Donald Trump’s Latest Twitter Meltdown Was One Hell of an Epic Disaster

In case you were a little preoccupied with the holiday weekend, and the usually hectic Mondays that follow them, you might have missed several tweets sent out by Donald Trump that were as ridiculous as they were flat-out stupid. One would think that the orange buffoon might have taken Easter Sunday off, but he didn’t. After all, nothing says “I respect a very important holiday for Christians” quite like taking to social media to make an absolute fool out of yourself by sending out petty, infantile garbage.

Let’s just get right into this.

Actually, until George W. Bush, when Republican won, they usually did so by far greater margins than he did last November. Though he did do something no other Republican in U.S. history has ever done — he “won” the presidency despite receiving 3 million votes less than his closest opponent.

As for the tax returns, this hasn’t been an issue that’s ever gone away. Back when he was first sworn into office a White House petition broke a record for the number of signatures demanding that he release his returns and it’s been a topic that’s been brought up by many members of Congress, including Republicans. The answer to this seems simple, right? If he has nothing to hide, then he should release his returns.

Again, if he has nothing to hide.

I find it hilarious how his go-to excuse for every massive protest against him is that there’s some secret, nefarious group out there paying thousands of people to show up to these events. By the way, many of these were not “small rallies” — he must be thinking of his inauguration.

The reason why the election in Kansas was such a “big media event” was because a Republican nearly lost a race in a fairly conservative part of the state (the GOP has controlled the district since 1994) to a Democrat whom the party barely spent any money backing because they didn’t think he stood any chance. The story wasn’t that a Republican won, it’s that Trump’s growing unpopularity seems to be impacting down-ballot members of his own party. That’s a rather big deal with midterm elections right around the corner.

Ah, typical Trump.

Sure, he has no problem sending Sean Spicer out there to take credit for positive economic reports his administration had nothing to do with, but anything negative is always someone else’s fault. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact the rest of the world knows he’s incompetent, unpopular, a pathological liar, so politically weak he can’t even control his own party, and currently under FBI investigation for possibly committing treason by colluding with Russia.

As I said months ago, Trump’s administration is going to go like this:

  • Anything positive he can try to take credit for he will.
  • Anything negative he’s going to blame on anyone and everyone but him.

That’s a current “President” of the United States tweeting about a “troll book” that went viral because it doesn’t have any words. Sadly, that’s probably the same numbers of words Trump has read from a book during his nearly 71 years on this planet.

But, yes, we have a 70-year-old “Commander-in-Chief” who’s such a childish mental infant that he spends time trolling on social media.

While not exactly noteworthy because this is the same sort of drivel he’s been saying for months, what I love about this tweet is how he put “the Fake Media,” then immediately followed that with “not Real Media” in parenthesis just in case anyone didn’t know what the word “fake” means or implies.

As we all know, in Trump’s world, like a true dictator, the only “real media” is information he can use to push something positive about himself, while anything negative is always “fake” or some sort of conspiracy. Even though time and time again the news he calls “fake” is often proven to be completely accurate and factual.

I’m willing to bet that Trump doesn’t even know the name of the Democrat running for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District (it’s Jon Ossoff, by the way), let alone anything about his stances on the issues.

Oh, and by the way, it’s “congressional” — not congressioal.

I’m still not sure what worries me more, that our “Commander-in-Chief” can’t spell or that he apparently doesn’t know what the squiggly line under words means. And can someone please teach him which letters/words should and shouldn’t be capitalized in a sentence?

Then some of the last tweets he sent out Monday were two about a recent poll from very right-leaning Rasmussen showing his approval rating at 50 percent. Clearly Trump’s too stupid to realize an approval rating that low less than 100 days into a brand new administration isn’t a good thing — especially from a polling company that almost always produces numbers much more favorable for Republicans than other groups or media entities that conduct these types of polls.

For example, here are the numbers from a couple of other recent polls:

  • Gallup: 41%
  • Marist: 39%
  • Economist/YouGov: 43%
  • CBS News: 43%
  • Pew Research: 42%

Obviously you won’t see Trump tweeting about any of those polls, because those numbers are abysmal. Though, as I just pointed out, having to stoop to bragging about a 50 percent approval rating from a very-right leaning polling agency less than 100 days after being sworn into office is a testament to how incompetent he’s been as “Commander-in-Chief” of this country.

These are the examples I’m talking about when I say that Trump clearly doesn’t understand what being “Commander-in-Chief” actually means. He still gets on Twitter, ranting and raving like some random nobody, spouting off idiotic nonsense like every word he says doesn’t represent this country. Whether or not his supporters want to admit it, these asinine social media meltdowns are an embarrassment to this country. It’s idiocy like this that makes the United States appear incredibly weak because our allies and enemies alike are looking at these comments and realizing that this country is being led by an incompetent, unhinged moron.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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