Debunking the Republican Myth of Economic Prosperity Through Tax Cuts

ryans vampire tax planBefore getting started, this isn’t going to be some elaborate analysis of tax rates, or economic patterns outlining why trickle-down economics is a scam. Because, honestly, there’s really no point. It’s an indisputable fact that the richest among us in this country (as well as Wall Street and big corporations) have never done better. They’ve all gotten richer while the vast majority of Americans have fallen further and further behind. Yet despite these facts, tens of millions of Americans continue to buy into this ridiculous notion that “tax cuts create jobs” simply because Republicans tell them they will.

Heck, early on in George W. Bush’s first term as president he promised the American people that within a decade his tax cuts would usher in unheralded economic prosperity and eliminate our national debt. Instead, despite the fact that we didn’t raise taxes during his eight years in office, we saw our national debt nearly double and our nation endured one of the worst economic recessions in history.

One would think that this would have been the “death blow” to the con of trickle-down economics. But, sadly, it wasn’t. In fact, Republicans have actually doubled-down on pretty much the same economic policies as their solution to “solve” our economic issues. You know, the exact same policies that caused these issues in the first place.

But as most people with any kind of common sense know, this whole “economic prosperity through tax cuts” propaganda is nothing but a con. And the saddest part is, it’s not even elaborate.

Tax cuts do nothing but fatten the pockets of the rich while placing the burden for maintaining this country on everybody else. Meanwhile, Republicans harp on and on about reducing our spending, yet they never go after cuts that would impact the rich or big business. Like closing tax loopholes corporations use to avoid paying taxes, ending oil subsidies or reductions to our insanely bloated defense budget. In fact, they often push for more defense spending – while rallying that we can’t continue to spend money we don’t have.

Instead they focus on cuts to things like the EPA, education, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and a whole host of other programs that benefit the vast majority of Americans.

This propaganda isn’t hard to expose. What baffles me is how few Americans seem to actually recognize it.

Just look at the Bush years. They flat-out promised us that his tax cuts would pay off our debt. Which, of course, was a lie. And now to tackle this massive debt he helped create, what’s the Republican solution? You guessed it: More tax breaks for the rich, spending cuts on programs for the rest of us.

Republicans will almost always push for tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor the rich, while focusing their spending cuts on programs that most Americans rely on every single day. It’s a cycle that will repeat time and time again as long as we continue to allow the GOP to get away with it.

Sure, they might cut taxes for every American, giving most a few hundred dollars extra per year. But that’s basically just a quick bribe to distract us from the damage they’re doing in less obvious areas of our country. Because make no mistake about it, we’ll end up paying for these tax cuts in some form or fashion.

So, while they’ll stand in front of cameras, bragging about the $400 per year the average American will be getting if we pass some tax cuts they’re pushing for – they’re also not mentioning that a few years from now that major bridge in your town that desperately needs to be repaired won’t get those repairs. And the reason it won’t get those repairs is because the spending cuts they pushed through to offset those tax cuts from a few years ago killed the funding to make that bridge safer to drive on.

And it’s not just infrastructure. This happens in many facets of our lives. Republicans just know that as long as they distract Americans with a few hundred dollars here and there in promised tax breaks, they won’t notice the less than obvious areas where they’ll screw them over later on. And they do all of this just so that they can continue to give their rich buddies tax breaks, protect tax loopholes big corporations exploit to avoid paying taxes, keep subsidies for big oil and continue to fund bloated defense contracts.

Is anything I’m saying here “breaking news”? Of course not. But I think it’s good to toss out a reminder every now and then as to just how absurd Republican policies are.

And I keep holding out hope that one day some of these Americans will finally wake up and stop being conned by the Republican party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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