The Five’s Bob Beckel Blasts Bolling on Benghazi: ‘Who Cares?! We’ve Overkilled This!’ (Video)

beckel-benghaziEver since “groundbreaking information that will surely change the landscape for all humankind, proving that President Obama is Adolf Hitler reincarnated and hates kittens” about Benghazi was revealed in emails showing that an official linked to the White House might have instructed Susan Rice on what talking points to use immediately following the attack, Fox News has been like a kid in a candy store.

What this all really breaks down to is talking points – that’s it.

Not that there was some cover up about what actually happened, but simply about what talking points were used immediately following the attack when the Obama Administration wasn’t sure exactly what had happened.  It’s ridiculous.

But I guess since every other right-wing conspiracy about Benghazi has been debunked and “Obamacare” hasn’t brought the country to ruin, this is really all conservatives have left.  Even though nobody besides them really cares about it.

Well, on Fox News’ The Five, Bob Beckel had apparently had enough, blowing up on fellow host Eric Bolling.

During the back and forth, Beckel said, “We know Islamic radicals killed these people, what difference does it make anymore?!” He then tried to talk about current events that actually matter that Fox News is ignoring, saying, “There are 225 women missing in Nigeria, little girls. There are endless numbers of friendly fire instances we haven’t looked at..”

It was then that, as usual, Eric Bolling arrogantly tried to cut Beckel off, prompting Beckel to shout, “Let me finish!”

That’s when Bolling tried to spin this into some massive cover up.

“Who cares? Who cares?” Beckel continued. “Average Americans today, they are not sitting there today and saying, ‘Gee, I wonder what happened with Benghazi.’  We’ve overkilled this!  The Republicans are using this purely and simply for political reasons.”

And he’s absolutely right.  Conservatives in the media have linked Benghazi to pretty much every single issue we’ve faced as a nation since the attack.  While conservatives have done their best to try to turn Benghazi into some type of Watergate level cover up, they’ve comically done everything they can to keep Benghazi relevant and in the news.

But almost 2 years later, after almost every other ridiculous conspiracy they’ve tried to attach to it has failed miserably, they’ve been reduced to trying to make some giant issue out of which talking points were used (and why) immediately following the attack.

Conservatives: Where they want to impeach a president over four deaths in Benghazi – yet defend a president who sent over 4,000 Americans to die in Iraq based on a lie.

Here’s the clip:

h/t Mediaite

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