Trump Jr. Whines to Sean Hannity, Blames Media for Campaign’s Incompetent Surrogates (Audio)

For the party that preaches “personal responsibility,” Republicans are often some of the first people to blame others for their own failures and issues. Of course, “Enemy #1” is usually any media entity that’s not willing to push whatever right-wing propaganda they want voters to believe.

I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of the mainstream media does sometimes lean more to the left, but it’s not because of any sort of bias toward liberals. It’s simply because Republicans tend to not believe in things like facts, science, history or reality. Just because millions of conservatives choose to believe fictional propaganda over facts doesn’t mean the mainstream media has a responsiblity to feed into their idiocy just to appear to be more objective. However, they still do to a certain extent. Even if most on the right don’t want to admit that.

One of the most ridiculous complaints I’ve heard in quite some time surfaced this week when I heard comments Donald Trump Jr. made on Sean Hannity’s radio show where he accused CNN of purposely finding some random “Trump supporter from the street” to take on “eight professional liberals” in an effort to embarrass his father’s campaign.

“The worst ones are when they have a panel of eight professional — liberal, but professional — people on a panel, and they find like one Trump supporter from the street, who has no real political knowledge, and they just happen to be supporter,” Trump Jr. said. “And they put that person up against eight people who do this for a living and try to make it seem like that’s a fair fight.”

So, Trump Jr. went whining to Hannity, essentially accusing CNN of trying to sabotage his father by bringing in a bunch of nobodies to represent the Trump campaign.

Let’s examine that claim, shall we?

One of the people who I’ve seen on CNN the most from Trump’s campaign is one of his top spokespeople, Katrina Pierson. Not only has she been one of the most featured Trump surrogates — she’s also done more interviews that have turned into absolute train wrecks than anyone from his campaign. Let me repeat, Pierson is not just some “supporter off the streets,” she’s one of Donald Trump’s top spokespeople.

Then there’s Kayleigh McEnany, a woman who graduated from Harvard Law School and Georgetown University who, while not as bad as Pierson, has often struggled to defend Trump’s ridiculous comments and behavior.

Let’s not forget that, despite receiving quite a bit of backlash for doing so, CNN hired Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Like Pierson and McEnany, he’s not just some person “from the street.”

CNN also features Jeffrey Lord, someone with a long history working in politics, who’s a staunch Trump supporter.

Then there’s always former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson who frequently does interviews as a spokesman for Trump.

And let’s also not gloss over the fact that Trump’s new Campaign Manager, Kelly Conway, has been featured on CNN plenty of times.

While there are others who aren’t as well-known, it’s preposterous for Trump Jr. to claim that CNN is just picking up people “off the streets” to embarrass his father’s campaign during interviews, especially considering the person who’s become very well-known for her disastrous interviews is one of his top spokespeople, Katrina Pierson. She’s so inept that during many of her interviews I’ve watched (not just on CNN, either), you can tell the people asking her questions are struggling to take her seriously.

When you get right down to it, what Trump Jr. is throwing a hissy fit over is because his father’s spokespeople are often so incompetent they can’t even handle answering basic questions to defend the candidate they’re representing.

Though there’s really no need for me to go into some complex breakdown of facts to prove that Trump Jr.’s comments are completely baseless. If this were really about him wanting well-spoken and competent people representing his father’s campaign, Katrina Pierson wouldn’t be anywhere near it. Because if she’s one of Donald Trump’s top spokespeople, then that sets the bar really low when it comes to those who are allowed to represent his campaign.

Listen to his comments below:

Allen Clifton

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