Eric Cantor Gets Embarrassed by the “Liberally Biased” Folks at — Fox News?

cantor11You know it’s a bad day for a leading Republican when they can’t even handle a Fox News interview.  But that’s exactly what happened on Sunday during an interview House Majority Leader Eric Cantor had with Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Wallace asked Cantor a couple of questions that I’m sure much of the country would like an honest answer to:

“We face a government shutdown and debt limit in the fall. Again, is the best way to spend your time passing bills that aren’t going to become law? And an added question, with so much unfinished business why not stick around instead of taking a five week vacation?”

Of course, Cantor fell back on the worn out Republican talking point about “our biggest threat we must face is our increasing deficits.”

Which might make sense, except for the fact that our deficits aren’t growing—they’re shrinking.  And they’re not just shrinking, they’re shrinking at the quickest pace since just after World War II.

Heck, just a few months ago even House Speaker John Boehner admitted we don’t have a debt crisis.

Apparently, Cantor didn’t get that memo.

Cantor also fell back on the tired GOP talking point that “government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does.”  Funny, under President Obama’s leadership, the private sector is seeing some of its best jobs growth since 1999.  That’s not just clever rhetoric—it’s verifiable fact backed up by statistics.

But it gets worse.  In Eric Cantor’s alternate world where we have rapidly increasing deficits, and with sequester cuts starting to really impact our country, he feels the only way we can avert those damaging cuts is to—cut Social Security and Medicare.

I know, you’re shocked.  Another “go to” talking point from Republicans.  If all else fails, just say we need to cut entitlements and that’ll fix everything.

Oh, that and repeal “Obamacare”—and cut taxes.

But the real question is, how does this man know what to cut if he actually believes our deficits are increasing?  It’s an indisputable fact that our deficits are shrinking but you’re telling me the House Majority Leader isn’t aware of this?

So either he’s blatantly lying or incompetent.

But this is just more of the same from the Republican party.  Only willing to potentially compromise the halt of harmful cuts caused by sequestration—if President Obama and Democrats agree to gut programs like Social Security and Medicare.

It’s just more of the same with Republicans holding the American people hostage to try and force President Obama to give them what they want.  It’s governing by hostage taking.  At every turn, GOP leaders feel as if they can take the livelihood of millions of Americans hostage just to create their next campaign ad.

And as they try and blast President Obama for being “unwilling to compromise,” it’s actually Republicans who aren’t acting in good faith.  You can’t start a negotiation so far right that “compromise” is still 98% of what you wanted in the first place.  And that’s essentially what Republicans want right now.

They will:

  • Continue to allow the sequestration cuts to hit families where it hurts unless entitlements are cut.
  • Threaten to shutdown the government unless “Obamacare” is defunded.
  • Only agree to budget plans that President Obama would never agree to.
  • Drive our country into credit default —hell, just pick any reason for this one.  There have been many ludicrous ones.

Luckily though, while this might work to pander to the far-right Republican base, moderates are moving further and further away from these radical tactics.

The American people are sick and tired of a “do-nothing” Congress that, while never very efficient to begin with, has set a new precedent for doing absolutely nothing.

So this fall, judging from Cantor’s comments to Chris Wallace that were obviously not based on reality, it seems we can expect more of the same from Congressional Republicans.

And at this point, while I would prefer to just have a functioning government (though I know it’s not going to happen with this current crop of Republicans), in some ways I do hope they keep it up.  Because come 2014, it’ll just make it that much easier for Democrats to take back control of Congress.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Mainah

    Yet people actually believe the same thing. I see it in threads, on some posts of people I know of FB … I find it bizarre. While not everything the President has done I have approved of, he’s done a lot with very little cooperation from the other side. Whatever happened to deductive reasoning? Is the ideology what leads and not empirical reasoning? Please tell me that this will once come back. There is a whole next generation coming and I am hoping they haven’t lost the ability to think beyond ideology.

    • felipe63

      “Whatever happened to deductive reasoning?”

      That would actually require the ability to ‘reason’ honestly, something most folks with Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) lack.

      • eyezee

        I’m lost; is this a pro Obama or anti-Obama post?

      • felipe63

        I was agreeing with Mainah’s comment. Cantor (and tea baggers) have ODS and are incapable of ‘reasoning’ honestly.

      • Earle Crosswait

        Ah yes, especially since most conservatives have A$$ Hat Disease (AHD) in which they fist stick their head up their butt before making any comment or decision. That’s reasonable!

    • Pipercat

      Don’t you hate quote mining?

      • Mainah

        I wrote a comment but it contained a link. Apparently the CBO link is frowned upon. I wasn’t sure what you meant by quote mining … in general or in this article? I had watched the interview before and this is pretty much how it went. I was shocked when Wallace grew a set and asked him a really poignant question like a real journalist.

      • Pipercat

        Quote mining is a form of fallacious logic. Felipe took a quote from your comment and created a fallacious argument with that ODS nonsense. It’s also known as contextomy. He took your quote out of context to create an illogical facetious statement in reply…

      • felipe63

        I was agreeing with and expanding on Mainah’s comment. Cantor has ODS and is incapable of ‘reasoning’ honestly.

      • Mainah

        No, I know what the definition of it is … I was wondering in regards to what you were talking about! LOL! I took felipe’s comment as how people see Obama in a deranged light no matter what he does. Like executive orders … but if you tell a tea partier that Bush had twice as many … they jump to how many vacations he’s had … ad nauseum. So, I wasn’t sure if you were making a general statement of certain media that practices quote mining or if you thought the article had some. My bad, I should have been a bit clearer. My first comment had the recent CBO statement linked to show the fact that we are spending less while revenues have increased but it went straight to moderation and then poof … gone.

      • Pipercat

        Now you all see why I detest quote mining!!!!! Oh, and they moderated that reply for the hyperlink. It was visible for a while with that caveat.

  • melloe

    There are two of them in my extended Family. ~ sigh
    They repeat some of these talking points with ma straight face and you want to slap em silly

    • CherMoe

      Same thing in my family, sadly. The division in the country is also invading families. And these are supposedly some very intelligent people. The Republican party has caused irreparable damage all throughout this country and in others.

      • TropicDave173

        Several in mine as well. Since they live away the friction’s reduced…the worst of it is usually on Facebook so it’s really manageable…

    • Linda J Glick

      Try laughing at them to their face!!

      • melloe

        With respect, that don’t work very well. Not with the desire outcome in any case

  • Daniel Brown

    please- always point out that social security has NOTHING to do with U.S. debt or deficits. that line has been blurred too long.

  • hrthrb

    That last part about taking back congress…seems unlikely since the republicans have gerrymandered so many districts that they control more of them than the democrats. Stupidity aside, what’s it going to take for democrats to seize power from the republicans?

  • andy

    LMAO then why do we need to increase the debt ceiling if deficits are going down? Every part of this post is spinning the facts. When interest rates rise people will finely see where were at.

    • Richard Scott Jones

      Andy, you are an idiot. Go read up on the difference between the debt ceiling and the deficit. When you actually get a clue, come talk with the adults.

      • kawika

        Andy. Please improve your grammar.

      • Lyola M Roeske Shafer

        I like the post the way it is. It proves it comes NOT from reading but from listening to “someone” who doesn’t know more than he does.

    • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

      The debt ceiling refers to money ALREADY SPENT. Republicans never understand that fact, unless it’s to their advantage to do so with regards to talking points.

      • Rich MotherTrucker

        The debt ceiling is like a credit card limit, it is a limit to how much the US can borrow, and it requires the approval of congress to raise it. The deficit is the difference between the money we spend and the money we collect in taxes each year. The first four years of Obama’s presidency we had deficits of over 1 trillion dollars. This year it’s around the 600 Billion mark, still way to high. The US consistently spends more than it takes in from taxes causing our total debt to continually increase every year which is why the debt ceiling issue comes up every so often. Oh, and I’m a republican.

    • eyezee

      Andy what would you know about the debt ceiling and deficits if you know nothing about the difference between “finally” and “finely”? LMAO

  • Alan Duval

    These people make me sick. They’re either grossly incompetent, or deliberately ignoring the electorate.

    I’d accept half their income and so twice as much.

    Snivelling, self-centred little bitches, one and all.

    • Debbie Lass

      they want the electorate to be done away with….they feel they will win more often without it…and they probably would…scary….

  • Judeso3

    Who votes for these clowns… They don’t act like elected public officials… By the people for the people … They act more like elected corporate lobbiest … By the super-rich for the super-rich….

  • John Cross

    Cantor is such an intellectual lightweight that the only reason he can walk upright is the helium filling the empty space between his ears…

  • Eric Bell

    Another good talking point for people who might live, think, or exist in Bizarro World is….Go to…Hell? If the right person told them to do that, they might actually try to find a way to go there, but claiming they are not. Reason for say this is if someone or a group of people within the GOP takes some initiative to make themselves look like they are getting something done, and they start making talking points, what they actually end up doing is creating self destruction in the process of trying to separate themselves from what they don’t agree with, but what the American people actually want and or what is actually working. So essentially they (parts of the GOP, or individuals representing it) give off allot of consistent indicators that they are sending themselves to hell. All anyone has to do is ask a few questions pertaining to reality and their bassAkwards, Bizarro world of thinking will always get revealed. This strange idea that the GOP seems to have about either creating checks and balances with an opposite opinion being expressed or making sure they don’t agree with what is already agreed upon, or simply saying no when allot of people say yes is becoming obvious. They are creating self destruction in the process of what appears to be a “counter balance” or equal but opposite pressure, or purposeful polarization. Instead of keeping the pace with doing that, why can’t they simply work with the administration that is currently in office and get some damn stuff done? Sheesh!

  • Aaron Levesque

    Grammar point: In formal writing you should never use the phrase “try and,” this is colloquial. It should be “try to.”