Doctor on Fox News Disgustingly Implies Michelle Obama is Fat, ‘Needs to Drop a Few’ (Video)

ablowOn Fox News’ sad and pathetic attempt to pander to women show Outnumbered, the topic of healthier school lunches was being discussed when their “expert doctor” Keith Ablow implied that Michelle Obama shouldn’t be telling anyone else about eating healthy – because she “needs to drop a few.”

Between the back and forth of the female co-hosts of the show more or less mocking the First Lady, Ablow commented, “What is she eating?  She needs to drop a few.”

A comment so outrageous even the other four female co-hosts were taken aback by it.

“You did not just say that!” co-host Harris Faulkner said in disbelief.

Did Ablow correct himself, realizing that he might have said something really ignorant?  Nope.

“We’re taking nutritional advice from who?” Ablow continued. “Let’s be honest. There’s not French fries? That’s all kale and carrots? I don’t buy it.”

One of the co-hosts seemed obviously speechless, the others tried to spin it off into a joke, but it was clear even they knew these comments were utterly ridiculous.

Besides, who the hell is Ablow to tell Michelle Obama that she needs to drop a few pounds? Has he looked at himself in the mirror?  She’s given birth to two children, which most women have informed me definitely takes its toll on the female body, and is in much better shape than he is.

His comments were just absolutely absurd.

But this is just more of the same slander the right has been lobbing toward this family since Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for president in 2008.

Because while the four female co-hosts didn’t go along with Ablow’s disgusting comments, at the start of the segment they were clearly mocking the First Lady’s efforts to fight childhood obesity by encouraging healthier meals in our public schools.

It’s just more of what we’ve all come to expect from Fox News and the right-wing media.

Childish, immature, juvenile level insults meant to pander to the most ignorant among us.  And this segment was a prime example of all of that.

Watch the segment below via Fox News

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

    Guy needs a few hair plugs so he can stop shaving his head..typical ignorant conservative..God bless the woman (or man) he’s with..

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      read my above statement–

  • ArjayW

    Did that fat slob imply that Mrs Obama needs to lose some weight? Maybe when he learns how to grow a decent head of hair – his big round head looks like a cue ball !

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      read my above statement,,,

  • Eg Kbbs

    Not to mention the blatant hypocritical Faux News in saying this **AFTER** jumping on Ms. Obama everytime she has encouraged healthy habits (drinking water, growing a garden, eating healthy, ….)

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      read my above statement

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    KEEP slamming the women; G.O.P…….. keep waging that war on the ladies!!!! I love it– after we all have seen the studly anatomical profiles of Hannity and Beck and Bolling and Huck(ster)abee and Limbaugh whilst tossing in such “Mr Olympia” bodies as Chris Christie and Ted Cruz ( with a pinch of Rick Perry) we “libtards” need to acquiesce to the benevolent aesthetics of the rightwing regressive trash who TELL WOMEN what to do WITH THEIR BODIES!! ,,,,after all: its IN THE ( voodoo) BIBLE that MAN is in charge; women are secondary–if that- subjugatory humans placed here by ”adams rib”
    Don’t worry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this guys is a DOCTOR!!!
    ( wonder what Ben Carson “thinks ” of this clowns stated view here)

  • Sunny Ray

    Those guys se the problem backward (which is normal from FAUX) children like better grossy food than healthy food, who’s to blame? no Michelle, but parents who don’t take time to educate their kids about food, the bible says nothing about healthy food is that why? Children think that onions are rings and that chicken is boneless…

  • Cemetery Girl

    Ok, kids don’t generally like to eat healthy (except I do have one son that I can bribe with broccoli, seriously he loves his veggies), but schools should still be pushed to offer healthy foods. (Remember when they tried to count ketchup as a veggie?) Kids like celery with peanut butter on it (although now they aren’t allowed to do that because of allergies), but what about sweet potato fries instead of regular ones? I know my kids would gladly eat a candy bar, a bowl of ice cream, and a slice of cake for any meal (pick a meal of the day, they’d gladly take that), but that doesn’t mean just give them junk because you know they’ll eat it.

    As for the comment about our First Lady, out of line. Way out of line. It doesn’t even have anything to do with her being First Lady, these kinds of comments need to stop. Women come in a variety of builds and sizes. A woman can be 130 and be slightly overweight for her height and build or be seriously underweight. I know women that have thick thighs that are pure muscle and some that have thin legs that jiggle. Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Age and having children can impact that. The comments on a woman’s body need to stop.