My Experience Dealing With Liberals Who Act Like Conservative Fans of Fox News

fox-news-liesI went back and forth about writing this, but then I realized that this is an issue I feel needs to be pointed out because it seemed so many liberals just didn’t “get it.”

What I’m talking about was an article I wrote a couple days ago calling out certain liberal blogs for fabricating a story about Ted Nugent.  Not sensationalizing it, or using slightly misleading headlines – but blatantly fabricating a story that wasn’t true.

It wasn’t that I was defending Ted Nugent.  Not at all.  But I was disgusted that some liberal websites (with one in particular that was egregious) wrote a completely inaccurate story about him that wasn’t true.  The truth about Ted Nugent, and conservatives in general, is bad enough that we shouldn’t have to lie about them.

That’s what they do – conservatives and the conservative media.  We can’t rightfully call ourselves better if we’re willing to stoop to their level of unethical behavior in writing and journalism.

Yet shockingly, many liberals had absolutely no problem with these sites blatantly fabricating this story.  I could summarize what I read, but I’ll just paste a few of the comments I ran across:

Yeah? So? HOW DOES IT FEEL? Fox and Rush have been misleading the public for years, now we have a HEADLINE that liberals actually turned the tables and did what those assholes have been doing all along.

Why even bother finger waving over this jerk? “I don’t want to have to defend him…” THEN DONT! And personally, don’t offend and insult your readers by clarifying.

If it’s OK for Rs to blatantly lie, then it should be OK for us to lie. Good for the goose…

meh. i am unmoved. Republicans lie 24/7 on Fox ‘News’. Nugent is an asshat of epic proportions (By the way on a Facebook page of over 118k this was the highest “upvoted” comment) 

The Right has made an industry of lying about this President and Liberals in general. While it is wrong to spread lies about them in return, honestly…. can you blame the liberal websites for paying a little game of payback? (…this was the second highest “upvoted” comment on that same page) 

Now, why would I take my time to write and condemn what other sites lied about another lier scum bag? Did you honestly run out of topics? Republicans write lies all day long about everything and you don’t see any of them condemning each other. So why would I care! Sorry, I am not moved. Give them a bit of their own medicine and see how it tastes! That will teach them.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Just a little taste of their own medicine. Are we gonna do the old Romney ” their picking on me” thing

Sorry but I do not care! Turn about is fair play for this loud mouth child molester!

What goes around , comes around…

Who cares!! These racist scumbags fabricate shit on a daily basis. I say scalp this traitor on live TV for the entertainment value, anyways.

So a misleading headline, a “Grabber ” makes a site “Dishonest” ? You need to write those sites an apology. (This was written in the comments section of the article itself so I’m assuming they read it.  Though I have no idea what this means.)

“some sites care more about “shocking” headlines”  You mean like YOUR unequivocally biased headline? (Another one that I have no idea what they’re even referring to.)  

Why you runnig a disclaimer for a REICH Winger like Turd Nugget??? It’s not like the Reich Wing Media has ever done the same thing. They spread Lies, Propaganda and Outright HATE against Dems and Obama 24/7 and not a word is said. Let Uncle Turd get a taste of his own medicine!!! Do just like the CONS do run the Lies up the flagpole and make them deny it. That’s what Tricky Dick, Ronnie Raygun and Newtler Gingrich did and I won’t even mention the lies that spews out of the Teatards mouths.

I’ll stop there, but there were definitely many more similar to these.  And that doesn’t even count the “upvotes” many of these comments received showing that people agreed with them, they just didn’t comment themselves.

To say that I was disappointed in the fact that so many supposed liberals found nothing wrong with blatantly fabricating a story would be an understatement.  Here these people were, people who I assume think Fox News and the conservative media is total garbage, finding nothing wrong with so-called liberal sites acting in the same unethical manner.

It floored me.

While I expected some to feel this way (and granted there were far more, “Thank you for pointing this out” comments than ones like I listed above), there were still far too many who thought lying was acceptable.

If we’re going to allow ourselves to stoop to their level, then what the hell are we fighting for?  A large basis for what liberals say they represent is the betterment of society.  I’m not sure how any of us gets there by condoning unethical lying just because it happens to support “our side.”

Because that’s what conservatives do.  That’s why they’re so easily manipulated and controlled.  Because to them it’s not about what is true, it’s about what they want to be true.

Which is essentially the attitude many of these people had.

“Who cares, they do it!”


“I don’t care if they lied!  Ted Nugent is a scumbag, so it’s okay to lie.”

And if that’s someone’s attitude about news and information, then they’re no better than the conservatives they claim to oppose.

Which goes back to my point.  If we’re going to endorse the same kind of shoddy, unethical and blatantly misinformed news just because it’s peddled by a “liberal” source, liberals who are supposed to be combating the “lying conservative media,” then what the hell’s the difference?

Especially when it comes to pointing out conservative propaganda.  We don’t need to lie!  The truth about conservatives, and the nonsense they spew, is more than enough to where we shouldn’t have to fabricate the news.

The main reason why conservatives have to lie is because they know their propaganda isn’t based on facts or reality.  If we truly believe in what we claim to stand for, then we shouldn’t have to stoop to their level.  Because I would rather lose a battle telling the truth, than win telling lies.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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