Donald Trump Just Took One of His Biggest Steps Toward a Full-on Dictatorship

By now it’s undeniable that Donald Trump is nothing more than a wannabe dictator. This is a man who’s running an administration built on blatant propaganda, unfounded conspiracies, and yells “fake” whenever anyone debunks his never-ending stream of lies. He’s someone who constantly pushes some ridiculous conspiracy whenever anyone uses facts or reality to call out his bullshit.

This is the textbook behavior of a dictator.

One of the main traits all dictators share is a strong disdain for a free an open media. It’s impossible to maintain any sort of authoritarian dictatorship if your nation’s media isn’t letting you get away with brainwashing your citizens. That’s why there’s no such thing as true “freedom of the press” in places like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba. Those are nations ruled by brutal regimes that do everything they can to control, manipulate and censor the information their citizens receive.

So it’s not remotely shocking to see the pathological-lying Trump incessantly whine about the media. The last thing this idiot wants is for the American people to be factually informed about all the unconstitutional, incompetent, and horrible things he’s trying to get away with.

Well, he took things to a whole other level on Tuesday, refusing to send anyone from his administration to any network that might actually debunk their lies or ask them tough questions.

“We’re sending surrogates to places where we think it makes sense to promote our agenda,” said a White House official.

Before going forward, let the phrase “promote our agenda” sink in for a moment. That’s a White House official literally saying that Trump wants the media to “promote his agenda,” and if they won’t, he won’t allow members of his administration to appear on their network.

This is essentially his administration blackmailing the media. This is Trump saying that any network that refuses to help him “promote his agenda” — or dares to not let his people get away with blatantly lying — won’t be allowed to interview anyone from his administration.

We’ve never seen anything like this.

Republicans and Trump supporters can spin this how they want, but this is how dictators behave. Donald Trump doesn’t want the media to be “free and open,” he wants it to serve as nothing more than a vessel for him to push his propaganda and “promote his agenda.”

That’s not what the media is for! 

In a country with the freedom of the press (you know, like the United States has outlined in our First Amendment), the media’s job is to hold people accountable, inform citizens of facts, ask tough questions, and call out lies when necessary. It’s not there to help an administration “promote its agenda.”

But that’s exactly what Trump wants the media to do. He wants every network to act like Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Someone who’ll lob him softball questions, kiss his ass, and serve as nothing but his own personal cheerleader.

Donald Trump and his cronies desperately want every media outlet — including everybody involved in the White House press corps — to act like a far-right conservative pulled from the comments on a Breitbart article. Again, that’s not what the media is supposed to do

This is all such an absolute joke.

Donald Trump wants to rule over the United States the same way Vladimir Putin rules over Russia. He wants to be able to get away with whatever he feels like while everyone tells him he’s amazing and the media regurgitates his propaganda.

Unfortunately for him, people like myself — who make up the majority of the country —  aren’t going to allow that to happen. Donald Trump is clearly trying to destroy this country from within, but he’s going to fail because there are more people against him than with him.

And our numbers are growing every single day. 

I don’t see these days he’s in power as “another day of his presidency,” I just see them as one day closer to his eventual impeachment.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • seconnecticut

    The dictionary definition of Fascism is rule by corporations. We’ve got that. Also, the strong man head of State who knows torture works, the world’s largest military, the largest prison population, the national surveillance complex, the renewed and improved nuclear weapons, and empire.

    The Fascist State doesn’t care about its people, so don’t expect good healthcare, social security, or any public good. A hungry plutocracy wants it all. They will get their tax cuts at everyone else’s expense.

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      • marysrn

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    • Carolyn Webb

      T-RUMP IS A FASCIST and so are ALL THE OTHER REPUBLICANS, ALL of them GOOSE STEP LOYALTY to DONALD FUEHRER and will OBEY his commands in UNISON without question, no matter how horrible his demands may be.

    • daniella.tanner

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    • mary.rhodes.

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  • Cindy Pasqualini

    My worry is that he will start a nuclear war, before we can stop him…How can we stop him?

    • Mitch Valburg

      Only by activating the portion of the 25th Amendment that allows the VP and Cabinet to go to Congress and ask that he be removed for being unfit to fill the responsibilities of the job (e.g., mentally unstable), or through impeachment/conviction.

      • utxdoni

        Jeeebus how much evidence do they need? He piles on more everyday proving he’s completely unstable. I saw an article saying Pelosi had asked for a mental evaluation of Chump…From what you are saying, it sounds like that would be mandatory. I want to see it happen.

    • utxdoni

      You can’t. I’m 90% sure there is going to be a nuclear war…I hate that I live less than 30 miles from the largest army base in the US. Furking Trump needs to put his own flesh and blood on the front lines. Not mine. I hate the man. And I don’t hate by principle!

  • Mary

    Such a lie. Sean Spicer (Press Secretary) on MSNBC tonight 1-3-17. Can’t believe the stupidity and gullibility and intellectual laziness of you all to believe the Progressive BS train. These fairness posters are laughing at your stupidity and laughing at how they are controlling you. Please go get a life or at least learn how to distinguish facts and reality from lies and opinions.

    • Mary


    • Mary

      Hate spellchecker. These fakenews posters are laughing at you.

      • Gladys

        You also apparently hate Fact Checker.

    • Gladys

      Omg. You need real help. You are the one who is deeply delusional. What, exactly, is Trump doing for you? What have you gained? You are obviously here reading about him. You KNOW deep down he’s a liar? It’s ok. We will forgive you. It’s ok to admit you were wrong and he truly is an ignorant maniac. You WILL be hurt by this nut. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Carolyn Webb

    Allen getting TRUMP impeached is going to be one HELL of a lot harder than you think.

    First of all to get the ball rolling in that direction you need to have the House of Reps call for it.

    The house is controlled by Paul Ryan and his fellow Republican GOOSE STEP FASCISTS who are one hundred percent LOYAL to FUEHRER TRUMP who will not make a single move against him even if he were to kill people on TV in front of fifty million viewers.

    But even if you could persuade enough Republicans to defect and call for his impeachment you have to get the senate majority leader to allow for an impeachment trial.

    Mitch McConnell, the Republican GOOSE STEP majority leader who is the most DEVOTED TRUMP LAP DOG of all will NOT permit an impeachment trial to take place.

    And even if you could persuade that malicious man, McConnell to go against FUEHRER TRUMP, it takes a 2/3 Senate Vote to find him guilty of abusing the power of his office and kick him out of the oval office. That is not likely because every single republican senator is a GOOSE STEP LOYAL LAP DOG to FUEHRER TRUMP and they insist on letting him get away with anything he wants no matter how horrible it is!

    I have every reason to fear that because of TRUMP and his loyal brown shirted THUGS America will very soon become the same nightmare that Germany was in 1933-1945.

  • The media that he is “blocking” should file a lawsuit to get equal access to the government. What Trump is doing seems unconstitutional to me….so what else is new?

  • noah vail

    Trump is just a second rate Idi Amin….with the same silouhette….