicans in Congress. Because Republicans keep wanting more tax cuts for the rich that will add trillions to the deficit and more spending cuts that will hurt Americans during hard times. Obama’s budgets have proposed energy efficient vehicles; increases in funds for schools and cities; for police officers and firefighters; tax increases for billionaires and closing of offshore loopholes. They have also included tax breaks for companies that utilize green energy, small businesses and the end of the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000. But, Republicans have hollered each time because Obama wasn’t passing the budget THEY wanted. Since you like Wikipedia, google “Widipedia, United States Federal Budget, 2010.” Or “Wikipedia, United States Federal Budget, 2011.” And so on. Obama has proposed budgets that Republicans have turned down repeatedly. It’s a form of cognitive dissonance that FOX and the right-wing echo chamber love saying that no budget has come out of the Obama White House on the one hand, while they lambast it on the other. No budget is a violation of US law, huh? Republicans have been salivating to find something to impeach Obama on. If he’d broken the law by not passing a budget, they’d have had their impeachment committee chosen the first month after he’d failed to produce one.

      • jjh

        Harry Reid did not even bring many(all?) of his budgets to a vote. Each elected official is free to support or not to support a budget item and can propose changes to the submitted budget. I find it interesting that you corrected me about the budget, yet when proven you were wrong you jumped directly into rote rebuttal tactics. A Liberal’s idea of negotiating is I must give into what you believe or I am the most evil, racist person on the planet. That sure makes me want to give in to your ideas. His own party did not put his budget to a vote, get over it. BTW way he doesn’t pass anything, that’s the job of Congress. Since voting on the budget is the job of Congress, they are first in line in violating the law, in this case Harry Reid would be first. I reccomend you read a good Civic book for you to study on how the Federal goverment works, 8th grade level might work for you.

      • rozlee

        I’m aware that Congress has the power of the purse. And what are you blathering about that I called you a racist? Nope, didn’t happen. You’re the one making rote comments now. As for your statement that no Democrats voted for Obama’s budget, has it ever occurred to you to wonder why? Like maybe Sen. Jeff Session’s poison pill introduction of a budget amendment representing a budget request? The same tactic Rep. Mick Mulvaney performed in the House a month before. Republicans were so proud of it, they called it their Obama Potemkin budget; one that would raise taxes on the middle class and cut vital programs like Medicare. I don’t blame Democrats for refusing to take the Republicans’ bait and voting for it. Kudos. It shows how dirty Republicans are willing to fight in order to make the rich wealthier and cut services for America’s neediest. And thank you for the civics lesson. Harry Reid sure has gotten away with murder for not passing a budget in four years and not getting indicted by the usually impeachment-happy Republicans. ‘Cause I’m sure they’d find some way of getting out of it themselves. BENGHAZI!

      • jjh


        Sorry it did not seem you understood the budget process since you stated that they passed a budget but they didn’t. Then you were worried that Obama didn’t pass a budget, when it is his job to propose a budget and Congress to pass it. I won’t bite on the middle class tax rise red herring. I did not accuse “you” of calling me a racist but following the threads on this blog that is the typical liberal tactic used to shift the discussion. That’s also why I quoted Wiki not Fox News, which is also a typical ploy of the left to blame the news source. I always try to find a liberal news source to quote, since I am always accused of using Fox News. As far as the budget contents, it is the job of Congressmen to propose changes as they see fit, to be voted on by the appropriate body. It is your guy who is gutting Medicare. As far as Benghazi, I believe we won’t find out what really happened until the end of ’14 at the earliest. I never mentioned Benghazi until you did either! Maybe you feel liberal angst over the lies told by the Obama Administration regarding to what happened there? But I didn’t want to go there, I merely was responding your incorrect post regarding the budget being passed. Everything else is just an attempt to deflect the conversation.

        There has not been a budget since 2009, if we can agree on that point we can move on.

      • rozlee

        Obama is not “gutting” Medicare. That’s another conservative talking point. He’s phasing out the $700 billion Medicare Part D boondoogle that was more a boon to Big Pharma than to seniors. As for Benghazi, I was mocking Republicans who are obsessed with a witch hunt as they never were with the 12 American consulate bombings under Bush. Has there not been a budget passed since 2009? FY 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 have been shot down by Republicans and from what I hear, 2014 is being shot down by them as we speak, although it’s so close to the Ryan Budget in it’s spending cuts, it’s even alienated liberals like me.

      • jjh


        I guess you can’t let it go. Medicare is not a talking point but if you can’t admit you were wrong about the budget, then what’t the use.Show me a budget that has passed without changes from let say FDR. The Dems won’t even bring one to a vote.

        But here is my take on Benghazi, Obama and his spokesmen have knowingly lied about the video, refused requested upgrades, and failed to mount any attempt to save them. Please remember the State department budget for security is separate from the rest of it or even if you still believe money was the issue, then Obama or Hillary should have ordered them to remain in a safe location. Your defense is that it happened before, wow! Impressive! Obama can’t learn from previous mistakes? Obama is the man except when he fails, then it’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s really sad.

        Do you still stand by your statement?

        “The one that we pass every fiscal year, nimrod.”

        Or are you always right even when you are wrong?

      • rozlee

        Nope. I concede to your statement. But, how have Obama and the State Dept. lied when even the CIA has expressed frustration with Republicans who insist State officials lie by taking apart statements over “did you say ‘terrorist acts’ or acts of terrorism’?” The CIA, military intelligence and other intelligence agencies have gone on the record to say that there is no cover-up and that the WH was not to blame. During the Gulf Wars, civilian contractors were given the jobs former military were of guarding consulates. Most of the guards at consulates today are local security contractors. Basically natives of the country and many of them not even having military training. That was how it was run so corporations could make big bucks at the expense of American lives. It was why I was eating $25 hamburgers and wearing $800 ACUs that only cost $79 stateside. Plus, your statement about State Dept budgets bears scrutiny. In 2011 and 2012, Obama requested 5 billion for overseas consulates. The House approved 4.5. In a CNN interview, October, 2012, Rep. Jason Chaffetz acknowledged that House Reps had consciously voted to reduce funds allocated to embassy security since winning the election in 2010. “You have to prioritize things,” he said. Benghazi was ruled to have been strictly caused the terrorists and the terrorists only by the ARB. But, ultimately, I place the blame on Republicans and their obsession with privatization. If trained soldiers and not local rent-a-cops had been in charge of security at the consulate, the outcome would have been much different.

      • jjh


        The president, etc. blamed it on a video, told the victims families
        they would hold him responsible. All the while he new the truth. You keep skewing the conversation with tangents very nice technique. If Obama and/or the State department knew/know that Consulates and/or Embassies were/are not properly defended then shame on them. Are you asserting that our diplomatic staff is in danger right now? If so, Obama is responsible if another tragedy occurs. However I maintain, he was responsible then because as you well know he signed the continuing spending resolutions and if he thought he was putting our people at risk then he should have stood firm on principle and demanded more. Over and over I hear Obama is the greatest, while every failure is blamed on someone else. To be truly great you need to overcome adversity, he fails that standard time and time again.

      • rozlee

        There’s no way to ever protect our embassies again with military contractors firmly controlling congress with their endless campaign cash. Marines have always protected our consulates, and, in more volatile areas, Special Forces. But, we have a “free enterprise” democracy, remember? Privatization made security companies take over the job our military used to do. I can hear the scream from conservative throats everywhere if Obama arbitrarily cancelled civilian contracts and gave them back to the government. One, he can’t do it and two, conservatives don’t want him doing it.

      • jjh


        So he should just give in then, as long as he can shift responsibility he is ok then. It is his job to make a case for increase security and request funding for it. Are you claiming he couldn’t use an executive order? Has he reached out to conservatives for increased funding for security and has he been rejected? Is he doing everything he can to secure our diplomats? So did he lie about the video over and over? Or do you want to do another lib shift?

      • rozlee

        I have no idea what you even mean about did he lie about the video. I have to admit to tuning out conservatives when they’re in conspiracy theory-witch hunt mode. I read the summary report of the Accountability Review Board and it seems pretty cut and dried to me. Terrorists attacked the consulate and 4 of our citizens were killed. No one knew right away why they had done it, but for the next year, Republicans were frenziedly trying to get Obama to say that he blamed it on a film, not on a terror plot. Associated Press, 9/13/2012 “The Obama Administration, roiled by the first killing of a U.S. consulate ambassador in more than 30 years is investigating whether the assault was a terrorist strike to mark the anniversary of September 11 attacks and not a spontaneous mob enraged over an anti-Islam Y-Tube video.” As for issuing out executive orders to cancel GAO contracts within the government…I can’t even go there. Republicans already call him socialist enough. With the Stock market up over 14,000 from the 6,000 Bush left it in, and with corporate profits higher than they’ve been since the Roaring 20s, he ought to get kicked out of the Socialist Brotherhood for being their biggest slacker. I know that 1.1 billion was transferred to the State Dept. in February for the purpose of providing more Marine security guards for overseas posts and additional diplomatic security agents. Who knows if that’s enough to keep them safe. We’re not safe here at home.

      • jjh


        Obama blamed the attack on a demonstration triggered by the video, even though they monitored the attack in real time and knew there was no demonstration/riot. The maintained this fiction for several weeks. I also like how you continue avoiding a direct question. Is Obama responsible? Then or now?

      • rozlee

        Uh, no. Obama wasn’t responsible. Then, or now. And Republicans sure are making a big deal about what Obama said triggered the attack. There were riots and demonstrations in several parts of the Middle East over it and consuls were warned to be on high alert. When all was said and done, the terrorists killed our ambassador and three others. Not Obama, much to the regret of Republicans, who seemed more gleefully intent on finally finding their smoking gun that might get an impeachment going on Obama over the motives of a terrorist group to kill an ambassador. Which was really a job for the intelligence community, not the president or the State Dept. Like I said, they never would have done it under Bush, and they should have. With 12 embassy bombings under his belt, you’d think they’d be outraged enough to at least call him on it. But, no. They, did, however, find it necessary to harp for a whole year on whether Obama had been too hasty on blaming a video or demonstration for an attack than they were on Bush for having 12 on his watch.

      • jjh

        You are right Obama is not responsible for anything and is so completely helpless and ineffective he might as well give up.

      • rozlee

        Hey, he didn’t have 12 embassies blown up under his watch. And under Democratic presidents, we’ve actually caught terrorists who attacked us on our soil, like Timothy McVeigh, bin Laden and the Boston Marathon bombers. A lot more effective than the last guy.

      • jjh

        Yet you keep saying he is not responsible over and over. Even now you say he is not responsible for embassy and consultate security. FDR was in charge during the biggest terrorist attacks of all time, Pearl Harbor,which caused the US to enter the war. In anticipation of your response, I will point out your continuing tactics of reaching back to the past to blame republicans for everything and justifying Obama’s current failures. bin Laden was found largely due to changes in intellegence gathing that occurred under Bush which undid the changes brought about by Clinton. The united efforts of the FBI, ATF, State and local police captured/killed the Boston Marathon bombers, because of the lessons learned during 9/11. Remember under Clinton the FBI and CIA could not share intelligence and cooperation be fed, state and local law enforcement was often limited. If Obama is responsible for ending the BM bombing, then he is also responsible for not investigating the older brother more, since he was already questioned by law enforcement. President Truman always said “The buck stops here”, but according to you Obama’s buck stops in the past, or with the Republicans never him.
        Each time you can’t answer the question you attempt to shift the conversation. In the interest of reaching out, I will help you out with another future topic. If a Conservative talks about the blue-red split under Obama in this country you can bring up Lincoln and the civil war.

      • rozlee

        I don’t know what question you keep saying I can’t answer. Clinton changed a great many laws after the Oklahoma bombing to try and make it easier to keep large amounts of fertilizer from being sold and to trace individuals who were licensed to buy it in large amounts. Taggant, that could be used to trace gunpowder in a bomb to a buyer at the point of sale was blocked from being tracked by Republicans backed by the NRA after the Oklahoma bombing and then again, after the 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center. If the Boston police hadn’t been lucky enough to have had videos of the suspects, tracing gunpowder taggant would have been a valuable tool for them that might have solved the crime that way. You’re correct. Bush did do some things right. But, he never bothered capturing bin Laden, stating at one point “I really just don’t spend that much time on him anymore.” On the scum responsible for murdering over 2,000 Americans.

      • jjh


        I have asked many questions. For instance did Obama lie about the Benghzi video, you hid behind that fact you avoid attacks on Obama’s character (witch hunts)? You credited Obama for helping resolve the BM bombing, but ignored the question if he is responsible for the older brother avoiding further investigation by the FBI. It took you several days for you to admit there was no federal budget passed since 2009. Each time you bring up some event int the past to mitigate Obama’s responsiblity for anything that goes wrong now or merely blame Republicans. If he can’t learn from the past or deal with his own party and Republicans what good is he then? By your own description of him he sounds totally ineffective. By your logic Bush is bears no responsiblity for the 9/11 attacks based on Clinton keeping the CIA and FBI from working together and sharing intellegence. Carter failed to rescue the Iranian embassy hostages. I can go on and on pointing out failures by Democratic presidents, but each president is responsible for what go on during his/her term. Blame is another level entirely and I reserve it for intenses like lying to the families of the Benghzi victims and the world about why the attack took place and who is responsible. I will credit Obama for not speculating/hoping that it was Right-wing extremists that caused the B.M. bombings, unlike some liberal pundits did on CNN and MSNBC. You are so willing to absolve Obama for any of his failures by blaming others, how can he be responsible for any success of his own?…. Because according to you the Republicans control everything.
        It appears to me that you lack the intellectual integrity to acknowledge Obama’s own role in his failures.

      • rozlee

        1. “Did Obama lie about the Benghazi video?”
        2. “Is he responsible for the older brother avoiding further investigation by the FBI?”
        3. “If he can’t learn from the past or deal with his own party, what good is he then?”
        He seems to have learned pretty good from the past, as we haven’t had any more American embassy bombings and the country is in much better shape than it was when Bush left it. Republicans have used obstructionism and filibusters continuously over the last four years on every proposal, even sometimes, filibustering their own bills. We have three branches of government, remember? Although I’ve been pleased by the times he has run roughshed over Congress and been called a dictator by the right, as with some of his executive orders and reconciliation.
        4. “By your own logic, Bush bears no more responsibility for the 9/11 attacks…” Bush and his cabinet got a memo, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike Within the United States” a month before 9/11. Clinton told them bin Laden was the biggest threat to the country. Ashcroft dismissed the problem and diverted hundreds of millions of dollars that was being spent on counter-terrorism to be spent on some of his domestic priorities such as pornography. Even in the beginning of the Summer of 2001, when the FBI threat assessment had him using private jets instead of commercial ones, he was still shutting down the drone program that was searching for bin Laden in Pakistan. Ashcroft preferred to spend $8,000 of the taxpayer money covering the exposed breast of the Spirit of Justice statue than funding the intelligence community to capture bin Laden. After 9/11, Bush had bin Laden trapped at Tora Bora and then pulled the SF out of Pakistan and into Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, and let him get away. And Obama has had a great many faults and failures. I’m disappointed that he didn’t pass single payer. Obamacare isn’t popular. Polls show that a majority of Americans would have preferred a Medicare-for-all type of system. And I wish he would have passed a more comprehensive Wall St. reform bill. Republicans watered the Dodd-Frank Act to the point that it practically is all gums and no teeth.
        5. “According to you, the Republicans control everything.”
        Unfortunately, this is correct. This past election cycle, Democrats got 2 million more votes in the House than Republicans, but they still didn’t win it. That’s because of gerrymandering of congressional seats. Here in Texas, we have a district in South Texas composed mostly of Hispanics, married to a wealthy white area close to Dallas and another well-to-do white area in the Panhandle. The votes of the mostly Democratic voters in the Southern part of the district have been diluted and this is something that has happened all over the country. In Texas, it takes 2.6 Democrats to equal one Republican vote. Demographics are against Republicans in the future. But, for now, you guys hold all the cards.

      • jjh


        You are wrong about the video, plain and simple.

        According to a new report from the FBI they did not interview the brother as reported by the mother. So you may have got that one right but not the way you think.

        9/11 again you excuse dems and blame reps.

        He is not totally inefective, either and he is responsible for what happens on his watch. You follow that up by another lib shift attempt.

        You have no intellectual honesty I am sorry to say. I hope as you go on in life you learn from your mistakes and grow. This was an interesting conversation because the was some attempt to communicate but now it is just a waste of time. I wish you well.

      • rozlee

        Best wishes, jjh.

      • Wow. he has answered all of your questions thoroughly. All you keep doing is regurgitating right-wing talking points. Do you even read what he has said? You can’t have to keep repeating the same points. Either that or you are just incredibly thick-headed.

      • jjh

        It took weeks for Rozlee to answer the questions, however they are not necessarily the correct answers. Rozlee was wrong about the budget and it took many attempts to finally get Rozlee to admit it. Why don’t you attack Rozlee for being dense? Each time I tried to get Rozlee to concede the point, an attempt by Rozlee to shift the conversation to something else. You expound Left-wing talking points so you must be “incredibly thick-headed” as well. I tried to have a honest discussion with Rozlee without insults or slurs. Almost everyone who jumped into the thread resorted to insults and opinion. If I am wrong about the lack of the budget, MacJobs, or Benghazi prove it! Your posts have added nothing to the discussion.

      • sueatt

        hey jjh
        where were you then. You say he was monitoring it in real time and then others of your ilk say he wasn’t there. can[t have it all ways.

      • jjh

        The State department was monitoring the event real time, during the hearings questions we asked where was Obama during the event and the response he was not present. So either he was there and did nothing or he was AWOL and did not give orders to try to save them, you pick.

      • sueatt

        the video was the cause of riots all over the middle east. This was thought to be one as well initially. I would still ask you to explain the embassy bombings under prior presidents and ask you honestly to name the number of investigations that you called for then. Just wondering why this is bigger than all of those. My speculation is that it is because the people in charge this time were Obama and Hillary.

      • jjh

        They had a video feed of the attack, and reports on the ground. No riot was taking place. Obama and the UN ambassador maintained the lie for weeks.
        Did you request investigations back then, if so why not now? If not why are you complaining?
        Blaming past presidents is easy, FDR allowed the biggest terrorist attack of all time, Pearl Harbor. I guess you are maintaining Obama does not learn from the past.
        If he simply took responsibility and said he would fix the problems with security instead of lying, I would applaud him for taking responsibility. Instead he lied.

      • How come you continuously refuse to answer the question of why there was no investigations of embassy bombings under Bush’s watch? Afraid to admit it’s nothing more than a partisan witch hunt?

      • jjh

        Bush did not lie about the cause of the attacks, he blamed them on the terrorists. Obama did not want the real terrorists to be blamed but wanted to blame the “act of terror” on a riot induced by a video. Emails from the State Dept, CIA etc. show a willful shift of blame away from terrorists to the video as the cause. His initial reaction to lie to the American people right before the election is telling. If one side wants to cover it up, then the other side’s duty is to proceed. Why do you try to excuse Obama by dragging Bush into it? Even if Bush was guilty of something, it does not mitigate Obama’s mistakes one iota. Why don’t you use the attacks that happen under Clinton’s presidency as an excuse for Obama? Saying that GWB did it first does not in any way absolve Obama, that’s a child’s reasoning for avoiding punishment.

        When libs say that the Democrats did not investigate the evil GWB, they are really saying that the Democrats did not do their job, if GWB was so bad, that is.

      • Who says Obama is the greatest?!

        Almost everyone I know is a liberal, I’d be SHOCKEC if any of them gave him higher than a “C+”

      • jjh

        Not me! I guess there is still hope for us if Liberals are waking up to that fact. Thanks for making my day!

      • As long as there are an equal amount of conservatives that acknowledge that he and Bush suck for predominately the same reasons!

      • jjh

        Linkage between the two is not necessary. Obama’s issues stand on their own. I laugh everytime someone tries to mitigate his failures by referencing previous presidents (almost always republicans) as though they are connected in someway. They argue he is not to blame for any failure or problem that occurs because of either Bush or current republicans. Yet they credit him for anything that turns out well or at least not an outright failure. Bush is no longer president, Obama is and has been for over 4 years, I think it is time for him to take ownership and assume responsibility for his own actions and those of his administration. The excuse that George did it too or that it’s all George’s fault is silly. It just sounds like whining to me.

      • spending is down under Obama.Facts are facts now matter how much you try and twist them

      • Moron, where did you supposedly learn math? The economy has gotten worse? 0 is 651K more than -651K, and 236K is 236K. Add the two together, and you get the answer. There is a 887K difference. Go back to school, idiot.

      • America……Freedom

        He had mentioned that in “2009”, we lost 651k jobs and in “2013”, we added 236k jobs. Finish reading what I had written, I was wondering where the other jobs throughout the years were added. Example= “x” amount of jobs in 2010,”x” amount of jobs in 2011 You know, the other 415k jobs to make it reach “0”. The author simply stated those 2 years. As far as math goes, there is not enough information to find an accurate answer in what the author stated. It is a shame that you would have to stoop into name calling. I am just pointing out a fact. Remember….. 2+2=4

      • pof9246

        the terms “jobs created or lost” compares numbers to previous month. you can not add number from february of 2009 to number for february 2013. “2,000 jobs created” in february means that 2,000 more people are now employed, the number which becomes base for calculating march numbers. however,you can say that number of jobs created from feb, 2009 to feb. 2013 is 887k.
        re: government jobs – what’s wrong with working for a government? teachers, police officers, firefighters, military are all government employees. we pay taxes for their salary, and reap a benefit of their services.

      • Geez you’re an idiot. Private sector job growth has been steady and strong. The only thing keeping unemployment from being under 7% is the layoffs of GOVERNMENT workers.

      • Bush’s ratio of public/private sector jobs added looks a zillion times more socialist than Obama’s. the graph I read was I. A republican site, forget which

      • Bruce Molyneux

        sorry that does not compute,twist it how you want the 17 trillion debt won’t disappear,a budget cut of 85 billion per year BUT we have QE of 85 billion a month

      • Thank you! Excellent example!

    • No Bill U. can declare the earth is flat all you like…it’s just not so.
      This piece was very well researched and written.
      Obviously your “woulda’s and coulda’s”,,,, without any facts…. amount to nothing more than your personal “wish list”. It’s time to turn off Faux News.

    • Stephen

      yeah, Bill. Please stipulate these “facts” and their sources. The author has done so.

    • Go ahead, dispute them with “facts”….do it.

    • Noah T.

      Care to explain what is socialist about a Democratic Party that has taken positions to the right of Ronald Reagan?

    • I’m sure anyone who can clearly see what you say, will agree 101%!

    • Philipem

      Yes Bill I’ve not heard FACTS from you. I agree that if we have the same facts we might come to different conclusions but saying you could debunk them doesn’t move me. Could some of this be incomplete? Yes. But what I see on the Right much more often than on the left is complete wrong statements based on complete inaccurate premises.

    • jabberwocky

      Well said, Bill. But I’ve been a life long Dem but I hate the progressives. It is the progressives who are the socialists/communists. Maybe we will get our party back with Hillary.

  • Your debunking of ‘Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history!’ is clearly misleading. It says nothing about how each president in history has attributed to the national debt during their own term. The total debt of 10.6 trillion does not explain how we got there over the years.

    • Stephen

      Joop, the entire cost of the wars Bush started were kept out of the budget and were funded by “emergency” legislation each year until 2009 when Obama put them on the books. According to the CBO, gov’t spending increases are below 1% per year. The largest contributors to the debt have been republicans. Sorry, those are facts.

    • Joop, it does not need to break it down. The accusation is that “Obama has spent more than ALL OTHERS” meaning all others COMBINED. $10.6T combined is less than what Obama has spent, hence the accusation is untrue.

  • It just makes me so sad. I pop over and check Breitbart and Daily Caller and the stuff they have to say. The hate is just astounding.

    • And then they want to argue that they are NOT racist or homophobic – they just have a right to free speech that liberals are trying to take away from them…

      • alj momma

        I am conservative and I am not a racist or homophobic bu it doesn’t matter because you will not believe me. You have generalized your opinions to make everyone who does not agree with you into horrible people. That is hate. Both sides are guilty of it. How does it stop?

      • In case you didn’t comprehend what Zeelie and Lobdell were referring to, it was Breitbart and Daily Caller, not all conservatives.

      • She specifically referred to some of the haters on two websites. Unless you were one of them, she wasn’t talking about you. Get back to us on that generalization thing when you stop generalizing her specific comment to yourself.

  • I agree with everything Allen says in this article.

  • Baxstar

    Never believe what Faux news tells you. We are lucky to have someone like Barack Obama leading us. It would have been a terrible mistake to elect Rmoney. Hes such a hypocrite his father was born in Mexico and mitt completely opposes a pathway to citizenship.

    • While it’s true that George Romney was born in Mexico, George was an American citizen from birth, because his parents were. The requirement for “natural-born” citizenship, as opposed to “naturalized” citizenship, is that EITHER you are born on American soil (which includes embassies, military bases, US flag ships, and on airplanes in US airspace, among other things) OR one or both of your parents are US citizens. Thus, George Romney was a US citizen from birth, and eligible to run for President, Mitt was a US citizen from birth, Barack Obama qualifies, and so does John McCain, who was born in Panama (and it’s not clear if he was born on a military base or not – but both his parents were citizens, so it doesn’t matter).

      • When was obama’s father a US Citizen ?

      • Julie

        Ed, Amy said that “Barack Obama qualifies”, not that his father was a citizen. Barack qualifies because he was born on US soil in Hawaii. Also his mother was a US citizen. Double qualification! The birther debate is the most ridiculous time-wasting debate ever!

      • Philipem

        The birther debates if you can call them that were indeed the most absured, but they validate the point. For example one guy insisted that Obama could not be a natural born citizen because he was a dual national at birth, and that the founding fathers wanted to prevent that from happening; and no dual national could be president. Now perhaps a dual national could find a conflict as president but Obama is no longer one, and there is not a single precedent that supports the conclusion that a dual national is not a natural born citizen. But they actually quote Supreme Court rulings that actually say the opposite of what they believe by taking words or phrases out of context. It is so frustrating to deal with these people because their words literally have no meaning at times. No meaning whatever; or only the meaning that they retroactively apply to them. Yes this was a good post. The problem in dealing with the Right Wing these days is not one of civility, it is one of sanity.

      • Julie!
        Freaking awesome post! 🙂

      • AuntInAZ

        Obama’s father wasn’t a U.S. citizen, but he didn’t have to be. Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen, and he was born in Hawaii.

      • Victoria Lamb

        You mean PRESIDENT Obama?

      • ONE parent is the requirement, or are you going to say his mother was not a U.S. citizen….. the ‘both parents’ is clearly in regard to John McCain

      • his mother was, so forget the father. mother is enough.

    • Speaking of Rmoney (BTW, Love that ‘Rmoney’! Hillarious!) I hope if he’s ever in his Gulfstream, flying to some Island, maybe the Caymans so he can visit his money, there’s no smoke in the cabin. That rich jerk might just try and ‘open a window’ to let the smoke out….

      • alj momma

        I think the last time I checked Obama was kinda rich too…does that mean he is also a jerk. is everyone who is rich a jerk? I think there aremany rich jerks, but there are just as many if not more rich people who help others and also provide jobs to people. The problem with all sides of politics is that people generalize their opinions of the people on the other side, which causes hate. That is what is dangerous.

      • No, he was saying that ROMNEY was a rich jerk, not that all rich people are jerks. There’s a significant difference. Romney is just a jerk who happens to be rich.

      • jjh

        And Obama happens to be a jerk that happens to be president and is also rich. I guess he one up’s Rommey.

      • And that is the bitter pill that you and all of the Teapublicans have to swallow. Obama WON, Romney LOST! GET OVER IT AND START TO PULL THIS COUNTRY TOGETHER

      • jjh

        Obama is not the only politican who won, but why do I need to “get over it” you and others are not over GWB, Reagan, etc. either! The difference is that Obama can still do more damage. I especially like how the “kinder and gentler” party reaches out to the other side with insults and slurs. It sure makes me want to work with them. Obama’s idea of solving problems with Congress is going out and give a speech insulting the Republicans and telling the voters to punish them in 2014. That sure makes them want to cooperate with him. Since there is little evidence that he will change, my main hope for the future is that he is a lame duck and that whomever replaces him will work with both sides to fix our problems.

      • You need to get over it because this “kinder and gentler party” is getting sick of your shit.

      • jjh

        Thank you for making my point, you are a fine example of your side!

        Now go back outside and play.

      • Adonis D. Price

        You seem to be a simpleton, so let me put this in the easiest way possible.

        Fact: Republicans have opposed their own ideas when the president puts them forward. They have opposed any idea, even if a clear majority of the country wanted it, and then go on to claim that they were following the will of the people by objecting to what they wanted -_-

        So how is it that you deal with a party that is determined to be in opposition to anything you do, no matter what? A party that has decided that the only thing you can do they would agree with is resign? A party that set a record for filibusters, more than any other time in the history of our country?

        So the President goes to the only venue that he has, which is public opinion; because he’s taking to a party so entrenched in ideology that they will oppose oxygen if Obama claims he’s a fan of it. The republicans’ actually shouldn’t even be in control of the house now, given that they got fewer overall votes and only held on due to gerrymandering. So of course, he’s going to say that the only way things will change is if they’re voted out of office. This isn’t hard to understand, but you seem devoted to ignoring that reality. So you know what, screw the kinder gentler party thing. Democrats should play the game just like republicans, go on the microphone and lie, oppose everything, vote the way their corporate backers decide they should and ignore the will of their districts & states all while claiming to be champions of the people and democracy.

        I’m aware there are some democrats that dance to the tune of their financial backers as well, but to say that democrats and republicans are the same…. Is to be the type of person this article is talking about. A sheep, that believes anything Fox News says.

      • “Democrats should play the game just like republicans, go on the microphone and lie, oppose everything, vote the way their corporate backers decide they should and ignore the will of their districts & states all while claiming to be champions of the people and democracy.”
        Democrats do that already.

      • Bruce Molyneux

        they do

      • jjh

        Again, starting with an insult, wow your so smart!

        “The republicans’ actually shouldn’t even be in control of the house now, given that they got fewer overall votes and only held on due to gerrymandering.” – Democrats do exactly the same thing in states they are in control of, so fix your side.
        A Democrat’s idea of compromising is for the opposition to give in. Democrats lie as well. A sheep believes everything CNN and MSNBC says, merely saying FOX news means nothing to me, I always seek out more main stream sources when quoting news articles. Facts like the Feds have not passed a budget for four going on five years, only to have Fox news thrown into my face.

        Democrats have complained about Obama not meeting with them too, and not just the ones that dance.

        Your alternate reality does not make it real just opinion. If you only want to state your opinion and insult and not discuss facts, I will simply ignore you.

        Is that simple enough for YOU?

      • AuntInAZ

        If you are as interested in ‘cooperation’ as you say, perhaps you should stop talking about ‘your side’ and ‘my side’ and instead talk about ‘our side’.

      • jjh

        Cooperation does not mean resignation, I don’t have to give up my beliefs and neither do you.

      • AuntInAZ

        You have a lot of nerve talking about insults and slurs with everything that has been thrown at the president in the last few years. We are not ‘over GWB and Reagan’ because for one thing, their policies are still affecting us now. And for another, Obama is constantly because accused of doing things that Bush and Reagan also did, and blamed for things that actually occurred under Bush, etc. He is accused of taxes and other things that were actually higher under Reagan, and spending that actually occurred under Bush, for example. With that being the case, it’s hardly surprising that GWB and Reagan are still being brought up.
        President Obama has tried to reach across the aisle and been constantly stymied. To claim he has not tried to cooperate with the GOP is ludicrous. To claim he has not attempted to work with Congress is just plain ignorant.

      • jjh

        Why not trying to just argue your points without resorting to insults? His own party complains that Obama does not reach out to them either. Obama’s idea of reaching out is sticking his foot out and trying to trip anyone who walks by. GWB and Reagan are brought up over and over to excuse Obama’s current failures. Liberal after liberal claim Obama is not responsible for anything that is going on right now therefore he is according to them ineffective as president.

      • AuntInAZ

        Obama is self made, Romney is not. There is no where near the amount of money involved with the Obamas as there is with the Romneys. Not to mention the fact the president did not make his money from speculation, outsourcing jobs and hiding his money from taxes in foreign countries.

      • jjh


        I did not find fault that Obama is rich.

  • The one thing I don’t like about this artical is that the value of the jobs added in the last 5 years isn’t included. A billion minimum wage jobs would still mean shit. Jobs aren’t what we need jobs that pay a living wage are.

    • jabberwocky

      Too late. The train has left the station. The jobs are in Asia, etc. They will never come back to the US. Too many Obama regulations.

      • RiskeyWhiskey

        Ross Perot warned that NAFTA would suck all the jobs out of the country and he was right. Regulations are the excuse Con’s use because they want to be able to pollute without over site and pay slave wages like they do in other countries. This was a Bush the first/Clinton fuck up. But trolls like you have only one mantra: Obama’s fault.

  • So… what you’re saying is, Republicanism is now a religion rather than a political party. They handle their arguments and cognitive dissonance about the same.

    • Pretty much. And Faux News is their Burning Bush.

      • not allowed to mention Bush any more. Not those years, not the wars, not the lies, not the debt. New rules. hehehe

  • Say what you want about the supposed Affordable Healthcare Act but it has done nothing to make a positive impact on health care costs. Since its implementation, my out of pocket healthcare costs have more than tripled. I don’t need reports to tell me what is being taken out of my paycheck and what I have to put into health savings account to cover expenses.

    • If your costs have tripled (and I doubt it) it isn’t because of the ACA. It’s because your insurer and/or your employer are ripping you off, and BLAMING the ACA for it. Congratulations for falling for it.

      • Exactly! My Rx cost are way cheaper this year than they have ever been. Just as my medical copays!

    • Jules

      It hasn’t been fully implemented, so It cannot be because of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

      • jjh

        Sure it can! The government has already written hundreds of pages of new regulations to be implemented or have already been implemented, insurance companies are already dealing with them and the added cost is being added to current premiums. But you are right to some extent even more increases will occur in 2014.

  • If Obama was a white republican and had done everything exactly the same as he has done the republicans would be building statues in his honor.

    • jjh

      Not even if he was a cute puppy. When defending the indefensible divert attention, wow didn’t see that one coming.

    • barose5

      that’s doubtful

    • Eh. You have to compare the treatment of Obama to the treatment of Clinton. They hated Clinton and impeached him, but they never called him a socialist, dictator, or demanded his birth certificate. Not that I know of anyway.

      • jabberwocky

        The Obama people claimed he was foreign born on the internet for many years.

      • southside mike

        Verifiable Source? you are what we are talking

    • Bruce Molyneux


  • Sscud

    Exactly how I feel about the dems.

  • Might as well throw in the Benghazi rhetoric while your at it….over a dozen attacks on our embassies/consulates bases with deaths of Americans, American troops and one diplomat under the Bush Jr. Administration..number of Congressional hearings…NONE..
    The worst attacks were the Twin Towers in NYC on our own soil..and not the first time if my memory serves me. Under the Reagan Administration, 240 American troops were killed by a suicide bomb on a Marine barracks in Congressional hearing but Congress appropriated more funds for their defense.
    Reagan never authorized any retaliation after the 1983 attack on the barracks.
    Bush started a pre-emptive attack against the wrong leader in Iraq..chose to wage two wars ..while North Korea made a nuclear weapons.

    Hillary Clinton ask for and warned more funds were needed prior to the Benghazi attack..none were appropriated before or after the attack in Benghazi

    • Mark123

      You forget that the whole invasion of Grenada and toppling their govt was nothing but a PR move to divert attention from the marines in Lebanon.

    • Rick Rick

      Can’t let this one slide….
      Obama and the team were asleep at the wheel.
      It was 9/11 and nobody thought that someone might pick that day to raise a little hell.

      Then you spend two weeks making up stories about protests.

      Why is it that to this day nobody has talked to the survivors of Benghazi to hear what really happened on that sad night.

      He loves to wear his Commander-in-chief hat…. on most days.

      • Philipem

        Rick…wtf does Obama and his team being asleep on 9/11 have to do with anything at all, since he was not President and probably didn’t have that sort of a team? I mean…if you said BUSH I’d still say I don’t get your comment but…

      • jabberwocky

        He’s talking about 9/11 of 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I hate to say this, since it KINDA supports the post of someone I disagree with, but what he’s talking about when referencing 9/11 in THIS case are the Benghazi attacks; they happened on 9/11 of LAST year. He’s not talking about the Twin Towers Incident. Other than that clarification, I think he’s full of it.


    What we’re seeing, particularly with the advent of digital media, is the
    dark underbelly of Freedom of Speech.

    And when “fear” drives the message,and the strategy relies on it being disseminated to a populous that is already predisposed to choosing belief over fact, you end up with the emotional, unreasonable and incorrectly informed arguing false premises.

    I mean, didn’t we all just get excited because the Senate decided to TAKE A VOTE on legislation that is supported by 90% of Americans? What more proof does anyone need to show that our system is broken?

    • margaret buccini

      They actually only voted to bring it up for discussion, but I agree with most of what you stated.

  • Credo

    Fans of both main stream political parties are guilty of this garbage. Big media plays off all the fringes if they think they can create and audience and possibly make a buck. It’s also a complete LIE that ‘Republicans’ all act like this. If ‘all republicans’ are gun toatin’ racist hicks and gray suited CEOs…does that make all democrats welfare moms and trial lawyers? Both the Democratic and Republican parties are very diverse entities, with all sorts of populations and geopolitical climates scattered around the country. The reason a good deal of political debate is pointless these days, is because ‘Political Scientists’ are mindfully teaching everyone to inject the words “Republican” and “Democrat” into every discussion as blind blanket labels (link link), and compare which historical figures were bigger cry babies or losers … instead of talking about the ISSUES that are on the floor RIGHT NOW, the projected costs, possible solutions…line by line. When a Democrat takes the floor and tries to do this…out come the distorted (clip) sound bytes without the context…and the same thing happens when a Republican takes the floor to voice concerns of his constituents. People also forget the fact that we have ‘representative’ legislative body, and even the most absurd and asinine opinions and ideas are warranted floor time…and ‘somebody’ in the congress is ‘obligated’ to bring it to all to the floor (no taxation without representation). BOTH parties take turns allowing less than ‘popular’ or even ‘logical’ views hit the floor under their ‘party banners’, and they HAVE TO DO THIS. That is what ‘representatives’ are supposed to do…of course some do it better than others but that has little to do with ‘party’ and everything to do with individual representative skills. We’re supposed to be civil, and respectfully listen and learn from these voices (not rip them apart for voicing them). Calling someone an idiot or moron for representing various views of his/her constituents is about as low brow as it gets.

    • Credo

      Hopefully one day what representatives are actually saying will be half as important as ‘who said it’ and whether it’s a D or an R by their name. As for ‘presidents’, usually those are more ‘politically reactive’ positions. (personal opinion) The executive branch is probably getting too powerful for ‘either party’ to be trusted with. Both Republicans and Democrats have pulled some pretty big numbers on the American People in the past 50 years.

    • Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily true..The Republicans have abused the filibuster in the Senate..and have used it to prevent the opposition bringing bills to the floor for a vote..The minority party in the Senate should never have that much power and it is not suppose to work that way..except on rare occasions when the minority party at great inconvenience is allowed to talk non-stop to wear out the majority party and bring a bill to the floor for a vote. A filibuster using thirteen Senators is hardly an inconvenience or just the threat of one kills a bill. To end the debate it takes sixty votes..the only way the majority party can do this is to have at least sixty Senators in the majority party (pretty rare) or persuade members of the minority party to vote with them, also rare. The bill is not voted on if sixty votes are not garnered to end the debate, It was a disappointment when the Democrats had the opportunity to change it and didn’t.

      The Constitution allows each chamber of Congress to make its own procedural rules…except in the House a bill passes by the majority rule of 218 votes. The Republicans have the Hastert rule (not used by the Democrats) that states no bill can be brought to the floor for a vote unless a majority of the majority are in favor of it. There are 232 Republicans in the House and 201 Democrats. If Democrats (normally) could persuade seventeen Republicans to vote in favor of a bill they introduced it would pass. Boehner won’t even bring a bill up for a vote with the Hastert rule unless 117 Republicans approve it. So what we have is the majority in the House making it very difficult for any bills to pass favored by the minority party..a difficult task..made almost impossible..and the minority party in the senate also controlling the bills brought to the floor for a vote..This is not a true representation of the electorate.

    • jabberwocky

      We are in a time where the extremes in both parties have control. Hopefully we will get back to the center soon.

  • Liam O’Sruitheain

    Statistics are often a tool for political manipulation, not necessarily a reflection of objective reality. Never take ANYONE’S claims of “studies”, “surveys”, “polls”, etc. at face value ……. no matter what side of the ideological spectrum they come from ……. even from the author of this article. Check the veracity and integrity of the source on your own. Most importantly, research the METHODOLOGY used in any alleged “study”, “survey” or “poll”.

    • Or access the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) the actuaries used by Congress when drafting legislation for its financial impact or the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) the department of actuaries used by the executive branch..or one of my favorites the Center on Budget Policies and legislation impacts the poor and low to moderate income financially. The author of this article has quoted facts..

  • Rosemarie Bell

    The last time I looked the US was a Republic, Constitutional law Guaranteeing the peoples rights and noting what those rights were. What we forget is the founders wanted to protect themselves and future generations from Government tyranny. Not from dirt bags not to hunt. The Media will tell you all day that we are a Democracy, of the majority. Agreed, in a Democracy you can vote your rights away and thats exactly why they made us a Republic. In a Democracy the majority can vote that all people over 65 and over weight, or bald are refused health care. No pun intended. But that is what is coming down the road. But so many people are so ignorant of what is really going down in this country. I was telling Maryann today that we in this country think that the Germans in 1935 must have been ignorant to allow Hitler to Assume power and murder the people he did. Hitler was elected. By the time his true colors came to light it was to late to stop him. Of course the guns were registered and then confiscated. Do you honestly think that Americans are smarter then the Germans in 1935? Americans just look the other way and wait for someone to do what they should of done themselves. We are last in math and engineering of the Industrialized nations. We have the highest Cancer rates the highest obesity the highest percentages of diabetes. The highest divorce rates. Gangs are taking over the streets in the inner city, while all manufacturing jobs go to China. All while the Department of Homeland Security seems to be gearing up for a war with the American people. Janet Napolitano refuses to comment on the Drones, Armored Vehicles or the Billions of rounds of ammunition being purchased. All this while they shut down one third of the Air Force. I could go on, but its probably to late to stop a civil war anyway…….this is what my brother wrote… I so do not understand where he gets this garbage.. did write him back on this.. pretty long. But to have a sibling with this kind of thoughts is so frightening.

    • barose5

      going back to the Germans in 1935.. who has he listening to?

    • Smart brother, you should listen to him and start thinking for yourself.

  • Rachel, right on the money. I think you’re confusing Cognitive Dissonance with Delusional. The former is when you have second thoughts about a former decision like buying a car or voting for president. The latter is when you tell yourself a lie because the truth is too painful to admit. Although I think both of these apply to your subjects. Peace. You’ll have to excuse me from details I don’t have a television I watch your show on my ‘puter. I wouldn’t watch CNN or Fox anyway.

  • CYD

    OMG the dims on this are off their rockers. First of all they can’t
    read numbers and second what they read they are clueless about.
    myth that they constantly toss around about BO has spent less money then
    Eisenhower has been destroyed by FORBES, the WSJ editorial board, even
    the New York Times stomped on it. However, like any story that makes
    dims feel warm and fuzzy they never go away. The numbers they always
    quote are the discretionary numbers. The numbers that matter and
    explode the debt are the entitlements. Those numbers are staggering and

    getting bigger. Also a fact that Mr. Clifton is terrified to mention
    Senator Obama voted for that budget which was passed in a dimocrat
    Congress. It was a budget that was over 24% higher then what President
    Bush asked from Congress. The massive spending that came to bear had a
    prime USDA stamp on it said made by the dims. When Rex Nutting was
    confronted with this on ABC’s Sunday morning show he declared to the
    whole world, “I did not mean my numbers to be complete.”
    By the way
    he might not be a Muslim, but until his 20s BO was a card carrying
    Muslim. His bios say that. Everything about him says that and in more
    then one case he said he converted to Christianity. His words go yell
    and scream at him Clifton.

    By the way Mr. Clifton when this
    disaster finally slinks out of the White House with his 45% rating that
    is dropping fast even using your beloved CBO what do they say the
    national debt will be then? Come now Mr. Clifton what does the CBO
    say? Hmmmm are they predicting that by January, 2017, the national debt
    will be around $24 trillion. Tough number, tough love little man.

    next time you speak with Mr. Nutting when he is not burning incense to
    clear his mind before writing. I do hope you ask him this question.
    Why does he refuse to include the Obamacare numbers? I am just
    curious. So far to date he has refused to answer this.I could go
    on further, but getting your look at the world through MSNBC the most
    distrusted and hated network on cable (read the ratings numbers) or CNN
    who is only slightly better, but not that much. Explain to me little
    man why FOX News Cable earns higher ratings then CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg,
    CNBC, Current, and HLN combined. The rest of the world keeping some big
    secret from you? It is just a conspiracy to keep the loony liberal
    dims in the dark? Before I trashed anyone I would wish to know how a
    network that is the youngest of all of the rest of the networks except
    for Bloomberg can come from so far back in the herd and not blow past
    them, but destroy them in their path. Amazing how the dims gather
    around their fires and whine about FOX, a terrible President, and an
    economy that is gone for now and wish to blame everyone else and make up

    • acewired

      The numbers on Fox are so high because there are so many uneducated people watching – most from states with the worst performance over all in education, health, quality of life, income, etc. Add to that they are all states which contribute the least to this country and are in fact subsidized by states like New York which contribute the most and you might begin to understand, CYD. Consider perhaps that the large amount of people who aren’t watching MSNBC are obtaining their information from a variety of sources and utilize critical thinking skills – not necessarily something one finds in discussions with people who exclusively watch Faux News.

      • CYD

        Talk about brain washed what a totally stupid post, LOL. Let me get this straight OK? So the intelligent people refuse to watch CNN and MSNBC? OK take that argument then the smartest amongst us refuse to watch the networks that you love and pray before? That if you are intelligent you should not watch liberal networks and not believe in them? Sounds about right to me. People who are liberal utilize critical thinking skills? ace remember this from Sir Winston Churchill (paraphrasing here) people at 20 who are conservative have no heart, and people at 30 who are liberal have no brains. Throughout history no one but die hard left wing loons who sit in corners with drool falling from their lips have ever called liberals, intelligent. ace one thing for sure you are great for a few laughs. Lenin once said that “go to the liberals they are the easiest to trick and mold into our followers.”

      • Rick Rick

        For some silly reason Fox IS the number one cable news network.
        Why is that?

    • Jules

      Your rhetoric would be easier to read and possibly might even have made some sense except for your contempt. You started out with name calling and never stopped.

  • No one said Obama has spent more than all the Presidents in history, He has spent more than any other single President in history, and IS ON TRACK to spend more than all the other Presidents combined.

    Obama in books and in interviews has called himself a Muslim, before he became President, and talks in his book about the beauty of the Islam call to prayer in the morning.

    What is unusual about the unemployment rate is that the number of people who can and want to work and can’t find work is at an all time high.

    Reagan turned the whole economy around by doing the opposite of the Obama current plan after a spike in unemployment.

    No one argues about the rights of Presidents to issue Executive Orders – Obama’s EO’s are different in that they are used to skirt the wishes of the other two branches of governments – such as stopping immigration prosecution orders.

    Obma’s vacations are expensive because of the kind of vacations he takes, in a time when he preaches austerity, asking all to contribute to their fair share – Bush vacationed at his house in Texas.

    Affordable Care IS constitutional – passed with no hearings with the Republicans, who make up almost half of the rest of the country. Current polls suggest Obamacare is majority unpopular.

    Corporate Profits are up because business is constrained from investments and takeovers by stock market and bank regulators, which is why American business is sitting on record trillions not invested, so profits are up because there are fewer expenses.

    The KIND of Executive Orders in the Obama administration is different from other EOs as discussed above.

    No one has done more to revile the rich, and engage in divisive class politics than Obama. Read any “fair share”comment about Obama, and yet the upper 10% pay the bulk of taxes both as a percentage of their class, and a percentage of their income, compared to the rest of the population. There IS a looming disastrous destructive crisis in America. The same way that businesses and people go bankrupt, so can a country. Disaster if the world decides to use something other than the rapidly devaluing American dollar.

    Real assault rifles were rightly banned. AR-15s are not assault rifles, and the comments made by 2nd Amendment enemies are indicative of a mindset that wants all guns to go away, even though there are more guns in the hands of the dangerous and criminal than ever before. Polls correctly asked have a different answer where people are in defense of the 2nd Amendment.

    The comments you make regarding those who find issues with Obama, can well be said by Conservatives about Progressives and Obama supporters.

    Were you to take the time and energy to properly understand and analyze the real issues that business people and conservatives have instead of the simplistic and inaccurate diatribe herein, you’d be really doing something about the intent you espouse. You are in effect that of which you accuse others.

    • Rick Rick

      Best comment on this forum

  • I don’t think it is as simple as you describe it. First off. no one really believes what they read or see in the media anymore. Instead, they take that information, evaluate it against other information they have heard, and then make a decision whether that information should be accepted, rejected, or put on hold until they get more related information. Now imagine for a second that everything you have heard about something from the official channels is false, such as the official story on 911 (imagine). But you have trust in the official channels. So you believe the official story. How strong is your belief? Well, many people still believe the official story on WTC Bldg 7 despite the fact that the BBC aired news telling everyone that the building had collapsed when you could plainly see the bldg behind the newscaster. This notion of belief is very strong because our religions are mostly based upon beliefs. In order to go to heaven/nirvana/ must “believe” the official story. So if the official story is that the world is only 5000 years old and you have dinosaur bones that prove that it is older, you must believe the official story and reject the dinosaur story (again, imagine). As a result, your immortal soul might might be in peril if you believe the wrong thing, so you count on officials to give you the official story and even if you have doubts about it, you must not show those doubts. Even worse, the officials may convince you that everyone who does not believe the official story and provides information that contradicts it must be liars. Fox News is the official story to many Republicans. What they say is gospel and must be believed, even though they went to court and won the case that they are allowed to lie to people because that’s entertainment. When so many official sources are all asking the same questions and giving the same opinions then you come to believe that whatever is being said by officials is the truth. That’s why Obama is a Muslim and is not an American Citizen in the eyes of so many Republicans. They have accepted that as gospel and can not even consider anything else as true.

  • This is a great article, and I’m someone who doesn’t like Obama. Not because of any of this stuff; I don’t like him primarily because he is killing women and children in Pakistan and Yemen with hellfire missiles fired from unmanned drones. (Google “CIA deadly double tap drone” if you don’t believe me.) Also because he went back on his promises regarding medical marijuana. And Guantanamo. And Habeus Corpus (Google NDAA indefinite detention). And he renewed the Patriot Act and all the Unconstitutional spying it legalized. I could go on and on. But that’s not what I really wanted to address.

    I like most of what you say in the article, but I disagree on the Obamacare. The Supreme Court did rule it constitutional, but they did so by calling the Fine (penalty) for not having insurance a “tax.” But the reality is, nowhere in the Constitution does it give the government the authority to force someone to purchase a product just because the person is breathing.

    Car insurance is not the same thing; you do not have to choose to own a car or drive if you don’t want to. But the mandate in Obamacare gives you no choice whatsoever. I don’t care if they call the penalty a tax or a fine, it is still unconstitutional to force everyone to buy a product.

  • Love you Rachel, keep up the good work. Don’t let them get away with their propaganda and lies.

  • In a odd way I’m sort of enjoying this. The poor, deluded fools want so badly to believe all this crap about Obama that they will swallow anything, literally anything. They will move ever more ‘loony Right’ until no one follows them, effectively sidelining them as an amusing collection of kooks, and nothing more. To test this theory that there is no line they will not cross, would require Obama to take to the media this winter and advise the American people against the consumption of ‘yellow snow’. The Republican mind, as closed as ever to anything Obama says, will go into ‘wackyland overdrive. Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and all the rest of them will go on camera with big bowls of ‘yellow snow’ and chow down, saying how good for you it is. That is, until the projectile vomiting response kicks in. Can you imagine the headlines? “Rush can’t swallow own story, vomits on camera.”

  • Stupid Stuff Obama Says

    Psychiatrist’s have a word for your particular form of delusion… it’s called PROJECTION… you might want to read up on it.

  • Guest

    Oh I see. Only left comments allowed.

  • Julia Wollner

    What a relief!!to read the truth. It’s hard to know what is true; the media, including the major news sources are so prone to state the “spin” as truth.
    We need to be on guard and demand the truth and question what is told
    by those who have the power to influence public opinion; even you!!

  • Bill Seiler

    Allen Clifton is the best Spin Doctor I have read in quite some time. His ability to redirect, reword and distort the truth by omitting the entire picture is quite impressive! Is he vying for a position with MSNBC? If not, he should be. Or perhaps, Jay Carney should step aside. What an excellent prevaricator and pablum distributor!

  • Jakal

    Lots of information provided. Lots of finger pointing, but yet not a single source given. If you tell a lie 100 times many people with come to believe it, but that still does not make it true. Sources? proff?

  • A lot of the comments in this thread only prove that right wing ideologues don’t want the facts, they just want to be right. It’s pointless to argue with these people.

  • Bill Seiler

    Allen Clifton is the best Spin Doctor I have read in quite some time. His ability to redirect, reword and distort the truth by omitting the entire picture is quite impressive! Is he vying for a position with MSNBC? If not, he should be. Or perhaps, Jay Carney should step aside. What an excellent prevaricator and pablum distributor!

  • No one said Obama has spent more than all the Presidents in history,
    He has spent more than any other single President in history, and IS ON
    TRACK to spend more than all the other Presidents combined.

    in books and in interviews has called himself a Muslim, before he
    became President, and talks in his book about the beauty of the Islam
    call to prayer in the morning.

    What is unusual
    about the unemployment rate is that the number of people who can and
    want to work and can’t find work is at an all time high.

    Reagan turned the whole economy around by doing the opposite of the Obama current plan after a spike in unemployment.

    one argues about the rights of Presidents to issue Executive Orders –
    Obama’s EO’s are different in that they are used to skirt the wishes of
    the other two branches of governments – such as stopping immigration
    prosecution orders.

    Obma’s vacations are expensive
    because of the kind of vacations he takes, in a time when he preaches
    austerity, asking all to contribute to their fair share – Bush
    vacationed at his house in Texas.

    Affordable Care IS
    constitutional – passed with no hearings with the Republicans, who make
    up almost half of the rest of the country. Current polls suggest
    Obamacare is majority unpopular.

    Profits are up because business is constrained from investments and
    takeovers by stock market and bank regulators, which is why American
    business is sitting on record trillions not invested, so profits are up
    because there are fewer expenses.

    The KIND of Executive Orders in the Obama administration is different from other EOs as discussed above.

    one has done more to revile the rich, and engage in divisive class
    politics than Obama. Read any “fair share”comment about Obama, and yet
    the upper 10% pay the bulk of taxes both as a percentage of their class,
    and a percentage of their income, compared to the rest of the
    population. There IS a looming disastrous destructive crisis in America.
    The same way that businesses and people go bankrupt, so can a country.
    Disaster if the world decides to use something other than the rapidly
    devaluing American dollar.

    Real assault rifles are rightly banned. AR-15s are not assault rifles, and the comments made by2nd Amendment enemies are indicative of a mindset that wants all guns to go away, even though there are more guns in the hands of the dangerous and criminal than ever before. Polls correctly asked have a different answer where people are in defense of the 2nd Amendment.

    The comments you make regarding those who find issues with Obama, can well be said by Conservatives about Progressives and Obama supporters.

    When Obama and supporters talk about unemployment and debt, “there is no problem”. However, with record numbers of employable people not working, record numbers on food stamps, on disability, on welfare, considered poor, with the country in record debt, record deficit, record business negativity – how does Obama not bear responsibility for this, and how can anyone defend the indefensible.

  • Discouraged

    It makes me sad that we have all lost focus on the real issue of America. I guess who cares about that. They pretty much have gotten us distracted with each other. So we all need to enjoy being slaves, I for one don’t care anymore because no one else seems to care. It’s sad that the word compromise has been eliminated from our vocabulary, not to mention American values. So lets just strip the whole constitution and let the Government do what ever they want so that maybe we will have nothing to argue about and call each other names, because we will all be in the same boat.

  • Republicans have the same problem with Obama that they have had ever since he took office in 2009 — He’s an intelligent, articulate, attractive, likeable, hardworking person who just happens to be Black. They don’t really like any of these qualities, but they especially don’t like that very last quality in this list. I think it’s pretty sad, considering we’re in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, and people are still so hung-up and closed-minded about something as superficial as skin color.

    • Especially when ypu can go to almost amy right-wimg Facebook page & find a comment about putting the white back into the White House.

  • jjh

    Unemployment is at record highs! FALSE. Unemployment hit a high during November 2009 of 10%, it’s now at 7.7%.

    I can already hear the Republican rebuttal to this one as well, “But that doesn’t include the people who have stopped looking for work!” I hate to burst your bubble, but the unemployment rate never includes those who have given up looking for work. This isn’t a shift in what defines our unemployment rate, this is how it has been calculated for quite some time.

    Here is an excerpt from USA Today regarding those who have given up looking.

    Friday’s jobs report generated much distress in financial markets not only because employers added just 88,000 jobs in March — less than half the number expected — but also because the unemployment rate fell for the wrong reason.

    The jobless rate declined to 7.6% from 7.7% largely because about 500,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force — meaning they stopped working or looking for work. The labor force participation rate, or the share of Americans ages 16 and over in the labor force, fell from 63.5% to 63.3%, a 34-year low.

    That’s we talk about the “hidden” unemployed. But Mr. Clifton already knew this but it does not fit into his agenda.

  • MrBurns

    The biggest problem is the author cites no references that are reviewable. Anyone can write an article like this. Without references, he is bad as the people he is accusing. This is an obvious article is just left wing bomb throwing.

  • Rick

    The insanity is that people believe what they say and do nothing what-so-ever to check the facts. I totally agree with Allen. I cannot believe in this day of instant information people can be so ignorant!1

  • glorena

    This is the first article I have read that tells it like it is…thanks.. I will definitely share this

  • Scorpeus

    Selective argumentation. When someone says he spent more then every president they don’t mean them all combined, only an idiot would think that. So then I read this article and get called an idiot two times because I am not foolish enough to believe the pdf file released by the white house that was obviously altered, the date and name were at different angles. His College year book with reference to his birthplace being in Kenya, as well as his college applications that list him as a foreign student, did he lie then or is it more likely he is lying now to cover up the truth. Why do people say something is wanted by most Americans when if that was the case there would be more then the 1 anti-gun protester vs the 27 pro gun protesters, what an idiot. It’s easy to say garbage like that if you listen to nothing but the lies that are told by the lamestream media, that are nothing more then the lips from the worst president in the past 100 years, yes worse then Carter. The dumbocrats just used voter ignorance to slide in a person who admittedly hates the US and what it stands for. Keep following him sheeple it will soon be the rights you enjoy under attack.

  • jabberwocky

    But still you seem to downplay the fact Obama has added six trillion to the national debt. Both parties have caused our huge debt and it is our number one problem although Obama says, “no problem.” Obama and Bernanke are keeping interest rates artificially low but by the time Obama leaves office we will have a debt of twenty trillion. When rates go back to normal…say five percent….we will be paying about a trillion dollars a year just on interest. We only take in about 2.4 trillion. At that point the game is over….for both parties and especially for the American people. Our politicians have failed us.

  • jabberwocky

    The problem with the US is we have become a country of agendas. These agendas always trump the truth. I have little hope for us.

  • AUSTaxpayer

    I’ll buy most of what you are selling as a good portion of Republican news bits are nothing more than propaganda. However,
    Consider the following on Gun Control. 1) The 2nd amendment is a right and can not be voted away a whim by congress. 2) All of the spree shooters were mentally insane and the vast majority of them were being treated with psychotropic drugs, Sane people , just do not go on killing sprees. The fact that we have over 300 million guns in the US, and such a low occurrence of spree shooters proves this point. 3) Senator Feinstein has made it clear, on more than one occasion, that the real intention is to disarm all American citizens. I do not understand how so many otherwise intelligent people can support gun control in this country when it is quite clear that the real cause of these shootings is insanity. We need to work on taking proper care of the mentally ill, investigate the side effects of many of the mind altering drugs our kids are being prescribed and hold people accountable for acting irresponsibly with regard to the physical security of their firearms. The 2nd amendment is a right, but with rights come responsibilities.

  • RiskeyWhiskey

    It’s all about winning, it has nothing to do with truth. Winning brings power and wealth. Truth is a liability to these goals. The power is in believing absolutely and it works. Rational truth is an enemy to their desired truth and they, with the help of god and guns will work tirelessly to maintain the echo bubble of righteousness and perceived safety. As their numbers decrease, the soup gets more concentrated. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if within the next 5-10 yrs they start strapping bombs on themselves or their children as they get more and more fundamental in their perceived victimization.

  • Here is the data on federal spending from the Congressional Budget Office and Office of Management and Budget. You can verify this data either at their websites, or through VoteFacts dot org where they provide easy access to each report, including page numbers. These are the facts from those two resources (CBO & OMB):


    “Federal spending rose in fiscal year 2009 by 18 percent. That rate of
    increase was nearly three times the average growth rate of federal
    outlays over the previous 10 years.”

    “Federal spending rose by 4 percent in 2011 – a rate of increase that is
    significantly less than the nearly 7 percent average rate of growth in
    federal outlays over the previous 10 years.”


    Federal spending as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) under President Obama has been: 2009 = 25.2%; 2010 = 24.1%; 2011= 24.1%, for an average of 24.5%. Higher than under any other president since 1948, earliest OMB year used.

    For those who insist on comparing Obama with Bush: Under the GW Bush years, spending as a percentage of GDP was: 2001 = 18.2%; 2002 = 19.1%; 2003 = 19.7%; 2004 = 19.6%; 2005 = 19.9%; 2006 = 20.1%; 2007 = 19.7%; 2008 = 20.8% for an average of 19.5%.

    Here is the report from the CBO just weeks before Obama took office.
    These are the budgetary projections that he “inherited”, and they
    included estimates for continued shrinking of the economy:

    January 8, 2009, weeks before
    President Obama assumed office, the CBO projected that deficits would
    total: $1.1 trillion in 2009; $703 billion in 2010; $498 billion in
    2011; $264 billion in 2012.

    Projections for spending as a percent of GDP were: 2009 = 24.9%; 2010 = 22.4%; 2011 = 22%; 2012 = 21.1%

    As a percentage of GDP, revenues were projected to be: 2009 = 16.5%; 2010 = 17.5%; 2011 = 18.7%; 2012 = 19.5%.

    The CBO projected that debt held by the public would peak at 54.4 percent of GDP in 2011, then decline thereafter.

    The actual deficit has been: 2009 = $1.412 trillion; 2010 = $1.293 trillion; 2011 = $1.299 trillion.

    Actual federal spending as a percent of GDP has been: 2009 = 25.2 percent;
    2010 = 24.1 percent; 2011 = 24.1 percent.

    Actual revenues as a percent of GDP have been: 2009 = 15.1 percent; 2010 = 15.1 percent; 2011 = 15.4 percent.

    Actual debt held by the public has been: 2009 = 54.1 percent; 2010 = 62.8 percent; 2011 67.7 percent.

  • What a crock. This is like saying that riding with a drunk is safer than riding with someone sober because sober drivers account for 60% of all fatal vehicle accidents. See how easy that was?

  • “Obama has been the biggest spending President in history!” True in a very limited sense; since total government spending continues to increase (only 1% per year but that’s more than 0%). But inflation (even as modest as the current rate) and the continued growth of the population means that the absolute spending numbers will continue to rise even without new spending programs.

    That statement is a good example of how nominally true statements can be misused to tell more fundamental lies.

  • America……Freedom


    This should be on the front page of every newspaper.

    Charley Reese’s Final column!

    A very interesting column. COMPLETELY NEUTRAL.
    Be sure to Read the Poem at the end..

    Charley Reese’s final column for the Orlando Sentinel… He has been a journalist for 49 years. He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN.

    Be sure to read the Tax List at the end.

    This is about as clear and easy to understand as it can be. The article below is completely neutral, neither anti-republican or democrat. Charlie Reese, a retired reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, has hit the nail directly on the head, defining clearly who it is that in the final analysis must assume responsibility for the judgments made that impact each one of us every day. It’s a short but good read. Worth the time. Worth remembering!

    545 vs. 300,000,000 People
    -By Charlie Reese

    Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

    Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

    Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

    You and I don’t propose a federal budget. The President does.

    You and I don’t have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.

    You and I don’t write the tax code, Congress does.

    You and I don’t set fiscal policy, Congress does.

    You and I don’t control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

    One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

    I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

    I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a President to do one cotton-picking thing. I don’t care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator’s responsibility to determine how he votes.

    Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

    What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits.. ( The President can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.)

    The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is the speaker of the House?( John Boehner. He is the leader of the majority party. He and fellow House members, not the President, can approve any budget they want. ) If the President vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agree to. [The House has passed a budget but the Senate has not approved a budget in over three years. The President’s proposed budgets have gotten almost unanimous rejections in the Senate in that time. ]

    It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

    If the tax code is unfair, it’s because they want it unfair.

    If the budget is in the red, it’s because they want it in the red.

    If the Army & Marines are in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s because they want them in Iraq and Afghanistan ..

    If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it’s because they want it that way.

    There are no insoluble government problems.

    Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power.
    Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,” “inflation,” or “politics” that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.

    Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible. They, and they alone, have the power.

    They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses. Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees… We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!

    Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.

    What you do with this article now that you have read it… is up to you.
    This might be funny if it weren’t so true.
    Be sure to read all the way to the end:

    Tax his land,
    Tax his bed,
    Tax the table,
    At which he’s fed.

    Tax his tractor,
    Tax his mule,
    Teach him taxes
    Are the rule.

    Tax his work,
    Tax his pay,
    He works for
    peanuts anyway!

    Tax his cow,
    Tax his goat,
    Tax his pants,
    Tax his coat.

    Tax his ties,
    Tax his shirt,
    Tax his work,
    Tax his dirt.

    Tax his tobacco,
    Tax his drink,
    Tax him if he
    Tries to think.

    Tax his cigars,
    Tax his beers,
    If he cries
    Tax his tears.

    Tax his car,
    Tax his gas,
    Find other ways
    To tax his ass.

    Tax all he has
    Then let him know
    That you won’t be done
    Till he has no dough.

    When he screams and hollers;
    Then tax him some more,
    Tax him till
    He’s good and sore.

    Then tax his coffin,
    Tax his grave,
    Tax the sod in
    Which he’s laid…

    Put these words
    Upon his tomb,
    ‘Taxes drove me
    to my doom…’

    When he’s gone,
    Do not relax,
    Its time to apply
    The inheritance tax.
    Accounts Receivable Tax
    Building Permit Tax
    CDL license Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Dog License Tax
    Excise Taxes
    Federal Income Tax
    Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    Fishing License Tax
    Food License Tax
    Fuel Permit Tax
    Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)
    Gross Receipts Tax
    Hunting License Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Inventory Tax
    IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    Liquor Tax
    Luxury Taxes
    Marriage License Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Personal Property Tax
    Property Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Service Charge Tax
    Social Security Tax
    Road Usage Tax
    Recreational Vehicle Tax
    Sales Tax
    School Tax
    State Income Tax
    State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    Telephone Federal Excise Tax
    Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
    Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
    Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
    Telephone State and Local Tax
    Telephone Usage Charge Tax
    Utility Taxes
    Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Watercraft Registration Tax
    Well Permit Tax
    Workers Compensation Tax

    Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

    What in the heck happened? Can you spell ‘politicians?’
    I hope this goes around THE USA at least 545 times!!! YOU can help it get there!!!


  • Holly

    the whole republican party has gone crazy,,,,,,that’s the only answer. These are NOT your grandfather’s republican friends,,,,,,,,they are nutcases.

    • jjh

      the whole democratic party has gone crazy,,,,,,that’s the only answer. These are NOT your grandfather’s democratic friends,,,,,,, they are nutcases.
      I typed it therefore it must be true.

  • I am a Canadian. The entire world views the U.S. political reality as stupidity. That Americans can continue to elect these well-funded idiots brings into question the validity of your democracy. The 4 Democrats should be expelled from that party if it is to have future credibility and Reid must be replaced. My god! The ignorance of the US is unbelievable. At least the words of Obama demonstrate the right choice was made for your President.

  • G

    This article sucks. Stop whining like such a bitch.

  • J

    Woe is me, liberals. This is pathetic.

  • I consider myself a conservative. I get my news from MSNBC and FOX. I bounce back between the two looking for the truth. My question is why is it that when a Democrat does something wrong, liberals always point to a Republican who has done something wrong. There is so much finger pointing it makes what ever the person did wrong become irrelevant. I read all the comments on here, and Mr. Cliftons comments and I don’t see anything that makes me change my mind on any of the issues. I spent a month listening to “The Ed Show” and all I hear is complaining and arguments based upon the fact that “Other Peoples” actions in the past justify poor decisions today. Take gun control. I believe in background checks. However, liberals like to say it is keep the guns out of the hands of criminals. OK…so what about criminals who steal guns or make them from scratch. (Yes it can be done). How is a criminal who sells a gun to another criminal suppose to conduct a “background” check???? Nobody puts that question to those liberal talk show hosts who like to interview pro gun people then edit the interview to make the person seem like a nut. I am not saying DON’T have background checks… they just will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Bengazi! Why is it wrong to question our leaders when they lie to our faces??? The term public servant is just that… they work for us. I am tired of people insisting that we have to respect the public servants. Respect has to be earned and not by just getting voted in. Entitlements!!! let cut them 100% (Not Social Security and Medicare) Make Politicians pay their own way. No more haircuts, drivers, maids, meals, better healthcare, better everything, lifetime salaries, etc. Sell off all those empty properties that the government owns and is paying to keep the electricity and heat on. That would save billions!

  • “Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history! FALSE. Our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $16.7 trillion.., $6.1 trillion is less than $10.6 trillion.” There are a some problems with this statement. First, congress and the President agree on a budget so it’s disingenuous to only mention one. Second, there is no claim that Obama has spent more than all other Presidents combined. Third, even adjusting for inflation, indeed no single President increased debt more than Obama has. Fourth, “debt” isn’t as meaningful as debt/GDP (Roosevelt holds that record). Finally, the claim is about spending yet the rebuttal is about debt. Do people even understand the difference between spending, debt and deficit?

  • CYD

    Rozlee I read your postings I have to say you are clueless with the world. You want to quote the AP in regards to Benghazi, but you absolutely forget that the one and only official spokesperson for the White House came out on 9/16/2012, Ambassador Ann Rice and declared emphatically without nuance that the attacks were created by the release of that film. Period, end of story that was it ask no more. We did not hear from her again till 11/22/2012 which was “oh my” after the election.
    Libya’s Ambassador was raped and murdered by a mob which could have been contained. The first Ambassador to be murdered since the last total failure of another President, Jimmy Carter. Rozlee I was at the fall of the US Embassy in Saigon in 1975. To make the ugly lies and attempts to draw parallels between Libya and what happened under other US President paints you as being vile and almost to the point of being evil.
    Rozlee you would say or do anything to support a President who runs an administration so incompetent that the terrorist who shot the two US soldiers in Arkansas was questioned by the FBI prior to his murders as well as the older terrorist how killed 4, maimed 17, and wounded 176 in Boston. How can you excuse any administration that instructs the FBI via the Attorney General’s office that being in love with Islam is not a crime even if it whips up intense feelings and emotions. However, if you are Christian that is another story. That came from Holder, Clinton, and Napolitano. Huey, Duey and Louis keeping us safe.
    What happened in Libya was hugely preventable. No one who has studied just the cables from the embassy to the State Department would ever say anything different. The calls came for increased security, more tactical operations personnel (members of Delta Team volunteered to go). Then the calls through that an all out assault was being made on the Benghazi facility. To this your esteemed President went to bed. Get that? He went to bed because the next day was heavy fund raising in Nevada and California. While the Ambassador to Libya was being raped and tortured Barry O went to bed. That is who you are attempting to defend and doing so in a very weak and pitiful manner.

    • dave43224

      1st its susan rice not ann rice -you must have been confused with that drag queen on faux ann coulter-and i agree things would have have turned out differently if the congress had approved the state departments request for funds to protect the embassies-instead they cut them-so wheres the increased security if you dont have the money to pay for it

      • jjh

        First name not withstanding you do not address the falsehoods she presented to the media about the cause of the attack. Feeble attempt to shift the discussion.
        If it was well known by Clinton and Obama that our embassies and consulates were/are not protected, then allowing the ambassador to remain in Benghazi is a criminal action. So you can blame the Reps. for cutbacks but then Obama and Clinton are responsible for leaving them in harm’s way. In either case they wanted to shift the blame from terrorists to people rioting about a movie. I realize you will absolve Clinton and Obama, because they are not responsible for any failures.
        Any failure by a previous president according to most libs completely absolves Obama for failures that occur during his presidency. Too bad George Washington was first, he had to take responsibility for his actions.

  • I like your analysis: Simple, didactic and adjusted to reality.

  • John Johnson

    A note to the brainwashed from a minarchist. Not going point by point because I agree some of the comments are not worth discussing:

    1) The federal budget under Obama is higher than last year which was higher than the year before and so on. So Obama, even if he spent $.01 more than Bush IS the highest spending President of all time.

    2) The debt is not spending. The debt is the amount spent MORE than taken in. Use a different analogy to prove your point.

    3) Comparing Obama to Bush won’t win over anyone. Bush was the second worst President in the history of the nation.

    4) As for the economy and jobs, Obama believes in public sector jobs which drain the economy and don’t add value–read Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics In One Lesson”. Also, your math is incorrect. The Feb 2013 number does not negate the Feb 2009 number. It’s vs. the prior month. Don’t call others mathematically challenged if YOU do not know how to interpret data. It’s bound to go up sometime and it’s almost pegged entirely to a small uptick in the housing market. In January 2013 only 157,000 jobs were added, barely more than the 150,000 economists say are needed to keep the jobless problem from growing. In March only 88,000 jobs were added. Why wouldn’t you reference those numbers in your defense of Obama?

    5) Also, unemployment is not a measure of those that are not working. It is a measure of those filing for unemployment benefits. A true measure of the economy is the level of “underemployment”–those who stopped looking for work, those who are working below their level because they cannot find work at their market value, etc. This number has been up to 20% during this President’s term. And don’t go “Bush” on me because he was, as stated earlier, the second worst President in the history of our nation in my opinion.

    5) I’ll grant you that Affordable Care Act was passed. But the one thing it is not is affordable by any definition of the term. I would not count that as an accomplishment (opinion).

    6) Again comparing Obama to Bush is like comparing Mao to Stalin. Why would you compare one extreme failure of a President to another? Executive Orders are wrong. They bypass the checks and balances intended to limit government’s reach. Don’t brag about passing a single one. I know every President has done this but it doesn’t make it right.

    I’ll admit that we are in a state of misinformation driving a lot of political beliefs but it goes both ways. Both sides look for statistics to validate their beliefs. The truth is both sides are wrong. Politicians whether Dems or Reps only believe in one thing–getting re-elected. They participate in the disinformation campaign when it helps them.
    7) You mention corporate profits as an indicator of good for business. Business profits are high because the owners are not investing in talent. They are cutting costs of employees and innovation.

  • tom kay

    Is it just a coincidence that Christian followers are called “sheep”? Sheep are easily controlled; they do whatever they are directed to do.

  • Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history!: Actually Congress is in charge of authorizing budgets therefore is to blame for any spending criticism.

    • jjh

      There has not been a budget since 2009.

  • I’m saying this as somebody far far to the left of Democrats, an anarcho-syndicalist. Democrats and Republicans both do this. Both sides are rife with cognitive dissonance. People are obsessed with their political teams and supporting those teams, and ignoring how they’re getting fleeced all the while, often by the same interests. The Democrats have spent 5 years solid fellating the fossil fuel, insurance, drug, military, surveillance, banking, and entertainment industries.

    Look at Democrats making excuses for drone assassinations approved by the Obama administration. Or the mistreatment of Occupy protesters by the city leadership in Democratic cities like New York City, Chicago, and Oakland. Or the 2 year detention without trial and accompanying outright torture of Bradley Manning. Look at how, to Democrats, revealing the crimes of our government, its military and State department, suddenly because outrageous and horrible treason.

    It gets old.

  • It’s very nice to see actual FACTS. I’m not the biggest Obama supporter but I do think he’s done a LOT more good than bad, and SOOO much more good than the previous moron. I believe one of the biggest problems is FOX “news”… If they are not gonna report facts then they should not be allowed to use the word “news” in the name.

  • I’m going to debunk everyone of these lies one by one.

    1. The first 2 how do you explain debt and deficits surpassing Bush’s numbers if it wasn’t true?

    3 Who gives a shit.

    4 killing with drones and invading countries without congressional approval is in fact dictatorial.

    5 key work CORPORATE. small businesses are struggling in this country due to burdensome regulations which are written by the corporations.

  • 6 he only backs the uber wealthy so that is correct.

    7 you admitted that he is in fact trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights so I don’t need to capitalize.

    8 you’re wrong. The u6 unemployment rate does in fact count all numbers. Not just jobless claims.

    9. Where are the jobs?

    10. Obamacare is in fact unconstitutional. The constitution states anything not covered in it is delegated to the states. Note: if obamacare is such a good deal why are the very supporters of the bill trying to delay it and make themselves exempt?

  • So full of holes this page could double as a star system backdrop.

  • Barbara

    Since Candidate Obama started running for his first term, the Republicans have been trying to undermine him, by repeating the same lies over and over, thinking (and sadly, it’s often true) if people are hit with the same lies often enough, they believe them. We shouldn’t be surprised, they are still trying to convince us that Sarah Palin is intelligent. Has she ever actually answered a question? All I’ve seen her do is incite the disgruntled.

  • Not with stupid

    You all are complete idiots.

  • Jose’

    There aren’t enough hours in the day, to deal
    with all his lies……

  • David Baldwin

    I had a short debate with my nephew about welfare. I really wanted to know what his views were and he mine. Turns out, after the specifics were ironed out, we agreed on everything! Then he asked me if I would just “agree to disagree”. But again, WE AGREED once we talked in detail, yet he still believes we have fundamental differences and that liberals teach their children how to get free money from the government. I thought that talking out some details would help. It didn’t.

  • Author of this article,

    Your second one “Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history!” … I do not disagree, but there is a small problem with how you wrote it … you might want to consider rewriting this one?

    The way you use the numbers … our national debt of $10.6 (was accumulative over 220 some years.) … and if I recall upon coming to office Obama added nearly $2 trillion kept off the books by the Bush regime for their preemptive war with a nation that did nothing to us and Medicare Part-D, etc, etc

    The rest of them are fine.

  • Harroll Morris

    It is not about facts. Both sides use facts. The problem is
    that fact usage is selective highlighting facts or partial facts that support
    your belief system, while ignoring facts that attack and or demolish your
    viewpoint. I believe people make up their minds first then select facts to
    support their beliefs regardless of party, religion culture etc.

    It is willful ignorance and it is difficult to help someone
    breakout of that mindset. There is information on this phenomenon in a book
    called Proofiness.

    Both sides use the same terms about each other, like “Low
    Information Voter”, Sheeple, and like to claim that the other side ignores
    facts. It is true that everyone ignores inconvenient facts. The biggest problem
    is determining which facts are actually relevant and only applying them. Just
    for the record relevant facts are not just the facts that support your beliefs.

    I agree more with what Clifton has on his blog than I do
    with anything I see on Fox News, which is really Republican Propaganda, but
    would have a much smaller audience if they actually dealt in relevant facts.

  • Sickandtiredofprogressives

    You’re an idiot and I’m embarrassed that one of my FB friends has you as a friend and that you wasted space on my timeline. Move to France.

  • Was there ever a time in recent memory when the members of the GOP actually did have higher than Primitive Thinking skills…

  • Bill

    Oh [email protected]@ Another load of liberal horse SHIT~!

  • John Kendall

    Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history! FALSE. On January 20, 2009 our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $16.7 trillion—for a $6.1 trillion increase. From one Democrat to another, this comment is embarrassing The claim wasn’t that Obama had spent more than all other Presidents COMBINED. It was that he spent more than all other Presidents which by your own numbers are true. Your own number make Obama accountable for $6.1 trillion and since Bush was responsible for $4 trillion (in 8 years), you are proving yourself wrong with your own argument. A better argument would have been that he inherited two unfunded wars and irresponsible tax cuts. If we are going to claim that Republicans are morons, lets not make ourselves look like morons too.

    • jjh

      The author chose his words carefully by stating that Obama spent more than all other Presidents, when many Conservatives asserted he spent more than any other president in history. Obama also continued those wars and tax cuts. Here’s a tip, if someone asserts that everyone on the other side of the political spectrum believes something, that someone is lying. The author knew this but in his attempt to “prove” points he chose to use extremes. Obama is on pace to have the highest debt level in history however, which might double the 10.6 Trillion he inherited.

  • Truckie

    Obama is a muzzie socialist. This whole article is loaded with kommie BS…

  • AmWiser

    If you can’t explain why Obama is not a muslim. You have a problem.

  • terlet

    None of your “False” claims stand up.

  • The problem is that they don’t really care about the facts, the truth, or really, even the results. They pick a side, (usually the one that panders to their self love, or confirms their fears) then they run with it. It gets to the point where they don’t even care about t issues or the methods or the results, they just want us to lose. They don’t care what the end damage is, who gets hurt, even if THEY get hurt. They just want the side they picked to win. Hence not being able to accept even irrefutable proof, that they’re wrong. I’ve felt it myself on election night, (Please don’t let the racists win, PLEASE!). That night I might have committed violence or broken laws if I thought it would help. By the next morning I was myself again, but it gave me an insight into how they think. Imagine living your whole life like that?

  • Barack Obama

    Love this page! Baaaaa… Baaaa…. Baaaa….. Love President Obama – OBAMA FOR LIFE!! King Barack for all of us!! Long live Barack!! Baaaaa…. Baaaaa….. Baaaaa….

  • CAR1999

    Alright, more explaining needs to be done here…..

    1. $10.6 Trillion is more than $6.1 Trillion, But the First number is an accumulation of close to 200 years not 4.

    2. Proof Obama is not muslim? Where? Actions speak louder than teleprompter words.

    3. Obama is not American? Proof? The supposed BC was an extremely bad photoshop flop

    4.The unemployment rate is sneaky because it only figures new apps, it doesn’t count the folks that gave up and are sucking us dry with their laziness.

    The rebuttal is nonsense too, because once people stop looking, of course the number will go down, that’s all it CAN do. If it stays the same, then that means un-employment is growing. Common sense folks.

    5.I have no problem with the “ban” that was already in place being re-enacted, but DAMN! Stop using tragedies to support your legislation. These bans had no effect when they were in place, they sure as hell are NOT going to have any effect on these tragedies if put back in place.

    Anyone disagree?
    I am open to opposing viewpoints, but NO answering questions with questions. I will NOT fall for this tactic used by every Obama Supporter I have personally met.

  • dunbunking is usually done with facts, not opinions. Where is the evidence. Just becasue you say it does not make it so… does not matter what side of the political spectrum… opinion is opinion.

  • I dig it.

    I’m a lifelong democrat, I’m not a fan of Obama, but it’s because he’s so out of touch with his campaigning and so like the right wingers.

    The way the GOP has twisted around into the party that cares about civil liberties is amazing. Outside of some generally principled true libertarians, most of the GOP was in the habit of calling protest “treasonous” as recently as 2004. Not to mention slandering anyone who wanted to curtail government’s power over the citizenry as a terrorist sympathizer.

    It’s quite nuts that instead of embracing how far right the democrats have swung,they choose to attack them for their array of Regan/Bush republican stances. While that might work now, it’s going to be put into interesting contrast once they’re back in office and continue down the same path that Bush put us on after 9/11.

    I always say the same thing – shit on Obama, but do it for the right reasons instead of attacking policies that you wholeheartedly promoted when “your guy” was in office.

  • adcbeast

    Hey … don’t you know that FACTS don’t mean S on the Fox News Plantation !

  • brian Anderson

    Why do we not have a law that lets us have madatory psyc-evals on all members of the House and Senate?

  • alphadeus

    The right wingers now quote manufactured facts that come straight from fox or Koch brothers ‘rent-a-rant’ like Baptists quote from the bible without actually reading the bible or checking to see if they are actually in the bible.
    I hear the exact same rebuttals letter for letter and on one occasion from fox news with the exact same misspelling.
    Its like trying to convince someone whose color blind that the sea isn’t red, because they read in the bible it was both red and dead!

  • Swedshf

    I appreciate factual data but I’m a Republican and don’t say or post any of those things. It’s so nice to be stereotyped; included in with vocal extremes. Mr. Clifton, perhaps a critical look at the pot that calls the kettle black would do you some good. Find the most extreme, non-factual statements made by those of your political affiliation and refute them. If you cannot, then you are just another biased Liberal and your facts are carefully selected in support of a closed minded agenda.

  • Robert Martin

    The funny thing is (and I had a Tea Partier who I was presenting these facts too say this in a thread) they think that data and facts as presented around the web have a liberal bias… Yeah you read that right “facts and data are liberal”. Their facts though are allegedly the “true” facts so we are supposed to disregard all those “liberal facts and data”. Suffice it to say as soon as that person said that my next comment was :”Yeesh…Alrighty then….well… I’m outta here.” to which the Tea Partier claimed triumph because he had “won the argument against the (and yes he typed this) “liberal faggot”. I controlled myself and didn’t jump back in. I just reported that post. Suffice it to say he had his account linked to FB and his account went bye-bye.

  • David

    This articles bullshit. Obama is a shitty president. The economy is no better. And are we really comparing him to bush? Like that’s a standard we want anyone in a political position to skate above. Oh as long as he wasn’t as bad as bush. They’re both awful presidents. The healthcare act is unconstitutional, it is not something the federal government needs to be involved in. This is America, not Canada. What’s hilarious to me about you liberal morons is you want to live in Canada, you just don’t realize because your stupid. Gay marriage is legal, everyone gets healthcare for free(and really for free, not a bullshit fee if you just don’t want insurance) abortion is legal, in many parts pot is legal. They’ve never been in a war. Instead of trying to change this great country, move your yuppie ass to Canada. Bill Clinton might be the last good president we’ll have. I’m not a republican, I’m not a democrat, I’m a fucking American. A political party composed of a bunch of greedy men skewing propaganda should not be running this country, majority vote and public opinion should hold a strong influence in our government. I’m glad your the handful that supports this excuse of a president. He’s no better than bush. And that’s a problem.

    • Seán O’Riordan

      Ummm. Canada was in WWI, WWII, Korea, War of 1812.

    • Seán O’Riordan

      Oh and The Supreme Court actually decided that The Affordable Care Act is constitutional, oddly enough when they say something is constitutional, it is constitutional. Weird, huh?

      • jjh

        They also said that the penalty is really a tax that Obama and his administration stated over and over wasn’t. Also states can opt out without losing the rest of their federal Medicare funds. But even liberals will assert the Supreme Court sometimes gets it wrong such as their view of Gore vs. Bush Florida. That’s weird too, huh?

  • Libs Lie

    This is literally the most misleading article I’ve ever read. You twist the details as you wish. What garbage.

  • Dondon3210

    You idiots still defending obamas lying ass? Geeeeez

  • BruceMajors

    Since the IRS engaged in years of voter suppression, Obama’s regime is as illegitimate as he is.

  • BrianFruman

    Do you agree it is fair to use the IRS for political reasons against the Citizen of the United States? Ok lets just say he didn’t know. Should he have? and more important who benefited? Lets move on.

    Obama most likely had dual citizenship in both America and the United Kingdom, then as Kenya became independent shortley after his birth he had dual citizenship in USA/ Kenya. The issue of what happened in Indonesia is did his mother renounce his and her citizenship. He was adopted changed his name and was enrolled in public school in Indonesia. When he came to school in the USA did he apply as a foreigner? We don’t know we haven’t seen his records. However it is likely he was registered as a foreign student whether or not he mantained dual citizenship status or not. That truth (if true) would have probably cost him both elections. In closing the “birthers” screwed up looking at his place of birth not his citizenship or more importantly what he filed on a college application. I ask to if this is true do you feel that the people of the USA have a right to know? And maybe this wouldn’t have changed your vote but maybe it would have changed others.

    As far as your ideas about finance maybe you should stick to political science. Basically what is happening is the federal reserve has kept rates so low that people have to find yield elsewhere. They have destroyed fix income people in favor for lowering interest rates for the people underwater in real estate. It probably would have worked much better if they just lowered rates on underwater homes rather than put systemic low rates throughout the spectrum.

    There is negative real rate of return on Treasury against even the best circumstances to long term inflation also avg (CPI) with (EPI) that is the real rate of inflation probably closing to 4 to 5 percent. Corporate profits are up mostly from firing and streamlining and more of this will continue as obamacare takes place. So yes wall streets doing great mainstreet not so much. Though the dollar is stronger it based more on the fact that other countries are worse off then us not better and continue to print money. Right now it is safe to say the USA is the best of an overall global printing press. How long that lasts no one knows.

    In closing a million dollars today isn’t want it was 10 years ago and certainly not what it was 20 years ago. The disparity of wealth is what you need to focus on. However as I pointed out above wallstreet will never be taxed or regulated nor will business. They will always protect themselves. They will change or whatever it takes to make a profit including firing people, closing shop and starting something new. So you either support a free market or you don’t. There is no middle ground on this issue.

  • That first one is so important. Spending the last Bush year was 2.9 trillion. 2009 spending was 3.1 trillion. Total expenditures last year were 3.5 trillion and this year are expected to be 3.8 trillion. Now some lying right-wingers are likely to point out that a rise of spending from 2.9 to 3.8 trillion dollars amounts to something like a 32% hike in spending in five years. Some filthy wingnut may even object that the jump from 3.1 to 3.5 trillion between 2009 and 2010 is not a 1% jump but more like a 12% jump. And that’s why I think it’s so important for you to say it really is only 1%, despite the math.

  • You also make a great point about how Obama hasn’t yet doubled the national debt. That doubled debt won’t happen till 2017.

  • Suzanne Smith Goodman

    I like the straight-forward methodology wherein you state facts succinctly. Unfortunately, while I would love to post and share this… I do not because I tire of the unending diatribe that will result from those who wish to do nothing but argue, which gets nowhere. Still, I thank you for writing and am going to your Facebook page to add my support with a “like.”

  • Matt

    It’s all about facts. I got into a twitter war with a tea partier last week over Obama’s perceived “weakness” on the world stage, and when I showed her how our support of the Mujahideen backfired on us on 9/11/01, she shut up pretty quickly about the “weakness” that Obama showed.

  • Oneauta

    But … their hearts are in the ‘right’ place. They want to put the Ten Commandments back into schools [they weren’t in mine in the ’50’s but that’s irrelevant to their cause] and guns.
    Now teachers can teach “Thou Shalt Not Kill” with a .44 Magnum on the hip.

  • vash99

    the fact is healthcare has been underregulated for a decade or more so if u wanna blame the raise in out of pocket costs on anybody look at ur insurance companies
    also i heard obama blame the bengahzi attack on terrorists within a week of it happening while he is the president and ultimately assumes responsibility benghazi was a covert cia op and the cia have a history of not telling the president its called compartmentalizing and plausible deniability look em up

    and nobody in the dubya administration got arrested for getting us into iraq illegally

  • Lyd

    Very well put. Very well said. This is the honest truth. Thank you. The lies are causing mass confusion, and this is the best I’ve read yet to sort it out, tell it like it really is, 101. Thank you.

  • Fuck Liberal Idiots

    Total horseshit!… you didn’t prove anything Republicans lied about anything about the Fraud Putz of Bill Ayers

  • Fuck Liberal Idiots

    For the brain dead weak minded idiot “math challenged” Obama has spent (WASTED) more money than ALL the Presidents combined up to Bush. FraudBama, the ACORN voter fraud master, and the most secretive Tyrannical Treasonous SOB in history bought the election with welfare, EBT cards, Obama phones of which illegals are collecting since he advertized in Mexico of how easy it was to get welfare & promised amnesty. Quit listening to the billions of Soros propaganda AND research it all for yourself!!!!!

    WAKE UP DUMBASSES,… Obama has LIED about everything!!! . IRS, Benghazi, Iran, North Korea, Solyndra,..etc.

  • vash99

    lol the idea of saying obama spent more then all other presidents combined is laughable at best and a complete crock at worst
    90%of our current debt came from bush and his level of stupid to cut taxes at a time of war and lead us into a fake war as well every time a republican gets into office the stratagy is always the same the rich get the elevator and we get the shaft

  • dave43224

    if all these things about obama are true-the bc, the alleged college transcript coverup etc you would think he would have never been able to take the oath of office in 2009-do you people have nothing better to do than be racist-prove your “proof” on these these matters and i would be happy to go along-until then you are all a bunch of guys in white robes and sheets carrying your”god-given” firearms-and i’m white! go buy some more tp for your bunker cause you are sure full of s#$%!

  • kgrr

    I often help my Libertarian and TEA Party friends understand the Constitution better by responding to the more complex questions with what is written in the Constitution.

    Obama wants to rule like a dictator, he’s the Executive orders President! FALSE.

    Laws passed by Congress tell the various agencies WHAT needs to be done and how much money is allocated to the project. Executive orders are used by the President on HOW to implement a law passed by Congress. In Article I Section I of the Constitution it is clear that all legislative powers reside in Congress. Never are any executive orders used to create laws, it’s Congress’s job to do that. Article 2, Section 1 gives the Executive Branch the responsibility to execute the laws passed by Congress. In fact, if you read an executive order, it will call out which law it is implementing, or what law gives the President the authority to act.

  • Oh yeah? Well he is still Black and there is nothing you can do about that! Republicans hate Black people and that is behind all of this.

  • jdripper

    dave43224 proving my point correct about liberals. Saying that there is
    an intelligent liberal is like saying the one child in a class
    suffering from Downs Syndrome who can open the door is a genius. davie
    Barack Obama’s career members of the State Department said that keeping
    the security funds static had no impact on the security of the Benghazi
    consulate. Get that? He and his administration say liar, liar pants
    of fire to you.

    I said Ann Rice as a tongue in cheek to Susan’s
    fictious outbursts to the whole word for Obama on five networks in
    regards to what transpired. Get this little boy wrap this around your
    brain the amount of funds had nothing to do with the deaths of the
    ambassador and the three subordinates. If you say it again then prove
    it. Show me one credible military, security, State Department who say
    this and the facts to back it up. Until you do then you are a liar. If
    you can’t you need to stop this insanity.

    Also for all of you it
    was FOX News that uncovered Benghazi, it was FOX news that broke the
    story on using the IRS as Barack Obama’s own little, pet, gestapo. It
    was FOX News that uncovered that the wire tapping of the press and
    individual members of the press. I can see why you trash FOX News you
    are being the perfect small minded little Obama robots who have
    voluntarily surrendered any rational thought, logic, morality or
    ethics. What a motley crew you are.

  • barrashee

    Biggest spending—so you admit the spending has
    continued to increase. Anything other
    than a contraction means he is the biggest spending president ever.

    Spending more than any president in history—for point
    one you looked at the lower RATE of increase and declared that to be a drop in spending,
    when in fact it is a drop in the increase of spending. Now for point two you consider the rater of
    adding to the debt and decide to consider the actual amount rather than the rate.
    He has piled up debt faster than any other president, and since he has 4
    years to go he will likely achieve the greatest amount as well.

    Communist/fascist/socialist means some people
    are careless with distinguishing between types of totalitarians. Given your reference to the stock market
    going up while the economy withers, I’d say more like fascist. But does it really matter, our freedoms are
    toast under any of those ideologies

    My goodness!
    Obama is on pace to issue virtually the same number of executive orders
    as Bush, and you take comfort in that?
    Bush passed the Patriot act and Obama has renewed it, does that feel

    Yes, I don’t feel like continuing to go point to
    point when half of your points are strawmen and the other half are willful ways
    of misinterpreting facts

  • Aphra Behn

    Lately all I hear is “he is a bad leader” and “he is disengaged”– in other words, completely subjective gibberish because actual facts are inconvenient for them.

  • corey

    Find Phil Agre’s 2000 election piece “The New Jargon.” He put his finger right on it with these republicans. “Anti-rational” I think is the word he uses. Very astute.

  • terlet

    None of these sources are trustworthy; therefore, none of these “lies” as you call them, have been disproved.

    • Seán O’Riordan

      One of his sources is Websters dictionary. That alone renders your argument useless.

      • terlet

        Taken into an inappropriate usage.

      • Seán O’Riordan

        from your perspective.

  • Joshua F

    So I am a little confused on how it’s a “positive shift of 887K jobs from our losses in February 2009 to our gains in February 2013”. If you use Feb of 2009 and say that is 0, the we were at -651k jobs. If you add back 236k jobs, your still down -415k. How doyou come up with +887k? Not trying to be a pain, just don’t understand…

  • Scott Randall Brooks

    * creates its own* not *it’s*. “It’s” is short for “it is”.

  • Rick Heath

    As a Psychology Major, I would venture that certain philosophical beliefs such a political or religious leanings are very personal and deeply connected to how a persons sees themselves. Thus when someone places undeniable facts before you and these facts conflict with something you cannot dissemble from your own upbringing and long held personal perceptions, there is that aforementioned cognitive dissonance. I believe this is why they get so angry when someone places conclusive proof in front of them and often why they would rather hit you than to objectively research it. It may just ruin everything they have ever chosen to believe and result in them questioning all they have ever been told… which is a lot of work and humility to deal with. In essence to crush their preferred fantasies is the same as a personal assault in their view.

    • jjh

      Maybe when you graduate, you can expound on the psychology but “undeniable facts” have not been proven. When confronted by facts liberals almost always revert to blaming GWB, attack the source ie. Fox News, or that Obama is not responsible. Everyone has a “biased view”, your assertion/opinion applies to you as well. I will give you extra credit for avoiding the GWB did it first or more argument but you do not attempt to prove your undeniable facts, so all you are doing is expressing an opinion without support. The author of this ramble uses words like “All” which immediately invalidates the argument that follows it. Liberals get angry and abusive too, see the many postings. Many times they are first to go there. Your attempt at 5 cent Lucy psychology is feeble at best.

  • JohnAbramson

    I predict that once Obama care kicks in and the way the law is written, the Insurance Companies will be rolling in it, with all the millions of new customers who never had health insurance before. It will be a juggernaut of money! Driving costs down and launching many more new companies. The competition is just what a thriving economy needs. And think of all the uncountable satellite industries.

  • I want all of these (and more!) as little factoids that can be autoposted on my Facebook wall and at the end of all my emails. Get to it, k? 🙂

  • CaptSpastic

    Great article!

  • charlyrae

    These responses to the evil “Republican lies” are almost funny…if they weren’t so sad…and indicative of the perception of approximately half the country. It’s like the story of the blind men each relating their perception of the elephant. Liberal minds are blinded minds that see only their perspective…and each one sees themselves as being RIGHT…and God help anyone who opposes that view, however myopic it might be. God help the liberals to have their blinders removed.

    • CaptSpastic

      How did it go in Forrest Gump?

      Stupid is as stupid does?

      Pretty much sums it up. Doesn’t it?

  • kbjake

    I was with you up to the point you tried to describe cognitive dissonance. Understand the terms you are using. When words are your tools, know your tools. Otherwise you come across as Roseanne Roseannadana on SNL when she learns she has been ranting about something she misunderstood … “Never mind.”

  • JonesRobynj

    It is very dangerous. I really can’t believe these people believe this stuff. It’s obvious to me that if this country is going to survive, those of us who deal in the facts are going to have to pull the whole load for the rest of the country. We are going to have to be the draft horses that pull the heavy load. We need to keep our eyes on the end result and do what ever we can to achieve it.

  • cherie safapou

    Because their world is lies their foundations is lie the whole old partiesare natIs radicals assholes ! Where is my shoes?

  • Stats Guy

    I am not arguing for or against either side, however, your first two points are a simple interpretation of statistics where both sides could be right. Viewed from actual dollarwise, Obama would be the one to spend the most – simply out of the size of the government and how it has had to grow to support the growth in population through the years. However, when viewed from a percentage increase, he would be spending less. This is the difficulty with mainstream media and news reporting, you can twist statistics to just about fit every position you want to argue. Again, I am not for or against either side.

  • jadis

    So you can’t use a source to support your argument, then ignore that very same source when it no longer supports what you want to believe.

    Oh, Christians do that with the bible all the time! It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that politicians will do the same…

  • George Woyzeck

    It’s not just Republicans. We’re in a different period of time where far rightwing parties have become stronger than Republicans (although,they’re pretty much the same). Read up on what the Libertarians , Tea and Constitution Party say on a daily basis. They have tons of sites,blogs,media outlets. They out do the typical republican as far as huge lies and huge fabrications.
    Everyone needs to start saying the entire rightwing, and then list who that is.
    Everyone’s getting confused on who’s who, and who’s with who.

  • fafhrd

    1. “Obama has been the biggest spending President in history! FALSE. Year to year spending increases have been less than 1%. They’re also at their lowest rate of year to year increases since Eisenhower.” Try to confuse the idiots, why don’t you? Higher level of spending is not the same thing as talking about rate of increase in spending. Not counting the massive increase in spending the first year, from the stimulus (and even blaming that on Bush), doesn’t affect the lack of budget, continued levels of spending under continuing resolutions.
    Similar arguments apply to all of the rest of the economic statements.

  • Linda

    Is this the end of democracy? I am worried about the future. Common sense and intellectual reasoning are loosing ground. The Republican party is bought and paid for.

    • jjh

      Considering it’s Obama spying on Americans and harassing them by using the IRS you may be right about the end of democracy. The Democratic party has sold out cheap.

  • Terry

    I like how democrats like this one always ignore the U-6 unemployment numbers. Yes for some reason democrats say that the underemployed and people who have given up don’t count. When Bush left office the U-6 rate was 13.6% which is bad. Right now the U-6 number is 13.8%…so um ya the fact that more people today have given up looking for work then went Bush left office is a win.

    But I understand why democrats ignore the true unemployment numbers…they don’t look good and you guys don’t want Obama to look bad…so I understand…not sure what you tell those people out of work that you say do not count though.

  • Terry

    As for jobs, you cannot nitpick single months and call it golden.

    If you pull the data from the BLS you find that under Obama in 4.5 years we’ve gained a net total of 266k jobs. let me repeat that in 4.5 years we’ve only seen a gain of 266k jobs. By the way under Bush the last 4 years, we saw a net gain of 2053k jobs. So I’m not sure how that’s a win for Obama…but I guess any job gain is seen as a win…would be nice if it had been bigger.

  • John D. Cox

    Didn’t you forget to include TeaPotPartiers saying that our beloved president is Gay and wants to persecute good-loving-Christians by supporting Gay civil rights?

  • AquariusinAZ

    Awesome! I’ve been looking for a site just like this! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • lessthantolerant

    how about he is the dumbest son of a bitch ever born? while his momma was a whore, it is too bad he ever met his real father. A donkey on the petting zoon in Cleveland.

  • Notarepub

    More low information propaganda, obozo is a complete fraud, everytime he opens his mouth he is lying, putting down America, or saying something a true leader shouldn’t . You people would follow him off a cliff, you aren’t capable of critical thinking if it doesn’t support your agenda

  • Tim

    The FEMA camps DO exist. Just Google FEMA Camps for pics.

  • Jon

    I feel the pen is mightier then the sword, I see this stuff on both sides both saying basically the same thing about each other, I do not believe the other side, BUT I have no reason to believe this person either!!! I have worked in enough companies and politicians to know you can manipulate numbers to make them say anything you want them and then try to belittle them that do not follow you!!!! m/

  • Bill

    Both sides lie, there are no Republicans or Democrats or Independents. We have politicians working us against each other. The problems we have is because they want us to have them otherwise they would fix them. You can believe the Republicans are stupid or you can believe the Democrats are stupid but the truth is you’re the stupid one for believing either side.

  • TheWild Webster

    And the gauge for ‘spending increases’ is now ‘year to year’? Ahhh, so if I get a mortgage for a 2 million dollar house I can’t afford, my ‘spending increases’ are only equivalent to the cost of my downpayment and my monthly mortgage so it’s all ok?

    (of course, using prior spending as a meter for the ‘acceptability of current and future spending is equally as inane as it assumes the prior is also acceptable)

  • TheWild Webster

    re: “Obama has spent more than all other Presidents in history! FALSE. On January 20, 2009 our national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it’s $16.7 trillion—for a $6.1 trillion increase. For the mathematically challenged, $6.1 trillion is less than $10.6 trillion. ”

    Are you f’in serious? For someone throwing on words like ‘the mathematically challenged’ you sure are a black pot! So in other words, you are throwing the deficits AND the interest accrued upon those deficits into an equation to account for all spending. And other people are mathematically challenged? See my prior comment about future spending.

  • TheWild Webster

    re: “Obama is a Communist/Socialist/Fascist! FALSE. They’re all different—it’s impossible to be all 3. ”

    On a today show interview when asked if his premium on people making more than $250,000 per year to fund Obamacare was a ‘punishment on the rich’, Obama responded:
    “No it’s not punishing the rich, I think the way I look at it is that if I can afford to do a little bit more so a whole bunch of families out there have a little more security when I already have security, that’s part of being a community”

    The words ‘I can’ is synonymous with the phrase ‘I am able’. It doesn’t take a genius to see the implication of ‘a whole bunch of families out there’ representing a group that ‘needs’ (in his mind) ‘more security’ Replace the word ‘can’ with ‘able’ in that sentence and insert the word ‘in need’ after familis and it’s virtually identical to the following quote:

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs“

    So by his own words, the man shares sentiments with Marx. But as far as the allegation he is socialist, I am prone to agree with you that he is not. He spews forth socialist rhetoric as a means to gain support, but the third term, fascist is the most appropriate of the three. No biggie there as our last 4 presidents have similarly been oligarchical fascists.
    To ignore the fact that he just passed the largest nationalization of 1/6th of the US economy via ‘health care reform’ and deny that he is a fascist is kind of like walking into a septic tank and denying you smell feces.

    And I’d suggest you go back and take Poli-Sci 101. The statement ‘they are all different’ is patently false. They are all statist forms of government. And they are far more similar in their means and methods than they could ever be said to be different as a consequence of their statist properties.

  • TheWild Webster

    re: Obamacare is unconstitutional! FALSE. The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress, signed by the President and the Supreme Court ruled that it was in fact Constitutional.

    Wow, you aren’t going to leave a single logical fallacy out of this pap-piece are you? The affordable care act was passed without the majority of congress even ‘reading it’ by their own admission. It was passed using a procedural loophole during a period of transition to try to get it rammed through before they lost the ability to do gain a passing vote. As a consequence it was barely passed and then only through ‘tactics’ and manipulation of house rules.
    As far as the Supreme Court, you can say they threw out the challenge based on the fact it was groundless due to the fact the mandate was not a tax but fit the description of a ‘fee’, and the challenge was made on the premise it was a tax. But that by no means equates to an endorsement of it’s constitutionality. It merely means the basis for the challenge was not meeting the criteria for such a challenge – as in the case was improperly formed. Justice Roberts all but begged in his off-the-record (Vita) response for someone to pick up a challenge on apportionment grounds. As a consequence, I seriously doubt it would survive such a challenge, but would not expect such a challenge until the fees are actually assigned.

  • TheWild Webster

    re: “Those jobs numbers are a lie! No, they’re from the same source which Republicans have used to saddle Obama’s job losses (from his first year in office… and only his first year).”

    Similar fallacy. Republican used them so therefore they aren’t a lie. Ummmm no, it doesn’t work that way.
    The reality of ‘job numbers’ when using unemployment claims as the means to arrive at them is that they are all inaccurate due to the nature of how the benefits and the eligibility are ascribed through law. People claiming for unemployment are generally only entitled to benefits for 6 months. Although they are encourage to keep reporting after the benefits expire, without any pending ‘extensions’, there is little or no motivation for people to continue to do so. As a result, the unemployment numbers inevitably ‘drop off’ 6-8 months after any large period of job losses as people who still haven’t found work dis-continue reporting for unemployment.
    This can in fact be reflected by anyone with the integrity to actually look up the numbers by looking at the figures relating to the ‘size of the workforce’. Compare the number of people working at the time Obama first took office to the numbers of people in the workforce today, then compare that number with the unemployment rates at the time he was elected and the unemployment numbers today.
    The job numbers are a lie. They were a lie under prior Republican claims. They are lies under Obama claims. And job growth under this president does not exist. Job losses however, are ridiculous.

  • TheWild Webster

    re: Obama wants to rule like a dictator, he’s the Executive orders President! FALSE. In his 4+ years, President Obama has issued 147 Executive orders, and is on pace to issue 288 by the end of his second term. By comparison, George W. Bush issued 291 Executive orders

    Again with the “well the other guys did it too so it must be OK” nonsense.
    Look up ‘Fallacy of Relevance”

  • TheWild Webster

    re: “Obama has waged a war on the rich! FALSE. We’ve added over 300,000 new millionaires”
    Another fallacy. Correlation does not amount to causation. But, on this one I am prone to agree with you – almost. Obama has not waged war on ‘the rich’. He has only done what all other oligarchical fascistic crony corporatists do… he waged war on the rich he doesn’t like.
    Oh yeah, he’s made a lot more millionaires. I bet a bunch of the folks getting the bail-outs and the energy grants for all those now bankrupt and defunct solar/wind/alternative energy companies are on that list too! So what?

  • TheWild Webster

    re: “Obama is out to take away our Second Amendment rights! ”

    Have you ever read anything this man has written prior to becoming elected? While I see him exhibiting text-book pragmatic policy making in that he’s avoiding confronting the gun issue head on, his views on second amendment rights are not ambiguous. Prior to winning his first term, one of the things he proposed was a ‘5 mile safe zone’ around all schools. I wrote an article on this at the time in that one of the ‘unintended consequences’ of such an inane policy would be that it would literally devastate aboriginal native American populations in that many of the areas in places like Alaska, north-central US and south-western US where the populations of native American communities are large, the prevalence of large cities is small. And many of these communities survive on subsistence hunting.
    In Alaska especially, nearly the entire northern and western sides of the state would be forbidden from selling ammunition due to the fact most of the ‘towns’ are less than 200 yards across, and many have small, on or two room schools. During the winter months, this would push the cost of ‘flying in ammunition’ out of the range of the poorer subsistence inuit hunting communities.
    And this practice was not the only such proposal by this man in regards to limiting 2nd amendment rights. You really need to do more reading before you start spouting off as though you are some kind of authority.

  • TheWild Webster

    In short, after reading your feeble attempts to ‘spin’ the alleged ‘wrongness’ of accusations against this current president, I am prone to think you have gorged yourself on the Progressive-D-side coolaid just about as much as you seem to suggest of the Progressive-R-siders.

  • Gregory Mead

    It’s impossible to debunk ALL Republican lies because there is an inexhaustible supply of them.

    • jjh

      Replace the word Republican with Democrat and the statement is no more meaningful without facts. It is merely unsupported opinion and adds nothing to the discussion. IMHO.

  • John W

    It’s called selected memory…They select the story they believe to be true and remember it that way…Whether history or factual proof shows to the contrary… I get tired of arguing with the fools because they are never wrong even if they contradict themselves. You can lead a horse to water….

    • jjh

      John W,
      When attacking Liberals, you should apply some facts or they get mad. Merely stating a completely unsupported opinion convinces no one of anything. 😉

      • John W

        Are you referring to me attacking liberals or the GOP and Tea Party attacking liberals? I am not sure by your statement but I am a liberal from the DFW area and damn proud of it. And yes we get mad and hunt for the proof we need to prove them wrong…which lately has been a very easy thing to do…And I am one to back up my opinions with facts not wishful thinking or selected memory.

      • jjh

        I was merely pointing out that all you provided was an unsupported opinion that if a conservative said to you, it would result in you getting mad. I am a conservative in the Liberal northeast, not that adds anything to the discussion either. Neither you or I am better, stronger or more right because we reside in enemies stronghold. Your comments were somewhat ambiguous since you did not even mention the group you were slighting. I chose to comment as if you were attacking Liberals to point out there was nothing but bias in your statement.

  • Janet is mad

    About Obama being the president that spent the most money…..did anyone else catch that……in their own words? When Obama took office the national debt was $10 trillion. He has only spent $6 trillion during his administration thus far and clearly that is $4 trillion LESS. ONE President did not during any previous administration spend as much as Obama. See past the smoke and mirrors people. Read things, but take a moment to think about what you just read. Another fine example of the deception going on in this country. The “new”.

  • Renee McCartin

    it’s not cognitive dissonance, it’s so blinded by their hatred of OBama, that NOTHING, probalby not even their personal GOD providing them with facts will ever change their mind. . I am shocked by how many people i considered sane & intelligent before Obama went into office have gone off the deep end, t heir hatred twisting them into very nasty people when it comes to any talk about OBama.

    • Renee McCartin

      and really, the friggin media should be held accountable for these lies they perpetuate without doing any real research

      • standbehindtheyellowline

        Not all, just the ones that seemed to be believed the most!

  • Ron Drake

    Excellent article, but this: “This also doesn’t factor in the money spent in 2009, which gets tagged to President Obama, was actually passed by Bush” needs more emphasis. Obama’s first budget went into effect on October 1st, 2009. A common Republican trick is to include the figures amassed between January 20th and September 30th in their critiques of the Obama Administration.

    Again, though, great article.

  • briggman

    What a load of horseshit.

  • Paul Burke

    Sharing….I have some republican friends and even one elected republican friend

  • Famu

    Much needed clarity, Obama is one of the founding Presidents In history!!

  • Mickey Fay

    Thank you for this enjoyable read this morning. Too bad the fools who need to read it won’t bother.

    • jjh

      Seems like you just did. 😉

  • ozlanthos

    I guess the internet is the place where you can just cherry-pick your facts and try to make them say whatever you want. The unemployment figures in this country have been gerrymandered to the point where they are completely meaningless. If 500K more people run out of unemployment between now and next month, that number of people is counted as possibly EMPLOYED because they aren’t being counted as receiving unemployment. Being unemployed for an over-extended period of time (ie after your unemployment finally runs out) so as long as you don’t count the vast number of people shifting from unemployment to disability, the numbers look wonderful! Never mind that people on disability is going through the roof.

    The employment figures don’t tell you how many of the new jobs being created were full time and how many were part time. If they did, they would reflect the fact that the number of hours people have actually been paid to work has been going steadily down. Also, they fudge the crap out of the inflation index too so even though you do have a part time job now, the money you do make there buys 12% less than it did 12 months ago, and 200% more people are on food stamps than were last year.

    But you know what I find most appalling about this article? It’s lack of mention of Obama’s foreign policy! Not only is Obama the worst president when it comes to the growth of our economy, and the health and wealth of NATURAL BORN AMERICANS, but his policies abroad have killed more innocent civilians than any president in the last 30 years! Nobody even talks about the fact that he’s conducting 2 ILLEGAL PROXY WARS against the people of Libya and Syria!


    • foxnewslieseveryday

      just full of baseless assertions, ain’t ya?

      • ozlanthos

        Google it. ANY OF IT! Then come back here and tell me how baseless my assertions are….


      • foxnewslieseveryday

        You made this rambling baseless assertion-

        “Obama’s foreign policy! Not only is Obama the worst president when it
        comes to the growth of our economy, and the health and wealth of NATURAL
        BORN AMERICANS, but his policies abroad have killed more innocent
        civilians than any president in the last 30 years! Nobody even talks
        about the fact that he’s conducting 2 ILLEGAL PROXY WARS against the
        people of Libya and Syria using AL QUADA MILITANTS!”

        It’s not up to me to prove your baseless assertions.
        Thats up to you.

      • ozlanthos

        If you fail to inform yourself, nothing I say will make any sense or difference to you. You don’t have a counter to any of it, so go bother someone else. You suggest my claims are “baseless”, well go out and prove it then…


      • foxnewslieseveryday

        I don’t have to counter your baseless assertions.

        They are countered on their own after you make them simply by their baselessness.

        Stop making baseless assertions and we will stop calling you to provide proof for them.

      • ozlanthos

        Actually, yes you do. You are the one making the charge that I am making “baseless” claims. As you can’t even be bothered to make note of which of my assertions you take issue with, I see no merit in continuing to converse with you…


      • foxnewslieseveryday

        “As you can’t even be bothered to make note of which of my assertions you take issue with,”

        All of them.

        They are all baseless garbage you heard on some right wing nutjob blog or from Alex Jones.

        You are just a parrot that repeats made up junk..
        You don’t provide sources or citations.

        There is no “Merit” in anything you posted.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        obamas policies have killed MORE people that any us president in 30 yrs
        I googled IRAQ war–
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U do drink a lot of alcohol; donnnnnn’cha?

      • ozlanthos

        Iraq 2 did kill a lot of people. Most of whom weren’t even shot. The humanitarian crisis caused by our second invasion killed as many as 1 million Iraqis due to starvation and dehydration alone. However, most of what Obama has engaged us in has been covert, and staffed primarily by mercenaries. And while their victims cannot be considered de facto “casualties” (because we aren’t technically at war with the countrieswe are having them invade for us) he has displaced and killed far more people than even GWB (don’t get me wrong, I was against invading Afghanistan and Iraq…and I hated bu$h’s guts).


      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        no– man behind the curtain– ………… let us focus upon AMERICAN soldiers killed AND AMERICAN soldiers maimed 4 life- and AMERICAN wasted dollars. Do U think I care about 3rd world vermin? really? I care about the socio-economic pressures put on OUR country which made a FEW American “patriots” tons of money while they sat bravely behind our ivory shorelines as the counted money and said ” awww,,,,,that’s too bad”
        hating bush guts is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, irrelevant. I hate his policies ; I hate even more the regressive rightwing trash who b*tch about OBAMA as they have NO NEW POLICIES!
        ,,,,,,,,,,except praise jeeeeeesus

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      u do drink a lot of alcohol; donnnn’cha?

  • sftommy

    The GOP Policy proposals almost without exception appeal to the basest elements of the human character.

  • Don L Harned

    I believe and that is Obama loves people such as yourself more than than you will ever know.

    • foxnewslieseveryday

      Mark 2:17

  • bob lemon

    Libtards SUCK!

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      and regressive white trash republicans swallow

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    Acceptance of a clear forgery is what puts the obama cult in the group I want nothing to do with. Everything else this guys says, I have no real problem with, looks about right. Why post the forgery if he really has one? A logical question that being blown off as a right wigger conspiracy theory is not good for your own credibility,,, you do understand that right?

  • ~$cott~

    But he works for big business, not for the people.

  • ReneeO

    Is that a typo on the part about the deficit? One line says 16 trillion, then you explain it as 6 trillion? Plus you say its an increase, while you are explaining it is less than 10 trillion…

  • Paul Lewis

    Thank you so much for this. I am so sick & tired of being sick & tired of all this GOP/Teabagging crap. Most of it is so blatantly bigoted that it makes me sick to my stomach. These people living in 1950 need to just go away. Maybe move to Russia since you love Putin and his wonderful hate machine over there.

  • kosmo vitek

    So many errors in this article I don’t know where to start. I’ll take the debt one for example. For the “mathematically challenged” as the author clearly is (agenda maybe?), our debt now minus our debt when Obama started is NOT all that Obama has spent, as we also pay off part of the debt, we don’t just let it sit there. Example, you have a $4000 balance (debt) on your credit card statement, pay $2000 towards it, and your next statement has a balance of $5000. Did you only spend 1000 as the Author did for math? nope.

    • foxnewslieseveryday

      How much of the debt is the unpaid for Wars and the interest every year.

      didn’t you cheerlead the Wars for years?
      why didn’t you ever pay for them yet?

  • discgolfdc

    While the Affordable Care Act might not be anywhere near an ideal legislation, under no circumstances, here or elsewhere, is it the “worst piece of legislation in history.”

    Google “slavery” for an example of one such legal situation in U.S. history which might edge Obamacare out by a smidgen.

  • Mark N Starla Traina


    … and no one with the GUTS or the NUTS to put them on the FLOOR of the HOUSE and SENATE!

    The Conservative Papers

    •The Point of No Return for Obama
    •Two Obama Voters Are Outraged Over Huge Insurance Hikes
    •Remembering the Liberation of Grenada, 30 Years Later

    The Point of No Return for Obama

    Obama is about to play defense, for the next three years.sadobama_1

    Obama is facing the abyss. It’s that moment when a president’s plans are overwhelmed by his problems, and he’s relegated to playing defense for the rest of his White House term. Obama’s agenda already lingers near death. His poll numbers have slipped to new lows. His speeches are full of alibis and accusations.

    Obama hasn’t reached the point of no return, but he’s very close. His biggest problem is the collapse of Obamacare on its launching pad as the entire country watched. And there’s worse trouble ahead. More likely than not, Obamacare will be the dominant issue in the final three-plus years of his presidency. From that, there’s no recovery.

    Years on defense—impotent years—have beset even the strongest of presidents. Jimmy Carter’s presidency was hardly a powerhouse. Still, it had one shining moment, when the Camp David peace accord between Israel and Egypt was signed in September 1978. What clout Carter had vanished after the “malaise” speech in July 1979. It made him a target of ridicule.

    Impeachment in 1998 forced President Clinton into retreat. His popularity remained high, but he abandoned an agenda that included entitlement reform. Even an unexpected Democratic victory in the midterm elections in his second term couldn’t revive his presidency.Popular Posts: •188 Articles of Impeachment against Obama
    •Obama Excludes Muslims from Forced Health-care Bill
    •Breaking News: Congress Files to Impeach Obama
    •Obama’s Muslim Childhood
    •US Ambassador To Libya Assassinated by Muslim Terrorist

    • foxnewslieseveryday

      Flagged as Spam

    • thowedthanka

      because those in office arent as stupid as the ones they try to control.

    • Paula Ledbetter Graves

      Nice cut and paste.

  • Mike Hendricks

    tell a lie enough times it begins to sound like truth to repugnicans.

  • MCStraka

    Please talk about the microchips and FEMA concentration camps. You’ve done a great job so far, and I for one have been completely unable to convince the idiots that believe in the chips and camps that they are so very full of it.

    • Vinny Verducci

      Don’t forget about the fema coffins either. You know the things that turned out to be grave liners.

  • Gary Menten

    Trying to scare Republicans with facts is damned hard. Whenever you anyone starts to rattle them off, the typical GOPer cups his hands over his ears and starts screaming “Woo! Woo!”

  • Lawrencect

    Nothing like being selective on which statements – HOW about

    President Obama has intoned “if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan” hundreds if not thousands of times. Sometimes he has even added that “no one will take it away, no matter what” or “nothing will change, period.”

    Don’t confuse people with facts – pick and choose –

  • Sandra Klemmer

    Excellent article. If my republican friends would read it, I’d send it to them.

  • Gut Buster

    Umm, last time I checked year-over-year percentage increases has nothing to do with how much was spent in actual dollars. If you spend $1.5T two years in a row, you spent $3.0T in total with a 0% change. If you spend $1.0T and the next year $1.1T you spent $2.1T with an increase of 10%. So, hmmm who spent less, the person in Example A??? Using half-truths to debunk half-truths is pathetic.

  • Jeff

    The stock market is up by Quantitative Easing, please – so many ways to debunk this leftist nonsense – and Obama didn’t lie about “you can keep your doctor, period!”. Still nothing on Bengazi, Fast and Furious….and please don’t keep blaming Bush – congress approved the war in Iraq although it was wrong, where was congressional approval for Syria, the Arab Spring?

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      still nothing on banghazi,,,,,,,because repubs conceded NOTHING happened
      would U like a baked potato with your serving of crow?

  • paintractor

    I love the 15% Unemployment number they quote. It refers to the U6 which includes all forms of underemployment and those who’v quit looking. It’s gone down 3.3% since Obama took office. The U3 (official unemployment) has gone down 2.7%. Meaning although it’s a higher number, the U6 could be used to make Obama look better as well. People don’t realize how easy it is to check the Bureau of Labor Statistics information for themselves. If Obama wanted to be manipulative, he would cite the U1, which is only people unemployed 15 weeks or more, It’s at about 5%.

    • ktrav

      This article is from March, 2013

  • Wow what a rubbish rant full of lies, misstatements, untruths, propaganda, and denial. Talk about cognitive dissonance, this tirade should be in any psych text book as an example of that phenomenon. Gee your Jr. Hitler Obama messiah would do his hero Hitler proud with this “Goebbels-like” effort to pathetically try to defend Obama’s hate for America and mission of misery. So this is how the ObamaZombies communicate; it’s not all grunts and groans like I thought given you are all sans critical thinking and independent thought. To cut to the chase and get through the above nonsense a question to all of you is this: Is Obama’s miserable, horrible, painful attacks and policies and results due to the fact that he is an incompetent idiot or is it purposeful? Please help with that one. Thanks.

    • ktrav

      Like most right wing nuts, your comment is completely empty, full of hate and nonsense, and reflects the pure idiocy of your position.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,, seems those policies have America in a much better place than the regressive white trash policies of the past 25 yrs; eh DENNIS? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, did U get ur FOX “news” Benghazi T shirt??

      • So what do we have here? Let’s diagnose why don’t we. To
        start I guess by the low-rent ‘regressive white trash’ remark we have either a
        self-loathing loser white guy or a racially poisoned black guy. Well six of
        one, half- a dozen of the other either way you’re a virulent racist, and not a very
        bright one at that.

        We also have one of the few remaining remnants of the
        brain-dead, lemming Obama ‘hopey/changey’ and ‘change (only losers and dimwits)
        can believe in’ crowd. Most of you have crawled back under your socialist,
        hate-America rocks due to the top to bottom nationally, fiscally, and internationally
        24/7 trainwreck and criminal Obama regime. Even most of the hate-America,
        zombies that supported the Commie, Kenyan are too ashamed to show their
        dependent faces. But not you huh? You’re hanging in there to the bitter end.
        You’re like the guy that holds on to the company stock that just declared
        bankruptcy. So to further my diagnosis you are not only obtuse and self-loathing,
        but you are also self-destructive. To wit you are still an Obama fan.

        My diagnosis is complete. But you do have some salvageable value.
        Without the useful idiots such as you I couldn’t feel so superior and right.
        Correct? Also you make for perfect party jokes and robust laughter. Hey look at
        the Obama fan! Hahaha. There’s the guy that still thinks Obama is good. Hahaha.

        You can take comfort in that. Now where did I leave my 2 favorite
        T-shirts; my “Obama the Most Transparent POTUS” and my Obama “It Was ALL A
        Video” shirts. Gotta go look for those. No don’t help me you go tee up Obama’s
        next golf ball. He needs his rest. It’s very tiring destroying a nation and the
        world you know.

      • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

        geee,,,,,,,,,,,,,, im diagnosed! well — I suppose the splendid federal policies from the prior administration are what we need2 return 2!!!
        do U recite all the FOX “news” / crybaby white trash regressive talking points from your incredible memory; or are they written so U can cut-&-paste?
        PS– Einstein: shall we discuss the socio-economic movement( see: progress) of USA over past 6 yrs in relation to the PRIOR 8 yrs?
        ……………….. LEMME KNOW- I love CBO and US treasury facts
        NOTE: im a self employed ( 2 LLC’s) white man living in SE fla who is middle aged; thus eviscerating you now evident white trash racist crybaby rant— PRAISE JEEEESUS! pass the tithe!

        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and when exactly will ur dead jewish fisherman MIRACLE a full cure of an amputee? never- as jesus is dead and religion is for low IQ cretins who dare not actually THINK

  • Backgammon

    The comments on this site are boring because who besides a Progressive would even know about this site? I have a fairly good argument for most of your Obama facts. Will get back to you later. Isn’t it a drudge to all agree?

  • ralph

    Obama’s own words proves he is a lying Communist

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hey ralph; do U prefer pampers or huggies?

  • John Pisiona

    Your second point on the national debt needs to be proof read before you publish. Who is mathematically challenged Allen?

  • Stokanator

    I’ll admit from the get go here I typically side on the conservative side on most issues however I go to vote I don’t just go down my ballot and circle every canidate with an R next to their name. For example during the 2008 Presidential Election I honestly believed at the time Obama appeared to be the better canidate, he came off financially conservative and more liberal on social issues which is how I’d define by stance so I was more then willing to give the guy a shot over the McCain who I have never been impressed with. So don’t respond to my comment thinking I don’t have a little stock in Obama but he ended up making a fool out of me because I actually bought into his campaign trail jargon!

    Going into this article I expected so decent arguments debunking some of the accusations pressing Obama and his administration, however writer……….you did an absolutely horrible job and I’m now more confident then ever on just how true most of these accusations are.

    Obama is the biggest spender in US history- Wow! I’m mean seriously, your gonna try telling me this is a lie?!?! How stupid do you believe you reader are? You can spin this however you want but at the end of the day obama has add more to our national deficit then all other presidents combined! Do you not remember the fit democrats threw when the republicans tried to cut spending by a penny on the dollar for the fiscal year! They told us the world was going to end! Wow I’m still in shock you might actually believe this garbage you wrote!

    Unemployement is at a record

  • Alfred Smith

    “unemployed not looking for work” would include retiring baby boomers. Yah I know the repubs would like us boomers to work until our death. Too bad.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      100% correct– but FOX “news” never seems to factor in the retiring ones ( that would make sense ” a truth”)

  • janinec

    propaganda piece made to shape public opinion and reinforce
    “progressive” arguments using manipulation of perception and impression
    management tactics. First of all, these are not necessarily Republican
    comments. This list is a compilation of various claims made by
    individuals–some credible, some not–and it is presented and responded
    to in a fashion to ensure that the statement is made false even if there
    is validity to it. If it weren’t so Orwellian, it would be funny how
    the so-called “progressives” (by the way, Progressivism has NOTHING to
    do with being liberal) are always projecting and deflecting. I know this
    comment probably won’t last a minute, but I had to state the obvious.

  • Fknjonas

    Left or right, they are both held by same masters. It’s WWF, but they get paid better

  • Frank LaDonna

    is a huge conspiracy to make conservatives look foolish.

  • Laura Hurt

    Amazing that a year after you wrote this, the same lies are still told. You only had to adapt some numbers and the rest still stands…..

  • Tony Campagna

    I’m registered as a republican, but I tend to lean more to the left on most topics these days. The republican party just seems to get crazier and crazier. It’s like they don’t realize or care that they’re pushing their own supporters away. I think Colon Powell said it best. “I didn’t leave the republican party. The republican party left me.”.

  • Henry Ruddle

    The worst thing is that the Republican Party has abdicated its role as a real opposition party. There are true arguments to use in opposing Obama’s policies, but they are complicated, nuanced and non-starters as fundraising messages. Instead of promoting an inviting alternative, the GOP has offered nothing but fear, rhetoric and fantasy because even though it hurts the nation in the long run, it helps them win elections in the short term.

  • antilib

    This site reminds me in no uncertain terms just why I detest Liberals. Progressive my ass.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hey look—- ANTILIB has formed!!! a NEW model of a used white trash regressive troll who has nothing to add but crybaby rants–
      hey auntie: how does ur Benghazi T shirt fit??? extra tight?

  • jomammabama

    Wow this group is really a special kind of stupid

  • Deetruth

    Actually, many of the examples labeled “false” are easily proven very much true. There is also nothing in here refuting it but the word “false”. Check your facts.

  • Al Timins

    Don’t look too good for this theory does it XD

  • Al Timins

    “Obama is a Muslim! FALSE. You’re an idiot and I’m not even going to explain why. Obama isn’t an American! FALSE. See above.”

    LOL Let’s see. A do nothing empty suit verses ISIS or maybe his people.


  • Al Timins

    This is TRUE:

    Obama has ruled like a dictator with his use of executive orders! FALSE.

    He’s actually on pace to issue fewer executive orders than both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

    He’s not done destroying the Country yet.

  • Al Timins

    This issue is way out of control and ISIS is threatening to cross over the boarder, But they’re already here!

    The Dreamers are coming, The dreamers are coming!

    2012 dream act flooded the US with illegals and they illegally got obama re-elected.

  • Al Timins

    “Fun history lesson: When Reagan took office, unemployment was at 7.5%. Within his first 18 months in office unemployment shot all the way up to 10.8%.

    Ya real fun!

    94 million out of work! What’s the work force population of the US?????

  • Al Timins

    I can’t go on can someone take over. This took way too much of my time already.

  • brainunwashing

    republicans bad, democrats good. democrats bad, republicans good. bah

  • davids64

    I blame FauxNews: Murdoch, Ailes, and company have made LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY hatemongering in this manner. Why should they care that they are driving Americans apart? They are getting rich from it!

  • William Avitt

    This article debunks nothing. It explains nothing, provides no evidence and while not stating falsehoods necessarily, is incredibly misleading. For example, with the executive orders, Obama may have issued fewer executive orders, but quantity is irrelevant. It is what is IN the executive orders that is important. Obama has tried to legislate through executive order, Bush and Reagan did not. Executive orders are a completely valid policy, but they are to set policy within the executive branch, not to legislate without consent of the legislature. President enforces laws, he does not get to make them. And that is just one example of how this article fails to debunk anything.

  • PeteBuck

    You can twist numbers,facts and hide the truth about Obama but everyone knows he’s the worst so-called president this country ever had.Name what he’s accomplished with sixteen trillion $?Eight in debt and more than eight more in revenues taken in?Hes used more money and assets than all past presidents put together!
    He belongs in prison with half of his administration for crimes against humanity.

  • When you have anyone at this date still supporting the pos lying murdering parasite commie, Kenyan, Muzzie from stealing to payoff his pos crony buddies using a trillion , A TRILLION, of my tax $ in 2009, causing America to lose its AAA bond rating (nobody ever thought that was possible only an incompetent idiot like Obsma could do that) to IRS tyranny, Benghazi murders, creating ISIS, bankrupting America, massive unemployment/welfare, anti-srmitism, fueling hate snd class/racial warfare debating then is futile. They red professional help on what SSRI they should be prescribed

  • MaximusX67

    What’s in a name? — — — When it comes to THIS article everything. You know everything you need to know about this article just in reading the title “Debunking Almost Every Republican Lie Against President Obama” ….. you know exactly what you’re getting (and what you won’t be) right there in the title itself. Fluff piece for the sake of fluff.

    Brought to you by the same people who gave us “Every Truth About G. Bush And His Evildoing – an A to Z Guide’

    It’s too easy …. all of it. Stop with the political hackery like this.

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  • froggy57

    The author of this article is so full of chit it is mind numbing. Obama is not a muslim.. lol. Only a complete moron would say something so obviously wrong. Or a paid moron.

  • King Coxes

    Hello..ppl.Iam praying to God.Jesus Crist. That I say what he would like me to.nothing eles matters. T he main Comments.will be open for thought..I will ask ..not only one will I BE. .FOR ANSWER. MR OBAMA.THE AMERICAN. PPL..AND COMMONJ’s .are demanding. You to turn your self in to the US Marshalls Office .right now..YES NOW.YOU ARE UNDER CITIZENS. ARREST.CRIMEs. of murderer. Terrorism. Frod.impersonating a government. Body.when you do not .never did have the rights.born not of this country. Voids anything you done back to day one.If you have anyself respect. Follow this a man. Not like a yellow bellyed will stand trial..Dave True looking out for America. .and Americans.I citizens. Arrest. Roc charged. Follow directions above.we the ppl.will come and drag you if need be.CommonJ’s. Dave True Blue.America Ill die for you.the same as the men in war of 1812.when this country. Meant something to its ppl.and it will again.Do over ..Do over our protector. The CONSTITUTION. START AS IT WAS ITS FIRST DAY NO CHANGES.. ALL HUMANS ARE BROTHERS..ALL SISTERS ARE FAMILY. YOU ALL ARE MY FAMILY. LETS WORK LIVE PLAY.BE HAPPY TOGEATHER. DAVE TRUE BLUE FOR YOU.THE PPL OF AMERICA. WHEN lam president. If. I want no pay. No pension. I would love to do it.just to do it .I care about USA.

    • white trash religious scum

      ^^^^^^NOTE: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      we; as americans………………………….. we want our president to be able to spell correctly; as this will remind us that our president has the brains to lead

      also- we avoid white trash fecal bags such as thee

  • Mrs. Lee

    When will Americans WAKE UP and realize that, democrats and Republicans BOTH ARE ON THE SAME.TEAM?!?

    • white trash religious scum

      wrong answer———————- the white trash GOP always demand their VOODOO/ superstition is tantamount to their bigoted laws ……………….. progressive liberals dont need a phantom ( JEEEE$U$) who never existed in any laws

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  • rm

    in your face ..are you that stupid dems? lets try it by percentages.. he only spent about 45%and gave you 8 trillion to pay back.. that better?.

  • rm

    Obamas Birth certificate could NOT pass a investigation and was proven the it was fake . Like it or not that is a fact. you only have to look at the evidence. not who did the investigation.. look at the evidence.

  • rm

    when you dont count people who would work if there were good enough jobs then why even count? the unemployment rate is a made up liberal progressive BS way of counting.. look for bill clinton and how he balanced the books . total lies. If we did tis and went back in time we would have 1 % unemployment in the 60s

  • rm

    go after thr rich? ha! go look at every democrat like bill clinton to shummer to polisi and see what they own.. look up who are the richest people government .. you will see its dems.. why? corruption.. deep corruption. look to polisi and her husband dealings or hilarys with russia on selling uranium through canada..

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