Fact Checkers Bust Trump Blatantly Lying in Sad Attempt to Sound Tough

One of the things I laugh about the most relating to Donald Trump is the belief by most of his supporters that he’s this “tough, strong, confident guy who tells it like it is.” It’s hilarious that most of them actually believe that because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Donald Trump is an insecure, thin-skinned narcissist with a fragile ego and multiple neurotic obsessions that eat away at him until he lashes out at those who he feels have wronged him.

Two perfect examples of this are his constant whining about the media and petty, jealous obsession with Barack Obama.

All Trump’s done is sell himself as this “tough guy” which most of his supporters are too brainwashed to see he isn’t. For a simple-minded person who’s easily distracted by outlandish propaganda, bumper-sticker politics, and chanting “U.S.A!,” Trump’s the perfect Republican.

As I’ve pointed out before, Trump’s a bully. He’s someone who likes to talk a big game and pick on the weak — but he’s really a spineless coward who’s completely full of crap.

Case in point, a baldfaced lie he recently told where he comically declared that he’s already deported half of the MS-13 gang members in the country. Of course that’s not remotely true, but it’s obvious Trump was trying to portray himself as some “tough guy” by lying about the number of gang members his administration has deported.

According to Politifact’s findings:

Trump’s Justice Department has said there’s an estimated 10,000 MS-13 gang members in the United States.

The latest available data from ICE shows 2,798 gang members have been removed in fiscal year 2017. But that includes members of all gangs, not just MS-13. Even if all were MS-13, that would not be half of the estimated 10,000 MS-13 gang members in the country. And fiscal year 2017 includes more than three months that Obama was in office.

They only rated Trump’s statement as “False,” though I’m not sure how it didn’t qualify for their worst rating of “Pants on Fire” considering nothing about it was factual.

First, of the nine months for fiscal year 2017 so far, Barack Obama was president for one-third of them. So Trump hasn’t even been in office for that entire time he’s citing.

Then when you look at the numbers of overall gang deportations — not just those affiliated with MS-13 — ICE has only deported 2,798 gang members. That’s not even one-third of all the estimated MS-13 gang members ICE believes are in the United States. So even if every single gang member ICE claims to have deported during FY 2017 was a member of MS-13 (they weren’t), Trump’s statement would still be a lie.

However, considering Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any president in history, despite popular Republican myths about his being “soft on illegal immigration,” a sizable chunk of these gang members were deported before Trump was sworn in to office.

In the grand scheme of things, especially with as dishonest as Trump is, this lie isn’t that big of a deal. It’s simply another sad example of Trump blatantly distorting the facts about deporting gang members in what I think was a clear attempt by him to pathetically sound like a “tough guy.”

Not only did he completely distort the facts about the number of Ms-13 gang members ICE has actually deported, as he’s done before, he tried to take credit for something that he really didn’t have much to do with considering Barack Obama was president during one-third of fiscal year 2017 when a decent amount of the 2,789 gang members were caught and deported.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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