Delusional Mitt Romney Seriously Thinks He Has A Chance In 2016

proceed-mittPresident Mitt Romney? Gee, didn’t he get the memo last time that the majority of voters didn’t want him to be in the Oval Office, or is this just the new fad for billionaires?

The Republican 2016 clown car is already idling in the driveway and the potential riders are starting to line up for their chance to be defeated, as well as snag a potential Fox News contributor spot. In fact, people like Dr. Ben Carson who compared Obamacare to slavery, Herman “9-9-9” Cain or She Who Shall Not Be Named aren’t legitimate candidates and only seem to run for the attention grab so that they can remain relevant and sell books.

Now it seems that Romney is seriously considering another run for president, despite the fact that due to the unspoken rule that the previous primary runner-up gets the nomination, Rick Santorum should be the 2016 Republican nominee. Yes, I felt dirty just writing that. According to the Washington Post, it looks like all systems are go for a third attempt by Mitt Romney to waste millions of donor dollars in another campaign for the White House.

Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, has been mulling another campaign for several months, but his comments Friday marked a clear step forward in his thinking and come amid mounting tensions between the Romney and Bush camps.

“I want to be president,” Romney told about 30 donors in New York. He said that his wife, Ann — who last fall said she was emphatically against a run — had changed her mind and was now “very encouraging,” although their five sons remain split, according to multiple attendees.

Advisers said Romney discussed the race with his family over the holidays, when they spent time skiing in Park City, Utah, but he insisted that he has not made up his mind whether to run. Advisers said he recognizes that he would not be able to waltz into the nomination and that the intra-party competition is shaping up to be stiffer in next year’s primaries than it was in 2012. (Source)

Out of all of the potential 2016 GOP candidates, the only one I can see emerging from the pack without looking like an out-of-touch rich person or an absolute, nuttier-than-a-squirrel-turd lunatic like Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum is Jeb Bush.

Do I want another Bush in office? Of course not. I’m not thrilled at the thought of Hillary Clinton running either, other than for the collective right-wing meltdown if she were to be elected, but the thought of another Bush in office absolutely terrifying.

Anyhow, back to Mitt Romney. The first time he ran, he was rejected by his own party which decided to go with John McCain, who was the runner-up to George W. Bush in 2000 after being viciously smeared by Karl Rove. In 2012, Mitt Romney got rejected by the American people who may not have been completely thrilled with President Obama, but they sure as hell didn’t want a greedy, out-of-touch multi-billionaire either.

I look forward to seeing Mitt Romney driving the GOP clown car in 2016, I really do. As a political writer and humorist, there really isn’t anything better for business than a Republican presidential campaign. The gaffes, the verbal slips like Rick Santorum almost calling President Obama the “N” word, or Republican debate attendees cheering for someone without healthcare to die? Those are a sheer goldmine for journalists, bloggers and comedians.

None of the potential GOP candidates except for perhaps Rand Paul have much appeal to independent voters, and they will begin to start proving that as soon as their campaigns start. Remember Mitt’s infamous “47 percent” comment, which sank his already-doomed campaign? Gee, I can’t wait to hear what he manages to say this time.

Hey Mitt, come on in. The political water is great, and by great, I mean it’s plum crazy.


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