Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool out of Herself Once Again on Fox & Friends with Ridiculous Attack Against President

hasselbeck-foxIt’s indisputable that the situation in Iraq is dire and the atrocities being committed by ISIS are some of the most barbaric and horrific acts we’ve seen by any terrorist organization.  When Al-Qaeda considers you too extreme, that’s saying something.

And as most of us know, Republicans have been quick to blame President Obama for ISIS’s ever-increasing influence in northern parts of Iraq.

Well, on Fox & Friends they continued that preposterous narrative, with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck actually claiming that President Obama cares more about trans fats than he does ISIS.

After showing several clips of refugees flooding a helicopter trying to escape some of the violence, Hasselbeck said, “Our President is more concerned about removing trans fats than ISIS.”

How can anyone take these people seriously when they spew ridiculous nonsense such as this on a regular basis?  I don’t care what your feelings are about President Obama, if you honestly believe he cares more about fighting trans fats than dealing with the threat of ISIS – you’re an idiot.

It floors me how Republicans claim it’s Democrats who are the ones dividing our nation, when I constantly see asinine comments such as these made by the right-wing media.  Completely outlandish claims that have only one purpose – to continue to stir up fear and hatred towards President Obama.

One of the biggest issues regarding what to do about Iraq is that the only real solution is the one that the vast majority of Americans vehemently oppose – and that’s sending our military back into Iraq to fight ISIS forces directly.

Because while these airstrikes will help, they’re ultimately only going to slow down ever advancing ISIS forces.  It’s a first step, but not a solution.

And let’s be honest, no matter what President Obama does, Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media are going to criticize it.

All while ignoring the glaring truth that all of this chaos is due to Bush’s complete incompetence when handling Iraq.  

Had Bush not gone to war based on lies in the first place, an extremely dangerous terrorist group wouldn’t be taking control of many parts of Iraq.  Then, even after he started the war, if he hadn’t botched it in just about every way possible, Iraq might have been a far more secure nation than it was when he signed the SOFA agreement which required all American troops to be out of Iraq by 2011.

Which is what gave ISIS the opening they needed to start infiltrating parts of the nation.

No matter how Republicans want to try to spin the growing chaos in Iraq, there’s one fact that they simply cannot deny (though they will still comically try to) – none of it would be happening if it weren’t for the incompetence of the Bush administration.

Watch her comments below via Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • tracy

    You filthy mouthed hypocrites!

  • Scooby154

    Whats going to happen when Obama’s out of office??? Are they just going to go back to telling actual news

    • Jim

      They can’t go back to telling actual news. They have never been a news station. They’ve been right wing hypocrites from the very beginning.

    • adcbeast

      Fox did the same hit jobs on Bill Clinton in the 90s

    • missionaccomplished

      I guess that depends on who becomes president.

    • mdmtnwmn

      I remember reading that when caught peddling lies as news years ago, they went to court and won the right to lie based on the premise that they are not really a news show, but entertainment.

    • Bonta-kun

      Depends on whether or not the republitard candidate wins in ’16.

      • Judith_Priest

        Yes. If GOP wins, Fox will be “Loyal, loyal, loyal! Never question a sitting POTUS!!! Hail to the Chief! Good Americans TRUST THEIR LEADERS!!!!”

        If anyone ELSE wins, it’s, “Oh no! We’re done! BRACE YOURSELF against the Shadowy Communist Conspiracy plus Extremist Islamic Plot to DESTROY AMERICA!!! Fight back!!!”

        Vicious evil thieving hypocrites.
        THEY don’t even believe this shit.

        But the Tea Party dolts all sure do.

    • Judith_Priest

      Whenever a Republican is in charge, Fox News tells everyone to please be obedient little Statists and Respect the President’s Authoritay! Do not challenge his decisions in ANY way, or the Right Wing will make sure your career is over!

      Fox is only Pro Revolutionary, Man the Barricades, and Overthrow the Legitimate Government when … someone other than their handpicked candidate wins.

      Remember during the Iraq War? Remember how the Dixie Chicks were destroyed over mild criticism, supposedly because they “talked about the POTUS while they were in a foreign country!!!”

      NOW, of course, people like Palin and Bachmann and Steve King form their OWN diplomatic missions to go overseas and *undermine* the *current* POTUS!

      The GOP! If it wasn’t for Double Standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all!

  • Sunny Ray

    Barbie dolls are brainless.

  • Adam Smith

    The problem is, many of them ARE idiots. And you can’t fix stupid.

    • Eoin Maloney

      Well, you can, but often the necessary methods are illegal.

      • KB

        Opening a book is illegal??

      • Roberto Nazario

        Not, but tying stupid down to a chair and forcing stupid to open the book, read it, and understand it, definitely is.

      • Karen

        ignorance can be rectified; stupid is irreversible

  • Melania Gulley

    Elizabeth is the ultimate dumb blonde. The woman needs to go home and be a mom and stay off the airwaves.. she sounds more and morelike srah Palin and Michelle bauchman all the time

    • Fernando

      OH NO, she should be denied the privilege of motherhood!

      • Taryn Gibbons

        too late, it’s already bred a few times.

    • Katpurr58

      Do you really want her to breed?

      • gngr12345

        Too late, she already has!

      • lindenfrank

        and those kids are smarter than she is

      • Karen

        and she’s dumbing them down as we speak

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      Too many of them breed and have too many children. It is like a spreading of cancer.

      • lollimom50

        They’re not having enough to stave off their impending extinction which is why they’re fighting for dear life. They can have all the kids they want but that’s no guarantee they’ll be racists, too.

    • Judith_Priest

      She just reads her lines.
      I *detest* this dipshit.

      • craigcw

        “She just reads her lines” I guess she has something in common with Obama.

      • regressive white trash reli

        actually that’s not true as she -as do most regressive white trash “conservatives” on media outlets do— DYES her hair and probably has 2/3 of obamas IQ; plus she isn’t helping America; Obama? geeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,lets see: 5.875% unemployment,,,,,last month 321,000 jobs created,,,%5% GDP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shrinking deficit,,,,,2.19 per gallon gas prices….
        geeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we could always compare dec 2008 with dec 2014 in the USA; couldn’t we??

    • John_Twiss

      God forbid she should be a mother and engineer similar morons….

      • Well I hope we’ve got the sexism out of our systems. Now then. What does Fox and the GOP have to gain with arabs blowing each other up? Surely by now, somebody’s mentioned to Karl Rove the Ohio vote came in and Obama won a second term. And he doesn’t get a third.

        Maybe theyr’e just waiting for Hillary to announce and dont’ want to help her with advanced publicity. Maybe the war between the two conflicting fascist organs in the GOP hasn’t concluded yet?

        I dunno. But worrying about how Fox fills its program day for its narrow base really should concern us. Like Benghazi and all the other rhetoric, it blows over. We kinda have to wait til we see what ISIS wants to do before we respond.

        If they hit Europe with a weapon, well Nato will unleash all hell on them. If they do it here, we can just deport most of them and drop them off in the desert.

      • Taryn Gibbons

        she already has, sadly.

      • craigcw

        Ah, the compassionate left….

      • regressive white trash reli

        what EXACTLY are regressives ( see: conservatives) actually ‘conserving’???,,,,,,,,based upon the past 30 yrs of GOP legislation it certainly is NOT fiscal prudence or equality for ALL AMERICANS

  • Jim

    The problem with reminding Conservatives that Bush started this whole mess is that when you remind them of what Bush did, they always stay “stop blaming Bush”.

    • Tony

      I agree, but this doesn’t make the Obama administration blameless, or am I missing something? I’d like to believe there are intelligent conservatives out there.

      • adcbeast

        The Obama admin is blameless on Iraq ,,

      • GOP dying nicely

        Obama got handed a burning building ( IRAQ) from the prior administrations ineptitude,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Jo Clark

        I used to think that too. Not so sure anymore. I think they all scooted over to the Independent Party.

      • TheRealSocialmedic

        What, conservatives face the logical consequences of conservative idiocy? Accept responsibility and accountability for their actions? Never!

      • ed

        “intelligent conservative” is a contradiction of terms.

      • Karen

        Oxymoron Alert

      • craigcw

        Moron alert.

      • Diane

        You cannot use intelligent in any way to describe a conservative. It is just not possible.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Sure there are, they just aren’t republicans. Since they hijacked the term “Conservative” in their latest re-branding attempt, they actually believe that they own it and all the millions of Conservative Democrats, Independents, and others just disappeared. Wrong again.

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        These people are NOT conservatives or Republicans. They are masquerading as such. Goldwater, Eisenhower, Elliot Richardson and Lowell Weicker were true Republicans whose philosophy differed from Liberals but was never aimed at hurting the country or the people.

      • Taryn Gibbons

        yes, the last true republican president was eisenhower, yet nary a peep on his success as a leader, instead, they worship st. reagan, whose messes we still deal with 30+ years later.

      • craigcw

        Yes, what a mess. Singlehandedly dismantled communism in Eastern Europe. Caused us to have some pride. Actually kept the rest of the world from messing with us. All Obama does is draw pink lines in the sand.

      • strayaway

        Senator Obama voted for Bush’s every request to keep funding the war. President Obama attempted to negotiate a continued presence in Iraq – something many Republicans should have appreciated.

        Now, however, it is Obama’s war. He did not have the authorization of Congress to start bombing IS. The Constitution only gives the power to war to Congress. Congress legislates and presidents execute congressional legislation. His reasons fell short of the US being imminently threatened (War Powers Act). It is up to Congress to convene and instruct the President if it wants him to execute, as Commander in Chief, war on IS so I blame Congress for blaming the President for things they are responsible for. Obama shouldn’t have acted on his own and Congress is derelict in its duties. The President should also defend the Mexican border because IS is thought to be negotiating with drug cartel gangs, IS has promised to bring to the streets of the US, and more illegal aliens are coming across from all over the world.

      • lindenfrank

        that logic sounds like you’ve been talking to Glen Beck…personally

      • strayaway

        lindenfrank, Thank you for noticing my logic. Logic always outclasses name calling like trying to link someone with Glenn Beck. Here I am trying to provide some cover for the President while you leave him exposed to everything from criticism to impeachment for starting a war like Bush did and without as much congressional support.

        I don’t understand. Don’t you think that Congress should take responsibility for re-opening the Iraq War? Even Bush had a little Congressional cover for starting Iraq War I when Congress washed its hands and unconstitutionally allowed Bush to decide for Congress if he wanted to declare war on Iraq. Obama just went ahead and started bombing. If US voters don’t approve of Iraq War II, they can vote out their Representative who voted to attack IS in November. Since Republicans are most vocal about criticizing Obama, force them to vote for Iraq War II and face voters’ wrath in November. As it stands, Iraq War II is Obama’s baby.

      • Larry

        and where is the republican led do nothing congress at? I guess 7 weeks off after just taking 5 weeks off has more priority than ISIS.

      • strayaway

        There was a vote in support of funding Syrian rebels supported by 69% of House Republicans and 57% of House Democrats last week. Only 20 Senators, also a bi-partisan group opposed this measure. This was sold by its supporters as a response to IS but was also bi-partisan support for Obama trying to topple Assad. So far, the attacks have been against IS rather than Assad but the support was for rebels dedicated to overthrowing Assad. I haven’t seen any polls but I doubt the American people want to overthrow the government of Syria.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        but lest not forget:
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there would be no “IRAQ2” with-OUT “IRAQ 1”

      • strayaway

        I was thinking along the lines of Gulf Wars 4 and 5 unless the wars against IS and Assad could just be considered one big squishy nebulous war? Maybe future historians, if we win, will call this the Second 100 Year War. The first 100 Year War also had a religious theme although it wasn’t lubricated with oil.

      • GOP dying nicely

        IRAQ WAR 2??

      • Chas Mcarty

        We don’t know what went on in the closed door sessions of congressional committees nor are we entitled to. There are emergency orders enough still active covering the war on terror where ever its waged including chasing ISIL where ever they run to.

      • strayaway

        Which emergency orders are still active covering the war on terror? Please specify the wording.

        What does the war on terror have to do with trying to topple Assad. Assad has more boots on the ground fighting IS than even the Kurds. He is our de facto ally against the IS threat and Assad has not attacked the US. You don’t seem to understand that the funding was given to rebels who were rebelling against Assad and that IS was the excuse to try to overthrow Assad. I have no problem with dropping bombs on IS if only Congress would support this action. Funding anti-Assad rebels is another matter.

      • Chas Mcarty

        2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, or AUMF

        Already settled but it won’t stop republicans from whining again. Anything to keep pressure up. Re-picking the same nits in hopes of a political point even though its well known that ISIL is a direct branch off of and its leaders trained by al Qaida or in English, The Base.

        Further more, It was Bin Laden’s al Qaida’s call for Jihad that the main Iman responded to, calling out the thousands of young so eager to be slaughtered. It was al Qaida that most of the fighters were responding to no matter which brigade or terrorist army they ended up in.

        Remember. “No safe haven”.

        Assad was scheduled for regime change in another war of the five that the Bush regime had planned that was already in motion either overtly or covertly on all targeted fronts. Until the voters got in their way and said “no, hell no” to their whole agenda

        You would think that the republicans would have patriotically helped with the mop up in Iraq and support the troops instead of contrarily objecting to every single issue even if it originated from them.

      • strayaway

        “Section 2 – Authorization For Use of United States Armed Forces

        (a) IN GENERAL- That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.

        (b) War Powers Resolution Requirements-

        (1) SPECIFIC STATUTORY AUTHORIZATION- Consistent with section 8(a)(1) of the War Powers Resolution, the Congress declares that this section is intended to constitute specific statutory authorization within the meaning of section 5(b) of the War Powers Resolution.

        (2) APPLICABILITY OF OTHER REQUIREMENTS- Nothing in this resolution supersedes any requirement of the War Powers Resolution.

        Assad had nothing to do with planning, authorizing, or committing the 9/11 attack. Also, Assad is not putting the US in imminent danger a requirement for activating the War Powers Act. Therefore, the War Powers Resolution does not pertain to either funding Syrian rebels or other Islamists who had nothing to do with 9/11.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Good luck with that predicted argument. I already stated the undisputed reality of ISIL’s al Qaida origins.

        So you (always meaning your side rather than you personally)
        choose to now forget:
        “They are with us or they are with the terrorists” “They can run but they cannot hide.”
        “no safe haven”.

        The republicans, again, will spend hundreds more man hours and millions more dollars sabotaging America and the war that they started.
        Treason under any definition.

      • strayaway

        Assad, whom rebels are rebelling against, never had anything to do with 9/11. Congress voted to provide funding for those rebels under the misdirection that this funding was all about IS. It is a stretch to say that because IS had Al Queda roots, that it IS Al Queda. Why not attack Boko Harem or the mosque in Oklahoma City that spawned our domestic beheader or Islam in general? Al Queda has Muslim roots after all. There is no end to an argument like that. The fact is that the War Powers Resolution has to do with going after those who participated (past tense) in doing 9/11. It would be simple enough for Congress to reconvene to give Obama their powers as they did Bush. You would support that, right? There is no need for Obama to pretend he is Bush to have executive powered wars when Congress could sort of legitimize his wars too. His role as Commander in Chief is to execute wars authorized by Congress. So far, Congress has only given some money, a de facto authorization, for helping out Syrian rebels.

        I was a Ron Paul supporter so making Bush statements stick on me won’t work. It would be far easier blaming Bush’s war on anyone who intends to vote for Hillary who voted for empowering Bush to start the Iraq War and has been a warmonger ever since.

      • Chas Mcarty

        If you walk like a duck, quack like a duck, and spread republican talking points no matter how wrong. Then you may be a republican. If you care to deny it. I don’t blame you.

      • strayaway

        Ah, then you are saying that my railing against government spying, unconstitutional wars, exploding federal debt, and presidents acting as dictators are Republican virtues. I think you give the Republican Party, at least its establishment base, far too much credit. My favorite politician, Justin Amash, just emerged from beating Karl Rove’s primary candidate and over $1M of attack ads. The truth is that Rove, Priebus, and many mainstream Republicans would rather let Hillary and national office Democrats win than liberty caucus Republicans because they have more in common with each other. I will spot you this though. There is almost no one in the national Democratic Party for anyone concerned with constitutional liberties. Kucinich is gone. Senators Udall and Hatfield make some good moves. There were a handful of Democratic Senators including Sanders and Warren who joined a slightly larger fraction Of Republicans to oppose funding Syrian Rebels but that’s it.

        You didn’t comment on whether you would like Congress to give Obama the same power to wage wars it gave Bush. I thought you might like that since you support Bush having been given that power, Obama claiming Bush’s power, and, as an Obama supporter, it would give Obama better cover than making tenuous claims that he already had Bush’s leftover powers. When Obama’s new wars against IS and Assad have setbacks, Obama, and Democrats, will need that support.

      • Chas Mcarty

        This is exactly why I state the disclaimer on the generic “you”. I am here to discuss the Reality vs. Republican propaganda and the damage that it has done over the last six years. Not the opinions of individuals who are certainly entitled to theirs. I have been called so many dirty names its not funny because I happen to support the elected government. I have been called a Liberal Democrat too many times to mention yet if I had to be labeled, it would be as an unaffiliated moderate. An ideal position to be in to recognize reality vs. wishful thinking.
        I have been against the wars from the start and subscribe to the unacceptable money driven two party one club scenario of today that is dangerous to our democracy.
        Yes I favor the democrats, only as the lessor of two evils. I hate the reality that the republicans resorted to torture and that they tried to hide behind a thin veil of manipulated legality to protect the skins of the politicians and appointed bureaucrats who ordered it. It was them that unleashed the dogs of war igniting the world.
        The moral high ground that we held since WW2 is no longer ours and the beacon of freedom and liberty was extinguished by those republican torturers who have forfeited the right to govern ever again under any alias..
        So, do I think Obama should re-ask for permission that he already has. Hell no. Not from a house that has waged a six year war against him and the nation but because of mid term elections wants to appear relevant.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Sure, those Dems voted with the Republicans based on traditional intelligence channels being accurate. Who would have figured it to be the actual conspiracy of lies and “cooked intelligence’ that was later revealed. You can bet few if any will ever believe them again.

      • lindenfrank

        blameless? Tony you’d have been lucky to do a THIRD of what THIS PRESIDENT HAS DONE with his opposition going against him every day he’s been in office…hell you’d be lucky to do a SIXTEENTH of what he’s done

      • strayaway

        Average US income down, federal debt up, bombing seven countries, failed policies in North Africa, the Middile-East, and Ukraine, executive legislative actions, an executive war in Libya, trying to get support to bomb Syria, getting support to fund Syrian rebels again, continued open borders, a policy allowing liars to show up from Liberia during an epidemic, decreased racial harmony, blacks going down statistically relative to whites in home ownership, jobs, and savings, expanded attacks on the Fourth Amendment, government agencies used to attack presidential opponent, computers at those agencies suffering from lost emails, government heads lying to Congress without punishment, a billion dollar computer system that still doesn’t work, the 1% doing even better than under Bush… Yes, you’re right but who would want “to do one SIXTEENTH of what he’s done” to this country?

      • GOP dying nicely

        lets compare America RIGHT NOW to America 2008
        and you say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,???

      • strayaway

        Please see my previous post. It pretty well covers your question.

      • Allen Moody


      • strayaway

        Well, Allen, we could go through these one by one. Let’s start at the beginning.

        “Average US income down”

        You could go to the NY Times and look up an article titled, ”

        “Median Income Rises, but Is Still 6% Below Level at Start of Recession in ’07″”

        or another NY Times article titled,
        “Median Household Income Down 7.3% Since Start of Recession”

        I think somewhere in there is the truth. Except for the top 10%, the rest of us, on average, have less income than when Obama took over.

        Want to go on to my next clause, “federal debt up” by $7.8T since Obama took over? Why that’s $24,840 of debt for each and every American that our kids are saddled with to pay for to pay for Obama’s insipid recovery. If you would like I can come up with a source to prove my comment “federal debt up”.

      • xnerd

        The Median income has fallen largely due to our Busted trade policy coupled with the absurde tax code that the republicans initiated. |

        I Blame Clinton for signing it but ONLY for signing it. Its creation falls squarely in the laps of Republicans and mainly Bush Sr, although Reagan started the bullshit if you want to get down to brass tacks.

      • strayaway

        Of course, of course, the buck never stops with Obama or Democrats in general. It’s even Bush’s fault no matter if there is a Democratic president and both houses of Congress are Democratic. Assuming responsibility would be a bad example for the masses who must be kept in a dependable state of dependency.

      • Bill Povse

        You need to do some research. Bush’s war was not part of the debt. It was a special fund. When Obama took office congress voted to put the war on the books so it would be part of the debt. Then throw in the drug donut hole bill signed by Bush but they never did add a way to fund it. So that is adding to the debt.

      • strayaway

        Both houses of Congress were Democratic when Obama took office and for two years thereafter. I am glad you are blaming Democrats instead of always blaming Bush like some here. The fact remains that the federal debt, the accumulation of annual deficits, has gone up $8.3T under Obama so far almost more than under all other presidents combined. Under the Boehner/Obama budget just passed, $150B more of Social Security money was diverted to the general budget. More games and ways of pretending that the budget hadn’t gone up by that additional amount.

      • Guest

        The average US income started going down under the Republican god Reagan and has continued ever since; it did not start with Obama. Nothing that has happened during this administration can top the crap Bush did. NOTHING. I think most of the anti-Obama rhetoric is quite simply about a black man daring to be president.

      • strayaway

        Source? I don’t think you should blame the income loss during the Obama administration on Obama being (half) black. A white guy with the same numbers would be equally a failure.

      • Cat L

        Somebody’s been watching FOX “news.”

      • strayaway

        Bad guess. Somebody’s making lame comments. Try “Koch Brothers” or “because he’s black” for better results.

      • craigcw

        Somebody’s been watching MSNBC.

      • Cat L

        You’re just jealous cuz you can’t keep up with the smart people.

      • regressive white trash reli

        and we who watch both of those in addition to cnn and pbt and the BBC have ascertained that FOX “news” is the biggest canard–by a mile– of all of them
        “Benghazi”……………”Kenya”…….”spending”,,,,,,,,,,,,”war on Christmas”……………… et hoc genus omne

      • xnerd

        You are without one single doubt the most ignorant asshat that I have ever witnessed put finger to keyboard.

        US income down = BUSH
        Federal Debt up = BUSH *Did you expect Obama to simply not pay the Bush legacy bills? BUsh increased spending more than Obama even without the fucking war you moron)

        ANy fucking retard that points at ANY action taken in the middle east for the next 2000 years and blames ANYONE OTHER THAN the BUSH administration is a fucking retard and has no understanding about foreign polices

        The 1% doing better under Obama is STILL DUE TO THE OBSCENE tax breaks that have BROKEN our tax code and COMPLETELY attributable to the Republicans and Nixon, Reagan, Bush,Bush,II…

        Have you been in a fucking coma for 40 years?

      • strayaway

        ” In George Bush’s first six years GDP rose 16%, but median incomes fell 2%. Under Mr Obama it has been even worse: GDP is up 8% and median income is down 4%, according to the Census Bureau and Sentier Research.” -The Economist

        Today, our national debt topped $18T about $8T of which was under 6.9 years of Obama. Bush added $5T in 8 years.

        I blame the Iraq war on Bush, Hillary and everyone else in Congress who gave away their power to decide to go to war to Bush, every person in Congress who voted to keep the war funded including Senator Obama, an president Obama who kept the war going almost as long as he could.

        The 1% is not only doing better under Obama. It is accelerating its pace of doing better compared to the rest of us and compared with how the 1% did under Bush. Don’t forget that instead of allowing Bush’s tax breaks for the rich expire, Obama made half of them permanent.

        I guess since your are wrong about everything, you qualify as the moron. Notice also that I can get through an entire post without using such a lower class vocabulary. I am assuming of course that you didn’t pick it up from your mother. I prefer the coolness of numbers to the gutter.

      • craigcw

        Being in a coma would almost be better than being an asshole like you.

      • craigcw

        What opposition? He accomplished nothing when the Democrats owned Congress. Keep drinking the Kool Aid. The brilliant one will be out of the White House soon enough. Unfortunately, the stench left behind won’t leave as easily.

      • regressive white trash reli

        shall we compare the ‘stench’ of this administration to the delightful floral aroma of the PRIOR administration??
        HHmmmm? shall we? ok,lets keep it spirited: we can compare USA with “dec 2008” VS “dec 2014″….howzdat doin4 ya?

      • lindenfrank

        obviously you don’t have eyes to see what he’s done in spite of all the opposition…the next two years you can be EDUCATED on what vetoing means

      • Clearwater

        “I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any honorable gentleman will question it.” John Stuart Mill

      • Allen Moody


      • kelemi

        Barry Goldwater was the most intelligent conservative and he died. He’d be too liberal for today’s GOP.

      • Historygirl

        I don’t find Obama to blame–he was naturally reluctant to enter into a military action with no exit strategy. Bush had signed the agreement to withdraw from Iraq by 2011. Obama seemingly didn’t recognize how quickly ISIS/ISIL would fill the power vacuum that our exit created. But the American people have no desire for an endless mission. There are intelligent conservatives out there, but they are drowned out by the talking heads on Fox. Though I am not conservative, I miss the intelligent discussions that William Buckley used to have on PBS.

    • Kingminnie

      Yes, a backhanded deflective measure that’s overly used.

    • Chas Mcarty

      Every time a non-republican uses the term conservative in reference to them it plays along with their re-branding.
      Its understandable how they would want to hide behind an alias from the shame of their policy’s of warmongering, torture, and treasonous obstruction. We don’t have to, and shouldn’t be helping them.

    • craigcw

      We certainly can’t blame Lord Obama. He has never made a mistake, never lies, never takes responsibility for anything. Ooops.

  • DerpDestroyer

    It’s like getting your “news” from a stripper!

    • RJP

      I’d more trust the news from a stripper.

      • gngr12345

        At least he/she wouldn’t have an ulterior motive up their sleeve!

      • TheRealSocialmedic

        So to be mercenary is ok so long as you are honest about it?

      • gngr12345

        Hi, TRS. I was only referring to the fact that if the news were delivered by a stripper, there would be no sleeves in which to hide something. My lame attempt at humor failed, I guess.

      • DerpDestroyer

        No fail, I thought it was hilarious!!!

      • gngr12345

        Thanks, Derp!

  • chaserblue

    Sometimes I think they put ditzy blondes on there just to toss out some of the more ridiculous talking points to see which ones stick and gain traction and which ones get explained away by virtue of the idiot spewing it…

    • Jo Clark

      They put ditzy blondes on there because their primary audience is crusty old and older white men. I mean, let’s tell it like it is. These girls can have these ol’ guys drooling 18 hours a day.

      • TheRealSocialmedic

        That is all these creeps do, eat, fornicate, breed. God forbid they do anything like read a book, other than the Holy book that strokes their egos.

      • Judith_Priest

        They don’t read the Holy Book, either. Half of ’em have no idea what’s in there.

    • Nathan Frigerio

      Exactly, chaserblue. Why have one of their ratings kings make such a stupid comment, then lose credibility? Use a known idiot. Worse, women trying to “belong” in the ‘pubes party must spout nonsense constantly just so they don’t become forgotten.

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      Putting bimbos on there (Palin, Coulter, Roper, etc, are not blonde and I wonder if the Fox blondes are even really blondes) is part of the GOP war on women – to make women look stupid so they will not get real opportunities in life. Does not their religion demand women and children to be chattel? Do we not live in one of the most rape prone societies in the world exacerbated by the fact that the GOP insists that rape victims bear the children of their rapists? If GOP gets absolute power women will be nothing but property for men to sell, beat, condemn to slavery, rape or do anything with they like against the woman’s will.

  • HappyGreen

    It’s amazing how this whole story could just get it completely wrong.
    The Bush Administration wasn’t incompetent, the American people were incompetent.
    They stood by as Bush Sr., with the help of Dick Cheney, privatized the military. Then when Clinton won, Dick went to work for Haliburton. Lots of back slapping ensued, they all had a good laugh about how Eisenhower called it on his way out the door with that whole “Military Industrial Complex/don’t let the tail wag the dog” warning!!! haha
    and pretty soon the Rich Boy’s Club was laughing all the way to the bank!!!
    They got Jr elected and Jr made Cheney VP.
    Cheney ran the show, when it came to starting up a fabricated war.
    They’d done it before, plenty of times,
    Bay of Tonkin
    Just drum up some support with claims of WMD’s
    That’ll scare the stupid Americans into slapping American Flags on their bumpers and making sure their congressman votes for war/military industrial jobs/money
    Oh, lower gas prices, haha, sure, lets go.
    Dick wasn’t inept, nor was Bush.
    They knew exactly what they were doing.
    Now Bush’s conscience is clear as he paints is toes in a hot bath like he’s been lobotomized.
    Cheney never had a soul.
    He’s the evil Dark Sith Lord incarnate.
    He’s pure evil, not inept, not crazy, not delusional.
    He’s got us all under control.
    Right where he wants us.
    When the drone war kicks off and the Military Industrial Complex wins,
    Unless the AI does the math and figures out the other species of life on this planet are a lot better off without humans.
    Pretty sure AI wins the next war.
    Just sayin

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      Corruption can not pass for competency.

    • Balthazar

      You are a pathetic regurgitator of liberal/progressive mantra; you will go on blaming Republicans/conservatives and Pres Bush because you have no facts you can stand on; we have a president who has no will to lead- just vacation and fund raising. Your rant is so full of lies, half truths and mis-information. Maybe you need to take a re-look at what’s been going on since pres Bush left office and not just read the script. Good luck.

      • Diane

        More Bush vacation than Pres., Obama, way more like Bush took two years off for vacation. Bush would and did screw up a wet dream, one of the most incompetent people ever. At least Reagan had Alzheimers to explain his idiocy, Bush was simply ignorant and Cheney’s puppet

      • Chas Mcarty

        You really can’t call all the time spent in Crawford a vacation for Bush since it was more of a baby sitting center for him supplied by his bosses as a place secured from prying ears. It assured that there would be no Nixon like incriminating tapes as they plotted war and their shameful and illegal torture policy
        After Bush missed the script change and blurted “When I saw the first plane hit I thought what a bad pilot” a day before any tape of the first plane hitting even surfaced, they were happy to have a place to keep a tight leash on him and his loose lips.

      • tommy

        Balthazar, you are about as stupid and ignorant as the rest of the idiots on fox news why don’t you research bush took more vacation them Obama has you people need to burn in hell where you will all go you ignorant bastard.

      • talktothe hand

        What facts are you standing on?

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        we have been looking: economy going up- unemployment dropping while job participation rising.. stocks going up– deficit shrinking…..corporate profits up/ americans getting insurance……. all americans ( not just white trash religious scum) getting EQUAL equality / women now paid equally / ………and what EXACTLY are ” conservatives” CONSERVING??? the 1951 ability to screw over women and gays and minorities? LEMME KNOW

      • Robert Downer

        And all THIS with a Rethug congress that is so opposed to President Obama that if he came out for breathing all the Rethugs would hold their breath….hey wait a minuet…..

      • strayaway

        Happy days are here again for the 1%, foreign workers, and even women. In fact, President signed an executive order allowing 100,000 spouses of legal aliens to find jobs here. Since most of the spouses are women, that means these foreign women will have equal rights to existing jobs. Is this great news for those women or what?

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U avoidance of the other 2/3’s of my equation sits noticeably handcuffed–
        ( gays and minorities if U lost count)

      • strayaway

        I butted in to your conversation with Balthazar of whom you asked the question. I had just read about the President helping foreign spouses to compete for mostly US women’s jobs so I wanted to squeeze that in. But now that you asked – gays aren’t an issue with me. If states want to legalize gay marriage that is up to each state. It often depends on how the word ‘marriage’ is defined. If states want to legalize group marriages, Mormon and Muslim polygamy, sibling marriages or whatever, that is the right of each state too. Why stop with gays?

        Which minorities? Asian minorities are doing very well in this country and usually exceed whites in income, intelligence, and earnings. Blacks have suffered under Obama experiencing a higher rate of home foreclosures, a larger percentage drop in income, and a greater depletion of savings than whites. Polls have also shown that racial harmony has declined under Obama. There might be some intangibles harder to measure and impossible for me to access giving reason for blacks to continue their support for Democrats. If you count the 1% as a minority, theyare accelerating their gains relative to the rest of the population under Obama compared with under Bush.

      • Chas Mcarty

        The black Americans are sophisticated enough to know who cut their poors benefits, blocked their states from a beneficial healthcare program even though it was based on their own republican implemented state pilot program. Who is blocking a living wage for those fortunate to have a job. Who put unnecessary hardships in the way of many of their less privileged to disenfranchise many of them from voting. On a more personal level, I bet there’s not many who don’t resent that their president has been villified with lies and half truths that were twisted and turned before he even got out of the gate and they are not likely to forget it in the ballot box for they also have the pride, a flame that has not flickered, in knowing he has endured in spite of the obstructions in his way. Not only endured, but kicked republican butt along the way, winning time and again when it counted.

      • strayaway

        Where I mentioned income, savings, and jobs, you instead mentioned mostly handouts and imagined pride. I think you are correct though about Republicans being more stingy with handouts.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Well I’m sorry. I stop reading as soon as I see canned talking points.
        Income, savings, and jobs are scarce for every middle class American worker now. Its not a black thing, its a national thing caused by republican treachery . . Imagined pride your ass. Stingy like back stabbing hyenas. Where I mentioned reality, you mention canned talking points. Receiving aid if they need it or as some snide condcending, , person would say, “handouts,” in todays world is no shame. You just don’t like the term “their poor” which reminds you that most of todays black Americans are just as middle class as any other American and shatters your stereotype.

        Cutting aid to familys in a crises while approving billions on rebuilding other countries is nothing to brag about but it is a ‘Republican thing’.

      • strayaway

        You misunderstand. Statistically, blacks have suffered in terms of job losses and depletions of savings and foreclosures more than average Americans under Obama. In addition, 93% of Americans have reduced income levels under Obama. The I%, meanwhile, have grown their percentage of national income at a faster rate under Obama than under Bush. While I mentioned statistical facts, you mentioned beliefs. I proposed creating a labor shortage blacks can move into to demand higher wages at the expense of the 1%. You prefer handouts. Lots of handouts have been distributed in Detroit. What black people in Detroit need more is for you to buy a car made in Detroit, if you haven’t already done so and policies that create a shortage of labor. Allow blacks to benefit from supply and demand to be able to make their own demands instead of being dependent on your sick benevolence.

        When astronauts first landed on the moon, MLK showed up on my TV saying that it was a waste of money; that the money could have been better spent on programs for the poor. I was shocked. I had just read an article saying that 18% of all union aerospace jobs in California were black. Yet here this great visionary was proposing ending tens of thousand of good playing black jobs. It wasn’t his best day.

      • Chas Mcarty

        I call shenanigans and BS on your whole statement.

        There’s an old old saying in just about every language about divided houses not standing. Before there were even houses there was “Divide and conquer” as far back as the ancients. Are you feeling it yet bunky? are ya gittin it?

        It was bad enough to lie us into wars, shame us with torture, bankrupt us, strip our rights, .until we had enough and threw the republicans out of the white house and their agendas with it. Through the subterfuge of re-branding to tea-party and the machine to sell it. They took the house and have used it to wage war against all of us ever since with outrage after outrage right up to today. While propaganda blames everyone but the actual culprits.

        There has been no change of Republican leadership at the levels above the front men politicians who come and go with fat paydays. The Neocons, also hiding behind a new alias, are still there in positions of power and still mainly focused on empire no matter what promises they make.

        Kristol, Kagan, Jeb, Rove, and the rest of the PNAC cabal are all operating out of shiny respectable looking think tanks so over staffed with retired and recent ex military operatives that they can make anything happen anywhere in the world with their endless wealth that many of them made while on government salaries. Baker ,Carrluchi, Daddy Bush, all up to their elbows into armaments and making profit off war and will benefit in making America the home of cheaply paid workers for the corporations parked off shore waiting to come home and collect the payoff for the billions donated before and after citizens united.

        Sorry but any argument you can make against Obama that hasn’t resulted in official charges is hogwash. The reasons for our predicament are clear and your statistics are the fruit of a republican poison tree that is just barely alive, withering fast, but still a danger to all of us.

      • strayaway

        I supported Ron Paul. That list of republicans you offered is much more comfortable with Hillary. That’s the Hillary who was a cheerleader for supporting giving away Senate powers to Bush to allow him to decide whether to go to war in Iraq and who also supported war against Libya, Serbia, and Syria. Vote for her you warmonger!

      • Chas Mcarty

        I*’m sure she did that all by herself.

      • strayaway

        Exactly, Although the majority of Republicans are often in league with Democrats in expanding big government, waging nonsensical wars, and promoting corporatism, there is a small but growing liberty caucus in the Republican Party. So yes that would be the Republican Party that tried to gerrymander away Paul’s district and waged war against him in his last two presidential runs. Incumbent Republican Justin Amash, the politician most like Ron Paul, just fought off Karl Rove’s primary candidate and over $1M of funding establishment Republicans through at him. It’s a pity that anyone concerned with both liberty and in support of the Constitution can no longer find a home in the national Democratic party.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Amash won’t stand a chance. Like Dr. Paul and Charlie Crist, If he bucks the national republican agenda he will be ostracized and dead ended.

        I would have voted for an unaffiliated or even a Libertarian Ron Paul. Maybe we will have that chance in 2016.
        As a Floridian, I will vote for Crist. I would vote for Charlie as a member of any party except the post 2000 republicans.
        Charlie has balls and ethics. He showed that when he sacrificed his own rising star status in the GOP to protect Florida’s teachers. He knew there were rats in the woodpile and wouldn’t accept them, even from the party he had once loved and flourished in.
        When the chips were down, Charlie walked the walk rather than just accept gross impropriety for the sake of his own career. Then what did he do? Did he weasel and try to capitalize by selling republican secrets to the democrats? No! He went back to work at his trade as a lawyer until the Democrats approached him as a candidate. Looking forward rather than back.

        Very few politicians are tested with such an important single decision that carries such personal peril. One that defines them so clearly. Charlie Crist did and passed his with more than flying colors.

      • strayaway

        I’m hoping for Amash but he doesn’t have the broad support needed. He almost worked a bill through the House to end domestic spying without a warrant. he explains every one of his votes online to his constituents. After winning his primary campaign against his establishment candidate, Amash refuse to take a congratulatory call from that candidate and lashed out, “You owe my family and this community an apology for your disgusting, despicable, smear campaign. I ran for office to stop people like you.” Amash isn’t as nice as Ron Paul. maybe that will help him in politics.

        I more often than not vote for third party presidential candidates and have a record of having voted for Perot twice, Ralph Nader, Anderson, a Constitution Party Candidate, and a Libertarian Party candidate. I couldn’t even vote for Romney who was a step up from McCain.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Third party is cool.
        Just not in November.
        The stakes are just too high and long term.
        We have a chance to put a fork in the republicans or saddle ourselves with total gridlock and actual rollbacks of all progress made. No other real plan other than continuation of the PNAC alias Foreign Policy Initiatives agenda of continuing new wars in spite of any campaign promises.

        One thing we agree upon is that Hillary is too cozy with the neocons.
        I like Warren, Shes a firebrand. Sincere and dedicated. Proven to have little if any adverse baggage in spite of the obstructionists obligatory hatchet job.

      • strayaway

        I can understand someone voting for Obama instead of McCain because McCain had the potential of being even more horrible a choice. Two years is a long way off. I would be pleased with Rand Paul, a couple of other Republicans would be ok, but Jeb, Romney again, Rubio, Walker, and a couple of others who put me into the third party column again.

        I credit Warren as being one of the 22 Senators who voted against funding Syrian rebels. I like some of her anti banker rhetoric but wonder if that’s all it is. After all, when she pushed through the creation of a consumer protection bureau, it wound up being an office at the Federal Reserve owned by the banks that it is supposed to regulate instead of under the control of Congress. She might still come around to where her actions equals her rhetoric. She’s a better candidate than Hillary though. i don’t suppose she’ll ever convince me that she is an Indian but there is an outside chance she will talk me into believing her sincerity regarding some reforms.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Warren is the real deal. The ones to watch closely are the ones that the republicans don’t try to demonize.. We learned in Palm Beach County in 2000 what damage can be done by those claiming to be Democrats but whos loyalties actually lay elsewhere.

      • strayaway

        Imagine a Warren/Sanders ticket vs. a Paul/Carson ticket both taking their respective parties in new directions. Somehow, i don’t think big money will allow that to happen.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Sorry. The torture negates the republicans as relevant forever.
        They know it. Thus the push to re-brand as conservatives. Another alias to hide behind
        They don’t want to admit it and think damage control has stifled peoples outrage because they were too stunned and shamed to open deep public discussions. People made up their minds about it the moment they first heard about it and have shown their verdict in the voting booth and will continue to until the republicans are just a bad memory.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Imagined nothing.

      • Judith_Priest

        Nice regurgitation of a pack of lies Fox carefully taught you!

        If you ever get tired of being a Right Wing Spooge Biscuit, try turning off Fox and turning on your brain again.

      • maxcruise

        Fox news watcher by chance?

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        its not chance
        ————- its cultural and genetic it seems

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        we do look at whats happened. LOWER unemployment/ higher JOB CREATION,,,,,,,,,,,,, HIGHER ( record) company profits,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ALL-TIME RECORD S & P and DOW stock averages……. much much lower dependence upon FOREIGN oil. a DEAD bin ladin ( as opposed to a LIVING one). ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rapidly shrinking deficit–
        BEST PART???
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, totally pissed off white trash regressive s ( see: TEA PARTY) crying about birth certificates

      • strayaway

        The problem with HappyGreen isn’t so much that he or her erred about Bush. It was HappyGreen’ inability to recognize that so much of his criticism of Bush is also true of Obama.

    • Chas Mcarty

      Not to argue but discuss, as a Floridian, I disagree that they got “W” Bush elected. They got him appointed through blatant election fraud. That was established in the sworn testimony of executives from Cho

  • squire41101

    ISIS Came into being because Al Qaeda lost its beloved Osama bin Laden, and was led by less violent types. The Hard core without a leader found a new one in ISIS…so Obama maybe responsible for ISIS because he stomped the crap out of Al Qaeda ….so ISIS you be next with your Toyota trucks and AK-47’s death will rain on you from the sky until there are not enough of you to raid a hen house

    • muffins

      When bin laden laughed at america and called our military state into question (“america, the paper tiger”), his continued drawn breaths insulted the dead innocents whose lives were taken by middle eastern terrorism.

      Had obama ignore the chance to take him during his term in office …. After the LONG, EXPENSIVE campaign the prior administration had invested an amount in which bankrupted the surplus our economy had been in ….. No american would be able to ignore NOT taking the opportunity to send in a team to get bin laden.

    • William Carr

      You realize that’s nonsensical, right?

      Al Qaeda is a Terrorist organization. ISIS is the remnants of the Iraqi Army Bush disbanded… he even let them keep their weapons.

      They re-organized and decided to seize power by mass murder.

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      Paul Rosenberg EXPLAINS:

      The man to blame for what’s happening in Iraq is not President Obama — it’s President Bush…

      The recent success of ISIS — the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — is exactly what Osama bin Laden had hoped that the 9/11 attacks would lead to. And thanks to Bush’s spectacularly foolish responses, bin Laden’s dream has come true.

      Before 9/11, bin Laden was a terrorist and could only dream of becoming the “holy warrior” he imagined himself to be. When Bush chose to respond to 9/11 as an act of war, rather than a crime, he gave bin Laden the gift he had always wanted, just by conferring that status.

      First, by invading Afghanistan, Bush validated bin Laden’s claim that what was happening was a religious war between Islam and the Christian West. Then, by invading Iraq and deposing his most prominent ideological foe, Saddam Hussein, Bush gave bin Laden a second gift—a much stronger position of influence throughout the region.

      But the invasion also fractured Iraq’s tenuous factional stability, and was followed by a whole series of bad decisions making matters even worse.

  • Kawika Mac

    In these days of information and fact-checking, one has to choose to be so ignorant. It’s amazing that so many people choose to be so ignorant just because the POTUS is a 1/2 white man.

  • Windell Cotton

    can’t fix her because you can’t fix stupid or the producer who tells her what to say. Trans fat and Issi? Does it have to be either/or? What fin idiots.

  • Learjet

    I take solace in the fact that their average viewers are scared, old, white, men who have one foot in the grave. Nobody else takes them seriously and their audience is only going to erode as that generation dies off. Fox “News” is RIDICULOUS on every level.

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      Considering the USA population has doubled in the years since JFK all due to immigration I suspect a lot of the voting idiot population was imported. We always had an idiot population but I do not recall it was all that large. Are we talking about the pregnant part of American society in the 50’s who lead the baby boom? The boomer babies actually grew up in the 60’s and the 70’s, and those were hardly the fascist decades. Given the history of this nation, from Revolution to bloody labor battles the indignant stock should have a memory. Our voting over the last thirty years would seem to indicate this nation had no past, or everybody in the country forgot the past – which leads me to believe that people voting for the GOP have no vested interest (no generations of ancestors) in this country.

  • KCMOfan

    Dizzy Lizzy strikes again.

  • Maybe they’re just “Bull Durham”-ing us?
    “Face it with fear and ignorance.”
    “No! Fear and arrogance, all right, you hayseed.”
    “I know, I just like seeing you all worked up.”

  • lindylou

    Come on … she wasn’t hired for her intuitive understanding of Iraq, or Obama, she was hired as eye candy for the gullible.

    • Judith_Priest

      Yes. She’s the kind of little simpering twat that gives insecure dumb old men a half-woody …

      • erik thorne

        With help from their socialist medicare picking up the cost.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Its amazing how republicans skip right over the first line of the Constitution that clearly includes to ” promotethe general Welfare”.

  • Jim Wiggin

    The GOP realizes that President Obama has already secured his place in history as the first African-American president. Their greatest fear is that he will also be remembered as one of the great presidents.

    • strayaway

      Maybe he will be remembered as a great president for ending the Iraq war.

      “Remind them that this is the president that ended the war in Iraq.” Michelle Obama.

      “He has taken good care of our men and women in uniform, he has ended the war in Iraq.” Bill Clinton.

      “We ended the war in Iraq.” Joe Biden.

      “I’ve kept the commitments I’ve made, I told you we’d end the war in Iraq, we did.” President Obama. (actually, the campaigning Obama promised to end the war immediately upon being elected. He said we could take that to the bank.)

      “You know I say what I mean and I mean what I say – I said I’d end the war in Iraq, I ended it.” President Obama.

      “Everything that American troops have done in Iraq, all the fighting and all the dying, the bleeding, and the building and the training and the partnering – all of it has led to this moment of success….we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq.” President Obama.

      “Mission Accomplished” sign on ship behind Bush. Both presidents were wrong.

      • Chas Mcarty

        The only one right, for once, was Cheney when explaining why Bush Sr. didn’t let troops push on into Baghdad. He predicted , to a tee, what would, and did happen when we took out Saddam and left Iraq. He called today’s chaos to the letter but proceeded with the PNAC war anyhow.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        the ACA will place him in an ethos with the greats- especially considering he also oversaw the rising from the ash of the bush administrations 2007-2008 depression

      • strayaway

        The (un)ACA is not in the same league as much more affordable Canadian provincial single player plans. However, if you meant greatness in the sense of creating a caring legacy similar to that of Hugo Rafael Chávez maybe you have a point. Meanwhile I’m ok with free medical care for Liberians who show up here with ebola although I question why it was so easy for the guy to move from Liberia to Dallas with a major epidemic going on. Also, the handling of his case was initially pretty sloppy. For a moment it was like deja vu with Brownie doing “a heck of a job” in New Orleans.

      • Chas Mcarty

        I don’t think ISIL is going to be the threat that the media has built it up to be. It seems that there are some questions about intelligence accuracy and if I were Obama I wouldn’t base my actions on intel from mercenary company’s that will profit from the escalation. A perfect example is the supposed official released biography of Bagdadi that has him under the protection and blessings of the Kurds in the north while at the same time there are reports of fierce battles between Kurds and ISIL.

      • Chas Mcarty

        But one was following the protocols that he inherited and had to struggle with trason while the other lied us into the situation to begin with.

  • Pipercat

    Love the coif there Leland!

  • Marie Slease Cahill

    She makes me crazed….she gives idiots a bad name

  • Kevin Conroy

    This is surely a joke right as she has more brains than EVERYONE on MSNBC! Republicans are dividing people more than the democrats……….that is funny shit right there, you guys kill me with your sarcasm!

    • William Carr

      So, Kevin, are you the guy in the picture or the fish?

      Because that was a dumb statement worthy of a fish’s tiny brain.

      Republicans were STUNNED when the American People rejected War and Conservative Economic policies and elected Barack Obama.

      Then they buckled down and started with the Conspiracy Theories, driving that Hate Machine into overdrive.

      That you can blame Democrats for being the TARGET of Republican Obstructionism and hatred… that’s kind of like blaming the mirror for making you look bald.

      • Chas Mcarty

        William, that mirror is an excellent example. But kind of tame considering the reckless damage the republicans have done to the war time moral of the nation, and the personal living standards of the majority of Americans.
        I equal them to a wife who hobbles her husband by breaking his legs, then mocks him for not taking her dancing.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      kevin gives money to a tax free church; then wears his Benghazi T shirt

  • Donnertparty

    Kevin Conroy: You have got to be kidding.Republicans and other conservatives are attacking gays, immigrants, atheist,conservatives who are less conservative than they are, American Muslims,pro-choice Americans,non Christians,people who believe in climate change,people who want sensible gun laws… all are demonized by the right.

  • Dave

    She is a TWUNT!

  • 1fullsailkid .

    lol……..You know damn well all three of these clowns want everyone from Iraq dead…

  • Fernando

    No wonder she works for Fox noise. She could not a job anywhere else!

    • Judith_Priest

      Oh, come on! Our local strip joint would hire her!

  • Frank LaDonna

    Elisabeth, Pope
    John Paul II, “Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse

  • Michelle

    She has no respect for the office of POTUS! Period!!!
    Never has, rarely approves of any moves made by our President. She is one of those, whether it makes sense or not, whether I have 100% of the facts or not, he is a democrat so I am going to knock it down. No independent thinking just party thinking, the WORST KIND!!!

  • pablo duvnjak

    She doesn’t have a brain. Just another hot bimbo on fox

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hot????? HOT???????????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, please note– HOT chicks have great breasts: natural only

  • Susan Grove

    Thanks Allen for calling Elizabeth what she is – an idiot. A few years ago she was very happy to be sitting in the White House with President Obama.

  • Lizzy

    I don’t agree with a word Elizabeth Hasselbeck said, but at least Allen Clifton has the decency and intelligence to critique Hasselbeck for her ideas without insulting her as a woman. The ultimate dumb blonde? Stay home and be a mom? Putting down strippers, blondes, and moms? What is this? A Mad Men convention? Next thing, someone will say she fights like a girl. I expect better from “liberal” men. Maybe you guys really are all the same after all.

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      Remember that women got the vote by one vote and things have not improved much for women since. The seed was planted but never nurtured, otherwise there would never have been any Palins, Prejeans, Hasselbecks, Coulters, Ropers, etc., the list goes on. Notable men were present in support of the suffrage during the time of Wollstonecraft and the British Social Reform movement, even the communist Antonio Gramschi supported the empowerment of women while Hitler’s Nazis wanted women barefoot and pregnant. But for the most part, the woman’s fight has been pretty much alone. Men are pretty much the same (and they doth protest too much, however in the end that is how it turns out). Religion is at the core of conservatism so that rules conservatives out from the start. Sexist attitudes toward women cross all national and racial boundaries. That is why women are pretty much the most F#@&ed group of people on the planet, especially women over 50 who cease to be valued by men for fornication and breeding.

      • Chas Mcarty

        Sure they have one vote now but under the American Taliban they will probably have to have their husbands accompany them into the voting booth to make sure they vote the right way.

  • Darryl L Weeden

    Elizabeth lost ALL of her blond mind once she went to Fox. Where does she dream up such TRIPE? She was pathetic on the View but they could squash her stupidity with logic. Fox loves the conspiracy theorist and not the truth.

    • TheRealSocialmedic

      Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a bleached blond, a fake. Many of the “blond” bimbos in the world a wannabe brunettes who are jealous of real blondes. They dye their hair blond and then act the way they think real blondes are. Maybe they are bimbos to begin with which is why they dye their hair blonde in the first place (for looks) or maybe there is a darker hatred of real blondes beneath it all that they would actually dye their hair and act in a way that makes blondes look stupid. My theory is that Hasselbeck never had a mind to begin with – there was none exhibited on the View. What do you think would happen if she stopped bleaching her hair? She might lose viewers but it would do nothing for her brain.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        they — coulter/hasselback/ malkin/ pirro/ perino/ tantaros ETC are all pissed off at life due to acute chronic micromastia

  • TheRealSocialmedic

    I wonder when the whole of the female sex is going to be punished for the idiocy of these conservative female morons by being denied the right to vote or have anything to do with the governing of this nation. No doubt that is what conservatives have in mind by giving these complete female nitwits prime air time.

    • Chas Mcarty

      Please, please, please drop the “Conservative” reference to republicans. Why help their charade of re-branding again? Call them what they are so we can eventually bring them to task for the shame that they brought on us and the memories of those who died removing the last torturers who threatened the safety of the world and killed millions under the NAZI banners.

  • FMJ

    We all knew how stupid Elisabeth is from the View, but at least she had the some voice of reason there to correct her, now on Faux, she is allowed to spew her stupidity without any reason or sense. She is a total embarrassment to all women. I feel so sorry for her daughter, I hope she explains to her how she helped set women back 100 yrs.

  • George

    All this is propaganda to forget about what happend to Palestina people and this is all work of the zionism

  • George

    Remember that Isis is be trainer by CIA for do this to people and head of this is zionism

    • Sue Roediger

      WTF “Isis is be trainer by CIA ” ???????

  • Vicki Pickerell Donovan

    You mean asinine comments like Nancy Pelosi saying that Hamas is a humanitarian organization, and she is an elected official!

    • Chas Mcarty

      Hamas? Where is it any different from LEHI, Irgun , Haganah, The Minutemen? All considered terrorists by the British. All killers who considered themselves freedom fighters. All now lauded as heroes in the homelands that resulted from their actions.

  • Bess Moore


  • Jay Hale

    Hasslebeck = Hammerhead.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    Let’s see:
    Loser on Survivor.
    Married a football player.
    Whiner on The View.

    My, WHAT an impressive resume……

    • Judith_Priest

      But … pwitty!!! Dumb old men who watch Fox WUVS da Pwitty!!!!

  • mcc985

    like Harry Reid saying what a nice nonthreatening articulate “light-skinned” negro Obama is during the campaign?
    There’s your genius libtard leadership.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hows the todd akin / nelson/ Bachmann / ted cruz/ mike huck(ster) abee working for ya?? trent gowdy anyone? Darrell issa???

      • mcc985

        LOL. about as good as Sheila Lee Jackson, Maxine Waters, Melissa Tampon-earrings Perry, Pink-tennies Wendy, and Elijah Cumminmymouth. BTW, did that island ever tip over when all the people overpopulated that one side? And how are those little “baby jesus” illegal immigrant children doing?

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        u mean the ones pouring over from Reagan and GW bush policies?? those vermin?
        Cnn and BBC and PBS and MSNBC don’t TRY to hire idiotic skanks as ” journalists” ,,,,they hire college educated people who delve ion facts ( in comparison to white trash regressive liars hired by FOX “news”)
        shall we compare federal dem VS repub policies over past 25 yrs and the effects upon ALL America?? ltes start with spending/ job creation and WARS / dead American soldiers,,,,,YOU GO FIRST; ok sh*tbag???
        PS– I don’t like Melissa perry or al Sharpton or jesse Jackson,,,,,too bad keith olbermann isn’t on to destroy your smarmy overweight guys on FOX “news” …………… enjoy the new dem pres 2016

      • longranger

        You are one blind commie faggot

  • Meggie

    It can’t be easy (even though it is apparently easier than it ought to be) to get even the dumbest, most gullible suckers to vote against their own best economic interests. What Rupert Murdoch has done brilliantly is to present karlrovean bullcrap as interpreted by angry white men and bleached blonde photogenic cyphers, both groups being totally without scruples. And the rest of the news media, the ones that ought to be telling us the truth, has been bullied into submission by the concept of “fair and balanced”….in which unless the same amount of good and bad is said about each political party, the liberals will be accused of being the propagandists. Of course, Faux Nooze doesn’t even have to follow it’s own strictures…..it’s total bullcrap, in which nothing good gets said EVER about its opponents. Our news media, as a result, and with few exceptions, is almost totally worthless . Totally toothless and irresponsible. It’s the “balance” part that they have pushed through and they have created the impression that anything else is unfair. Never mind the tremendous advantage this system gives to the party that tells the most lies. The saddest recent example of the sorry mess is the way David Gregory, one of the weakest, most pandering commentators is being replace by somebody just like himself. NBC could have chosen a person who asked serious questions (instead of one who panders for access), but they didn’t.

  • Conchytonker

    What did she say that so infuriates those that are inflicted by the mental illness known as liberalism? Elizabeth is a commentator, her comments are her opinoin. That said, “Stretch” Nancy Pelosi, someone who is directly responsible for policy……..makes Elizabeth look like a Rhodes Scholar. California should be embarrassed having that moron as a representative in congress.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U chowderheads have such luminaries as McCain and nelson and BACHMANN,,,,,,,,,,and that wondersquid ted cruz. are U bringing back todd akin or maybe allen west??

  • Conchytonker

    What did she say that so infuriates those that are inflicted by the mental illness known as liberalism? Elizabeth is a commentator, her comments are her opinion. That said, “Stretch” Nancy Pelosi, someone who is directly responsible for policy……..makes Elizabeth look like a Rhodes Scholar. California should be embarrassed having that moron as a representative in congress. PS…..If Barack really cared about trans fats, he’d tell Michelle to practice what she preaches….being the “spouse” of a dictator living high off the hog these past 5 years, has it’s unforeseen negative results on the “caboose.”

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hey loser— Pelosi has GREAT breasts- even at her age!! didja ever notice how ALL FOX “news” skanks are FLAT? that’s why they are soooooooooooooo pissed off!!
      NOTE: hows that BENGHAZI and ACA screaming at ya? funny how the scumbags on FOX “news ” have gone deafeningly SILENT on them; aint it??? PRASISE JEEEEEEEESUS!

      • Conchytonker

        wow, giankeys love granny porn too! LMFAO. Kook! As for Benghazi and OBAMAcare…..unless you’re a low information douche…….it’s still on the radar. Maybe not at the networks nobody pays attention to, MSNBC or CNN. Don’t tell me you ARE a low information douche!

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        hey crybaby– the REPUBLICAN led committee last week announced ( quietly) that NO malfeasance by this administration occurred regarding Benghazi,,,, the ACA has signed up more than anticipated,,,,now AMERICANS can have health care that actually works….. missed the “memo”?
        NOTE to loser YOU: gian keys is a crybaby white trash regressive rightwing scum– jes’ like U– who seems to have a taste for that very strange PORN; so I am placing his photo and his “taste” up as a SHRINE to his rightwing usefulness to America for all 2 see!!!
        how the FOX “news’ diatribe about Kenya coming along??? still suckling that flatchested tete?
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,keep making urself look so brilliant!

      • Conchytonker

        So you’re one of them anonymous posters. I can smell 47%er all over you. Don’t waste my time, freeloader.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        sorry crybaby– I have pics up and been on here for 2 yrs; how that anonymity taste??
        freeloader? self employed with TWO LLC businesses: chef and antique auto shows here in SE fla-
        wanna look more foolish? I do enjoy spilling regressive trolls such as U all over forcing U to make yet ANOTHER white trash crybaby profile–
        keep crying– an enjoy the evaporation of your religious scumbag anti American party

      • Conchytonker

        Amazing how easy it is for a 47%er can embellish on the internet! Dream on freeloader!

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        brilliant reply!! U crybabies DO hate facts; dontcha? awww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,da widdle puddie cat: he faw down and go “BOOM” again~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        praise jeeeesus!! ( white jesus of course)

      • Conchytonker

        You’re comments alone display what kind of fraud you are. Go away tax consumer.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        sorry crybaby– BOTh being self employed chef and doing antique/ classic cars ( and some bike) shows generates 100% cash- my taxes are paid with ( a) capital gains VIA stocks and options – up 569% as of today in past 6 yrs (b) rent paid upon 2 commercial and 2 residential properties ( all paid 4) here in se fla; broward county ONLY
        care to view my current portfolio? its easy: RICK…PCLN….CHL…BIDU (!!!) ,,,FCEL (finally roaring),,,,,TSLA,,,,,,,, sadly my GLD is languishing and I made the mistake of selling TWTR and FB 2 weeks ago. will re-purchase them on 15% pullbacks ( if ever)
        hows YOUR “investing” doing? swilling beer and watching FOX “news” fat ass guys such as Huck(ster)abee and Hannity and Bolling???
        keep crying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • longranger

        Your take”in it up the ass i see. What ever trips your pecker but shut the hell up i don’t care or want to know .

      • longranger

        Please spread your aids to all your fellow queers,If you don’t have it yet you will

      • longranger

        Elisabeth hasselbeck made to much sense on the view she had to go

      • Chas Mcarty

        Keep up with the 47% bit. We all know how well it worked for Romney.

      • Judith_Priest

        Oh, and Conchytonker is the name your Mom gave you?

        Sure. Hypocrite.

      • Conchytonker

        You got a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. Sonny, your as annoying as a heat rash between the fat legs of a rotund liberal. Go away, 47%er.

      • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

        hey look– the crybaby white trash inbred regressive republican TROLL got caught by someone else for trolling!! we LOVE all these small dicked and SMALLER brained loser troll who come on here with NEW names!! PRAISE JEEEEESUS— and send rick perry our wishes

      • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

        hes just another troll who changes names and profiles when things get to heated on these blogs– here just to stir up stuff: we love them all

      • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

        brilliant reply!! I see that U are indeed allergic to national facts; which all white trash regressive hillbilly repubs seem 2 be——- PRAISE (white ) jeeeesus!!!
        hows that 2016 presidential repub candidate looking?

  • Enough Already

    “It floors me how Republicans claim it’s Democrats who are the ones dividing our nation, when I constantly see asinine comments such as these made by the right-wing media.” – Says the person spewing words like “idiot, asinine and comical” when describing her opposition…come on, that language is just as bad. Not an Obama fan, even less of a Bush fan…but universally sick of both sides of the media pandering to either the Left or the Right to attempt to garner viewership/readership/ratings. Try just reporting actual news instead of insulting our intelligence with this kind of nonsense.

    • Chas Mcarty

      There is no “Both Sides” of corporate media right now. They all are like sharks in the water smelling the blood of The American workers rights, benefits, and fair wages. They will use every available ploy to get the payoff that they feel entitled to as payback for the billions donated to republican PAC’s.

  • Actually it is Obama’s fault. He’s the one who sent weapons and cash to the FSA in Syria, which is where ISIS is getting them from.

  • Sweet

    Obama’s been in office for 6 years now… He could have stopped it there is no way that anything should be blamed on the past President no matter what party he belongs to. Bush was blamed for everything that happened during his presidency so when does Obama get to be blamed? I would really like for someone to tell me what Obama has done for our country in the past 6 years please? I try to be open minded but haven’t seen where he’s done good. Of course he was able to bring the deficit down AFTER he raised it more than all the other presidents put together in history..

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hey white trash SWEET– where O where do I start? ok: hows about(a) deficit SHRINKING at fastest pace since IKE,,,(b) debt also slowing (c) job creation is enormous; just had 7th straight month of 200,000 or MORE jobs created ( 1st time since 1997: another DEMOCRAT president) unemployment slipped to 6.18% while JOB PARTICIPATIONRATE climbed. stocks at all time highs– corporate profits at all time highs,,,,,new home starts rapidly increasing. existing home prices increasing–$$$$ ALL americans ( not just white trash elitists) getting EQUAL equality,,,,,veterans getting FASTER and EASIER access to HOUSING/HOMES…..millions MORE americans now COVERED in insurance with ACA. Spending DOWN; more americans working,,,,,, better medical coverage,,,,,care to dispute the facts? or: maybe U can wear your “KENYA” tshirt from FOX “news” again? poor crybaby regressive loser—

  • cynthiasomething

    Fox “News” is really having to stretch to find issues to bash President Obama. That vile comment about Michelle Obama and trans fats? All of their rhetoric on real issues has been disproved and debunked.

  • Jay

    If this was happening during the Busg administration they would either not report it or defend Bush. They need to stick to reporting and leave their worthless opinions out of it!

    • Chas Mcarty

      What s really needed is a return to the anti trust committees that would bust up most of the conglomerates in a session for the good of the nation. If it was necessary in the days when they broke up the Bells its more so now.

  • LJ Anthony

    “How can anyone take these people seriously when they spew ridiculous nonsense such as this on a regular basis?”

    I don’t. But you’re the one who devoted time and space to “ridiculous nonsense”, so you should turn the question inward perhaps. Honestly, just write something you care about instead of bitching about and giving press to “ridiculous nonsense”.


    I have a Great Idea!
    Recruit her for another ‘Survivor’
    Drop her on some hard to find
    deserted island, and……

  • fairmont66

    Sarah Palin has some competition for the stupidest woman that fox ever hired. Watch Palin, Hasslebeck is trying to take you dunce cap no I mean crown away!

  • JP

    LOL… still blaming Bush? You libtards are pathetic beyond belief. Your tired ploys are so obvious. Give it up. Obama is not a leader. His administration is clueless. We are the laughing stock of the world because of him.

    • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

      hey look!!! troll JP has arisen — ignoring the stark facts about our country RISING from the ash of the PRIOR administration!! PRAISE JEEEEESUS!

    • Chas Mcarty

      JP, are you broadcasting from North Korea or a cave in Afghanistan?

  • Franklin Boyd

    She simply represents the fantasy world of the right wing dominated red states by telling these eager, semi literate hill billies,what they want to hear. What’s missing from the bleached talking
    air heads at Fox, is the discussion on the utter stupidity of Dubya and his GOP for having created this mess in the first place.

  • James Kujawa

    WOW, right at the end segment of the news clip, everything they say looked like they were reading it from a cue card. So phony and contrived. They are terrible ACTORS, which is what Fox does.
    The card probably also said “look angry yet frantic”. They don’t report the news and try to get to the truth. They try to “perform the news” and they are terrible actors. Lizzy is just window dressing for the 71 year old audience!

  • Penny Buck Madison

    Elizabeth is only popular due to her Survivor show and, even with that I don’t think she was well liked. She isn’t very smart and proves it every time she opens her mouth. I honestly believe that ALL the female comedians on FAUX are told to dye their hair blonde. It’s only obvious when their eyebrows don’t match their head and they all have the dark strip at the roots. I’d also bet that instead of a couch in the interview room there is a bed instead. Bunch of ho’s on that channel.

  • steve

    It’s not Obamas fault ,he’s busy partying with the elites. Let him recover ,and then after a few games of golf, if it’s still a problem he’ll deal accordingly with ISIS. Like he said mission accomplished, so ISIS isn’t a problem anymore you idiots. (inner working of a Liberal) 🙂

  • lindenfrank

    her claim to fame before the few was 15 minutes it SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THERE…shame on you Barbara Walters

  • John Cross

    This video was taken about a week ago before the US got involved. It was very desperate. At least 40,000 people were on a mountain range with no shelter–almost no shade even–no food, no water, and the ISIS massacring and raping anyone who tried to surrender. The US assessors made the statement that it was “not as bad as we thought” a week later after Kurdish peshmerga (militia) forces had already taken tens of thousands of people off the mountain (mostly walking, not in helicopters which can only take 20 at a time). Many of those still there when the US assessors arrived had decided to stay to fight reinforced by the US airdrops and US airstrikes. Of course Fox gets it wrong because all they care about is attacking Obama, not the truth.

  • Terrie Watkins

    The final Obama gaffe, requiring immediate impeachment- saluting with a coffee cup in hand, He couldn’t possibly be distracted, could he? like maybe because of



    Iran’s nuclear

    Global poverty

    Climate change



    Let’s make our priorities clear– to salute is the most important presidential function.

    • Chas Mcarty

      Yeah Ma’am. Lets continue to be distracted with petty insignificance like salutes and ignore the real problems.
      I’m wondering where your outrage was when the last guy saluted buy nodding his head down to his hand so he didn’t drop his dog.

  • Kim Serrahn

    and how quickly we forgot how the Taliban was born. Reagan + Russia+ Afghanistan = Taliban.

  • Guest

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool out of Herself Once Again Still on Fox & Friends with Ridiculous Attack Against President –

  • kelemi

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool out of Herself Once Again (Still) on Fox & Friends with Ridiculous Attack Against President –

  • Kim Serrahn


  • Artisan3m

    I have come to the admittedly slanted conclusion that all of the Fox ‘Foxes” are nothing more than life support systems for vaginas. Intellect is obviously not a prerequisite, else how can one explain the hiring of Palin and Hasselbeck? Its no wonder Fox is so popular among men ~ some of their visual presentations border on soft porn. They counter with Williams, Krauthammer, Hume, and O’Reilly but they collectively are totally inadequate to erase perception.

  • Lynda Malaika Land

    Can we hang her already for being a traitor?

  • Susan Grove

    I thought when Elizabeth came back from her surgery last week she said she was coming back filled with gratitude for humanity – what happened? Her gratitude was very short-lived.

  • Shepardwong

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a reality star blonde headed bimbo who only got her job on TV because she has great legs. That’s where her intelligence begins and ends because lord knows she certainly didn’t get there because of her brain.

  • Jessica Rodgers

    I’m so glad she came back from her health scare to lie and spread more bullshit. First of all lets be honest. Heart disease kills way more people than ISIS. She’s being completely biased and cheerleading for more war. I thought she was supposed to be a christian?

  • Judy Beasley- Tapp

    It is very sad that both sides sound so disagreeable and accusatory. There are qualities good and not so good with people from both camps. That is simply human nature. What is hard to grasp is the inability to evaluate an issue objectively and base it on common sense or what is truly a workable solution.
    The fact is, when you stoop to attacking the person instead of the idea, you yourself lose the quality of being trusted and believed in.

  • Guest

    I don’t tin she sees it that way – she is tremendously full of herself.

  • krisshanahan

    I don’t think she sees it that way at all. She is tremendously full of herself.

  • OK, maybe I don’t know what ‘trans-fats’ is ‘code’ for, but how does a comment about trans-fats (or the president’s concern about them or lack thereof) translate into “stirring up fear and hatred towards President Obama” Over-reacting a little here me thinks.

  • taterbug

    I knew she held radical views when she was on “The View”..but I did think she had SOME common sense. I heard they have a morning meeting and the head nut tells them what to say for the day. I guess she is a well paid puppet or she really has drank the Fox Kool-aid.

  • Head_Tinkler

    This is why the “Good Book” says NOT to throw Pearls to Swine. —-its a total waste of anything Valuable.!

  • Lee Ann Guill

    Washed up hag. Go home Elizabeth.

  • doesjka

    I disliked Elizabeth immensely way back when she was on ‘The View ”
    Her political comments sounded brainwashed , twisted , sort of like Fox News

  • AnthonyLook

    After the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot with their misogynist, racist, bigoted, fascist fake christian legislative failures for the next two years (and a historical record of vetoes) and they literally vote themselves out of congressional office in 2016 in large numbers with their 1 % whoreshipping agenda— H. Clinton will become president; and a new stronger version of the Fairness Doctrine will be enacted. Murdoch will meet, not his Maker but the one that was thrown out of his Maker’s House, and be gone for eternity. The Fox traitorous racist empire will subsequently be stripped of its waivers here in America by said president and it will fall. Propaganda Lying conservative Radio conglomerates will recoil with the reverberations and will quickly adjust to reality. The racists traitorous Foxtards will then be investigated by a Congressional Committee for crimes against America. Hasselbeck and her ilk will then be sent to Guantanamo. Merry Christmas, happy thoughts.

  • SarcasmUnlimited

    Like she has a choice on what she reads on the air or something?? LOL.

    She is a puppet. If you asked her what she read 10 minutes after her show, she couldn’t tell you.

  • astrid2000

    If the Iraqi army had been helped through retraining or reintegration rather than told to dissapear and consequently needing food and housing etc for their families this would not be a problem today. They became the ones fighting us there …the so called insurgents and now they are Isis with a new fanatic Islamic twist…Under Saddam they were totally secular. So we caused it ..Bush, CHeney and Bremer…and others they put in there and they make a total mess by not listening to anyone who knew anything about it. The UN was ignored…the administrator listened to no one and he was totally inept…Paul Bremer …
    They should all be tried for incompetence and for deliberate lies. Their legacy is tragic..their leadersip appalling. ..and we and the world have to suffer for it. ..as well as the poor tragic people of the Mid East!

  • astrid2000

    in terms of Elizabeth……she, Palin and Bachman make a travesrty of the women;s movement that so many of us worked so hard for. Incompetent women making news and shaping opinions with their ignorance. Their faces may be attractive in a way…but their mouths and words are ugly.

  • Taryn Gibbons

    she’s the ‘perfect’ female anchor for this sham of a news channel: blonde, white, dumber than dirt and proud of her ignorance.

  • Phamus

    A news anchor whose credentials are that she was on the program Survivor and looked good in a swimsuit and somehow got hired on The View as their right wing conservative. Only in America and our media looks always win over knowledge.

  • Chery Luna

    She is right. He does not care about ISIS and even calls them by another name. He is Muslim right down the middle.

  • Chery Luna

    I really find it hard to believe there are still people here in America that support Obama and his goodies after they called ALL if us stupid voters. Even went on to say we did not have enough intelligence to make our own decisions about health care coverage so they made sure decisions were made for us without our knowledge. Slid in those decisions right under the rug and told us, “Oh well!”. You all saw it on other networks other than Fox. Of course, Fox does show the rest of the videos where the others will not. Why? Because the other networks are owned by left-wing and do not want America knowing the whole story. At least Fox gives the opportunity to make up your own opinion about a story. Others do not. They only report part.

  • Stashman

    She truly is as dumb as a bag of hammers

  • The KING

    Holy crap! How did I end up in here?! This place is full of ObamaZombies! Run for your lives!!!

  • Ima Witch

    Obama has been in office for 6 years. Remember about a year ago when he called ISIS the JV team. Yeah, he was right about that, wasn’t he? Then I realized this fool took this cheap shot against Elizabeth because his agenda is Anti Bush and pro Obama.

  • The_Watchman

    Bottom line, lies fooled the people into supporting the invasion of Iraq. We turned it into a hellhole and caused most of the good people to flee. Obama then pulled out the troops before it was secured and ISIS filled the vacuum. Our foreign policy has been destructive to the world and taxpayers since the late 80’s.

  • Julia Glattfelt

    Blame game? Liberals blame Bush…last I heard it was Bush’s fault that there is a blizzard up north. And Obama? Gee, honey, for the smartest most articulate man on the planet, he hasn’t been able to do half of what he said he would…but, it’s okay…it’s all Bush’s fault. He got ACA passed, and it is bankrupting America, but it’s all Bush’s fault. He has been MIA for every important event unless it pushes his agenda, but that is all Bush’s fault. For someone that the left considers dumber and more incompetent than the current occupant of the WH, Bush sure has been able to do a lot! He’s not even in office and it’s his fault. This is Obama’s second term…when does he take ownership of his own policies? According to the Liberals, Bush was responsible on day one and it continues beyond his terms….Obama, on the other hand, has yet to take responsibility for one single thing….claiming to the gullible masses that it is out of his hands…even when he had both the Senate and the House in control by his own party! It’s still Bush’s fault.

    When is America going to wake up to the fact that politicians don’t give a rats patoot what happens as long as they get their millions? They all lie! That’s a fact. I do wish, thought that they would at least take responsibility for their own agenda….If an asteroid hits the Earth tomorrow…the surviving Liberals will claim it was Bush’s fault. Personally, if I were a lib: if Bush is that powerful, I wouldn’t be bad-mouthing him every five seconds and pointing up how completely inept and ineffective and stupid ‘my-man’ Obama and the Democrats are….it’s getting embarrassing.