The First Donald Trump/Mike Pence Interview was Humiliating for the Republican Party (Video)

On Sunday, Donald Trump and Mike Pence appeared on 60 Minutes in their first joint interview since it was announced that the Indiana governor was going to be Trump’s running mate.

And, wow, this was one of the most awkward things I’ve ever watched. This Trump/Pence team might rank up there with McCain/Palin as one of the most “odd couples” we’ve ever had in politics. I know it’s tough for many folks reading this to sit through any sort of Trump speech or interview, but I would encourage everyone to watch this disaster.

In case you don’t have time, or the desire to do so, I’ll summarize some of the best parts.

One of the first idiotic moments came when Trump stated that he was going to “declare war on ISIS,” yet he would only send “very few troops” in on the ground. Ignoring the fact that Congress declares war – not the president – he apparently doesn’t understand that if you don’t send in enough ground forces to get the job done, our troops are going to get stretched thin, fatigued — and slaughtered. This was classic Trump trying to talk big about ISIS, proving that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

Then when the war in Iraq was brought up, 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl mentioned the fact that Pence actually voted for the war when he was a member of Congress.

“I don’t care,” Trump said.

“What do you mean you don’t care?,” Stahl responded.

“It was a long time ago,” he replied. “And they were also misled.”

Stahl, obviously taken aback by Trump’s remarks, then reminded him that he had used Hillary Clinton’s vote on Iraq frequently throughout his campaign as a sign of her “bad judgement.” At which point he essentially said that Pence was allowed to make a mistake but Hillary wasn’t.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

When religion was brought up, Trump claimed that “he’s religious” because he won the evangelical vote. By that “logic,” since he’s winning the white supremacist vote, (using his own logic) that means he’s also a racist.

Leslie Stahl then asked Pence (who’s spoken out against negative campaigning) what she thought of Trump’s negative attacks and name calling. Pence tried to provide a half-assed non-answer to her question, only to have Trump cut him off (as he did throughout this entire thing) to provide his own non-answer to her question.

At one point, when Pence was asked whether or not he disagreed with comments Trump made where he said he didn’t think Sen. John McCain was a war hero, Trump literally said to the Indiana governor, “You could say yes. That’s okay. On that one you could say yes. It’s fine.”


I have never seen anything like this where a presidential candidate was basically telling his running mate that it was okay if they answered a question honestly. Not only that, but despite telling him it was alright for him to be honest about that question — he never let Pence actually answer. Trump cutting off Pence was a common theme throughout this interview.

Stahl then brought up the fact that Mike Pence has been very pro-trade agreements, including the TPP, while Trump has based a large part of his campaigning saying that these agreements represent a “rape of our country.” At which point both men tried to do what they had done many times throughout this interview and dance around their obvious differences in policy beliefs, with both men claiming that Trump isn’t against free trade, he “just wants better deals.”

When the topic of torture was brought up, Pence was asked whether or not he backs Trump’s support of waterboarding and “a hell of a lot more.” He more or less refused to provide a direct answer as to whether or not he supports torture. A simple question turned into a rather incoherent word salad of the Indiana governor seemingly doing anything and everything he could to not provide a “yes” or “no” answer to a very direct question.

Perhaps the best part of this whole interview occurred when Stahl said that most people don’t view Trump as a “humble man.” He disputed this point, claiming he is actually quite humble.

“I think I am, actually, humble,” Trump replied. “I think I’m much more humble than you would understand.”

Yes, the person who constantly brags about himself, his success, his supposed wealth and has his name written all over practically everything he owns stated, with a straight face, that he’s actually a very humble person.

Like I said, this interview was one of the most awkward, unintentionally comical and ridiculous things I’ve ever watched. Normally sitting through an interview with Donald Trump would make my skin crawl, but this thing was so bizarre that it was actually entertaining.

These two men couldn’t be more different and they have absolutely no chemistry. This might go down as one of the most disastrous presidential tickets in U.S. history.

This interview was absolutely humiliating for Republicans and the Republican party as a whole. Sadly, it’s an embarrassing moment for our nation as well.

Watch it below via CBS News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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