Donald Trump’s Success Has Proven the Breathtaking Stupidity of Millions of Voters

While I typically don’t like to use the word “stupid” as a broad brush description of people, I feel fine using the word to describe many of Donald Trump’s supporters considering how often he blatantly treats them like idiots. Heck, in the past he’s even admitted as such — twice.

But the truth is, Trump has proven once and for all just how many millions of Republicans are simply flat-out stupid. I don’t really feel like my belief on this issue is entirely “just my opinion” because the facts are somewhat indisputable.

1. He lies about saying or doing something that a simple Google search can easily prove he said or did: Even though there’s indisputable audio evidence that he supported the Iraq War in 2002; an actual video of him saying we needed to remove Gaddafi from Libya; a tweet showing where he most certainly said that climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese; a video of him clearly mocking a disabled reporter; and well-documented quotes where he’s said very derogatory things about women — he’ll deny all of it.

This is someone who I’ve seen deny he said something, have his words directly quoted back to him, then continue to deny he said that or imply that the person reading his own words back to him is making it up.

But the reason he can do all of this is because he clearly seems to know that his supporters are so incredibly ignorant that they won’t believe anything unless it comes from him, even if there is undeniable proof that he’s lying.

To lie as often as he does — how he does — with incredibly easy ways to debunk those lies, can only be done by a candidate who knows his supporters are dumb enough to believe practically anything he says.

2. He’s obviously hiding something in his tax returns: At first he said he couldn’t release them because they were being audited by the IRS. Then after the IRS said that his audit doesn’t prevent him from releasing his returns, he changed it around a bit to claim his lawyers have advised him against releasing them while being audited.

However, he’s said he’ll ignore his lawyers’ advice as long as Clinton releases her deleted emails.

So, which is it? He’s literally saying he can’t release them — but then says he would just as long as a stipulation he knows isn’t going to be fulfilled happens.

And don’t tell me if the situations were reversed, and it was Clinton who wouldn’t release her returns while he had released multiple years worth, that Trump and his supporters wouldn’t be losing their minds accusing her of hiding business dealings.

To any rational person, it’s obvious that he’s hiding something even more damaging than what’s already been leaked about him losing close to a billion dollars and probably not paying any taxes for almost twenty years afterward. Yet, millions of his sheep hypocritically claim that it’s not “legally required” for him to release his tax returns, therefore it’s a non-issue. When the issue isn’t whether or not he’s legally required to do it, it’s that essentially every presidential candidate from both parties has done so for the last 40 years and he’s continually lied about why he won’t release his.

There’s a big reason he won’t release them and a reason he’s lied about why he can’t — but many of his supporters are apparently too stupid to see that or they simply don’t care.

3. His hypocrisy on free trade agreements and outsourcing jobs: Leave it to the GOP to have a presidential candidate who’s made a big part of his campaign being anti-free trade and how terrible free trade deals have been for helping ship American jobs overseas — be the same businessman who’s outsourced most of his company’s manufacturing to foreign countries. It’s ironic to the point of being comical that people are stupid enough to buy this guy’s bullshit. He’s bragged about his Carrier deal, meanwhile, his companies still continue to outsource thousands of jobs to other countries.

4. He clearly has no plan to defeat ISIS: Easily one of the most absurd parts of Trump’s “policies” is his big, tough talk on ISIS  — while claiming he can’t say how he would defeat them because he doesn’t want to give away his plan. You know how incredibly stupid you have to be to believe that? If this running for president thing doesn’t work out, he could make a killing selling his supporters oceanfront property in Arizona.

5. There’s no way he’s building his wall and even less of a chance that Mexico would pay for it: Even though he knows he’ll never build his stupid wall, and there’s no way to make Mexico pay for it, he still insists it’s going to happen. He knows it won’t, and many experts on the subject have said it isn’t even realistic, but that doesn’t stop his supporters from cheering like fools whenever he declares he’s going to “build that wall.”

6. He’s the most dishonest candidate who’s ever run for president: It’s not just that Trump lies, it’s that he just makes stuff up or simply denies reality. Yet, if you ask his supporters, they actually believe he’s the most honest Republican they’ve ever seen run for president. The truth and what many Trump supporters believe are on such opposite ends of the spectrum it’s absolutely mind-blowing that there are this many stupid people in the country.

7. He brought up Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs despite the fact that he, himself, cheated on his wife: In a pure display of blatant sexism, Trump used Hillary Clinton’s husband’s affairs against her. He’s basically suggested that she’s at fault for his behavior, which is completely asinine logic in and of itself. However, when you factor in the reality that Trump has cheated on at least one of his wives — making him an adulterer, as well — it makes absolutely no sense.

Just think about that for a moment: A man who’s cheated on his wife (and who’s on his third marriage, by the way), used the sexual exploits of his opponent’s husband against her — the only one of the three who hasn’t committed an affair.

It’s like I’ve said plenty of times before, you can’t make this stuff up.

8. A supposed billionaire with his name all over everything he owns is selling himself as a non-elitist, everyday American: Donald Trump refers to the million dollars his father gave him as a “small loan,” while claiming that he’s “self-made” and even claimed that he’s made “sacrifices” because he’s so successful. It’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in politics to see millions of Republicans claim that a guy who defines what it means to be an entitled elitist is actually a “non-elite, everyday self-made American.”

9. He claimed Hillary Clinton is running negative against him, when mostly all she’s done is use his exact quotes: One of Trump’s most absurd lies he pushed was that he’s ran a “clean” campaign while Clinton ran nothing but hostile, negative ads against him. While it’s accurate that Clinton hit Trump with some rather negative ads, the truth is, in most of them all she really did was use his own words against him. It’s rather silly that he accused her of going negative — when she simply used clips of him saying disgusting and negative things about all sorts of people.

I could add more, but this is already long enough.

Again, while I hate to paint with a broad brush when using the word “stupid,” when a man clearly treats his supporters like they are, yet they blindly support him anyway, I feel using that term is more than justified.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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