Donald Trump Says He Wants To Run Against Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders prison industryDonald Trump has been pulling out all the stops in his campaign to win the Republican nomination for president. While he and other GOP candidates have done everything they can to secure the votes of the primary base, Bernie Sanders has been talking about real issues like police brutality and income inequality.

Since the beginning, Republicans have concentrated almost solely on Hillary Clinton. They’ve carried on the congressional Benghazi hearings and have smeared her in every way possible for the past couple of decades back to when she was the First Lady.

The attacks have mostly ignored Bernie Sanders, who was an entrant into the race that many people did not expect. His popularity with the progressive left is finally being noticed by the GOP, especially Donald Trump who claims he relishes the chance to run against Sanders instead of Clinton.

“I would love, please, FBI please go after Hillary,” Trump suggested. “I want to run against Bernie. Oh, that’s a dream come true. This guy, he would make some president. Ninety percent tax, everybody. Does anybody mind paying 90 percent tax? Go with Bernie and you’ll have yourself a nice 90 percent tax. He wants to take it all away from you. You know, he’s sort of dampening it a little bit, he wants to keep it a little bit low key. He wants a big, fat, beautiful tax okay.” (Source)

The GOP thinks that Americans are afraid of Bernie Sanders’ progressive agenda, but younger voters are more receptive to the idea of democratic socialism, and they aren’t buying into to the propaganda from the far-right. We don’t accept the fear and bigotry that Donald Trump is hoping to ride all the way to the White House.

Many people of my generation and millennials are more progressive than the people who make up the base of the Republican Party, and they’re choosing Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton or the GOP. This isn’t a slam against Hillary Clinton, and I fully intend to vote for her if she is the Democratic nominee, but I would rather have Bernie Sanders as my president instead.

If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee against Bernie Sanders, Bernie will mop the floor with Trump and demonstrate to the world that America is a country that rejects the politics of hatred and xenophobia. We aren’t economically illiterate, and we know that we’ve been handed the short end of the stick thanks to a lifetime of student loans and the American Dream which seems so far out of reach.

The far-right is counting on the divide between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters to take back the White House in 2016. Let’s not fall into the trap of ideological purity and support the candidate Democrats nominate this year. There is too much at stake for us to stay home in November, and that is exactly what they want us to do.


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