The End Of The Conservative Revolution… Again, And For Now

occupation-american-spring-protestI predicted in my first installment on this farcical “Conservative Revolution” that they wouldn’t get more than fifty people. Well, this is me, admitting I was wrong… but even the greatest apologist for these people would have to admit that, on balance, the actual total is much closer to MY prediction than THEIRS. Ten million, my lily white rear.

The loons at Operation: American Spring and their “Conservative Revolution” are nothing new. Indeed, America, due to its basic liberty and freedom, hears from more of them than most civilized nations. We tolerate them because we have an open society with the freedom to express one’s self, even if that self needs serious medication to regain contact with reality. They are the latest brat in the family of “my side lost the vote so I’m going to MAKE America be the way I want it to be”, and they will certainly not be the last.

Just in recent history, there have been a rash of them. We’ve had the Reclaim America Now “crowd”, threatening “millions” of Americans showing up to kick Obama out of office and into a jail cell, but only able to show a few dozen at their big event in November 2013. We saw the Truckers for the Constitution non-event in 2012, where the supposed “wall of rolling steel” was more of a dilapidated chain link fence with lots of holes. It disappeared into the Beltway traffic like unattended bacon in the presence of a dog. In March 2010, we had the rash of window breakings on the day the PPACA was signed, called for by an Alabama militia organizer who also led an open-carry rally near Washington, DC in April of that same year calling for violent action against the government. Luckily for everyone, especially those involved with this crazy person, the violence never came to fruition. This doesn’t even count the various GOP-and-Fox-sponsored “rallies” that have blighted the National Mall on occasion.

What all these “grassroots”, “Conservative Revolution” groups have in common are a few points. They object to the fact that President Obama is the legitimately elected leader of our country and to the fact that some areas elected Democratic senators and representatives. They are out to change that oversight for the good of America, and by America, I mean the right-wing part of America; never mind that we are a representative democracy, barring a few issues like gerrymandering, and despite conspiracy claims our votes are fair and clean. They claim constitutional authority, even imperative, to inflict their will on the nation, with little to no actual understanding of that document outside the twisted lies that have been spoon-fed to them by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Finally, they are overwhelmingly comprised of white people and none of these specific “Conservative Revolution” groups existed before a black Democrat became president.

Their philosophy and beliefs boil down to is a sense of being betrayed by the nation’s voters that such a thing could happen, an idea that something is illegal just because they don’t like it, and an inflated notion of how many people agree with them. This last is also the most tragic, or amusing depending on your outlook; groups like this make grandiose plans and claims about their support, thinking that the People will rise up with them in a Conservative Revolution and fight for the noble cause of a coup de tat against their legally elected government and installation of a right-wing junta. They mistake what they feel for patriotism, when in fact it’s the most rank sedition. The People, by and large, think they’re dangerous crazies and are embarrassed to share citizenship with the far-right loon squad.

This latest failure’s use of the “spring” moniker indicates that these people think that they are in a similar position to the people in the Arab world who rose up against the regimes in their countries. The difference is, those people actually WERE persecuted, actually WERE silenced by the government, actually WERE locked up on a whim or shot in the streets. It’s insulting to those Arab Spring protesters, both to those still living and to the memory of those lost, for spoiled white right-wing lunatics to try and co-opt the name of their struggle for their temper tantrum… not that these entitled white conservative darlings would ever realize or care about the insult. These Gadsen-flag-waving chumps would soil themselves in fear in the face of real tyranny; they are brave in America, where they are safe.

In some of my darker moments, I find myself wishing that we could just arrest these people out of hand, put them in a deep, dank hole so that they can find out what real oppression feels like. But my better nature prevails, for I am an American, an actual patriot, and a lover of the ideals that make this country great. Those ideals do not support punishing people for saying stupid things. So these people will continue on, and I and people like me will continue to endure their foolishness, and work around them, and proceed to the better future of America, with or without them.

And with that, I wash my hands of the “Conservative Revolution” types. Time to find something more pleasant to write about, like listening to nails on a chalkboard or having all my teeth drilled with no anesthetic.

Jason Francis

Jason Francis is a red-state liberal, residing in the heart of Dixie where he gets to watch the train wreck of conservative politics up close and personal on a regular basis. He's lived in affluence and poverty, in both urban and rural settings, attended both public and private schools, and has visited most of the US at one point or another.


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