The Dumbest Thing Democrats Have Done This Election Cycle is Run Away From President Obama

president-obama-2014I’m a liberal and I mostly vote for Democrats. Those are two facts from which I don’t hide. But I will gladly say that Democrats and liberals alike can drive me absolutely insane at times.

Take for instances this year’s midterms and how often we’re seeing Democratic candidates run away from President Obama.

The same president who has presided over:

  • The creation of over 10 million jobs in less than 6 years.
  • The finding, and killing, of Osama bin Ladin.
  • A huge drop in the number of uninsured Americans.
  • Record stock levels.
  • The saving of the American auto industry.
  • An unemployment rate that’s now below 6%.
  • The ending of discrimination against homosexuals in our military.
  • Same-sex marriage being on the verge of national legalization in the very near future.

Just to name a few of the things that have happened since Obama took office in January 2009.

And that is what Democrats are running from? It’s absurd.

See, if President Obama were a Republican, conservatives would be publicly boasting about the millions of jobs he’s created, the fact we killed Osama bin Ladin on his watch, the record stock levels and the drastically reduced unemployment rate.

But not Democrats. Oh, no. Instead they’ve run from all of this. Which, to many Americans, validates the propaganda and lies Republicans have been spreading for years. Because if Democrats won’t even stand with the president – why should the American people vote for the party he represents?

Which is a big part of the reason why I believe so many Democrats are facing extremely challenging elections this November. Not because President Obama hasn’t been successful, but because their cowardly avoidance of anything and everything to do with his administration appears to validate the misinformation that’s constantly being spread by Republicans.

Because these Democrats should be standing by the president and proudly professing that yes, they voted with or supported the same policies that helped create over 10 million jobs, provided millions of Americans with health insurance (many for the very first time) and stopped the discrimination in our military against homosexuals.

But instead, Democrats have been cowards. They’ve let Republicans control the message. They’ve run away from President Obama and his policies. Policies that brought this nation back from possibly the worst economic crash we’ve ever experienced. And by doing so, not only have they killed any hope for liberals being energized to vote this November, but they’ve possibly handed the Senate over to the Republican party.

And if that happens, every Democrat who ran away from the president should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • fedele

    I agree with you. Sometimes these people make me furious. Even President Obama himself has a hard time saying all these good things he’s done. Now is NOT the time to be running from it. We’ve is their backbone? I wish they would have spent their money on ads that said nothing but repeat over and over all his accomplishments. The Republicans wouldn’t have been able to say a thing. .

    • RYD72

      So true, Fedele!!

    • Jim Bean

      He’s (Obama) a criminal. At the very least an accessory after the fact for shielding Holder and the IRS from due process under the law. (18 U.S. Code – 3)

      • John Stephens

        He’s (BUSH) a criminal. At the very least an accessory after the fact for murderous rampage of our troops and civilians on a presumptuous lie about WMD.

        There. I fixed it.

      • Jim Bean

        So, if you are defending Bush, aren’t you just as bad as he is?

      • Terry Irwin

        He said Bush is bad? I think you got him so angry he is blubbering, now.

      • Jim Bean

        The only way you can point to Bush to defend Obama is to defend Bush. Right?

      • rich1103

        Those who vote for trash are just as bad as the trash they voted for. End of story but the American Public is Brain Dead.

      • Terry Irwin

        You can never use facts or the truth to sway a Fox News idiot. They vote because of sound bites. W himself said if you repeat it often enough, it becomes true. Remember ‘Read my lips’?
        Daddy Bush got in on that line and broke his promise before his four years were up. Yes, Bush, Sr RAISED TAXES BY CREATING NEW TAXES. Try telling that to a FN idiot. It didn’ t happen because Rush never said it happened.

      • Johnesmith77

        Are you kidding me? You do realize there was support from both Democrats and Republicans alike to justify an invasion of Iraq? Reid, Clinton, and numerous other high-ranking democrats believed the non-partisan information that led them to believe an invasion was necessary.
        Now please, get off the “blame Bush” train and use your head to THINK.

      • LOL. Bush lied to Congress, and enough Democrats believed him to pass the AUMF.
        Most Democrats were not fooled (more Democrats in Congress voted AGAINST AUMF than for it) but the ones who were can’t be blamed for believing the President.

      • Johnesmith77

        You’re right, more democrats did vote against it than for it. However, placing the blame solely on Bush is not rational because there were many factors and buildup to the invasion that convinced many people that it was necessary (though in hindsight we can rightfully argue whether or not it was). I can’t post a link on here, but just type in “Rationale for the Iraq War” in Google and go to the Wikipedia page, which is unbiased and very informative. You can see that it started shifting towards war in 1998 (not blaming anyone here) as when 9/11 happened the government had enough justification for it.

      • Kingminnie

        I think your comment is criminal.

      • Rob Banks

        IRS summary. No wrong doing found.
        There is no “scandal”. Grow up.

      • Jim Bean

        IRS summary: Wrong doing admitted to but blamed on low level workers. Majority of key evidence destroyed. Key witness takes fifth. If that’s good enough for you, then there is something very wrong with you.

      • Rob Banks

        Your opinion is pretty much worthless Jimmy. Here’s reality. Behold…………….


        Cartwright: “Let’s go at it this way, Mr. George. As of
        today, are you aware that there were BOLOs out about progressive or liberal

        George: “There were BOLOs.”

        Cartwright: “And when did you first find out?”

        [Kutz (TIGTA)]: “On which ones?”

        Cartwright: “I’m asking Mr. George. When did you first
        find out there were BOLOs about liberal or progressive groups?

        George: “It was the night before I was testifying before
        the Senate Finance Committee at around 6:30 p.m.”

        Cartwright: “And was that before your testimony here on
        May 22nd?”

        George: “That was before, yes.”

        Cartwright: “So you were here on May 22nd, testifying
        about BOLOs about tea party groups, and when Mr. Issa questioned you
        specifically about other groups, you said there were no others—”

        George: “Well—”

        Cartwright: “—but you didn’t say a word about BOLOs that
        you knew were about progressive or liberal organizations even though you just
        admitted today—”

        George: “Yeah—”

        AND THIS……………………..


        As a result of our
        meeting with Russell a couple of weeks ago, we agreed to pull e-mails from
        identified staff members of the EO organization in Cincinnati to find out 1).
        If an e-mail existed that directed the staff to “target” Tea Party and other
        political organizations and 2). If there was a conspiracy or effort to hide
        e-mails about the alleged directive.

        Audit provided us
        with a list of employees in question, key word search terms and a timeframe for
        the e-mails. We pulled the available IRS e-mails, which resulted in 5,500
        responsive e-mails.

        of these e-mails revealed that there was a lot of discussion between the
        employees on how to process the Tea Party and other political organization
        applications. There was a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) list specifically naming
        these groups; however, the e-mails indicated the organizations needed to be
        pulled because the IRS employees were not sure how to process them, not because
        they wanted to stall or hinder the application. There was no indication that
        pulling these selected applications was politically motivated. The e-mail
        traffic indicated there were unclear processing directions and the group wanted
        to make sure they had guidance on processing the applications so they pulled
        them. This is a very important nuance.”.

        You’re not very bright are you JB?

      • Jim Bean

        “Our audit did not find evidence that the IRS used the ‘progressives’ identifier as selection criteria for potential political cases between May 2010 and May 2012,”

        “While we have multiple sources of information corroborating the use of Tea Party and other related criteria we described in our report, including employee interviews, e-mails and other documents, we found no indication in any of these other materials that ‘progressives’ was a term used to refer cases for scrutiny for political campaign intervention,” George wrote to Levin, the top Democrat on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee.

      • Rob Banks

        “, we found no indication in any of these other materials that ‘progressives’ was a term ”
        Ha! Pretty Stupid. The word “progressives” wasn’t a term for criteria, but “Occupy” was. So was “Union”. So was “Medical Marijuana”.
        Let me ask you Jimmy, can you find any source that shows the term “Conservative” being used?
        BTW I noticed you only sourced one citation. How about you go back and find the date and source of your first quote.
        Just a tad bit disingenuous there eh?

      • Rob Banks


        documents obtained by the Committee indicate that Mr. George did not disclose
        to the Committee that the IRS office in Cincinnati added a new entry to its “Be
        On The Lookout” (BOLO) document—on January 25, 2012—directing staff to forward applications
        from groups associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement to Group 7822, the
        same group in the Cincinnati office that was designated to handle Tea Party

        Committee has now obtained a BOLO dated February 8, 2012, that includes an
        entry for “‘Occupy’ Organizations” that was opened on January 25, 2012. This
        BOLO describes the criteria for these groups as follows:

        organizations occupying public space protesting in various cities, call people
        to assemble (people’s assemblies) claiming social injustices due to “big money”
        influence, claim the democratic process is controlled by wall
        street/banks/multinational corporations, could be linked globally. Claim to
        represent 99% of the public that are interested in separating money from
        politics and improving the infrastructure to fix everything from healthcare to
        the economy.[17]—

        This entry
        is not listed in the “Historical” section of the BOLO, but rather in the “Watch
        List” section, and it explicitly directs IRS staff to “Forward cases to Group
        7822,” which also had been designated to handle Tea Party applicants.[18]

        Another new
        document obtained by the Committee is an email sent from the Director of
        Rulings and Agreements in Washington, D.C. to Lois Lerner and several other IRS
        officials on May 17, 2012, proposing to replace multiple entries on the
        BOLO—including the Occupy entry, the general advocacy organization entry, and
        one other entry—with the following single entry for all applicants engaging in
        political activities:

        501(c)(5), and 501(c)(6) organizations with indicators of significant amounts
        of political campaign intervention or excess private benefit to organizations
        or individuals. Note: typical advocacy type issues (e.g., lobbying) that are
        currently listed on the Case Assignment Guide (CAG) do not meet these

        It is
        unclear why Mr. George did not disclose that IRS employees added a new BOLO
        entry for Occupy groups in 2012, but instead asserted that all references to
        “Progressive” groups were strictly “Historical.” It is also unclear why Mr.
        George did not mention that this 2012 BOLO directed IRS staff to take specific
        action to forward Occupy applications to the same IRS group in Cincinnati that
        handled Tea Party applicants.”

      • Jim Bean

        100% with conservative sounding names were audited. About 30% with Left sounding names. Surely you won’t ask me to believe that was innocent coincidence.

      • Rob Banks

        Feel free to point that out in any official documentation that hasn’t been thoroughly debunked.

      • Jim Bean

        The information in Lerners emails and phone, perhaps?

      • Jim Bean

        (From Politifact. “George” is the investigating Inspector General)

        George also noted that while 16 groups with “progressive” in the name showed up among the 298 cases, that represented just 30 percent of all “progressive” applications. That is in stark contrast to groups with “tea party,” “patriot,” or “9/12” in their name, of which 100 percent saw their applications held up.

        Finally, George said his investigation found “multiple sources of information corroborating the use of tea party and other related criteria … we found no indication in any of these other materials that ‘progressives’ was a term used to refer cases for scrutiny for political campaign intervention.”

        Also left ‘undebunked’ is Lerners taking the fifth and the electronic evidence having disappeared.

      • Rob Banks

        “George also noted that while 16 groups with “progressive” in the name showed up among the 298 cases, that represented just 30 percent of all “progressive” applications. That is in stark contrast to groups with “tea party,” “patriot,” or “9/12″ in their name, of which 100 percent saw their applications held up.”
        Yeah you’re making the same stupid false equivalence again.
        Not sure why this isn’t sinking in but you are comparing “progressive” to tea party, or patriot or 9/12. You are comparing apples and oranges.
        You have to compare conservative names to liberal names. Tea party and Medical Marijuana, Patriot and Acorn. 9/12 and Occupy. See? When you do it that way the IGs report isn’t so biased.
        And you didn’t read the House Oversight Committees report that I posted for everyone. There was more than one list of groups to be held for additional information. There was a BOLO list, which had ample “progressive” names BUT there was also a “watch list” which had even more progressive names for a much longer period of time.
        This discussion has been fun but it’s obvious you are not willing to even look at the information being offered to you.

      • Jim Bean

        They’ve admitted they targeted conservative groups a lot and liberals groups only perfunctorily. It doesn’t need sliced any thinner than that.

      • Rob Banks

        Thinner than what Jim? Your opinion. Ok. It doesn’t get thinner than your opinion.

  • FuzzyBunnyFeet


  • TaxPaying American Voter

    Most Democrats feel it is not importnt to vote….most Republicans will vote and have no reason why……

    • Rob

      There is a reason why, THE reason why….to stop nazicrats.

  • Steve Brains

    They have been cowards since Kennedy was shot and Humphrey had only 4 months to beat Nixon.

  • crabjack

    Even the democrats are allowing themselves to be controlled and intimidated by the lunatic rantings of the teabaggers.

  • Diane Henry

    People need to remember that this election is not about President Obama. It is about the people that they want representing them for the next 2-6 years. Remember the senate term is 6 years. Obama only has 2 years left. However it is a popular tag line on the right to take advantage of the anti-Obama rhetoric…. Lets make sure that this bites them good in the @$$. Remember all politics are local.

  • Sandy Greer

    If Democrats ‘run away’ from President Obama – It’s because they are no longer Believers, and he cannot hold them fast to him.

    Or could be Expediency: They read their constituency, the American public.

    Either way – It’s no good berating those who don’t love us for not loving us. If the thrill is gone, and the love affair waning – We cannot beat our partners into

    We either need to rekindle the love – Or we need to find new lovers.

    • Rob

      France has good lovers. Try there?

  • If the democrats can’t win by running with the President, his achievements(accomplished even with the howling and raging of his opposition) and his policies then they don’t belong in government any more that do their GOP counterparts.

  • rossbro

    From what I’ve seen, Dems can’t do attack ads as well as Repubs.

    • First_Blush21

      The Koch Bros. are buying our democracy. Dems don’t stoop to the lows of the GOP. Never have, never will. The Koch Bros., and the others throwing billions of dollars to the GOP, will be responsible for the damnation of this country. Do they care? Hell no. They’ll still eat Caviar and drink Champaign. .. As children starve in the USA.

    • Bryan

      Then you aren’t watching enough tv. Don’t act like dems aren’t doing ridiculous bs attack ads. Want to know why dems will lose? They can’t run on successful policy, and they are hiding from their support of president Obama. All they can do is use the same ol scare tactics of ‘if you vote republican they will kill granny and kids while hanging black people and women’ ads

  • MissHiggi

    You would think they [Dems] learned after Gore dodged Clinton and lost the most important presidential race of the century!!! We have been going down hill since. Their stupidity is the cause for the mess President Obama has had to clean up!!! “D” stands for DUMMIES!!! repugs can always count on that! And they [Dems] keep sending me emails begging for money pimpin’ his [Obama’s] name! NOT!!! Be glad you got my vote and that is only because I have no other alternative!!!

  • First_Blush21

    I hope our love, admiration, and support is felt by this great president
    in his moments of quiet thought and contemplation. It is very clear, only true MORONS have turned against him, in any way. The intelligent, and knowledgeable know his worth. I pray for him and his family night and day.

  • Randy Hanson

    Yes indeed,After the Dem’s lose the Senate which is about a sure thing they will ask themselves why..Watch out because Joni Ernst is going to become a Senator,I expect she will find a friend in Ted Cruz and the other lunatics.

  • Richard Seyman

    What they’re actually doing is turning and running away from GOP epithets, which is like running from a snarling dog– a sure way to get bitten from behind.

    • Kingminnie

      Great analogy.

  • brian

    Obama needs to toot his own horn, seriously a broadcast stating what DMEOCRATS have accomplished might go a long way, give em the hard facts and numbers that republicans cant deny

    • Kingminnie

      I disagree. The democrats have allowed the republicans’ lies to set the agenda. I hear it every day in every news cast I listen to. Always the lies that have permeated every media source available, it seems. There is much to be proud of but these cowards are too afraid of standing up and saying so because they might lose their power, and they will lose it by not standing up and decrying the propaganda.

  • Andy Morgan

    Spot on! It makes it difficult for me to be a Democrat and support our party’s platform sometimes. I swear our elected leaders have shown themselves to be outright cowards in dodging President Obama and not touting his success. The President has endured outright humiliation at the hands of the conservatives, and the spineless Dems who road his coattails into office are now hiding in the corner like frightened children each time his name is mentioned. Its outrageous.

    The alternative is a third-party candidate who will never accumulate enough votes to prevent the election of a Republican. So I hold my nose and vote for those who have failed to show President Obama the loyalty and support he has earned.

  • Rob Banks

    “Don’t Think of It as an Elephant”- by George Lakoff.
    It’s all about what frame you use.

  • Rob

    You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

    Oh wait, you answered that in your first sentence. Never mind.

  • Even those who don’t agree with the President will often respect taking a bold stand for him. What many people dislike are the wishy-washy.

  • rich1103

    Politician are Politicians first a foremost Democrat or Republican. They don’t really give a damn about WE THE PEOPLE.

    • joecooling

      That is what Republican want you to think.

  • joecooling

    You’re goddamnd right.

  • Louis Alvarez

    Haha this author is so out of touch, he actually claimed any of those bullets to be positive talking points for Obama. Thanks for the Senate morons…

  • J.D.

    And not to mention he accomplished all of this with record levels of obstruction and a gridlocked congress.

  • Cleave F.

    Been sayin this for weeks. Good words, all! One of the things that republicans do well during campaigning is they maintain message discipline. They recite the same crap week in and week out whether it’s truth or not until the people start believing it. Even when they don’t have anything good to say. Democrats have so much good to say and yet the guy who’s the leader of the party, the guy who sets the policy for the party was abandoned during a very successful presidency. I’m just not sure why! To get democrats out to vote, you’ve got to remind them what they have to be proud of. If you don’t do that, you can’t expect them to be energetic.

  • Patricia Robertson

    Republicans who have been office a long time know that the president isn’t going to bend just to please them and they know that will have to work together and they are hoping that this new crew will do just that. But it is those like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul who will have to be put into their place and this just might be the year that one or both of them get put in their place by the president without knowing it is coming. They keep thinking the president is stupid, dumb and not smart but they are the ones who are playing with a full deck and sooner or later they are going to over play their hand. They might not realize that all this could be just the things that is need to show the american people who is the real corrupt people in congress and who is the do nothing people with their own eyes. As the saying goes they have to see it , feel it, and hear it, themselves in order to believe. So lets how much the republicans will pass and how much they actually work with the president and not pretend to work with the president.

  • Kat

    #1 reason I am not a Democrat. They are wimps and always cower to the viciousness of the GOP. It’s pathetic to see what is possibly, one of the best President this country has ever had, being abandoned and denied by his own party. I can’t stand watching it.