Donald Trump’s Arrogance and Ignorance Could Land Him in Prison After the Election

I’ve heard many people say that they can’t wait until the 2016 election is over so they can put this mess behind us and move on — to which I usually inform them that as ridiculous as things have been, we haven’t seen anything yet.

Win or lose, Donald Trump is going to be a national embarrassment for this country for a very long time.

If he wins, he’s going to destroy this country from the most powerful office in the land. If he loses, he’s going to do his best to rip it apart because his massive ego won’t be able to stand the fact that he lost to a woman.

Either way, if Trump’s months-long whining about a “rigged election” (that he seems to be pushing more and more as he realizes the election is slipping away from him) is any indication of what to expect after November 8th, things are going to become quite frightening.

Donald Trump isn’t running a presidential campaign, he’s built a cult of millions of followers who worship him. That’s exactly the sort of thing an out-of-control egomaniac (and probable sociopath) with a “God complex” absolutely loves.

For the first time ever, we have someone with an “army” of followers like he’s created pushing the idea that democracy isn’t real and the only reason he’s going to lose is because the entire system is rigged against him — and many of them are believing this bullshit.

I’ve talked to many of these people, watched rallies and I see what’s happening. It’s becoming more and more acceptable, if not outright encouraged, for Trump supporters to openly talk about a legitimate violent uprising if he loses on November 8th. This has become such a real issue that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has had to field questions about whether or not he believes the results will be legitimate, while Trump’s VP Mike Pence had to speak out against people at one of his rallies who called for a “revolution” if Clinton is elected.

Most people who follow me know I’m not an “alarmist,” but this is actually worrying me.

It’s one thing when a few alt-right blogs or idiots who think they’re a “well-regulated militia” use this sort of rhetoric; that’s been happening for decades. But it’s an entirely different thing when a major party’s presidential candidate who has millions of followers is more or less saying the only possible outcomes on November 8th are:

  • He wins. – or –
  • He loses because of voter fraud orchestrated by forces trying to keep him from becoming president.

And when you’re someone in a position of power like he is, with as big of a following as he has, it’s irresponsible to the point of criminal for him to push this sort of nonsense when he damn well knows it’s not true, just because his ego can’t handle losing.

But in his blind rush to push this ridiculous narrative that the election might be illegitimate and “rigged,” Trump might have just sealed his own fate as a future inmate of a federal prison.

You see, while freedom of speech is a right in this country — there are still limits. One of which is that you can’t incite people to commit violence. Furthermore, you damn sure can’t incite them to commit acts of violence against the President of the United States.

Based upon Trump’s rhetoric (which includes several instances where he either encouraged or condoned violence), if there are acts of violence linked to his supporters against authority figures (especially Hillary Clinton) that can be tied to things he’s said — that’s called sedition.

Claiming “ignorance” is not a defense against using irresponsible language that ultimately leads to some sort of violent act. If Trump doesn’t realize that this continued “the election is going to be rigged” propaganda could have very serious consequences if he loses the election, that’s not an excuse. He has readily, and repeatedly made comments where he’s directly casting doubt on the integrity of an election in a deliberate attempt to undermine our democracy and delegitimize a president.

That would be the second president in a row he’s claimed isn’t legitimate.

This sort of talk could potentially make unhinged people feel justified in acting out violently because someone they believe should be our president basically told them that their insane conspiracies are valid.

Words matter — though Trump seems far too stupid to understand that.

So, while I’m sure this the whole “the election is rigged” b.s. he’s been pushing for months now is something he’s going to continue up until the election (and after if he happens to lose), due to his arrogance and ignorance, it could very well land him in prison.

If violence linked to supporters of Donald Trump is carried out against government officials or offices, it seems more than reasonable to link their perceived justification for their actions to Trump’s conspiracy-driven propaganda about the legitimacy of this election.

And if that does occur, Donald Trump could very well face charges of sedition against the United States of America for his role in inciting that violent behavior.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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