Donald Trump’s Supporters Need to Understand Something About His Revolting ‘Hot Mic’ Moment

“Grab them by the p–sy. You can do anything” to women as long as you’re famous, according to Donald Trump in a 2005 “hot mic” exchange with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood released today by The Washington Post.

He also admits to trying to cheat on his then-new (and current) wife Melania — with a woman who he knew was married, no less — saying he “moved on her like a b*tch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married.”

But none of this is a big deal to Trump.

You see, instead of apologizing for his comments, he dismissed them as “locker room banter” — then tried to make himself look better by saying Bill Clinton had said “far worse.”

Fun fact: He’s running against Hillary Clinton, not her husband.

And even if that were true (which he clearly can’t prove), that doesn’t excuse what he said. Saying “someone else said something worse than I did” does not make what you said any less disgusting or offensive — it just means you refuse to take personal responsibility for your own words and actions.

Before going any further, let me just say what the media doesn’t seem to want to: In this recording, Donald Trump flat-out stated his belief that he feels people like him have the right to sexually assault women.

Because when you walk up to a woman and “grab them by the p–sy” as the Republican presidential candidate (continue to let that sink in for a moment) apparently feels a man in his position has the right to do, that’s sexual assault — end of story.

Please, tell me more about how the GOP is the party for “Christian values.” I cannot wait to see evangelicals defend the admitted adulterer on his third marriage who was caught on video admitting to trying to cheat on his third wife and believes he has the right to sexually assault women.

I cannot wait to see that.

Now, as for this bullshit claim that this was “locker room banter,” no — it’s not.

First, he was 60-years-old when he said this. Not only that, but even if he were some immature, 15-year-old guy mouthing off like this in an actual locker room, it’s still completely inexcusable.

You know why? Because it’s never under any circumstances — okay to claim that you have the right to sexually assault a female.

And don’t even tell me he was flippantly joking or using hyperbole “to chum it up with the guys” when he said any of this. Based on his long history of sexism and degrading comments about women, when you watch this video, you can damn well tell what he said is exactly how he truly feels.

If you’re someone who’s still planning to vote for Donald Trump, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

As a father, are you telling your sons that this sort of attitude about women is acceptable? Are you telling your daughters that you’re okay with the person you support for president believing that he has the right to sexually assault women?

As a husband, what if Trump had said this about your wife?

As a son, what if Trump had said this about your mother?

As woman, how do you justify supporting a man who feels that sexually assaulting and demeaning women is okay? How would you feel if Trump felt he had the right to do this to you?

As a mother, how do you tell your daughters that you’re more than happy to support someone who clearly has no respect for them? How do you tell them to respect themselves when you want someone to lead this nation who clearly has no respect for them?

As a daughter, how would you feel if your father felt this way about women?

As a Christian, how do you defend this at any level and claim you still continue to follow the values for which Jesus Christ lived and died?

The saddest part to all of this is, millions of his supporters (many of them women) are going to still support him and defend these comments. That’s ironic considering they were all so “offended” when Hillary Clinton said half of them were part of a “basket of deplorables” (which included sexists, by the way) — and the people continuing to support him after this recording was released are proving she was absolutely right.

If anything, their continued to support of this embarrassment of a human being only proves that more than just half belong in that basket.

More than being disgusted, shocked, offended or even angry that he said these things — because this is exactly who I’ve known he is, so it’s not surprising to see something like this come out — I’m ashamed that I know millions of his supporters are going to sheepishly line up behind him even after this.

I can’t help but wonder how Sen. Ted Cruz feels right now. Someone who sold his soul to endorse a man who insulted his wife’s looks, was most likely behind a trash story about him having multiple affairs, and insinuated his father was part of the plot to assassinate JFK — how does he look his daughters in the eyes after hearing these comments by Trump, knowing that’s the man he’s endorsed for president?

If you’re Mike Pence, good luck spinning this. Though I guess he can just shake his head “no” some more and act like it never happened. That seemed to be his “strategy” during the debate.

If you ask me, Donald Trump is clearly a vile parasite who’s an embarrassment to this country, but he is who he is, and he hasn’t really tried to hide that fact. I actually look upon those who willingly choose to support him with more contempt than I do for Trump, himself. They can stop backing him anytime they want, but they eagerly and enthusiastically continue to support him no matter what he says or does.

October 7, 2016 will be the day that we all found out that the Republican party and their voters support a man for president who believes he has the right to sexually assault women by “grabbing them by the p–sy” whenever he feels like it.

Every day I’m ashamed and humiliated that the world is sitting back, watching this unfold in this country. Though I sleep well knowing that when history reflects back upon the GOP’s 2016 election with shame, I won’t be one of the millions we look upon with disgust for actually supporting someone like Donald Trump.

Though I must say, after hearing Trump clearly say that he feels men should have the right to sexually assault women, I felt this tweet was a great way to conclude this article:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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