Did We Forget What Led to the Patriot Act in the First Place? Bush’s Incompetence Before 9/11

george_w_bushI’ve been hearing and reading a lot about how many progressives and conservatives (and some who wouldn’t classify themselves in either category) are shocked and outraged at government overreach and spying. You know what? I’m fed up that more people in positions of power aren’t talking about how we ended up in this position in the first place, and I’m fed up that a majority of Americans seem apathetic about what has happened and continues to take place because of it. Because guess what — if you’re pissed about government overreach and the NSA’s secret data collection, you’re actually in the minority according to new polling on the issue.

Here’s the thing we have to remember — we put ourselves in this situation by electing (and re-electing) incompetent people into office. We elected the career politicians who couldn’t give a damn about anything except their pocketbooks and their corporate overlords. We put the idiot with the lowest IQ in the state of Texas in the White House, of all places. And not on a guided tour, but as president, simply because he had a recognizable name and “God told him to run.” And then to top it off, we re-elected him simply because we were “in a time of war” and wanted “stability” in Washington. Never mind the fact that the only thing G.W. knew about “stable leadership” involved the horses on his ranch.

We’re the ones who didn’t listen to Russ Feingold when he warned us what would happen with troubling provisions in the Patriot Act way back in 2001:

Under this provision, the government can apparently go on a fishing expedition and collect information on virtually anyone. All it has to allege in order to get an order for these records from the court is that the information is sought for an investigation of international terrorism or clandestine intelligence gathering. That’s it. On that minimal showing in an ex parte application to a secret court, with no showing even that the information is relevant to the investigation, the government can lawfully compel a doctor or hospital to release medical records, or a library to release circulation records. This is a truly breathtaking expansion of police power.

Feingold was the only Senator to vote against the Patriot Act. Since then, public support for the Patriot Act has consistently gone up, with more Americans seeing it as a “necessary tool” in the fight against terror. Also since then, Russ Feingold was voted out of office in favor of a corporate shill named Ron Johnson who subsequently voted for extensions on the same types of provisions Senator Feingold was warning us about — the same types of FISA provisions that made the nullifying of our Fourth Amendment rights “legal” in the first place.

Meanwhile, public support for the NSA tracking our phone records is above 50% in a new Pew Research Center / Washington Post poll.

But what about before the Patriot Act was ever passed into law — did we all suddenly forget that the Bush administration had intelligence on the imminent threat of an Osama bin Laden attack before 9/11, but did nothing to act on it?

Yet their inaction and incompetence was used as an excuse to pass legislation which effectively has led to the nullification of our Fourth Amendment rights as they relate to the federal government. Legislation that was actually in the works long before 9/11, just waiting for an excuse to gain the support needed to pass. And a majority of Americans are apparently perfectly fine with that. 

What’s wrong with us? Why should Washington’s incompetence be an acceptable excuse to relinquish our Fourth Amendment rights? Especially when we had the intelligence which very well could have prevented 9/11 — without the aid of the Patriot Act and the phone logs of American citizens — but Bush failed to act on it.

Let me reiterate — George W. Bush failed to act on intelligence before 9/11, and that is precisely what led to the support for the Patriot Act to be finalized and passed into law.

Why is this acceptable? 

Why is it suddenly perfectly fine with a majority of Americans that we make our life story and daily activities accessible to the government at any moment’s notice without any probable cause of wrongdoing on our part? The affable goofball we elected president made a booboo, so it’s fine that we lower expectations in Washington and give up our privacy in the process.

So now not only do we have the NSA amassing millions of records on Americans, but the FBI has also stepped up their collection of business records of U.S. citizens — by 1,000% just last year, over their total requests from four years earlier. All thanks to the perfectly acceptable “broad interpretation” of the Patriot Act’s Section 215.

How much does Congress care about the questionable Constitutional legality of the Patriot Act? Aside from the fact that they’ve continually and without fail voted to extend it, in 2010 the Senate’s final debate on those extensions lasted a grand total of 20 seconds before they were passed. Yes, 20 whole seconds — about the same length of time it takes Usain Bolt to run 200 meters. In 2012, debate was more spirited as more members of Congress were at least partially aware of what was going on with the NSA and secret spying — but yet again the provisions allowing it were extended.

Do we seriously think we’re going to get our privacy back now that we’ve shown we’re fine with not having it? The Patriot Act isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, unless we actually elect people who give a damn about our Constitution and Bill of Rights — and not just select parts of it. Judging by the apathy of millions of Americans, sadly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. If you’re educated, knowledgeable, well spoken and care about our rights as Americans, we need you now more than ever before to speak up and get active. If more of us don’t, we might as well throw in the towel and propose an amendment to repeal the Fourth, because that’s where we’re headed as a nation.

Everybody should thank the Bush administration’s incompetence for allowing this the momentum to move forward in the first place. 

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
Be sure to check out his archives on Forward Progressives for more of his viewpoints.
Thomas Barr


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  • christian_707

    I think it’s important to note that these polls do not tell the whole story until you look at them closely. Yes, a “majority” (by a few %) believes it’s ok to have government spying on us and our communication, but if you look closely you’ll notice that this is because of a majority of older voters (>50 yrs old) who thinks it’s acceptable, while most of the younger generations (<25yrs old) thinks it's unacceptable. It's this newer generation that actually knows about the risks and how much privacy is at sake since they're the ones that are "plugged in" and don't want nor need government in their personal business. As this older generation goes away, you will see this number changing. People are smart, and they know better than giving up their right to privacy and personal life.

    • Dorcas George

      Well this old voter (63) thinks it is appalling!

    • walkerse1

      I’ve found just the opposite, that younger people accept violation of privacy as a condition of using electronic communications, versus older folks who have a more traditional view of privacy (use of warrants, for example). In general, people who are ok with this violation of privacy assume that only guilty people will ever be targeted or have issues.

    • Jane

      Be careful with generalizations! I am 55 years old and have railed against the loss of our rights since the day they enacted the Patriot Act! The real shame is the dumbing down of the American population that enables the few to override the rights of us all!

  • kc48

    Once again it is all about Bush. Who was the guy that had most of the wording for the Patriot Act that was used? Being you are so smart why did you not stop the attack? What liberal Democrat made communicating between the agencies impossible? Many to blame but you show your colors.

    • Mr. Smith

      kc48… your an idiot. Mr. Barr is spot on in his assessment. With your logic in place kc48 it can be said, why didn’t you stop the 9/11 attack you must have been in on it and your a traitor to our country for your inaction and collaboration. Is that about right kc48?

      • Charles Vincent

        * you’re

  • Barbara Blatner Gaietto

    I can’t say I “enjoyed” it, but I feel its truth and validity, and have seen this coming for a decade +, and now the new enemy is Edward Snowden? So predictable, given that amnesia is so easily dosed by our military industrial complex driven mainstrea media.

  • John Woofman

    Actually, it was the NSA that could have prevented 9/11 if it had used ThinThread, instead of Trailblazer. Here is the link:


  • guest

    the 4 years BEFORE 9/11 was clinton, not bush

    • JerseyJoe

      Exactly! Clinton declined capturing OsamaBL when he had the chance. It was also on his watch when the first twin towers bombing occurred. Yet, a few months old administration is to be blamed according to Barr. Unbelievable.

  • Tony Bartlett

    So what you are saying is “People don’t care about it but if you do care blame Bush not the current idiot in office.” Got it. Thanks!

    • Jane

      Let me get this straight..you want to blame Obama for laws that were enacted 10 year before he was elected to office?! You probably also blame him for the economic crash that happened a year before he was elected!!! Again..so sad the level of intelligence The majority of Americans have!

  • Geronimo

    You 2nd amendment guards out there. Do you not think this 4th amendment violation doesn’t affect you ? Just wait!! You call the gun store , or just call a buddy to brag about the new gun you just got. Its more possible to know where every gun in America is thanks to legal phone taps and internet spying. No need for registration now!!

    • Charles Vincent

      Whoaaaaa Geronimo we take them all seriously. Just remember the 2nd is what helps us protect the rest.

      • JHR

        “The 2nd is what helps us protect the rest.” That may have been true in 1792. But in 2013 it sounds almost foolish. And that’s sad, because I’m sure you’re no fool.

      • True Patriot

        Foolish in what way, JHR?

      • waltinseattle

        because, romantic patriot…a small arms militia vs drones and chainguns is not a level killing ground. they wont come for you with colt peacemaers. or even hi cap AKM.

      • Charles Vincent

        It been true all along. The natural state of man is to be free.

      • True Patriot

        That’s right, Charles…we should all start thinking of the Second Amendment as the “re-set” button on the Constitution!

      • Charles Vincent

        I would call it an option so last resort.

      • walkerse1

        Theoretically perhaps. But realistically this type of self defense ends with a SWAT team putting you down and you being labeled some kind of nut — while using your electronic records to posthumously condemn you and justify these actions.

      • Charles Vincent

        The premise is hardly theoretical. You can see people throughout history rebelling against oppression and winning, and I would also rather die a free person than live under the boot of oppression. It’s also important to remember that no one gets out of life alive, we are born we live a finite amount of time and then we expire. Dead martyrs are much more troublesome than live patriots to tyrants.

  • Richard Ellis

    I’m not one to defend Dubya and I’m delighted to see him ranked the 39th best President of the US, just behind Millard Fillmore, but what he had prior to 9/11 was all the data necessary to prevent the attack, however the data had not been processed into intelligence. The data was fragmented across govenrment agencies and, in many cases, had not even been analyzed. The few analysts who did raise the warning flags got caught up in inter-agency rivalries and the warnings were ignored. It was a systemic failure in addition to executive incompetence.

    • Bine646

      So what about the attacks under Clinton? Bush was in office for 8 months, this fragmented govt was in place for much longer- blame could and should be directed elsewhere

      • Robert Cook

        I tell you on Monday that on Thursday I’m bringing some people to someplace you’ll be, and we’re beating the snot out of you. Do you: a.) Speak with your chosen help, those people who have knowledge and skills that can aid you, and formulate a plan to keep myself and the others I bring from beating the snot out of you or b.) read a book to some school kids – Seriously, 8 months isn’t a large amount of time, but considering Donald Rumsfeld had been in gov’t since Big Ron was our president, he knew what to do, who to talk to, and how to get the ball rolling.. there’s information out there from credible sources that shows that rather than rolling that back, they back-kicked it into their own goal. Clinton is not blameless, considering he could have went after him after the bombing of the Cole, but he chose not to, and directed his attention to other atrocities of that day. But that’s as far as that goes. Furthermore, had we never trained Bin Laden or any of his allies, this wouldn’t be a concern.

      • Bine646

        Hey queerbate- 1)welcome to the conversation 3 months later 2) nice book response to the two sentences which i wrote 3) rumsfield and bush are two different people- hence putting the blame on rumsfield would be directing it toward someone more credible – aka not Bush. 4) internet threats r weak at best, you already planning on being a group of guys to beat me up bc u know u cant do it alone is hilarious hahahaha- thanks for the laugh nugget hahahaha

      • Kaleilw

        Bin 646 what the f**k have you been smoking.

      • Robin DeAnne Lowry Seer

        No Shyte! Reading comprehension much?

      • Robert Cook

        Okay Bie646 – Obviously reading comprehension isn’t in your skill set. It was an example of the same situation our gov’t went thru leading up to 9/11. I was trying to put it in easy to understand terms… but that just won’t work. 1.) Rumsfeld was a key source of information and suggestion, a person who had been thru war before, and knew his way around DC and the power players. However, he wasn’t the one to say “do it”, BUSH WAS. Therefore, it’s Bush’s mistake. Additionally, when you’re the president, you take the heat for the mistakes of your administration (might I point out that tho Benghazi was a direct result of the state department’s decision to reduce support in that region, Obama is the one blamed for the deaths of the 4 that died) 2.) I love how the right insult facts if it comes from anyone in the center or on the left, but when they use facts, it’s tho they’re the spoken word of God. It wasn’t a book response, it was a fact – Clinton dropped the ball, but even if he did, Bush could’ve stopped that attack and chose not to 3.) Covered 3 in my first response 4.) It wasn’t a threat, dude, it was an example of exactly what happened with our country. – Why in the Hell would I threaten you? Seriously, over a debate of an online article? If you took that as a threat to you, you have severe self esteem and self importance issues, along with a complete lack of subtext. The point still remains – we lost lives due to someone’s decision not to act, and now we’re stuck with legislation that allows our gov’t to study our every action involving telecommunications. I hope you find the ability to set aside your desire to insult others, as well as improve your reading skills.

  • John Spohn

    Obama (and Hillary) voted to renew the act in 2006 and did not publically oppose its renewal in 2011, so are they just as incompetent as GW? Likewise, it was Bill C. that was in office in 1993’s attack and later when the information was presented to the US government.

    • Viir Exeter

      No. President Obama did not merely “sign off” on “extending” the Patriot Act. He answers to, and needs cooperation on many fronts from, many factions, none the least of which are the CIA, FBI and military, all huge FACTIONS that he has to work with, acknowledge & listen to to make decisions. LAW MAKERS (the President does not make law) in Republican Congress pushed for the extension of the Patriot Act. The FBI, CIA and military intelligence all gave their reasons why the Patriot Act should be extended, so Obama signed the extension. Obama didn’t just BLINDLY say, “Oh, i think i’ll extend the W. Bush/Republican Patriot Act because i’m just like them.”

  • Brenda K. Armitage

    I knew when it was passed that we lost an enormous amount of our rights and no one would listen to me. In one sweep the government suddenly wiped out constitutional rights of the citizens of the US and no one seemed to realize it. Thank you for this article.

  • fafhrd

    Blaming Bush for 9/11? Please, are you forgetting the three times that Clinton had Osama Bin Ladin in sights and let him go each time?

    ” we put ourselves in this situation by electing (and re-electing) incompetent people into office.” Like 2007, Candidate Barack Obama’s “No more illegal wiretapping”. What did he do, make wiretapping legal?

    Majorities of both parties have either approved of the original bill or the strengthening that has occurred under the current administration. Yes, there were a few people that raised the alert early on about what could happen. They were promptly poo-poo’d by the majority. And they were RIGHT!

    • betterfredthandead

      bush43 fell asleep on watch…the pos should have been shot.

      • Bine646

        guy was in office for what, 8 months? Fell asleep on watch or still learning the ropes? Barr said himself the agencies were split, not sharing information, that was Bush’s setup or was that inplace for decades? Let be serious here

      • jessarox

        W did nothing about Osama. Clinton has gone on record; even on faux news, that he gave info to W and he had 9 months to act and did NOTHING.

      • Bine646

        I think clinton has gone on record before- how did that work out

      • fafhrd

        So you want to ‘Blame Bush’ too. I get it. You are ideologically driven. Bill Clinton, who had Osama Bin Ladin in gunsights, three times, can’t be held responsible (He’s one of OUR guys).
        Which POS should be shot? Please, don’t make threats against elected officials, the NSA might be paying attention.

      • jessarox

        Republicans criticized Clinton for going after Osama while he was in office and did not give Clinton backing. Just like Republicans now in Congress and the House, they are not doing what is right for our country and will and are blaming the POTUS for their incompetence. W had 9 months to do something when he got into office.

      • fafhrd

        When did you hear any Republican, blame the guy before, or the guy after?
        I’m just pointing out that blaming the guy before is pointless.
        Didn’t give Clinton backing? It was because of Republicans that Clinton even takes credit for balancing the budget!
        Yes, I suppose impeaching the man for lying to a grand jury could be construed as not backing Clinton up.
        BTW, as much as I agree that Bush might have been able to prevent 9/11, the independent commission pointed out all the areas where clues were missed. After the fact.

      • Bine646

        Obama has a 40% approval rating, had the majority for his first term and has accomplished nothing that he promised except a healthcare bill which minus a few good features has been shown to be flawed. Time to lose the blame game n realize we are all in this together

      • fafhrd

        You actually have evidence to support your claim that “Republicans criticized Clinton” for going after Bin Laden? Alert the media, new facts found! Please, try to back up your ideology with facts.

      • I don’t care who you are or with what political stripe you identify. Stupid remarks about political assassination is totally repugnant and should not be tolerated.

      • betterfredthandead

        You IDIOT! Where is your term “political assassination” in my post?
        For the benefit of ya’ll cognitive disconnected tea-billies Let me re-phrase…


    • I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph. But the comment about Obama is misleading — No, he did NOT make wiretapping legal. Congress (both Ds and Rs, as you point out) made wiretapping legal, a decade ago…

  • Robbie Nicholson

    The American Presidents are set for President when they are at school . You don’t just become President, you are funded and groomed into Presidency . All Presidents that are presented will be voted in whatever the score, Bush lost to Al Gore in Florida and they had a recount and hey presto, Bush is President . Its the Rothschild family that are the Presidents of America … they run the government through this political line of heritage …. you Americans think far too long down the line instead of seeing plots that have been in place since 1913 and the Fed Bank opening it doors !!

  • mothernatureearthmom

    The powers that were wanted Darth Cheney in charge. Knowing he would not be elected they put up a Bush and got what they wanted. I think it was less Bush’s incompetency as it was Cheney’s manipulation (maybe with Rumsfeld) that bought this about. And we screamed into the vacuum of reaction.

  • Ken Carman

    The problem here is Bush DIDN’T get elected. He got appointed. A whole lot of folks were happy with him and his cronies gaming the system. Did he get reelected? Gore challenged it and has heard no end of grief from some on the left because, well, there was something magical he could have done after the corrupt court appointed him.

    Four years later coward Kerry couldn’t wait to turn his boat around and run: election night. I was working on the campaign here in Nashville as I saw the returns coming in. Kerry was looking good and then suddenly the election went South for no apparent reason… except Ohio machines started to “screw up” and the results were sent to Tennessee to be washed… um, “counted.”

    Conspiracy? Maybe not. Maybe it was all innocent. But to claim we simply elected that jackal and his corrupt crowd of scammers twice is NOT true. Yes: too many voted for them, but without help of the court, electronic voting, the odd fact that in Ohio… among other places… plenty of voting machines went to Republican areas while in poor Democratic districts they waited hours to vote. And near Hamilton: close to Cinci, they closed down the polls and kicked out all but Republican operatives: THEN counted the vote.

    Those 8 years stand out as a reminder that there are privileged few in society when it comes to elections, and they’re mostly right wing Republicans who have a right to “equal protection” if they are about to lose an election. No one else does, according to the way these traitors behave.

    • JerseyJoe

      Hogwash. Even the liberal New York Times in Nov. 2001 said Bush won after they recounted the votes.

      • Jessica Neubauer

        Really, and that whole debacle in Florida was “just fine an completely aboveboard?”

      • Kaleilw

        Jersey Joe, your opinion is in the minority.

    • +Ken Carman, good points, but don’t be too skittish about “conspiracies.” Only the conspirators themselves benefit from “not looking at conspiracies.”

      My first semester teaching at a local college found 12 conspiracies to cheat on my exams! Those are the ones I found. Were there others. And this is a small college in the Cebu City metro area in the Philippines. One NBC report awhile back stated that a survey of American college students showed that 60% admitted to cheating. How many of those involved more than one person per cheat? That could have been millions of conspiracies just in US college academia.

      Likely conspiracies happen every second, on average, somewhere in the world. That’s just an extension of ordinary selfishness.

      Some conspiracy theories are based on facts. Some, like the government’s “conspiracy theory” of 9/11 were cooked up before the event and not based on facts. In fact, Osama Bin Laden was being blamed for 9/11 within 3 hours of the first plane strike. Superhuman investigation or blaming a convenient patsy to direct attention away from the real culprits? Was Bush the government’s plausible deniability. Goofballs can’t do things like 9/11, but sharks like Cheney might. Psychopaths like the Rockefellers might.

      We lost our rights because of a lie. The Constitution continues to be shredded by an increasingly corrupt government. Lies make it possible for evil to persist. Shine a light on evil and their carefully constructed house of cards falls apart.

  • Janus Daniels

    NOT Bush; the whole GOP.

  • Jon

    the incompetence started with the Clinton administration it was Clinton that eliminated all the Intelligence Agencies around the world. the terrorist attacks on the United States has been planned for many years not only just during the Bush administration. and that’s if you believe it was in fact the Taliban and not our own government that did this.

  • Niko

    It’s wasn’t “us” I didn’t vote for bush in either election I never believed his lies about Iraq Ever We knew who did 9/11 with in months and Iraq had nothing to do with it Don’t lump the people who were against the patriot act in the beginning to the naive idiots who believed saddam had wmds
    Thank you

  • Elaine C Drahushuk

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I could not have said it better myself…I think too many Americans misinterpret the PATRIOT Act, it’s anything but!

  • Viir Exeter

    President Obama did not merely “sign off” on “extending” the Patriot
    Act. He answers to, and needs cooperation on many fronts from, many factions, none the least of which are the CIA, FBI and military, all huge FACTIONS that he has to work with, acknowledge & listen to to make decisions. LAW MAKERS (the President does not make law) in Republican Congress pushed for the extension of the Patriot Act. The FBI, CIA and military intelligence all gave their reasons why the Patriot Act should be extended, so Obama signed the extension. Obama didn’t just BLINDLY say, “Oh, i think i’ll extend the W. Bush/Republican Patriot Act because i’m just like them.”

  • Fixthatgigline

    Oh, here we go,Blame Bush! Why is it that Americas answer to Bush, was Obama Twice? The real incompetents in this picture are Americans. The voting Americans are all about what They want at any cost. The non voting Americans are just a bunch of idiots who are gettin what they deserve! My experience is that most Americans are a bunchof self-centered twits that don’t deserve a tenth of what they have.

  • FC

    I am well-educated, progressive, and knowledgeable about many issues, and curious enough to learn about almost any others. I am deeply troubled by the collapse of the middle class, the erosion of our civil rights, and the utter failure of current journalism to provide desperately needed information to a dangerously misinformed public. I am also a writer. I would love to speak up (in writing) about this and many other issues of national importance! Forward Progressives, Barak Obama, Rachel Maddow, SNL–please give me a job! You need me, or people like me, to help reclaim our country from a public who is apathetic and misinformed because one point of view uses manipulative rhetoric to convince people who aren’t thinking critically to vote for politicians who don’t have their best interests at heart. People should be appalled at a political party whose leader repeatedly stated that its sole mission is to prevent our new president from having a second term. What else do people need to hear to know that this party is not interested in improving your life in any way? I think the answer is that there is simply not enough factual information out there to counteract the absurd rhetoric coming from sources that are obviously neither fair nor balanced. It would almost be enough, i think, to consistently report on the methods the right uses to communicate to people who are not paying attention. Think, for example, of the “what if” commercials from the right about Obamacare. The subtext of “what if I can’t keep my own doctor under Obamacare” is clearly that you absolutely can keep your own doctor, or the commercials would not need to resort to the “what if” rhetoric of simple fearmongering…

    Yes, I am speaking up! And writers need jobs, just like anyone, and I think we are needed, since there seem not to be nearly enough journalists out there.

  • GabbaGabbHeyGabbaWeese

    It’s Obama’s fault…somehow. I know it is!!!

  • Donna

    @ “Never mind the fact that the only thing G.W. knew about “stable leadership” involved the horses on his ranch.” FYI there were never horses on his “ranch” and in fact GWB can’t ride.

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    My Dad authored Freedom of Information Act…and Patriot act essentially cancels it….Terrible, stupid legislation by the rich and greedy to control everyone else. Creating a maudlin climate of fear through manipulative propaganda in the press….trying to control what is taught to youngsters about government and how it works…just myriad stupid, grasping, acquisitive changes permeating our government and culture….what a mess!

  • William smith

    Lets face it ALL politicians are CROOKS. And are only out for the money and corporate gain.

  • JustMeAgain

    RIGHT ON! Too bad the majority of Americans are more concerned about booze, drugs, porno, sports, and guns to really care about their rights as human beings. It’s too late now. Big Brother got what he wanted and there’s no going back. Sad but true.

  • This article is so funny. While I agree with the goofball part, this article seems to miss what seems to me to be an obvious strategy. Shoehorn a goofball into the Big Chair and anything the government does is seen as incompetent. So, the government could not have had anything to do with 9/11. Bush was a puppet and an idiot. Yet he cooperated with mass murder. Not a very nice goofball.

    But Obama is equally a puppet. We needed a real statesman to wash the goofball slime out of our collective mouths. Into our lives steps the silver-tongued devil himself, lying all the way to the Big Chair. He had promised to get us out of Iraq on day one. Did it happen? That was my rude awakening.

    Then he wins the Nobel Peace Prize before doing anything. The strategy here was to create an aura of peace and statesmanlike behavior. Reality betrayed the true purpose. Obama became the worst war mongering president ever. He continued Iraq, escalated Afghanistan, attacked Libya, threatened Syria and Iran, and committed drone strikes in numerous other countries with impunity. Perhaps he should give back his Nobel Prize. Perhaps we should all ignore the Nobel committee as corrupt.

    9/11 was an inside job. How can we know this? There are hundreds of facts that point to this conclusion. Perhaps the strongest for me was the perfect free fall of WTC7 — the third building to collapse on 9/11 — the one NOT hit by an airplane. Perfect free fall means zero resistance. Now, ask yourself, when has solid steel ever offered zero resistance? The corrupt NIST scientists who tried to sell this fraud should try to ram their heads through a solid steel beam to test their claim. Headache anyone? Dumb.

    The fact that the CIA had its 2nd largest office in WTC7 should tell you that security in the building would have been very tight. Since it takes months to prepare a building of that size for controlled demolition, the CIA had to have known about the explosives. Either that or they are more incompetent than Bush. Do the math.