Domestic Terrorist Who Fired on First Responders Claims He Seceded from U.S. and Created ‘Doug-E-Stan’

"Dougie Doug LeGuin" from "Doug-E-Stan"

“Dougie Doug LeGuin” from “Doug-E-Stan”

On Monday afternoon a man from the Dallas area, Douglas Lee LeGuin, shot at police officers and firefighters with an AK-47 as they were responding to a fire.  Apparently he was at a home in far North Dallas (not his), threatening a nanny who had refused to let him in.  At that moment a Dallas fire department fire engine drove by, prompting LeGuin to fire at the engine, hitting it twice.

He also apparently shot at police officers as they arrived on scene.  When they arrived at the home they found several jars full of liquid and propane tanks.  A few had exploded, with LeGuin admitting to shooting at least one.

That’s about as “normal” as the story gets.

Apparently this individual holds extremely anti-government resentment and believed that he could secede from the United States.

And this is where it gets crazy.

In the 911 audio, Mr. LeGuin refers to himself as “Dougie Doug” from the newly formed nation of “Doug-E-Stan.”

I swear, this isn’t a story from The Onion. 

He apparently got fed up with this country and believed he could simply form his own.  Though I’m not really sure how that factors into him traveling to a random house with propane tanks and an AK-47 assault rifle to threaten a nanny.

He seems like just the kind of guy people like Sarah Palin and Fox News would love. That anti-government gun lover who’s sick and tired of that “oppressive federal government.”

According to Corinth Police Assistant Chief Greg Wilkerson (the suburb of Dallas where he actually lived), LeGuin’s wife called law enforcement officials early Monday afternoon, reporting her husband hadn’t gone to work and she couldn’t locate where he was.  She also reported that an AK-47 assault rifle, ammunition and propane tanks were missing from their home.  

After initially opening fire on the first responders, he fled into the woods for several hours until he was eventually apprehended.

First reports linked him with a known domestic terrorist group known as the Sovereign Citizens movement.  They’re an extremely anti-government group who doesn’t recognize United States authority and believes that local county sheriffs are the most powerful law enforcement officials in the country.  

Though as of yet, they haven’t officially linked him to any formal anti-government groups.

This is one of those stories that you feel bad laughing at, but you just can’t help it.  This entire situation could have turned out much worse considering this was an armed man with explosives who apparently had no respect for law enforcement.

Luckily he was apprehended and nobody was hurt.

Officials have charged “Dougie Doug from Doug-E-Stan” with seven counts of aggravated assault against a public servant and he’s being held on $350,000 bail.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • tomcatv1

    I wonder when Faux “News” is going to hire him as a commentator?

  • PPS49

    Sometimes it seems that we have entered into the Twilight Zone…… this can’t be real.

    • The author is an activist, not a legitimate reporter. I’m assuming most of this is BS. There is more spin than a clothes dryer. Allen does not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

      • Asher B. Garber

        Lighten up, Frances. If you follow the link Allen posted in the article, you’ll find confirmation of the reality.

      • Not saying it didn’t happen, just saying the “reporter” spun a whacky news story to fit his activist agenda. Do you understand my point at all? No?

      • Mike Jolin

        Better than being an outright liar to fit an agenda of hate… Which describes pretty much any spokesman of the GOTP

    • Mike Jolin

      This is the result of lax gun laws and full “freedom of speech” permissions.

  • William Balvanz

    This guy fires on civilians and police officers, attwmpts arson, flees the conflict, then gets apprehended, were he young and black and surrendering he would have been killed. Of course we live in a post-racial nation.

    • Figures some idiot would play the race card. Why don’t you comment on the looting in St. Louis? Looting and burning, after all, is the best way to honor the death of someone who fought to get a cop’s gun. By the way, there’s no ‘W’ in attempts, but there is a coconut where your brain should be.

      • Jason Roder

        You sound rather butthurt there, Frances. Tell me, where do you get your “facts”? Is *that* why your ass is so chapped?

      • This made me smile… Thanks for the laugh.

      • Stephen Barlow

        It HAS no facts.

      • William Balvanz

        My phone-written typo notwithstanding, I was simply trying to highlight what appears to be a different set of rules for white crazies and black teens. That’s all. Go about your George Zimmerman and Cliven Bundy worship, Frances.

      • I’m not a fan of either one, and your far-flung assumptions just prove my point. You strike me as the kind of guy who sees a bird crap on your car, and sees a racist plot. Please elaborate on just how the above news story has racial overtones, Jesse Sharpton.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Because he is a white dude with a gun and wasn’t killed. The kid in Missouri wasn’t armed and was shot with his arms in the air. Ezell Ford, also black, was shot in the back and killed by LA cops while he was laying on the ground. So Williams assumptions are not “far-flung.”

      • William Balvanz

        He was a white man who fired AN ASSAULT RIFLE at first responders. And he was not so much as pepper sprayed. Contrast that with an unarmed black man allegedly selling “loosies” who gets choked to death. We don’t even have to go to St. Louis (which happens to be in my backyard) for this. And your comment about shooting looters dead is an excellent point, and to the credit of asshats like you that live in the area, nobody did just that. I feel I must validate my Assault Rifle comment by saying that I don’t use that term because an AK47 is scary looking, but because its a weapon that was manufactured with the express intent of engaging in warfare. It was made to gun human beings with similar firepower.

      • I am not convinced, nor am I interested in being your penpal. Seems you have a fan in the deadhead dude below. Maybe you guys could meet up and whine about how unhappy you are. He could bring the weed, and you could bring the whine. 🙂

      • Franc C.

        Just insults and name calling. Do you have an intelligent opinion as to why it’s okay to shoot somebody in the street like an animal. I still don’t understand your reasoning. The truth is the truth. Michael Brown didn’t have a weapon, the police ran after him shooting, he had his hand up when he was killed.
        Somehow you think that’s justified. What is your reason for that justification?

      • Stephen Barlow

        She’s gonna quit here because FACTS and REALITY are silver bullets for fecesheads like that.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The STOP wasting space and fresh air.

      • Stephen Barlow

        And there is NO VALID REASON for ANY civilian to even WANT to own one. Not EVEN a SWAT COP.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Was it a WHITE bird, with guns in his hands and a WHITE dunce cap hood?

      • Stephen Barlow

        DON’T waste time taklin’ sense to the NEW KKK. She most likely got stoned one night, got naked with a ‘colored’ man, LOVED that Black SNAKE and when he said she was a lousy lay… and no white man could even get her wet for 40 years after that…

        YOU would hate yourself too!

      • matilda9

        “Fought to get the cop’s gun”
        That is greatly disputed. But the right wing has grabbed on to that like it’s water in the desert

      • And on the other end of the spectrum, a young lad was eating a popsicle and dreaming about world peace, and an evil cop pulls up, gets out and executes him, point plank in the back of the head while screaming racial insults. Gee, just reading this makes me want to loot and riot., and steal 19 pair of Nikes.

      • Stephen Barlow

        jejeje hehehe lalala… WOW! your Mom’s negro stud BFF must have done you DEEP and OFTEN when she was too passed out to put out!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Sorry, he’s right. You think shooting black folk is OK because they were looting?

      • Yes I do. I would shoot looters dead.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • adcbeast

        Frances DOOOSH .. Put your 1 incher back in your pants

        You are a complete idiot and that is being kind

      • Was there an intelligent idea you are trying to get across?

      • Franc C.

        It’s difficult to have and intelligent conversation with you. What you say makes no sense.

      • franc Cadet

        What is the reason you have to insult somebody because you don’t agree with his opinion?
        What crime exactly did the black teen do before the police shot and killed him? For somebody who knows how to use insults rather than give an opinion, the looting and burning you mentioned happened AFTER THE UNARMED TEEN WAS KILLED. The police behavior is okay with you also I suppose.

      • The young thug tried to get the cop’s gun.

      • Mike Jolin

        Yeah right, and Trayvon’s Skittles were considered a deadly weapon 9_9 < Rolls eyes

      • Stephen Barlow

        We DO live in your N*gg*r hatin’ world…

    • Stephen Barlow

      AND he NEVER would have been given ANY bail opportunity.

  • mms

    Another gun-nut, or nut with a gun.

  • Haskell Cherry

    All I want to know is when will the N.R.A’s resident “Nervous Condition” Vietnam War DRAFT DODGER Wayne LaPierre throw his $350K Bail???

    • Bradyn Baez

      lol draft dodger SO? We have a human right to refuse to go to war. The government has NO RIGHT to force us into war, WE own our bodies, NOT THE GOVERNMENT YOU SATE WORSHIPPER!

      • Haskell Cherry

        Oh LOOKIE another Little Commie Pinko Draft Dodging TEA BAGGING KOCH SUCKA crawled out of his Trailer Park to spew his Hatred of America. How Quaint!!! I realize you little Ankle Grabbing Commies HATE America and the Freedoms she stands for. Just remember somebody had to Fight for those FREEDOMS so you COMMIE PINKO KOCH SUCKAS can whine about the Real Americans. I understand the PUNK ASS REICH WING CHICKEN HAWKS like you, LaPierre, Limbaugh, Cheney, Nugent all SHIT YOUR PANTS when you were called to serve your country. But you Bellyaching Little PUKES better be grateful and show some respect for the “REAL MEN” that stepped up so you could Hide Behind Your MOMMIES SKIRT and WHINE like a BITCH!!! BTW, Does MOMMY know you’re playing on the ‘Puter Again PUNK??? I’ll tell you what you Maggot if you Sovereign FAGGOTS HATE America so much why don’t you GET THE FUCK OUT!!! And Take Your Pinko BUTT BUDDIES with you!!! PUKE!!!

      • Cemetery Girl

        Unless you’re female, then you’re an incubator. But why would someone worship someone overly stuffed with food? I’m confused by that part.

      • matilda9

        Isn’t it funny how all the Small Government lovers think it’s absolutely fine to subject women to Mandatory Vaginal Ultrasounds.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Maybe they mean small government as in taking any females out of any political position. You know, shrink it that way. Seeing how it’s supposed to be our duty to get married and take care of our families…

  • Ezechias Nieves Sr

    Is his bail on US dollars or stupid-Stan money ?what a dumb Shit he must be.

  • Sam Lockwood

    A perfectly harmless fruitcake had it not been for the encouragement and support that he’s gotten from likes of Fox News, Sarah Palin, the NRA, Ted Nugent, The Tea Party, and so forth.

    • Eg Kbbs

      He believed he could secede from the govt and could carry his firearm (AK-47) where he liked.

      Isn’t this the inevitable end point of all the Texas secession speeches, the open carry, and the Bundy gang ?

      • GreenEagle

        You are absolutely right. This is exactly what these people, and all too many elected Republicans too, are deliberately trying to incite with their hatred and lies.

    • matilda9

      You know things are really wrong when Sean Hannity spends an entire month stirring things up with a deadbeat rancher – THEY POINT GUNS at Federal Agents and not a singles conservative/Republican called him out on it. He created a a dangerous situation and called this guy a hero. And he’s still peddling his hate on national TV every night. We’re fucked.

    • Mike Jolin

      You forgot the worst one of all, that evil, smiling, mega-turd, Limbaugh.

  • Dougie Doug sounds like a rap name. violent nut to be sure. Not sure what Palin and Fox News have to do with this or why they were mentioned, except that the author felt the need to politicize Dougie’s insanity. Even Ted Nugent would say this guy should NOT have a gun. This author is a lousy reporter, and has no credibility with me. Just the facts next time Allen… and spare us the commentary.
    If I’m to believe this story, then this guy is likely in a psych ward somewhere coloring with crayons and watching videos of Thomas the Tank Engine (love ya Ringo!). Since ALL media is chock full of BS, I’m sure most of this story is BS too.

    • matilda9

      Ted Nugent would say this guy shouldn’t have a gun?

  • Karen

    Stupid-Stupe from Stupe-istan

  • Wendell Craig Woods

    They didn’t shoot him down in cold blood like a wild animal! Only $350,000.00? Other folk get held for millions for lesser crimes!!!

    • And shot down UNARMED!

      • Are you and Wendell referring to St. Louis?

      • Mike Jolin

        Your story has more holes in it than a fishnet

  • Mike Jolin

    Thank you Fox and Rush, for creating such people, SO glad Canada has kept both of you off the air, here in Canada.

    • Guest

      My grandparents immigrated from Newfoundland in 1910. They had five sons serving overseas at the same time during WWII. I am so glad they settled here in Boston where people are sane and rational and still like embryos when they become children.
      If these lunatics don’t self destruct soon under the weight of their insanity, do you think I could come back? Screw the fake patriotism. This great country is being destroyed from within. I love the country that I spent most of my life in – not this place I don’t recognize.

      • Mike Jolin

        I can feel your pain, we Canadians watch what is happening down south and can only shake our heads, in disbelief.

    • matilda9

      My grandparents immigrated to Boston from Canada. If these nuts don’t start getting smacked own I may ask to come back!

      • Mike Jolin

        Not a bad idea 😉

  • Guest

    He believed he could secede from the govt and could carry his firearm (AK-47) where he liked.

    Isn’t this the inevitable outcome of all the Texas secession speeches, the open carry, and the Bundy gang ?

    • matilda9

      Sean Hannity will have him on tomorrow. Calling him a Patriot, of course

  • Cemetery Girl

    Maybe he watched Family Guy and decided to conquer a house with a pool.

  • OldCowboy

    The problem for “Dougie Doug from Doug-E-Stan” is that he left “Doug-E-Stan” and entered the United States, thus making him subject to the laws of the United States, Texas, and the city and county in which he committed his crimes. In other words, he is royally screwed.

  • SumDumGai

    Does he have a valid passport and visa status to be traveling in the US? Better deport him as an unregistered alien.

  • adcbeast

    Clowns like this are why guns have no place in civilians hands …

    Too many drunk drugged mental patients ..

    • You got one like on your comment, and it was YOU. LOLOLOL

  • Pipercat

    Soon to be, 224849998-a-stan!

  • Behold below: a few idiots try to make this story in a racial case of cops being unfair to blacks. It’s a stretch, but they are serious. The fact that no one in the story is black does not even slow them down. I think their point is that the firemen (who don’t carry guns) should have shot the guy… or maybe that that cops who arrived later, should have shot him. These idiots are as crazy as the fool in the story. No justice, no peace, no brains. lol

  • surfjac

    What? NO charges for sedition or the secession?
    And really, what does it matter? He’ll be given a mental exam and found to be non compos mentis. Everything will be hunky-dory in the open carry state of tejas.

  • Franc Cadet

    If he was a black man, he’d be dead. Think about this week, police claim that an unarmed black teen stole cigars to justify why an officer killed him. By the way they are waiting for a toxicology report so police can have another reason.
    White man shoots at police and firemen is allowed to run into the wood. He’s then arrested, alive. Black teen gets to lay in the street dying, with no first responders to check if he was still alive after being shot by police, even though he had no weapons and he had his hand up.

  • Stephen Barlow

    The NRA didn’t put up his bail, dig up F. Lee Bailey and Johnny Cochran and promise to let Rick Perry suck Dubya’s cock on National TV?