Fact-Checking Site Ranks Fox News as Least Trustworthy Cable News Source

anna-kooiman-fox-newsA few months back, fact-checking Politifact put together a list ranking the trustworthiness of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, based on comments made on each network that they’ve investigated. Needless to say, Fox News was found to be the least trustworthy source based upon how few comments made on the network were factually accurate.

Well it seems they’ve updated this list and in a “shocking” conclusion, Fox News was once again found to be the least honest cable news channel. Though their “True” and “Mostly True” percentage went up from 18 percent to a whopping 21 percent (still terrible), the percentage of statements that were ranked as “Mostly False,” “False” or “Pants on Fire” went up from 58 percent to 60 percent.

By contrast, in the True/Mostly True category, MSNBC rated at 31 percent while CNN topped all three networks in honesty at 57 percent. In the Mostly False/False/Pants on Fire category, MSNBC rated at 44 percent while CNN was deemed the least dishonest of the three networks at 21 percent.

And while MSNBC’s numbers aren’t very good, they’re still much better than the embarrassing rating Fox News received. Though I’m sure if a conservative happens to run across this they’ll simply dismiss it as “liberally biased garbage” because it wasn’t investigated and put together by an approved right-wing news source.

As usual, that’s the main issue when dealing with conservative nonsense. They simply don’t trust sources that aren’t conservative-approved news sources, but these right-wing propaganda machines are continuously found to be some of the least trustworthy information sources in this country. Let’s not forget that just a few months ago a comprehensive Pew study ranked Rush Limbaugh as the most dishonest person in media – with Fox News coming in second. In fact, 4 of the 5 least trustworthy sources of information were conservative (Limbaugh, Fox News, Beck, Hannity).

And this all makes perfect sense considering the vast majority of stuff I see emanating from conservatives is typically flat-out wrong. In fact, just last night a conservative friend of mine posted some ridiculous anti-Obama nonsense that wasn’t even remotely based on fact. Naturally I tried to correct their misinformation – and that went about as well as you would expect. In other words, none of the facts or sources I provided that debunked what they shared on Facebook mattered because the information I was using to discredit their misinformation wasn’t from right-wing sources.

As I’ve always said, it’s a brilliant tactic from conservatives. Hammer into your followers the belief that only Republican-approved information is “true” and all other sources discrediting that rhetoric are “just part of the liberal attack against facts.”

See, the way facts are supposed to work is that they exist – period. You don’t “believe” in facts, because they’re not something in which you should have to believe – because they are facts. But the way conservatives work is that they make up whatever “facts” they want to believe and anyone who chooses to disprove those myths are the ones lying.

It’s a genius strategy on their end because it makes it nearly impossible to convince these people that anything they believe is fake, but it’s also flat-out insane and even a little dangerous. Basically, the conservative media operates like a cult. And in a lot of ways, that’s exactly what the Republican party is.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cæsar_Had_Epilepsy

    Waiting for Conservative implosion in 5….4…3…2…1

    • Mike Hochhalter

      keep waiting ace……..

  • Cemetery Girl

    I find it alarming that the best of the three is only factual 57% of the time. WTH? News should be based on facts.

  • linnea

    The liberals are JUST as skilled at the art of LYING as ANYONE is capable of. There isn’t a one (individual OR outlet) that isn’t ONLY about cutting down the competition. THEY ALL LIE, ALL the time. Make everything senstional…..it doesn’t have to be true.

    And if you think otherwise, you’re a moron.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Check your reading comprehension before calling someone a moron (although your use fits the consistent conservative pattern of bullying).

      Both studies showed all networks got it wrong from time to time. But in a side by side comparison, Faux lied far more..

      And combine this with the study several years ago where Faux viewers scored the lowest on a basic quiz of current events.

      • linnea

        let me guess. you’re a liberal.

        i, my friend, am neither. BECAUSE of the RIDICULOUS hate-mongering that goes on in EVERY media outlet. there’s no news being reported, REALLY; there’s finger pointing, gossip, hate, LIES, and gobs of other so-called “news”.

        don’t imply that, or accuse me of being, a conservative. speak only to what you KNOW.

      • Eg Kbbs

        To quote from your Disqus profile:”Of course they aren’t…and our white house isn’t OCCUPIED BY a terrorist. Baaaaahaha.”


        “Do we HAVE to call it Obamacare? I try VERY hard to pretend I’ve never so much as heard of the turd. ”

        Yeah, you’re about as middle of the road as anyone else. /snark

      • congero

        Too funny isn’t it?

      • congero

        Well we know from the study that Fox lies the most. Why are you the only one that guess some ones political leanings?

      • linnea

        Oh settle down… I responded to two topics that were on the page. Keep watching you’ll get to see me bash the rightwingers too.
        Patience grasshopper….
        I’m pretty sure I’m not the pompous ass

      • congero

        Settle down? You think too much of yourself. Lol. It was pompous of you to call those who disagree with your both sides do it nonsense in light of the study morons. I could care less who you bash. I am just calling bs when i see it, so thanks for the offer to watch you but i respectfully decline to waste my time.

      • linnea

        I agree… You really should stop wasting your time on this particulat feed.

      • tj

        Yep, you’re a troll.

      • Lamar Wingate

        linnea, you really are wasting your time trying to argue with these nit wits…. they make shit up to suit them…. zombies really… Watch em come after me now… this is fun…BOO!!

      • obamaloser

        your just another liberal that has no original thought of their own…baaa sheep

      • congero

        From someone with such an original tag…lol…go suck a egg and get a life loser this thread is 6 months old.

    • congero

      But Fox lies the most the study found.

      • Reader

        Bear in mind that I could produce a study that shows that President Obama is secretly a mutant armadillo, and in a homosexual three-way with with Joe Biden and George Bush. A “study” does not automatically make it true any more than it being on the news, especially not from a source like Politifact, who do let their bias slip in from time to time. I’m not saying that their conclusion is incorrect. I have not reviewed their “study”. I’m just saying that their claim to doing a study does not automatically make their conclusions correct, and that you should not turn off your critical thinking and accept what someone says just because they claim to have a study to support their statements. Most studies in political areas are performed to reach a specific intended conclusion, not to follow the evidence to the results it actually shows.

      • congero

        “Bear in mind that I could produce a study that shows that President Obama is secretly a mutant armadillo, and in a homosexual three-way with with Joe Biden and George Bush. ” You
        I’d like to see that study or you produce it. You can find people who would say that but that doesn’t make it a study. Regardless how the study is done is what makes it or breaks it but you haven’t even read the study yet are supplying a opinion or maybe not since ou have admitted you don’t know if it’s factual or not and you have no idea how they arrived at their conclusion . So don’t mind if I ignore you . it’s not personal you just have nothing to say .

      • Reader

        I stand corrected in one detail. I should have stated “produce a study that shows that people believe that President Obama…” Of course, believing that fact drives most opinion studies is a fundamentally flawed assumption.

        In case you haven’t noticed, most “studies” released these days started with a bias. I have read many studies, and every one of them, no matter the resulting statement, have involved one or another type of bias.

        I have read the studies from most fact checking sites, when those studies are made available, and it is common to have some involved bias or gimmick to reach a desired conclusion. For fact checking purposes on something like this, there is no such thing as a double-blind study. Observational, interpretive, and opinion biases always take part.

      • congero

        Wow! Do you know Sara Palin? What word salad to say nothing. There is no truth right? Just opinions right? Pfffff!

    • Steven78

      Come on Linnea … how many times during the Pres. Moron (GWBush) era did the FAUX folks start the morning with “The war is good because xyz” in the morning, say the exact same thing in the evening, and play video of the president and the rest of his criminal pack saying “The war is good because of xyz.” The FAUXers have always been the sounding board of the RepubliKKKans, and it’s not going to change.

      • obamaloser

        learn how to spell fox…get it right the best network in the world.

    • Mark G.

      You’re missing the point. These are mistakes, intentionally or otherwise. And Fox is shown to have asserted the most of them. The article focuses on actions, not ability.

  • Mike Hochhalter

    Anybody that believes the garbage this clown Allen Clifton is pushing is already past a far gone left coast bleeding heart liberal loon.

    • tandg

      why are you here, then?

      • Geocon

        To see who he used as a source. Anyone who believes anything Politifact (a very Progressive site) says, deserves the “truth” they receive. Pravda was equally “believable.”

      • Suz M

        Which is exactly the point the author made.

  • reaganredux

    when do they quit carrying the water for the muslim? when?

  • The Reader

    Republicans and Fox Lovers cannot admit their favorite channel lies or even distorts the truth since it would reflect directly on their bad judgment.

    • James Mozingo

      That’s funny ,that is right there ..

  • nextstep99

    While it’s called Fox News I’m not so sure that it can be categorized as a news program. And it’s barely entertainment — although it is good for a laugh to think people actually believe it.
    If there were news labelling laws it would have to be called Murdoch’s Republican Propaganda and Misinformation Channel.

    • Gregory Spencer Hill

      Actually, it is Roger Ailes’ propaganda network, and was intentionally and cynically designed to be such while masquerading as a news network. Ailes set out the principles for such a network in a memo sent to Haldeman when both were Nixon aides. A Rolling Stone article tells the whole story and provides the memo.

    • James Mozingo

      You dem idiots are so stupid .What are we supposed to the news from the left. The ones that lied so much that we got this vacation hound ovomit. I will go with fox any day ,at least they put out both sides of the story not just One left slanting side .

      • qcubed

        Fumbduck…W took more vacation time than ANY PRESIDENT!
        stupid hitshead.

      • John Clifford

        You provide a perfect example of what the author calls attention to. You have been completely bamboozled by right wing fiction and you have no capacity to realize that you accept the lies. Obama has taken far fewer vacation days than either Bush or Reagan, and yet you think the opposite. The facts fly in the face of your belief, and yet you will never acknowledge the truth. You cannot accept the truth.


  • Bud359

    Liberals sit in their drum circles, tell each other lies, call it a study and bathe in their self-righteousness and false feelings of superiority http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/peter-roff/2013/05/28/study-finds-fact-checkers-biased-against-republicans

  • Jasper Eliot

    I believe that Fox News will soon have the stigma of being a career killer. Anyone who wants to pursue a legitimate career as a news journalist will steer a wide berth around Fox. However, would-be reality D-listers are another story. Voices on the right side of the aisle will need to establish another venue.

  • Gregory Spencer Hill

    Faux News is clearly a propaganda network masquerading as a news organization. It was so designed by Roger Ailes who first outlined the concept in a memo to Haldeman (if memory serves) when both were Nixon aides. Rolling Stone told the whole sad story in a lengthy article published years ago.

    We should be a bit careful, however, about retreating to our own “echo chambers”. Journalists are human, and before Fox News emerged, most were unapologetically liberal. We need the challenges we receive from intelligent conservatives (even brash and flawed ones like Charles Krauthammer) to keep us from succumbing to our own blind spots.

  • Matthew Johnson

    Not that I disagree with the conclusion about Faux news, but this ranking is utterly meaningless because Politi”fact” chooses which statements they want to fact check. If they chose to only fact check the comments that were obviously false made on each of the networks they could easily manufacture a 0% accuracy for every network. That would be very easy to do given the vast amount of erroneous statements made on every network. This only shows the centrist bias (at least centrist in terms of American media which is pretty right wing) of Politifact.

    • Marbran

      I was with you until you said, “American media…is pretty much right wing.” That’s some funny shiite right there.

  • Marbran

    Yet, FNC is still the #1 cable news channel, and three times in 2015 the #1 watched cable channel overall. I think that if FNC had been shilling misinformation for this long, its viewers would have stopped watching a long time ago. As much as FP would like things to be different, CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, MM, etc., have been outed countless times for their outright lying and distortion of the facts. You leftists can keep trying to paint conservatives as lying, racist, bigoted, greedy, etc., ad nauseum. It ain’t working any more. 😉

    • obamaloser

      love it .couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Reader

    Well, I don’t watch Fox News, though I do know they run a large number of political commentary shows. What I do know from past experience is that Politifact has its own political agenda that, at best, taints their interpretation and studies into such subjects, and at the worst, issued its own lies to support its viewpoint. They aren’t a bad resource, so long as you keep in mind that they, like every other such resource, have some bias that influences and contributes to their interpretation, research, and conclusions in such cases.

    As such, they should be always taken with a few grains of salt, not infrequently a couple loaded salt trucks, and sometimes two or three salt flats.

  • M Stevens

    Let’s remember that LYING can be overtly…or by omission. The latter is what happens with the major networks. CASE in point: Reporting on Cecil and Planned Parenthood!

  • Bob Onit

    You people are unbelievably stupid and must be the biggest morons on the Internet to take anything listed on this website as factual. Fox News is number one in every category in cable news and it just kills you liberals that nobody is paying attention to you. Get used to it, it’s a fact Fox News is number one and always will be.

  • James F. Jacobson

    MSNBC just canceled three political commentators for stupid remarks and twisted truth. A progressive liberal making comments that Fox does not tell the truth is laughable, their ratings are over the top, while MSNBC and the Clinton News Network doesn’t do much better.

  • Doc


  • The Reader

    Fact checking doesn’t exist in the Fox world nor does it seem to in this discussion. All the claims of lies and misinformation is self-evident on the (self-proclaimed) entertainment network who entertains by acting like a news network. Interesting concept. I find if I want factual reporting I can go to NPR. Of course, you’ll say it’s blatantly liberal, but liberal reporting is the best way to get facts not just the spoon fed garbage that sprews from the networks in question. Politics and its big money supporters rule the networks and you, who “loves” only one network continue to be uneducated in world events and what is really happening.

  • jenn

    No one is suprised….except people who watch Faux news

  • Tax payers for trooth trusts j

    If you don’t hear it on Fox News it did not happen. cnn, msnbc,all bull crap left wing liberal lies their shitass lies has got a lot of people killed need to shoot their Satalite down from space to stop this nonsense crap.

  • Jeremy Michael Hall

    This has been an issue of mine for quite sometime. Trying to find “1” accurate news source to watch but the problem is in order to get proper facts you have to constantly fact check it against other sources, both liberal and conservative.