Dish Network Has Dropped Fox News: Here Are 5 Alternatives Conservatives Can Watch Instead

hannity-stewartAs many of you have heard, there’s currently an ongoing dispute between Dish Network and Fox News. These kinds of disputes are nothing new and they always boil down to money. Of course, this is only temporary. It’s just a matter of time before one side caves and Fox News is back on Dish Network spewing their special brand of ignorance and misinformation.

But in the meantime Dish Network did expose Fox News as nothing more than right-wing propaganda by temporarily replacing the channel with Newsmax and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze in the same channel tier.

Of course to most conservatives, not even those ultra loony right-wing channels can possibly replace Fox News. So I thought I’d offer my own list of 5 channels conservatives who subscribe to Dish Network can watch to try to fill that empty hole left when their favorite conservative entertainment channel was taken off the air.

1. SyFy: Since millions of conservatives believe that dinosaurs and humans once walked alongside one another, I figure many of them must be huge fans of science fiction. And I’m sure they show the Jurassic Park movies on the network once in a while.

2. The Weather Channel: Apparently many conservatives don’t understand the difference between weather and climate. Good news! There’s an entire network that’s on the air 24 hours a day that can teach them the difference between the two and explain that just because it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean climate change isn’t real.

3. Comedy Central: More specifically The Daily Show. While watching Jon Stewart isn’t the same as watching Sean Hannity, he does cover a lot of what’s said on Fox News – just without all of the lies, propaganda and b.s. And hey, if you pay close enough attention, you might even learn a few things while watching.

4. NASA Television: Since many conservatives seem to believe that the Earth is only 6,000-years-old, I think it might be beneficial for conservatives to learn a thing or two from NASA about the vastness of space. That way these people who think the planet is only a few thousand years old can realize just how absolutely stupid that is.

5. CMT: With quality and educational shows like Redneck Island, Party Down South, Swamp Pond, Swamp Hunters, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt and what seems like an endless supply of Cops: Reloaded, this just seems like a channel tailor-made for Southern conservatives. And I would be absolutely stunned if they didn’t show The Beverly Hillbillies movie from time to time.

Well, there you have it folks. I’m just one progressive trying to help my conservative counterparts who subscribe to Dish Network fill the giant void that I know they’re currently experiencing.

If anyone else has any suggestions, please hit me up on Twitter and share your ideas. If this contract dispute goes on for too much longer I might need to make a longer list next time.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • dapowellii

    You do know that dish did the exact same thing with CNN a couple of months ago, right…? Does that mean CNN was also exposed as right wing propaganda?

    • Nancy B

      CNN reached a temporary agreement until negotiations are settled and is on the air, as Fox will be again soon. But your post is probably at the top of today’s “missed the point” list. So maybe you’ll get a prize for that.

      • dapowellii

        The point to this article is that the author thinks dish replacing FoXNews with The Blaze means Dish was exposing the right-wing propaganda of FoxNews. However, when they were going through the same negotations, Dish repaced CNN with The Blaze. By the author’s logic, CNN is also an agent of right-wing propaganda.

        Perhaps you missed the point?

      • Nancy B

        I believe you are incorrect about CNN being replaced by Blaze. I can find no references to that. And . . . some people need to get a sense of humor.

      • dapowellii

        You can believe I am incorrect all you want, but I watched it for several weeks so Iknow it is a fact. Dish actually replaced CNN with The Blaze while contract negotiations were ongoing. Dish also blocked other Turner channels such as Cartoon Network during the same period.

      • Nancy B

        Blaze had been on Dish for a while before this happened, beginning as paid programming . Cite a source for the replacement you speak of, or it didn’t happen.

      • CQ50

        CNN was off for a month.

    • Allen Clifton
  • kduke

    And they replaced CNN with…?

    Yeah, I thought you didn’t notice the actual POINT of the story. It helps to read more than the headlines (except for a Fox fan…)

    • Allen Clifton

      Dish replaced CNN with an actual cable news channel. TheBlaze is not a cable news channel.

  • American

    So they just lie? Tell me more please

  • Brenda Lachance

    I think Fox is also forgetting who made them number one (we the people) thank you Fox I was a dedicated watcher. Everything comes down to money and I had more respect for you guys.

  • M. Beach

    Your suggestions are lame. Watching more CNN has made me realize how much better the programming and actual content were on Fox. Beck is a boring demagogue .

  • GP

    I just love polarized politics. Both sides of the aisle give me a bad taste in my mouth. You are exactly like those right wing conservative crazies: you’re just to the far-far left left of the crazy spectrum. Yep, two sides of the same coin. Any moderate or independent finds both heavy conservatives and forward progressives, incompetent fools with no real interest in what’s best for the whole; just their own far leaning agendas. I’m friends with both of you and all I can do is shake my head when you guys forget to take your pills because nothing you say has any true foundation except to tear the nation in half and try to force the weak minded to choose sides. Keep drinking that kool-aid and move forward with walking off that cliff.

    • JimmiJames

      I agree mostly. But the guy (or gal) who wrote this article is as kooky as they get. Lie after lie after lie…. and the funny thing is “it” doesn’t even realize that they are doing the exact same thing as “it” accuses the right of…. These people that call themselves forward progressives must live in some kind of alternate universe in their own minds? I have no answer for their insanity…. To be fair, the right has their own kooks but at least, mostly, there is some reason for their views.

  • Richard


  • Richard


  • Gray Panther

    Amazing how it never seems to occur to people how obscene the amount of money we all pay to watch TV; this is what we all should really be angry about. As if these channel conglomerates don’t make enough money off the advertisers whose commercials only a very few are interested in watching. My hat is off to the cord cutters; I would be one as well but my provider offered us a rate that is no higher than what we’d pay for Netflix & Hulu. They might offer you such rates as well; give it a try & jump off this silly bandwagon of paying way too much for too little of any real value.

    • rene


  • rlsowers

    Allen Clifton….I know you left-wing so-called “journalists” are nothing more than Obama’s puppets, and repeat the king’s talking points, but you might want to try a little research before you post your remarks. When CNN went off the air, Dish Network replaced them with the Blaze. So using your so-called “logic”, one could make the asinine assumption that CNN is right-wing propaganda. And as far as misinformation from Fox News, give some examples. No one watches CNN or MSNBC, because they are nothing but bitter, offended liberals.

    • Gray Panther

      I never pay any attention to any of these people who whine & complain about right-wing content because the chances are just too good that they don’t tune in, so they don’t know WTF they are talking about.

    • Di Kelley

      I see some people have failed to recognize sarcasm when they see it.

  • roadrunner131

    5 best things to read than this fool’s blogs

    1. The back of a Fruit Loops cereal box
    2. Anything written on an etch-a-sketch by my 2 year old grandson.
    3. Ikea assembly instructions written in japanese
    4. The script to Rocky 5
    5. Instructions on how to use a condom

  • gmandude

    We could all get lobotomies so we could qualify as members of the progressive-leftist movement. Then, watching the fantasy channels known as MSNBC and CNN would at least begin to make a little sense. Maybe.

  • TonyBrrr

    With Fox off the air, I have time to widen my reading choices. I’m the 20th person over a 24 hour period to comment on this little piece. I would think such insight would attract more of a following. The modern progressives- the few, the proud. Tomorrow I plan to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky with my first cousin. If Fox isn’t back on the air, I’ll check to see if this site’s readership numbers have picked up.

  • Esther Edwards

    We live in a Rural area called Salt Springs, FL–We do NOT have Cell Service!! We have DISH and our other choices are DIRECTV or Bright House!! We cannot get PRISM!! We had DIRECTV before DISH and more billing problems than you can imagine–they were suppose to take the payment out by DIRECT DEPOSIT–they kept loosing our ACCT#!! We would get a statement in the mail every 2 mo. telling me I was 2 mo. behind on my bill!! I would call -give them the ACCT# –[email protected] mo. later –same thing!! The people around us that have BRIGHT HOUSE HATE IT–they loose service 3-4 days at a time!! We have a DISH BUNDLE–PH.-INTERNET-TV!! We get a very good price!! We have checked DIRECTV–THEY want a 2 yr. CONTRACT or NOTHING!!! We don’t want a 2 yr. CONTRACT!! Now I’m having trouble getting your feeds on FACEBOOK!! WE are both TIRED OF DAYTIME TV AND THE NEWS CHOICES!! PLEASE SETTLE THIS–PLEASE–SOME OF US DON’T HAVE A BIG CHOICE–NO SMART PHONES!!

  • Jim Bean

    I really don’t think Comedy Central has either the resources or the will to effectively be the watchdog of our government.

  • John McMullen

    Can anyone see the irony here? What kind of a blind squirrel writes that FOX is incompetent and looney when the main stream media panders to the ignorant and celebrity crazed uninformed masses? Lies and exaggerated reports make for good copy and ignorant left wingers lap it up. John Stewart is very funny and admittedly very liberal, but as a real newsman, he is about as informative as Micky Mouse. But people who can barely identify our leaders and have no idea what the Constitution says could care less about the future of the country. Just give them funny lines and lying quips about FOX news, and send them back to ESPN. Even college graduates who proclaim to be liberals know nothing about what the liberal Democrats are doing to the country. Our country is slowly giving way to shallow “celebrities” and football playoffs and quickly becoming a sad and sinking socialist mess.

  • ss

    Hey Allen (or is it A.C. for ASS Clown ! ) Get a Life !!

  • Eric Johnson

    Ignorance and Misinformation????? LOL… aren’t you something special! There hasn’t been a more honest News Reporting agency on this earth, always BOTH sides are able to debate no matter what, there are no editorials like you find on ALL other cable news groups, too bad.. sooo sad for the liberal side of the isle.

  • Chris Bray

    Your argument makes no sense. You said we conservatives think we walked beside dinosaurs, then said we think the planet is only 6000 yrs. old. You are an idiot. Maybe you need to stop watching CNN and pick up a book.

    • Di Kelley

      Chris, *some* of the more far right religious conservatives *do* think that. Those are the ones this guy is lampooning. I also tried tyo point out earlier that a lot of people seem to have missed the sarcasm inherent and intended in this blog post.

  • kwright65

    An ignorant genius. thinking you are superior does not make you so. Fox has its slant. Everyone does. CNN not reporting thing that are negative makes them deceptive

  • kent

    Allen Clifton : Dick Head