Dem. Congressman Evokes Reagan, Makes GOP Look Like Fools on Benghazi (Video)

rep-adam-smithTo call the entire Benghazi ordeal yesterday a fiasco would be an understatement. From the sheer length of the proceedings, to the absolute disrespect many members displayed toward Hillary Clinton, this was nothing more than a blatant attempt to try to catch the former Secretary of State in some sort of “gotcha” moment to use against her if she happens to win the Democratic nomination for president.

Needless to say, the GOP failed miserably at obtaining their goals and ultimately (via their childish behavior) just made Clinton look extremely presidential by the end of the day.

But out of everything said at the hearing on Thursday, some of the best commentary was put in by Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wa.) who absolutely destroyed the Republican party’s obsession with Clinton and the pettiness of the whole process. 

“Again, I think we’ve seen that this committee is focused on you,” Smith said. “I’m the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee. I don’t see the Department of Defense here, I don’t see the CIA here. There were many, many other agencies involved in this and yet yours has been the one that they have obsessively focused on.”


That was a fact Clinton pointed out throughout the day as Republicans often asked her questions concerning matters that weren’t directly handled by her or the State Department.

Smith then brought up the 1983 bombing in Beirut that killed 241 service members during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

“A Democratic Congress at the time did a fair and quick investigation of what was an unspeakable tragedy,” Smith stated. “Two separate suicide bombings four months apart, and there was clearly inadequate security. But the focus there was not on partisanship, not on embarrassing the Reagan administration, but on actually figuring out what happened and on how we can better protect Americans.”

He also mentioned how there have been more investigations into Benghazi than there were the 9/11 attack.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) had some of the most memorable moments of the day, but I found Smith’s comments to be some of the most impactful. While Cummings expressed a lot of the emotional anger and frustration many on the left have felt about this entire Republican-led Benghazi circus, Smith simply expressed a few basic facts that blew holes in almost everything Republicans have been doing for the last three years.

These other agencies haven’t been put through the same paces Clinton has, even though many of them are just as responsible for the events leading up to the attack as the State Department was. Not only that, but I’m glad he pointed out that we’re putting more time and effort into supposed failures that led to four Americans dying in Libya than we did following the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history… that happened on our soil, resulting in nearly three thousand deaths. An attack that the Bush administration had several warnings about prior to it occurring – yet they did absolutely nothing of substance. I don’t seem to remember Republicans being all that concerned about putting the Bush administration on the hot seat to answer tough questions about that.

Could you imagine the GOP reaction if a 9/11-level attack occurred during Obama’s presidency – then we later found out that he was given intelligence beforehand warning him of the potential for attack – yet he did nothing? Impeachment would be the last of his worries, they would be pushing for actual prison time.

But while none of what happened yesterday is likely to change the minds of any Republicans, it was clear that Clinton emerged stronger than she was before. So while Republicans clearly had this set up as their moment to try to break the back of Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes, all they really did was showcase that these Benghazi hearings are nothing but a petty, partisan witch hunt that’s exploiting the deaths of four Americans for political gains – and the gains are going to Hillary Clinton.

Watch Rep. Adam Smith’s comments below:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • GimmeSomeTruth

    I find it despicable, if not embarrassing, how and where is the Conservative/Republican Party is taking this great Country of the United States of America. It is one thing if they choose to embarras themselves, and believe me, that is exactly what they’re doing, it’s a different thing when they embarrass this great Nation in front of the whole World to see. Don’t they think that the whole World will not judge us for what their doing? Don’t they think that the whole World see us and paint ALL of us with the same broad brush? Or are they thinking in their lunatic modus operandi thinking that the World will only judge the Democratic Party absolutely for the Republican Party inadequacies and inability to govern this great Country of ours? What the hell are they thinking? Allow me to take that back: They have nothing between their ears to think. And they are making America the laughing stock of the World!!!

  • Lorraine

    I agree with the suggestion that if something like 9/11 occurred during Obama’s presidency, the GOP would be all over it. But forget prison time, I believe the GOP’s right wing nuts would be at the white house with all their big trucks, guns, and confederate flags, prepared to lynch our President. Their delusions go hand in hand with their fundamental religiosity.

    • Howard Sands

      Sadly, those things would be happening now if it weren’t for Whitehouse security there to foil it (as they have done several times already)

  • Jack

    Oops! I mistakenly stumbled on this progressive site by mistake, but I stayed to read some of what they the stock clerks from Walmart were talking about.
    It sounded like the visiting room of a mental institution.
    There were only three patients posting namely; GimmeSomeTruth Lorraine and Howard. I was wondering if the facility allows it’s patients to rant on a real progressive site as mental therapy, I read all three, yes that’s right only three people posting, I guess the other inmates were too radical to be allowed a voice, but I have to say radicalism is the forte of progressives, so why not let all the nuts have their say and then give them their sleep inducing shot to quiet them down.
    I have to inject a little humor into this post, “I wonder when the snack cart comes around and the vendor yells, “PEANUTS! PEANUTS! does the visiting area get flooded?

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      ^^^^^ Troll ^^^^^

      • Jack

        C’mon Chomper surely in your third grade aptitude test you must have learned more than one word. Now let’s see if you can pass this small test, I will give you the first 2 letters of the word I have in mind and see if you can spell it, are you ready?
        the first 2 letters are C A __ what is the last letter?