Exposing the Ignorance of Those Defending Adrian Peterson’s Brutal Abuse of his 4-Year-Old Son

A Vikings fan poses wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey while holding a stick before Sunday's game against the Patriots. Photo: Getty Images

A Vikings fan poses wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey while holding a stick before Sunday’s game against the Patriots. Photo: Getty Images

By now I think it’s safe to say most people have heard about the instances of domestic violence committed by Ray Rice and the charges that have been filed against Adrian Peterson for child abuse.

The situation with Rice is fairly clear cut. He brutally punched his then-fiancée in the face during a drunken argument in an elevator in Atlantic City. What he did was disgusting, and very few are defending his actions. Though, sadly, there have been some who have.

But when it comes to Adrian Peterson’s abuse of his 4-year-old son, there have been far more people defending his “right” to beat the crap out of his young son. In fact, I’ve probably seen an equal number of people defending his actions as those who are condemning them. It’s honestly been shocking to me.

I’ve said before that I’m not against parents spanking their children (though I know some feverishly oppose it), but I believe there’s a huge difference between a couple of smacks on the backside of a child who’s misbehaving, and brutally whipping a 4-year-old with a stick to the point where they bleed and bruise. In my opinion, there’s absolutely nothing a 4-year-old could do to justify a parent brutally whipping them with any kind of weapon in such a violent fashion that they draw blood on that child.

Yet despite the fact that Peterson beat his son so badly that he bled, there are still people out there defending him as a “good father trying to discipline his child.” With the argument used by many of his defenders being, “I was beaten like that, or worse, and I turned out fine.”

But let’s look at this “logic” used by those defending the right for a parent to beat a 4-year-old with a stick so badly that they bleed, shall we?

In fact, I’m going to use the Ray Rice situation a little bit to try to make my point.

Most people will generally agree that Rice’s assault of his then-fiancée was both appalling and a crime. There’s not a whole lot of gray area there. Especially when you see the video footage of it. Now, imagine if that video footage had shown him brutally beating her with a stick. Imagine it showed him beating her so badly that she had whip marks all over her back, thighs and other parts of her body, causing welts and drawing blood in several areas. Rice wouldn’t be appealing an indefinite suspension by the NFL – he’d be in jail.

Yet that’s exactly what Adrian Peterson did to his 4-year-old son. And that’s exactly what many people seem to be defending.

I just don’t get it.

Had Peterson done what he did to his 4-year-old son to an adult female he was in a relationship with, he’d be labeled a reprehensible monster guilty of a horrific act of domestic violence. Yet because he did this to his defenseless 4-year-old son, to many, that makes him a “good father”? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

And it’s ridiculous to use the excuse of, “I was beaten like that as a child” to justify Peterson’s behavior. Just because you were abused as a child doesn’t make it alright to abuse your children.

If someone experienced sexual abuse when they were a child, does that justify them becoming a sexual predator as an adult? Hell no.

So how can anyone logically justify child abuse just because they were abused? And I’m sorry to tell you, if your parents beat you with some form of a weapon to the point that you were bleeding, you were abused. 

If stuffing leaves in a 4-year-old child’s mouth and beating them with a stick to the point that they have open wounds all over their body isn’t child abuse – just what the hell is? For those defending Peterson’s actions, at what point is the “abuse” threshold crossed? Does he need to beat him with closed fists? Throw him into a wall? Kick him down stairs?

Just where is that line drawn?

But it’s amazing to me that had Peterson done this to a grown adult woman, he’d undoubtedly be charged with a crime and very few (if any) people would be defending him. But because he did it to his defenseless 4-year-old son, to some, that makes him a good parent.

If you honestly feel that’s good parenting, I sincerely hope you never have children of your own.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • polliwogg

    I have always held the position that if it would get you arrested if you did it to an adult, why the HE!! should you get a pass if you do it to a child. Thank you for putting it better than I could

    • Stephen Barlow

      WHY is he NOT in jail and WHY is Child services NOT taking care of this child? That’s what happens to real people. I am tired of the rich skating on CRIMES!

      • HiVeloCT

        I think he is out on bail; he was arrested and charged with a felony.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Ah… Missed that part. I must have been in here debunking the RED Army hordes.

  • say no to political correctnes

    The reason we have so many troubled teenagers shooting up schools and ignorant kids running wild in the streets is because of these idiots that let their kids get away with everything… All this anti bully stuff is crazy too now we teach our kids that nobody should ever say anything wrong about you, that you should always be picked for dodgeball because everyone should get a chance. Then these snot faced brats grow up feeling entitled, think the world owes them everything… Then get out of school and they learn not everyone gets a chance, people are mean, and bullies are all ages. Then they are all doped up on the meds the pharmaceutical companys cram down their throats and they don’t know right from wrong. My parents raised me right and I’m thankful that when I was young I got spanked… I wouldn’t have grown up to be the hard working man I am today.

    • Cheryl R

      So you were beaten until you bled? Why do I find that hard to believe? There’s a huge difference between spanking and brutally beating your child.

      • dan

        not to that child there isn’t – no violence is okay – and the cultures that support it are not very evolved- don’t have children if you can’t let them be children and protect and make them safe- horrendous attitude- fear is fear- it changes you – your attitude stinks

    • forpeace

      I do understand some kids are spoiled brats and the parents spank them, but in this case and by the images it is obvious it wasn’t a simple spanking!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        The kid was 4 years old. Who the hell beats a 4 year old bloody???

      • forpeace

        My thoughts exactly, and totally agree with you.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        some religious male leaders?

      • buricco

        Even the worst I got from my uncle never drew blood.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        correct. when some homophobic / misogynistic religious group complains about gay marriage; that’s called ( by them) “saying something is wrong”…..when the gay or womens activists complain about the regressive VOODOO( see: church) position on EQUAL rights for gays and/or women,,,,,,,,,,,
        ………………. that’s being BULLIED and infringing on religious( see: superstition) rights

      • forpeace

        Those extremist religious groups dislike everyone and everything, they dislike gays, women, children, poor, and the list goes on and on.

        They have no understand that “Civil Right and Equal Right” is for EVERYONE!

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        actually; allow me to explain——————-
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they WANT EQUAL rights for *everyone*
        * everyone* that THEY( regressive white trash religious scum) decide is worthy
        a- minorities can have ” equality” as long as said minorities don’t date the WHITE daughter/son
        b- gays can have “equality” as long as it doesn’t mean being married or having a parade/event
        c- women can have ‘ equality” as long as its under the thumb ( legislatively) of aging white MALE religious control freaks
        d- the working class can have “equality” as long as it is profitable for HUGE businesses.
        some americans are allowed MORE “equality” than others–

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      No, sometimes you do the best you can and you still end up with sociopathic kids. There is a big difference between discipline and beatings. There is nothing to condone bullying someone to the point of suicide. I didn’t get spanked and I grew up to be a compassionate adult. However, I lived with an abusive, alcoholic stepfather and it instilled a visceral hatred of male authority figures that persists (I’m turning 60 next week).

    • mms

      You sound like a big old bully. How many kids did you beat on the playgound?

    • Sue Roediger

      There is a profound difference between a “spanking” and “whipping”. The first is discipline and the other is abuse. I was spanked as a child, as a last resort when I really made my mom tell me something more than twice. I have never been beaten or whipped. Before 1972 in Los Angels schools corporal punishment was permitted. After that date it was banned. Since I was teaching at the time I had to learn some new techniques. Since then I have never hit a child. I is not necessary, I can get compliance, and teach respect, without putting my hand on a child. I have been a teacher, a nanny and a social worker and worked with very difficult kids — all without hitting.
      Think about when you were getting spanked. Were you thinking “oh my mom loves me and is teaching me to be good.” ? More likely you were thinking “Damn I am for sure not going to get caught next time”.

    • Cemetery Girl

      I think you are confusing abuse with spanking and parents that choose not to spank and those that don’t discipline. Leaving the child bleeding isn’t spanking. Injuring the the child’s genitals is abuse. Some parents don’t spank, their choice, but discipline their children. Some parents just don’t discipline. There’s a kid in my son’s class that gleeful tells people that his parents don’t punish him. (He’s a thorn in the sides of the teachers.) There is ground between abuse and a complete lack of discipline.

      Bullying isn’t anything new, but it is more severe now. By that, I mean that kids can’t escape it as easily. It used to be if you had a bully at school when you went home you got away from it. Now, through technology, it is constant. For many of us, we lived in a time that to torment at the victim’s house the bully would have to show up at the front door or call the house. Now, they can send messages, texts, emails…

  • forpeace

    Those who support people who are physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing children are morally bankrupt.

    They are even worst than the abuser.

    • Asher B. Garber

      Slow down, Sister. I don’t think Adrian Peterson took any pleasure in whooping his kid, so let’s make that clear. His behavior does not place him on the same level of child raping priests or Uncle Daddy’s or whathaveyous. Peterson has pretty much admitted that he felt bad doing what he was doing. He is already on record as having spoken to a psychologist regarding his behavior with his children. So ease up on your societal condemnation. Be angry at the spanking (object), and find a way for it not to repeat itself (educate) but don’t create some half-assed mantra about those who are going to disagree with you.

      • Terri

        No, I think I’ll be angry at the adult who whipped a child, not at the “spanking.” A “spanking” didn’t do this, didn’t leave cuts and bruises and blood on a four-year-old child. That was a person who did that. The appropriate *object* of anger is the person who did it.

        I can’t work up much sympathy for the poor father’s feelings. He’s an adult; it’s his job to manage those himself, and he wasn’t beaten bloody by someone several times his size and much stronger, on whom he relies to stay alive and be cared for. That didn’t happen to him. So his bad feelings are a low priority. The four-year-old matters here. No matter how much professional treatment this father gets, his son is never going to physically trust him. The father has fully earned that lack of trust.

      • forpeace

        Where exactly in my comment did I mention “Adrian Peterson took any pleasure in whooping his kid?”

        Unless, you have reading comprehension!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Mr Garber has some SERIOUS comprehension issues!!!

      • forpeace

        Indeed, that is very obvious.

      • HmmLetMeThink

        That you are the one with the issues.

      • HmmLetMeThink

        He never said you did, he’s simply stating that pleasure is one determinant separating an abuser from a disciplinarian. Sounds like you’re the one with reading comprehension problems.

        P.S it’s one, not won.

      • Asher B. Garber

        I think you’re saying that anybody who defends Adrian Peterson is a sick fuck. And, really, only sick fucks take pleasure in beating kids. That was the point.

      • Stephen Barlow

        He takes pleasure in his VIOLENT JOB. HOW do YOU know he didn’t get an erection when he picked up that stick. REMEMBER how your Mother had to see you doing something stupid… and she had to GO FIND the belt FIRST? Peterson HAD to FIND the stick, which made it a premeditated act. he intended to WOUND that FOUR YEAR OLD.

        Apparently your Mom DIDN’T beat ENOUGH sense into you.

      • HmmLetMeThink

        Dear lord, I thought females were bad. So, there’s no way possible it could have been spur of the moment?

      • Stephen Barlow

        I don’t have enough information to say. But , unless the stick was right at his feet, he had to WALK AWAY FROM THE BOY (or drag the child with him) TO FETCH THE STICK.

        I Florida, a man didn’t like the music some kids in a car were playing. HE WALKED AWAY.which should have solved his problem. But NO!!! (exactly like this Peterson case) the guy SAT INSIDE HIS CAR, REACHED ACROSS HIS WIFE’s LAP, OPENED THE GLOVE BOX AND INTENTIONALLY… armed himself with the full intent of firing at unarmed children in a departing vehicle.

        If he had just accepted another person’s RIGHT TO EXIST WHILE BEING BLACK, the murder in Florida would never had happened. but the guy DECIDED to pursue and open fire.

        Peterson DECIDED to grab a WEAPON and ATTACK his child. Of that I am certain.

      • HmmLetMeThink

        You’re correct, you don’t have enough information. This happened in Texas, not Florida, and Peterson didn’t shoot his son. Since when is existence based entirely on skin color? Attack, or discipline as a result of the child’s actions? Nice try, thanks for playing.

      • Asher B. Garber

        Apparently, you should have been aborted. Steven Barlow, Jew hating maggot. GFY, tough guy.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Wow! TY for the hate speech.

    • HmmLetMeThink

      I think people who make such statements, blindly lumping discipline with abuse, are in denial over the unruly nature of children, or are cowardly, emotionally unstable, projectionist victimizers.

      • forpeace

        Again! Besides having reading comprehension problem, you also think too much.

        My statement is in regards to “abuse” not “discipline.” Even though I made a general statement without mentioning anyone’s name, your poor friend Asher down on this page you were defending thought I was talking about Adrian Peterson, which I was not.

        Go back, read my comment very slowly, and this time pay more attention.

  • forpeace

    It is sad to see sports are more important than child welfare!

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      all about profits

      • forpeace


      • Jim Bean

        Get a room!

      • Stephen Barlow

        And the stalker is back, proving FORPEACE’s point perfectly!

      • forpeace

        He is not only a stalker, he is also a troll.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Does that make him a stroll or a talker?

      • forpeace

        That makes him a trollstalker.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • forpeace

        Get a life.

        Your nonstop absurd and irrelevant comments are making you look like a complete fool.

      • forpeace

        I keep asking this question, but no one has answered my question yet. Do you know why if I hover over some poster’s avatar or moniker it doesn’t show a profile like other posters?

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        when I went over yours it said private . not sure if that helps

      • forpeace

        Yes, because I set my profile to private to prevent trolls following me around, but It still shows my profile.

        But, I have seen so many with a blacked out name or invisible, or maybe I should say “Ghost” on this website.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        my avatar — and username– is a California regressive 42 yr old crybaby ( claims to be an actor) who is so insane I had a friend in LA ( private investigator I played Bball with) who did me a favor and looked gian keys up. seems Mr keys visits shemale porn sites so I use his glam head shot and name to dubiously ” honor” him! have fun,,,,I always do( at the expense of regressive republican FOX “news” zealots)

      • forpeace

        Good choice!! lol

        I kept looking at your micro-bio “loser repub in calif” and I keep laughing, I knew there must be some reason you’ve chosen the username and the micro-bio, but I did not know what it was. Thank you for letting me know.

      • forpeace

        The angry posters are showing up, I’m out of here, have a lovely evening, and hope to see you soon.

  • Anthony Mesok

    Maybe these women should be beaten like that baby was and have leaves stuffed in their mouths. Then let’s see how they feel about it.

    • HmmLetMeThink

      Leaves stuffed in their mouth? It’s more likely the case, a leaf fell in his mouth in the process, but I highly doubt Patterson put leaves in his son’s mouth.

  • dan

    you don’t get it because you should not be writing or having your name on anything that involves violence to women or children- this article is so wrong from so many directions- almost an excuse for violence- you miss the point entirely- go write for a RW conservative christian website with your archaic views

    • forpeace

      How come if I hover over your avatar or moniker it doesn’t show a profile like other posters?
      I’m just curious because I have seen few similar posters on this site.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        probably a troll; someone TRIED to tell me that a blacked out name means they are not online but I don’t buy that

      • forpeace

        When this poster showed up I was able to hoover over his avatar, but it didn’t show anything, that is really odd and suspicious!!

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        I completely agree. be wary with any and all on here– but remember: just have fun! even armed with FACTS– conclusive FACTS– 99% of the people on here that do NOT agree ( usually regressive tea party types) will never alter their myopic views; hence- I just abuse them until they shut up or vanish from the conversation

      • forpeace

        LOL, good advice! Yes, I have seen few very aggressive trolls on this site, they are everywhere, I do my best to ignore them completely.

        I always post the facts including the links so others can read the accurate information, but I know for sure they do not allow posting links on this site!

        Anyhow, thank you so very much for answering my question, have a lovely evening. 😉

      • buricco

        Blacked out name probably means they’re posting as a guest and aren’t logged into Disqus.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        thank u— ho does disqus allow that? many times these sites don’t allow me to place posts— ” reviewing” they say

      • buricco

        Depends how the site operator has Disqus configured.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        bizarre. –all of mine ” under review” never seem to place- and of course when I write lengthy rebuttals to regressive crying the site doesn’t place them up- ergo; wasting my time

      • buricco

        Might be your handle…

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        doubt it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but:

  • Asher B. Garber

    The way I hear it, Adrian Peterson has already gone into counseling and has had conversations with social workers about how to better discipline his kid. As somebody who had a crazed stepmother beat the crap out of my butt with a belt whipping that had never, ever happened to me before, this is indeed a harrowing experience. And while I detest that crazy lady every day of waking life, I also never had a real relationship with her (nor did I want one). It’s up to Adrian Peterson to better himself in order to save his relationship with son. As horrendous the act may be, it is not unusual, it is not necessarily sadistic or satanic. It is a mistake that young parents make all the time.

    Ray Rice is a habitual woman beater. Adrian Peterson is not a child abuser.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Sorry you were so wounded, disturbed, mentally contorted and corrupted by your childhood. Have YOU sought counseling?

      Because, it you are so missing the concept that it’s NEVER OK to BEAT A CHILD WITH AN OBJECT!!!!!!!

      you are serious malformed.

      • HmmLetMeThink

        Why is it never OK to discipline a child with a reasonable instrument, in a reasonable measure, pertinent to their offense?

        P.S You are seriously delusional.

      • Asher B. Garber

        You’re a fucking pathetic idiot. Just saying…..

      • Stephen Barlow

        Bang Bang!

    • HmmLetMeThink

      I agree this isn’t specifically child abuse, but not with your sentiment that women are so much loftier than children.

    • Being_Mindful

      Uh, Adrian is a child abuser – he just abused his child brutally, and is reported to have done so to his other 4-year old son. You can be sure this was not a first time “mistake”.

  • Bonta-kun

    “Does he need to beat him with closed fists?”

    What, you mean like when he punched the poor kid in the scrotum?

    Yeah. If you’re thinking of defending this thus in any way, shape or form, you just let that sink in for a moment. Roll that thought around your head for a while.


    (*Just that good ol’-time Christian love, right there.)

    Now imagine if he’d done THAT to an adult woman. A pregnant one. And his assault caused her to miscarry.


    You can’t. Nobody can.

    Why should it be any different for a child?

    Peterson is set to play in Week 3 against the Saints. I want to see some extra crunch in the tackles – see how HE likes it. C’mon, N’awlins, let’s make some flags fly.

  • Eg Kbbs

    I’ve been shocked by the number of people on my local news web page who are using this to defend corporal punishment.

    Ditto (and along the lines of an earlier FP that conservatives don’t deal with complexity) how many post that they were spanked and turned out good. When I asked if they knew any folks who were spanked and turned out bad (they were using anecdotes cherry picked by what proved their conventional wisdom), they doubled down with another commenting that as another study he was spanked and turned out good.

    • buricco

      It really depends on the child what method of discipline works.

      And while corporal punishment done “correctly” doesn’t leave visible marks, it CAN leave invisible marks – and I think any punishment if overused, or frequently used without a sufficient justification, it can eventually lead to trauma, like a sort of PTSD.

      I don’t speak from papers and books, but from experience.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      can someone explain beck and nugent and Limbaugh and Bachmann and sarah palins not-so-lily white daughter?
      now; about those regressive republican politicians who want gays punished for being gay and women to have kids engendered by rape and poor people/ young kids not eat VIA food stamps,,,,

  • Jim Bean

    I see liberals blindly walking over a cliff (again). They’re going to force all these NFL/profession sports domestic-related suspensions into the public eye and then someone is going to make an observation that Liberals can’t deflect any other way than by screaming ‘racist.’

    • Stephen Barlow

      The MEDIA is doing that. There is NOT ONE proposed Bill before any legislature to do anything about this. In fact, I haven;t heard single politician speak out about this incident, nor have many spoken about the Michael Brown murder, or the Police protection of a KNOWN killer, the NON prosecution of a KNOWN GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE killer.

      Wilson is STILL drawing a paycheck from the CITIZENS of Ferguson, MO. He STILL has health insurance paid for by the citizens of Ferguson, MO.He STILL has paid VACATION TIME…paid from taxes levied on the DEAD BOY’S MOTHER!!!!!

      • Jim Bean

        You have hate and anger management issues. And you are ‘objectivity-free.’

      • Stephen Barlow

        Was that good for you? Did you need a cigarette after?

        Even in third grade you must have been a punk. the kind that runs away and then from halfway down the block, you yell some pretend insult.

        I am SORRY you chose alcoholism as a CAREER, but as long as you are not driving and can tell the difference between your daughter and your sister.. uh sorry, WIFE… it’s a free country and you can develop your personal psychosis with whatever help you choose.

        If that’s Jim Beam by the Quart, then Bully for you.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Among your MANY failures is that you don’t understand that your inbred, innate RACISM colors ALL of your thinking. Somewhere deep deep inside, you KNOW you Mother and Father, siblings and extended family are WRONG and have BEEN WRONG for generations.

        The guilt of being a helpless race hate addict is crushing you so badly thatALL you see is liberal’s playing the race card.

        The race card is “I’m a poor black kid from the ghetto with a junkie prostitute mother and a life in prison father and I never got a break Judge” game. But that same story happens in trailer parks all over America. Isn’t that your REAL STORY Jim?

        SO in subconscious mental self defense, you have built the delusion that EVERY statement is an INDICTMENT of you deeply rooted cancerous racism which justifies your RACE HATE. You are ‘allowed’ (mentally) to hate those ‘attacking’ (in your delusion) you.

        SO, in the last response to My post, you completely ignored the LEAD and the subject…

        “The MEDIA is doing that. There is NOT ONE proposed Bill before any legislature to do anything about this. In fact, I haven;t heard single politician speak out about this incident, ” I apologize. I should have made that 2 sentences, in stead of using advanced English and phrasing My prose with clauses, which I am sure they never taught you at TPU. (Trailer Park University)

        The point is Jim, you see the ‘race card’ in EVERYTHING!!!! because it is the nucleus of each and every cell in your miserable body. The worst part is that no surgery can cut the kind of cancer you have out. There is no chemo and even living in the core of Three Mile Island isn’t enough radiation to solve YOUR race problem.

        Your ONLY Final Solution is either suicide or euthanasia. BEcause Jim… if you don;t muster up the courage to make one of those two choices, the world is going to ignore you AND you are going to remain the same sick ignorant waste of sperm that you have always been until you are a corpse.

        And THAT is as objective as I can manage to be with you. I don’t hate you Jim. I love you enough to pray EVERY TIME I see your name that you pick up one of you guns and put it in your mouth…

  • Jim Bean

    Take the child away from him. The kid will be delighted. Maybe Obama can appoint an Intra-Home Discipline Czar.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Glad to see your humor button is blinking ON today.

      “in 2001 alone approximately 903,000 children were confirmed victims of maltreatment and an estimated 1,321 children died as a result of abuse and/or neglect.”

      These are only the REPORTED abuses. Which a larger population than the cities of Jacksonville, indianapolis and Austin, Tx… the 13th, 12th and 11th largest cities in America.

      So you may be onto an intelligent solution for once Mr Beam.

    • forpeace

      Why can’t you say something intelligent for a change?

      Just keep embarrassing yourself.

      • Jim Bean

        You are not obligated to read them, you know?

  • Stephen Barlow

    “Yet despite the fact that Peterson beat his son so badly that he bled, there are still people out there defending him as a “good father trying to discipline his child.” With the argument used by many of his defenders being, “I was beaten like that, or worse, and I turned out fine.”

    Lemme just point out that ALL of THESE people who SAY that “they came out just fine” DID NOT!!! THEY are sincerely flawed individuals if making a CHILD BLEED is ‘fine’ with them.

    What I wanna know is: “WHAT DID THE CHILD DO THAT ANGERED HIS FATHER THAT MUCH?” Did a 4 year old say “NO!”? Did he refuse to eat his peas. I’d put serious money on “Watch Me Daddy!! Watch Me!” when Daddy was on the phone in the park.

    WHERE did this beating happen. Very few people have sticks in there homes, so I gather they we outside, possibly in their own yard.

    DOes this guy have temporary custody or full time custody?

    I would love those questions answered before I condemn the guy. I am trying to determine HOW wrong.

    BTW Allen? Did you think it was acceptable for one bank to raise it’s credit card interest rate if it’s customer was always on time, but had somehow been late on a different bill?

    If YES, then I can see taking a man’s JOB from him for something he does in his personal life. Because they would equate. I DO NOT think ANY business should DICTATE the non paid hours activity of it’s employees. Hobby Lobby’s intrusion int the medical CARE it’s female employee’s get’s from the benefits they offer is EXACTLY what I am talking about.

    Just food for thought.

    • Cemetery Girl

      If you are late on the bills of a certain credit card it can affect your interest rates on credit cards or loans after. Cards you had prior already have an agreement. It can also impact your insurance rates, as credit score is a factor. But NFL players have a clause in their contract regarding morality. If they commit criminal acts they can also be punished at work (suspension, banned), and it is an agreement the players made.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I KNOW. Because Reid, Pelosi and Obama CHANGED the credit laws in 2009. BEFORE THAT, a late Mastercard bill meant ALL your other credit rates WENT UP!!

        The only reason CREDIT matters to insurance companies is that they ONLY wanna under write “healthy” people who can PAY regularly.

        But an indictment is NOT a conviction.

        The clause is about CONVICTS.

      • Cemetery Girl

        True, which is why he should be able to play until prosecutors either decide they don’t want to pursue charges or offer him a really nice plea deal.

        I always figured that the random checking of credit reports by auto insurance was just to search for reasons to raise rates. I haven’t shopped for auto insurance for years, yet I have a long list of insurance companies that are checking my credit, including my own, and they do it about once a year. I forget the term for the checking, but it isn’t hurting the report so….

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu should check for the BEST rates EVERY year.

        Insurance is a multiple pyramid scheme. You buy a cheap policy form company A. Your rates go up, then up until you finally get fed up and go shopping. ANd buy from company D.

        ALL insurance companies EXPECT defections within 4 years. the MOST profit is made by CHASING YOU OFF YOUR policy in three. Which means the NEXT company you buy from at Teaser rates is most likely to be on the hook for you next accident. Which insurance actuaries calculates @ an average of 1 in 51 months.

        As SOON as you have that almost mathematically assured accident they double your rates (even though you reset that 51 month clock. YOU expect it and accept paying for it. until it get too expensive.

        WHY is it a multiple pyramid scam? WHO else are you gonna buy the next policy from? (Pssst ~whispers in your ear~) One of the other insurance companies. At teaser rates, with half the 51 month clock run out.

        If ALL insurance is based on the SAME actuarial data… then they are ALL equally liable to be covering you when you have your next statistical accident. it takes 8 to square dance, and you keep swapping the same partners all the time. it’s musical chairs.

        The BIG PICTURE is, as Allstate saves $500 for 100,000 ‘new’ customers a year, Progressive, Geico, State Farm, Nationwide, and Farmer’s save $500 for 100,000 OTHER new customers a year. Wanna know what 38% of ALL insurance expenses are?

        ADVERTISING (which is tax deductible expense and paid for by working people like ALL THEIR FRIGGIN’ CUSTOMERS!!!).

        30% is Commissions an bonuses. 12% operations and the balance is stockholder returns as dividends of stock price Capital Gains.

        How do you beat them at the game of “Money go Round?”

        BUY a NEW policy every year. IF it saves you more than $25 a month.

        You’re welcome.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I haven’t actively shopped around for insurance for a several years, but we get the cold calls all the time. Once every year or two I’ll agree to them crunching the numbers and seeing if they can come up w a better rate. I don’t tell them how much we pay (they can check that) and they can make me an offer. If it’s a good enough difference I will switch and if it’s not I will tell them thank you for their time but I’m happy w what I have. I don’t have the time to fill out applications to get estimates online. Call me old fashioned, but woo me.

      • Stephen Barlow

        They check your credit to see if you are WORTH investing direct mail advertising to. They should NEVER have been allowed to PRY into you financials WITHOUT a compelling motive such as AN APPLICATION!

        Did you know that the largest consumer database in the world is the Insurance claims and purchases records that any and all insurance companies compile jointly. It’s located in massachusetts and if you EVER made a claim, your insurer will check it and use it to DENY any claim you make on your NEW policy.

        YOU listed as a smoker in Jan 2005 and as a non smoker in December 2009 (when they ask if you have smoked within the last 5 years) and you $1 Million dollar policy will NOT pay out and your beneficiaries might even go to JAIL for insurance fraud. Unless they just accept a refund of all premiums paid.

        It’a nasty business. Which is why they sell it as “you’re in Good hands” “State Farm is there” etc.

  • Jim Deedler

    Perfect article showing the fools and abusers for what they are.

    Peterson abused this child and he has no right to call it his in my book.

  • Dorothy Goldsmith

    He’s not getting a pass, all of this quick justice is not held up in Courts. Yes he went to far, but it does not excuse him, parents often over step their boundaries with raising children. But for sure he know now and will learn better, I don;t believe people are excusing him. With Child abuse there are separation and mandated the court one learn to become a better parent. I understand that he was whipped the same way and often men do not realize their strength when disciplining children. I sure he is grieving and know there will be concequences for his action. I glad he will be put in a position to learn better parenting skills.

    • HmmLetMeThink

      In what way has he overstepped his boundaries as a parent? Aww, weak little woman, complaining about the strength of a man. Consequences for what: correcting aggressiveness from his son? Guess, if his son goes to prison for assault later, it’s Adrian’s fault, right?

  • Calling the BS

    this is pathetic. writer commonly refers to beating all over. please explain why the only pictures showing cosmetic damage are on 1 thigh. The assertion the son had bruises all over his body are an assumption until other evidence is presented. the ray rice scenario is not a viable comparison because in his scenario his action was done out of anger and the intent is to injure as is every time you throw a fist at someone in anger. in what scenario would you choose a THIN tree branch over any other method of administration if you intent was to injure. If you were home invaded and you had a bat or a switch. would you pick up the switch and try to sting the perpetrator into submission? NO. You would pick up a bat because your intent is to severely injure and incapacitate. Is what happened a little overkill, probably. is it outright abuse? get a life. There are millions of truly abused childen (David Pelzer comes to mind) who would scoff at this bullshit allegation.

  • Being_Mindful

    You state this so well, especially with the comparisons with the same abuse against an adult. Where are children’s rights here? And to extend the comparisons, and perhaps even to find the origin of such rationalizing thinking, similar justifications are made for cutting off a three-day old’s child’s foreskin, with such excruciating pain that they become catatonic, have a soundless white cry, and then bleed, perhaps get an infection, or a complication such as a closed urethra (my grandson, emergency room!), an adhesion, or sexual dysfunction in later life – and there is no medical indication for the procedure! Parents’ wishes/preferences – the rights of the child to his whole body, nah! But this is the same attitude that justifies beating and wounding a child in the name of good discipline, and let’s not forget the Christian support for “do not spare the rod”.

    • calling the bs

      if he wanted to injure his child he could have easily gauged his eyes or kicked him in the nuts intentionally. please explain why you would use a weapon that can only cause cosmetic damage, not lasting physical injury if your intent was to injure someone child or adult?

  • Cemetery Girl

    Each case is sickening, but I disagree that there aren’t as many people defending Rice. I have seen sooooooo many comments that if she is with him she deserves it. If she doesn’t like being punched out she can leave. That she gets paid to be his punching bag. That if what he did was so horrible, then why isn’t he in jail (ignoring that he took a plea deal that put him in counseling.) Comments to women commenting their disgust of the actions shown that the women hate men, are so quick to believe the sob story of another woman, and/or they just want to ruin the life of a man over nothing. So far I haven’t seen any difference in the levels of support.

  • Danielle

    Just to torture myself, I occasionally look at right wing websites.

    In the midst of this situation regarding an abusive father, I came across an “article” that suggests women’s lib is to blame for kids being raised wrong. They don’t actually refer to the Peterson incident, but the timing is suspect.

    Apparently, while women’s rights are not bad in and of themselves, there are consequences to be considered: more single parents, working mothers using child care, and absent fathers unable to set a good example. Apparently, “Men have become dispensable except as sperm donors” and society pays a price “where a “father” is not an integral part of the “family””

    Because, yes, of course, crappy or non-existent fathers are the fault of liberated working mothers.

  • Matthew T. Gomez

    In my opinion Adrian went a little too far with discipling his child. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. Many on here can argue that case all day and if the circumstances indicate that the child health and livelihood is at risk, I think we can all agree strict punishment is warranted. However, until all the facts come out and this case is settled, no one has the right to tell you as a parent how to raise or discipline your child. Many of us grew up in different environments and have developed into positive and responsible adults regardless of the tatics used to discipline us as children. It’s ignorant to shame people who choose to raise their child differently than you, just as well as it would be for someone else to shame you for how you raise your children. Everyone has an opinion on this issue but at the end of the day, its none of your business how one chooses to raise their child and it most certainly is not right to condemn a man that has to be proven guilty in the court of law of any crime. Last I checked all men are innocent until proven guilty and until then we should let the courts and Petersons family resolve this issue privately. Like I said in the beginning I feel he went over board but like any parent we are all prone to mistakes. We have all lost are patience at one time or another and most of us strive to be better parents because of it. Though we may want the best for our children there will always be times where we even question the tactics used to raise them but it’s not my place to tell you how nor is it your place to do so either until we can prove negligence was committed.