Delusional Ted Nugent: “Those That Hate Me Hate America – Plain and Simple”

delusional-ted-nugentTens of millions of people dislike Ted Nugent.  I hesitate to use the word “hate” because I know a lot of people will say, “Well, I don’t hate anyone,” but I think it’s safe to say that tens of millions of people strongly dislike him.

As for me, I absolutely hate him.  I loathe his existence.  My disdain for Nugent has grown to the point that what he says doesn’t even offend me anymore, I just laugh at it because it’s just nonsense being spouted off by a man who’s clearly delusional.

But according to Ted Nugent, my hatred for him means that I “hate America – plain and simple.”  That’s exactly what he recently said – “Those that hate me hate America, plain and simple.”

When you list some of the worst things that Ted Nugent has said or done, defecating in his pants to avoid defending his country during the Vietnam War is actually one of his least offensive factoids.

It’s indisputable that he’s a sexual predator.  He admitted so himself and has professed his attraction to girls.  He even went as far as to adopt a 17-year-old so he could marry her and have sex with her legally.

He sang a song about his desires for a very young female called Jailbait.  The particular girl in that song is listed at thirteen years of age.

Then there’s the fact that he’s called the former First Lady, United States Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a “c*nt.”  He also told President Obama to “suck on his machine gun.”  And we can’t forget about his use of slurs that were commonly used by Nazis.

Oh, then there are those five children he had out of wedlock, one of which he had to be taken to court so he would pay his child support.

Ted Nugent is someone that nobody should strive to be like.  He’s a bottom-feeding creature that I hesitate to even call human.  He’s a draft dodging, racist, pedophile deadbeat dad of which even conservatives should be ashamed.

But they’re not.  For many, he’s a right-wing hero and icon.  The Republican candidate for governor of Texas brought him along on the campaign trail to fire up the base.  That alone shows you exactly what kind of “values” conservatives really have.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • edward

    Rachael forgets to mention that he also been arrested for poaching game, and wildlife.. Using a chopper, illegally rounded up, and decimated herds (Never attempted to retrieve the game he shot. Which I’m sure is illegal.). Even with all of the other illegally shot game, he never retrieved any of the game, only wanted to feel like a man by destroying life. He also illegally shot from a fixed wing, or helicopter, which is strictly forbidden in all 50 states.. (not even in his goofy state, Michigan). Shot game out of season, wrong sex, wrong species. Illegally baited, and used dogs when not permissible. Excessively exceeded bag limits on game.There are currently seven states that have him banned from their states, on behalf of the: State, Federal, Wildlife, and Game Act. If he comes into those states carrying a hunting rifle, or shotgun, he’s to be arrested immediately. Dealing with these types of infamous action’s, and in my book reprehensible acts against nature, should land him in prison for life! But like a bad penny, he keeps coming back.

    • shasmith95

      he’s also made comments about hunting moose and not in the US.

  • Patrice D. Spangler

    Nugent has been and continues to distroy his own popularity. I used to love to rock out with his music. Now I only feel disgust knowing his personality and lack of moral values. He represents much of what I don’t believe in politically and offends me morally with his deviant behaviors. Like most, he blames others for his bad behavior and it’s consequeces.

    • gmartini

      His “music” blew! Sorry, but he is/was an untalented hack!

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        journey to center of mind and stranglehold were very good
        everything else? monkeypoo

  • wawoo

    Mister T’s great philosophical insight applies fully to Ted Nugent, Pity the fool.” Nugent should be shunned for both his past and his current life, indeed he should have been in jail.

  • Pipercat

    I don’t hate Stench, I pity him…

  • Ellen

    I think it is the other way around. Liking him means you hate America. . He is a scum bag.

  • Cat Marcuri

    Hmm, let’s see: I am a disabled vet, injured while in service. I proudly wore my country’s uniform, just like my mother and father both did, just like my husband did, just like my oldest son and daughter did. Ted Nugent crapped his own pants to get out of serving his country. But because I think he’s a talentless ugly hack who thinks out his ass, I’M the one who hates America?? Let me think about that…NO!!!!!!!

    • surfjac

      Giv’em ‘ell!

  • Stevetut

    I really like Allen Clifton’s articles but have a serious problem with his choice of words when he talks about Nugent crapping his pants to avoid “defending his country” during the Viet Nam war.

    Nobody was “defending” the US then. We weren’t attacked. Deceitful politicians used our military to intervene in a foreign civil war and prop up a series of corrupt dictators that were no better than the communist leaders, and worse in many ways.

    • Jeremy Stephenson

      You make an excellent point. Our soldiers weren’t fighting a country that attacked us; the government decided to stick their nose where it didn’t belong and made our troops do their bidding. It wasn’t our war and Vietnam never asked for our help. The Vietnamese people didn’t even want us there.

      • Jim Bean

        You are unintentionally and forgivably ignorant. You’re to young to remember Khrushchev pointing his finger and saying, ‘we will bury you’. You’re to young to remember air raid drills in grade school. You’re to young to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. The factors that led us into Nam were powerful and they were real.

      • Jeremy Stephenson

        Well, that’s the problem with history classes in school; they only teach what they want us to believe is the truth. I just learned a few things from you that my high school history teacher never taught us when she was teaching us about the Vietnam war. And, you are exceedingly correct about me being too young to remember those things. I was born in 1977, so, I was more than too young to remember. People like you, who were there, are definitely more knowledgable about these things than teachers who were spoonfed just enough info to make their lessons convincing to their students, no matter how much half-truth the lessons contain. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thank you for your service to our country. Unlike all those protesters in those days, I understand you guys had your orders and I don’t hold that against you.

      • Jim Bean

        You have an open mind. You will go far.

      • worrierking

        Keep your mind open. Jim’s history of the war and it’s lead up is only a partial history. And some of the things he states are exaggerations or untruths.

        I was one of those protesters. I was also an infantryman in Vietnam.

      • worrierking

        Maybe if America had held up our part of the bargain with Ho Chi Minh after WWII it would have averted a war.

        If you want to talk about the history, you’ve got to take that into consideration. We also supported brutal, corrupt regimes like President Ngô Đình Diệm’s.

      • Jim Bean

        None of that knowledge would have changed the attitudes we were forming as we cowered under our desks.

    • surfjac

      There were many of us who protested but were man enough to serve when their number was called. It was an immoral, injust and ugly war fought for the sake of the mic and many tried to bring it to an end for the sake of our troops. The way some treated them when they returned home was disgraceful. The derision should have been leveled at the politicians and lobbyists who kept the war going. However, all most citizens do in terms of “duty to nation” is vote or serve jury duty and more should be doing that. Our nation’s leaders need to realize that many are willing to serve their nation but the reason has to be just because we are in peril as a nation and not because we need to keep money flowing to the mic.

      • stevetut

        I agree with all you say except the part about being man enough to serve when their number was called. That implies that those who refused to serve were cowardly. Many people refused to participate in the military due to strong personal convictions. Some, like David Harris, went to jail. Others went underground, left the country, or fought the draft on technicalities. Accepting military service was one of several choices we were confronted with. I have immense respect for all the vets and the sacrifices they made, however, refusing to be a part of that war doesn’t mean a person was cowardly.

      • Jim Bean

        Bull. That is patently incorrect. I served during Nam and I can tell you for a fact that during that period, if one objected to Nam but were willing to serve, all you had to do was enlist in the Navy or Air Force. The ‘convictions’ of those who ducked out were an unwillingness to serve, period. Personal convictions against the war is just lipstick.

      • worrierking

        Anyone who served in Vietnam, met many Navy corpsmen, SeeBees, River boaters and many other Navy and Air Force MOSes Serving in areas just as dangerous as ours.

        Enlisting in the AF or Navy would not have kept one out of the fight.

    • Paul

      GEEZ, all these comments about Vietnam being an unwanted war against an enemy who didn’t attack us sounds just like GWB’s war in Iraq! The Iraqi’s didn’t ask for us to intervene either. I had a high lottery number but still enlisted. 37 years later, I retired. I willingly served during all of the wars from Vietnam through Iraq and Afghanistan. This guy (Nugent) is a punk assed bitch who should be slapped silly. Crap his pants to avoid serving and then declares “he’s the all-American”.

      • Jim Bean

        I served during Nam as well, but just don’t lose your perspective. Most of the people criticizing Nugent on this site would have been spitting on us and praising Nugent as the hero if it this were 1970.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        if it was 1970
        …..however; its not
        served in nam…….
        ted was unavailable. score: jim B 1,,,,ted 0

      • worrierking

        Few, if any of the spitting charges have been verified.

        Many of the people who were against the war had friends, neighbors or relatives who fought in Vietnam. If spitting were as prevalent as those on the right say, where are the hospital records of the people the friends, neighbors or relatives of Vets had beaten on? The people I knew wouldn’t have allowed that.

      • Donna Polles

        Thanks Paul, I was just about to say the same!

        And, thank you for your service.

  • Chris Wyatt

    If he’s a delusional nutjob, as you say, then why hate him? That’s like hating a schizophrenic for being paranoid, or hating a diabetic for needing insulin.

  • Avatar

    I’ll more than happy to tell Nugent in his face that I loves America by loathe his existence. I wish he was never born.

  • Paul Zacher

    The man is lower than whale dung but why in the world to you have to trash on conservatives? Your article, which I completely agree with in terms of this joke of a human being’s character, should stay on the subject and not turn into another political statement. You belittle yourself when you do this. There are a-holes in every walk of life with e very political ideology. Don’t lump everyone into the same pathetic basket.

    • Stan Jones

      If every political ideology has a -holes , then why is it consistently ultra conservatives who are the loudest , most hateful , most racist , and most sexist? If they’re so patriotic , and freedom loving , why do they oppose a woman’s right to reproductive freedom? Why do they oppose same sex marriage , even going so far as to propose and support legislation that restricts or denies such freedoms? Why do they call for armed insurrection? I could go on and on.
      Liberals and progressives don’t behave this way. They behave more like patriots than ultra conservatives do.

  • Stanley Telega

    I have no problem hating him. He is as unAmerican as one can be. I am sure he will burn the flag someday with one of his obscene rationalizations. I would love to see him shot with an arrow; but not killed, just neutered. Pedophile should be enough of a critique but not for this pondscum. Sorry pondscum.

  • surfjac

    I’ll tell mr. nugent to his face that I dislike him, period.
    He’ll have one hell of a problem if he tells me that I “hate America”.

  • gmartini

    Ted Nugent is a vile pile of human waste that I hate. Yeah, I hate him but I love my country. Sorry, Ted, but…you’re wrong….again!

    • Jim Bean

      Which branch of the military did you enlist in?

      • gmartini

        And that has what to do with my feelings towards Terrible Ted and/or my country?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        jim sucks the tainted testicle of all rightwing trash,,,,,, all of it

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        jim bean enlisted in the wac’s
        ,,,,,,,,,,,, free liquor he thought

  • hermanprovi

    When the Nation is at ‘war’, and you reuse to join the fray, you have no right to say that those of us who have served, “hate America”. Ted Nugent and his close friend Dick Cheney, BOTH, hid behind deferments!

  • FD Brian

    Ted has gone from being the Motor City Madman to just plain insane.

  • rossbro

    This human diarrhea keeps on dripping. Not enough guts to serve honorably, he crapped out. The lowest of the low. A real piece of shit !

  • Robert Johnston

    Sammy Hagar showed his fans (I’m not one of them) that there is “Only One Way To Rock.”
    Ted Nugent is, by his words-and-deeds, is showing the American People that “There’s Only One Way To Suck!”

    • gil reyes

      sammy hagar supported Mitt Romney..

  • tom kester

    I haven’t liked anything he’s done since the Amboy Dukes broke up.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      stranglehold was good

  • MLR

    Ted Nugent is full of shit. Who the hell does he think he is? He’s nothing but a draft-dodger hippie who almost went deaf with his own music. Yeah, the fact that he’s a hero to the far right shows what kind of people they really are. Back in the day when Ted was a rocker, no conservative in his right mind would of claimed him. That goes to show how low the tea party has sunk the republicon party. Almost every male in my family, and some females (all liberals) have served in the military. Well those liberals served the country that he refused to serve. Ted refused to serve the country that allows him to insult and threaten the POTUS, insult a former First Lady, insult anyone that doesn’t share his twisted ideology and that allowed him to make money making shitty music. No, he does NOT represent America and yeah he’s fucking delusional!

    • Julianne Smith

      he’s definitely NOT a hippie!!!

  • Chomper Lomper Tawee

    If you like him you hate humanity.

  • tmack77

    Last time Ted was relevant so was Foghat

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    I love ted.
    however– my “love” is reserved for scumbags such as glenn beck…rush Limbaugh….mike huck(ster) abee and michelle “no tits and hating hre life” malkin

  • Don Nasca

    I don’t hate anyone because hate is what sick people are filled with. I do hate the poison this guy and those like him feed to their followers. So many otherwise good people are trapped in a false sense of the world; afraid of all the things they know nothing about simply because they have not learned critical thinking skills and fall for appeals to emotion.

  • drdan

    Anybody that has gone to war for his country has earned everyones respect for doing so. Or should have. But for Christ sake, does anyone really want to go to war? Want to Kill people? What the fuck is that? My father served in Korea and got his leg blown off. Luckily for him he didn’t die. I saw how difficult life was for him as I grew up. After seeing how fucked up he was the rest of his short lived life because of a war started by rich powerful people who could really give a shit about my dad… do you think I was anxious to go somewhere and fight and get all screwed up the rest of my life??? Hell no!!! Respect to anyone who’s done it, but I know the score on this shit. I want nothing to do with these goddamn wars.

  • drdan

    you say all these nasty things about this man, but don’t back any of it up with any proof. List your sources for this article you punk ass bitch. Anyone can put anything they want on the net and people will believe it So fuck you, subhuman chimpass piece of shit. oh and by the way… I heard Allen Clifton likes to have sex with little boys. see how easy that is… I say something and I don’t even have to prove it. you are such a fucktard.

    • Stan Jones

      Commie progressives and liberals just make up crap about him? Did you bother to read the article? Please find the video where he said that the president was a sub human mongrel who weaseled his way into the White House. Nobody made it up.

  • eugene poteet

    Ted Nugent also wrote I pray for good bombing weather in one of his books. This coming from a Draft dodger. . What a hypocrite ! And i am a supporter of the Second Amendment and legal ethical hunting. He has mentioned the Ten Commandments many times but everybody knows which one he violated when he was younger and he has been recorded bashing religion . I have noticed that most of his defenders are usually stars and bars rednecks or people who are or were Chickenhawks themselves

  • Stan Jones

    Ted is the one who hates America , and anyone who defends him. Like the true coward and bully that he is , he hides behind his fans and his guns , and shoots his mouth off to and about anyone who disagrees with his vision of what America should be. This is standard procedure for people like him , attack anyone who doesn’t share your hateful views and opinions , and label them as liberal traitors and anti-American , communists , and terrorists. I suggest that Ted and his kind are the un-Americans , who hate America. Certainly not patriots. Far from it. Uncle Ted and his like have no understanding of what it means to be a patriot.