Donald Trump Joins The Starbucks Boycott Stupidity

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.44.19 PMThe ridiculous outrage over the 2015 Starbucks holiday cup started with gun fanatic and so-called “evangelist” Joshua Feuerstein encouraging his followers to boycott the coffee chain – or get the baristas to write “Merry Christmas” on their cups of expensive coffee.

The whole thing was so ridiculous that when Fox News posted about it on their Facebook page, the people who usually rant about Obama and Hillary Clinton responded with a resounding “so what?” Notorious shit-stirrer Todd Starnes said it was “no big deal,” and even the conservative website National Review, which once compared Bernie Sanders to Nazis, said that the controversy was “insane.”

So if all of these rabidly conservative sources think the outrage which was ginned up as a publicity stunt to raise the public profile of a Facebook clickbait preacher is incredibly stupid, you’d think that Republican candidates would likely have the sense to steer clear of the issue… Right?

Not Donald Trump, who yesterday stated he was considering boycotting Starbucks over the fact their cups don’t say “Merry Christmas” on them. Yes, in an attempt to boost his fading poll numbers, Donald Trump has decided to appeal to the people who are stupid enough to care about what a coffee corporation does or does not put on the cups their customers will toss in the trash once they’re done drinking their peppermint mocha.

At the same rally he told the crowd, “If I become president, we’re all going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again, that I can tell you.” Not only is this a ridiculous attempt at pandering to the dumbest of the easily outraged electorate who probably thinks Starbucks is an elitist liberal corporation anyhow, but it would also theoretically be a violation of the First Amendment which prohibits the government from favoring one religion over another.

Let’s also consider the fact that the chairman and CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, is Jewish. This is something most of the people who are angrily posting on Starbucks’ Facebook page are ignorant of, and I’d doubt that would make a difference to them even if they did know. Remember how many of these folks supported Hobby Lobby’s decision to deny birth control coverage to their employees or Chick-Fil-A’s opposition to marriage equality in the name of “religious freedom”?

Well, if they support religious freedom so much, why do they demand that a company with a Jewish chairman and CEO put Christian messages on their coffee cups? After all, didn’t a lot of these same people promise to boycott Starbucks over their request not to open carry firearms in their stores or the company’s strong support for gay marriage?

The fact of the matter is that like Joshua Feuerstein, Donald Trump is just trying to leverage as much of the fleeting energy of the controversy du jour as he can. Every year, the “War on Christmas” gets even more ridiculous – and this latest outrage over the color of a disposable coffee cup is proof of how gullible the people who support Donald Trump are.


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