Fine, Let’s Actually Compare the Controversial Scandals of Both Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

There’s this notion concerning the 2016 presidential election that both choices are terrible and that we’re all simply trying to choose “between the lesser of two evils.” While I know that’s a popular belief among many, the reality of that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Look, I’m not here to claim that Hillary Clinton is a flawless candidate. Just because I proudly support her campaign doesn’t mean that I’m not realistic about the fact that she has flaws like any other human being — especially politicians.

That being said, to claim her flaws are on the same level of Trump’s is not only completely inaccurate, but it’s absolutely ridiculous.

To prove my point, I thought I’d compare some of the top “controversial scandals” surrounding the two candidates.

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton:

  1. Her emails: While her use of a private server was definitely a bad idea, she’s admitted to that fact and has apologized for it, repeatedly. Furthermore, the FBI carried out an extensive investigation that ultimately concluded that she did nothing illegal. The only reason this became a “story” again is because while looking into the Anthony Wiener sexting allegations, the FBI found emails that may (keyword: may) need to be reviewed to determine whether or not they contain classified material. Though at the end of the day, not only was Clinton not charged with a crime, but there’s been absolutely no evidence where her use of this private server led to any sort of national security issues.
  2. The Clinton Foundation: While many have tried to make the foundation seem like some international crime syndicate linked to a pay-for-play criminal empire, ultimately, the foundation has an A-rating from a respected charity watchdog group and spends 88 percent of all the money it raises on charitable causes. Oh, and the Clintons don’t actually make any money from the foundation — as they don’t receive a salary.
  3. Paid speeches: Considering it’s not remotely uncommon for former presidents or politicians to give paid speeches, I’m not sure why this is a big deal. Again, there’s been absolutely no credible evidence that any paid speech her husband gave was linked to any sort of “pay-for-play” scheme while she was Secretary of State.
  4. “She gleefully helped a child rapist go free”: Nope, she sure didn’t. Not only was she ordered by a judge to defend him (she tried getting out of it), but the guy actually went to prison on a plea deal the victim’s mother pushed prosecutors to offer of 5 years — only to have the judge reduce it to one. The audio of Clinton laughing about the case actually came years later when she was discussing how, even though the guy was guilty, he passed a polygraph — and that forever ruined her faith in the test. She was not mocking or laughing at the victim.
  5. Benghazi: Here’s another “scandal” that numerous investigations have ultimately concluded wasn’t her fault. Though if you don’t believe me (or the investigations), then ask the family of the late Ambassador Chris Stevens, who’ve publicly said that it’s unfair to blame her for the attack.
  6. She called “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorable”: Not only did she immediately apologize for saying this, but she wasn’t really wrong. In fact, “half” is probably underselling how many of his supporters fit into the “basket of deplorables” she mentioned (racists, bigots, sexists, Islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic).

Now if you think I’m going to entertain the absurd conspiracies about her having multiple people killed, or that I’m going to hold her husband’s issues against her, you’re sadly mistaken. If you’re someone who actually believes that insanity, then you’re clearly someone who can’t be reasoned with.

But those are the main attacks I’ve seen Republicans and the media obsess about throughout her campaign.

Now let’s move on to Donald Trump:

  1. Mocked a man with disabilities.
  2. Attacked the parents of a fallen American hero.
  3. Belittled POWs and the war record of Sen. John McCain.
  4. Lied about how much money he raised for veterans.
  5. Called a former Miss Universe “disgusting” and fat, telling his Twitter followers to find her non-existent sex tape.
  6. Accused an American-born federal judge of being unfit to do his job because of his Mexican heritage.
  7. Likely avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades.
  8. Called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, even though that’s not remotely factual.
  9. Lied about seeing “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11.
  10. Lied about getting a letter from the NFL complaining about the debate schedule.
  11. Tried to exploit the death of an African American woman in Chicago to say that’s why black voters will support him.
  12. Found the “bright side” to tragedies because his poll numbers tend to go up.
  13. Settled with the Department of Justice after his company was found guilty of racially discriminating against minorities.
  14. Has cheated on at least one wife.
  15. Was discovered on video admitting that he not only tried to cheat on his current wife, but he attempted to do so with another married woman.
  16. Had his first wife publicly say that he did nothing when it came to raising their children until they were old enough to talk business.
  17. Tweeted that women should have expected to be sexually assaulted when they mixed males and females together in the military.
  18. Said he wants to target the families of terrorists.
  19. Stated that he wants to ban an entire religion.
  20. Praised a Russian president who obviously hates the U.S. and Americans.
  21. Encouraged the Russian government to commit espionage against Americans.
  22. Insinuated that another Republican’s wife was ugly.
  23. Tried to implicate another Republican’s father in JFK’s assassination.
  24. Sought out the help of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes after he was fired following multiple allegations that he had sexually harassed women for years.
  25. Made Breitbart’s Steve Bannon one of his top campaign people.
  26. Had a former campaign manager abruptly resign after a report came out linking him to pro-Russian groups that were directly trying to undermine U.S. policy in eastern Europe.
  27. Called Carly Fiorina ugly.
  28. Has said climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese — then denied saying it.
  29. Was a leading conspiracy theorist when it came to the racist-driven birther conspiracies against President Obama.
  30. Dismissed nearly eight years of accusing the president of not being an American with a less than 30-second statement where he didn’t apologize for any of it.
  31. Re-tweeted anti-African American propaganda created by a white supremacy group.
  32. Played dumb about knowing who former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke was.
  33. Skipped a presidential debate because he was scared of a moderator.
  34. Called a husband doing things like changing diapers and helping with the children, a man “trying to be the wife.”
  35. Has said he wants more countries to have nuclear weapons.
  36. Said he can’t release his tax returns because they’re currently being audited — even though the IRS said that’s a lie.
  37. Feels he has the right to sexually assault women.
  38. Is currently battling a fraud lawsuit where victims allege he created Trump University to scam them out of tens of thousands of dollars.
  39. Used funds raised by his charity foundation to pay his personal legal fees.
  40. Said that one of the women accusing him of sexual harassment wasn’t attractive enough for him to have assaulted.
  41. Has a long history of not paying contractors for doing work they had already completed.
  42. His bankruptcies benefited him, while ultimately leaving many people to which he owed money out to dry.
  43. Outsources most of his company’s manufacturing jobs to other countries.
  44. Has said that all the women accusing him of sexual assault are liars.
  45. Refused to say if he would concede the election if he loses on November 8th.
  46. Allegedly asked military advisers why we can’t use nukes since we have them.
  47. After being told that our security experts know that Russia is behind the hack of the DNC and American citizens, continued to deny that they knew anything, effectively defending and taking the word of Russia over believing and trusting our own intelligence agencies.
  48. Once said that women who have abortions should be “punished.”
  49. Alluded to the size of his penis during a presidential debate.
  50. Mocked the looks of Ted Cruz’s wife.
  51. Was accused of planting a fake story in the National Enquirer concerning Ted Cruz having multiple affairs.
  52. Currently has a court date set for allegations he sexually assaulted a 13-year-old.
  53. Claims he’s donated millions to charity but refuses to prove it.
  54. Called Hillary Clinton a “nasty women” when she factually called him out for tax evasion.
  55. Evidence seems to indicate that he bribed the Florida attorney general to avoid the state joining the fraud lawsuit against Trump University.
  56. Has admitted to trying to buy off politicians.
  57. Following his meeting with the Mexican president, he lied about being told that there was no way Mexico would pay for his wall.
  58. Has repeatedly advocated for committing war crimes.
  59. Said he knows more about terrorism and the Middle East than our generals.
  60. Has repeatedly said that our NATO allies are going to have to “pay up” for our protection.
  61. Said more countries should have nuclear weapons — then denied saying it.
  62. Has, on several occasions, suggested he finds his daughter attractive.
  63. Tried to blame Hillary Clinton for his racist birther propaganda.
  64. Said, with a straight face, that nobody has more respect for women than he does.
  65. During an interview said that “a flat-chested woman can never be a 10.”
  66. Asked how stupid the people of Iowa could be for supporting Ted Cruz.

But, please, tell me again how “both candidates are the same” and they’re “equally as flawed.” Because if that’s what you really believe, then you’re choosing to ignore reality and believing whatever the hell you want to believe.

Though feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook to let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Doris Merrill

    I dislike and mistrust them equally

  • William Clinton III

    You guys are done. Hillary and Huma, sinking ships.

    • Jona

      Not likely.

      • William Clinton III

        very likely. Unprecedented. Timing = perfect.

        That’s not gonna affect your vote, I know. Not like you people are known for your conscience or introspection.

        Gruber nailed it, perfectly.

      • Jona

        Sad that you still believe in fairy tales. Unless, of course, you’re 15, which is certainly possible.

      • William Clinton III

        can’t you come up with a factual response? I didn’t sick the FBI on hillary, she did it herself.

        All you can do it just shoot the messenger. Looks like what you believed in so far is nothing but manufactured lies.

        Suicide is an option, despite what the critics say. Consider it.

      • Jona

        Sure, here’s a factual response: FBI Director Comey never said he was re-opening any investigation into Hillary’s emails.

      • William Clinton III
      • Jona

        There’s never a need for profanity, if you really have anything intelligent to say.

      • William Clinton III

        In your case you don’t know [email protected]#t. Seriously? You didn’t see that coming? Don’t you pay any attention to anything?

        You deserve to be cussed at for being such an imbecile. Fck U idiot. You deserve this.

      • Jona

        Oh, I get it. You’re looking for a fight. You’ll have to look elsewhere.

      • William Clinton III

        If it means shutting up idiots like you, I’m all for it. People like you shouldn’t have the right to vote. I can’t believe people so uninformed walk the planet.

        Try studying up on things instead of just believing what your friends and the TV says. Use your brain, for once.

      • Jona

        Irony at its best.

      • William Clinton III

        next up from Jonas: “Trump is never gonna be nominated….” Even a guy with a crystal ball has better skills than you do.

      • Erick the Redd

        This from the guy who hasn’t one shred of legitimate information to back up his… point? Is that what you’re making? Sorry no just hate and general disgusting-ness.

      • William Clinton III

        really? So that FBI investigation is just a halloween hoax?

        LOL. Allright dude. You’re stoned.

      • Erick the Redd

        Yep. I’m sure you really hurt Jona’s feelings over there from behind your keyboard. I am really honestly, no lie, starting to feel sorry for the miserable life you must lead. I hope some day you can be given the love and attention you so desperately need.

      • William Clinton III

        you ain’t doing anything about it. It’s a fact, he’s wrong. The truth is just that – the truth, not how loud the liberal screams otherwise.

        Quit defending him, he’s his own person you loser.

      • Erick the Redd

        Yay! Totally rational response with thought provoking thoughts and ideas! I feel sorry for your parents, they must be so embarrassed they failed so hard. See? We can say stuff too.

      • William Clinton III

        We. – you and the army you need to support you?

        Yup. Loser.

    • RONA

      LOLOLOL good one Bill Clinton. Say hello to your 1st woman president HILLARY CLINTON.

      • William Clinton III

        they just started looking in that laptop, hillary’s #’s are collapsing like dominoes.

        All you have is your rhetoric.. It’s over for you.

      • RONA

        You must fit the description of his clan. LOLOLOL Anyone with a working brain knows better.

      • William Clinton III

        check back in a few days 😉

      • William Clinton III

        PS you creep celeb gossip? AHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Kanye, Kardashians, and pop TV?

        You are the one we all make fun of!!! MORON! STUPID IDIOT!

      • Erick the Redd

        Yep, Hillary is a criminal! Let’s all make sure to vote in the guy who has a pending court hearing regarding child sexual assault, as long as he gets rid of all them darn minorities!!

      • William Clinton III

        Which one involves life in prison and the FBI?

        HINT: It isn’t Hillary. Why are leftists so stupid to think they are equivalent?

      • William Clinton III

        PS- Erik, have you ever heard of a guy named Jonathan Gruber?

        Just wondering 🙂

      • William Clinton III
      • Cheryl Miller

        You do know she dropped the case and said she made it up

      • Lucas

        She dropped the case, but she did not say she made it up. she said there were threats against her.

      • Poodleguy

        In your dreams, little girl!!

    • Erick the Redd

      Everyone, I just want to say, this guy is a living, breathing, person who is allowed to have a say in the future of our country. And the scariest part is he’s not alone. Please make sure you all get out and vote to cancel out the hatred and despair people like this will bring. That is all.

      • William Clinton III

        Give it a few days, let the FBI do their work 🙂 I dont need to sell it. it sells itself, Erick the brain dead.

  • Nancy Faust

    I noticed one common theme with Trump supporters that I have spoken to, the minute you disagree with them, they get heated and resort to insults. There is no civil debate with them. So much like the contentious man they support.

    • Teddy Edwards

      Are you sure you’re not projecting your own inability to civilly discuss issues onto them and blaming them for it? I ask because that is my experience with Hillary supporters. Mainly I find them bereft of knowledge about issues. Some even believe the Orlando killer was justified.

      • Nancy Faust

        Case in point Teddy, resorting to insults and questioning if I have the ability to civilly discuss issues, too funny!

    • Band from Glad

      I have noticed this is true also. Birds of a feather perhaps? The Donald does the same thing. It’s a sign of fear when people who are questioned go straight for your juggler instead of having an enlightened discourse. I thought the writer kind of exaggerated and repeated a few of Donald’s faux paux’s but nevertheless was accurate enough to prove his point.

  • Joseph G Heasley

    Such a choice dissemination of half understood, and partially biased opinions. I can not believe that there is a member of support for either candidate that isn’t picturing their self as the ‘voice of truth’ . Go and vote.

  • mintap

    Fact checking your number one scandal listed for Trump reveals it is false:

    Why should we trust any of your other opinions?

  • Michael Moss

    I thought this might be a fair comparison judging by the title… but then there are only 6 ‘scandals’ listed for Clinton with a paragraph defending each one… not to mention, this is a much shorter list than her list of scandals in reality. So let’s come back to reality. Then you have a list of 66 ‘scandals’ for Trump, with no paragraph setting the record straight…of which the 1st one (which I’m assuming you were listing these in order of relevance and importance? I’m not sure?) is completely false:
    Trump mocked Ted Cruz in the exact same manner back in January. So, since that’s the first one… you took no action to search for the truth… you just blindly follow the news… you can bet you did no research on anything else listed below. So, all in all… I think you should do the decent thing and take this down and rewrite after you’ve done your research.

  • Ethan

    Jikes. I’m definitely not voting for Trump but you should atleast feign some objectivity. You lose all your credibility when your this blatantly biased.

  • Cheryl Miller
  • Cheryl Miller
  • Cheryl Breining Stankov

    The self-governing citizens of the United States have decided that they have had enough of their elite, globalist, one-world leadership, and have thrown them out. They have replaced the current “big government will take care of you because we know best how to do that” leaders who chose to act unilaterally, and unconstitutionally, with a nationalist-populist who intends to break things in Washington, stop doing business as usual and consider the needs of the people in his governance.

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  • Windy Yaya Rippie

    Neither was my first choice but I do have to say, it is sad that journalism cannot be neutral these days and shall I say be as dishonest as Mrs Clinton when she was first questioned and said she did not mishandle classified email!! Seriously, I stopped reading at the first one. If you are going to report that wrong, I refuse to read anything else from you. Comney reported that yes she was guilty of mishandeling confidential emails but because they couldnt prove she had done so with the intent to hurt America, they chose to not charge her. I’d also like to point out that Clinton was NOT forth coming in admitting she mishandled the emails. She lied to America and to Congress then was caught and had to back track and apologize. Again…..sad that journalism today cannot stay neutral!!