My Experience Dealing With Liberals Who Act Like Conservative Fans of Fox News

fox-news-liesI went back and forth about writing this, but then I realized that this is an issue I feel needs to be pointed out because it seemed so many liberals just didn’t “get it.”

What I’m talking about was an article I wrote a couple days ago calling out certain liberal blogs for fabricating a story about Ted Nugent.  Not sensationalizing it, or using slightly misleading headlines – but blatantly fabricating a story that wasn’t true.

It wasn’t that I was defending Ted Nugent.  Not at all.  But I was disgusted that some liberal websites (with one in particular that was egregious) wrote a completely inaccurate story about him that wasn’t true.  The truth about Ted Nugent, and conservatives in general, is bad enough that we shouldn’t have to lie about them.

That’s what they do – conservatives and the conservative media.  We can’t rightfully call ourselves better if we’re willing to stoop to their level of unethical behavior in writing and journalism.

Yet shockingly, many liberals had absolutely no problem with these sites blatantly fabricating this story.  I could summarize what I read, but I’ll just paste a few of the comments I ran across:

Yeah? So? HOW DOES IT FEEL? Fox and Rush have been misleading the public for years, now we have a HEADLINE that liberals actually turned the tables and did what those assholes have been doing all along.

Why even bother finger waving over this jerk? “I don’t want to have to defend him…” THEN DONT! And personally, don’t offend and insult your readers by clarifying.

If it’s OK for Rs to blatantly lie, then it should be OK for us to lie. Good for the goose…

meh. i am unmoved. Republicans lie 24/7 on Fox ‘News’. Nugent is an asshat of epic proportions (By the way on a Facebook page of over 118k this was the highest “upvoted” comment) 

The Right has made an industry of lying about this President and Liberals in general. While it is wrong to spread lies about them in return, honestly…. can you blame the liberal websites for paying a little game of payback? (…this was the second highest “upvoted” comment on that same page) 

Now, why would I take my time to write and condemn what other sites lied about another lier scum bag? Did you honestly run out of topics? Republicans write lies all day long about everything and you don’t see any of them condemning each other. So why would I care! Sorry, I am not moved. Give them a bit of their own medicine and see how it tastes! That will teach them.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Just a little taste of their own medicine. Are we gonna do the old Romney ” their picking on me” thing

Sorry but I do not care! Turn about is fair play for this loud mouth child molester!

What goes around , comes around…

Who cares!! These racist scumbags fabricate shit on a daily basis. I say scalp this traitor on live TV for the entertainment value, anyways.

So a misleading headline, a “Grabber ” makes a site “Dishonest” ? You need to write those sites an apology. (This was written in the comments section of the article itself so I’m assuming they read it.  Though I have no idea what this means.)

“some sites care more about “shocking” headlines”  You mean like YOUR unequivocally biased headline? (Another one that I have no idea what they’re even referring to.)  

Why you runnig a disclaimer for a REICH Winger like Turd Nugget??? It’s not like the Reich Wing Media has ever done the same thing. They spread Lies, Propaganda and Outright HATE against Dems and Obama 24/7 and not a word is said. Let Uncle Turd get a taste of his own medicine!!! Do just like the CONS do run the Lies up the flagpole and make them deny it. That’s what Tricky Dick, Ronnie Raygun and Newtler Gingrich did and I won’t even mention the lies that spews out of the Teatards mouths.

I’ll stop there, but there were definitely many more similar to these.  And that doesn’t even count the “upvotes” many of these comments received showing that people agreed with them, they just didn’t comment themselves.

To say that I was disappointed in the fact that so many supposed liberals found nothing wrong with blatantly fabricating a story would be an understatement.  Here these people were, people who I assume think Fox News and the conservative media is total garbage, finding nothing wrong with so-called liberal sites acting in the same unethical manner.

It floored me.

While I expected some to feel this way (and granted there were far more, “Thank you for pointing this out” comments than ones like I listed above), there were still far too many who thought lying was acceptable.

If we’re going to allow ourselves to stoop to their level, then what the hell are we fighting for?  A large basis for what liberals say they represent is the betterment of society.  I’m not sure how any of us gets there by condoning unethical lying just because it happens to support “our side.”

Because that’s what conservatives do.  That’s why they’re so easily manipulated and controlled.  Because to them it’s not about what is true, it’s about what they want to be true.

Which is essentially the attitude many of these people had.

“Who cares, they do it!”


“I don’t care if they lied!  Ted Nugent is a scumbag, so it’s okay to lie.”

And if that’s someone’s attitude about news and information, then they’re no better than the conservatives they claim to oppose.

Which goes back to my point.  If we’re going to endorse the same kind of shoddy, unethical and blatantly misinformed news just because it’s peddled by a “liberal” source, liberals who are supposed to be combating the “lying conservative media,” then what the hell’s the difference?

Especially when it comes to pointing out conservative propaganda.  We don’t need to lie!  The truth about conservatives, and the nonsense they spew, is more than enough to where we shouldn’t have to fabricate the news.

The main reason why conservatives have to lie is because they know their propaganda isn’t based on facts or reality.  If we truly believe in what we claim to stand for, then we shouldn’t have to stoop to their level.  Because I would rather lose a battle telling the truth, than win telling lies.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • jonjstrine42

    “Because I would rather lose a battle telling the truth, than win telling lies.”
    That right there is pretty much my mantra. I once quit a job because my boss wanted me to lie. I told him I wouldn’t lie to get myself out of trouble, I sure as hell wasn’t going to lie for my job.
    So I, for one, thank you for this article, and the one this pertains to. If we stoop to their level, we can’t exactly complain when they do it.

    • shanedem

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        sounds like little dick shanedem is begging again

    • noah vail

      i couldn’t have said it better …thank you

  • richard

    It seems like sometimes, all we have is the truth when everyone else is lying. Let’s stay there.

  • buricco

    The point is true. Two wrongs do not make a right! Aren’t we supposed to be BETTER than the teahadis, and not just a different same?

    • MovingToNevada

      And calling conservatives “teahadis” makes you such a better person… (eyeroll)

      • buricco

        Teahadi is one specific type of conservative.

        Not every conservative is out to turn America into the Republic of Gilead, but you’re not gonna find a liberal about to do that.

      • Charles Vincent

        wow just wow you’re as myopic as they come.

      • Jamie Harris

        Would you prefer Teatard or Teabagger? The Tea Party will only get the type of respect those uneducated, bigots who go around thumping a bible they clearly havent read, deserve. Judging by their picket signs I dont think the majority of them are even ABLE to read.

      • Robert Barry

        Jaime, you do realize that I can find examples of the same thing at liberal rallies? And those tea party people aren’t as dumb as you think. (google yale professor tea party science) A lot of those tea party people want the same things as you do. Less government intrusion. The ability to do as they please as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. The figureheads of groups though tend to direct the useful idiots (people who don’t actually look into what they are saying) to push their own agendas though.

      • Ashley Bell


      • Ashley Bell

        20 days later… Still waiting

  • TripleMoon

    Thank you. The truth is what I want, even if it doesn’t support my view. Lately, I’ve quit reading the comments on a few of my progressive blogs, because the posters sound just as rigid and crazy as their right wing counterparts. If you have a dissenting view, you’re automatically a troll.

    • Ashley Bell

      that’s dishonest. If you REALLY can’t tell the difference between progressives and conservatives in these times then maybe you SHOULDN’T go on those blogs

  • Denis Kaufman

    Thanks for writing this Allen. The most pernicious argument that the right wing uses is “they all do it.” That simple argument underlines all the cynicism that they count on to turn-off voters who believe that their vote and voice counts. The more the right is able to disenchant those voters, the more they erode the underpinnings of the Republic. We do not — we must not — help them make their case by adopting the same tactics.

  • KeVin K.

    Well said, Allen. And good job blowing the whistle on the use of conservative tactics. Keep it up.

  • Pipercat

    Welcome to the new status quo; same as the old status quo…

  • RJM2908

    Totally agree. I pointed out recently to a friend that if Obama and the ACA and liberals in general are so awful, there’s no need to lie about things on Fox News and conservative sites. The same is true of stories about the right. There is so much truth to work with. Why on earth make stuff up? It just gives them sort of boost, as victims. It takes away credibility from progressives.

  • Tamii Cuddie-Dotson

    I have no problem calling out Liberals who have decided to act in a hypocritical way whether it be knowingly or not. I referenced your article many times over the course of the last couple days in regard to this matter on some of the Liberal sites I follow. Not all jumped on the bandwagon but I was sorely disappointed to see the ones that did, for they were the sites I follow the closest. Although I do my own research before ever just giving a like or a thumbs up, I have now been forced to reevaluate the sites I lend my support to with my own voice based on this incident. In my opinion even if it’s negative press, for Turd Nugget it’s press, we need to stop giving him the attention. As long as his face stays in the headlines he is satisfied. Let’s just ignore him all together and soon he will vanish from the forefront, just like his musical career.

  • mamayo

    if we accept the lies, then the truth no longer has a meaning

  • MadameDelphi

    I have been called a right wing troll when I corrected & pointed to the truth on liberal blogs. I couldn’t live with myself if I were a liar. I don’t know how the other side does it, or understand when liberals also do it.

  • Tamara Lamb

    If we cannot maintain our principles, then what is the fight about. As someone else commented, “all we have is the truth when everyone else is is lying.” And if we don’t have the truth, it logically follows we then have nothing. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Manny. I may not always make you popular, but it does make you right.

  • Nemisis

    Damn! Having to defend Nugget, and then having to admonish his detractors for wanting to perpetuate the lies….Your world sucks right now.

  • Jamie Harris

    As a left leaning independent myself I disagree with every liberal that used the excuse, “Conservatives do it, why cant we?”
    I believe I may have the answer for them though.

    Well my liberal friends. The reason we shouldn’t fabricate stories is because what the republicans do is pathetic and depraved. Why lower yourself to their standards? Unlike them we do not have to lie and instill fear in order to get votes. If we start doing this we may end up like them, caught in an endless loop of lies. When you lie you usually have to tell another lie to back the first lie. Then another.. then another. They have to rely on the stupid, gullible, and ill informed to get votes. There are a lot of these people, yes, but not enough to split between two parties. Let them keep their uneducated poor and middle class that vote against their own interests because, Murica. We dont need that kind of taint on the left.

  • Michael Furl

    This article is right on the button. We CANNOT lie and falsely
    defame as is common with the “Right” (who are always “Wrong”). Another thing
    that rubs me the wrong way is using insulting labels to tag conservatives that
    really just insult the wrong people. Specifically, attempting to insult Ann
    Coulter by calling her a trans-sexual or “tranny.” That doesn’t hurt Coulter,
    but it does hurt trans-sexuals (the “T” in LGBT). It is conservatism that says
    things like this, who consider someone else’s sex and love life as something to
    be used to demonize. Stop doing it, libs.

  • Bill Garner

    Allen, thanks for taking a strong stand for the truth! Progressives must remain tied to facts and objective evidence. That’s essential to our success.

  • Julie Echo Tyler

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    The whole point is we are NOT “them”. They lie, we tell the truth. We must be better if we are to prevail; dropping to that level simply makes us as bad as them – it does nothing to enlighten or improve public discourse.

  • Jim Wiggin

    I try to encourage progressives not to use foul language or call their opponents names, both of which are prevalent in the comment sections of right-wing blogs. The opposite of progressive is regressive, after all.

  • felipe63

    This site might not tell outright lies, but it definitely omits inconvenient truths about the current administration all the freekin’ time….. the idea that Clifton all of suddenly has issues with the “its okay when my side does it” attitude is laughable

  • Vivian Sue House Hughes

    So these people want you to imitate the behavior of the people they find so disrespectful? Hmm, I just shake my head and wonder, where have all the grown ups gone?

  • Nancy

    Agreed—stick to the truth.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “Give them a taste of their own medicine.”
    “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”
    “So what? THEY do it”.

    I’m sure there’s plenty of people in both Israel AND Hamas who’s sentiments would echo those precisely.

  • geezer 56

    I agree: we need to hold each others’ feet to the fire, and I appreciated you for setting the record straight about the “unclean vermin” remark.

    But you forgot to include a rather important point here. When our side stoops to lies or intellectual dishonestly, it inevitably contributes legitimate fodder to the right wing.

    When we lie, we feed the beast.

    • Jim Wiggin

      Great point. I try to force myself to watch an hour or two of FOXNews a day, just to keep in touch with what the Right is doing, and I can tell you that they frequently dig up comments by Democrats or Progressives which they tout as “typical hate speech” from the Left. We should be better than that (although apparently there are people who are paid to place obnoxious posts on progressive web sites).

      • geezer 56

        I can’t bring myself to watch Fox News, but I took a look at Ted Nugent’s Facebook page, and he’s getting mileage out of how his comments were misconstrued. What burns my chaps is that it wasn’t even necessary. The man’s reputation is already well documented.

  • William Fite

    Allen you have been guilty of lying or leaving out pertinent facts.

    • DavidD

      Please cite examples.

      • Charles Vincent

        pretty much every article he writes….

      • politicalsanity

        Let us rephrase, then.

        Please cite SPECIFIC examples where the author lies or leaves out pertinent facts, along with documentation.

        Thanks in advance.

      • Charles Vincent

        I did. Read any of his articles and you can see him;
        A) distorting statistics
        B) quoting out of context
        C) blatantly lying
        Lastly do the research yourself instead of relying on someone else to do it for you I told you where to start good luck.

        Start with his article on show a gun nut this when they want more guns or something to that effect.

      • Ashley Bell

        those aren’t specific examples. That is a list of TYPES of dishonest writing. Again…Specific examples please

      • Charles Vincent

        Again read his articles they are prevalent in them you’re obviously smart enough to spot them. And I suggested an article to start with all you have to do is follow his links in the body of the article. And Jasdye likes to use circular arguments.

      • Ashley Bell

        show me dude! SHOW me an example. you can’t because there are none there. You are a liar and a troll

      • Charles Vincent

        Ok apparently you’re too stupid to research the articles I pointed you to. Therefore I must conclude any example I show you would be wasted since your level of comprehension is so retarded.

      • Ashley Bell

        really? Maybe your right. I could have missed something. could you copy/ paste the post where you provided links? I really may have missed it sorry

      • Charles Vincent

        All I am saying is read his articles and follow the blue hyperlink text he puts in the articles and you can see the data he is using in the two cases I pointed out the base data was either skewed in the case of the tell gun nuts article as it included suicide in the homicide numbers to bump the total I order to make his article more sensationalized.
        In the fox new lies 18% of the time if you follow the links you can see the spin he attempted Sandy Greer exposed this fallacy nicely on that thread. I am not telling or asking you to take my word for it I am saying go see for yourself and make your own conclusion based on what you find.

      • Charles Vincent

        http://www DOT forwardprogressives DOT com/show-gun-nuts-these-facts/

      • Ashley Bell

        oh wait, went back through your comments. You didn’t point to ANY FUCKING ARTICLES you worthless lying sack of pig shit.

      • Charles Vincent

        A) I told you 2 articles to start looking at not my problem you’re retarded and don’t know how to search them. Secondly I am not conservative and if you have a problem search the articles I reference that’s you problem not mine. But since I am a nice guy;
        http://www DOT forwardprogressives DOT com/fact-checking-site-finds-fox-news-tells-truth-18-percent-time/

        In all likelihood this post will be deleted by Allen Clifton since I am making him look bad by exposing his bullshit data and lies.

      • Charles Vincent

        Actually I did in a post just above here guess your reading comprehension is retarded as well.

        Start with his article on “show a gun nut this when they want more guns or something to that effect””

      • Ashley Bell

        charles edited his posts AFTER my replies for anyone reading later. The exact previous comment was NOT a link to anything nor was the one immediately following. Charles is a troll

  • DavidD

    We are all born ignorant but we shouldn’t die that way.Seek truth through facts.

  • Props to you; I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

    I’ve also paid a very heavy price for doing it. Be prepared for the backlash; it’ll come. There’s a lot of money on the table for those sites you mentioned, and you’d better believe that now that you’ve called them out, they’ll be gunning for you every way they can. I wrote a single post about a fabricated article on one of those sites almost four years ago, and they’re *still* up my ass about it.

    • Pipercat

      Welcome to the cat’s playground!!!

  • Yvette Rhea

    From a Native POV, no one has even touched on how these lies effect the marginalized group that was used to create the controversy.

  • Bill Rubin

    Let’s not create a false equivalency here–much like conservatives are so apt to do.

    First, yes, the liberal sites that inaccurately created false statements about Nugent (or any other topics, for that matter) should be ashamed of themselves, and their false posts should be discussed and made public.

    Second, yes, the comments from supposed liberals somehow justifying the falsehoods are ridiculous. There is no justification for lying or for spreading lies, especially once you have been informed that you are.

    Now, third, let’s not call a group of comments representative of all liberals. I think we all know that BOTH the liberal and conservative ends of the spectrum have crazies…but I also think we can agree that the right has more crazies willing to both ignore the truth and create falsehoods simply to burnish their ideology. Yes, these liberal comments are despicable…but I doubt they represent more than a fraction of the left.

  • Sean

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with coming forward with this.We are progressives, we win by knowing the issues, being advocates for a fair America and…hopefully this time fellow dems…getting out and voting this mid-term , We aren’t about,nor do we need, lies

  • susan

    Lies are lies – from the rights or the left. And they stink. If you cannot win an argument or make a point without resorting to lies,, then you have no argument, no point.

  • GabeZ

    Hear hear. As progressive liberals we shouldn’t engage in petty tribalism; we should seek and report on what is true. If we engage in the same tactics as those on the other side, it destroys our credibility and tarnishes what we are working so hard for. And, as the author said, we don’t need to do this.

  • Scott6113

    Yes, if we surrender the high ground we’ve already lost.

  • Brett Childs

    One of the most important opinion pieces I have read in a while. Thank you.

  • Kathleen Allen

    The fact that there are SO MANY examples of lies and half truths and plenty of negative material to write about on the Republican side, why would progressives need to stoop to making up lies? The problem with that is democrats are smart enough to see thru lies. Fox knows republicans are not so smart and that’s why they are so successful getting that BS spread around. Lies and made up stories aren’t necessary! We’re above that.