Federal Judge Declares Texas’ New Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional

rickperry5Score a victory for women’s rights.

New, highly restrictive abortion laws in Texas will not go into effect as planned, thanks to District Judge Lee Yeakel’s ruling that the regulations go too far in restricting a woman’s access to abortion clinics, and also violate the rights of doctors to do what they think is best for their patients.

Which is exactly what Texas Senator Wendy Davis and other Texas Democrats were fighting against last summer.  An event made famous by her filibuster that ultimately did nothing but delay the inevitable, as Texas Governor Rick Perry called for a second special session and forced through the blatant attack on women’s rights.

The new abortion laws pushed through by Texas Republicans and signed by Governor Perry would have represented some of the toughest in the nation.  Many women’s rights activists said the laws would force the closure of almost every abortion clinic due the strict new requirements facilities must meet before performing the procedure.  The new regulations also ban abortions after 20 weeks.

Texas’ attempt to restrict the rights of women mirrors that passed in Mississippi, which have also been blocked by a federal judge, and showcase a new wave of attacks by Republican state legislatures on women’s rights.

Because as most of us know, while the Republican party claims to be for “Constitutional values,” they’re often the first ones seeking to violate our Constitution whenever they don’t get their way.

As the AP points out:

During the trial, officials for one chain of abortion clinics testified that they’ve tried to obtain admitting privileges for their doctors at 32 hospitals, but so far only 15 accepted applications and none have announced a decision. Many hospitals with religious affiliations will not allow abortion doctors to work there, while others fear protests if they provide privileges. Many have requirements that doctors live within a certain radius of the facility, or perform a minimum number of surgeries a year that must be performed in a hospital.

Which is exactly what Republicans had hoped would happen.  While they can’t legally outlaw abortions, they can make situations for having one so restrictive that they all but eliminate the possibility.  After all, abortion is still legal in Texas, but what good is having that right in the state if the clinics needed to perform the procedure don’t meet these new highly restrictive standards?

It’s like watching one sibling hold their finger directly in front of another’s face saying, “I’m not touching you!”  Which is true, but that doesn’t mean they’re not annoying the hell out of them.

And that’s essentially what Republicans have done here.  While they can’t place an outright ban on abortions, they can pass laws which make it nearly impossible to get one.

Luckily for women, so far,  it appears our legal process is on their side.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Gary Menten

    Whatever constitution it is Republicans pretend to defend, it is not the American Constitution. Perhaps it it’s the constitution of some imaginary theocracy founded on the principles of the Inquisition.

  • George L

    I’m curious if anti-trust laws can be enacted here. Yes I know the competition isn’t being eliminated but the law itself is making the atmosphere of the free market so unobtainable no business can pursue or sustain under this law. Guess that is why this federal judge ruled against the law.

    Also, to Gary’s point, I’m also curious if our country, or at least a portion of it, are heading toward what happened that founded this country in the first place. Religious “persecution” of a particular group of puritanical ideologues leaving their homeland to start a new life where they can share their core beliefs with their neighbors. Only to found a country based on religious transparency and tolerance which, to their eventual chagrin, doesn’t jive with their puritanical ideology. Is it time for these people to find a new homeland? Shall we help them out? I have a few suggestions but seeing as how this particular group doesn’t like people that don’t look like them they probably won’t like that suggestion…

    • William Eberline

      George, didn’t Jim Jones try that, pretty much, down in Guyana?

      • George L

        Yup, he didn’t take enough with him…

    • Kyle Walker

      So, the US is now persecuting a religious group attempting to use that same government to enforce their particular religious ideology on their neighbors, whether or not their neighbors agree with said philosophy? You have certainly proven a point there!

  • Doug Cool

    The slimey-ness of these bastards never ends,…..

  • gemma liar

    more regressive white trash religious rightwing naziism. F*CK all religions,,,,this is why the “founding fathers” of OUR country were so terrified of and anathemal towards RELIGION. It( religion) is the worst plague even on this planet

  • Seanumich

    Rock Perry and Texas never diappoint when it comes to stupidiy

    • Kyle Walker

      In Texas we like to substitute the “R” in Rick with a “D”

  • William Prince

    And the judge is a GWB appointee!

  • polliwogg

    Suck it up, Perry. Another victory for women!

  • Kim Wilson

    Perry, Abbott, Dewhurst & Cruz need new careers – OUT of Texas politics and OUT of our uteruses.

  • Maureen Wood

    Ban abortion if you will subsidize the mother and the child until the child is 18 years of age at a minimum and through college if you really care. Or you are willing to adopt all of the children. From what I have seen seldom do many fathers pay child support and the mother usually is the primary support person.
    Children born in poverty often repeat the cycle and crime becomes one option out of poverty. Especially when many schools cannot educate. So future success is left to the lucky only. Hard work does not cut it.

    • Dusty2

      Well said, They only care about the theoretical life until it is born which they won’t even pay for! They bitch and complain about welfare yet they are forcing thousands onto welfare to support their unwanted children

      • John Farmer

        Liar. Plenty of adoptive parents out there.

      • patricia spinazzola

        ……who don’t want to adopt children of color. They go to Russia and Romania and anywhere else they can get white kids.

      • mickey

        agreed. I think folks that fight for the fetus should have to sign up for adoption classes. when someone has that un-wanted child, the fetus fighters must take that child, care for the child as if the child was their own. they must take a child no matter it’s race, creed, health, or color. lets see how many fetus fighters will go for that

      • polliwogg

        Really? Then why are there more than 200,000 children available for adoption right now?

    • John Farmer

      …says the libtard

      • Michael Case

        Scraping the bottom of the troll barrel aren’t they? Is that all you have? Libtard? Meh…

  • L

    Women’s rights? What about the unborn baby??!

    • raggedcompany

      What about them?

    • patricia spinazzola

      Not born yet, so no rights.

    • polliwogg

      Rights are conferred upon BIRTH. A fetus doesn’t have any.

  • Brent Coleman

    Nobody mentioned the rights of the baby. Some of them at the GOP and other pro-lifers don’t understand how killing one protects the rights of another. Logic issue I guess.

    • raggedcompany

      What about the cutting of food stamps, education, basic needs and rights for said child? What about cuts causing a decline in sex education and readily available birth control for all, which would prevent unwanted pregnancies? These are cuts the GOP are in favor of more often than not. Where’s the logic in that?

      • John Farmer

        Huh? Food stamps are a “right” now? You libs truly are mental deficients…

      • raggedcompany

        Way to focus on one tiny piece of what I said and ignore the bigger problem. Also way to go straight to ad hominem attacks. I’ll refrain from commenting to you further as you’ve already proven my point.

    • polliwogg

      Babies have rights. An embryo doesn’t.

  • John Farmer

    Truly sad that you evil libtards rejoice in the ability to slaughter innocents…

    • stay out of my vagina!!

      well, if you are going to restrict women’s access to birth control, and restrict abortion laws to point where it is impossible to have one, then you had better take care of that woman who is being forced to carry a child against her will. What about the man who got that woman pregnant? When he takes off and never pays one dime of child support, then what? are you going to deny food stamps and Medicaid and WIC to that woman because “she should have just kept her legs closed”?? Its not about us evil libtards rejoicing iin slaughtered innocents (calm your shit, drama queen). This is about keeping some asshole republicans out of our fucking vaginas! You cannot be the party that is constantly screaming about getting the government out of your life, then tell a woman what to do with her body! you fucking asshole hypocrites. YOU CANNOT BE PRO-LIFE AND DENY A CHILD ACCESS TO FOOD AND HEALTHCARE!

  • fd

    What I don’t understand is that Republicans hate people who are on welfare, so why would they not want to support federally funded abortions for poor people if it would lead to less people on welfare as well as less democrats. It seems like their fight against abortion is just to punish people.

    • The republiKKKan party has made it clear. Very clear. They are only concerned with wealthy, white, GOP voting men. They do NOT care about women, children, veterans, seniors, gays, or hispanics. Their battle call still is IF IT AINT WHITE, IT AINT RIGHT!

      Dont worry. The MAJORITY of Americans are well educated and democratic. The GOP is imploding in on itself. Give it time!

  • I know Rick Perry is STEAMING right about now……LOLOLOLOLOL.
    Good. Cant stand that bastard.