Democrats Must Stop Allowing Republicans to Control the Damn Message!

soapboxI think my biggest complaint against Democrats is the fact that they let Republicans control the message far too often.  And if there’s one thing that I’ll say Republicans do well is that they control the message very well.  Both play into each other for slightly different reasons.

Democrats far too often appear weak and disorganized.  But I guess that’s the nature of being a liberal – we’re very diverse.  Democrats have conservative Democrats and we have extremely liberal Democrats.  We have Democrats who are pro-gun and some Democrats who are very anti-gun.  I’ve always said the strength and weakness of the Democratic party is the same – it’s diversity.  The fact that we’re accepting (for the most part) of a wide range of ideologies also makes Democrats appear to have too many messages without any structure.

On the flip side I’ve said Republicans often act more like a brainwashed cult than a political party.  Even the far-right tea party Republicans and more “moderate” Republicans don’t differ that much on major issues.  They’ll use the same coded words and language to talk about the same things over and over again.  If Boehner is saying it you can almost bet Paul Ryan is saying it, Rush Limbaugh is saying it, Fox News is saying it and most Republicans across the country are saying it.

The Affordable Care Act is a prime example.

For some reason Democrats have felt the need to distance themselves from the law when in fact they should be embracing it.  Why is it I can’t see a Republican speak without spouting off one lie after another about Obamacare, yet I rarely see a Democrat on television bragging about the fact that signups met estimates, the website is working fine and millions of Americans who didn’t have access to health care now do?

Why aren’t Democrats out there bashing Republicans at every turn about their lack of any feasible alternative to Obamacare?  Why do I frequently see ads or interviews with people talking about the “horrors of Obamacare” (though almost all of these stories have been false) yet I don’t see the counter to that from liberals with people telling their success stories?

Same goes for the economy.  We haven’t had a single month where we’ve lost jobs in four years.  Yet I don’t see Democrats trumpeting that success.  We haven’t started a single war, yet liberals are too focused on drone strikes to point out that despite all the times he could have used our military in a new foreign conflict – Obama hasn’t.  We had the first month without an American casualty in Iraq or Afghanistan in more than a decade yet I didn’t see many Democrats driving that into the headlines.

Democrats are gong to lose the Senate this fall, I’m almost sure of it.  But they’re not going to lose it because Republicans are better, they’re going to lose it because Democrats don’t control their message and liberal voters are far too apathetic during midterm elections.

That’s it.

And if Republicans do take back the Senate this fall, you might as well write off anything getting accomplished for at least two years.

Though this future isn’t set in stone.  It can be changed.  Democrats must start getting out and controlling their message from here until November.  They need to stop allowing Republicans to look strong and organized while they look weak and divided.  And liberal voters must get off their asses and get to the voting booth this November.

Because if you think the Republican attempts to sabotage our government are bad now, just wait until they control all of Congress once again.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Sandy Greer

    >Democrats are gong to lose the Senate this fall, I’m almost sure of it.

    ^^^Stop the Pessimism. Make the case for voting, instead. Do it regularly, and often. Here’s mine:

    There are more of us, than them. Voting, we win. Stay home? We lose. It’s that simple. We absolutely MUST vote the Midterms, and every election, every time, after – local, state, national. There is Power in our votes. That Power was won for us at great cost, and must not be given away for free.

    November 2014 is so important, I won’t even flirt with 3rd parties, but vote (D) all the way down the line. GOP won’t gain for lack of MY vote.

    WRT ‘message’, here’s one:

    Party of No is the Party of Hate: Gays, minorities, poor; WAY too many others – basically, anybody ‘different’. Hate is what The Right excels at, and they do it better than anyone else. Mean-spirited; begrudging: The Right sees a hand up as a hand out – and every hand reaching into their pocket like it’s their last dollar they’ve got a death grip on. Happiest when they can deny SOMEbody – SOMEthing.

    How’s THAT for ‘message’? Rant over.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      Right there with ya; I will be hammering everyone I can with that message right up through November.

    • Jim Bean

      Its important for all of us that the Dem’s lose the Senate. We’ve gone nowhere but down for the past six years and it will only continue as long as Dems continue to allowed to interfere in the natural order of everything.

      • Bat Masterson

        Its been a slow recovery.But the GOP obstruction has exacerbated it.Bush’s great recession was bad.R’s drive up debt,D’s drive down debt.The right’s response couldn’t have been any more ill advised.Allowing the Koch’s to create an astroturfed tea party?Which is a cover for less restrictions on the heavy pollution created by Koch industries,and gives creedence to the far religious right which can never accept a black man as our POTUS.
        Do America and the world a favor.Lead the GOP back to Eisenhower conservatism,discard the tea party in the waste bin.Get back to embracing science,get on board with curbing carbon emissions and slowing down climate change.Leave extreme fundamentalist religion out of politics,deal with your xenophobia,allow free and fair elections,and reciprocate by extending the olive branch which the democrats have always extended to you.

      • Sandy Greer

        LOL I hate to think what Jim Bean’s ‘natural order of everything’ looks like.

      • MrThoughtful

        Jim Bean is a troll, He says this stuff to get everyone all excited to go out and vote democrat. I should say thanks to Jim because he is doing a great job energizing everyone on the left, as a matter of fact I would like to extend that thanks to Rush, Hannity, FOX news and the like. One obstacle that I see is that they are moving the voting districts in favor of republican’s so the next presidential election will be harder than ever to win, because as we all know they don’t go on popular vote but the electoral vote.

      • Jim Bean

        The only way the average reader on these sites would vote Republican is if Dems suddenly started advocating that every citizen must contribute more than they consume.

      • Alexis Betancourt

        Really? And you Republicans haven’t done anything for us either, so you all have to come down too.

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Quite frankly, I prefer they continue to regurgitate their venom. The more they open their mouth, the bigger the foot they put into it. As Sandy Greer said, it is the votes at the poll that counts. Not the vitriol they spew. Democrats need to get out and vote in November with the same fervor they’ll do it in 2016. I find it to be an obligation for Democrats to appreciate and exercise their right to suffrage. Can we afford having a Government of ultraconservative/reactionaries warmongers? Can we afford invading another Country to supposedly liberate their citizens from the same Government they elected? Can we afford sending our fragile economy down the chasm of hell with another unfunded war? The writing is on the wall. All we need to do is read it and interpret it without bias. Wars as we all know are no longer fought for self defense, but for Corporate expansionism. The Manifest Destiny ideology that ultraconservative/reactionaries salivate about.

  • Bob C

    Republicans control the message? Are you serious? Both of your parties……which I refer to as the two-headed monster that is eating us all alive…… control the message. Over the past 100 years, you both have done nothing but bloat federal control over our daily lives, bloat the government bureaucracy into an unaffordable entity, remove more freedoms than the Founding Fathers would ever have imagined, and you’ve also managed to destroy unity in favor of division and hate. And you Democrats OWN the bulk of the media nowadays. The Republicrats own just Fox. How insane must you be that you think they control the message? Quite frankly, a revolution in America is needed to bring you both to your knees, where you belong.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      If the Democrats REALLY had the bulk of the media, then why do the Republicans scream bloody murder every time the Fairness Doctrine comes up? The ONLY hue and cry I hear then is coming from FOX and their ilk. The Dems are all in favor of it.

  • glebec

    Every Democrat who has asked me for money this year has received this exact response from me. When I see them organized, strategic and with a message I will jump back in. Selling us out slowly is not the same as representing us.