Here’s the Laughable List of Everything Trump Wants Barred as Evidence in His ‘Trump U’ Case

There have been many times during Donald Trump’s campaign where I’ve had to make sure what I’m seeing is actually true. I’ve often found stories concerning the GOP presidential candidate that are so incredibly ridiculous that, initially, I really thought they were satire.

Fox example, court documents Trump’s lawyers submitted pertaining to the lawsuit brought against Trump University and what they don’t want to be allowed as evidence in the case.

Here’s the list — and no, this is not a joke:

  • Campaign speeches.
  • Statements at political rallies, including statements about this case.
  • Statements at debates.
  • Statements about individuals or entities unrelated to this litigation.
  • Campaign advertisements.
  • Tweets.
  • Statements by campaign surrogates.
  • Audio and video recordings made or publicized during the campaign.
  • Tax issues.
  • Comments about this case or the Court.
  • Donald J. Trump Foundation or other businesses owned or managed by Mr. Trump not part of this litigation, including Trump Organization.
  • Personal conduct accusations.
  • Other politicians, state attorneys, general or public servants.
  • Beauty pageants, casinos, and other corporate bankruptcies.
  • Other litigation.

Again, that’s everything Trump and his lawyers want barred as evidence.

Basically, Trump wants a trial where nothing he’s ever said or done can be used against him in a lawsuit aimed at exposing him for being a corrupt, unethical crook who defrauded innocent people out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Perhaps the only thing more delusional than Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is this list.

How can you rationally create a list of evidence you don’t want allowed in a case against you that includes practically everything you’ve said and done; what other people think of your character; your tax issues; your personal conduct (which is a big part of a case where someone is accused of being a con artist); past business failures; and other litigation that’s been brought against you (including being found guilty of trying to slander Native Americans to block a casino) — and think that these are reasonable and rational requests?

You really do have to be devoid of all reality to think that practically everything Trump’s lawyers requested be inadmissible in the Trump U case is irrelevant and should be barred from being used as evidence against him.

This is sort of like a defense lawyer for an individual accused of theft going into a court and saying that all the people their client has admitted to being a thief to, as well as the social media post where they bragged about being good at stealing things, and past cases where they were accused and/or charged with theft, all shouldn’t be allowed as evidence.

Trump and his lawyers are headed toward a case where he’s accused of fraud, basically saying that nothing he’s ever said or done, his business history or opinions of those who know him should be allowed as evidence — in a lawsuit that’s largely predicated on the type of person he is and whether or not Trump U was, in fact, a giant scam concocted to con people out of a whole lot of money.

Just when you think Donald Trump can’t get any more ridiculous (or terrifying), he’s proved everyone wrong time and time again.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    I think this case is being heard in Federal Court because there are multiple states involved. Federal judges are much harder to bamboozle, than state courts. Here’s hoping little Donald’s ego is in for a very rough ride.

    • Yvette White

      Your so right,But trump always gets away with shit I don’t have much Faith in our court system because he always seems to get away with the shit he doing, That’s what I don’t and will not understand

      • ORAXX

        You may be right, but with lifetime appointments, federal judges have a lot of power, and they are not inclined to put up with nonsense.

  • Brian

    Meanwhile wikileaks has proven electoral fraud, treason, and national security breaches by Clinton. Funny how you don’t mention that.

    • marysrn

      Wikileaks has proven to be as much as fraud as you think Hillary Clinton is. Assange is a child rapist, kisser of Russian ass, and hater of women and Democrats. There is no proof that any of the charges that you levy against Hillary Clinton are true. Put those accusations on Trump!

      • Yvette White

        ” I know right ” And it’s hard to believe we have people out there just like Brian who believes everything that comes out of trump the chumps mouth and they don’t want to know he’s a crook oh no but let people like Brian tell it it’s President Obama who we must fear not this lunatic (trump) person who wants to be president the man is Hitler own son but somebody like Brian because he already has hatred in his heart loves someone like trump

    • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

      Nope. WikLeaks has DNC emails…nothing from Hillary’s server…because she WIPED it, as she should have for security reasons.

    • Yvette White

      Because as usual it’s not what people like you want to hear because wikilinks have already been found to be false but never mind that I know people like you don’t want to hear that about your God trump the chump,He is not going to be the president of this country get that through your racist head it’s not going to happen

    • Yvette White

      WikiLeaks is the only fraud here do some fact checking before you start posting

  • VincentTPackhorse

    Everything I said or did is prejudicial, therefore I could never have a fair trial.

    • Yvette White

      Iam not a lawyer and I don’t have any kind of experience in this but it would help if you kept your freaking mouth closed maybe just maybe it could help

  • Not really on subject, but can someone tell me why the fact that Donald Trump has made that the most money of all, (more than any other public figure) from public speaking never been brought up? I don’t know, about the last 5-6 years, but in 2010 this article was published:

    As you’ll see of the 10 Highest Paid Speakers of all time at that point, Donald Trump was #1. FYI Reagan was #2 and Hillary is not even on the list. As a matter a fact, the only woman that was, was #10- Sarah Palin. Now I ask you, who would you pay to hear?

    • Yvette White

      First I would ask who wrote the list because any list that had Sarah Palin name on is on Ain’t about The weight of the writing that’s on this paper

  • Yvette White

    This is why for all you that think he won’t start a race war if he loses and that he will not concede to this race if he loses this is how dangerous this peace of shit of a man thinks he is superior to all of us all must bow down before him he thinks he and he alone are the judge and the jury and short he thinks he’s God,Just the same way the ultra right Kept calling Obama our Messiah Now mind you we never call Obama our savior or Messiah no one black call him that except the racist right.See I said this in Obama’s first term that the sword you people kept throwing out for Obama to fall on Looks like everyone in that party are falling on all those swards they threw out there for Obama to fall on you yourselves are now falling on you in Donald Trump now all of you who are the Republican Party are reaping what they soled