Far-Right Hero Dr. Ben Carson Claims “Obamacare” is the Worst Thing Since Slavery

ben-carsonMove over Herman Cain, the Tea Party has a new token black guy strong black man who absolutely gets their message.

It appears that during his speech at the Values Voter Summit, Dr. Ben Carson stated that the Affordable Care Act (AKA “Obamacare”) is comparable to slavery. No, this is seriously his quote, as reported by Talking Points Memo.

“I have to tell you Obamacare is, really I think, the worst thing that’s happened in this nation since slavery.”

Yes, let that set in – he actually said that. No, this wasn’t some sick joke because if you dig a little deeper, he’s recently developed a history of saying incendiary things — like lumping in gay rights with bestiality. Dr. Carson isn’t stupid, unlike many of the people he is pandering to. He’s actually a retired neurosurgeon with a long and highly successful career in the medical field. He isn’t a half-term Governor from Alaska with a couple of catch phrases, a hair flip and a wink. This is actually an intelligent, prominent person with many years of experience in the medical field, but zero in politics until now.

If you’ve followed my Facebook page “Whiskey And The Morning After” or read my other articles, you’ll know that I give most moderate Republicans a break. People like John McCain (who I voted for in the 2000 primaries and almost voted for again in 2008 until Sarah Palin was added as the VP candidate) are usually spared my wrath unless they say something incredibly stupid. The Tea Party on the other hand, I’ll pull no punches. Nowhere else are ignorance and voting against one’s own self interests (to benefit the rich) so openly celebrated. Yet, they always want a few minorities handy that they can push up to a podium to show that they aren’t racist, and their nutty ideology isn’t just for mentally ill or selfish people of European descent.

So, here’s my analysis. Dr. Carson isn’t a stupid guy. It’s very possible that after a distinguished career in the medical field, he wants more. I’m not sure if it is a seat in Congress or following in the footsteps of Herman “9-9-9” Cain – a brief moment in the spotlight of far right politics.

He has found a niche, the token intellectual minority who will gladly dance as a puppet to give credence to the Tea Party. He’s their “proof” that their movement isn’t racist, and that even the most disadvantaged kid from a bad neighborhood can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become rich – if only it wasn’t for welfare or whatever social program the radical right wants to demonize.

This is the point where our political theater has devolved. As I’ve said before, we’ve pretty much descended to the level of an idiocracy. Dr. Carson is the best example of how even the brightest minds will climb into the pig pen of partisan politics in the quest for money and a spot on Fox or MSNBC. I honestly don’t think he believes a single word of what he is saying, but he knows that’s what the audience wants to hear.

He could have stood up and said, “I’m proof that any kid who is given a chance and works hard has the opportunity to do something incredible with their life. I believe that we as Republicans should make our message better and use my example to inspire inner city kids to escape the cycle of poverty and violence.” But he didn’t say that. Instead, he went for the red meat approach which always goes over well at gatherings like the Values Voter Summit or other right-wing shindigs.

It is really sad to watch a very accomplished man toss away a legacy, and that’s exactly what Dr. Carson did with that one incredibly stupid and pandering statement.


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  • Snap! You took my article, Manny! *shakes fists*

    One thing I would add is that apparently when he made this comment, the audience seemed stunned. Another conservative blogger remarked to a friend who was there reporting it that it was probably the most controversial statement at the conference full of bluster and blunder. But here’s the kicker: I think it was a shock because for White Supremacist conservative Americans, slavery wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. 9/11 was.

  • Ram Garcia

    He’s decided to use racial rhetoric to get the Tea Bags support…In the old days they would call him an OREO cookie… Black on the outside and white on the inside…..

  • AskJohn.com

    He’s worried that the medical profession will not be as lucrative as it is today.

  • WI_duker

    Did Dr. Ben Carsons Mother ever get goverment assistance when he was growing up? His life story is pretty uplifting, but what was never mentioned was did his mother ever receive Goverment assistance? Did he ever benefit from Affirmative action? His family was as poor as you could get.

    • Reads Books

      He answers those questions in his last book.

  • cloudshe

    carson was 100% correct. slavery was Much Worse than Obamacare

  • Patricia Brandt

    I read his book “America the Beautiful” at the request of a conservative friend and it wasn’t anywhere nearly this radical. He actually promoted healthcare for all in the book. He’s obviously decided that he wants to get into politics. Too bad that he took this approach :>(

  • The thing about someone, anyone, with a special gift as he does with medicine, is that they are not nearly as intelligent in other areas of life. Pick any highly intelligent person or genius and they are quirky as hell in areas outside their specialty.