Delusional Ken Ham Still Can’t Come to Grips with the Fact Bill Nye Embarrassed Him During Their Debate

god-talking-to-ken-hamThe problem with debating someone who’s delusional (especially someone who doubts widely accepted science) is that they’re often so far gone that even when soundly defeated they don’t have the mental capacity to understand that they lost.

That pretty much sums up Ken Ham.

I assume most people reading this watched (or at least heard about) the evolution versus creationism debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.  If you haven’t, I would highly encourage you to at least check out the highlights here.

Well, it seems Ken Ham has recently continued to claim that he “won” the debate between the two.  An outrageous claim to say the least considering his entire stable of “proof” essentially boiled down to him saying, “Well, there’s this book that says…”  Though Ham insists that the main reason he “won” is because Nye agreed to debate him in the first place – something most scientists refused to do.

See, Ham seems to believe that because most scientists refuse to debate him, somehow that meane they’re “afraid” of him making them look foolish.  But the reality is most scientists don’t want to waste their time debating people like Ham because his beliefs are so laughable that they don’t even take him seriously.  In fact, Neil deGrasse Tyson has flat-out said he won’t participate in debates like Bill Nye did with Ken Ham because it’s a waste of time.

Ham went on to say, “As Bill Nye rejects God, and believes life developed by natural processes, how he can decide what is ‘bad’ or ‘good?’  By what authority can he decide this? Bill is borrowing from the Christian worldview to use such a word as ‘bad.’”

“Bill Nye wants his anti-God religion of naturalism imposed on generations of students — now that’s what’s bad for humankind!” Ham said. “Sadly, Bill Nye wants generations of kids to be told they are just animals that arose by natural processes —thus ultimately, life is without meaning or purpose.”

No, what Bill Nye wants is for generations of kids to be properly educated by proven science rather than mentally unstable delusion.

I think it’s clear Ken Ham, and those like him, are suffering from some kind of mental instability.  Not only do these people seem mentally unable to grasp science, but they’ve successfully convinced themselves (without any proof whatsoever) that their beliefs are more valid than the tested and proven methods of some of the most intelligent people on the planet.

Because when you’re someone who can sit there and dismiss the endless amounts of proven scientific data disproving beliefs like the Earth being 6,000 years old, or dinosaurs and man existing on the planet at the same time, the only conclusion that I can come to for those people is that they’re mentally deranged.

And that’s exactly what I think Ken Ham is.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Chowza

    I’m an atheist and a believer in evolution, I listened to the debate and I would call it a draw. Nye was not on his best game and Ham did just fine given his limited answer choices. Giving Ham the stage for the debate ultimately does make him the winner. The debate opened my mind as to how extreme the creationists beliefs really are. So when I hear that creationism is being taught in over 1000 public schools it makes me cringe. Just like my atheism must make “them” cringe.

    • Charles Vincent

      I don’t think it’s your atheism that bugs people for the most part. I think its the pissing matches that happen when one group says the other can’t do something because it offends them. To those extremes on either side I say grow up. an example of this would be PDA that’s over the top, I don’t want to see people dry humping/groping each other its just unseemly, please keep it in your home.

      • IT’s not just atheists who love science. That’s what’s so insane. Not even close.

      • Charles Vincent

        I don’t recall saying anything about science…

      • So?

  • Pipercat

    Ham is a flim-flam man. This is all rouse to make money. The little theme park he created was having some attendance issues. The debate helped alleviate that to some degree.

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      I think you can find alot of better choices to protest than a theme park. take a charity where its CEOs are paid in the millions, take the abortion clinics that make tons of money off killing babys and selling the parts.

      • Pipercat

        Take my litter box, Please!

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        (lol) but i have no idea what you are trying to say

      • Pipercat

        Same here!

  • Derp

    The debate wasn’t even close. I watched the debate. Nye brought in evidence and everything to back up his claims. Them 2 weren’t even on the same baseball field w/ data and information. Ken always said cuz the bible… then w/e. Bill Nye took his evidence explained it thoroughly w/ slides and everything else and put together a very well composed seminar that was very informative, and able for people to learn.

    • Jim Lex

      Ham showed several videos of renewed scientists who had great inventions like the MRI for example. Yet Nye claimed later that if creationism became the norm, there would be no new inventions. This is blatantly counterintuitive and really, ridiculous for Nye to make such a claim when the inventor, himself, is saying he is a young earth creationist. Since NYE was unable to recognize and support obvious truth in front of him, what ELSE IS HE MISSING????

  • Wampus 1

    To the author. First, I am a Christian, second I do believe in science and how the two go pretty much hand in hand. If anything the Bible gives credence to science and science confirms a great deal of what the Holy Bible teaches. Christians do NOT believe the earth is only 6000 years old and we do NOT believe the earth was created in six twenty-four hour days as we know them now. When the Bible says that God created the earth it in six days and he rested on the seventh day we do not take that literally like you claim we do. For all we know a “day” to God could be billions of years. It’s called believing by faith. And faith, my friend is something science can not disprove.

    • Guest

      If we all came from one man and one woman we’d all be the same race. We’d also be severely deformed from inbreeding. We know this for sure. It’s not rocket science.

      • Jim Lex

        Isn’t it true that most credible atheistic scientists have concluded that all people came from one man and woman?

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        Humans are all one race there is no proven difference between me and someone else
        the idea that there is more than one human race is what justified slavery
        If the gene pool degrades over time wouldnt that mean back at adam and eve they would have had the perfect genes and today there would be defects like down syndrom?

    • Dingus

      So if you begin to cherry-pick the bible and say that you believe some passages to be allegorical (I.e. The world being created in 6 days) but believe in the literal word of others (I.e. Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead 3 days later) then what separates the allegory from the fact? By what means do you decide what is to be taken literally and what is to be taken as a metaphor? Where is your evidence for certain things to be true and some things to be false? You’re committing a glaring logical fallacy.

      • Charles Vincent

        In the case of a day to god, I would point to Romans I think which uses a metaphor to highlight the time difference by saying a day unto god is as a thousand years. Christ used parables which are also metaphors. Really one must apply critical thinking.

      • jeansandjacketrequired

        Applying critical thinking to the bible is the best and quickest route to becoming an atheist.

      • Charles Vincent

        That’s your opinion. I prefer to let people make that decision for themselves, but it’s hard to make that decision when people are deliberately obfuscating things.

    • Pipercat

      Many times, to his detriment, the author has made it quite clear he is just like you, a Christian. This is a specific condemnation of Ham and his ilk who are nothing more than grifters.

    • Melanie Collins Pennock

      I know many Christians who believe that the earth is 6,000 years old. Two of them were my mother and father. My father also believed that man and Dinosaurs lived together because a fossil of a dinosaur print was found near a fossilized human foot print. He did not believe that the carbon dating used to show that the human print was not as old was accurate. It was, in fact. a trick of the devil. My sister and her husband go along with these outlandish claims. The Four Square church they attend concurred! As they say, “you cannot fix stupid”!

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        To say that evidence is a trick of the bible or that we should believe blindlly is not a good argument

        but old earth dateing methods are highly unrealiable. In fact did you know that 90 percent of all the dating methods acualy agree with a young earth?

    • Bob

      I am a Christian, I believe in a 6000 year old earth, I believe in a literal 6 day creation, so by saying Christians don’t believe in that, you have lied, maybe you don’t believe so yourself, but don’t lump all Christians in with your beliefs. I believe in science as well, I believe 100% that true science will always agree with the Bible, not that the Bible must agree with science.

    • Pamela Turner Murungi

      Please do not claim to speak for ALL Christians when you say “Christians do NOT believe in a (literal) 6 day creation week” or “Christians do NOT believe the earth is only 6,000 years old”. Genesis specifically states, “and the evening and the morning were the  (insert number) day”. That’s a 24 hour cycle.

      I am a Christian who DOES believe in a 6 day creation week, because that’s what my Bible says happened. I also believe in a young earth. There are many Christians who share my beliefs.

      You are speaking of something called evolutionary creationism (ie, God got everything started and then let things go on their own from there). Yes, a number of Christians abide by this line of thinking, but not all of us.

  • Melanie Collins Pennock

    As a believer in Science who is also a Christian, I do not believe that Science and Christianity contradict each other. Many Christians do not agree with Ken Ham. I don not know what he personally believes, but I believe this was a way for him to make money. Shameful!

    • Jim Lex

      NYE gained a ton of notoriety that will be converted to money. Is NYE shameful also?

      • Melanie Collins Pennock

        Actually, we don’t know if either one of them made money. I wonder if anyone has the answer to that question. I do know that Ham has been making the rounds of Fundamental Churches speaking about the debate. When guest speaker comes to one of those churches, a “love gift” offering is taken and given to the speaker. That doesn’t happen within the Scientific Community.

    • Genci

      Who do you think you are, Jesus Christ? Who gave the rights to judge motives and hearts of people? Read 2 Cor. 5. What you are saying it is very shameful to judge and know what it he after. You must be God to know that. Your Science says that you are animal. Is that what you believe?

      • Melanie Collins Pennock

        I stated in my comment that I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I do not believe I am the Son of God! I am also educated. Take the moat out of your own eye.

      • Bob

        So can you know the thoughts and intentions of one’s heart? Do you have the ability to get in peoples minds and read what they are doing and why they are doing. I believe you are making these statements to gain attention for yourself! See how ridiculous your logic is?

  • Walt Ski

    The bottom line is if we all came from one man and one woman we’d all be the same race, and inbred. We know this for sure.
    It’s not rocket science.

    • bamcintyre

      Actually Walt, you are not right on. First of all, we all ARE part of the same race. It’s called Homo Sapiens. And yes, if you follow the DNA trail back, there does seem to be a proto-woman and a proto-man involved (not just one of each, but one that was the primary source.)
      This proto-woman and proto-man were separated by some 40,000 to 50,000 years.
      But the fact remains, we ALL came from Africa. We are ALL part “black.” And yes, many of us are a little bit Neanderthal as well.

      So your bottom line is true, we are all the same race.

  • Commander SUPREME™

    Belief in God is not about humility, it’s about arrogance. Believes (at least the ones educated enough to know better) think that they are SO special and unique that they MUST have been created by a god. I got news for them. There is nothing special about them. They are just a collection of stardust, just like everything else on this planet. Get over yourselves.

    • Genci

      That is what exactly Hitler and Stalin and all dictators believed. But you are acting like god. We should listen to you now because you know what is true. We should worship because you are the truth. How do you know? Base on what? You measure things by yourself and for yourself. Are you the standard? Because God does act the way you want, he does not do what you want, he does not reveal things your way and manner, because you do not see him, you think He does not exist. You don’t see but you have made yourself a god. You are saying that every person is a god and they can do what they want. You think to much of yourself. But what you can’t see is the reason you do not believe in God is not because of lack of evidence but because you hate him. It is your guilt of sin that makes to hate sin. You are just like people who turn to religion. They turn to religion because of their guilt. Your guilt pushes away from Him. God makes you unconformable and so you run away from him and you hate Him. You think you are smart but the Bible says that you are great fool who is under the darkness of sin because you have rejected God. You love anything but God.

      • Commander SUPREME™

        I do not hate God. I think it is impossible to hate something that does not exist. And the whole “For the Bible tells me so” argument is a dodge. That was the whole point of this article. That this Hamm guy has nothing intelligent to offer. He continues the refrain, “The Bible says so.” The Bible is hardly proof of God or His will. It a book written by man. If God wanted us to know something all He had to do was carve the words on the face of the moon for all humans to see. You are exactly the kind of person that I was talking about. It would destroy your entire psyche to discover the truth that you are not special. You say I hold myself up as a god. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t believe I am any more important than a rock or cloud or a super nova. It is you that believes that you are more than the sum of your parts because of God. The height of arrogance.

      • Genci

        You do hate God and I can see all through what you said. Also you know that there is a God in your heart. When did you start to believe that there was no God? What did it lead you to that belief. All are born with a knowledge that there is God. You have just decided to resist and have said in your heart you will not believe on him; You do not have sufficient knowledge that there is no God. In fact you have enough knowledge there is a God. You see you have in yourself the idea of how God should be and that is why you say that God could carve the words on the face of the moon for all humans to see. God is not the way you want him to be so there is no God. If you believed you are a rock or nothing you would act like one but you are so arrogant creature that you tell people you are just a piece of dust, you are nothing and I am going to treat you as nothing. That is persistently what has been belief of those who have treated humans as nothing and have killed them. The belief there is no God is the most unintelligent belief. It is saying the spoon came to existence by itself, no one made it. The Bible that you hate and you think that was was written by man because that is what you think. The Bible is the ancient book it continues to be read by millions of people as God’s book. The most intelligent people have read it and have said that this is the most profound book they have read. That book says that you are not a rock but that that you are a fallen and rebellious creatures that hates God, in darkness of sin and under the power of evilness. The Bible says that you are a very wicked person, under power and delusion of sin. You are dead into sin. You are under power of the evil one. And by the way you do worship someone too. You worship yourself. You do not want anyone to tell what to believe and do, you just want to do what ever you want. The reason you do not want God is because you do want anyone to rule your life. You want to live however you want. You believe it or not, but you are under God’s wrath and unless you repent and believe on His Son, you will see face His eternal wrath forever You see you do not want God and you hate him because you are a rebellious creature of God and you wish He does not exist. You do not want for Him to tell you what you should do and do not want to be responsible before Him. You are not led by your mind but by what you want and feel. Your belief has not intelligence but only feelings of hate against God. You just can’t see and but because you do not see that not mean it is not true. The greatest power that controls humans it is not their mind but either their love or hating. Look everyday people do what they do because they either love it or hate it. They are controlled by their feelings. You are controlled by your feelings. Do not tell me that nonsense that so called false science and scientist are led by their intelligence. They have decided with the belief there is no God and have continued with that state because of something has happened in their lives. Science that believes in a theory that never has proven it. Read the first atheist book written by Darwin. In the first page he says that his main purpose was to disprove the Bible and disprove God. He hated God. He wanted everything else but not God of the Bible. That is where you are my friend you want to be anything but not God’s creature because you hate him. You fight so much against Him. I have done that myself. You are also not the first and not the last to do that. All people in their fallen state of sin, just like they lie, they have in their nature their hate for God and until God converts them and changes them that is what they are.

      • George

        Hitler used religion to his advantage and the nazi legions were blessed by priests before they tore through Europe and killed millions of Russian children and women in the name of god. How many people need to killed in the name of Christ before he says “enough is enough” ??? Billions apparently

      • Genci

        You deceived and deluded by very your beliefs. Hitler you sad that used religion so it is the fault of religion. If someone uses a car to kill someone else does that mean it is the fault of religion? Nonsense! But Hitler did not believe in Christ or had nothing to do with Jesus because Jesus said: Love your enemies, bless those who persecute your, pray for them. Overcome evil with good. Plus go and study history and see that is not what Hitler believed. Hitler used anything to his purpose, just like you are doing. You hate Christianity because of some personal reason, that has wounded you and that is why you are so against. People might do evil things in the name of something but it is not fault of that thing, but the evilness of human beings. The Bible speaks clearly and truthfully that all people are evil, that know the truth but suppress it unjustly. The Bible says all are evil and including you. You are not just something. We are evil that hate God, hate each other, we even hate ourselves. Unless you repent of your sin and trust in God’s Savior, Jesus Christ, you will face one day this God that you hate and have decided in your you will believe on. You know He exists but because you hate him so much you will not have him as your God, but you want to have yourself as god of yourself. You have said in your anything but God.

      • Rebecca Lawrence

        Hitler while he claimed to be a christion was not a born again believer. I can be pretty sure because even though only God can tell when someones heart is changed you can tell if someone follows God by what they do. If they murder people they are not following what God wants.

  • Helivet

    As a Christian, I believe Ham commits sacrilege by denying the God given gift of original thought. Humankind was given an order to have dominion over the earth and was provided the mental capacity with which to accomplish that order. Arguing against that is the work of Satan and proves the existence of evil. The world is over 6,000 years old by a factor of 633 million±. Now, delusional satanism and organized religion has been around for 6,000 years or so, both of which continue to be challenges for Christianity today. Ham and his minions are the unwitting contributors to that challenge. I agree with Tyson that debating with anti-science folks is a waste of time. The same goes for debating with atheists about religion. Atheists want faith to be proven when if it can be proven, it’s not faith.

    • jebai

      I love your last statement about atheists…faith is belief in the unseen and they are people who want to touch it, taste it and roll around in it….I look forward to the day when my atheist friends understand faith….their lives will be so changed

      • bamcintyre

        You really miss the concept of atheism. I don’t NEED faith. You do. I am quite happy having arrived at sanity. You misunderstand that when an atheist says you need to prove the existance of god(s) then they might accept them. At which point it won’t be faith, it will be science.

        So atheists DO understand “faith.” Perhaps it’s you that don’t understand it?

      • Jim Lex

        You already have great faith if you are an atheist because you believe that which has never been scientifically proven and cannot be scientifically proven in a lab. Might I recommend “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist” by Frank Turek.

    • Rebecca Lawrence

      thats a little strong dont you think? If you are a christian shouldnt you try to demonstrate love all the time? (that doesnt meant you cant tell people they are wrong) and with this tone of commenting i dont think you are going to convince anyone to your side if they hate you for being rude.

  • jebai

    I would really like to know when it became a common “Christian belief” that the creation story was an accurate telling of the beginning of our world. I was raised to respect scientific research as well as follow the Bible. Modern science hasn’t existed except for the last few hundred years, the writers of the Bible had no knowledge of the facts modern science has provided us regarding the true nature of creation. The fact that Christians espouse such blatant misunderstandings as fact based on an ancient tome written by men without scientific understanding is truly misguided. I am a follower of Christ’s teachings, I believe that my faith in his sacrifice makes me a better person on the inside and, hopefully, that reflects on the outside. I cringe inside every time I hear an uneducated, narrow minded, non-scientific, “Christian” try to force a round bible scripture peg into a scientific square hole….it just doesn’t fit. True faith to me means believing in creation while understanding the science behind it all.

    • Jim Lex

      I cringe every time a self-identifying christian engages in petty name calling. Childish. There are many highly educated scientists who believe in a young earth, the inventor of the MRI is one of them.

      • bamcintyre

        And there are doctors in the US congress who don’t understand the concepts of evolution and science. Just proves you can educate an idiot, but you can’t fix ’em.

  • Genci

    I hear all the comments even by Christians and I am very surprised by their comments. What science you are talking about the false one or the true one. A science that believes in a theory that you have to take by faith that it is not based on any scientific facts but purely speculative ideas. Can science prove evolution? It only tells merely a theory that you can’t prove. Even amount of evidence supposedly they have it so small that it amounts to nothing. Just because they present as fact does not mean it is a fact. There is not one proof that they can produce of any specie turning into another one. Not even one they tell us about evolution. Why should I believe that kind of science that is purely a religion. A religion that says man is god and we have to believe whatever he says. The science of today is not discovering anymore anything major but is only discovering small things and is only applying the science of great scientists who believed in God, like Isaac Newton, Pascal etc.

    It is very surprising of Christians who love themselves so much and are afraid to take a stand for the word of God, telling us that they do not take the Bible literally but however they want, whatever the so called science says. Who gives you the right to take the Bible however you want. There is no hint anywhere in Genesis or anywhere in the Bible that you can’t take literal creation. Why those Christians do not believe 24 hours days? Because of unbelief in a God who can do that. Because they do not want to go against popular beliefs and want to be accepted. They believe somehow they will be accepted by people. They will not be called stupid. They will not be ridiculed. So what do they do? They decide to come up with a theory that explains away literal creation. They instead believe in a theory that has not been proven or ever will be proven. There are some many scientists that do not buy for one second the theory of evolution but they are afraid to take a stand because you loose so much if you disagree with a major belief.

    You believe in a science that tells you have a universe with perfect laws but they come from nothing. A matter that came from nothing. It like seeing a great building and me saying this came from explosion or came from nothing. Come on is that science that can’t prove anything.

    Also historical science can’t give us any evidence of more than 6000 years of history in this planet.

    It comes down to one thing. People claim to be led by their minds or intellect but that is not the case. People are led by what they want and feeling. You can see that in all the things people write and believe. They do not want to be a God, they in fact hate him, they do not want one to tell them what should they believe, what should they do. They are full of guilt and they do not want to hear anything that would tell them they are going to give an account to a creator. People are led by their feelings. You can see they hate a notion of a God and hate those who promote that idea. These people look at the facts not with cool head but with a hot head. Unbelief and hating is part of fallen human beings just like they lie and given to lies. They would believe any lie that would ease their conscience of responsibility and guilt. Just like so many people are driven to religions and good works because of guilt, in the same way they are driven to unbelief. Man love lies including Christians!

    It is not really a matter of science or facts but a matter of what they want to believe. They interpret facts the way they want. Man is not neutral when it comes to facts. Man hate God so they will disbelief any fact that points to God and they will not be objective about any facts. They do not want to be a God. That is the real problem.

    Why scientists would not debate with those who believe otherwise? Because they are arrogant and proud. Their pride does not let them. “Claiming to be wise, they became fools” Romans 1:21.

    It will not be long when they will have to swallow their pride. Science will come to terms one day. God will humble them.

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      I’m guessing that whole thing was satire.

      • Melanie Collins Pennock

        I hope so!

      • bamcintyre

        Unfortunately, I would guess not. Not something that reality will ever touch here.

  • Watching the rerun and wowowowow I can’t imagine anyone but a complete imbecile would think Ken Ham is anything but a delusional moron. I’m actually shocked. Poor Bill Nye, why did he agree to such a goofy venue? Well it was nice to listen to Bill nye anyway. My kinda nerd.