Donald Trump: Emotionally Troubled Teens are ‘Great in Bed’ (Audio)

At this point, if you’re someone who doesn’t think Donald Trump is a sexual degenerate, you’re living in denial. From boasting about grabbing women “by the p–sy,” to finding a 10-year-old attractive enough to brag that he would “date her in 10 years,” and even the creepy things he’s said concerning his daughter’s body — these sorts of comments are not normal.

Then there’s always the growing list of women accusing him of sexual harassment and/or assault, who have accused him of doing to them some of the same things he’s described in these videos and audio recordings that have recently surfaced. Making it rather hard to believe his stance that all these women are lying.

Well, we can add a sexual attraction to emotionally troubled teenagers to the list of disgusting things Trump’s said about women.

CNN found another Howard Stern interview Trump did in 2004 where the GOP presidential candidate said that Lindsay Lohan must be “great in bed” because she was a troubled teen.

“What do you think of Lindsay Lohan?” Trump asked Stern.

“I think she’s hot,” responded Stern.

“There’s something there right?” Trump said. “But you have to like freckles. I’ve seen a, you know, close up of her chest and a lot of freckles. Are you into freckles?”

“I’m not into freckles, but the red hair thing I like. I like her on the cover of Entertainment Weekly,” said Stern.

“Now does the father wreck, does that bother you a little bit?” Trump asked later in the conversation.

“Howard feels that the father being a wreck is a good thing,” interjected co-host Robin Quivers.

“Oh yeah, because first of all, if the father’s a wreck like the way he is–” Stern said.

“Right,” said Trump.

“Can you imagine the sex with this troubled teen?” said Stern.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Trump said. “She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed?”

Keep in mind that this is a 58-year-old Trump talking about how “troubled teens” are “great in bed” in reference to an 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

One of the things that sickens me most about these horrible comments Trump has made is that he has two daughters, yet speaks about women the way he does. Back in 2004, his youngest daughter Tiffany was 11, two years away from being a teenager, while her father talked about how emotionally troubled teenage girls were “great in bed.” If you’re not completely creeped out and disturbed by that, then something is seriously wrong with you.

And I don’t want to hear how this was “just him being entertaining on the Stern show” — that’s bullshit.

With the litany derogatory and sexist comments he’s made throughout his life (many of which are on some sort of recording), along with what we heard him say on the 2005 footage where he admitted to being a sexual predator — along with these allegations of him fondling women, creeping into female dressing rooms and kissing women without their consent — the evidence is fairly overwhelming that when Trump says these things he’s not “just being entertaining.”

Though I’m not sure what’s “entertaining” about a nearly 60-year-old man saying that troubled teenagers are “great in bed.”

When it comes to all of this, at this point, I am beyond disgusted. Though I’m still not sure what I find more revolting: Donald Trump, or the millions of his supporters who are still defending this pathetic excuse for a human being.

You know what, let’s just go ahead and call it a draw.

Listen to the audio below:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    On the other hand, Michelle sees Beyonce as a role model for her daughters and invites rappers to the White House who call women all sorts of names and Hillary defends rapists including her husband. Many of these accusers stories have been blown apart anyway. How about an article about the level of conflict between Russia and the Obama Administration because of Hillary”s policies. For starters-

    “I sure won’t sleep well at night if Donald Trump is elected, but I sure won’t sleep well at night if Hillary Clinton elected. We have another choice other than these two candidates who are both promoting lethal policies.

    On the issue of war and nuclear weapons, it is actually Hillary’s policies which are much scarier than Donald Trump who does not want to go to war with Russia.

    He wants to seek modes of working together, which is the route that we need to follow not to go into confrontation and nuclear war with Russia.” -Jill Stein

    • Don Byham

      Since when does pride in heritage a bad thing. Oh yeah when white dudes parading around in white hooded costumes claiming to be Christians and ignored.

      • strayaway

        heritage – 1. property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.

        Hillary seems to have inherited formerly Republican corporatist and neocon support.

      • LogicDefined

        And DEMOCRAT “Christians” at that. Yes, ALL KKK members are DEMOCRATS!!! and no, they are NOT Christians.

      • Poppa Homage

        You should probably read more as most know when LBJ championed civil rights the Democrats flocked to the Republican side in droves. God are you an idiot. The KKK are Republican d if a Democrat was in their ranks they’d hang um

      • LogicDefined

        Maybe if you’d turn off your video games and pick up a book once in awhile, you might not look totally stupid.. Sorry. But I forgot. You’re of the ilk that believes what you WANT to believe, isn’t that right?.

      • Kriegar

        He never claimed to be a Republicant. You’re the one who looks totally stupid, and chooses to believe what you want to believe, and discount anything else. But then, you’re of the ilk that only hated commies until Trump loved them.

      • Kriegar


      • Lauriehl


    • Kriegar

      Just imagine if a Democrat ran for president as someone who: Had at least one affair, was on their third marriage, and had 5 kids from three different spouses. Belittled POWs, saying that they’re not heroes, because they like people who weren’t captured. Was caught lying about how much money they had claimed to raise for veterans. Wouldn’t release their tax returns. Went nearly 20 years without paying any income tax. Was caught on video admitting to being a sexual predator. Talked about the size of their penis during a debate. Constantly had outbursts on Twitter like a petulant child. Mocked a reporter with disabilities. Defended and praised Vladimir Putin. Attacked the credibility of U.S. intelligence agencies and spies. Refused to condemn an enemy who attacked us. The list goes on and on.

      • strayaway

        Or someone whose foreign policy initiatives contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria and millions of refugees who not only enabled her rapist husband but rekindled the cold war and threatened to shoot down Russian military planes over Syria. Trump says bad things about brown People. Hillary has a record of bombing them. I realize liberals tend not to understand proportionality but to me, killing is worse than name calling.

      • Edward Joseph Arsenault

        StrayawayWhat about the hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq and Afghanistan just to put another 6 billion into Dick Cheney’s pockets . Any idea who started that war , hint it wasn’t a Clinton , another hint it wasn’t a democrat . Before you go spouting off about wars you might want to get your facts straight , or do you rely on alternative facts . Bush started that pile of crap that’s been going on for years and will be going on for years more .

      • strayaway

        Yeah, Cheney seems like a war criminal to me too. By voting in support of Iraq war Hillary was partly responsible. SOS Hillary was, in fact, a cheerleader for going to war in Iraq as she was for helping overthrow Libya and attempting to overthrow Assad. The other Clinton chose Madeline Albright as his SOS. When questioned about hundreds of thousands of dead children caused by the embargo, Albright commented, “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.”

      • Kriegar

        You’re extremely hilarious. You prefer to cling to the false narrative of the rapist husband, while you hive a handjob to, and elect, an actual rapist husband. You people are something else. No complaints when Bush/Cheney were killing for profit, though. Right.

  • Artist in Resonance

    BOYCOTT ALL Nestle’ Products.

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  • Mex Seiko

    None of this gets nowhere near what they call “Explicit HiHop.” Holy Cow! I sampled some of on YouTube. It’s disgusting both lyrics and the visuals, and it’s still a multimillion dollar industry.

    • Lauriehl

      What the hell is your point?

      • Mex Seiko

        Read “strayaway” posting after mine. He’s more eloquent.

      • GodwinsLawyer

        sounds like your p—y has been grabbed more than once.

      • Mex Seiko

        Thats plagiarism. Get your own vulgarity.

  • Eg Kbbs

    So he isn’t happy enough that he can seduce underaged girls. He needs the extra edge of the girls being emotionally challenged ?

    Sex with underaged girls = rape.
    Sex with people with emotional problems which inhibit their ability to give consent = rape. (and looking at the article, Lindsay Lohan in her late teens appeared to be having an extremely rough time in dealing with life).

    Add them together and it reallty gets vile.

    • GodwinsLawyer

      it worked with IVanka.

  • David Moorman

    And still you SJW’s still deny #Pizzagate and #Pedogate. You’re all historical retards.

  • Stephanie Bmoviemama Noriega

    I get blocked on Facebook for saying that I’m disgusted by the comments made by white people but our president elect is aloud to say “Grab them by the [email protected]”. I hate FB

  • mdtuch

    He never said anything about sex with teenagers. Read it again. He said “deeply troubled women.” You guys are digging and digging and reaching for any damn thing you can find to hurt this guy. So much energy channeled into hatred. What a bunch of assholes you are.

    • Edward Joseph Arsenault

      So he thinks sex would be better with deeply troubled women and that’s okay with you . I guess we know how his supporters think

    • Kriegar

      Keep dreaming. Everything he said, and inferred, was quite clear. Go ahead and continue plugging your ears and sticking your tongie out. While you keep your head buried in the sand, we grownups will handle this.