Elizabeth Warren Sets Paul Ryan Straight About Poor and Unemployed Americans

elizabeth-warren-paul-ryanWithout a doubt, Democrats need more senators like Elizabeth Warren.  She’s one of the few politicians who I feel is actually genuine when she speaks.  Not only that, her message is that of someone who seems to have the primary goal of fighting for the middle class.  Needless to say, I’m definitely an Elizabeth Warren fan.

I especially loved her recent comments she directed at Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who’s become infamous for his public disdain for the poor.

Warren said, “Paul Ryan looks around, sees three unemployed workers for every job opening in America, and blames the people who can’t find a job.  In 2008, this economy crashed, wiping out millions of jobs.”

She continued, “Paul Ryan says don’t blame Wall Street: the guys who made billions of dollars cheating American families; don’t blame decades of deregulation that took the cops off the beat while the big banks looted the American economy. Don’t blame the Republican Secretary of the Treasury, and the Republican president who set in motion a no-strings-attached bailout for the biggest banks.  Nope. Paul Ryan says keep the monies flowing to the powerful corporations, keep their huge tax breaks, keep the special deals for the too-big-to-fail banks and put the blame on hardworking, play-by-the-rules Americans who lost their jobs.”

And she’s exactly right.

Republicans love to propose budgets that seek to balance the budget on the backs of the poor while continuing to reward the very people who caused our economic crash in the first place.  The rich keep getting richer while the rest of us fall further and further behind.  Millions of people desperately searching for jobs that don’t exist because those “job creators” are too busy lining their own pockets.

The poor in this country aren’t responsible for our 2008 economic crash or our massive national debt.  Nope.  The people that Republicans like Paul Ryan continue to protect are the ones responsible for most of that.

I’m just glad Elizabeth Warren called out Paul Ryan for exactly who he is.  Nothing more than a shill for the rich, Wall Street, big oil and corporate interests.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Swallow 67598

    It really doesn’t seem to matter what the GOP says or does because young Americans aren’t inspired to vote in midterms thereby handing elections to Republicans even in mostly dem districts. We really admire Elizabeth but the focus needs to be on getting the vote out and consistently each election. Talk to your friends, make sure they are registered, help them get to the polls or get mail in ballots.

    • Phil Keast

      I know that Australia is almost (entirely?) alone in our approach to voting, but I truly don’t understand the whole “register to vote and turn up on voting day if you want you party to succeed” approach.
      People often call our process fascist, and there are conscientious objectors within Australia on this issue. Fundamentally, Australians not only have the right to vote for their representatives, they have a responsibility to. Voting is compulsory. If you are going to suffer the consequences of who wins an election, then you’d bloody well should have had some say in the process.

      Now this opens the door to people turning up and not actually knowing what the candidates in the electorate stand for because they either don’t care, or can’t be bothered finding out. But then, regardless of whether it’s the Australian system, or the USA system, their will always be people who always vote for the same party because that who they’ve voted for all their adult life. But under our system, it is the swinging voters, the undecided who vote based on policy, that end up determining the results of elections. Works for us, mostly.

      Oops, forgot the opt-out clause. The law requires you to attend a voting center, have your name crossed off the register, collect your ballot paper(s), and insert said ballot paper(s) into the ballot box. Nothing preventing you from not actually filling in the ballot paper and depositing a blank paper in the box. Or, it you really want to make a protest, write something along the lines of “you are all a bunch of parasitic morons” on the ballot paper, rendering the ballot paper ineligible to be counted. And ballot papers are anonymous, although you must have your name crossed off the register, your name does NOT appear anywhere on your ballot paper.

      • Hélèna Lucille Frances

        Compulsory vote is enforced in many countries, but in those countries, you have a choice, not just between two parties. And so you have to have real issue-based debates, and win arguments to win elections. Not sure if the republicans and democrats are up to that kind of responsibility…

      • Phil Keast

        That’s the theory, and I like our compulsory voting system. I wish it actually worked.
        Debate has polarized over many years (decades) to the extent that there are two major parties (Labour [left, heavily under the thumb of the Unions to the extent that party policy requires confirmation by representatives of the Unions, non-Union members of the party have virtually no voice in the policies of their party] and the Coalition [composed of the ironically named Liberals [conservatives], and the National party (representing rural voters)]).
        One of the two major parties is always the party that forms Government after an election, while the other forms the Opposition (being a Westminster based parliamentary system there is a formalization of Government and Opposition). Other minor parties and independent candidates may win a few seats, occasionally even holding the balance of power wherein their support is necessary for the Government to have legislation passed from the House of Representatives to the Senate (where, again, independents and minor parties sometimes win enough seats to hold the balance of power with respect to the passage of legislation into law). But generally independants and minor parties have little power except for occasionally driving debate through media releases.
        The previous election before the most recent one resulted in a hung parliament where neither of the major parties won sufficient seats to formally form a government in their own right and had to negotiate with independants to gain the numbers necessary to form a Government. While there continues to be little debate over the intensity of discord (some say hatred) between the leaders of the Government and the Opposition, and the truly horrid depths that the rhetoric of both parties descended to, most people, in my experience, agree that we never want another hung parliament where 5 independents hold the entire house of representative, and hence the country, to ransom if their special interests are not accommodated.
        So, while the details differ, the result really is the same, two competing ideologies in the form of two major political parties. Although from what I’ve been reading, our Liberal party [conservative] is almost as left wing as the Democrats of the USA. Thankfully we have, with the exception of some very loud independents, nothing even close to the Right Wing policies of the US Republicans. (Others may disagree, but as with all governments thare are citizens that believe that the party in power eat babies and screech their disapproval as loudly as possible (doesn’t matter which party is in power, all that changes is who is doing the screeching).

      • Would like to see the results could be an improvement. Its interesting in Australia that the swing votes also determine elections. I personally don’t understand this demographic we always seem to have 2% of voters who can’t make up their minds one way or the other about anything. Scary thought that these indecisive people make our voting decisions.

      • Agreed It is and should be the duty of the citizens. I contend that it is also their responsibility to educate themselves on the candidates and the issues. A lot of people don’t vote in US because they don’t feel their vote counts because corrupt politicians are going to do what they want any way. But that gives more power over their lives to people who do vote.

      • Phil Keast

        The curious thing about an individual’s vote is that, on its own it doesn’t seem to mean much, but the more people who exercise their right to vote, the more important each vote becomes, because taken together, those votes determine the results of elections.

      • sissy

        I work with 2 people that said exactly that. I found it very disturbing. You can’t expect change if you don’t vote for change.

    • BoostedSRT

      admire what about her? Her career of lies? The GOP & Democrat….two dying dinosaurs destined for the dust bin of history. The youth of America are waking up to the reality of the propaganda and corruption of BOTH parties…thats when real change will come.

      • AQ

        What lies? Just curious.

      • sherry06053

        I would like to know where is the “youth of America” waking up? Most are on their cell phones and have no clue about politics.

    • Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka

      I’m an election official and my jurisdiction has gotten better than 90% turnout in EVERY election for at least 30 years. It CAN be done… and fairly easily – the problem is that it takes WORK on the part of election officials and frankly many election officials would rather just sit on their butts on election day waiting for people to show up rather than WORKING to ensure people DO vote regardless of whether it’s absentee or in person.

  • rossbro

    Ryan is a piece of sub-human crapola. He has NO heart or feelings for the unfortunate people of America. If you’re a Millionaire or better, he’s kissin’ your ass. Otherwise, he’s zero help for this Country.

    • Hélèna Lucille Frances

      I don’t think feelings have anything to do with politics… Ryan is first and foremost a bad economist… An economy cannot sustain itself if the consumers are too empoverished to make it function. A fair amount of redistribution of wealth is a necessity, not an emotionally motivated policy. Much like fighting (and adapting to) climate change.

      I really feel arguments based on feeling (which the right uses also, don’t get me wrong) tend to discredit a lot of sound policies and make the debate a moral one, rather than a political one.

      • Sandy Greer

        The debate SHOULD be a moral one:

        What kind of world do we want to live in?

        Look down below, at posts of Lou Cifer to 2Smart2b: Kicking a person who’s down. And WHY does (Lucifer) think it’s OK to do that?

        Because The Right blames the ‘ills’ of society on the poor. Calls them ‘takers’. Sees a hand up as a hand out, and every hand reaching into their pocket, like it was their last dollar they’ve got a death grip on.

        The TAKERS are those who get rich off the life’s blood of our nation, pay a pittance for it, and then – take our ‘morality’, to boot – by telling us it’s OK to scapegoat the least among us.

        The debate, in every sense, is, and should be, a moral one.

      • Hélèna Lucille Frances

        That’s precisely because the Right ALWAYS skewes political debates into twisted moral debates that RATIONAL people should always use RATIONAL arguments, and never moral ones against them.

        I really think we shouldn’t waste time to blame their immorality, when they are so blatantly incompetent. We can think what they say is immoral (I’d say amoral), but I’m not sure it’s the best strategy.

      • Sandy Greer

        >but I’m not sure it’s the best strategy.

        You don’t have to be. There’s nothing says we have to agree on ‘strategy’.

        But IF we value Individual Freedom:

        We allow individuals to make their arguments as best they see fit. We don’t have to agree with their arguments – or even think it the ‘best strategy’.

        But we don’t control anybody but ourselves.

        ^^^At least, that’s what the rational side of me says.

      • rich1103

        Sounds pretty but politicians want to control all of us and have been doing it for a long time. When are we going to have brains enough to stand up and fight back.

      • Charles Vincent

        As soon as we stop letting them dictate the narrative. And create one of our own, one that helps us all and preserves the individual freedoms sandy spoke of here in her OP.

      • PleaseChange

        I do get what you’re suggesting, but that’s not what Americans want to see or hear. One can make a reasoned argument and show passion which is the emotional side of it. There is a balance though as a highly charge emotional response will attract people who like to get riled up instead of listening and turn everyone else off. Elizabeth Warren understands that balance and is quite effective in making her point.

      • JJ042804

        The decision should be a moral “and” a logical one, because the more money and power goes to the 1% and the poorer the rest of the Country get’s, the most certain we are heading for a Dictatorship, controlled by the 1%.

      • Pitch4U

        Too late, we have been in a dictatorship for many years and the lobbyists (and who they represent) are the dictators.

      • crabjack

        You’re right, except for the lobbyists; they are just well paid pawns of those who are in control.

      • James Hendrixs

        Or civil war!!!!!

      • rich1103

        And Ryan has been a taker his whole life. He has never worked and has always lived off the tax payers. Who in hell voted for this trash has to be just as bad.

      • Thaddeus Kozubal

        They are a little lazy in southern Wisconsin. Ryan won by three votes: His mother, his father, and himself. All the rest of the voters stayed home since their candidate wouldn’t win anyhow.

      • John Curtis

        I believe you have Ryan confused with your President, who, not only has never created one job, he has manipulated his way to the most powerful position in the world or what use to be the most powerful position – Putin in has wrestled it away from Obama. What has Obama done to qualify him to lead the world’s largest economy – which is, also, shrinking? Absolutely nothing! So, thank you for proving the point that many of us have been making about Obama’s lack of qualifications. I knew some of you would wake up, eventually.

      • rich1103

        If you can’t see threw Ryan you are totally lost. Look a Wisconsin not a politician with a brain.

      • It should be both If you have no morals I don’t want you representing me.

      • Paul_in_RI

        Feelings do have meaning in politics. Empathy has its place, and most decisions are based on feelings, so of course feelings have a place.

        My feeling, and also my opinion is that Ryan is a lying, two-faced, hypocrite who is not very intelligent. He’s a lousy person and a lousy Congressman, That’s how I feel and it’s true.

      • rich1103

        Ryan is everything you stated and then some. The guy has never worked a day in his life and has always lived off we the tax payers. People vote for this trash always amazes me as to where in hell is their head at.

      • Paul_in_RI

        Exactly. And that hideous smile of his makes my skin crawl. He’s such a hypocrite and a liar.

      • buricco

        No, he IS intelligent. Most sociopaths are very intelligent. You have to be, to know how to play people like fiddles.

      • rich1103

        Ryan is just trash and has never worked a day in his life. We have supported this ass financially for his whole life and why in hell would anybody with half a brain vote for this scum?????

      • Jessie

        And what’s wrong with that? Morals and ethics shouldn’t have any part of politics? Really?

    • Brian Allan Cobb

      Wha’d’ya mean?

      He’s in tears over that little boy who doesn’t get to bring his lunch to school in a brown bag.

    • Paul_in_RI

      He’s a twit.

    • ally

      You are so right rossbro!!!!

  • dzag45

    I swear he would sell his mother. He is a creepy little sob.

  • Matthew Reece

    The people that Republicans like Paul Ryan continue to protect are the ones responsible for most of the 2008 economic crash and the massive national debt? Then explain why the Obama administration has not jailed any Wall Street criminals, and why he has appointed yet another currency debaser to head the Federal Reserve.

    • PissedOffParty

      Because he’s just as much of a piece of garbage. Why go out of your way to point out something not even being debated? Deflection?

      • Matthew Reece

        I am an anarchist, not a Republican, so no deflection here.

    • Doug Just Doug

      That whizzing noise was your logic going out the window.

      • Matthew Reece

        Ad lapidem is an admission of defeat and ignorance.

      • justsayin

        Ad lapidem is out of context here. It refers to the making of a statement or conclusion in the absence of sound evidence – just as you did.

      • BoostedSRT

        Freedom of choice so long as its how we think and what we want, and if you don’t like it we’ll send feds with “good assault rifles” to your front door. -Progressive Democrats

      • But I digress Do not speak in the hearing of a fool, For he will despise the wisdom of your words.…

    • BoostedSRT

      because the Obama admin is straight out of the Democrat machine….Which is also corrupt and broken…but haha good luck telling that to progressive.

      • GOPhater

        You’re favorite TV news, Faux News is on…go get a cracker and watch it!

      • GLaRose2

        That’s racist!

      • Brian

        I love how Republicans can never do anything but claim “well you’re not any better!”

    • Answered your own question.

    • Brian

      Because financial crime is difficult to legally define. The absolute most anyone got was a slap on the wrist of a fine. It’s really hard to do anything to the richest people in the world, because the richest people in the world buy off entire countries.
      Yes. Democrats weren’t overly fond of his choice to head the federal reserve either. It’s very difficult to make reasonable choices, however, when the Republicans insist on filibustering every single appointment you make until you put someone in they like.

      Finally, a self-proclaimed anarchist is a giant child seeking attention, and more often than not, a tremendous hypocrite.

      • Matthew Reece

        Wrong. A self-proclaimed anarchist is a person who has logically analyzed the state and rejected it as inherently contradictory.

  • blood-wolf

    right on the money lady 😀

  • Lou Cifer

    If a corporation hired a new CEO to turn a failing business around they would expect positive results within a year or so, this administration has had five years and still they finger point at the last administration and blame them for all their woes, obviously if they had put in policies that sparked hiring we would have seen an upswing by now, but that is not the agenda. It is to bring America down and inch closer towards a global government to match the global economy. The USA must burn so the new world order can rise from the ashes, these people have no intention of fixing anything, vote all the globalist swine out and vote in candidates that stand up for the Constitution and have an American agenda. All the world is a stage, and the American people are being played.

    • DavidD

      Government is not a business.Chopped beef don’t make ham.

    • Brian

      I’m sorry, but the last administration economically raped the entire world. It bent it over and did unspeakable things to the world’s economy. You do not get to get away with being the worst presidential administration in history without everyone being fully aware that the following decades worth of damage rests squarely on your shoulders, and those shoulders belong to Bush.

  • Lou Cifer

    The Democrats only care about pushing the socialist agenda, they do nothing to help the job market, their entire focus is on creating more government to “help the poor”. The welfare system is out of control… for the most part this needs to be a hand up instead of a hand out, help these people find jobs instead of trying to give them all a free ride. Why would I want to work if the government enables me to get paid for sitting at home? Employed people help themselves, their families and friends out, leaving more money in government programs to help those that actually can’t work and take care of themselves because of age or health issues. Blaming the other guys only works for so long, at some point you have had enough time to put in policies that will strengthen the job market, if that was the agenda we should be seeing solid positive results by now. If thew current administration wanted to help the poor and the economy they could simply lower or eliminate the tax on diesel fuel since everything is shipped on trucks and trains, that would have an immediate impact on the price of everything since the shipping costs would go down.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      I am so effing sick and tired of rightwing a-holes telling me how “easy ” the government is making it for me to stay unemployed. Looking for work for almost three years now; too old to hire and too young to retire. UI benefits ran out a year and a half ago, and I am living on the generosity of relatives. I WANT TO WORK. But when there are more people than there are jobs available, that’s when pious, sanctimonious a-holes like you like to blame the jobless.
      You obviously are a FOX “News” viewer; why else wouldn’t you know that Welfare requires that you be looking for work, and it only is available for so long, it’s not a lifetime ride. Your ignorance is pitiful.

      I hope you never find yourself in my position; you wouldn’t last.

      • Sandy Greer

        You keep the faith, 2S2b; don’t let ’em get you down.

        It’s difficult, at middle age, to start over. I know people who started their own businesses, when they couldn’t find something. In any case, don’t be disheartened by ignorant, mean-spirited Righty Tighties that can’t see beyond their own world.

        I couldn’t help but notice his name. Lou Cifer (Lucifer?) has a ‘private’ account. He’s a Troll, looking to get a rise outta somebody.

        The fact you’ve got people want to ‘invest’ in you shows how necessary you are. I can honestly say (from having helped a friend myself) it is a rare PRIVILEGE to be able to help. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity.

        It’s not often we can make a real difference in a person’s life, but that is one.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        Thank you, Sandy, I can’t express how much your kind words mean to me. Only the stupid and the heartless would blame the jobless in the country, and lou cifer only manages to prove that point. I try not to feed the trolls, and will try even harder to deny them the attention that they so desperately crave.

      • Thank You this is a true Christian attitude you all take note. Yes we are our brothers keeper and the position may be reversed some day. I don’t wish you the same apathy if it is.

      • Lou Cifer

        I never watch Fox news, I’m not right wing, I am middle of the road American, tend to lean a little towards the conservative side, but certainly don’t agree with everything any political party says you have to believe to be one of them. You are going to tell me you can’t find a job in three years… smells like horse manure to me. There are jobs out there, might not be ones you really want…. well that’s tough luck, find two or three part time jobs and see if you can’t work your way into a full time position when you find a decent part time employer. Take a class, learn a skill that is valuable to employers. I’ve personally seen people treating unemployment like a vacation and milking it as long as they can, so don’t tell me that the system doesn’t get abused… I know for a fact it does.

      • LJ Diesel

        Lou-I am in my fifties with two advanced degrees. I have put in more applications and gone on more job interviews than I can count (lost job to downsizing). FU if you think it’s horse manure. You haven’t a clue if you think it’s poor folks ruining our economy.

        The policies to help the people were never enacted b/c the R agenda was to prevent the O administration from accomplishing ANYTHING that could be good or beneficial (remember the filibuster). That might make it look like O could do something for the people. Wouldn’t want that.

        Our supreme court has been sold, our economic base has been outsourced to slave labor overseas, and our lackluster “job creators” are richer than anytime in history. Doesn’t sound like workers are the ones that tanked the economy to me. Maybe all those trillions of dollars spent on warmongering have something to do with our nations wealth disappearing. Actually, it didn’t disappear, it’s in the pockets of our fair leaders and their corporate leeches.

      • strayaway

        “our economic base has been outsourced to slave labor overseas”

        BINGO! We have a winner.

        Yet, I can’t name any politician from either party who is proposing higher tariffs to bring jobs back home. None. Now that Ron Paul is gone are there any politicians of either party suggesting that we get rid of all corporate welfare? Certainly not Paul Ryan or Barack Obama.

      • BoostedSRT

        Then why is my state of CT in the dumper? Its run by progressive. There are literally no Republicans to prevent anything…yet we have one of the worst economies, job recoveries…our Gov. has to bribe every large company in the state just not to move…Its quites a joke…and NO IM NOT A REPUBLICAN

      • DavidD

        You think Government should run like a business and Democrats push a socialist agenda and you parrot Fox news nonsense but you just lean a little towards the conservative side.
        Trying to make it real compared to what?

      • knighthawk99

        You are far right & so is the President. I voted for him (against Romney) & agree he is a liar hope he gets it together soon. Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders are true middle & poor representatives to resolve the problems we face.

      • BoostedSRT

        same here, but as soon as you point out all the corruption and failures of the left, you get labeled as some fox news watching idiot…I wish they could realize how much they have in common with FOX news heads….same people 180 point

      • Brian

        “I’m so much better than you, I will preach how to solve all your problems and you will listen because I am right and you are wrong”

        You proved him right. Right-wingers such as yourself ruin the economy then put all the blame on the jobless that your ilk created, and preach at them.
        There aren’t jobs out there. Go to small town America and you’ll see grown men and women with families competing in the hundreds for minimum wage serve jobs with no chance of advancement or raise.

      • Judy

        I’ve never heard of welfare having a shelf-life…I wonder where the phrase ‘generational welfare’ came from? And as for the requirement of looking for work to get welfare, your buddy Obama took his pen and removed that requirement a while ago. You should check into that. You don’t want to be wasting your time.

      • BoostedSRT

        maybe one day you’ll wake up and realize neither party is working for you. I live in CT, where its run by all democrats, mostly progressive. We have one of the 5 worst economies, job recoveries, infrastructure…..about the only thing good here is education. There are ZERO Republicans standing in the way…where is the utopia? The Democrat party is a waste of your time. Just as much as the GOP.

      • GOPhater

        Right on, 2Smart!!!! of course, it’s typical for the Reich Wing RePUKEliCONS to say all the typical bullshit they say, when NON of their Criminal favorites have no plans at all for our country except to screw the poor and middle class, make gays, blacks, jews, muslims, etc second class citizens and worship their god, the NRA. F**K THE GOP (Greedy Obstructionist Pricks!!)

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        For some reason, I don’t see the comments thread anymore at the bottom of Forward Progressives. Is there something I can do to fix it?

      • Sandy Greer

        Is there a grey bar, says “Load more comments” below the last comment? If that link is not there:

        You could try opening the screen again (different window) Some weird stuff has been happening here lately, and I find that helps, sometimes.

        Beyond that, IDK. Nice avatar, though. I remember last time you didn’t have one. Somebody like you should stand out from the crowd of shadowy silhouettes.

      • My ex in much the same position Worked hard 42 years Employers been paying into UI all those years. Paid his taxes, never asked any one for anything. Now its ask for a little help.
        Answer is F you. 56 they won’t tell you straight out its age but it is would still work these kids into the ground.
        Wish you luck 2Smart2bGOP We are working on EUC and everyone the only way this changes is we hold them accountable with our votes. I know how I am going to vote.
        And most certainly will, how about you?

    • Krist Martin

      Um…What exactly have you been smoking? More importantly, when are you going to stop so you can actually see reality? Democrat’s aren’t pushing “socialist agendas” and the GOP has stood in the way of EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF LEGISLATION that would have helped this country. A GOP filled House and Senate that are still in place from the last administration. So do us a favor and start paying attention to reality.

      • Lou Cifer

        Whatever I’m smoking musn’t be as good as yours if you believe for a second that there is any difference between Democrats and Republicans, at least at the highest levels. They keep people divided over issues neither party really cares about and work together only to strip citizens of their freedoms and push us towards a global government. If anyone really wanted to work together to unite American citizens declaring English as the national language would be a good first step, as having the ability to freely communicate tends to unify people, but the two parties can’t even do that.

      • Krist Martin

        Uh-huh. Yeah, I don’t talk to stupid people anymore.
        So I’ll respond as though I’m talking to a brick wall (as that is pretty much what this experience is going to be like, I’m quite positive). So Mr. Brickwall, can I just call you wall? Wall; you say there isn’t a difference between Democrats and Republicans at the highest level. However, for the last five years Democrats have put forth over 40 bills to help homeless people, the poor and the middle class. Each and everyone of them were derailed by the GOP. The Affordable Care Act, put into place by the Democrats when they held a majority in both the House and Senate was voted against by all but one Senate Republican. It has helped millions of people. Yet the Republicans have attempted to repeal it over 50 times, wasting nearly half a billion dollars while trying to do so.

        Democrats wanted to pass a basic bill that would raise our spending cap and keep the US from defaulting. The GOP shut down the government costing the US economy billions of dollars (24 billion to be exact). So fundamentally there is a huge difference between the GOP and the Dems.

        Oh, and united the US under “English” wouldn’t help. Nor would the two parties agree to do so, ever. The us is a diverse country filled with dozens of cultures, languages, and religions. English, while a majority language, is only barely that. Nearly half of the population speaks Spanish as their first language with a rising Arabic and Chinese language population. If we want to unite the US we should stop demonizing people who aren’t “Americans” or who don’t speak English.

        So Mr. Brickwall I do hope you enjoy your thick-headedness and maybe some of what I’ve said has sunk in.

      • Judy

        For the last 5 years republicans have derailed all those bills? Weird, because Obama and his minions had a super majority for the first 2 years of his presidency – the oval office, the senate, and the house … so really, they could have passed anything they wanted – Obamacare should have been a slam dunk. So, if you’re crying over bills that didn’t get passed, look further than the republicans – for 2 years, they couldn’t stop anything, not without democrat help. And you should do some more research on the ‘millions’ of people helped by Obamacare. Also, defaulting on the debt is a scare tactic – the government takes in enough tax revenue every year to pay all of our debts, and it’s against the law to not pay debts owed – they have to get paid first. Other programs might not get paid if the debt ceiling didn’t get raised, but defaulting on our debt will never happen so quit spouting that lie. How hard is it to understand we want the feds to quit spending money we don’t have?

      • Krist Martin

        That’s not true, do you even understand senate and house politics? Even with a super majority, bill after bill was fillibustered. So no, they couldn’t have gotten “anything they wanted” passed. They did pass the ACA and a few other bills which have now since been either repealed by the GOP or attempted to be repealed by the GOP. In the case of the ACA, over 50 attempts at the cost of nearly 100 million US dollars.

        Nor does the US take in enough to pay off all of our debts. That is absurd. I have a feeling you’ve not taken basic economics in High School yet. You see a Deficit is the amount of money needed to pay off all current expenditures in a year, debt is what is already owed. Deficit turns into debt when money is borrowed to pay off the deficit. If we brought in enough revenue that we could pay off all of our debts, we wouldn’t have a deficit at all. The fact is that the GOP and Republicans in this country have pushed for detaxation, which reduces tax revenue and puts the country into debt. They’ve also pushed for reduced spending for public discretionary spending while upping the military expenditures. This puts more working class people at risk, while forcing our government to borrow more money to cover military costs. Even if we could pay off all of our debts, we’d have no discretionary spending or military spending to do so.

        The Debt ceiling is really a limiter on how much money can be borrowed. Defaulting decreases the likelihood of other countries lending us money.

        How hard is it to understand that the Federal Government has to spend money on things like Road Works, Education, Infrastructure, Environmental Protection, and a host of other things, including our military, to keep this country running properly? You want them to stop spending money we don’t have, how about taxing the super rich which control 90% of our wealth so we do have that money?

        Judy, you need to stop being the sounding board of the Retardican party (that spelling is on purpose) and start getting with reality here.

      • Melissa Stryker

        You repeat the ditto head radio slogans and false facts. There was no super majority of Democrats. One of their Senators had a stroke and was out for q long time. Before he came back Kennedy died. ANd the rules are that one needs a super majority to bring a bill to the floor. That is why nothing gets done because this legislation doesn’t get defeated – it never gets a hearing and a [email protected] Boehner prevents anything but repealing ACA and bills to “control” women to get to the house floor.

      • BoostedSRT

        No Krist…..you actually represent a shrinking minority, the youth of this country are awoken to the fact that BOTH parties represent small elites. Thats it. None of your hero Democrats work for you. The system is so corrupt and broken…but hey keep looking at politics like its sports…..

      • Krist Martin

        Did I say any of them were “heroes”. Lovely ad hominem attack there, asserting something that is nonrepresentative of the statement. I do love how you also assert something that you have no proof for. You say the “youth of this country are awoken to the fact that both parties represent small elites” but where is the proof of both of those claims? I’ll tell you where, neither exist. Over 80% of the youth voter population (people 18-30) voted for Democrats in the last four Presidential elections.

        What more, I could list Democratic bills and actions that have served to help the US people as a whole, not just some elite group of super rich people. Actions speak louder than words here, and frankly, BoostedSRT, your post only shows how little you pay attention to reality.

      • T.Thomas Lewis

        You know alot of what you’ve been saying on here is bullsh*t but your second sentence says it all. B/c its the truth.

        I vote democrat b/c its the lesser of 2 evils but people must understand that politicians don’t run govt. Special interest does. Special interest pays these guys to do just that. Divert your attention away from what’s important and get you to fight amongst each other over bullsh*t!

      • BoostedSRT

        lol….oh wait you’re not joking. Sad…. -Not a republican.

    • TheGOPcheats

      I just have to roll my eyes whenever I hear someone repeat that BS about jobless benefits making people not want to work. The rich white investor class sits on its ass all day only having to pay 10% of taxes on what they make by doing nothing at all. If you want to see a bunch of moochers look at them! Their pasty lazy whiney asses wouldn’t survive an hour working at a factory or at any kind of real job at all! If you want to incentivize people to work, tax the rich corporate moochers at 50% and everyone else at 10%.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        Try explaining to a right winger that under Eisenhauer, the tax rate was 92% on the top earners. They will deny it, even when you show them proof. That is what inspired employers to put that money back into growing their business, and gave us the middle class that we enjoyed up until Saint Ronnie decided that his rich buddies needed even more.

      • BoostedSRT

        now go listen to Eisenhower warn the people on his way out about the military industrial complex that runs BOTH parties….

      • Donald

        You need to read the article about what % of the wage earners pay the majority of taxes in this country … and you need to get a better education on taxation.

      • GOPhater

        coming from you, I’ll bet that article is by a CONservative…

      • GOPhater


    • richard

      Let’s break it down: “The Democrats only care about pushing the socialist agenda”…. Hyperbole and simply untrue. As human beings we would have to care a lot more about other things than pushing a socialist agenda. This is such a broad and ridiculous generalization that anything afterwards is rendered completely invalid.

      • Krist Martin

        Ironically, there is no “socialist” agenda. There is just a basic agenda to HELP people, which the GOP just doesn’t get.

      • BoostedSRT

        To help a small tiny elite class of people. The Democrat party just like the GOP doesnt work for you. Where is the proof they do? lol if you think its just R getting in the way…..can’t help stupid.

      • GOPhater

        You’re full of GOP sh*t…Stop watching FAUX NEWS and get with the program for Christ’s sake.

      • Krist Martin

        Hahaha…did you just say I’m full of “GOP Shit”? To “Stop watching Faux News”, you stole my line there. Nothing I’ve said has ever been said on Fox News. Maybe you should learn to read.

      • Krist Martin

        Um…the proof is in the actions of the Democrats. The democrats pushed for; immigration reform, the ACA, getting unemployment benefits back to muster, they fight against the privatization of; social security, student loans, and so on and so forth.

        Where is the proof that they’re working against the people, hmm? You’ve made an extraordinary claim that you can’t back up. Quit with the false equivocation of the two parties which are clearly different in both action and ideology.

    • DavidD

      Democrats are not socialist.You calling a billygoat a prize herd bull doesn’t make it so.

    • 48 months of jobs added 139 years economy always better under Dem than Rep. Obstructionist Party 37 what they call jobs bills that create no jobs 50+ attempts to repeal the same law. 1993 Contract With America promised jobs and better wages. Where are they? Were they lying then or are they lying now ? Both.

    • AQ

      Do you even know what socialism actually is?

    • Michael Keville


      You are a clueless Faux News sheep Moron

    • disqus_cN1MY6g5YO

      Get back in the kitchen Lou, and make yourself some steaming hot crow, and bring me another cup of coffee while you’re at it. . .

  • Josh

    She’s complaining about Bush for setting in motion no strings attached bailouts.

    But it ain’t Bush who signed the thing.

    This is why I hate liberals. You don’t care what’s done as long as it’s your guy.

    Both parties would gladly shit on your face if it won them a seat at the head table.

    • Judy

      My thoughts exactly! And Obama even asked to be able to get the stimulus money before he was inaugurated so he could bail out the banks sooner! Liberals make me ill. Democrats are all over that stimulus bill, but oddly enough, this Warren hag has forgotten that. She needs to go back to her tee-pee.

      • GOPhater

        You must get your info from Faux News. you Reich Wing Teatards make me ill. you and your ilk need to go back to the rocks you slithered out from under.

    • GOPhater

      this is why I cannot stand CONservatives. You don’t give a damn what’s done as long it’s your own criminal..

  • Theodore Abbot

    “Don’t blame the Republican Secretary of the Treasury, and the Republican
    president who set in motion a no-strings-attached bailout for the
    biggest banks.”

    What was EW’s first Government Job? Oh yeah, administering TARP. She’s not a hypocrite or anything!

  • bikerdogred1

    Warren is a lying skank,win at any price or lie.

  • Paul Lascari

    Not one bit of truth in this article. Obama is the one who has raised taxes on the middle class, not the republicans. Unreal.

  • BoostedSRT

    haha left/right morons….Ryan is a GOP asshat, corrupt puppet…Guess what?!?! so is Warren…. her whole education and political career based on lying about her families heritage…

  • Rex Geer

    If I shaved my cats ass and taught him to walk backwards he’d look just like HIL16!

  • GOPhater

    GO GET HIM, LIZ!!!!

  • Marine Corps Veteran

    Just more libtard bull crap lie’s, Do your home work and find out for yourself who pays the most taxes and creates the jobs. It isn’t the liberal politicians or there supporters..

    • Melissa Stryker

      this is a twisting of statistics. The reason the middle class gets screwed and actually pay for most everything is that there are (or were) so many of them. So we pay things that are not income tax rates – the same as the wealthy. Same cost for a license and registration – same cost for permits, same cost for auto insurance, but those same things are just a tiny percentage of costs that the multimillionaires pay. And when the wealthy whine about getting their taxes raised 2%, that is only on their highest bracket of income. They pay the same rate on their first 20,000. their 20 to 35 thou. etc, that the rest of us do.

    • Brian

      So we should worship the ground they walk on while they walk backwards to trample us?

  • Wes

    I’m 84 years old and I myself worked until I was 76 and for people to try and tell me there are no jobs is the worse crock ever.I could go out today and be hired by tomorrow and so can anyone who is not a lazy bum and don’t want to work as long as there are people paying them not to.Oh and by the way I grew up up on a farm and worked just about all my life

    • Wingsfan81

      Sorry buddy but you are wrong. It’s a FACT that there are THREE people unemployed looking for a job for every ONE job available, If every SIGNLE job was filled, there would still be 2/3rds of those people unemployed. And thanks to companies that put profit above employees, most of those jobs are part time minimum wage. VERY few employers care about their workers anymore. Now it’s all about lining their own pockets and putting Billions in the bank and letting the Government help their workers survive.

  • OldCowboy

    Republicans are rueing the day they kept Warren from becoming head of the Consumer Protection Bureau. As a Senator, Elizabeth Warren is 100x the pain in the side of Republicans as she would have been heading the CPB.

    She has experienced poverty and pulling herself up by her bootstraps. She can speak for the working poor and middle class like few other politicians.

    • strayaway

      The Consumer Protection Bureau is a joke. It is not a part of government. Instead, it became a part of the Federal Reserve and pretty much out of the reach of congress. The Federal Reserve is owned by the banks that the Consumer Protection Bureau is supposed to regulate. Elizabeth Warren, in this matter, was heap big smoke but no fire. I do like some of her righteous rhetoric though. Maybe she will be more successful in her next piece of legislation. Who are the bankers she wants to jail anyway? I haven’t come across their names.

  • Linda

    Considering Ryan has never held a real job all his life he should just shut up!

  • john

    While I’m a big Warren fan and she is the correct direction, it was Bill Clinton who signed off on the removal of the Glass-Steigal Act.

  • disqus_cN1MY6g5YO

    Paul Ryan is not qualified to debate my 9-year-old granddaughter, let alone Sen. Elizabeth Warren. LOVE ELIZABETH!!!!

  • Stephen Barlow

    She’s a keeper for sure. Too bad she started so late. MAN!!! Couldyou IMAGINE what she would get done sitting at Harry Reid’s Desk?

    That’s where we need her most. Let Clinton pick the #3 Dem behind her in 2008 for the VP job. Ol’ what’shisname

  • rich1103

    Ryan has never worked a day in his life. He has lived off us his whole life and people vote for this trash go figure.

  • James Hendrixs

    The sad truth is that just by raising the minimum wage to a living wage, they would help millions of families. They would no longer need food stamps, and Medicaid, and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a single penny!!!!

  • ally

    Paul Ryan is so out of touch!!! He could care less about the American people and their struggles!!

  • Milo

    Paul Ryan is going to hell. Why? He’s a Catholic but he’s not following in the foot steps of Christ. Yup, the devil is going to have his way with the bad Alter Boy.

  • The Reader

    If scientists really want to serve the world, they should be working on a clone for Elizabeth Warren. They wouldn’t have to look like her, but if they could just build in her brain power and foresight, they would win every Nobel offered in every category that hinted at their accomplishment.

  • allinfun

    That bastard Ryan was supported partially by Social Security after his father died. Hypocritical bastard wants to limit or eliminate it now. Typical Conservative BS…get what you can and make sure others don;t get the same treatment.

  • chaserblue

    I keep running into these neocon tools that say it was defaulted mortgages that crashed the economy. My response to that has always been “then the economy is a delicate and fragile thing if a few hundred or thousands of unpaid mortgages can crash the entire world economy…can bring entire governments and numerous nations to their knees economically. Can wipe out the savings and accounts of millions of people. It must really be a delicate flower and we should not be counting on it as we do.” I can’t believe the naivete of some people. They get told by Faux news that’s what happened and they say “Yep, Okey dokey…that’s what happened. Poor people did it.”
    In reality, it’s much more complicated and had more to do with wall street scum playing fast and loose with everyone’s money…you know, exactly the type of risky speculation that Glass-Steagall was enacted to guard against.

  • Twila

    Old English saying, I forget the name of the author: “It’s the Rich what get their Jollys and the Poor what gets the Blame!”

  • DrDouglar

    Your fan piece are great. Almost every one grabs me in. Until I try to read your really mess. It is a shame that you cannot write when your ideas are so good.

  • jimv1983

    Damn I wish she would run for president.

  • Jaguar67

    Too bad the politicians who are truly looking out for democracy and the well-being of all citizens (not just the top 2%), like Warren and Sanders, don’t have a chance in hell to be elected.

    Thanks to Saint Ronnie and the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, which replaced factual and truthful news reporting with corporate right wing JudeoChristian fascist propaganda. Reagan really did a bang up job f—king this country.

  • Edward Michael Stoddard

    Elizabeth Warren is one of the truly intelligent Senators we have in Congress. She stands out because there are NOT too many of them there.

  • Russell Holtslander

    The title is misleading.. she did not set Paul Ryan straight on anything. He is probably unaware that she even spoke. I thought maybe they were on a political show together. She simply gave her opinion. Half of America agrees with her, and half with Ryan. Ryan has his opinions because half of America agrees with him. The only thing that will set Republicans straight is across the board wins by Democrats, showing them that their ideas are not accepted. Instead, Democrats are expected to lose seats this election. So why would they change their thinking? It is working for them.

  • John Curtis

    I wonder why Obama and the Democratic controlled Congress failed to correct all of these issues when they had control of all three branches of government? 2 years and all they could accomplish was creating so much debt that our grand kids will suffer from having to pay it back – if there is a country to pay the debt. Open your eyes and quit taking sides. Our entire political system is broke. We have 2 parties that care about one thing – power and enriching themselves. We will correct the issues and maybe save our country when Americans take the power away from those parties and the banks. It won’t happen as long as the 2 parties manage to keep us divided.