Dishonest Liberal Websites Wrongfully Accusing Ted Nugent of Calling Native Americans ‘Unclean Vermin’

ted-nugent-1I can’t believe I’m having to write an article defending the draft-dodging statutory rapist Ted Nugent, but I ran across this story and found the dishonesty by many who wrote about it to be inexcusable.

So I guess this isn’t really a defense of Nugent as much as it is my condemnation of those who blatantly perpetuated a lie.

By now many have probably heard that recently a Native American tribe canceled one of Nugent’s concerts at their casino due to his history of racist remarks.  The tribe claimed at the time they booked Nugent they weren’t aware of his past, and once they were made aware of some of the comments he’s made in the past, they decided to cancel the show.

Good for them.  Nugent is a vile and disgusting human being.

Then not too long after that story had broke, he did an interview where he called some people who were trying to get his show canceled “unclean vermin.”  Which then apparently prompted several liberal websites to push the story that Nugent had called the Native Americans who canceled his show “unclean vermin.”

Which naturally led to headlines like:

Headlines which sound shocking an appalling – yet they’re either blatantly misleading or (in the case of the Ted Nugent: Native Americans Are ‘Unclean Vermin’ Who Don’t ‘Qualify As People’  headline) 100% false.

What Nugent was actually referring to was the effort by some to get his concert set for Waterfest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin canceled.  His comments had nothing to do with the Native American tribe who canceled his August concert at their casino.

What happened was back in June there was a small push to get his concert canceled for the Waterfest festival.  This even included a small online petition which has since been taken down by the person who started it.

So during an interview with Gannett Wisconsin Media he was asked about this push by some to get his Waterfest show canceled, and that’s when Nugent said:

“I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy.”

“By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people, but there has always been a lunatic fringe of hateful, rotten, dishonest people that hate happy, successful people.”

He wasn’t talking about the Native American tribe who canceled his show, he was talking about the people who tried unsuccessfully to get his Oshkosh show canceled.  Which, if you read the original article, is made perfectly clear.  He’s talking about liberals in general, as he usually does – not Native Americans specifically.

Are his comments offensive?  Of course they are.  He’s a scumbag who, in my opinion, seems to suffer from severe mental instability.  The delusions he has about himself are astounding.

But what some of these liberal websites did was take a quote and blatantly created an entirely different story that had absolutely nothing to do with what he actually said.

Like I said, I’m not really defending Nugent. I’m just disgusted that some liberal websites stooped to such an unethical level of “journalism” to report this shamelessly fabricated story.

The behavior of Ted Nugent, and conservatives in general, is bad enough that we don’t have to fabricate stories about it.  But that’s what some of these sites did.

As liberals we’re supposed to hold ourselves to a higher standard than resorting to Drudge/Breitbart level misinformation and lies.  But unfortunately it seems some sites care more about “shocking” headlines, and perpetuating misleading stories, than reporting factual information about real events.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bungee

    I’m also disgusted at any media sources that distort or over-sensationalize articles and headlines. While I appreciate the clarification, I will always think of Nugent as the draft-dodging, poopy-pants pedophile that he is.

    • BentDemocrat

      What is more damning? The simple fact that the “unclean vermin” statement could well have been made about the Cour D’Alene tribe or that Nugent continues to get headlines for saying things that, by all rights, should land him in a mental institution?

      • David P.

        Not a big fan of the First Amendment, eh?

        And no, it is not a simple fact that the statement COULD have been made about the tribe, because it WASN’T. He was talking specifically about another group of people COMPLETELY UNATTACHED to the tribe about an incident COMPLETELY UNATTACHED to them canceling his show.

        So, stop trying to attach an issue to something that doesn’t exist. It only continues to prove that:

        1) Liberals are intellectually dishonest
        2) Nugent was right about liberals being vermin.

      • geezer 56

        It really bothers me that people persist in thinking the First Amendment is about saying whatever you want (and even being paid to say whatever you want) without facing any consequences. Ten Nugent wasn’t hauled away by the cops and imprisoned for what he said. His First Amendment rights have not been infringed.

      • M D Reese

        Thank you!

      • geezer 56

        You’re welcome, although I realized afterward that David P. was probably just responding to BentDemocrat’s hyperbole about institutionalizing Nugent for acting crazy. Still, anyone who calls liberals “vermin” deserves to be taken down a notch or two.

      • David P.

        Actually, that was the entire reason. The only ones capable of legally incarcerating anyone in a mental institution is the state. To suggest that someone should be locked up [by the state] in a mental institution for speaking their mind is a complete violation of the First Amendment.

        And if you think that people should be knocked down a notch or two for calling liberals “vermin”, one has to ask: do you feel the same way about people calling conservatives the same?

      • geezer 56

        I don’t call conservatives “vermin.” But evidently you and Ted Nugent have no problem with it. You seem to be unaware of how much that says about you.

        And BTW, merely suggesting that someone should be locked up for their views is not a violation of the First Amendment. Actually doing it would be.

      • David P.

        No, you call them racist, sexist, bigoted and homophobic.

        Hyperbole much?

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Because you are. Your words, hateful Tea Party signs, your posts and your actions all clearly demonstrate that many on the Right have a problem with minorities, homosexuals and women. Don’t hate me for speaking the truth about your side. Clean up your own backyard.

      • David P.

        Except you have no evidence but what you photoshop.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Still waiting for the FEMA camps, gun seizures and enactment of Sharia Law. The Right are in a constant state of paranoia and anger. Instead of solving problems, they spend their time trying to top the other guy in the crazy wars. Congress, including Republicans, will be on vacation very soon. The Right have no solutions, just criticism.

      • Native American

        Not that I was part of this conversation here, but yes. A person is a person regardless of personal opinion. They can be good people, bad people or neutral people but people are people just the same. Referring to an individual human as “vermin” when vermin (like rats and mice) are regularly exterminated to keep a house free of diseases is like saying that a person of a specific mindset should be killed with extreme prejudice. There is no call for this from any source. So you disagree with me, fine, let’s discuss that further. Unless you can’t handle a healthy debate where both sides present their points in a civil manner.

      • Aonewhoknows

        As another Native American, i’d like to point out the history of “Vermin” who were brought here by stowing away on the ships with the “unclean” colonials who infected our shores 400 years ago.

      • David P.

        Actually, syphilis is what was spread by the natives to the Columbus crew. But it was a fair trade, you got smallpox.

      • Nancy Wanshon

        @David P: Your behind in your history. It’s a proven fact that Europe had a problem with syphilis well before 1492. The English found a medicine that helped syphilis while in Mass. 1622-1623.

      • David P.

        I’m sure you thought the exact same thing when you posted about W. Bush between 2000 and 2008?

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Nugent uses the same vile, veiled racist hate speech Hitler used against the Jews. He, too, referred to Jews as rats, vermin, rodents, etc. Nugent is a White Supremacist, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

      • Jamroast

        you have absolutely no conception of what the First Amendment is and the protections it offers and who it protects you from. Try reading it before spouting rubbish.

      • David P.

        1) I have your avatar pinned to my wall – Know Your Goat! 🙂

        2) Obviously I do understand the First Amendment and explained exactly how it could be violated by the state locking away someone because of their opinion.

        In fact, I can explain all 5 clauses of the First Amendment and how they evolved due to the debates between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists over that issue.

        3) Try reading my comment and think about the consequences of it first before spouting your emotional drivel.

      • AlCum

        No, you don’t understand the First Amendment and your assertions are incorrect. The “state” is not the only entity capable of having someone committed for mental health treatment, nor does the state have a monopoly on treatment facilities. Nor would it be a violation if the First Amendment to subject an obviously mentally I’ll and threatening person to involuntary treatment.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Jamroast, when David Pee, refers to goats, that’s another racist, hateful dog whistle term they use to slam Muslims and malign people of Middle Eastern descent. In fact, they call the President a goat herder all the time. David thinks he’s being clever and nuanced, but he’s not. I’m calling you what you are–A RACIST.

      • David P.


        Is that the best that brain stem of yours can do, sparky?

        Must be – since you’re nothing but a ProgTwat…

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Actually, David, that’s not the real problem. The real problem is Ted Nugent routinely threatens public officials–The President, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. It is illegal to threaten anyone, but especially the President. That’s the law. If you don’t like that law, please change it through peaceful means. I detested President Bush, but I never threatened him. The Right has no problem threatening others with violence. Don’t play the victim when folks on the Right, like the Nuge, go around threatening others.

      • David P.

        Nugent has only threatened them with RETALIATION.

        They need to make the first move. After that, it’s fair game. That is what Nugent is saying.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        What? You cannot threaten the President of the US–EVER! It’s illegal. You obviously are not familiar with the law. The President is never “fair game.”

      • Lawrencia

        Anyone who threatens the presidents life and is an admitted pedophile needs to be locked up.

      • David P.

        Well, then we’d be locking up every anti-Bush liberal who marched in a parade with a Bush-hanging effigy.

        Please submit yourself for incarceration.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        That’s different, but explaining the legal nuances to someone of limited intelligence, is more than i care to to do. You can burn an effigy of the President or anyone, but you cannot make verbal threats, videos, or post threats of violence. You also can’t send letters with ricin or some other substance.

      • Okay, I’ll bite. How is this a violation of the First Amendment? Did Congress make a law that states it is illegal for anyone to say that other people should be committed for words they say?

        People who are severely mentally ill or delusional talk in public and talk to others. It is what they say and how they act that gives others clues as to their mental state. A severely mentally ill person doesn’t possess the self-awareness to check themselves into a psychiatric hospital. So to suggest that people can’t say that, based upon someone else’s irrational speech, someone needs psychological help is not only a gross misinterpretation of the 1st Amendment, but foolish and ignorant.

      • David P.

        Because the First Amendment extends to more than just Congress. No state or local municipality can lock someone up in a psych ward just because some liberal doesn’t agree with what they are saying.

        You are making the assumption that psychological help is warranted in this case as well. Sorry to burst your little enclosed bubble world, but Nugent CAN call liberals “vermin” and you CANNOT have him locked up for it.

        That is what the First Amendment states.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        He wouldn’t be incarcerated for expressing a racist or distasteful view, but he sure could be for threatening the President’s life. You betcha.

      • David P.

        So when do you surrender to authorities for your actions between 2000 and 2008?

      • BentDemocrat

        I don’t think he should be institutionalized…yet. But let us be honest here for a moment. If the average unknown Joe made the same comments and was as well armed, would he be running around loose?

        The Nudge was interviewed by the FBI for his statements. Anyone else would have been held for at least three days for that interview.

        Yes, only in America.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        I think he still poses a danger to the President and others. He’s threatened violence so many times, you have to wonder if he’ll finally snap.

      • David P.

        Your opinion. If anything, I’m more worried about when YOU’LL snap.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Good, I like when Right Wingers are frightened.

      • David P.

        I’m not worried or frightened. I can drop you from 800 feet away.

      • Brigadier

        Truth hurts, eh geezer? As a conservative, I have been called a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe…..just based on my political views. Now that the liberals are getting a dose of their own medicine, it doesn’t taste very good, does it. So reap what you sow.

      • geezer 56

        Maybe that’s because your political views compel you to act like a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe? Just guessing.

        As for getting a taste of my own medicine, I think you have me confused with Ted Nugent. (There’s a first time for everything, I guess.) That man has been cruisin’ for a bruisin’ for decades.

      • Brigadier

        Whatever you have to tell yourself so you can look in the mirror.

      • geezer 56

        I was going to provide a link where you could brush up on your trolling technique, because that was really pathetic. Unfortunately, this site apparently moderates comments with links. If you Google “Internet troll – angler or underbridge dweller” you’ll find the article. Good luck with that!

      • Brigadier

        If you don’t like to be called Unclean Vermin, try taking a shower.

      • geezer 56

        Oh, even worse. Detention must have let out early today.

      • Brigadier

        Things must be slow in the welfare line, huh geezer?

      • geezer 56

        I wish babysitting Internet trolls kept food on the table.

      • Phil Dubois

        What because geezer is a liberal he must be on welfare? Talk about hypocrisy. Maybe you should act towards others the way you feel others should act toward you.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Phil, that’s exactly how the Right think. They falsely believe that they’re the only hard working, real American patriots. From my experience, most Tea Party types are broke, divorced, have substance abuse problems, and blame everyone else for their own poor life decisions. They have to be mad at someone else because scrutinizing their own lives and failures, it too much.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Or, you can stop being a racist, bigot and bully and cease using language and terms that Hilter used to describe Jews. Know your history, Brigadier, now get back to latrine duty.

      • David P.

        You’d ONLY be guessing. Nothing Brigadier has stated is racist, sexist, bigoted or homophobic.

        Maybe you just project too much? Just guessing.

      • Phil Dubois

        Seems to me it is a liberal who wrote the article. It also seems to me it was posted on a very liberal website. So obviously liberals are fully capable of self policing their own. I wonder if you can honestly say the same thing about conservatives. If you would like to start maybe do so by calling out Nugent for his subhuman remarks just because of other people’s political views. If not just shut up and quit playing the victim.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        If the shoe fits, and with folks like you, it always does.

      • Brigadier

        Then take a shower.

      • David P.

        I don’t. Hence why I don’t use that strawman argument.

        But being locked up for your opinions IS an infringement of the First Amendment.

      • Tekno Ficus

        Actually, you’re incorrect. Someone was STATING the OPINION that he should be locked up, that’s also guaranteed as part of the First Amendment.

        Furthermore, if in response people want to call Nugent a pants shitting pedophile, they have a right to do so, because it is part of their right to freedom of speech, same goes for him with calling people vermine, people seem to get free speech wrong.

        Free speech does not mean “I can say anything I want and you have no right to say anything back”, it means you can say what you want…and people have the exact same right to respond, that includes them suggesting you’re mental and need to be locked up.

        Also, the defense of free speech is a weak one for an argument, it’s like saying you’re saying what you’re saying because you literally cannot be locked up for it, pretty weak as a debate rule. Kind of like sweeping generalizations 😉

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Has the Nuge been locked up? I mean I know he dodged the draft and had sex with minors, but to my knowledge, he’s still free.

      • David P.

        You mean Bill Clinton?

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Geezer, you know the Right–they must play the victim card when they are the victimizers. It’s a famous tactic employed by Goebbel’s and the Third Reich. Unlike many of these folks, I’ve met the Nuge. Big fan of his guitar playing and early music, but he’s really gone off the deep end. You can count on racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and bigoted Right Wingers to support anything that he or other Tea party nuts utter.

      • Stephen L. Wilson

        LOL! You make these horrible accusations of liberals on a LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE web page! *smh* *face/palm* Really? Do you even see the complete lack of intellect you display by doing that? Everything else about your post is clear and logical. At the end, you display perfect Private Pyle behavior, which discredits the rest.
        “They’re paying for it … you eat it!”

      • David P.

        So, what you are saying is that only liberals should post on liberal sites and thus only conservatives should post on conservative sites?

        You wanna share that secret with the rest of the liberals posting on conservative sites then? I dinna think they got the memo.

      • Phil Dubois

        Actually I think what he was saying is you have not contributed to the conversation in a constructive way.

      • Matt

        It’s great to see people debate especially when different view are expressed. Lack of intellect hardly. Anybody can go on any site and state their opinion. Opinions are like… ya know? No one has the one up on any viewpoint though they certainly think they do. Blissfully ignorant ain’t so bad or is it?

      • William Bradberry

        Your initially factual reply descended quite rapidly into self-glorified idiocy. Good luck with that.

      • David P.

        Interesting – because the very fact that liberals tried to paint Nugent as guilty for slander against an Indian tribe with his comments actually FACTUALLY prove my first statement and the fact you continue to attack him for something he didn’t say about said tribes FACTUALLY proves my second.

        Have a nice day, vermin. 🙂

      • Teri

        this particular article IS a liberal taking some other liberal media to task for misrepresentation. Your terming all liberals as vermin puts you right on Nugent’s level. Not a very good place to be.

      • William Bradberry

        “Continue” implies at least two posts. I posted once. “Attack” implies I attacked him. I did not. Irresponsible left-leaning websites took the quote out of context and ran with it and you’re blaming the people who were fed suspect information. You then seem to infer that because the quote was in regards to people attempting to orchestrate a boycott of one of his concerts and not indigenous peoples in particular, that this is somehow more acceptable or tolerant.

        You’re either a cookie-cutter troll, or criminally myopic.

      • Joanne

        please learn what the 1st amendment actually says.

      • Matt

        What does it say Joanne? Please educate us.

      • Joanne

        That you are not free from the consequences the public may bring down on you for saying something stupid and bigoted, you just can’t be thrown in jail by your government for voicing your opinion.

      • Joanne

        It’s not a difficult thing to look up and it’s not that hard of a concept to grasp, although there sure are a lot of people who don’t seem to get it.

      • Darby A Quinn

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t say anything about being free from consequence. I’m pretty certain that you also have little or no understanding of the first amendment, Joanne, if that’s how you think. The words are plain, and the words are simple. And since it is so difficult for you to understand what it says and refuse to look it up, here it is.

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        So I ask, where does it say that you are not free from consequences? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t.

      • rayb_baby

        You’re the one that doesn’t get it, Darby. The “not free from consequences” is implied in that anyone has the “freedom of speech” to respond to anything that you say and that may include consequences. Get it?

      • Darby A Quinn

        I get it perfectly. Joanne stated that the first amendment says something that it does not say. Consequences are not doled out by the first amendment, nor are they implied in anyway. Perhaps you need to learn to read things for what they are, and not read into them.

      • rayb_baby

        Not only don’t you get it perfectly, you don’t get it at all, other than that the 1st amendment doesn’t DIRECTLY say that. You need a lesson on interpretation.

      • gscott

        I see. We hold these rights to be self evident. Then whatever else you feel can be implied.

      • rayb_baby

        It’s “self evident” that if you say something stupid, or a lie, there may be consequences for it.

      • Phil Dubois

        Consequences are not doled out anywhere in the Constitution. It doesn’t have any penalties for violating any amendment anywhere in it. In fact it is congress who outlines what penalty to hand out for violating others Constitutional rights not the Constitution itself. The Constitution just says who has the right to create the penalties for violating it. If you don’t understand even that maybe it’s time to stop acting like you understand it in it’s entirety.

      • Brigadier

        And if you had half a brain, you would understand that if the powers are NOT enumerated in the Constitution, then the .gov does NOT have them. Therefore, because it doesn’t say there will be consequences…….get it?

      • Phil Dubois

        Wow you posted something then mangled it’s meaning even when it was spelled out right in front of you. It clearly spelled out who cannot infringe on your free speech. Congress. It was right there is the post you put up. It specifically said congress cannot create consequences for saying something. Thus that amendment clearly only covers acts of congress. It’s not that hard to understand…then again for some people obviously it is.

      • BentDemocrat

        I’m a huge fan of the first amendment. I find it particularly useful for spotting the mentally unbalanced so we can all keep an eye on them.

        I’ll pass on commenting on the rest of your rant as it is “intellectually dishonest.”

      • Guest

        “Liberals are intellectually dishonest” – In some cases that is true and I don’t like it when it happens, but they are NOWHERE NEAR the level of intellectual dishonesty of conservatives. An in Ted Nuggent’s case there is no reason to make anything up because he proves what a vile piece of crap he is on a daily basis without fabricating anything.

        “Nugent was right about liberals being vermin” – F**k you, you ignorant piece of s**t!

      • rayb_baby

        “Liberals are intellectually dishonest” – In some cases that is true and I don’t like it when it happens, but they are NOWHERE NEAR the level of intellectual dishonesty of conservatives. And in Ted Nuggent’s case there is no reason to make anything up because he proves what a vile piece of crap he is on a daily basis without fabricating anything.

        “Nugent was right about liberals being vermin” – F**k you, you ignorant piece of s**t!

      • gscott

        I don’t know if liberals are intellectually dishonest. But most of them are intellectually incapable. Conservatives reason, Liberals emote. It’s hard to reason with people driven by emotion.

      • rayb_baby

        I’ve heard that idiotic talking point for years. The main intellectual difference is that conservatives are much more easily brainwashed to believe the right-wing crap that they hear.

      • gscott

        haha. You must live in a liberal mecca, you’ve been drinking the kool-aid too long.

      • rayb_baby

        You just proved my point!

      • some guy

        If Conservatives use “reason”, then why are they so fond of flying in the face of scientific fact all the time? For example, they’re constantly using easily debunkable, bullshit arguments to fight against LGBT rights and to demonize certain contraceptives (mostly Plan B), not to mention the fact that they deny that global warming is a thing despite the evidence being right there in their faces. This is an ignorant, hypocritical thing to say.

      • DeezyHatesHoes

        BWAHAHAHA…..oh, wait, you were trying to be serious? Conservatives “reason”??? Man, I don’t have time to list the 756 things WRONG with that statement!!!

      • Kelly Lape

        Hahahaha – thanks for that laugh.

      • Phil Dubois

        Is it reasonable to deny science on evolution or global warming? Is it reasonable to ignore decades of research and claim tax breaks always pay for themselves? Is it reasonable claim companies will create jobs even without any demand for more of their product just because they got a tax break? Is it reasonable to think the majority of welfare recipients are lazy moochers who could work if they wanted to based on a story of someone seeing a food stamp user buying a candy bar?

      • gscott

        I guess you think liberals are reasonable?

      • AlCum

        Man, do you ever have that backward! I haven’t met a conservative yet who argued from anything BUT emotion.

      • Rhena

        The main difference between the two is Liberals will call out and condemn our own for dishonesty, conservatives won’t. Perfect example: David Vitter was re-elected after his diaper changing hooker scandal, Anthony Weiner can’t get a job anywhere after being run out on a rail for sending a dick-pic.

      • Brigadier

        Rhena, actually the reverse is true. I have never seen a liberal call Obama, Pelosi, Reid to task. They staunchly defend them til the death. Again, a liberal accusing the opposition of what they are clearly guilty off.

      • Phil Dubois

        Seems to me this is a liberal site with a liberal writer calling out liberals. How does that fit your narrative?

      • AlCum

        Call them to task for what?

        When did you call Bush or Cheney or Reagan or Boehner or McConnell to task?

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Yeah, and you’re the people that try to argue that Sarah Palin is brilliant and would make a fine President. LOL.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Don’t forget family values Republicans re-elected Mark Sanford.

      • Brigadier

        Your last comment proves Nugent’s point. Every argument, when being lost, degrades to name calling, illustrating his point.

      • geezer 56

        Er, Did you happen to notice the name calling started with Nugent himself, and then on this thread with David P., and then you? So far you’re the worst of the bunch.

      • Brigadier

        A little dose of your own liberal medicine, Geez.

      • geezer 56

        You keep confusing me with Ted Nugent. He’s the one getting a taste of his own medicine. I’m doing just fine, thank you very much.

      • Brigadier

        Sitting in the welfare line sucking of the hind teet of the .gov? Being a parasite on society?

      • Phil Dubois

        How do you know geezer is sitting in a welfare line? Is it across from your KKK rally or something? For soemone who thinks he’s a victim of so much name calling for his political views you sure seem to fit the mold of every stereotype of a conservative there is.

      • rayb_baby

        WOW! And you accuse ME of name calling? Here’s one for you: You are an illiterate, dumbass kochsucker with allusions of grandeur calling yourself “Brigadier” when the only thing you control is your keyboard to satiate your fragile ego.

        Now you can accuse me of name calling, moron!

      • rayb_baby

        How was a statement of fact name calling? If anything, you just proved my point.

      • Michael Slattery

        Straight from the GOP playbook, “Namecalling, Deflection and the Fine Art of Delivering a Clever One-Liner in the Face Of A Tough Question”

      • John M.

        David: Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

      • Pithy Eponym Here

        Your generalizations about ONE group of people COMPLETELY UNATTACHED from other groups of people who may share the same ideology but not the same outrage marks you as a rank hypocrite. It only proves that:

        1. (Some)Conservatives live inside their own echo chamber of back-patting rhetoric and lump all those marked”other” into one giant pile.
        2) A lack of qualifiers towards a specific group seems to be a mainstay Atwater/Rove tactic of projection by (some) Conservatives.

        3. (Some) People should stop trying to paint everything with the same brush, it looks like Nugent’s pants after his week long self-fecalization.

      • Darwin Cotton Jr.


      • gordon_wagner

        Thinking in terms of “liberal” and “conservative” guarantees that nothing will be solved or even discussed, it’s a whack-a-mole game.

      • Bobby Jo

        David is the perfect example of the White Trash that belong to the White Party. All of them are FoxBots who need to be told what to say and how to think

      • Lawrencia

        Nugent called people trying to cancel his show unclean vermin.
        The tribe cancelled his show. How is that a distortion?
        Tea Baggers are liars and human filth. That’s a fact.

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        Free Market. They have the right to cancel his show, refund any monies owed and do whatever they want. Why is it when “liberals” run their business the way they want, you folks have a problem with it?

      • Brigadier

        Yes, you are intellectually dishonest by saying that Nugent’s remarks “could well have been made about the Cour D’Alene tribe”, which if you had any sense of reading comprehension, you can plainly see they were NOT. But since YOU tried to make that connection, you proved that liberals are intellectually dishonest.

    • Michael Slattery

      “…Nugent as the draft-dodging, poopy-pants pedophile that he is.”
      LOL. Beat me to it Bung, nice!!

    • Ron Krandle

      As a Conservative, I agree with you on that point. No one should misquote people or try putting words in their mouths. As much as I dislike Barack Obama, there are times I’ll see some blaring headline over something awful he supposedly said only to find out inside the article that it’s a real stretch of the facts. Both Conservative and Progressive news channels and sites have people that do this so you have to be smart enough to sift through the crap to get to the real facts. I have enough to disagree with Obama on and it’s his own words or actions which I hold him to, not some fake crap said about him.

  • Ron Webb

    The ones who posted the lies are no better than Faux News.

  • Brandon Engelman

    I agree but I hate the term draft-dodging. Like there is something wrong with trying to stay alive instead of in some bullshit ware our government dreamt up to sell helicopters and rhetoric.

    • chaserblue

      But considering he is now a chicken hawk, there shouldn’t be any problem associated with it. He’s all about the military and service now when he can’t serve, but he was all about dodging it when he could. It’s no better than Cheney sending troops to die when he dodged the draft with five deferments, or Rush Limbaugh saying he couldn’t serve because he had a cyst on his ass. But none of them have trouble spouting off and screaming for military action at the drop of a hat.

      • Brandon Engelman

        True! I just hear the word coming from liberals and I’m like WHAAAA? From him that does SCREAM hypocrite.

      • gingercat

        Liberals are tools to. In case you haven’t noticed the crap in the white house now is a major hawk. Loves war, reagan, cutting the social safety net, sucking up to corporations.. matter of fact of the turd floating in the white house punch bowl was a repub the demoncrats would loathe him

      • surfjac

        Don’t you mean the Man in the White House who was elected twice by a majority of Americans? See you can say that without the toilet references.
        I don’t like his neo-liberalism much but the alternatives would have had this country on its knees. No, NO republican President has balanced a budget since Ike. Obama has seen job growth enough to replace all the jobs bush cost us. He’s reduced the size of gov’t, reduced the deficit, got us out of Iraq and soon enough Afghanistan, saved American jobs at GM, and more. The question is if he’s done all of that, why aren’t the republicans on his side? It’s all the crap they bitch about and he’s succeeding in spite of their obstruction.

      • rockribbedrushy

        It’s not the job of the president to balance anything, budget or otherwise. Please see Article I section 8 to see who has control of the budget, eh? Clinton did not balance the budget and Reagan did not create the deficits. We are not on his side because he has not done any of it. The debt has grown, the deficit is still a larger than GW, he perverted the bankruptcy laws by stripping creditors and robbing pensions, and please explain the workforce participation being at the lowest point since WWII. 92 million not in the workforce. The market is where it is because his administration has been putting 85 Billion into the Stock Market for 5 years.
        And “healthcare” is imploding one waiver, adjustment, delay at a time.
        Oh, by the way, are you in favor of Obama using gov’t agencies, IRS, EPA to bully American Citizens?

      • rayb_baby

        It must be true! I heard it on Faux Noise.

      • surfjac

        If it gets them to pay their taxes, not fuck up the environment, yeah sure why not? However, they’re not doing that are they? Maybe in your dreams.

      • Joe

        Most of the Obama job growth has been government jobs, so he has not reduced the size of the government but increased it. He, like all liberals, has redefined what unemployment means so that it appears on paper that he has improved it. However, the unemployment rate is higher than ever. GM was doing bad business. They deserved to fail. Companies like Ford would have picked up the slack and hired more workers to meet with the demand.That’s how our country did things back when we had an economy. Bail-outs are what bring a country to the brink of economic ruin. You can thank Obama (among others) for that. He has NOT reduced the deficit. Obama has increased our deficit 10 fold.

      • rayb_baby

        You don’t even know what deficit means. Obama has brought down the deficit to the lowest level it has been in over 50yrs. The debt has increased by about 40-50%, NOWHERE NEAR 10 fold, but that’s mostly due to the policies inherited from the Bush administration. Due some research and learn the truth, not what you hear from Faux News.

      • Stephen L. Wilson

        You DO realize how silly you sound, don’t you? You are posting on a PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL website, in the comments about a story that DEFENDS TED NUGENT. And yet you are so blind that you do not see the integrity in this action. Carry on, O blinded one…

      • surfjac

        The general opinion in the world is that he has no right to talk up guns, death, hate, or even spout the nonsense he spouts about the second amendment (he has no clue about why we have a 2nd amendment) considering his past behavior. If nothing else, the right wing losers who support this bigger loser should realize he was a draft dodger and regardless of the reasons we went to war in Viet Nam or the tragedies and corruption and war crimes, we had a draft that was the law of the land and mr. nugent went about soiling himself to avoid it. A conscious effort to avoid military service, not conscientious objector, not a nurse in medical outfit, just shit, urine, dirt covered clothes and body. Not to mention he is a statutory rapist…that is who the right wing hitched their wagon to. Not a patriot, mr. nugent.

      • Chris Richards

        I have no problem with the fact that Uncle Ted avoided going to Vietnam. He explains it away by saying that he was young and dumb at the time. What bugs me about him – well, almost everything bugs me about him – but what bugs me about his explanation that he was young and naive at the time is that while he thinks that’s a perfectly reasonable excuse for his own actions, he won’t allow the same consideration for Jane Fonda, who has explained her own actions about the same war a million times over and expressed her regrets about them. And he’d be the first one to lay into anyone today who refused to go fight in Iraq or wherever despite the fact that they too are “young and dumb”. Because Uncle Ted’s a hypocrite of the highest order, and yes, a chicken hawk. The wango tangos love him because of what he says, but are completely willing to overlook what he actually does (or did) because they too are hypocrites of the highest order.

      • rockribbedrushy

        There’s a difference between not wanting to go to war and going to the enemy and staging a photo op. Not sure how old you are, but I remember that.

      • Chris Johnson

        Good Night Jane Fonda!

      • Joe

        And I suppose you support Clinton? He was a draft doger.

      • surfjac was cheney, rumsfeld, wolfowitz, rove and a cast of thousands more. How many of them pretended to be something they’re not? How many of them disgraced themselves trying to avoid service? How many of the them are screaming maniacs about rights and privileges for a select few not for all? mr. nugent is a huge joke on the gop.

      • Chris Johnson

        Oh my god, seriously? That’s classic! I mean I know the guy has a severe case of over-inflated ego, and has more than a few screws loose (but really, if we’re really wanting to be honest with ourselves, who in politics DOESN’T?), but I had no idea about that.

    • Cemetery Girl

      There’s plenty of men and women that have severed who wanted to live also. This lunatic spouts his rubbish about what America is, what being patriotic is, and he not only never volunteered for service but avoided service in a most cowardly manner. Yet people listen to his deranged ramblings like he’s some sort of patriotic guru.

      • surfjac

        He is no patriot that’s for sure.

      • rockribbedrushy

        And exactly, what is a Patriot? Would you have been a patriot or a tory in the colonies, eh?

      • rayb_baby

        Ask Teddy Nutcase! He “claims” to be one.

      • surfjac

        I don’t know. I live in the modern world and here, I’m a patriot.

  • Nemisis

    Damn….having to defend Nugget…that sucks.

  • StarrGazerr615

    He was talking about native Americans as a people. He also said “By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people”. Trying to defend his comments by saying he didn’t mean ALL native Americans is like trying to defend accusations of Donald Trump’s racism by pointing out that he said that “some of my best friends are the blacks.” I’m disappointed that this site is wasting their time on Nugent. Most of us are still waiting for him to make good on his promise that if President Obama won reelection in 2012 he would be dead or in jail within a year.

    • Jim Bean

      You are just as much a part of our problems as Nugent.

    • ziggywiggy

      “He wasn’t talking about the Native American tribe who canceled his show, he was talking about the people who tried unsuccessfully to get his Oshkosh show canceled. Which, if you read the original article, is made perfectly clear. He’s talking about liberals in general, as he usually does – not Native Americans specifically.”
      I hate Nugent too but the truth is enough

      • Patty1d

        But it was at the same casino run by native Americans…apparently the first protest however was not by natives.

      • Really_Not

        It was in Downtown Oskosh Wi.

      • Schirf

        It’s about a concert in a totally different state (Wisconsin, not Idaho) … so no, it’s not the same casino.

      • Really_Not

        That’s the problem. They WON”T read the story.

      • StarrGazerr615

        Actually, we DO read the stories. And when we see bullsh*t we call it out. Why a site that generally does the same has chosen to run cover for a moron like Nugent I don’t really know, but that’s part of the problem with American media – Right Wing talking points are repeatedly treated as legitimate and credible, and the “both sides do it” nonsense seems to be becoming even more common. This is why John McCain is on TV every Sunday even though he hasn’t had anything relevant to say for six years.

  • Dauger

    The far left can be just as crazy and irrational as the far right…

    • Denni A

      well the left may distort and scramble comments made but the rw media blatantly makes up chit that has no basis in reality.

      • rockribbedrushy

        How about the media making it up about Hard Drives and the IRS, eh?
        Know anyone in IT, perhaps?
        Hint, your emails are not on your hard drive, they are on a remote server or two or three.

    • Stephen L. Wilson

      Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are commenting on a LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE site that is DEFENDING TED NUGENT. Is that a distortion? Is that crazy and irrational?
      Can any of you see the forest for the trees?

    • StarrGazerr615

      The difference is that on the rare occasion that the far left does something crazy it is ignored by the media, as it should be. But when the far right does something crazy, which seems to occur daily, it is treated as front page news and even liberal sites like this one pretend that it’s not THAT crazy.

  • stubbikins

    You really think that clarifying who he said those things about makes his words less crazy or less insulting??

    • BlossomX

      Well, yeah. He was just talking about regular Americans so it’s OK. /sarcasm

    • Ble

      You should read the article. The author stated:

      “Are his comments offensive? Of course they are. He’s a scumbag who, in my opinion, seems to suffer from severe mental instability. The delusions he has about himself are astounding.”

      I hope that answers your question.

      • StarrGazerr615

        So “he’s a nutjob hater with no respect for the people of this country but it’s not THAT bad today”? If they said “he’s a scumbag” they’d be right. But when they say “he’s a scumbag, but . . . . .” they are no better than the fantasy writers over at Fox.

    • chrisgogh

      It’s not about being more or less insulting or crazy. It’s about honest reporting. Do you really want more and more liberal media outlets to start making shit up to compete with Fox’s ratings, or do you want to know the facts?

      This reminds me of when John Kerry was running for president. I knew he was exaggerating numbers, and I hated that he did that. He didn’t need to exaggerate the numbers, because the real numbers were bad enough. I still voted for him because I knew Bush would be the worse of the two evils, but we shouldn’t have to choose between two evils. Let’s not encourage people to embellish stories, ok? Let’s take them to task when they make shit up, even when the shit they make up isn’t much worse than the truth.

  • SeaVHfan

    Regardless of the dishonesty by the ones who started the Nugent article, Uncle Ted has spewed enough garbage and lies from his own mouth over the years to get what he deserves. I’m happy his concert was cancled and that other folks wont put up with his crap.

    • Stephen L. Wilson

      Fair and good, but every time his followers are able to point to a completely fabricated article and say, “See! They are all liars!” it discredits those reporters who actually have integrity.

      • rockribbedrushy

        And which “reporters”, in your opinion, have integrity, eh?

      • chrisgogh

        NPR, as far as I can tell.

      • Joe

        Are there any reporters who have integrity?

      • Stephen L. Wilson

        Of course. The ignorant thing to do would be to paint them all with the same brush.

  • Batman

    Does it really matter who it was directed to as much as he was directing it at HUMAN BEINGS?

    • chrisgogh

      Yes. Reporting should be factual, not embellished. Ted Nugent is a delusional fuckwit. This doesn’t need to be embellished, nor should it be.

      • Chris Johnson

        Why would anyone NEED to embellish anything about Ted Nugent? The man does a good job of discrediting himself. The man is a kook – plain and simple.

  • Asher Frost

    Fantastic to see this, it is at least equally, if not more important for us to remain the side that relies on actual facts as it is to win, otherwise we are no better than the denizens of Infowars and Fox News.

  • Good to see someone putting it straight. The left media is great at distorting the facts about anyone, especially if they are anti-obama.

    • Denni A

      apparently the rw media has taught them well.

  • Champ86

    So a misleading headline, a “Grabber ” makes a site “Dishonest” ? You need to write those sites an apology.

  • mms

    Why do people and media outlets give this piece of garbage a voice? Easiest way to make it disappear is ignore it. It’s just trash, nothing else.

  • Jamie Morris

    Sadly, if Ted wants to talk that negatively about groups of people perhaps he should be more clear about who he is talking about.

    • rockribbedrushy

      If you have followed Uncle Ted long enough, you will know who he is talking about.

      • rayb_baby

        ANYONE who isn’t a vile piece of crap like he is.

  • Liadan

    I’m sorry but your article doesn’t seem to make much difference. Whether he was talking about the 1st group of Native Americans or the 2nd seems a small distinction to me. I do agree that journalism is plain sloppy now adays.

    • Stephen L. Wilson

      More than sloppy. The choice of words is poor. However, the fact that these “journalists” acted like so many vultures and fabricated facts to create an untrue article is the point. We need to hold these scammers to task, since they undermine the credibility of honest reporting.

  • Mike Washe

    Well done Allen, I was beginning to think I was the only person on the planet who cared enough about the truth to fact check claims by those I am inclined to agree with. Until both parties start demanding truth from their own side, neither will be willing to believe what the other has to say and none of our disagreements will ever be resolved. Unfortunately, I am ashamed to say I fell for this one.

    • ErikH1981

      Sadly, neither side will ask for the media to stop distorting the truth, for multiple reasons. 1) Sensational headlines mean traffic which means advertising money. 2) They have a vested interest these days in appealing to their base and in doing so tell the story the way their readers would want. 3) It’s almost a reverse case of mutually assured destruction if liberal sites stop going after conservatives than Fox News, Glenn Beck, et al. will ramp up their attacks on liberals and will eventually be known as legitimate news sources when honestly they are more editorial than actual news…and vice versa. So they keep putting out their own propaganda (both sides) to try and drown out the other…it’s up to us to continue to call out the BS we see, and unfortunately too many of us don’t, or blindly accept the facts that we read without any further investigation.

  • Prof Della Scuola

    Allen, your article might have been better if it wasn’t peppered with grammatical errors and misspellings. Do you have, maybe, a 9th grade education at best?? You make us liberals look bad.

    • Joe

      Liberals make themselves look bad.

  • James Combs

    Thanks for the honest article, and sorry it was on such a shameful topic as T.N. but good for you and bringing some integrity to the stand.

  • BlossomX

    So, instead of targeting Native Americans he simply targeted people who don’t like them and called them “unclean vermin.”
    Yeah, go back to [email protected] your pants to get out of serving your country.
    He left the best part of himself in his underwear.

  • surfjac

    Thank you Allen for pointing that out.
    mr. nugent, however, is still “unclean vermin” IMHO. And he can rant and rave all he wants, it’s my opinion dammit and he can’t take that away from me because “Freedom” and my 1st Amendment.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      do U hate rats that much to quantify them with any regressive?

    • rockribbedrushy

      Since our Rights come from God, inalienable and all that, only He can take them away from you.
      The Bill of Rights is a restriction on Government power.

      • surfjac

        They come from “God”, I thought a bunch of guys got together and wrote them up in the 1700’s. Did someone named God sign the Declaration of Independence?

      • Charles Vincent

        “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      • surfjac

        Is god the reason we treated the indians so badly? The reason we treated Africans stolen from their continent with so much respect? How about hawaiians? We stole their land, culture and heritage too. How about women, latinos, italians? Why didn’t god give them inalienable rights too? How come we had to step in and make changes to correct these oversights?

      • Charles Vincent

        Those are irrelevant questions that have nothing to with your post here “They come from “God”, I thought a bunch of guys got together and wrote them up in the 1700’s.”

        Its well documented that natural rights come from our creator. Stay on topic.

        “Did someone named God sign the Declaration of Independence?”
        This statement is hyperbole and nothing more.

      • surfjac

        god created man because man created god!
        Think about it.

  • Patty1d

    No….this is wrong. Although Ted did not specifically refer to native Americans, he made a general statement about people who oppose him and his concerts. Therefore he was indeed referring to the native Americans who later did what Ted claimed unlean vermin do…oppose his concerts. This is deductive reasoning…if unclean vermin oppose Ted, and native Americans oppose tEd, you can deduce the rest. Shame on you for defending Ted Nugent in any way. Take a math class.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      he is enough of a toad to do this himself— we as liberals don’t need to blaze the fire even more: we should rise above and simply watch and laugh at the inner destruction of the white trash regressives

    • J Smith

      Your statement is a ridiculous tautology

  • Jack Riesch

    Amen.. ALl we need is actual facts.. not dishonest conservative style mud slinging

  • OhJustStop

    Welcome to the age of Click-Bait. All sites do it now… sad.

  • discus

    “some sites care more about “shocking” headlines”

    You mean like YOUR unequivocally biased headline?

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    as much as I abhor the regressive white trash religious crybabies ,,,,,,,,I equally hate ( YES HATE) any “liberal” or democrat who pulls this FOX “news” crap. we as liberals do NOT need to unfalsely bury cretins such as nugent or palin or Bachmann or michelle “micromastia/hates her life” malkin……. they are supremely adept at doing this themselves as they financially capitalize ( times 100) upon the stultified stupidity of the aging and low IQ trash regressive pseudo “Christians” who hate anything/anyone who is NOT white and religious
    liberals: march Only to the drum of what is correct– and enjoy the atavism and atrophy of the john birch(see: tea party) lemmings en mass!!

    • Bine646

      Giankeys does love shemale porn- amazingggggg

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        best part? gian keys is a total rightwing nutjob crybaby white trash regressive living in LA California who drinks waaaay 2 much,,,,,,, and I use his name and photo!
        bine baybeeeeeeeeeeee………………where U been? I missed excoriating you!

      • Bine646

        Im still laughing at you claiming ur slut daughter got a 4.065 in college hahahahahahaga

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        combining her ist year at another college which she did have a higher GPA but her f*cked up partying and “troubles” got her ( through me) back here to s fla ( U.M.: yes they ONLY do a 4.0 GPA)) as I was informed that they “don’t tolerate ” that type of behavior and was STRONGLY asked to re consider her enrollment there
        I explained this to you at least two months ago— using another moniker on these blogs : are we going 2 drill holes in this again?
        and NO- im not divulging what she did; but I can assure U she paid dearly by me
        slut? here is her latest photo– proud dada knows shes calmer and grown. Her ass would be disowned if she continued that earlier crap
        good 2 see U still are lost in space: wouldn’t be the same without that!

    • Chris Johnson

      True Christians aren’t like that. Ironically, most of them don’t attend the Church either because they see the hypocrisy spread by the priests & ministers. They worship Him in their hearts. A few can be found that do attend the Church though.

      Rock on, friend. We need more people that see things for what they are. You remind me of the late George Carlin. He was the same way.

  • American Infidel

    So, who DO we believe?

    • Tammy Minton Haley

      uh, gee…why don’t you try to read the original article, and figure it out for yourself…?…when you read the original article, you will know the truth…

      it’s called “research”, and it’s quite easy these days, what with “The Google” and all…

  • THANK YOU! Now can we get back to hating Ted Nugent for racist & sexist crap he *actually* did?

  • TheTrue Pooka

    The difference is liberals learn from their mistakes. Conservatives double down and continue to spread them.

  • Gin1234

    Nugent deserves any mistaken reference made. If this story was wrong, then the negative comments can just make up for any time in the past when he didn’t get as many as he deserved on some other issue. Correction of the story doesn’t change that he is scum of the earth.

  • John Jacobson

    So, it’s not native Americans that are “unclean vermin” it’s citizens of Wisconsin. I could see why there would be a mistake 🙂

  • ThinkAgain

    The headline of this article is misleading. It says Dishonest Liberal Websites Wrongfully Accusing Ted Nugent of Calling Native Americans ‘Unclean Vermin’ and yet FoxNews is carrying the story and is the first result you get when you Google the words “Nugent” and “Vermin.” Hey, Allen Clifton – speaking of dishonest – since when have FoxNews and its website been considered Liberal?

  • acornz

    don’t care, he’s still a douche

  • Jai Sins

    Does it matter who he said it too. All I know is he was saying stupid things and the media is just eating it up and reporting on it.

  • Bill

    Stop validating his crap. Nugent spent many years dressing in Native American garb during his concerts. Now he’s calling them unclean vermin? WTF? He bashes Detroit now, too. His former home and the place that made him famous (sorry rest of the world). Now that he’s settled in Texas, where he belongs, the only way he can get headlines is to make these outrageously racist statements.

  • Haruko Haruhara

    I kind of interpreted Ted’s comments as being directed at anyone and
    everyone that doesn’t approve of him, including the Coeur d’Alene Tribe,
    which had just canceled his show. I never thought it was directed
    solely at them. But, what an unfortunate choice of words on his part …
    which is normal for him.

  • disqusser10157

    Promoting accuracy in reporting is a very, very good thing. Good job.

  • peederdee

    Ted doesn’t scare me. The fact that so many have been complicit in these in-distinctions scares me a lot.
    IF he could sue, he’d win.
    Don’t let him win.

  • Joe Blaumer

    Who the hell is he to call anyone that…..loved his music in the 70’s and early 80’s…..not so thrilled with him now I realize he is a mean spirited gun nut.

  • Canukistani

    The fact that in this particular instance Nugent may not have said what was attributed to him in no way diminishes the repugnance of the many equally vile things he has said in the past.

    But even so, anybody fabricating something like this only borrows a page from his book and lowers themselves to his level. He’s said plenty of revolting things that he deserves to be detested for by anyone with a sense of decency without having to make things up. There’s no need to wallow in the mud with him.

  • Xcalicoco

    Great point. If progressives aspire to the moral high ground, we shouldn’t resort to the same trashy tactics that form the backbone of the GOP.

  • Norman Koch

    wow I can’t belive I fought in the us navy for these so called American’s that are worse then Nuggent about attacking another person I know I have a Mouth and use it will never hide or say I’m sorry for that (I earn that right)

    and all AMERICAN”S have that right but to continualy complain about what is said your part of the problem not the fix

  • geezer 56

    BTW, the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA, has also canceled its two Ted Nugent concerts. 🙂

  • mkcj

    Who’s worse, a person who speaks his mind or a person who
    lies about something someone said to inflict harm on that person? I’ll take the
    person speaking his own thoughts over a liar ANY DAY! I can just ignore them!!!
    But a liberal, we can see who they approve of.

  • Joe

    It’s just par for the course. That is how liberals work. They give false and misleading “journalism” to real in supporters because they can’t find real stories to report on that make conservatives (who do hold ourselves to a higher standard) look bad.

  • Robert G Schoenberg

    This type of rhetoric is common from the 20th century with the advent of advertising. The language of advertising is such that a cause is put forward by exaggerating claims with fabricated information. It has taken hold in politics because a candidate becomes a brand to be sold. As does now a political opinion . . . too bad. It will be hard to eradicate our culture of this sort of rhetoric by eliminating advertising.

  • Charles Vincent

    The hypocrisy is palpable here.

  • kfreed

    So Nugent calling the Cour D’Alene tribe (Native Americans) who cancelled his event “unclean vermin” who don’t “qualify as human beings.”

    actually qualify as people,
    How are the articles “distortions”? Are you a stranger to right-wing racist rants, new to Nugent’s racist rants?

  • Molly

    Since when is this type of deceitful journalism NOT typical of liberals? They usually do this king of thing because they know most people are too lazy to check things out and it is easy to get them riled up with junk like this. And because most people stoop to exaggeration mixed with speculation and fabrication when they don’t have a really valid point so hopefully you won’t notice.

  • Dave in LA

    Thank you for exposing this lie. That shows integrity, , something that is sorely lacking in politics. Thanks again.

  • Native American

    I don’t think the clarification makes him sound ANY better. If anything he’s calling anybody that opposes his opinions unclean vermin simply because they THINK they way they do. Oh, so it’s not racist, it’s opinionated. OMG that’s so much better. It also doesn’t take back his history of racist remarks which you have not debunked in this article. So, do I, as a Native American have to congratulate him for this one time where his remarks are less racist and more opinionated? Not just no, but hell no!

  • LadyeCatte

    THANK YOU for the clarification! If we repeat lies just for the salacious satisfaction of poking the eye of those we abhor, we are no better than they.

    The truth about Nugent and his Neanderthalic followers are more than enough to show who and what they are.

  • Liberal

    Hmm now who does that that type of thing regularly. You know, twist stories or just make them up completely to suit their views? Any of the stories on Obama ring a bell? Or anything on Fox News in general? Taste of your own medicine sucks, huh.

  • Lee Roy Ponke

    The first amendment give you the freedom of speech but it doesnt mean you can say whatever you feel like without there being consequences for what you’ve said. Its like Ted Nugent thinks because he was a big star at once time he do or say whatever he wants but thats not true.

  • Doy Bowers

    Why you runnig a disclaimer for a REICH Winger like Turd Nugget??? It’s not like the Reich Wing Media has ever done the same thing. They spread Lies, Propaganda and Outright HATE against Dems and Obama 24/7 and not a word is said. Let Uncle Turd get a taste of his own medicine!!! Do just like the CONS do run the Lies up the flagpole and make them deny it. That’s what Tricky Dick, Ronnie Raygun and Newtler Gingrich did and I won’t even mention the lies that comes out of the Teatards mouths.

    • chrisgogh

      You really want to stoop to their level? Seriously? Sorry, but I’m not down with that. Liberals should be better than that. I want to know that the news I’m reading is accurate. I don’t want to read a bunch of made up shit that’s passed off as news.

      • Doy Bowers

        ” I don’t want to read a bunch of made up shit that’s passed off as news”.
        Well neither do I but when in Rome do as the Romans do. Besides that’s all their crazy type understands you can’t confuse the Moonbats with facts not matter how hard you try because they always have some delusional shit to counter it with. I’m just playing by the CONS rules.

      • chrisgogh

        Fuck the cons. Let the Moonbatshits wallow in their own delusional stupidity. I want to know the facts, and I want to be able to rely on the media to provide those facts. MSNBC is already down to telling the truth only about 31% of the time (Fox is at 18%, with only about 8% being completely true and 10% being somewhat true) and we need to do better than that. We need our media to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us REALITY (screw mythological bullshit). I want to know the truth, and I also don’t want to give the peabrains on the right any more ammunition to call our side liars. Trying to fight fire with fire is stupid, because all you’ll do is stoke the fire. Water or baking soda are far more effective.

      • Doy Bowers

        Well Brother I agree with you 1,000% but like I say you can’t confuse the CONS with facts!!! I would love to see the “Truth” in our Corporate Media but it’s not going to happen. What we get these days is so called “FAIR & BALANCED” Reporting. a.k.a. BULLSHIT SPIN!!! I couldn’t care less about “Fair & Balanced” I want “Facts & Figures”. But like I said I’m only playing by their rules and it’s high time the Dems started fighting back. As it stands right now all the Dems do is Roll Over and Take It Up The ASS!!! As for “Stoking the Fire”. That’s kind of like my old Grand Pappy used to say, “When you fight fire with fire eventually all you’re going to do is Burn The Whole House Down”. I understand. When it comes to “Water or Baking Soda being a better solution” I completely agree, but like Mark Twain said, “A Lie can get half way around the world before the truth can even get it’s shoes on”!!! FUX NewZZZ is living proof of that old saying. Actually it’s a sad situation all the way around. Now if you think Turd Nugget was only talking about the so called “LEEEBS” that got his show canceled I’ve got some Ocean Front Property in Kansas for you at a real good price!!! He was running his Chump Mouth about the Tribes too don’t think he wasn’t. Because as we all know the “LEEEEBS” didn’t have anything to do with canceling his show only the Tribe that booked him could do that no matter how hard they want you to believe otherwise. Now there’s a little truth for you that nobody wants to talk about.
        PS: THANX for the lively debate. Your honest and well thought out comments are something I could never possibly hope to get from the TEATARDS!!!

  • esteuardo

    Wow, this is an awesome response; I saw the misleading articles. Thank-you for doing this!

  • Dane

    Oh well,I don’t think anyone actually lied, either way he is a racist pig, and I don’t see very many native people taking that lightly as well, so good on them for cancelling his shows.

  • Leon Bonta

    Whatever!Hes an old fart that’s spouting off while he can ,he’s old an ready for an old folks home ,an she mane will leave him for a younger man hahaha

  • nismo451

    Pathetic pos iron maiden will be better.

  • nismo451

    Should be locked in a cage for hate crime with his poop pant

  • Viv Arney

    It’s not like the bagger sites haven’t done the same or worse to Obama and other liberals. Nugent is a LOSER and I sincerely hope he never gets another gig and dies broke, face down in a gutter somewhere.

  • annblair

    Thank you. I would love to see people who share my views always take the high road, but when they don’t, it’s so much better when we call ourselves out.

  • Crypto HB

    As a Libertarian, not subject to, nor a blind cheerleader for, the idiots on the left and right, I find this article refreshing. Thank you.

  • Curtis Scarbrough

    Why suggest that he should go to prison for this one comment, when he’s done and said so many other things that he should be in prison for. And before I’m accused of ‘hating the first amendment’ I’m referring to him blatantly threatening the president’s life. Still though, didn’t he promise to be dead or in prison by now?

  • Lori

    Unfair to accuse Dishonest liberal websites of spreading the false information. I did a little research and the “liberal” news organizations are the ones that are reporting it correctly (Check out Daily Kos, Huff Post and your own website). It’s USA Today, Fox News and others who have been attributing his name calling to Native Americans.

  • Eagle

    Another media distortian that everyone has jumped on is the draft dodging, pooping/peeing thing to get out of Vietnam.
    If anyone cared to do a little research they will find that he was still in HS the first time his number came up and enrolled in college the second time his draft number was called.
    All this bs going around that he is a draft dodger that defecated himself to get out of the war is that, just bull s#@t!

  • PietSmit

    it’s a dilemma. Ofcourse your reports have to be fair and balanced, but those are not exactly the standards of the right wing ‘news’ outlets. In the long run the truth will prevail, but lots of people don’t have an attention span long enough to undo the damage done.
    It’s nice and cozy to see your opinion confirmed by likeminded people, but talking in circles and preaching for the own temple has little use.
    To reach the same target group, stay fair and balanced, within a narrative comprehensible enough, is a very difficult ‘quest’.
    I don’t know an answer, I’m only aware of it. Unlike lots of ‘liberals’ who stick to their own didactics, aimed at people who don’t need to be convinced of anything since they already agree.

  • John Hickman

    From his own words ,Nugent deliberately and successfully dodged the draft by letting personal hygiene go for a month before reporting for his draft physical. And did he do this out of a moral conscience and a personal effort to make a statement against the war? Not at all. He did it because he wanted to keep playing music with the rest of his ban. So, in the overall picture, the accuracy of the statement becomes a non-point. He dodged the draft while so many of us answered the call ( however reluctantly). And as for me, I had a draft lottery number of 64, went in for my physical and served, just like 3,403,000 of my brothers in arms. There is nothing that will ever convince me that Ted Nugent is nothing but a Class A slimeball.

    • Hal

      Why didn’t he go to Nevada to stand with the trespassers?

  • Jamie

    “”What Nugent was actually referring to was the effort by some to get his concert set for Waterfest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin canceled. “” ………..So its okay to call libs in general unclean vermin as long as they are not native???? and if the Indians are libs then he IS in favt talking about them too. Im not sure what your point is?

  • bluetah

    I suppose it is good to be correct- but the “unclean vermin” that were attempting to cancel Nugent’s concert in Oshkosh- er aren’t they people too? Isn’t it just as offensive to refer to these people as “unclean vermin” as it is to refer to anyone who doesn’t agree with you as “unclean vermin”?

    • Chris Johnson

      Perhaps it should be… especially since they’re eventually going to be part of the people who get to decide his fate when he runs for office. Oh the irony…

  • JeffColorado

    I applaud you for standing up to peer pressure from your fellow liberals…The Daily KOS did not even bother to acknowledge they made a mistake. Their URL to the story shows what they REALLY said originally. I am a card carrying Neocon, but I agree Nugent is a scumbag. I am not a fan. But he did not say anything racist.

  • Barney Loucks

    To find out who rules OVER you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize…Voltaire

  • Joel Todd Lucas

    Lets not mention his ‘sub human mongrel’ comment regarding the president. I’m sure there were no racial undertones there.

  • Brigadier

    Rock on Ted. You are getting these progressives’ panties in a twist. Their heads may even explode. The truth is just too much of a concept for their dope filled brains to handle.

  • Scott

    Thank you and good for you for clarifying with this article. I agreed with every word you said. When the right does so much to be offended by, there is no reason to kill OUR credibility by making up stories.

  • Thanks for taking this stand. It is very satisfying to see that I’m not the only Lefty who comes unhinged when the people who are supposed to be “on my side” pull the same despicable sh!t that we see so often in rightwing propaganda sites. Exactly what moral ground do we suppose we occupy if we are just as promiscuous with our lies and misrepresentations as those on the right against whom we vent our vituperation?

  • Hal

    Very good. I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Mark Bingaman

    Thank you for calling out those liberal websites and distorting articles. I was also disturbed yesterday when I saw those posts. It’s good to see someone with liberal or progressive views willing to remind enlightened people and liberal bloggers to rise above and do better than the falsification and distortion that so many right wing nut job websites rely upon. The lesson is simple: stop taking quotes out of context. Although I agree that Nugent is vile, in this case, it doesn’t appear that he was directly directing his comments toward the Native Americans. It’s entirely possible that he was subtly doing so, but there is no outright appearance that such was the case. Thanks again.

  • Dane

    Well The Southern Poverty Law Center featured an article about his shows being cancelled, I don’t see the SPLC publishing anything dishonest, so I think its only fair to ask for a source, i dont know of any dishonest liberal websites either.

  • Philip Vassar

    Yep anyone who took time to read the story and get the facts understands Nugent didn’t call Native Americans unclean vermin. That doesn’t mean we don’t rejoice at Nugent suffering consequence for his hare speech. There is plenty of it aimed all over the place. A little time with Google can turn up some choice quotes. I support Nugent’s right to be an offensive disagreeable person and suffer the consequences of it.

  • Bobby Jo

    What? I cannot believe it. I thought Ted moved out of the country after President Obama won the second election. the Draft Dodger is going right where he belongs, the toilet

  • DeezyHatesHoes

    You should probably be more upset with the “readers” (and I use that term loosely). If people would do more than read a headline and then form a knee-jerk opinion to THAT, then this would be a moot point. The problem is, the public, in general, NEVER reads past the headline, which, if they had in this case, they would have found the headlines to be misleading.

  • Linda Pacheco

    while I agree, he definately deserves the outcome…POS

  • Humma Kavula

    Am I the only one on the planet who doesn’t give a damn about someone’s political leanings when it comes to their past works? I mean, Ted Nugent is a toilet bug, but I still love hearing “Journey to the Center of the Mind” when I hear it.

  • Brigadier

    Since Ted has the moonbats in such a tizzy, he must be doing something right.

  • I’m sure there was a recantation of the original article on page 17 below the fold… Just like some other folks portend. Or they’re sure to get around to it… But you’re right, why bother exaggerating the truth when the *truth* truth is damning enough?

  • Avatar

    Ted deserved to be damned many times over. It’s going to lead to his downfall in coming years.

  • dee

    I signed that petition and would again…. I am off to take a shower now

  • mechadave

    Does it really matter who Ted called “unclean vermin?”

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    The media owes Uncle Ted an apology. That being said, I wish “Fox News” would apologize for every lie they tell, but then again, there’s not enough time in the day for them to do so.

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    “Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”.

    • rejectrepublicanlies

      The Nuge should have been incarcerated long ago.

  • jcdchawk

    Too many sites are more concerned about getting large number of viewers than providing the truth. If it can not be confirmed at a credible site it is best to not to post an item. Thanks for providing the facts on this.

  • Mickey Barrett

    The guy who wrote the letter he was referring to is Menomone so yeah, he did say it about Native Americans just not the ones most of these articles identify.

  • bamcintyre

    Let’s just say that when it concerns this guy, almost anything would be believable.. wrong, but believable.

  • AQ

    Anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to lie about the Right “because they do it too” is a fucking moron who needs to stop calling themselves liberal, because they’re making the rest of us look bad.

    If you feel the need to lie to win, then give up because you’ve already lost.

  • cjhsa

    Funny how many lies even the author of this backtracking article managed to perpetuate.

  • John H Weber

    Thanks, again, Manny.

  • JDon357

    LIberals lie. Progressives prevaricate.

  • Toyah

    I believe he did this bc he called Lance Browneyes a subhuman mongrel POS, who is a proud Lakota Sioux who was speaking out to Ted about his disrespect.

  • Toyah

    I have the screen shot of him saying that to Prove it and many seen it before ted deleted then blocked Lance Browneyes from his facebook page. Lance was calling him about about wearing a headdress and Ted Nugent called him a “subhuman mongrel POS”… There are many of us who saved it before it was deleted. @Lancebrowneyes on twitter

  • Lawrencia

    “he did an interview where he called some people who were trying to get his show canceled “unclean vermin.”

    “By now many have probably heard that recently a Native American tribe canceled one of Nugent’s concerts at their casino due to his history of racist remarks”
    So the Tribe CANCELLED his show, how is that a distortion? They didn’t TRY to cancel the show first? they just did? is that the lie?

  • Danny Van Hecke

    Wow David P… you say Liberals are Vermin? I don’t judge people on their political believes, personally I’m a socialist but I have conservative friends. What bothers me is people who’re hateful, I also don’t approve of hateful liberals. So think about this.. judge people on their good intentions, not on their political views.

  • I believe Turd Nugget was racist toward the native since he has a history of racism toward Obama, Trayvon Martin, illegal immigrants and more.

    Also he is a conservative extremist, simply a far-right.
    Far-right stand for racism. bigotry, hatred, prejudice, white nationalism, Neo-Nazism, religious fundamentalism, religious terrorism, homophobia and other evil doing.

  • Celeste

    Uncle Ted is an asshole. A draft dodger and a pedophile.

  • RonaldElrod

    I don’t care what he said, or how he meant for it to sound, Ted Nugent is a POS who needs to be sent to China or Russia and his US citizenship needs to be revoked.