Here’s One Post-Election Stat You Definitely Won’t See Donald Trump Bragging About

This notion being pushed by Donald Trump, the GOP and his supporters that he’s riding into the White House on the back of some unprecedented mandate given to him by the American people is a complete myth.

The truth is, Republicans lost at least two seats in the Senate (possibly three based on how a runoff goes today in Louisiana) and at least six seats in the House (again, more runoff elections in Louisiana). While it’s true that the GOP will keep majority control in both houses of Congress, it’s important to remind everyone that they actually lost seats in both.

Then there’s the reality that, while Trump won the electoral college victory, he’s nearly down 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton, and will likely lose the overall popular vote by around 3-4 million votes once everything is officially finalized.

While that doesn’t technically matter in the grand scheme of things considering we elect our president based on the results of the electoral college, it still does matter that our next president will have been elected despite losing by 3-4 million votes.

When you get right down to it, the difference between a “President Donald Trump” and a “President Hillary Clinton” came down to around 100k votes in three states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin).

To summarize all of that a bit:

  • Republicans lost seats in both the House and Senate.
  • Their presidential candidate is going to lose the overall popular vote by around 3-4 million votes, or around 2 percent of all the votes cast.
  • The election was ultimately only decided by around 100k votes spread throughout three states — or 0.08% of the total vote.

So, this idea that Trump’s victory was some sort of overwhelming statement by the American people is totally absurd.

Furthermore, embarrassing information was recently released by the Pew Research Center showing Trump has one of the lowest approval ratings for any president-elect in modern U.S. history:

Not only is he nine percent below where George W. Bush was when he first entered office, a man who ultimately became one of the least popular presidents in U.S. history, he’s 21 points below his closest competition, Bill Clinton in 1992.

This matters because a president is usually never as popular as they are when they first enter office. Historically, Trump’s numbers are likely only going to get worse from here on out. While there might be a few peaks and valleys, if history repeats itself like it has with nearly every president in modern history, it’s very possible that Donald Trump will go down as one of the most despised presidents this country has ever had.

So, not only will Donald Trump be elected as one of the biggest losers in American political history based on the results of the popular vote, but looking at historical trends, it’s very possible that he might also go down as one of the least popular presidents this country will have ever had.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Brian

    Minimum 3 million illegal votes. More than half of Clinton’s votes in Wayne County MI are ineligible for recount. Stein’s recounts revealed massive fraid favouring Clinton. You’re still pushing that she won the popular vote? Pathetic.
    Trump won. California and NYC don’t represent America. Suck it up buttercup.

    • Secular Son

      3 million “illegal votes”? You have evidence of this right, or are you another automaton that will regurgitate any claim you hear from your side of the aisle?

      • L. Williams

        Of course he has no evidence. Republicans don’t need evidence. They just say words and magically they become true in their own tiny little minds.

    • Gary Houts

      How much are the Russians paying you, Brian? Your propaganda is coming back to bite you, big time.

      • strayaway

        After so many neocons jumped ship and supported Hillary, it was perhaps inevitable that McCarthyism would sprout new wings in the Democratic Party.

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    • Stella Thomas

      Blah blah blah. You like to say it but you are a parrot and you know the truth whether you admit it or not. I bet your mother is proud.

    • freesha

      Spewing up Trump regurgitation befits a liar

    • Stella Thomas

      You wanna be a big ol’ bullshit artist? Great values. I hope you don’t have any children.

    • Pontsing Barset

      Why do you lie? You know we can look up *the truth* pretty easily…

  • Carolyn Webb

    Republicans always STEAL mandates even when they don’t have them. Remember how arrogant George W. Bush was in 2000 even before the re-count of the Florida votes were counted?

    And remember how, even when John McCain and Sarah Palin LOST the 2008 elections by both popular vote and electoral college votes, They still (especially Sarah Palin) acted like they OWNED this whole country by arrogantly unleashing their Tea Party RACIST army to run wild all over The country Maliciously smashing up and Maliciously DESTROYING every single town hall meeting that President Obama set up all over the land to explain his healthcare reform agenda to the public?

    In a short time OWNING only the USA will NOT satisfy the appetite of the republican FASCISTS, they will extend their empire just like Hitler and Mussolini did by invading other countries.

    If the FASCIST republicans drive us into a Third World War by trying to STEAL their mandate even further by invading all the other major countries in this world if we are lucky, they will end up the way BENITO MUSSOLINI, the original fascist did by being executed and publicly hung upside down!

    If we are not so lucky then World War 3 will cause all life on earth to be wiped out by radiation sickness and there will be NO WINNERS!


    Any time the Republicans have a majority in Congress, they tend to view it as a mandate to destroy the social safety net, and rewrite the Constitution. Already they are proposing deep cuts to Social Security, and as always, the clueless Paul Ryan wants to pull the ladder up behind him in order to keep the faith with Ayn Rand’s crackpot philosophy.

    • Carolyn Webb

      They have already STOLEN this whole country by HIJACKING it but by bit starting with REAGAN the first (but friendly looking) FASCIST up to now with each passing BELLIGERENT, WHITE SUPREMACIST RACIST and FASCIST president of theirs (Bush 41, Bush 43 and now TRUMP becoming increasingly more belligerently FASCIST and they will NOT stop until they DO turn America into the same nightmare that Germany was in 1933-1945.

      Their STOLEN mandate will NOT stop until either (if we are very lucky) they cause a Third World War but end up being defeated and disposed of the way Mussolini was (killed and hung upside down) or else the whole world gets wiped out with radiation sickness and NOBODY WINS!

      • thud

        Banksters and oil barrons don’t want the nukes to fly any more than we do. Now some Dominionist nut case might think that he’s doing Bogs will. Maybe Lord Trump is at least smart enough not to let them burn his empire.

      • Carolyn Webb

        I doubt it. In the end either we will all be wiped out by radiation sickness and there will be NO WINNERS but if we are very lucky then LORD DUMP and all the other re-THUG-Lican King pins will end up like Mussolini and his fellow high ranking FASCISTS ended up hanging upside down in a public place and the PEOPLE re-claiming LORD DUMP’s empire but I don’t think we will be lucky. I think World War 3 will wipe us all out. But at least the playing field will finally be level then because the Re-THUG-Licans and LORD DUMP and McConnell and Ryan Will ALL GO DOWN TOO

      • nazia

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  • puzzled1

    “Forward” Progressives Mr. Clifton?

    Question for Mr. Clifton: What are the significance of the numbers 1, 13, 29, 949, 11, and 63?

    They represent the success rate of progressive politicians in convincing the American electorate over the past eight years:

    1 – Presidency – Lost;
    13 – governorships – Lost;
    29 – state legislatures – Lost;
    949 – seats in state legislatures – Lost;
    11 – US Senate seats – Lost;
    63 – US Congressional seats – Lost.

    Interestingly, this is the LOWEST level of influence the demokrat (spelling intentional) party has enjoyed in over 100 years.

    The electorate has been speaking. Why won’t you listen? Instead, you seem to prefer using a louder bull horn.

    Maybe if you keep doing the same thing over, and over and over, things will change.