Donald Trump’s Already Proving How Naive His Supporters Were to Believe Him

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected president, I wrote an article mocking Republicans for rewarding a man who clearly conned his way into the White House.

I actually had one of my Trump-supporting friends show a bit of concern after I told her that I was looking forward to saying “I told you so” after this disaster of a presidency. When I first said this she was very defiant, though I quickly saw concern build as she realized I was being dead serious. That’s when she finally said, in a somewhat defeated way, “I guess we’ll see.”

Well, we’re already seeing.

Within a matter of hours any mention of Trump’s “Muslim ban” had been scrubbed from his website. When he was asked about his promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton, he immediately began backtracking on that, saying he hadn’t really thought about it because he had other priorities. Even when he’s talked about repealing the Affordable Care Act, he’s now saying there are parts of it he wants to keep and has gone from unequivocally saying he was going to repeal Obamacare to saying “either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced.”

And remember the anti-establishment “Washington outsider” who rallied against lobbyists and special interests? “Drain the swamp!,” he often said.

Yeah, his transition team is filled with Washington insiders, lobbyists and several of his top donors.

Nothing like running a campaign by convincing millions of Americans that you were the candidate who was going “drain the swamp” by refusing to sell out to insiders and lobbyists — then immediately filling your transition team with insiders and lobbyists.

But then there’s my favorite part.

Reports have surfaced indicating that it’s starting to sink in with Donald Trump what it actually means to be the president, prompting him to ask advisers how much time he’s going to actually have to spend at the White House since he would prefer to be in New York City or at one of his resorts. From these reports people are indicating that he only wants to spend about four days a week in Washington.

Yes, the president-elect, the next person to lead this nation, took less than a week before he apparently started whining to his advisers about the job he hasn’t even started doing yet.

If Trump gets his way, taxpayers are going to be spending tens of millions of dollars over the next four years as he makes his routine trips back and forth between Washington and New York — because when he ran for president he apparently didn’t realize that job is in Washington D.C., not Trump Tower.

Trust me, it’s going to take an unprecedented (and very expensive) amount of security detail to secure a building like Trump Tower (or even one of his resorts) every single week for four straight years.

So much for the “party of fiscal responsibility.” Again. 

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Republicans the ones who always attacked President Obama for playing golf or for supposedly taking too many vacations — even though he’s taken less than half as many vacation days as George W. Bush?

In fact, wasn’t it Trump who was recently throwing a fit about Obama being out campaigning for Hillary Clinton instead of in Washington doing his job? But he wants to spend nearly half of his entire presidency not in Washington?

This shouldn’t surprise anyone considering reports came out months ago claiming that, if elected, Trump planned to make his VP do most of the work.

Then again, none of this will likely matter because Trump supporters are so brainwashed that I’m convinced he could backtrack on every single campaign promise he made and they’d still make excuses for him, blaming anyone and everyone but him.

All I can do is laugh. We’re not even a week beyond Election Day and Donald Trump is already proving how stupid it was for his supporters to believe anything he said.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Donna Mullins-Hodapp
  • Hunter Moore

    he is a registered democratic. Lol

    • Lucillehgoodwin

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    • Rachel Salazar

      While that would be amazing, his party is still republican and that will be a problem. Him and his party hate women, so all our rights are out the window. This and other things make my heart hurt.

      • Kai

        Him and his party huh? So, Trump speaks for the whole party? I lean towards Republican and highly respect most women. Stop with your generalization if you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

      • Rachel Salazar

        When one says a party, they mean the people that can actually do something like senates and congressmen. You do not count as you have no power just like me and everyone else.

        The Republican Party in whole, care more about religion then helping people. How many times do they try to make laws regarding bc, abortion and lgbt saying it’s against their religion.

      • Kai

        Liberals like to nick pick what they want to fight over. Ignoring what your laws for a moment, let’s point out others that were head started by Republicans. Fridge locks (basically preventing anyone from being locked inside), On the job accidents, poison prevention, seat belts, lead poisoning, and flammable clothing being illegal…just to name some. Sure, there are good laws on both sides, but historically, Republican laws are more for the country and helping everyone, not just helping people in other countries come over here and just the poor.

        If you haven’t looked up Trumps new proposal laws about child care you really should. Basically able to write off your kids even more and get money back for their expenses. Also helps if you have to take care of someone in your family that’s elderly.

        Now, let’s go back to religion. Am I religious? No. However, in 2014 71% of America identified Christian. For a country to be almost 3/4 Christian, it’s not far fetched to believe that some politicians do want a more godly background. This is also both sides.

        And finally your examples. Birth Control, Abortion, and LGBT. He isn’t even in office yet and what people don’t understand is he has to have support for everything he does from the VP, Senate, and House. He can’t directly repeal anything due to the Senate could just block it. People are freaking out over nothing. Oh, and yes, both my brother and sister are members of the LGBT community, so I pay attention to it.

        As far as abortion goes, and going to say the stats before you bring it up, only 1% of all abortions are due to rape, incest, medical concerns to the mother. At it’s highest it was 2%. Abortion is WRONG if the only reason is because you don’t want the child. There are plenty of birth control items out there for both men and women to pretty much eliminate all hopes of getting pregnant. Birth control fails sometimes, I understand this, but the chance of say, a condom and spermicide both failing, with an IUD, is almost astronomically impossible. Aborting a growing baby just because you don’t want the child is flat out stupid. The baby isn’t your body, and isn’t only your problem or decision.

        Funny how, if you kill a woman that is pregnant, you get charged with a double homicide. However, if you a woman has the baby chopped up and removed…it’s completely legal. Hm.

  • She cried for Moe Moe Moe

    Where was hillary at 3am Wednesday, she could have come out and consoled her supporters. I was disappointed she didn’t. It takes courage to take a hit and stand up that’s what leaders do. Supposedly.

    • Falafel

      From what I understand, she called him to concede but waited to make her speech till the next morning, because a significant part of her speech was directed at the younger generation (especially young girls) … and those people would’ve been asleep at 3am

      • She cried for Moe Moe Moe

        NBC reported Huma made the call. Hillary was too distraught . I guess at this point what difference does it make .

      • Reyn

        What difference does it make? I always thought trolls lived in the mountains. Would not have expected them to have Internet OR to have nimble fingers to type with. Better watch out though, or Gandalf will trick you into remaining outside until sunlight strikes you and turns you forever to stone.


      • Elizabeth Holt

        In this past Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview, Trump said himself that Hillary called him personally

      • She cried for Moe Moe Moe

        Yeah I saw that too. Who knows

    • Sharoney

      I think you’re commenting on the wrong article. This one is about your part-time president-elect who’s already getting buyers’ remorse about the job he just was awarded.

      • She cried for Moe Moe Moe

        Ha! Good one. Though I think not.

      • Reyn

        Ah yes, Ms. Troll – go away please. You aren’t impressing anyone and you sound… less than… cogent.

  • Michael Orlen

    He could actually make America great again by admitting that he never wanted the job, isn’t even remotely capable of doing the job, graciously stepping down and taking Pence with him.

  • Hugh Everett

    Republicans are focused on important changes that can last for decades:

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 84
    Anthony Kennedy: 80
    Stephen Bryer: 78
    Clarence Thomas: 68
    Antonin Scalia: deceased

    • Reyn

      So Hugh, if you are Hugh Everett III – how do we resolve that by changing the timeline?

  • jordan684

    good item. donny wasn’t a serious candidate and he’s unable to do the job – any job – he’s proven that. Nice work America!

  • Dennis Knebel

    Now for the those ignorant buffoons (aka suckers) who voted this guy in…..just wait until medicare is privatized (that’s Paul Ryan’s wet dream) as well as social security. that’s the republican’s fantasy. So if you’re approaching retirement age, best of luck. Since I have VA healthcare, it’ll probably take them a little longer to defund that, at which time he’ll also make enemies of our men and women in uniform. Oh but don’t worry…….congress will still have their taxpayer funded healthcare and pensions, the cadillac version of course.

    • Ken

      Government run healthcare makes me sick! I don’t want socialism.

      • 1Smith1

        You don’t even know what socialism is, ken.

  • Ken

    Such ignorance of this post! Or should I say such deception! They are purposely trying to get Trump supporters upset at him before he even gets in office. Trump is not stupid and knows that the media’s questions are only to incite the left more to riot by bringing validity to their protests by what he says. He needs to bring unity to the Republican party before he can start pushing the peoples mandate. This doesn’t mean caving in, but leaving it open ended for now, so all parties are willing to at least come to the table, then go for what he promised. Please don’t take the bait and condemn before it even begins.

    • Isabelle Renfield

      Im still hoping either the electoral college thumps him or he and his backup dies.

      • carolynannallen

        What a horrible thing to say! You Liberals really don’t have any morals or respect do you? You just know violence and ill will. Sad.

      • Isabelle Renfield

        Considering he wants all minorities to be either underprivleged or die no, it really isnt a horrible thing to say. So again, hope he dies an awful death.

      • Isabelle Renfield

        And you are good at lumping people together and incorrectly making an ass out of yourself *slow clap* Congrats! He wants people to die or live in squallor. It’s evident by his cabinet picks and his rhetoric. so FUCK his worthless orange ass, I hope a bus hits him.

    • Rinn

      Speaking of ignorance, you refer to Trump eventually beginning to push his campaign platform as “the people’s mandate” — when in fact he garnered less than half the popular vote. Rather substantially less, too, if you also factor in 3rd-party candidate numbers.

      So no, there is no “people’s mandate” to do all of those things he promised, and especially the more extreme of those measures — the “wall”, banning all Muslims, and so on. It’s actually starting to seem that he may be smart enough to know that, were he to actively “start pushing” all those things once he’s in Washington, more than half the population would be far more upset with him than all the protests and demonstrations of the past week would suggest they already are.

      Perhaps he doesn’t want that kind of result for this country, even if some of the folks who voted for him and cheered all of those things do. So maybe we will really see some moderation. Time will tell. In the meantime, I am going to try to remain hopeful.

      • Ken

        Trump won most of the population from most of the states and Constitutionally IS our next President! Also Republicans still won the House and Senate too. As far as the popular vote, California is to succeed anyway. Sorry it is a mandate, just not from liberal progressives but against them! Why because YOU divided the nation with your policies such as political correctness, racism against whites, sexism against males, violating immigration laws, allowing isis to flourish, killing babies anytime throughout pregnancy, butchering and selling baby parts for monetary gain, wanting men in girls bathrooms even in Churches, taking Christians to court, losing their businesses, jobs, etc… Hillary saying Christians NEED to change their religious beliefs and so on with all that was found out with Wikileaks.Not to forget trade and the economy too.
        Not because he is all the names you call him, because he is not. Time will prove this so.

      • Rinn

        The first clue, Ken, that you are among the group of people who are “the problem” rather than “the solution” — and such people exist, liberal and conservative alike, is that you respond telling me things like Trump is not “all the names” I call him — when you didn’t hear any of that from me, and go on to spout everything from misleading hyperbole to outright lies, such as Hillary saying “Christians need to change their religious beliefs”, “allowing ISIS to flourish” (no candidate supported that — nobody in their right mind supports that), and “wanting men in girl’s bathrooms”, when that issue is entirely about allowing transgender persons to use the restrooms where an awful lot of reasonable folks who don’t have their eyes shut tight by the hyperbole actually believe they belong — or conversely trying to keep them out. Oh, and California is “to succeed” (presumably you mean secede) — as if that were (a) anything close to an established fact, and (b) it would be a good thing. The last time moderation went out the window to the point that states began separating from the union, there was civil war. The reality of it happening again would not be a good thing for this country.

        I happen to be one of the people who concedes that there are reasonable arguments and concerns on both sides of many issues, and that these should be addressed through dialogue, but I cannot concede that, and no dialogue can happen, when people merely repeat twisted exaggerations, huge assumptions stated as fact, and sometimes outright, readily verifiable lies as the basis for their entrenched positions. Where there is no genuine reasoning taking place, there can be no solutions, only angry assertions that one side is evil and stupid, and the other side therefore entirely unassailable. This country will not make progress, and I fear there will be less and less peace, as long as this highly disturbing trend — of which both “sides” if you must call them that are sometimes guilty — runs rampant.

        And regardless of how the states divided, the fact remains that a little over half the country, or at least half the voters, did not vote for these policies. Hence, quite simply, no great “mandate” in the typical political sense of the word.

      • Joe

        So, you want a system where basically 4 cities (NY, LA, Chicago & Houston) in the entirety of a country select its president? We have the electoral college to prevent this!!!!!!!!!! Look at the map that is mostly RED! Your side lost, now just deal with it like we had to deal with Barry! Beyond that, you morons put a criminal on the ticket and America said NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rinn

        So you want to remain a part of the problem too, I see?

        The DNC — not “my side” specifically, though I favored her over Trump — put Hillary Clinton on the Ticket. I would rather have seen someone else there. Still, if you believe it’s okay to call her a criminal, then you must believe it’s also okay to call Trump a pedophile, yes? Neither was convicted of these things of which they have been accused, even though plenty of folks seem convinced in both cases it is likely they are simply “getting away with it”. Therefore, we can all say it is so. Oh, but wait…

        No, we should NOT do that. Anyone who continues to do so, in fact, has no hope of being listened to or respected. Cheered by those who hold the same entrenched prejudices, yes. But even that is not the same thing as respect.

        And no, it wasn’t just four cities. It could not have been. But notice, I’m not even calling you a moron for failing to recognize that even if Hillary only won a majority of votes in major cities and nowhere else — absolutely not true, either, of course, but still — since she won in more than four states, she must have had a majority of votes from more than those four cities as well.

        Because I don’t think you are a moron. Just someone else prone to repeating angry exaggerations and inflammatory misleading statements, and somehow not yet realizing how much of a disservice that is to everyone, conservative and liberal alike, who would like to see the ugly divisiveness stop, so that our nation can actually make some real progress.

    • 1Smith1

      Ignorance in your post? Yes. Yes there is such ignorance in your post. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, ken.

  • I’m with you. I will be asking my Conservative friends some rather snarky questions and following up.

  • GordonGekko