Did President Obama Declare December ‘National Muslim Appreciation Month’?

MuslimMaxIn the wake of the Paris and Beirut terrorist attacks, the conservative media has made an all-out attempt to somehow tie these acts to President Obama. In the years that he has been president, they have tried to paint him as being indifferent or even sympathetic to radical Islam.

These claims are not based in fact. President Obama has signed off on many military actions targeting extremists, including the one that killed Osama Bin Laden. The truth is no obstacle to right-wing bloggers, including those who have repeatedly claimed that President Obama has declared December to be “National Muslim Appreciation Month.”

Via Hoax Slayer:

However, the claims in the report are utter nonsense. Obama has made no such declaration for December or any other month. Nor is Obama’s supposed declaration mentioned by any credible news outlet. And the fake-news site that the report is published on is not part of Fox News as it attempts rather lamely to imply.

Moreover, the story is not even original. It is derived from another nonsensical report that falsely claimed that President Obama had declared November 2014 to be ‘International Muslim Awareness Month’. The two versions used almost identical wording. The original version was first published by the fake-news website National Report. (Source)

National Report is a satire site that has fooled liberal websites like Occupy Democrats, as well as conservative bloggers. The right-wing writers who blatantly ripped off a fake news website to promote fear and hatred of President Obama weren’t even original, they basically changed a few words from National Report to rile up their followers.

I’m not sure how many of these “writers” actually believed what they were writing, or simply seized on an opportunity to cash in on the outrage of their gullible readers who have been taught that President Obama is a secret Muslim who is going to take their guns and Bibles away. Sadly, that is the state of a lot of political blogging these days; come up with the most outrageous headline possible and then count on low-information readers to spread the story like wildfire on social media.

This is why you have websites like Conservative Tribune, IJReview, The Hayride or Daily Caller – as well their counterparts on the left. They count on people not to fact-check, and abandon critical thinking in favor of paranoia and confirmation bias.

It isn’t just partisan clickbait writers, this phenomenon has also taken over political campaigns, with candidates such as Donald Trump grabbing the headlines – and making false statements that keep Politifact and Snopes working overtime. They also know that the people who are ignorant enough to support them will likely blindly believe any statement, no matter how bizarre, because any evidence to the contrary is just another plot by that silly liberal media and their agenda to take candidates like Ben Carson down.

There is no “National Muslim Appreciation Month” just as there is no “National Christian Appreciation Month.” However, considering how many Republicans would have a collective fit over a month devoted to the Muslim religion, I’m willing to start a joke petition just to watch them freak the hell out.


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