Elizabeth Warren Blasts ‘Thin-Skinned Bully’ Donald Trump: He Won’t Silence Me (Video)

If there’s one person who’s proven over the last few weeks that she can get to Donald Trump, it’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren. While, obviously, most of Trump’s attention has been focused on Hillary Clinton, it’s been Warren who’s gotten the Republican presidential candidate to lose his cool on more than one occasion.

Well, the Massachusetts senator had more words for Mr. Trump during an interview with CBS Boston where she said she won’t be bullied or silenced by the ridiculous antics of the GOP’s presidential candidate.

“He thinks somehow, if he calls me names, that I’m gonna shut up,” Warren said. “And I think he’s got plenty of evidence now that that’s just not gonna happen because that’s the way you gotta deal with bullies, you just stand up and punch back.”

She also discussed comments he’s made about her heritage and how he’s used bigotry and prejudice to fuel his campaign.

“Donald Trump is out there on so many fronts stirring up as much hate as he can,” Warren stated. “It kind of fits with who Donald Trump has been from the very beginning.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton and I think she’s going to make a great president. But I do wish she had the “trash talking” skills of Warren or President Obama. Not to say that Clinton isn’t good at getting her jabs in now and again, but I’ll be the first to admit that she’s not nearly as good at “trash talking” as Obama or Warren.

But I absolutely love Warren saying what she did because this is what more people who oppose Trump’s special brand of hate need to be saying. Whether it’s political opponents, the media or even members of his own party, Trump has proven that he’s going to try to bully people into not speaking out against him and challenging his bullshit.

I am really curious to see how the next couple of months play out, because I believe that we haven’t even seen the most ridiculous parts of Donald Trump. He’s been absolutely ridiculous — but it’s still only August. Usually presidential campaigns don’t start getting really intense until mid to late September. So, if Donald Trump and his campaign are already crumbling under the pressure, I can only imagine what we’re going to see very soon when the general election really starts to get rolling.

Thankfully, I fully expect Sen. Elizabeth Warren (and others) to be a key figure going forward who’s more than willing to take on Donald Trump and his asinine behavior to make damn sure that this dangerous sociopath doesn’t get anywhere near the White House.

Watch her comments via WBZ below:

Allen Clifton

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