Detroit Reverend Dismantles Donald Trump’s Pathetic Attempt to ‘Scam’ Black Voters (Video)

Realizing that he’s going to need at least some minority voters this November if he wants to become our next president, Donald Trump has made a rather pathetic attempt to pander to African Americans over the last few weeks. During that time he’s faced a lot of criticism for not only things he’s said in some of his speeches, but for the fact that they were given in mostly white cities in front of almost entirely white audiences.

Well, on Saturday, Trump finally spoke in front of a mostly African American audience at a church in Detroit where he delivered an impassioned speech to black voters — that was clearly written by someone else.

Needless to say, Rev. Wendell Anthony is not a fan of what he thinks is Trump trying to “con” African American voters by pretending like he actually cares about their communities.

“This is nothing more than a ruse. This is a scam,” Anthony told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield. “Mr. Trump is seventy years old, I believe. That election now is less than seventy days from now. It’s gonna take a whole lot of conjecture and whole lot of programming to undo what has been done.”

“Before you talk about the can-do, let’s talk about the undo,” he added. “Let’s undo what Mr. Trump has done. Part of what he said is that we need to unite the country. Well his policies, or lack thereof, his commentary, his rhetoric, is doing no more than dividing this nation. When you talk about ‘I don’t want black people counting my money,’ or rather have ‘short folk with yarmulkes counting my money’… that’s divisive!”

He also called Trump’s campaign an extension of the “old Southern strategy wrapped up in a new suit in 2016.” The Southern strategy being a deliberate political decision by the Republican party in the 1960’s to pander to white racists who felt abandoned and betrayed as the Democratic party evolved to embrace civil rights and equality, shedding its shameful racist roots.

While Trump continues to try to appeal to African American voters, he’s really failing at it — miserably. Whether it was giving speeches about African Americans in mostly white cities in front of mostly white audiences, or disgustingly trying to exploit the tragic death of an African American woman in Chicago, Trump’s desperate attempt to fool black voters into thinking he actually cares about them has been a disaster.

And if Rev. Anthony’s comments are any indication of what most African Americans think of Donald Trump’s “outreach,” they haven’t taken kindly to his obvious attempts to treat them like idiots who are gullible enough to believe his lies.

Watch Anthony’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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