Donald Trump Humiliated as Hillary Clinton Absolutely Tramples Him During First Debate

Tonight’s debate was possibly the most anticipated political event in modern political history. I’ve followed and analyzed politics for many years and I’ve never seen a presidential debate with as much anticipation as tonight’s first face-to-face “battle” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I wouldn’t say this was everything many thought it would be (aka non-stop reality-style drama and conflict), but it still showed us a whole lot.

Hillary Clinton was calm, collected and I think did a great job of appearing relaxed and comfortable. Meanwhile, Donald Trump looked rattled, nervous and many of his responses were rambling and all over the place.

To be honest, at times, this was hard to follow. While Clinton’s answers were usually fairly specific and on-point, Trump’s were all over the place and often hard to follow. Throughout his entire campaign I have never see him appear — dare I say — so “low-energy” and lacking stamina like I did tonight.

Predictably, fact-checking Trump was a constant job. Perhaps one of his biggest lies came when he denied calling climate change a hoax created by the Chinese. Well, it just so happens he most certainly did.

Another low moment for Trump came when he used the debunked lie that he can’t release his tax returns because he’s currently being audited, only to have it pointed out to him that the IRS has said that his audit has nothing to do with his ability to release his tax returns. In fact, trying to defend his stance on his tax returns landed him in a word salad rant where he said all of our airports look like they’re from the “third-world.”

Then there was the part of the debate where he claimed that the people who hacked the DNC (despite security experts saying all signs point to Russia) basically could have been some ‘400 pound’ guy lying in bed — nobody knows. This from the same man who says he has the “best words.” His vocabulary was clearly on full display tonight.

Perhaps one of his worst moments came when the birther conspiracy was mentioned. Not only did he try to take credit for making President Obama show his birth certificate, but he continued to push the soundly debunked lie that Hillary Clinton was the person who created the birther nonsense to begin with. Though what I would have liked to see him asked is why, when no other president has been forced to show their birth certificate, was our nation’s first African American president asked to show his.

He also claimed that Clinton has been fighting ISIS her “entire adult life.” Being that she turned 18 in 1965, and ISIS wasn’t founded until 2004, I don’t think that’s entirely accurate.

When Iraq was brought up, once again, he claimed he’s always opposed the Iraq War — even when there’s indisputable audio evidence that he was for the war in 2002.

Then when he declared he had a “better temperament” than Clinton, the audience actually erupted into laughter.

To quote Trump, tonight was a “disaster” for him. Not only did he look rather out-of-control and unorganized, but it was blatantly obvious that he lacks even the basic knowledge needed to discuss so many of the topics that were discussed tonight. Whenever he was pressed for specifics, he often reverted right back to his empty, often inaccurate, talking points.

I’m going to make a bold prediction that Trump whines about how “rigged” this debate was against him – which is basically what I predicted he’d do weeks ago.

With two more debates left before the election, clearly this first confrontation between Clinton and Trump set the stage for what we should expect going forward. The only question now is, will Trump even show up to the next two? While it could be political suicide to skip both events, he had clearly been laying the foundation for his refusal to participate in any future debates by pushing the idea that this one was going to be “rigged against him.”

But tonight was the first night we saw Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go one-on-one, and it lived up to its billing.

I’m sure his supporters will disagree (after all, I’m sure he’s going to whine about how “unfair” everything was for him), but it was incredibly obvious that Clinton established herself as the only qualified candidate on that stage this evening. Not only was she vastly more knowledgeable when it came knowing actual details and facts, but Trump proved time and time again that he’s woefully unfit — and  completely unqualified — to be president.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • I’ll take “Gakked out of his tits” for $800, Alex.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Agree with article.

    Only I’m missing: How is it that the Trump camp seems to think that preparing for the debates was a bad thing ?

    • Brian Davis

      Because preparation is a PRESIDENTIAL thing….

      • ChuSez

        LOL. Two thumbs up!

  • amersham1046

    Well it is only fair in politics to kick a man when he is down

    • ChuSez

      Well, it would be pretty hard for Donald to kick himself while his foot is stuck in his mouth.

      • c_woof

        And so firmly, too.

  • Bastion

    That’s the saddest thing: “Clinton established herself as the only qualified candidate on that stage this evening”

    But if Johnson had been up there, too, Trump still wouldn’t have been one of the qualified candidates. Even though he represents “half” of the nation.

    GOP is really twisted this election cycle…

    • Brian Davis

      This election cycle is the reason why autocracia should return.

  • Brian

    Actually Trump’s answers were overall better than Clinton’s. Clinton mostly responded with personal attacks and sound bites, as well as baiting Trump over non-issues, and callimg him racist and sexist. Furthermore the entire purpose of the debate was to put Trump on trial.
    What I’m curious about is why a blog that so proudly calls itself “progressive” supports so strongly a dynastic crony capitalist with a long history of being bought by wall street.

    • ann

      Did you even listen to what he actually said? Throughout the entire debate he avoided almost every question that Lester asked and answered with empty speech bubbles without proposing how he actually wants to solve the problem. The only thing he proposed concerning solutions was lower taxes, which would certainly not help to increase the amount of money the government can use for education or health. Additionally was his behaviour out of line during the whole debate. He interrupted Hillary and Lester and not only that, he also grunted when she said something. Furthermore, many (maybe even all) of the things he denied to ever have said, did he actually say. Check out the fact-check on hillary Clintons campaign page or go on YouTube where people made videos where Donald Trump contradicts himself.
      Last thing I like to mention is that most of the “attacks” from Clintons side were quotes he actually said (which leads right back to my previous point) and while you are at it, listen to what he is actually saying and don’t get caught in those empty bubbles and you will notice that he actually is racist and sexist.

    • Wally Oyen

      What were you watching? It surely wasn’t the same thing the rest of us were watching. Perhaps you were confused. Trump was the large pink and orange male. Clinton was the woman.

    • ChuSez

      What planet did you view the debate from?

  • strayaway

    Hillary won the debate. Her blithe comments about free college, helping the middle class, and all the new jobs sounded pretty good even if she will need her magic wand, some borrowing, and taxes to perform her Hugo Chavez light promises. She sounded confident that such possibilities exist. Just standing and not coughing for 90 minutes was a huge victory over those who criticized her health. Trump seemed off balance and disengaged after about 20 minutes. Except for making his point about bad trade agreements causing lost jobs,Trump failed to make his points well or didn’t even bring them up. But who cares about lost manufacturing jobs except those affected? He was addressing one of his rallies instead of a national bi-partisan tv audience. My guess is that we’ll see a 5% swing in the polls.


    At the end of the day, little Donald is a combination spoiled brat and barroom loudmouth, with the attention span and world view of a two year old. There is simply no substance residing behind his blustering, pseudo tough guy, persona. He is completely lost in any setting where he does not control the microphone and the agenda. Vladimir Putin would play him like a cheap fiddle.

  • FD Brian

    republicans should really be asking themselves why this is happening and come to terms with the fact their economic policy has left a lot of republicans desperate and those desperate people think it’s the people representing the party and not the policies themselves that have caused this.

    • c_woof

      Still, since the people representing the party support that economic policy which has left so many so desperate, it does seem reasonable to hold them accountable for not putting forth policies which may alleviate that desperation.

      But, wouldn’t disowning their current economic policy lead to a mea culpa and a self-examination of what the R party is all about? How likely is that? Hence, Trump.