Federal Judge Who Sent Racist Email About President Obama Caught Sending Hundreds More

1615187_10152174306837489_810688275_nIt’s funny, I literally just had the typical debate with a conservative about their denial of the rampant racism that plagues the Republican party.  My assertion being that while not all conservatives are racists, most racists I meet tend to be conservatives.

I think I could take Republicans more seriously if they would at least own up to the fact that a lot of their party is driven by racism.  But then again, what would that say about them?  After all, if you support a party that you admit has a decent amount of racism within it, wouldn’t they then be supporting racism?

I guess that’s why so many deny that it exists.

Well, just as that debate was winding up, I noticed a story come across my screen concerning the federal judge appointed by George W. Bush who last year was caught sending a racist email about President Obama.  A situation that prompted possibly the most hilarious and downright pathetic defense I think I’ve ever seen.

At that time, Judge Richard Cebull’s defense of the email was that it “was not intended by me in any way to become public.”  In other words, “Yes, I’m a racist, but you weren’t supposed to see that.”

Well, it wasn’t long after this email became public that the Judicial Council of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opened a misconduct review of Judge Cebull.

And wow, he’s a piece of work.

The Associated Press reported:

A former Montana judge who was investigated for forwarding a racist email involving President Barack Obama sent hundreds of other inappropriate messages from his federal email account, according to the findings of a judicial review panel released Friday.

Former U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull sent emails to personal and professional contacts that showed disdain for blacks, Indians, Hispanics, women, certain religious faiths, liberal political leaders, and some emails contained inappropriate jokes about sexual orientation, the Judicial Council of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found.

Many of the emails also related to pending issues that could have come before Cebull’s court, such as immigration, gun control, civil rights, health care and environmental issues, the council found in its March 15, 2013, order.

Basically, he has disdain for everyone who isn’t a white, Christian heterosexual male.  In other words, someone just like him.  Seeing as how a judge needs to be completely impartial when presiding over a case, his conduct is completely unacceptable.

Luckily the 9th Circuit wasted no time in addressing this scumbag.

They issued a public reprimand, instructed that the judge receive no new cases for 180 days, ordered him to complete a new round of judicial training, and told the judge he must issue an apology that acknowledged “the breadth of his behavior.”

Unfortunately, all of these sanctions are moot as this coward immediately resigned upon hearing of the judicial council’s report.

Apparently someone was trying to keep all of this quiet until Judge Theodore McKee petitioned the panel to make their findings public, to which the committee agreed.

And I’m glad they did.

What they found was absolutely reprehensible.  I’m glad this man is no longer a federal judge.  I just can’t help but wonder how many lives might have been unfairly ruined due to the despicable nature, bigotry, racism and ignorance of this terrible human being.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Josy Coke

    Can they not file mistrials for cases that involved any nonwhite, nonchristian, nonmale or nonheterosexuals? Because they should.

  • Brett


  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Sounds like Judge Cebull is the re-incarnation of Adolf Hitler.

    • Warranty Man

      All Republicans are.

      • Darkthunder

        Not all Republicans. But definitely quite a few of them.

      • The Tourer

        I used to call myself Republican, and still do in some cases. My beliefs are what the Republican party should be and WILL one day be again.

        I am pro-choice, pro-LGBT, pro-civil rights for everyone, pro-science, anti-corporate welfare, anti-war, anti-lobbyist and pro-freedom of speech.

        I am also pro-gun-rights, pro-death penalty, pro-fiscal responsibility, anti-socialist, and anti-lazy.

        Do I sound like Hitler to you? Your blanket statement may have made more sense had you said “Tea Partier,” but instead, you sound just as astronomically idiotic as one. Congratulations.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        agreed— many fine republicans but they are quiet: the tea party trash is just “john birch part 2″ and proof is the founders and financial backers of that tea party movement.
        please don’t tell me republicans ” en masse” in politics are “fiscally responsible”————— the political record usurps that claim

      • The Tourer

        Indeed, I don’t think very many politicians at all can be considered “fiscally responsible” haha, I just meant me myself. I don’t waste money and am careful with what I do have. More people need to be.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        amen to the individual responsibility. I suspect that politicians–of either side– are responsible with the money donated to THEIR elections
        I still abhor the rightwing white trash tea party as they always (ALWAYS) fallback upon ” jesus”
        F*CK all religions

      • The Tourer

        “Why not do stem cell research to improve disease treatment?” “JESUS.”
        “Why not cancel an unwanted pregnancy and prevent a child from being neglected?” “JESUS.”
        “Why look down on harmless groups of people and subject them to hatred and bigotry?” “JESUS.”
        “Why devalue thousands of years of scientific advancement?” “JESUS.”

        It needs to stop.

      • Jared Watson

        Again, we NEED a party for sane minded folks. The republicans have gone off the deep end and the other side is completely pathetic…spineless.

      • white trash regressive scum

        it will not— religion ( VOODOO christianity) is too entrenched financially and in the (small) minds of the ruling white ‘class’ regressive scum,,,, it will slowly shrink but it will remain powerful well after I am dead,,,,,

      • Debra Baker

        i agree

      • Freddy

        I have similar beliefs to you, but I am a liberal.

      • cpadd

        Tourer you sound much more like todays centrist liberal than anything even remotely close to the Republican party. The money in your party has shifted sharply fascist. In terms of fiscal responsibility history does not side with the Republicans, I don’t think you will ever see the return of the old Republican party, they are going quickly toward a more Stalinist Communist stance. I don’t say this lightly an afternoon with the history channel confirms it. Liberals are glad to have ya!

      • Hagbard Celine

        What does “anti-socialist” mean? You didn’t post you were anti-fascist or anti-totalitarianism so does that mean you’d be okay with it? Does “anti-socialist” mean you won’t be accepting Social Security or Medicare or driving on public roads or using the Police or Fire Department?

      • The Tourer

        @Hagbard “Anti-socialist” (maybe not the best choice of words) here means to me that I don’t think anyone is inherently entitled to anything via the government coinpurse. If somebody is physically or mentally unable to work to support themselves and/or their family, by all means, they should have assistance, else they will not even be able to survive.

        BUT… if someone CAN work to make ends meet, simply chooses not to for any reason, and instead lives off of government subsidization, they are a worthless leech on the system who deserves to be out on the street. Same goes for the people who receive government subsidization and choose to waste it on non-essential, frivolous things and end up needing further assistance as a result.

        My thoughts turn to the grotesquely obese man I see often at my local neighborhood convenient store, using EBT to buy only ice cream, bags of chips, chocolate bars, bags of beef jerky and energy drinks; I once also saw him thrown out of the store for reaming out the teenage clerk for rejecting his EBT card when he tried to buy a whole carton of Marlboro Reds with it. What do you want to bet his disgusting and irresponsible health habits are going to end up costing us more in the long run?

        So I guess what I mean by “anti-socialist” is that I absolutely cannot stand those who are able and think they have a “right to not work” or a “right to spend money others’ money how they please.”

        I can’t call myself a “liberal” because too many liberals I know are okay with behavior like that.

      • Jared Watson

        First of all you can call yourself whatever you like, for me it’s independent as I, like you am very conservative in certain cases and rather liberal in others. We NEED more true independents in the halls of congress, we NEED more Bernie Sanders, more Elizabeth Warrens, and fewer Louie Gohmerts.

      • Hagbard Celine

        How do you feel about corporate welfare?

      • The Tourer

        Businesses/corporations deserve NO payouts from the government for ANY reason, regardless of whether they’re they’re doing well, failing, or simply existing. If a business fulfills a role that the government needs, the government should pay for its services as normal, but big tax breaks, gifts, payouts, bailouts and the like should be considered criminal on both the receiving and the giving side (corporate and government).

        Taxes derived from my hard-earned money should NOT go to paying a company I couldn’t give two shits about. I don’t care if it’s a bank full of 1%-ers, a car company staffed by hard-working, blue-collar Americans or anything else. “Too big too fail” shouldn’t even be a concept we’re okay with as a country. If it’s going to fail, let it fucking fail.

      • Jared Watson

        “I am pro-choice, pro-LGBT, pro-civil rights for everyone, pro-science, anti-corporate welfare, anti-war, anti-lobbyist and pro-freedom of speech.”

        And yet you still consider yourself a republican? Your party has been hijacked and it WILL NEVER be yours again. The GOP will split before the next presidential election.

      • The Tourer

        To be honest with you, I DO think we can reclaim the party. It’s just about waiting for a lot of those ignorant old religious fuckbags to finally lay down and die.

      • Jared Watson

        And they will die, more and more the party is morphing. I would rather have both parties split and have a moderate and not so moderate faction. If the Republicans don’t come to the understanding that this nation is increasingly NOT made up solely by old white guys there is not going to be a party to take back at all IMHO.

      • megan

        Tourer, I don’t really see any politicians as “fiscally responsible”. It seems more like they are all just trying to get reelected. None of them are just trying to save for the future or pay the rent. We all rely on the government for many things without even realizing it, police, roads, streetlights, trash, any number of things. If its the corruption you are against, believe me, i don’t think there is a single person who doesn’t agree with you there. I think the corporations are at fault for a lot of it, we let them have such a hold over out lives, like feudal lords and we are the little serfs. While I think there are some who try to take advantage of the system and milk it, I think most are ashamed to have to be on Government assistance. I don’t think its something they are proud of. We just see the crap ones from the media because it’s succubus. You can’t trust any media. People are also not just “lazy” if it they are not working, it’s very difficult to find a job right now, its a struggle. Much more than before.

    • white trash regressive scum

      or glenn beck

    • Sharon McCullough

      Nah, that’s Stephen Harper (Harper / Hitler ???) but we could say he’s like Eichman. lol.

  • Choda Boy

    I find it curious that you claim “rampant racism that plagues the Republican party”, yet the racists I have encountered are almost exclusively non-white and are most certainly not Republican. I am neither Republican, nor Democrat. I am an American.

    • white trash regressive scum

      go to a tea party rally and tell me what U see,,, white trash aging religious scum

      • Choda Boy

        I have spoken to people on both sides of the political aisle. Most are sane, respectful people who simply want their government to work for the citizens and not make themselves or their buddies (unions, big business) wealthy. There are radicals on both sides, but they are the very loud minority.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        I will not argue that but I can assure U that TEA PARTY trash are predominantly white scumbags; they CLAIM not to be racist but LOOK AT TEA PARTY RALLIES! The crybabies at FOX “news” don’t like a black president ( especially one with a funny sounding name who speaks better than 95% of all white americans) The radicals on the left are easily outnumbered –at least in media– by the regressives on the right

      • Choda Boy

        I have no idea what rallies you have attended, but I have never seen anything like that. The majority are simply dissatisfied with the lack of representation in the government and want the Federal government to follow and protect The Constitution of the United Sates of America. I am not happy with what the Republican OR Democratic parties have to offer. I suspect most of the Tea Party people feel the same way. It is not about anyone’s race. It is about elected representatives selling out their constituents. I realize you have your mind made up, but I would suggest you get out and meet the people on all sides and then form an opinion. I bet the majority are good, honest, hard-working people who are not racist, sexist, homophobes, or anti-American.

      • Hagbard Celine

        Whereas the initial tea party may have been what you described it is something different now. If you truly want to know just google tea party racism and follow the links.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        awwww……………….wow!!! then perhaps U can tell me WHERE WAS THE tea party WHEN GW BUSH WAS SPENDING LIKE A DYING MAN WITH A NEW LOTTERY????? where>?????? they were NOOOOwhere–!! my mind is open yet I almost NEVER hear-from rightwingers– anything OTHER than FOX “news” chitter chatter rhetoric. They bitch about entitklements yet go quiet when I mention wealthy companies/individuals getting tax breaks and/or putting money in off shore accts. “JOB creators”” really?? when does that happen??

      • Jared Watson

        Whatever dude, go look at ANY TP rally…not a lot of any color there, but a whole lotta white folks. The TP is getting ready to have their collective asses handed to them in the next cycle.

    • Jim Haldeman

      you live somewhere i haven’t been, boy.

      • Choda Boy

        You should get out more.

      • Bookwench

        I think we’re all thinking that of you. You have to have been living in a bubble to be so unaware of what’s happening around you.

      • derpderp

        yeah, somewhere outside of reality.

    • Hagbard Celine

      How did those non-white racists display their racism? Did they stop you from voting? Did they refuse to hire you because you were white? Were you not allowed to look them in the eye while speaking or walk on the same side of the street?

  • MBear

    Oh…a prejudiced US judge.
    Wow…what are the odds?!?
    (did I use the correct text colour for sarcasm?)

  • white trash regressive scum

    as NEVER F*CKING seen upon the white trash tea party “CHRISTIAN” scumbag FOX “news” network,,,,,,,,,fuck all of these scumbag white trash religious scum,,,,

  • Ram Garcia

    Had he agreed to all the judicial council orders, you think he would of changed?? Of course not!!! A pig with lipstick is still a pig!!

  • aimhigh

    new trials for everyone. The cost to the American people on so many levels is reprehensible. This is why it is so important for leaders to (regardless of their politics) to choose a un-biased voice for the court system. sickening. “Choose wisely grasshopper!”

  • 1JudgeNotLestYeBeJudged1

    I guess you’d have to look at every conviction EXCEPT those of every white heterosexual male, right? I’d be calling my lawyer !!!

  • rossbro

    Just one more Republican appointee. But, no matter what, don’t allow Obama candidates to be approved, Repubs. Keep showing America just how petty and bigoted you really are.

  • Randall Whitt

    This judge has just given every person of color he’s convicted grounds for an appeal.

  • Quacker

    Can’t they go back and review all of his cases and if any “could” have been affected, review and retry if needed? What a piece of work!

  • cpadd

    They can file suit but in 80% of times people of color never get a new trial or even a fair trail, depending on the state you can forget about it. They never admit when they execute the wrong person.

    • Kevin Daugherty

      Yes like where I live–Texas

  • ellwort

    Needs revision and copy-editing –

  • cozumeldeb

    Lawyers running to file appeals I would imagine..as they should

  • Stephen Barlow

    Can we get jail time? Or at least a review of all his race related cases?

  • Warren G Richards

    This GOP-appointee looks alarmingly like Kenny Rogers.

  • revmsue

    “Appointed by bush…” what else is there to say? That weed all but ruined the reepub party; it was during his tenure that sarah palin started her nonsense and during that 2008 campaign that the Kroch bros started buying politicians and the KKKers started coming out of the woodwork like the bugs they are….

  • BilbySA

    Oh, he should move to Australia! As a public servant, he now has the actual legislated right to be bigoted and racist. It’s a new bill that has just been passed by our new super-conservative government. He can also be sacked if he criticises government policies in any way, but as long as he limits his criticisms to a politician’s gender, religion, race, or sexual orientation, he’s free to criticise as much as he wants.

  • Ken Blan

    It is NOT “unfortunate” that he resigned and never faced the sanctions of the judicial council. The sanctions would have done nothing to change his heart, or his behaviour. I would prefer he remove himself from the bench than come back in six months and keep on keepin’ on.