Here’s How Donald Trump Has Proven That Real Republicans No Longer Exist

To watch Republicans and the conservative media react to Donald Trump is actually quite interesting. His supporters champion him as a fresh, new voice breaking away from the “establishment” that, for too long, has misled millions of voters.

If you listen to the “never Trump” folks, they’ll claim he’s nothing but an apparition, someone who doesn’t actually represent the values of the GOP and isn’t a “real conservative/Republican.” I’ve found that claim to be ridiculous considering he’s been enthusiastically supported by millions of Republican voters and broke George W. Bush’s record for most votes received during a primary.

How many millions of self-proclaimed Republican voters need to support him before he represents the values of the party?

But the truth is, there’s really no such thing as a “Republican” — not anymore. In fact, “Republicans” haven’t really existed for decades. Not since the GOP embraced the “Southern strategy,” a deliberate effort to pander to white resentment during the civil rights era, embracing the racists who felt abandoned by an ever-evolving Democratic party that was quickly shedding its shameful roots.

Long ago, the GOP was the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower. These were great men who stood for values that are not remotely reflected by those who, today, call themselves “Republicans.”

To listen to “Republicans” talk, they don’t even know what they’re supposed to be.

They claim they’re the party for fiscally conservative values while the “legend” they all worship, Ronald Reagan, nearly tripled the national debt during his eight years in office. Hell, a Republican hasn’t balanced the budget since Eisenhower in the 50’s. Even when you look at Trump’s tax “plan,” numerous economic experts have said it would add trillions to the national debt.

Then there’s the claim that they’re the party for small government. Yes, the same people who want to ban homosexuals from getting married; want to restrict the right of homosexuals in general; want to tell women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies; that one religion (Christianity) should rule over the Constitution; and that we should be able to ban an entire religion from entering the United States — is the party that claims it’s for “small government.”

The truth is, “Republicans” are big fans of government — just as long as they can use it to benefit something they support. They only seem to oppose government whenever the Supreme Court rules that something they’re trying to do is unconstitutional.

Oh, then there’s always their claim to be the party of “Christian values.” You know, the party that currently has Donald Trump as its presidential candidate. A man who:

  • Personifies greed.
  • Belittles a disabled man.
  • Calls women “fat pigs.”
  • Mocks veterans and their families.
  • Has had at least one affair.
  • Is on his third marriage.
  • Has shared anti-African American propaganda created by white nationalists.

In other words, there’s practically nothing Christian about Donald Trump.

However, despite the fact that he was the least “Christian” of any of the Republican presidential candidates this election — he won in a landslide. Even up against a legitimate evangelical in Sen. Ted Cruz, a hardcore Seventh-day Adventist like Ben Carson and a bona-fide former Baptist pastor in Mike Huckabee, the thrice married adulterer Donald Trump won the overwhelming majority of the “evangelical Christian” vote, helping him run away with the GOP’s nomination.

Then we might as well toss the whole “we support our military” nonsense right out the window. Over the last year Trump has mocked POWs, used veterans as props to shield him from criticism after skipping a GOP presidential debate and attacked the parents of a fallen American hero who died fighting in Iraq.

I don’t care what you think about someone’s politics, you don’t mock POWs or belittle the family of a fallen American hero — period.

So, what is a “Republican,” exactly?

Well, to be honest, it’s become a fictional term used by people to describe a political identity that no longer exists.

Those calling themselves “Republicans” can claim all they want that Trump doesn’t represent the party’s values, except that’s complete nonsense. If anything, the only thing he did was openly say exactly what I’ve seen conservatives saying for years. The GOP subtly embraced bigotry and racism for decades; Trump just took it mainstream.

Build that wall! Deport illegals! Ban Muslims! Minorities are the problem! 

But even what “Republicans” claim the “Republican” party stands for isn’t remotely true — and Trump’s proved that. Not only are all those “Republicans” who support him absolute hypocrites to the ideologies they claim their party represents, but those who claim he doesn’t represent what it means to be a “Republican” (at least in the modern context of what conservatives claim that word means) clearly have no idea what’s been going on for the last 50+ years.

Donald Trump is the epitome of practically everything conservatives have embraced since the 1960’s. It’s the antithesis of what the Republican party — the real Republican party — actually stood for.

The harsh reality is this: Republicans — real Republicans like those who represented the party during the eras of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower — no longer exist. Today, the closest thing we have to those types of Republicans… are Democrats.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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