Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool out of Herself Once Again on Fox & Friends with Ridiculous Attack Against President

hasselbeck-foxIt’s indisputable that the situation in Iraq is dire and the atrocities being committed by ISIS are some of the most barbaric and horrific acts we’ve seen by any terrorist organization.  When Al-Qaeda considers you too extreme, that’s saying something.

And as most of us know, Republicans have been quick to blame President Obama for ISIS’s ever-increasing influence in northern parts of Iraq.

Well, on Fox & Friends they continued that preposterous narrative, with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck actually claiming that President Obama cares more about trans fats than he does ISIS.

After showing several clips of refugees flooding a helicopter trying to escape some of the violence, Hasselbeck said, “Our President is more concerned about removing trans fats than ISIS.”

How can anyone take these people seriously when they spew ridiculous nonsense such as this on a regular basis?  I don’t care what your feelings are about President Obama, if you honestly believe he cares more about fighting trans fats than dealing with the threat of ISIS – you’re an idiot.

It floors me how Republicans claim it’s Democrats who are the ones dividing our nation, when I constantly see asinine comments such as these made by the right-wing media.  Completely outlandish claims that have only one purpose – to continue to stir up fear and hatred towards President Obama.

One of the biggest issues regarding what to do about Iraq is that the only real solution is the one that the vast majority of Americans vehemently oppose – and that’s sending our military back into Iraq to fight ISIS forces directly.

Because while these airstrikes will help, they’re ultimately only going to slow down ever advancing ISIS forces.  It’s a first step, but not a solution.

And let’s be honest, no matter what President Obama does, Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media are going to criticize it.

All while ignoring the glaring truth that all of this chaos is due to Bush’s complete incompetence when handling Iraq.  

Had Bush not gone to war based on lies in the first place, an extremely dangerous terrorist group wouldn’t be taking control of many parts of Iraq.  Then, even after he started the war, if he hadn’t botched it in just about every way possible, Iraq might have been a far more secure nation than it was when he signed the SOFA agreement which required all American troops to be out of Iraq by 2011.

Which is what gave ISIS the opening they needed to start infiltrating parts of the nation.

No matter how Republicans want to try to spin the growing chaos in Iraq, there’s one fact that they simply cannot deny (though they will still comically try to) – none of it would be happening if it weren’t for the incompetence of the Bush administration.

Watch her comments below via Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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