This Is Why Donald Trump Is So Popular With The GOP

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is rising quickly in Republican primary polling, and while many people are scratching their heads and wondering why he’s so popular in the GOP right now, the answer to that is really quite simple. Donald Trump is yet another political celebrity who can say whatever he wants without fear of losing the nomination, because he was never in it to win to begin with.

Over the last couple of election cycles and with the rise of social media, we’ve seen people run for office with no intention of ever winning an election. These folks include Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and now, Donald Trump. Unlike candidates such as Bobby Jindal or Chris Christie (the two most hated governors in America), they’re running not out of political desperation. Instead, their candidacies are simply to raise their public image while funded by donations from gullible supporters who actually think they’re pursuing a government job rather than a paid contributor spot at Fox News, or elsewhere in the conservative media – and Donald Trump is no exception.

Jamelle Bouie explains over at Slate:

Trump doesn’t just represent the Republican base on immigration. He is the Republican base on immigration. His anxieties are their anxieties. And his rhetoric—a revanchist stew of foreign policy belligerence, small government ideology, anti-elite agitation, and raw bigotry—reflects and appeals to a meaningful part of the Republican electorate.

The good news is that this meaningful part is still a small minority of the Republican Party. The right-wing of American populism might be ugly and angry, but it’s not powerful. The bad news, on the other hand, is that you don’t have to be a majority to be influential. You just have to grab the right influence at the right time. Trump is a distraction, but don’t be surprised if a more credible candidate—like Walker, who can cloak his hard-right politics in suburban blandness—tries to bring Trump’s voters to his side. Alone, these voters won’t bring victory. But in a close fight, they could offer the winning points. (Source)

Say what you will about the Democrats, but there aren’t any candidates in the race that are political celebrities who haven’t held office. Hillary Clinton was a Secretary of State, a U.S. Senator from New York, and respected First Lady. Bernie Sanders has been active in politics for decades, he’s a respected liberal icon, and currently represents Vermont in the Senate. Martin O’Malley is a former governor, as is Lincoln Chaffee. Jim Webb, who is expected to join the race, is also a former senator, a Vietnam veteran, and Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan.

In comparison, much of the Republican field is a collection of has-been politicians, as well as a number of people who have never held political office of any kind. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump all have private sector experience, and nearly zero chance of even becoming the Republican nominee in 2016. That isn’t going to stop them as they have plenty of their own money to spend, and they’re running to make themselves famous in the political arena rather than actually be the next President of the United States.

This is why they can say such outrageous things like Donald Trump’s abhorrent remarks about Mexicans, because they have no chance of winning. When you’re playing with the cards that Donald Trump has, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain – at least in the political sphere.

Donald Trump isn’t running for president, he’s running for the ringmaster of the 2016 Republican primary circus, and he’s succeeding admirably thus far.


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  • CarrieJWolfe

    ……next few days your life success days…forwardprogressives….. < Find Here

  • Thunder Panus

    First of all they are not Mexican immigrants they are illegal invaders.Criminals according to federal law.Trump said what needed to be said.

    • noah vail

      ah, blunder penis, there you are again defending anything the RWNJs have to say…all immigrants aren’t mexican nor are they all illegal, or rapists or criminals…put your hate away and save it for when another minority has the temerity to run for president

    • Satan

      Over one third of America was once Mexico stolen by the White Europeans… If anyone is illegal, it would be the White Europeans who stole America, through genocide, from the indigenous people who were here first. The fact of the matter is, America is not a Christian Nation, but a nation that was taken hostage by Christian Terrorists beginning in 1492.

    • Joel A. Edge

      You’re right, he’s saying things that need to said. That’s makes him popular at the moment. I wouldn’t vote for him cause I think he’s nut. But I’ve thought that forever.

      • Dale Andrews

        Tell me what Trump said that was not correct(er, I mean spot on) about the illegal alien invasion. It HAS TO BE STOPPED pal, if we are to maintain our language and our culture. Ever notice how remarks like his resonate the most with the states that border Meh Hee Koh? The citizens there are both terrified and disgusted at what’s happening to their state. They see it first hand.

      • Joel A. Edge

        He’s correct. i just don’t believe he’ll do anything about it if he’s handed any kind of power.

  • cruisersailor

    The media should ignore Trump. He’s a joke.

  • Brewmeister

    Just who does Trump represent because I don’t hear or see any Republicans calling him out for his racist statements. The problem for the GOP is that THIS IS their platform, they just didn’t want it to be broadcast to the whole country. Trump is doing us a favor by exposing the GOP for who they are (or have become).

    • Thunder Panus

      You tried to use that same rhetoric last November and where did it get you people?

      • MorganLvr

        Who is “you people?” Trump is loved by the segment of the GOP base that hates Mexicans and wants to “seal the border,” how ever that might be accomplished.

        The November interim election had the lowest turnout of any election we’ve ever had. Only the hard-core wingnuts bothered to vote. I’m not cheering those who didn’t show up – look at what a mess they made by staying home and letting the GOP take hold of the Senate.

        Hey, you people with some common sense – VOTE dammit!

      • Dale Andrews

        You really mean “vote DEMOCRAT” don’t you?

    • Dale Andrews

      Tell you what, Brewmeister(or whatever you call yourself), unless we get a handle on those goddamn squatters from Guatemala(AND Meh Hee Koh) we won’t have to worry about a country anymore, as we watch it evaporate before our eyes as we slowly morph into a country somewhere between Haiti and Meh He Koh. Trumps remarks weren’t racist but simply the truth. No one else has the cajones to SAY it!

      • kyle

        well, they were racist technically, but racism itself is an inconvenient truth. Immigration is to the left what climate change is to the right.

      • Brewmeister

        Sadly, the GOP doesn’t care about you either. They’ll take your vote, but they’ll make sure you won’t be able to participate in a growing economy. Those profits are reserved for the wealthy. The GOP’s idea of the middle class is everyone working min-wage and all profits to the fat cats. If you saw the Hunger Games, then you saw the GOP blueprint for America

  • Eg Kbbs

    Like the playground. When the bully strikes the rest of the playground tends to support the bully as they think that makes them powerful. No one has empathy for the attacked and even start branding them as wimps.

    Having Trump say he was going to make Mexico pay for a wall and was just going to tell other countries what to do allows us to shout the glories of USA! USA! USA!

  • Satan

    Memo to Donald J. Trump: Over one third of America was once Mexico stolen by the White Europeans… If anyone is illegal, it would be the White Europeans who stole America, through genocide, from the indigenous people who were here first. The fact of the matter is, America is not a Christian Nation, but a nation that was taken hostage by Christian Terrorists beginning in 1492.