Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson And The Left’s Problem With Science

neil.degrasse.tysonEarlier this week Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson told people to “chill out” about GMOs, and as a result, a lot of people got really upset with their science hero for not catering to their inability to understand science.

Genetic biology is not his area of expertise, but then again, Dr. Tyson does have a better education and understanding of science than probably 99.5% of the general population. However, if you look at his Facebook page, you’ll see that not being able to grasp science didn’t stop dozens, if not hundreds, of people from angrily voicing their displeasure with his opinion. Below the jump, you’ll find a few of the upset notes left on his page from some fans.

The most recent comment posted to his page as I’m writing this was from someone called “Desdemain” who went with the passive-aggressive “I’m so hurt” approach:

For you to come out in support of GMOs, while insecticide is at this very moment being sliced directly into the food we eat, is either a bribe, criminally negligent or entirely ignorant. I am hurt because the pedestal I put you on was unwarranted. Not that it means much to you, but you have 1 less friend today.

Then there was Bryan:

Neil, my friend, I respect your points but you totally miss the problem with GMOs. You asked us to go out and eat non-GMO food but is not a reality for most of the population because large artificial entities control the food. That is the bigger problem. You have basically given a free pass to organizations like Monsanto who have manipulated and killed many people’s livelihoods. And whether anyone agrees with GMOs or not, is it not a basic human right to know what we are eating? You are seemingly siding with corporations to block a freedom of information from the people of all countries. I really like all of the work that you are doing but please see the bigger implications next time.

A guy named Travis called him a “sellout” and also posted this:

Okay, stop being so naive. The founder of Monsanto is also leader of the FDA who controls everything, they Co operate with the health care system (now takong over the medical marijuana industry.) They are ruthlessly greedy men who cash out on misery. They will stop at nothing to control you. It’s common sense.

Someone named Richard had this to say:

After your stance on GMO’s it’s tough to take you seriously. In fact you’ve lost all your credibility with me. I lost a ton of respect for you and your work is now tarnished.

Then a guy by the name of Robbie dropped this hard to read blurb in the comments section. Pro tip: break up your paragraphs, people are more likely to read it.

You are dead wrong about GMOs. Here are most people’s problems with GMOs, which Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson completely ignores. First of all, most GMOs are made by Monsanto…a chemical company who brought us Agent Orange and PCBs and has poisoned millions of people throughout the years. This is Fact. Secondly, whether he or anyone else deems GMOs safe, is besides the point, it’s about having our right to choose what we put in our bodies. Last of all, he never mentions super bugs and super weeds. Weeds and bugs are adapting to Gmo crops, the pesticides aren’t killing them anymore…so the pesticides they spray on said crops keep getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the EPA ups the level of toxicity deemed safe for human consumption. GMO manufacturers keep making stronger poison as nature adapts, hence strengthening the poison sprayed on the food we eat, then the EPA is in lock step in raising the levels that are safe for us. Do you see the problem here? We are progressively being poisoned by stronger and stronger pesticides. These pesticides are poisoning Insects, plants, animals, the earth, the water table and us. Fluoride is in pesticides as well, therefor we are also being drugged. fluoride is a drug. GMOs are a massive experiment and we are all the Guinea pigs. This video and article do not prove GMOs are safe, this simply prove Neill Degrasse Tyson is an arrogant douche bag. Doctors used to say smoking cigarettes was safe and were wrong. Doctors and scientists all claimed heart disease was caused by fat and cholesterol and were wrong FOR YEARS, it is caused by inflammation. Mr. DeGrasse Tyson is wrong on this one.

While Robbie may have had some good points about pesticides, he went off the deep end with the conspiracy nonsense about experimentation and fluoride.

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