Despite Republican Efforts, “Scandals” Actually Cause Obama’s Approval Rating to Rise

obamaimageWell, it appears I might have been on to something when I said these “scandals” were good for President Obama.

According to two different polls, one by CNN/ORC International survey and the other Gallup, Obama’s approval rating has largely remained unchanged or gone up since Republicans went all-in with the run of “scandals” this past week.

Hell, even Hillary Clinton’s approval rating went up.

So what does this say?  Well, two things really:

First, Americans are sick and tired of the Republican witch hunt against the President.  It’s been over 4 years and conservatives have been constantly pushing some kind of “conspiracy theory” trying to make Obama look like some corrupt tyrant out to do whatever he wants.

The main problem with that is that the only people who really care about these asinine theories are hardcore conservative voters.  Republicans have spent over 4 years pandering to these people, while appearing more insane, radical and desperate to the majority of Americans.

Second, the American people don’t trust Republicans.  And why should they?  These are the people who perpetuate this myth that the economy is getting worse, headed for demise, and our deficits are out of control—despite the fact that almost every economic barometer shows the economy isn’t only improving, it’s picking up steam, and we’ve reduced our deficits at a pace not seen since World War II.

What Republicans have done is backed themselves into a corner.  They’ve spent over 4 years doing all they can to pander to the most radical within their base, creating the monster known as the Tea Party.  Yet, while solidifying their base—they’ve alienated the majority of Americans.

People don’t trust politicians in general, but they really don’t trust Republicans—especially Tea Party Republicans.

Despite the fact that the President has faced a nonstop attack since before he even took office, he won re-election this past November—becoming the first President since Eisenhower, in 1956, to win both elections with over 51% of the vote.

Not only that, Democrats gained some power back in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

Add to those two bits of information the fact that Fox News continues to steadily lose viewers, while other stations that don’t pander to the right-wing base continue to gain viewers.

What all those events add up to is Republicans bet big on fear, pandered to their base, and now they’re losing.

But it’s not that the American people don’t have some level of concern about situations like what’s going on with the IRS or AP, it’s just hard to take Republicans seriously when they seem as equally “enraged” over a Marine holding an umbrella for the President during a speech.

Especially when you won’t hear on Fox News, or any other right-wing media source, that the IRS also targeted liberal groups as well, actually denying one of them—yet no Tea Party groups have claimed their tax-exempt status was denied.

So what it boils down to is the American people are simply growing tired of right-wing partisan politics.  They’re seeing more and more that these people don’t care one bit about actually governing, all they care about is trying to attack the President.

And in their relentless witch hunt all they’ve done is make the American people trust them less and President Obama more.

Let’s just hope in 2014 we’ll have a repeat of the 1998 elections when Democrats gained more power in Congress after the American people grew tired of these same kinds of tactics Republicans used against Bill Clinton that they’re using against President Obama.

Because as the saying goes, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

And as always, Republicans just appear too damn ignorant to learn from history.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • When you rely on the truth, the citizens will know. When you rely on lies there will become a time when the citizens will turn away from such lies. Thanks GOP as we are now turning away from your lies. The GOP has proven over and over that they lie and so we ignore them and their accusations.

    • phillyguyinsc

      I hope they keep at it. It lets me know who believes this nonsense. That in turn lets me know who the real sheep are.

  • weslen1

    When they stop talking long enough to take in the fact that all 3 of those at IRS who they are whining about are Republicans and were appointed by Bush, you will see such a turnaround as never seen before of all Republicans demanding immunity from prosecution for all 3 of them and the woman who planted the question so she could start the Obama smear being turned into a TeaBag hero.
    Criminal behavior is standard operating procedure for Republicans and awarding criminal behavior is too.

  • AuroraMoon

    I think it got to do with the fact that certain politicians come off as having values that are actually totally alien to Christians, Atheists, Agnostics and everyone else. Take for example Todd “Legitimate rape” Akins…. I have many conservative friends, and my own brother is loyal to the republican party. Yet, my own brother and my other friends were totally appalled when Todd Akins and other politicians like him flat-out supported rape culture by saying all those crazy things about how rape wasn’t bad, etc…. all in an weak attempt to protect the abortion ban. There are plenty of sane reasons not to support abortion, but trivializing rape wasn’t a good way to do that.
    Yes, Conservative Americans can be rational, sane human beings who do not support the crazy notion of things like “legitimate rape”. So people like my brother, have been withdrawing their support for politicians who act sub-human and instead looking to support some other republicans who weren’t crazy-sounding. Unfortunately, Rational republican politicians don’t get as much as press or as much support from the main GOP party, unless they choose to say something outrageous in order to get attention. So sane republicans have no choice but to join groups like “republicans against the tea party” on FB and stuff in an attempt to get their voice heard over all the crazies.

    so here ya go…the republican voters have been withdrawing their support when some politicians became too crazy for their tastes.


      • Swiper

        Sorry to say, there is a new conservative party in America. They call themselves Democrats. Barack Obama is the most conservative president we’ve had since Eisenhower.

  • Roger Stine

    So, what the article headline should say is, “53% of American’s are
    suffering rectal cranial inversion with blissful ignorance side

  • Jason Neace

    I know i will get nasty comments for saying this but the truth is the
    truth, when you have a 98% approval rating with a certain race and you
    will have to be caught killing someone to change that even a little your
    approval rating will always be high,

    • Dee

      If every black person in this country voted for one person and all the other races voted for someone else, who do you think would win? Are you even listening to your words?? You do realize that the black race does not make up the majority, right? If it wasn’t for white voters (and other races), too, President Obama would not be president. And regardless, majority of black voters are democrats because that’s the party that gives a damn about minorities. Many years ago, it used to be the republicans, but they decided to change their focus to rich old white man–that became their base until the ultra conservatives and the crazy tea party took over. President Obama did not do anything to deserve the blatant disrespect and the nonstop attacks he’s been enduring from people like you. Stick to the issues and help build the nation instead of tearing it down with hatred because you hate someone with a passion. His approval rating is high because the “majority” of this country can see through the GOP’s bullshit.

      • You are pathetic! Half the population is on welfare. They love free stuff from the most corrupt president in history – a socialist. Look up the meaning if you can read! Bet you didn’t even know it was Republicans who gave blacks the right to vote. Democrats did not allow blacks to vote because they wanted to keep them in slavery. Martin Luther King was a Republican. Do you believe in the constitution or do you know what it says. By the way this IRS scandal was run by the Obama website. Obama is a fake, a fraud, and the worst president in history. Does a good president allow trillions of dollars in debt? Why is job creation so low? Community organizers don’t know how to lead. All they do is stir up shit because they live in the sewer! These scandals are not going away!

      • LOL! What is the free stuff and where do I go to get some? You really think people get free stuff? LMAO! You are a sucker aren’t you? You will believe anything they tell you…..(FOX). Free stuff LOL! Half the population is on welfare….. LOL You just made that up out of thin air! Are you taking your comedy routine on the road? Scandals? There are no scandals! Repubs just make stuff up to give themselves something to do while the President works. All the Repubs do is sit there and block his outstanding legislation. They have no new legislation that they are writing themselves to propose. They just want to go back and try to change laws already written like the new health care laws and laws for equal rights. You guys are so lame! (and funny) LOL!

      • oldnativelady

        This post contains poor grammar and sentence fragments. I’m someone who cannot be bothered to pay attention to any message ensconced in ignorance. That is one of several reasons I could never listen past the first sentence when George W. opened his mouth.

      • IraqSlaughterVet

        wow are you stupid! republicans did everything possible to stop blacks from voting. Socialist? Then bush and dface cheney were stright out Nazis. Torture and lies. As an Iraq Slaughter Vet I just wanna say go f yourself you delusional twattt

      • oldnativelady

        This reply is written correctly, is cohesive, concise, coherent, and has no errors. This person does make valid points, and it is easy for me to read and agree with them.

    • oldnativelady

      This post has comma faults and reads like something from MySpace.

  • Jim Fitzpatrick

    There is NO FOCKING WAY his approval is at 53% after everything that has
    been revealed this week. I don’t know if he could, at this particular
    moment, get a 53% approval from registered dems. Even Chris Matthews
    wouldn’t try to report this garbage as though it was a realistic

    • Is this the same way the GOP rejected polling data before the presidential election because they didn’t want to believe Obama would win re-election?

      • Richard Abbott

        the polling data was mostly within the margin of error with respect to the final popular vote result.
        But agreed – it probably made them complacent in the later stages of the campaign.

  • Blue Moon

    It;s 3AM you get a call the embassy in Benghazi was under attack. What
    would you do Mr President. Today’s response…IRRELEVANT.

    • IraqSlaughterVet

      Loved gw’s response to 9/11. Loved how he lied about torture and started a war over lies. Republicans can’t say sht about Benghazi while ignoring Super-Nazi, lying pos gw and dface cheney. 4500 vs 4. Now do your republican math.

  • It is strange how the Democratic party has pretty much taken up the mantle Republicans traditionally held, while the GOP has devolved into this weird, worse-than-useless 3-armed beast. We can only hope that a saner, rational party will emerge from the decayed husk. This country is better off with a two party system, provided each party has the same goal but differing opinions on how to best achieve them. What we have now isn’t a two party system. As long as one of them is doing everything it can to harm the state of the country, it’s not much of a system at all.

    And yeah, it’s been made even more apparent that the GOP embodies the classic “doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result” definition of insanity. One need only look at the 37 attempts to repeal Obamacare as the most recent example.

    • magnusadder

      this contry is better of with a no party system or multiple party system. polarizing the populous is in fact what started the slow decay into the corrupt dung pile that the US political system has become. Why do we even need political parties to decide who we would be voting for?

  • BruceMajors

    That’s how Hitler’s popularity ratings worked too.

    • Godwin’s Law. Sorry, try again. (Hint: And this time, don’t even bother with Hitler, Nazis, etc.)

  • Jim

    I’m puzzled. Wasn’t it Hillary and Obama that said the Benghazi “scandal” (phony of course) was caused by an internet video? The Republicans can only dream of lying to the American people with that kind of bravado. They are lightweights compared to this administration.